Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 8 - El precio - full transcript

An unexpected visitor creates a painful dilemma for Guillermo, while new romance offers some comfort. Manuel entrusts key intelligence to Margaret.

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Rafael Cuesta?

Yes, how can I help you?

Are you friends with Adrián Gallardo?

Yes. Did something happen to him?


Not yet.

I am Adrián Gallardo.
You and I have never met before.

-It's a small world--
-Don't play games with me.

He's pretending to be me.
I think you're involved.

I'm warning you, pencil pusher,

I've got nothing to lose.

I've done things you can't even imagine.

You're good friends, aren't you?

Even though he's in Buenos Aires.

That's what I've been told.

What will happen
if they find out he's an impostor?

Tell me what you want.

You're here. You haven't reported it.

He's gaining from pretending to be me.

His life was in danger.

He had to flee the country.
That's why he borrowed your identity.

Like I said.

And you want compensation for that?


My friend is a very important person.

Forgive me.
I don't have enough money on me to--

-I won't accept spare change.
-Of course not.

This is just for now.

I'll talk to him, and I'm sure
we can come to an agreement.

I'll tell you again,

don't play games with me.

I have every reason not to do so.


You're in perfect shape.


-What is it?

Rafael told me that I'm all better.

That's great.

That way we won't bother him anymore.

I brought you a present.


-What is it?
-A chess clock.

It tracks the time players spend
thinking about their next move.

I've never seen one before.

It was my grandfather's.
I'm giving it to you as a memento.

-You're welcome.

-Should we try it?

-Do you want to play?

Have you seen the time?

-I was saying bye to my son.
-You already have.

He's become fond of you.

This has to stop now.

I'm here because you looked for me.

What's the fucking rush about?

You have to understand.

He's my son!

I've met someone.

He's a good man.

I don't want to ruin it.

You won't. You always land on your feet.

That was below the belt.

Oh, forgive me.
I've become so vulgar, you see.



I don't want to be…

-I understand.
-…alone the rest of my life.

-If he knows you're coming--

Don't worry. It's okay.
I understand. Good luck.

What's wrong with you?

You're acting strange.

"What's wrong with me?"
I may never see my son again.

Happy New Year. Take care of yourselves.

Here you are.

Thank you.

What will it be?

The same as that gentleman.

-You don't need to follow me.
-I have nothing better to do.

I see you don't trust me.

It makes sense.

You don't know me.

But this is uncalled for.


Drop by this address tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.

I promise it'll change your mind.

Anything to drink?

A beer.

My friend is paying.


Good evening.

This is Rafael Cuesta.
May I speak to Mr. Lazar?

Yes, one moment, please.

It's Mr. Cuesta.

What's wrong, Rafael?

Good evening. Sorry for calling so late.

I need to speak to Rolf.
He's not picking up the phone.

He's not in Madrid.

What's happened?


Is he at the office?

I'll take care of it.

Don't worry.

I said don't worry!


Bam's very nervous
about what you told him.

No wonder.

-Is it serious?
-I wouldn't have bothered you if not.

What does the guy know?

He knows there's something at stake.

He got wind of it.

He told me about
an antique dealer in Paris.

You can imagine who he is.

That's more than just getting wind of it.

-I think he knows more than he's saying.
-What's he want?

-He's greedy.

If he really knows what's going on,
he won't settle for what we give him.

-He'll come back for more.
-I agree.

We have to settle the matter for good.

Once and for all.

-Do you understand what I mean?

Damn, and I'm here.

I'll do it.

-Are you sure?

My name's on almost every shipment,
I have a lot to lose.

Have you thought about how to do it?

No. He's coming tomorrow.

I'll need your help.

Ask for whatever you need.

I'll call you tomorrow at La Meridiana
to give you instructions.

Rafael Cuesta speaking.

Mr. Enríquez.

Thank you.

Cancel a route if you have to,

but I want it in Vicálvaro by lunch,

Yes, sir.

Mr. Cuesta, it's all sorted.
Number four just arrived in Vicálvaro.


I'm sorry.

I'm having a bad day,
and I took it out on you.

It's okay. Forget it. Here you are.

From the bar.
You didn't come down for lunch today.

Let's see if I get hungry.

-Rafael Cuesta speaking.
-Pay attention.

Do exactly as I say.

Under the table,
you'll find a locked briefcase.

The key is in
the right-hand drawer of the desk.

We've divided the money
into three envelopes, as you asked.

The gun is ready.

Just take the safety off.

Shoot at point-blank range, Rafael.
No messing around.

Right in the head.

We're nervous, huh?

Walking around on New Year's Eve
with a fortune in hand… you can imagine.

Is that for me?

150,000 pesetas.

You really care about your friend.

I told you, he's a valuable person.

You were missing for four years.
No one could've guessed--

You can save your life story.

That's not why we're here.


There are 50,000 pesetas in each envelope.

Half of what we're going to pay you.

If you do your part.

Explain yourself.

You need to keep your mouth shut
and remain missing.

Don't go home.

I wasn't intending to.

This stays between you and me.

For 300,000 pesetas,
I'd let you rip my tongue out.

That won't be necessary.

Come back on January 2nd at this time.

I'll pay you the rest.

Make sure it's all there.

They're in 500 peseta bills.
They're bulkier, but easier to change.

Feel like having a drink?

I can offer you cognac or whiskey.


I don't have any ice.

Shut up!

You made me lose count!

There's no rush.

Don't worry.

There's time until midnight strikes.

I'm sorry.

It's done.

Some friends will pick up the package.

Put everything back the way you found it.

Don't leave anything of yours
in the office.

Nothing, you hear?

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Cognac, please.


That guy last night was strange.

There are a lot of crazy people now.
Even more so at this time of year.


Clara Stauffer.

Ingrid Weiss.

Walter Kutschmann.


Radu Ghenea.

Ante Pavelic.

Milo de Bogetich.

Dinko Sakic.

Juan Domingo Perón.

AGE: 54

I don't want to bother you,
especially on New Year's Eve,

but this is a real emergency.

If you get home,
this is the pickup address.

Happy birthday.

Rafael? I'm Rita. Come in.

Let's see.

Come with me. Come.

-Thanks for coming.
-Long time no see.

If I try hard enough, I find you.

Where is he?

This one can't die. Not this one.

He was running away from the police
and cut himself jumping over a wall.

-It's still bleeding.

It's a deep cut.

Stitching it won't be enough.

There's a risk of septicemia.
We need antibiotics tonight.

I'll check which pharmacy is on duty.

Pepe, wash your hands well.

You need to help me.

Want me to do it?
You can go to the pharmacy.

-This one is on duty.
-Right. Thank you, Rita.


Pepe says I'm in good hands.

And you are. Calm down.

My name is Galán.

I'm Rafael.

It's going to be a long night.



Open an envelope and give me it.

Keep this separated.

Like this.

Have you done this before?

It runs in the family.


What a way to start the year, huh, Doctor?

I can't think of a better way.


He has to take one tablet
every eight hours for ten days.

-He can't skip any pills.


If you need anything,
don't hesitate to call.

-Are you leaving already?

Well, Happy New Year, at least.

-With the mess, we forgot to celebrate.

But we can still toast!

I'll see if there's a bottle opener.

-Who's doing the honors?

The doctor has to take care of his hands.

So? What are we toasting to?

To Hippocrates!


To ideas!

-To ideas!
-To ideas!



let's see how we get him to France.


We have to get him out
as soon as possible.

I'll take care of it.

The driver will take a huge risk.
You'll have to find one.

Count on it.


What is it, Luna?

Get away. Go on.

Come on, Luna.

You were lucky.

-It didn't get infected.
-Can I travel now?

It's healing well, but I think--

They're looking for him everywhere.

Pepe found a driver.

-When can you organize it?
-That's not a problem.

It's your call.

Fine. But try to move as little
as possible until then.

Keep taking the antibiotics.

-I'll keep an eye on him.

I'll keep him in line.

-Have you had dinner?

A comrade brought over enough food
for two weeks.

Since you're not getting paid,
at least eat.

That's it, come on. Let's get to it.

-Do you have family in France?

I'm not planning to stay there.

I'll come back when things relax.


Is it worth living like this?

"Like this" how?

Being the hen in a fox cage.

Sorry for the comparison.

Franco will fall, but not with gunshots.
And it won't be tomorrow.

It's time to prepare for the future.

Surrounded by fascists, black marketeers,
and executioners, you tell me how.

You forget those
who are hungry but too afraid.

Almost everyone.

But that won't last forever, Rafael.

When the time comes,
they'll have to be shown the way.

Let's see, olives from southern Aragón
and wine from El Bierzo. Or beer?

I think that whatever you bring
is going to taste like heaven to him.

All right then.

You only have to hide
when you cross the border.

Otherwise, you can sit wherever you want.

Here is the route.

Hand this in at customs.
Destination Toulouse.

This is for Barcelona.

Very good. Let's get going.

Thanks for everything, Rafael.

I hope to return the favor one day.

I hope so. That would mean
that the foxes couldn't defeat you.

Take care of yourself.

Good luck.


Want to grab a drink?


I have a date.




-I thought you wouldn't come.
-And I thought you wouldn't come.

That's because you don't know me.

The other day Pepe warned me about you.

Oh, really? Wow. And?

He told me
that you overthink things a lot,

but that deep down you have a big heart.

That's because I saved his life
during the war.

He's such a pain.

-It was my duty. Otherwise…

That Pepe!

What a warning too.

Well, it's just that Pepe
is very smart and…

people can see right through me, so…


I don't care what you think.
You're a grown-up, but…

I wouldn't be here if I didn't like you.

I don't like just anyone,
if that's what you're thinking.

Let's go.

Do you know that my father
also saved lives out of duty?

He was a doctor. Like you more or less.

-Which specialty?

Andrés Velázquez.

Ring any bells?

He worked with a boss I had.
How's he doing?

Well, he died.

At Porlier Prison.

I'm sorry.

Was he executed?


He had cancer and…

preferred to shorten the agony.

Let's have a drink?


I don't know what the Three Wise Men
brought you, but you look happy.

I have no complaints this year.

Good morning, Mr. Cuesta.


-I'm here on behalf of Mr. Steinbauer.
-Take a seat.

No need. I'll just take a moment.

The office was cleaned and tidied.

-I'm grateful.
-On the contrary.

We are grateful for your dedication.

We won't use the office anymore.
Would you mind giving me the key?


Mr. Steinbauer is coming back tonight.
He'd like to have lunch with you tomorrow.

Of course.

And one last thing.

This will be useful to you.

Goodbye, Mr. Cuesta.

Don't forget about tomorrow.



Dear Helen,

forgive me for venting with you.

There's no one else I can turn to.

In order to save the business,
I was obliged to do something terrible.

Living with my guilt
is as hard as it sounds.

I fear fire may be fought with fire,
as I am the only responsible party.


What are you better at,

women or business?

Conquering a woman is not difficult,
I tell you.

The hard part is leaving her.

With good business,

it's the same thing.

I'm here to tell you
that there will be no more shipments.

You no longer need me?

If you put it like that…

What's wrong with you?

You're acting strange.

Are you sleeping well?

Not really, to be honest.

You have a guilty conscience.

That's normal. It will get better.

I hope so.

Think of what you prevented.

If that guy had let something slip…


Maybe this will help.

This is the last one.

We rounded up in your favor.

You've earned it.

Keep it, go on.

You're a good man, Rafael.

I want to see you happy.

Is everything in order?
Should I bring the starters?

Whenever you like.

And now confess.

What have you been doing behind my back?

A little bird told me you're in love.

If you don't want to tell me,
I respect that.

That's what friendship
is all about, respect.

We're friends, aren't we?

Of course we are.

I'm happy for you.

You always look so lonely.

-How did you find out?
-Gabino spilled the beans.

He's very fond of you.

So am I.

I don't want us to lose touch.

I want us to keep seeing each other
every year to have lunch together.

That would be great.

But whose life did you save?

Why do you ask?

I don't know. You look kind of happy.

We're having barnacles for dinner.

But I've never tried barnacles.

-Did you win the lottery?
-Impossible, I never buy tickets.

-Is this for me?

Is it for another woman then?

Yes, for my aunt,
who is turning 100 or so.

Don't you believe me?

Let's go for a walk
and work up an appetite for the barnacles.

Hey, you're not playing with me, are you?

I may be ten years younger than you,
but I don't want to waste my time

and I'm not some silly who asks
for advice on radio talk shows.

I only play chess, Rita.

Oh, really?

Well, I don't know.

Less talk, more action.


My name is Guillermo García Medina.

I was a doctor until the war ended.

Since then,
I've been Rafael Cuesta Sánchez.

I don't know who he was,

or what he did, or even if he existed.

I'd like you to call me Guillermo
when we're alone.

It's not like we're killing each other!

-It's impossible to live in peace here.
-Come on.



Well, it's…

Never mind.

This is it.

So this is your home.

As long as I pay the rent.

-It's very nice.

Let's see. What's over here?

Hey, one question.

Is this Rafael's house,

or is it Guillermo's?

Until you walked through that door,
Rafael's, I guess.

Of course.

Because Guillermo only exists
when I summon him.


Gui… ller…


Pepe also knows who I was.

It's not the same, right?

-Of course not.
-Oh, good.

You're the first woman
to enter this house.


-It's true.
-No way.

Believe me.

That's sad, isn't it?

So sad I think I only have cheap cognac
and water to offer you.

It's all right.

I don't need anything to drink

to do what I came here to do.

I've never been so happy
in my entire life.

Dear Helen,

I'm just writing to tell you

that my biggest client
has terminated our relationship.

I'm not complaining.

As you know, our collaboration
has made deep and abundant impressions.

May it bring us more joy in the future.

Dear Mr. Louzan,

I'm writing to inform you
that the pen pal relationship

between our friend and Miss Murray
has been successfully concluded.

We shall soon hear wedding bells.

Good to see you again, Mr. Louzan.

Thank you.

Here you are.

That is all I've been able to collect.
My work is finished.

It's all there.

How Clara Stauffer's network
operates in Argentina,

the structures Perón has created
to shelter the fugitives of interest,

their names, real and fake,

their occupations,
their plans, everything.

Everything you've achieved
during this time… It's amazing.

In the right hands, it'll be devastating.

I'll make sure of that.

You don't believe me?

Meg, with all that's in there,

neither Franco nor Perón
can get away with it.

Listen, silly Spaniard.

I'm leaving for Washington tonight.

Tomorrow, my superior will have all this.

-Very good.

Let him know
that he doesn't have the exclusive.

What do you mean?

Azcárate and Negrín are aware of this.

They're going to pressure
every forum they can.

How long have you been
hiding things from me?

The Republic only receives kind words.

You said so when we met in London.

My boss is as committed to this mission
as you and I are.

When this goes public,
Franco is going to be a pariah.

The hours of Europe's
last fascist dictatorship are numbered.

Write down my address.
Let me know when you have news.

Are you sure?

Take note.

-If they connect you to--
-José Pacheco Hernández.

Don Gabino. I'm heading home.

Are you in a hurry?


No. Tell me.

Close the door and sit down for a moment.

I want to talk to you about something.

-Tell me.

You know I have a house in Santa Pola.

Well, I've been thinking about retiring.

-Are you going to close down the agency?
-Why would I?

Business is good, we have good clients,
and it's getting busier and busier.

What I want is to transfer it.

-You won't be short of buyers.

Forget buyers.

I want you to keep it!


What do you say, Rafael?


First, thank you very much for thinking
of me, but I don't have money--

Money is not a problem.

We can set an amount and make a contract.

You agree to pay me a monthly rent
until the transfer is complete.

And that's it.


You wouldn't have to ask for a loan

or spend your savings
or anything like that.

What do you think?

-You took me by surprise, Don Gabino.
-I know.

If you don't mind, can I think about it?

Of course you can think about it,
my goodness.

Santa Pola isn't going to go anywhere.

Oh… You're worth more than you realize.

But you aren't a kid anymore.

You have to think about the future.

Now more than ever.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

I don't know.

It's a good opportunity.

Especially if I think about the future.

You don't seem very convinced.

Accepting would be
like giving in completely.

As if the Regime infected
every cell in my body.

Now the doctor is speaking.

-But you get it, right?
-Of course.

But, on the other hand…

If you managed to take a comrade to France
while you were an employee,

imagine what could you do as the boss.

I was thinking about us.

Oh, Guillermo. Don't…

No. Don't do it for us.

But, well, in the future, you and I might…

Don't mix me up in this, Guillermo.

You have to make the decision
that suits you best

and you should pretend I'm not here.

-It's a bit late for that.
-But it's too early to make plans.


Eat up. It's going to get cold.

Oh, Guillermo. Don't take it that way.

Sometimes my imagination runs wild

and I imagine--

You imagine yourself feeding soup
to a little old man who tells stories

about being a war doctor.

No, it's not that.

When I look around, everything is so…

So sad, so gray, that…

I find it hard to think that something
so beautiful can last and work out.

Are we giving up before we try?

No. That would be a cowardly thing to do.

And you and I are anything but cowards.

Do you know that I love you a lot?

Do you?

Less talk, more action.

-We'll be more comfortable here.


We have studied Mr. Arroyo's report.

The fieldwork is impeccable.

Please express my thanks
and my admiration to him.

What's wrong, Saul?

If only we had received it
as soon as the war was over.

Before Truman became convinced

that there are phenomena as dangerous
or more dangerous than Nazism.


Look, Saul,
could you get to the point, please?

Communism is the enemy to beat.

Against the Soviets,
no help is too little.

That is the slogan today.

Look at what's happening
in Southern Europe.

In Italy, there are communists everywhere.

In France, there are plenty of them too.

And in Greece,
they're still at war with them.

These countries are only a stone's throw
away from Stalin's puppets.

It is in our interest
to have a reliable ally

in the area.

Is Franco a reliable ally?

A coup leader who won the war
with the help of Hitler and Mussolini?

A murderer responsible for the deaths
of thousands of Spaniards?

That's our reliable ally?

A fascist tyrant?

He has been isolated for years

and will accept conditions
that no other European would accept.

Oh, of course.

There are no communists in Spain.
If they're hunted, they'll be killed.

It's all benefits!

I'm begging you.

We all must make sacrifices.

Me, the first.

What will happen to the report?

I need a ticket to Buenos Aires
as soon as possible.

-Telegram for Mr. Pacheco.
-Thank you.

Urgent. Louzan. Tomorrow.

This is Peter Louzan.


It's always a pleasure to hear your voice.
Any news?

My American girlfriend is coming soon.
I'm sure she has news.

I'm glad that you two
have patched things up.

Now let's see how the family reacts.

The wedding is unavoidable.
It should be a big one.

And rightly so.

She is here.

I'll let you know what I find out.

Do it, my friend. I beg you.

You're telling me
everything we discovered is of no use?

-Do you know what this cost us?

I know. I know that perfectly well.

But my country no longer cares
that Franco is a dictator.

The only thing that matters
is that he's fighting communism.

I was such an idiot, right?

-For a second, I thought you'd do it--
-Enough, Manuel.

Stop it. There's no point
in whining about it anymore.

Your report is just a piece of paper,
and that won't change.

That's the way things are.

The sacrifices you made,
the risks you took no longer matter.

All that matters
is that you have to start over again.

Washington is happy with your work.
They want to hire you as an agent.

Who has read the report?

-I don't know.
-I'm not worried about me.

It's Rafael, whom you label a communist
and for whom you will not lift a finger.

-You didn't listen to me?
-He's as deep in this as I am.

With the data in that report,
it's easy to identify him.

If they find out, they'll kill him.
Do you understand?

Yes. I get it.

I have to warn him.
I'll go to Madrid tonight.

I have a ticket for you
in the name of Peter Louzan.

You're sleeping in Washington tonight.

No, Meg.

I'm staying.

I'm not going to work for a country
that used me.

A country that has betrayed my people
and has no remorse.

I knew you were going to reject our offer.
I knew it.

I hope you won't need it.

I'm sorry, Manuel.

I'm sorry for you, for me,
and for this fucking world we live in.

If only the United Nations
would back us up.

But if the Americans
see Franco as an ally,

that means the pact is already written.


But we have everything
Miss Murray's boyfriend has compiled.

Let's send it to the press.

Think about it.

What would happen to him?

I feel like sending it to the Russians
and let them take the credit for it.

That would backfire on us.

They'd say it's all fake, propaganda.
"You know how the communists are."

The El Pardo tenant
would come out stronger.

And your days would be numbered.

All versions of this story
end the same way.

Above all, we cannot allow anything
to happen to you.

So we're going to ignore it too?


At least for now.

Who knows if in the future…

The future has been decided by Truman.

All they have to do is sign.

Have faith, Manuel.

Have faith.

What can I have faith in now?

AGE: 42

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick