Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 5 - Clandestinidad - full transcript

Guillermo, Adrián and Manuel each encounter a familiar face from their past. While Guillermo takes on a new project, Clara plans for the future.

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FALL 1941


Good evening.

Excuse me.

Do you have a light?

Don't worry. The grises are long gone.

I won't hug you. It'll look like
we haven't seen each other in years.

You look good.

The good life, you know.

"No home without heat
or Spaniard without bread."

What's with the mustache?

A pencil pusher's mustache,
like everything else.

Want to get a drink?


Thank you.

You've become very trusting.

They could be using me
as a decoy to catch you.

You wouldn't do that. I saved your life.

Be careful.

Some comrades have been caught
through people they trusted.

You can't trust anyone anymore.

You've changed.

I had a hard time in France.

-You crossed the border and came back?
-I never give up.

Neither do I, but I act as if I could.

Are you ashamed?

You shouldn't be.

It's our obligation to survive
so we can keep fighting.

And there's merit
in being able to hide so well.

I lead a loser's life, Pepe.

Of defeat.

Sometimes I'd rather be dead.

I know the university revoked your degree.

You were expelled
from the Medical Association.

You didn't know?

I figured they'd do something
like that, but…


I didn't want to investigate so as not…
make myself stand out.

Dr. García Medina no longer exists.

I'm Rafael Cuesta Sánchez,
a pencil pusher.

No way.

You took an oath.
No fascist can take that away.

We need you to practice again.

We communists don't just get shot at,

we also get sick and break bones.

And there aren't many doctors
among us comrades.

Remember that for us, the hospital door
opens into the police station.

It's better to stay away.

If they stop you
and see you're in pain or hurt,

they'll beat you up.

They'll do anything to make you talk,
those sons of bitches.

Then there are the families
of the prisoners.

They can't afford to get sick

because they live hand to mouth,
but they get sick easily.

Well, except from overeating.

When we need you, I'll call your office.

I'll give you an address
to pick up a package.

When you get there,

tell them you're from the trust fund
and you're there to do an appraisal.

If they say they don't know
what you're talking about,

you apologize and leave.

Good evening.

I'm very happy.

You've given me my dignity back.
I can be myself again.

Thank you.

I just brought Dr. García back to life
without even knowing it.

-Is your guesthouse over there?

Off you go.

You don't come here to sit on your hands,
you come here to work!

Next time, you're fired.
Is that clear? Come in.


Yes, this is Rafael Cuesta.

Tell me the address.


I'm here from the trust fund
to do an appraisal.

Hurry, please. He's dying. Let's go.

Antonio, take care of your son!

Hello, Emilio.

Can you stretch your legs?

A little more.

Let's see.

Good job.

-How long has your dad been like this?
-I don't know.

You have appendicitis.
I have to operate now, okay?

They gave me the address of a pharmacy
in case you need anything.

Will he be okay?

That's why I'm here.

To fix him up.

When you get back,
you'll have to be the nurse.

-Off you go.

Watch out, kid!


Hold here, please.


Hold it there.

Very good.

It's very inflamed.

I'm going to remove it.

It's not difficult. We just have
to be careful so it doesn't burst.

Don't worry.
Everything's going to be fine.

I'll stop by to check on him.

Your father can be proud of you.
You helped me a lot.

Do you play chess?


It was my grandfather's.

Now we use it to boil eggs.

Well, when we have some.

I have a similar one.

My grandfather gave it to me too.
I haven't used it in a long time.

Don Gabino, I'm leaving.

-All right. See you tomorrow, Rafael.
-See you tomorrow.


I'll be right with you. Come in.

Thank you.

OCTOBER 12, 1943

No water for cheaters, you redneck!

We can have a rematch whenever you want!

Why not now, you little redneck?

Come on!

What are you waiting for, you sissy?

You're in your element here.
Anything goes in Russia.

Save your rage for the Reds.

Don't waste it in here.

Fall in!

Today, October 12, Día de la Raza,

our caudillo considers
our glorious mission accomplished

and returns us
to the fatherland with honors.

However, those who wish
to continue to fight Marxism

may join the German army,

which will welcome you to continue
the struggle on the battlefield.


take one step forward!

You are the pride of our race.

The fatherland will reward you
as you deserve.

You two, the cute couple…

you can say goodbye now.

I will personally see to it

that you be posted as far away
from each other as possible.

At ease.


I'll get you sooner or later, redneck.

Sooner rather than later.

You're helping us a lot.

But you could do more.

If you want to, Rafael.

I'll do everything I can.

Something has come up.

It's great that you work
at a transport agency.

La Meridiana's going to get
a special client.

One that your boss won't let get away.
He'll make a killing with him.

-So he'll deal with them personally.
-In his dreams.

But he can't.

Ofelia, please accompany Doña Eugenia
to my office.


Come with me.

Thank you.

Geni, this is Rafael Cuesta.

The man you need.

-María Eugenia León. Nice to meet you.

So, you're fluent in French?

Fluent? He speaks French like a professor.


We have an important
international delivery to make.

Doña Eugenia's husband's company
has requested our services, and I,

of course,
have put myself at their disposal.

I trust that Esteban
will be fully satisfied

and will be encouraged
to work more with La Meridiana.

-I'm sure of that, Gabino.

We can discuss the details in my office.


You'll be much more comfortable here.

Take care of her, Rafael.

Doña Eugenia.

Very well, then…

What is the destination of the goods?

Hasn't your husband told you?

Well, he doesn't really know.

And I hope he never does.

Esteban makes sure that the goods cross
the border without any problems.

That's when you intervene.

What do you need?

To know the truck's route through France.

With a schedule
that's as exact as possible.

Don't worry. I'll assign the usual route.
No one will suspect a thing.


Go here this afternoon.

We'll talk about everything more calmly.

Come in, Rafael.


Call me Geni.

We'll be more comfortable
on a first-name basis.


Want some whiskey?


Horrible, isn't it?

It's Esteban's love nest.

He doesn't know I have a key.

We'll be fine here. No one will bother us.

-How about him?
-No. He won't come here. He's in Paris.

Esteban is always in Paris.

My husband's getting rich
selling raw materials to the Germans.

The Spanish government does
everything it can to control the business,

but Esteban trades under the table.

He spends a lot of money on bribes,
but the Nazis pay him well.

It pays off.

You see, my Esteban's a true patriot.

Does Don Gabino know?

You ask because he's an old shirt?

What do you think he chose? His ideals
or a commission for turning a blind eye?

What role do you play in all this?

I represent my husband.

I also get as much information
as I can about the shipments

to share it with the party.

What will they do with it?

-It's none of my business.
-Of course it is.

-If they succeed, Esteban won't be rich--
-I have nothing to lose.


Is that why you're getting into this mess?

I have my reasons.

Which you won't tell me.

No, Rafael.

Not today.

Why not pass the information
directly to you?

I had to put you two in touch.

I did that. Now I have another mission.

I don't get it.

This is how it works.

Everyone does their part
and only knows what they have to know.

If one falls,
he doesn't drag the rest down. I know.

You don't trust Geni. Is that it?

It seems weird to me.

Geni isn't your average comrade.
She has a direct link to party leadership.

-I don't get how such a rich woman--
-Like you!

A rich kid who,
instead of adapting or taking advantage,

decides to risk his life.

People like you can do things

that others like me can't.

Don't you see?

It's time to act
and prepare for what's to come.

After what happened in Stalingrad,
it's clear the Germans are going to lose.

When the Allies are finished,
they'll kick Franco out.

They didn't lift a finger for us
during the war.

They will now! You'll see!


Okay. Goodbye.

-Don Gabino, if you don't need me…
-No. You can go.

See you tomorrow, Rafael.

Hey, wait.

What's with the new tie?

Go on. Go and have some fun.

But find yourself a good Christian woman.

Have children for you
and for the new Spain,

which needs them so much.

-I will.
-Go on, then.

The truck is scheduled
to arrive in Bordeaux on the 20th.

It'll be the first of three shipments.

Your husband's forcing us
to cross the border via Valcarlos,

not Irún.

He must have bribed
their customs officers. Cargo?

Two tons of iron filings per trip.

Iron filings…

It's tungsten.

The Nazis pay good money for it.

What's in it for you?

Every second of every day
I only think about getting revenge.

After giving me three children,

Esteban told me
he was going to live his own life.

And I could do the same
as long as I didn't give him any trouble.

You didn't like it.

On the contrary…

it was a blessing.

When the war broke out,
I met the love of my life.

I keep his photo in here.

I had the two halves sealed.
I can't see him, but…

he's always with me.

His name was Fernando.

Fernando Villa.

Did he die?

Yes, he died in Formentera.

Abandoned like a dog by his comrades.

He couldn't accept Franco
taking over the Falange.

He was condemned as a traitor.

You see, Rafael…

I'm almost as lonely as you are.

I can see it in your face.

Did she die too?

She wasn't the love of my life.
It wasn't even love.

But it tore you apart.

I won't ever love again.

You don't know that.

Of course I do.

How long has it been for you?

It's been a long time
since I've been with a man I like so much.

I'm driven by resentment.
I already told you that.

What about you?

Are you driven
by your loyalty to the party?

I'm not a communist.

I never have been.

-Oh, really?

You're too much of a rich kid
to be a member of the PCE?

As if there weren't any others.

Well, I'm a kind of
down-on-my-luck kind of rich kid.

I've been lucky to survive.

I'm just trying to be useful.

Like returning a favor?

Something like that.

I also want to return a favor.

A very big one.

The one I was denied.

Nobody did a thing for Fernando.

Not even my friends from the Falange

who call themselves my close friends.


Clarita Stauffer…

I humiliated myself.

I'll never forgive them.

You should go.


Lower it.

More. A little more.


Be careful with this, okay?

-Ofelia, I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

So, tell me. How was the date?



A special woman. Devout, very devout.

She won't be the mother of my children,
but it was nice.

Well… Don't get too impatient, Rafael.

God will provide.

This isn't as easy as they say.

Come on, cheer up.

This is ready. Let's go.


Move, redneck!

I don't understand.

Come on, let's go.

This has nothing to do with you.
Be smart, and you'll be fine.

Stay with him.

Hands up! Don't move!

…it's impossible.

Of course I can hear you!


How can that be? Someone robbed us?

Someone robbed us?

But where?

But what is it?

They took it? They took it all?



Yes. Okay. I know!

We've been robbed, Rafael.
We've been robbed!


The freight Esteban Maroto hired.

In France. Just past the border.

They took the cargo.

The next shipment is in a few days.
Want me to change the route through Irún?

No. Impossible.

The client said Valcarlos,
and that's how it should be.

Thank God they didn't take the truck.

-Is the driver okay?

Just a scare and not much more.

I'm going to hold a meeting

to see how…

how Maroto is feeling.

So much joy.

We might even get used to it.

What next?

Do you mean us?

I thought so.

The Allies are going crazy for tungsten.

And they pay extra
just to steal it from the Germans.

With that money
we can buy weapons, ammunition.

You know more than you say.

The party is eager
to resume the armed struggle.

If it's proven
that Franco can be defeated,

the Allies will intervene.

FALL 1944


Rematch tomorrow.

Of course.

-Have you won again, Don Rafael?
-Unintentionally, as always.



And after this marvelous performance,
we move on to the news.

The last Spanish Red
has crossed the French border.

The Arán Valley

is completely free of maquis.

Lieutenant General Moscardó
confirmed the fact with journalists today.

The highest authority
of the Fourth Military Region

described the invasion attempt
as useless and bloody…


Mr. Cuesta, I'm calling to say goodbye.

I won't be able to hire your services
for some time.

I hope it's not due
to a personal misfortune.

No, don't worry.

The setbacks suffered by my company
are forcing me to cease my activities.

-I heard.
-There won't be more pickups for now.

But rest assured. This in no way
detracts from your service to us.

I understand. However,
I hope to hear from you again soon.

You will. Don't worry.

It has been a pleasure working with you.


See you soon then.

Good luck.

The same to you, Rafael.

Should we run away?

We have nothing to do with the invasion.

But they'll make those
they haven't killed talk.

I feel like we're losing the war
all over again.

Like we're back to square one.


Esteban's coming back.

He thought he could do business
with the Allies,

but he's drawn
too much attention to himself.

Someone might start asking questions.


A good scolding would do him good.

But I won't see that happen.

It was nice to meet you.


I dreamt in its shadow

Many a sweet dream

Now I am many an hour

Away from this scene

And I hear this murmur constantly

You would find

Peace there

You would find



The linden tree.

The linden tree represents home.





I need volunteers for a mission.

You. You, you, you. You.


You too.


You. And you.

At your command, my Hauptsturmführer.


I am from the Wehrmacht,
not the SS, Hauptsturmführer.

Like him.

And he is not even German.

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom and the power
and the glory, forever, amen.

At the well in front of the gate

There is a linden tree

How does it continue?


You, you, you, you…

And you too.

Firing squad, attention!

Firing squad, charge your weapons!




You! Take his place!

Let's go!

Charge your weapons!



Why are we meeting this late in the day?
I could've gone to the embassy tomorrow.

No, no. The fewer people who know
about this meeting, the better.

The war is lost.

The Reich's hours are numbered.

Do those in Berlin
know you think like this?

Resources to secure the future
were put in safe harbors a long time ago.


it's time to protect those
who will make it possible.

The Führer?

He has ordered to resist at all costs.

To the last drop of blood.

I doubt he'll agree to flee.

People say he's very sick.

There will be casualties, of course.

Others will be taken as prisoners,
and the Allies will take revenge on them.

But many more can still be saved.

How can I help?

There is no better place in Europe
than Spain

to organize such an operation.

And your contacts,

your relationship with the authorities,
can make things easier for us.

-You want to bring them here.
-They will feel safe with Franco.

If he's not forgotten
the favors he owes us.

He has them in mind, Bam.

Clara, nobody likes to be
on the losing side.

Let's hope they let us do our job.

I'll take care of it.
I know which doors to knock on.

APRIL 1945

There they are! Hurry! Let's go!

Let's go! Don't let them…

We have to defend ourselves!

Come on, behind the barrows!



Go! Take cover! Go!

I can't believe it.

Germany's so big
and so many people have died.

How did you survive? Don't tell me.

By cheating.

That fucking coward threw them at us.

Come on, move!

This is our end.

To end up with you here in this mousetrap…

Fuck! It's like a curse.

They fled here.

You've been finished off.

You know I'm here because of you?

They released me from prison
to win the fight.

And since you cheated,
they put me back in jail.

They let me out in exchange
for volunteering to come here.

Funny, isn't it?

I'm sorry.

I wish you had won.

They made me do it.

Yes! I cheated.

-What do you want?

To die with a clear conscience?

You think you're going to cheat God?

You should be more worried
about the civilians you killed in Estonia.

"Kleiber's Spaniard."

Don't you know you're famous?

Famous, a coward and a murderer.

That's what you are, redneck!

You'd better shoot yourself!

Because the Russians…

The Russians won't buy any of your lies.

Come here. Here! I hear voices!

Get out, you bastards!

Take hostages!


They are here!

Get on there!

Come on!

Stop right there!


Welcome to Madrid, Mr. Louzán.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

-I need your help with something.
-What do you need?

I have to send a telegram.

Could you tell me where I can send it?

Thank you.

Is this how you welcome me,
silly Spaniard?

After all these years…


You're my contact?

I sure am.

What have you been doing all this time?


Azcárate got me a job in Geneva…

where I vegetated until he recruited me
to meet Negrín in London.

And they offered you this?

Not exactly this.

I wound up like a dog with two sandwiches.

What dog? What…

It means I wanted you to come,
but at the same time, I didn't.

-I wanted to see you, but…

This mission…

This mission will put you in danger.

It's worth it.

Especially now that you're here.

Don't you miss the war?

The mountains are the only thing I miss
because I don't have time for anything.

I'm bored at the ministry.
I'm even getting fat.

I can't do anything about that.

But I'll get rid of your boredom.

You know I'm helping comrades in distress.

I'm going to welcome a renowned guest.

He requires special treatment.

We've already set the itinerary
for his transfer,

but it would be advisable to reinforce
the escort with trustworthy civilians.

Too many uniforms would attract attention,
which we don't want.

You need brave comrades
ready to intervene without mercy.

If the Allies stop my guest
on Spanish soil,

all hell will break loose.

Yeah, I can imagine.

Are you going to tell me who it is?

Clarita Stauffer.

Nazi, Falangist,

half German, half Spanish.

This woman managed to be essential
in a man's world.

Can you see her running an escape network
for war criminals?


Good to see you, Bam.

I can't imagine
what you must have gone through.

Let me introduce you to Clara Stauffer,

your host here in Spain.

-Pleased to meet you, Frau Stauffer.

We are at your disposal
for all your needs.

Right now I need a cold shower

and to dress like a man again.

Let's go home.

You're in the best of hands.

We'll talk when you're rested.

The network is real. It's not a fantasy.

I will not let Franco turn Spain
into a Nazi sanctuary.

What about the rumors

that the Allies
protected people they needed?

You said it. Nothing but rumors.

The fugitives that Stauffer wants to save
are war criminals,

accomplices, responsible for thousands
of murders of innocent people.

My country has organizations
that want to stop these escapes.

Jews in the extermination camps
are a different matter.

-Nobody cares about the Republic anymore.
-Are you willing to put your life at risk?

Neither the UN declaration
nor the blockade will topple Franco.

We need the Allies to intervene.

If we prove that the network exists
and that Franco supports it,

they'll have no choice.

We can't miss this opportunity.

In Clara Stauffer's house,

there's a constant flow of foreigners
passing through.

Many of them escape to Argentina
with Spanish passports,

thanks to the complicity
of the authorities.

Have you heard of Otto Skorzeny?

They call him
"The most dangerous man in Europe."

An escape specialist.

He rescued Mussolini in a suicide mission.
Nothing can stop him.

There are rumors he could be
heading for Madrid temporarily.

Or perhaps to settle in Spain.

If Skorzeny joins the network,

it would take a giant step forward.

Starting today,
Otto Skorzeny will be Rolf Steinbauer.


How will I infiltrate the network?

You're going to impersonate
someone who needs help.

A war criminal.

What excuse will I use to get to Stauffer?

First, we're going to find an identity
that suits you.


We're not going to rush it.

I don't want you to end up
with a fucking bullet in your head.

Crazy gringa.


I think you love me.

A lot, I think.

-May I?

You owe me a rematch.

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick