Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 7 - Immersión - full transcript

Margaret's doubts divide her and Manuel as he prepares to leave for Buenos Aires. Guillermo treats a patient and proposes a risky new business venture.

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Did you understand me, Alfonso?

You're free.

You can go back to Spain.

The thing is…

I don't know if I want to.

Why wouldn't you want to?

You'll be received like a hero.

Not me.

Why would you say that?

They don't want me there.

Don't worry.

Good people in Spain
will help you get your life back on track

in exchange for nothing.

What if I don't go back?

No one in their right mind
would stay in Berlin now.

I would.

You're making a mistake, Alfonso.

A severe mistake, let me tell you.

I'll pray for you.

That's all I can do.

If you regret your decision,
don't hesitate to come and see me.



You may come in now, Miss Williams.

Thank you very much.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

You owe us an explanation, Miss Williams.

You didn't tell us the truth
about your collaborators.

For lack of information, I'm sure.

You assured us that Rafael Cuesta Sánchez
is not a member of the Communist Party.

Yes, I made sure and can confirm it.


Do you know them?

José Moya Aguilera and María Eugenia León.

I've never seen them before.

They are very close to Cuesta.

And party members.

Mr. Cuesta collaborates
with the communists through them.

Be careful with him.

Be careful with what he tells you
and what you tell him.

We do not know to whom he is loyal

or with whom he shares what he discovers.

He could turn against us.

But I trust Manuel. He's my inside man.

And he trusts Cuesta.

So we are all on the same side.

The president has been clear.

There are only two sides,

the free world
and the communist dictatorship.

Does Franco belong to the free world?

No. Of course not.

The way Protestants are treated in Spain
disgusts Truman,

the lack of freedom of expression,

Franco's obsession with the Jews…

Yet we're going to give him
a 25-million-dollar loan.

A bank will.

If it does.

With the government's blessing.

Focus on the mission, Miss Williams,

and follow orders…

if you want this to end well.

Clara admitted to smuggling Nazis
to South America with the regime.

It's in the Daily Express!

It's unbelievable.

She could deny it
or accuse the journalist of making it up.

Come on! The interview
is a full-fledged confession.

Have you lifted a finger? No.

Now that's unbelievable.

They feel invincible.

That's why we need evidence.

I hope that's their weak point.

So, your buddy…

Your buddy collaborates
with the Communist Party.

We have evidence of that.

My bosses want me to sideline him.

He's involved because I asked him.

He'll help as long as he's willing
and able, agreed?

I have to go see Clara.

Come on, open it.

Buenos Aires, Adrián.
We'll fly there in a week.

Are you afraid of flying?

I don't know my way around an airplane.

I've never flown.

You'll love it.

You don't want to travel with me?

I don't know.

Going to Buenos Aires,

by plane, with an older woman…

An older woman?

I'm not much older than you.

That's not what I meant.

Maybe you find the idea ridiculous.

No, on the contrary.

If anything,

you've left me speechless.

I owe you so much that…

Not all comrades are alike, Adrián.

And you're a special one.

I think Clara is getting too fond of me.

The closer you get,
the more information you get.

I know.

It could complicate things.

Be very careful, Manolo.

You too.

You'll be alone with them.

Stick to Scarface. He's not the worst.

He's a fanatic.

But he's a soldier with a code of conduct.

Listen up.

Otto Skorzeny isn't a murderer
or a sadist.

That's why he wasn't convicted
at Nuremberg.

I think he likes me.

I'm lucky.

Write everything down.

Who does the shipping, who pays,
how much, where it arrives…

Not a word to Meg, right?

-We're with the Republic.
-I thought we were all on the same side.

Americans are as obsessed with communists
as Franco is.

-They don't care about Spain.
-Meg cares.

But she works for them.

It hurts.

If she tells them the Nazis
are hiding what they stole

or serves Otto on a silver platter,

they'll sell us out
in the middle of the game.

And we have to go all the way.

Till we bring down the regime.

Until we bring down the regime.

How will I report my progress?

Starting now,
you have an English girlfriend.

Girlfriends get gifts.

Chocolates, porcelain figurines,
cookies for Christmas…

It won't be hard to do from the agency.

Why English?
Aren't you going to Argentina?

I don't know where I'll be.

If you send them directly to me,

I'll have to forward them to London,
which is risky.

Now I really am on my own.

Should we order a bottle?

We have to have a proper goodbye.



Welcome to your home
in Buenos Aires, Adrián.

Comfortable, but not luxurious.


The home of a single man.

Do you like it?

A lot.

Take him to SARE tomorrow.

Perón created the Argentine Society
for the Reception of Europeans.

I told you about it, don't you remember?

But I thought we'd go together.

I'm not here on vacation.

I'm expected in other friendly countries,
but you're in good hands.

Have fun, but don't go overboard.

We'll see each other soon.


Come on, Don Rafael.
They're waiting for you.


-What's wrong?
-It's your son.

You have to help me, please.

Nobody knows what's wrong.

We have to wake him up.

José Antonio.


The doctor's here.

Did you know he was Mom's friend
when I was your age?

Hello, José Antonio.

I'm Rafa.


His fever was really high last night.

Does your throat hurt?

A lot.

But that was over a month ago.

Or more.

Today he told me his heart hurts.

Do you have
what you gave him for his throat?

My father made that for me

when he went to war.

It's all I have left of him.

Don't lose it.

Go to sleep.

Don't worry. I'll take care of you.

How can a child have rheumatism?

I don't understand.

Rheumatic fevers are caused
by poorly cured pharyngitis.


What about his heart?

Because that's what's worrying me.

That's inflammation affecting
different organs, including the heart.

One doctor mentioned rheumatism,

but after talking to others, I thought…

I thought he was crazy.

Well, you were wrong.

I'll examine him again.

He needs to spend months in bed
and take antibiotics. I'll follow up.

Are you messing with me?

Find another doctor if you want.
I only want what's best for my son.

I want him healthy
and with no long-term effects.

You can't tell him the truth.

I'm aware.

Well, fine then.



Long live Spain!

Long live!

Let me introduce you to Radu Ghenea,

the director of SARE.

Welcome to Argentina, Mr. Gallardo.

Did you have a good trip?

It was great,
although I'm still a bit tired.

It's normal, such a long trip…

How is Madrid?

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city.
You'll see.

None of our refugees have had
or will have any problems.

The state will give you 400 pesos a month,

which we'll supplement with voluntary
contributions from comrades.

In addition to the apartment.

I am very grateful to you. I am.

Please. You are one of us.

And you will collaborate when you work.

I'll find a job as soon as possible,
I promise.

We will find one for you.

There are plenty of German companies
willing to hire reliable people here.



Here's the key to your PO box.
It's box 856.

-Anything else?

Thank you.


Good afternoon. I'd like a room.

Of course. May I have your documentation?

Very kind, Mr. Louzán.

Is that all your luggage?

I'm only spending one night in the city.

Yes, miss.

It's number 14 Chester Street in London.

Good morning, sir.

I am calling from Buenos Aires.

What a surprise, my friend.

How are you?

Great. Everything's in order.
But I miss my American girlfriend.

American girlfriend?

Yes, our paths have parted for now.

Relations with foreign ladies
are complicated.

A good friend of mine in Madrid would like
to correspond with a British lady.

-Do you know anyone who may be interested?
-Of course.

A friend's daughter comes to mind,
Helen Murray.

Ask her and send me her address
if she's interested.

-I will.
-Thank you very much.

-Take note of mine, please.
-I'm ready.

San Telmo Post Office.

PO box 856.

Goodbye. It's always a pleasure
talking with you.

I, too, am glad to hear from you.

Be careful.

I beg of you.

See you soon.


Sorry to barge into your house like this.

I came looking for you.

You weren't here.

I still have the key.

Did I startle you?

No… Not at all.

Did you go sightseeing?

I went to find a shoemaker.

The stitching came undone and…

Argentinians know how to work leather.

Let's go.

Some comrades want to meet you.

All right.

I'll get changed right away and go.

You're fine like that.

It's an informal meeting among friends.

You'll see.

What do you think of Argentina?

There's no better place
for a persecuted comrade.

I completely agree.

It's as if the Allies don't exist here.

Perón takes good care of us.

And Croatians never forget a favor.
Am I wrong, Walter?

We don't have to worry about anything.

We live to fight the enemy.


Communist and traitor to the fatherland.

Double enemy.

There were plenty of those in Spain.
Not anymore.

Well, thank God.

And Franco.

There are 10,000 Croatians
in this country.

We just have to get organized.

But we must be cautious.

Tito has supporters here.


Yes. The Serbs.

Stalin's hitmen.

The Jews.

Don't you miss the war?

It's a miracle I survived.

For me, every day that passes
is a gift from God.

Aren't you tempted to return to action?

If you ever

change your mind…

come and see me.

What are your plans?

This late?

I mean for the future.

You heard the Croatians.

For them, the war is not over.

Why do you say that?

Sakic and Bogetich
are joined at the hip with Perón.

That has its advantages.

But not just anyone

can be a mercenary.

It doesn't suit me.

I have earned the right
to lead my own life

without doing anyone's dirty work.

So, have them as friends,
but keep them at a distance.

It looks like they mean business.

Clara asked me to look after you.

That's why I'm warning you.


In her eyes, you aren't just anyone.

You must have realized that too.

She, too, is tired

of running around.

She wants to settle down.

At the agency,

I'm sure you've noticed
the border has reopened.

We've always worked a lot with France.

Our friends are already waiting.

You're going into action, Rafael.

Not yet.

Let me explain.

We must do all of this legally.

The process needs to be
as normal as possible.

In other words, a client hires
La Meridiana's services,

La Meridiana provides them.

For that, we would need
to set up a company,

go through the notary's office,
the registry, everything.

And that company would be the client.

We'd rent a discreet office
to avoid attracting attention.

We don't need to go every day.

La Meridiana's employees
would pick up the packages at that office.

What do you think?

It's an excellent cover.

We need a name.

European Society for Foreign Trade.

You've got it all figured out.

To the European Society…

-For Foreign Trade.
-For Foreign Trade.

When do we start?

We'll let you know.


I hope you will excuse me.

I need to go home.

Good work.

No. I have to go back to the office.

You will tell your boss

that Frau Stauffer's affairs

have kept you busy.

Are you afraid of him?

A man in fear is not a man.

We live in cowardly times now,
hiding like rats,

even changing our names.


they won't break me.

I will never stop fighting
for what I believe in.

If a man renounces his beliefs,
he renounces everything.

He's no longer himself.

He rots from the inside.

I like you, Rafael.

And I had my doubts.

But you never talk about money.

What moves you and me

are ideas.






This too, Mr. Cuesta?

Yes, it has a stamp.

Miss Murray

is delighted to have met
such a caring person.

She loved the chocolates you sent her.

The relationship is going well.

She is confident
that it will come to fruition.


This is great.

Really great.

I don't sweat at night anymore.

You told him that yesterday.

Patience. You still have
a long time in bed ahead of you.

But now that I'm better, I'm bored.

Yeah, well,

why don't you read?

Look how many books you have here.

Mom put the books here
because there's no room anywhere else.

But did I forbid you to read them? Did I?

Hey, don't you get tired of coming here
after working all day?

Look, I read this one
when I was about your age.

Did you like it?

A lot.

Could you read it to me?

You know how to read.


He's still tired. Aren't you?

This novel's about
the Battle of Trafalgar.

It's an adventure novel.
The main character is a boy.



I'll start.

"In speaking of my birth,

I won't imitate most authors
who tell facts of their own lives."


We said these.

We need to put these on the sides
and cover them with these, please.

Can they be trusted?

They need the tip.

-I promised them more.

The goods go behind these boxes.

What do they contain?

Mercury flasks. Demand is high.

Is Rolf coming?

He's in Eibar.

Rolf has his own business.

Soldiers help each other
no matter where they are.

In that, they are like the Jews…

Everything has been checked.

They put tires on. They're good ones.

Don't worry.

Continue with the rest.

You heard him. Go on!

It's just a worthless copy.

The paintings are from the flea market.

After guarding the collection for years,

I will not risk losing a single piece.

Is this shipment a test?

This must stay between me and you.

But hire others.

I don't want to see these men again.

Good afternoon, Mr. Louzán.




What a surprise.

-I finally got a hold of you.
-I went out for a walk.

You scared me.

At this time of day…

Don't worry about me.

Who else would I worry about?

I'm sorry to have neglected you.

I'll be back in Buenos Aires soon.

Where are you now?

In São Paulo.
Everyone loves this city, but I don't.

I'm glad we can meet again soon.

Would you believe…

that I've missed you?

Yes, I've been thinking about you too.


I swear.

What do you think?

I don't know. I imagine you…

running around, organizing everything…

You imagined well.

Always surrounded by people, and then…

I know.


We'll catch up.
I'm sure you have a lot to tell me.

Let me know when you arrive.

It'll be the first thing I'll do.

See you soon, Adrián.

See you soon.

That's great news! Goodbye, my friend.

The first order
has arrived at its destination.

It only took two days.

As planned.

Most of Bam's stuff looks like junk to me,
but he says it's worth a fortune.

Everything went smoothly, thanks to you.

If I didn't know how to organize transport
by now, Don Gabino would have to fire me.

So now, let's get serious.

What do you mean?

We'll do larger
and more regular shipments.

How big?

As big as necessary.

Don't worry.

I'm sure you'll manage.

Let's go see Bam before he's admitted.

Did something happen?

The other night he seemed…

He heard the rumor

that Franco was considering
handing him over to the Allies.

Right after he heard it,
he had an appendicitis attack.

He's going to have surgery, just in case.

If we want to get serious,

I need to know more in advance
what we're sending.

Why is that so important?

Frameless paintings

can be camouflaged
in building materials such as pipes.

For example, jewelry, cast or not,

can be hidden in any material,

but sculptures are another matter.

What's the problem with them?

Depends on the volume.

I'd have to talk to Don Gabino
about modifying the truck bed

with a double bottom.

Well, let's just say
we'll need a bit of everything.

Your boss will say yes to everything.
He has no choice.

I have to go to the hospital.

And I need to take my medicine first, so…

If you'll excuse me…

Yes, of course.

That's good. Thank you.

Would Franco hand over Bam?


He knows better than I do
what the caudillo would do or not.

There's a reason
he's having unnecessary surgery.

The Allies have sent a list of comrades
to the authorities.

Clara is also among those being claimed.

She's the only woman.

But she hasn't lost her nerve. No way.

What'll happen to Bam
when he's discharged?

By then, someone will have
cleared things up with Franco.

He didn't seem to be very calm.

And that medicine he needs so badly…

If Bam is in trouble,
it won't be because of his medicine.

He'll always have it.

Honestly, I don't trust him.

We preserve these works of art

because they guarantee the Reich's future.

Because they're valuable,

not because they're old and beautiful.

Sometimes Bam behaves as if he believes
everything he saved is his.

All the more reason to get it out of Spain
as soon as possible.

Do you realize how valuable you are to us?

It is hard

to find a comrade you can trust.

That's why,


we're going to celebrate,

in style, that you and I
have found each other.

Yes, long-distance call to London. Yes.

Who is it?

Who is it?

What's up, silly Spaniard?

What took you so long?

Are you screwing some chick around here,
or what?

Do you know how much you scared me?

You thought it was one of your Nazis?

What are you doing here?

I'm worried about you.

My are bosses too.

-We haven't heard from you in a while.
-How did you find me?

With your US passport.

Peter Louzán.

You used it to check in here, right?


Since you're here, pick for both of us.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Bogetich and Sakic.

Sound familiar?

Milo Bogetich is actually Milo Ravlic,

the liaison between Pavelic
and the Gestapo.

He's a damn criminal.

The other must be Dinko Sakic,

who, at the age of 24,

was in charge
of the Jasenovac concentration camp.

-He's one of the dictator's bodyguards.
-Walter Kutschmann introduced us.

My host in Clara's absence.

There are many more.
They use fake identities.

They may look different
from the pictures we have.

It's incredible.

Franco helps the Nazis escape,
and Perón gives them jobs.

No, he practically adopts them
if he finds them useful.

No one has anything to fear here.

Your bosses could do something about it.

Oh, don't get mad at me.

I'm on your side.

I'll always be on your side.

-Your passport was about to expire.
-Don't change the subject.

Will you go against Perón
when there's evidence?

Washington doesn't plan to overthrow him.

You can see I'm not spending your dollars
without hitting the mark.

Run to report.

Is that what you think I'm doing?

Do you think I'm here to control you?
Pressure you?

I'm here because I'm worried about you.

I'm afraid something might happen to you.

I shouldn't have to tell you that,
but here I am. That's the truth.

I'm in, Meg. That's what we wanted.

But I depend on them
for almost everything.

Sometimes I even… almost forget who I am.

Coming here sometimes makes me feel
I'm on the sidelines.

I'll stay in Buenos Aires.

I'll be your contact here. Okay?

We will meet here
when there are new developments.

We won't leave you alone.

But you can't let your guard down.





I warned you.

You said there were people in Spain
who could help me.




14 Galileo Street, Madrid.

She'll be your guardian angel.



Yes. Are you here?

Yes, wherever you want.


You look great, Adrián!

You already look like a local.

You look splendid.

Don't flatter me.
Traveling so much exhausts me.

I'm just saying what I see.

How's it going?

Very well.

Our comrades are just like you.
They're adapting well.

And wherever they go, they're appreciated.

We have to teach them
how to brew good beer.

Don't laugh. I'm here to scold you.

I heard you've been looking for work
on your own.

What's that about?

You've already done too much for me.

Nonsense! Let me do it.

I know of many companies that'd be happy
to pay you a management salary.

Clara, really, I prefer it this way.

I can live a quiet, carefree life
with what I earn.

Being humble gives you credit,

but you're worth more than you think.


I'd like you to come with me.



No! What nonsense.

Before I go home for Christmas,
I must go to Lima.

Maybe even to Santiago.

I'm sick of traveling alone.

-I don't like it.
-Sure, I can imagine.

Actually, what I'm sick of

is being alone.

And I miss you, I told you so.

Nobody knows us there.

It's an opportunity for you and me to…

I'd love to, but I can't.

I just can't.

I had a new life here and…

a job, a house.

It's… something I look forward to
when I wake up every day.

If that's the problem,
we won't always be on the run.

-I also have--
-There's something else.

I met a girl.

I think it's serious.

Look at the time.

Don't you dare accompany me.


This is ready.

Load the missing tubes
and secure them well.

That box goes inside this one.

Pack it well and be careful.

We will. Don't worry.

I have good news and bad news.
Which do you want first?

The bad one.

You'll go back to school soon.

-Am I all better?

So you won't come to see me anymore?

Not as much.

I brought you something to remember me by.

What did you think it was?

I don't know.

It's so tiny.

You'll love chess
once you learn how to play.

Mom taught me.

Between you and me,

your mom has no idea.





We don't have all day.


I just arrived from Berlin.

I fell prisoner to the Reds.

Tell us where you're going.
We'll accompany you.

I also fought in Russia,
but I came home as soon as I could.

I want to take a walk.

It's been so long.

There's no place like home, right, friend?

Give me a hug, young man.

Have a seat.

I'll bring you something.

I knew it couldn't be true.

You wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.

I didn't leave.

I just got back… from Germany.

Yes, I heard that.

It must have been hard fleeing
for so long.

I can't imagine.

So, then?

When do you leave?

Don't rush off.
Argentina isn't going anywhere.

No one will give you trouble here,
no matter how hard they try.

Besides, who would want to?

It feels like yesterday when I told you,
"Bring out your killer instinct!"

And you said, "I don't have one, Captain."

How could you be a war criminal?
Who'd believe that?

I only did what I was told,

like in Bilbao.

Of course.

I'm well aware.

Your friend Navarro's in worse shape.

He was caught by the Reds
and is still in prison.

See, Adrián?

God puts everyone in their place.

Look at that.

I thought you'd be living large
in Buenos Aires already.

Do you know Clara Stauffer?

Well, I can't say I know her…

I know who she is. Why?

Miss Stauffer cannot receive you.

Tell me what it's about.
Maybe I can help you.

Adrián Gallardo. Does he sound familiar?

Rumor has it he's in Buenos Aires.

That's impossible.

I'm afraid it's true.

Do you know Adrián?

Who am I speaking to?

Adrián is fine,
if that's what you're worried about.

If you want to know more,
Rafael may have heard from him.


Rafael Cuesta.

He's Adrián's close friend.
I thought you'd know him.

Yes, of course. Rafael Cuesta.

It's been a long time.

-Where could I--
-I don't know where he lives.

He works at La Meridiana,
the transport agency.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

At La Meridiana…

La Meridiana…

Leave the bottle. Thank you.

You never disappoint us, Rafael.


I'm just doing my job, that's all.

We're also similar in this respect.

For you and me, duty comes first.

We said we'd make you rich.

I'm not in it for the money.

As if I didn't know…

But it won't hurt.

These aren't times to be fussy, right?

We need to wake up.

The Reich was going to last
a thousand years.

And, as you can see now…

But the future belongs to us,
that's for sure.

To ideas.

To ideas.



Your briefcase!

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick