Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 4 - Ruptura - full transcript

Joy quickly gives way to sorrow as the end of the Spanish Civil War looms. With help from friends, Guillermo adjusts to a harsh new reality in Madrid.

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Don't scream.

Get it out. It's killing me!

Don't scream.
Do you want them to kill us? Push!

Do you know what you're doing?
You should've brought another doctor.

Why? I did this at university. Push.

Yes, but it wasn't your baby!


Push! It's almost out.


You son of a bitch!

Don't scream.

-Is that it?
-That's it.

That's it.


What is it?

A boy. A beautiful baby boy.


Experta, bring him to me.

Give him to me.

Oh, sweetheart.

My little baby.

Hello, darling.



Just look at him.

He's absolutely perfect.

Of course, what'd you expect?
His father did all he could for you both.

Experta, don't belittle me.
I did my bit too.

How are you?

I feel like I've been beaten up
in a checa.

You're so obsessed, Amparo.

It's hard to believe in times like these.

-Another Guillermo.
-Like his father.

Like his grandfather.

Like his great-grandfather, look.

You need to get some rest.

Both of you.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

I'll be right back.

Don't cry, it's all right.

It's all right.

Take it easy.

Let me take a look. Hold on.

I'll get everything ready.

Ramón, right?

Ramón, listen to me.
I have to amputate your leg,

or you'll die.

Do you understand?


Do what you have to do.

You won't be under anesthesia.
We've run out of morphine.

It will hurt, a lot, but you'll pass out.
You won't be aware of anything, I promise.


Yeah? Good, lie down.

Lie down. Great.

María José, let's go.


Doctor, someone's waiting for you.

Are you here for me?

Guillermo Medina?

Guillermo García Medina.

Exactly. Mr. Manolo wants to see you.

Come on, he's in a hurry.

He's over there!

Get in.

We don't have much time.

It's great to see you.

You look so well,
you look like a different person.

You didn't see me at my best.

But now, things are much worse.
That's why I'm here.

Inside there's an ID card
for Rafael Cuesta Sánchez.



It's for you.

I filled it in with your age
and everything.

You will be Rafael Cuesta Sánchez,
an orphan.

The church where you were baptized
was burnt to the ground.

No one will be able to verify
your new identity,

like mine when I came.

Don't worry,
it's exactly like the real ones.

They'll soon be changed.

What should I do with this?

Survive, Guillermo.

The war is lost.

Negrín is convinced
that war in Europe is inevitable.

When war breaks out,
he thinks democracies will be on our side.

They haven't been.

The Republic will be on their side,
the Nationalists on the other.

What do you think?

There will be a war, for sure.

Unfortunately, I doubt
we'll hold out until then.

I'm sure of one thing.
If Franco wins, there'll be reprisals.

What kind of reprisals?

Don't you know what's been happening
since 1936 in "liberated Spain"?

-Isn't that propaganda?
-I wish it was.

Even right-wing Republicans
fear for their lives.

I've done nothing wrong.

Guillermo, the press call you
"The Spanish Norman Bethune."

Responsible for resuscitating
many Red combatants.

Your photo was on the front page.

That's enough to kick you out
of the profession.

-Enough? Medicine is my life.
-Disappear, Guillermo.

Don't trust anyone.

-Your refugee--
-My wife.

We have a son.

It was a boy then?

You knew?


I hope I'm wrong and nothing happens.

I hope you're both happy, honestly.

But just think, with what I've brought,
you could start a new life.

Inside there's foreign currency.
Not much, but its value is secure.

People will fight to get hold of some.

Why are you doing this?

I owe you.

We'll take you back to the hospital.

I have to ask for a favor.

I'm sure you can do it.

I'm all ears.

My darling.

My little sweetie.

My little baby, you're so cute.

You can't go in there!

I'm not leaving!

You want me to force you out?

Let go! I have a message to deliver!

Ask him!

What's going on? Let go.

What are you doing? What's going on?

From Mr. Manolo.

You fascist bastard!

You little motherfucker!


There we go.

It's all right.

It's all right.

-This will ease the pain.
-My God…

You'll be better soon.

Something wrong?


I've had a rotten day.

I missed you both so much.

It's time for another feeding.

I'll get him.

Come here.

Come here with Mom, darling.

Chubby boy. Come here.

He's taken well to breastfeeding.

Thank goodness.

My nipples don't hurt anymore.

Experta was such a pain.

"Some women really suffer.
You'll see, you're such a whiner."

But I've been lucky with that too.

Someone has an appetite!

Say "bye." Bye.

No, you can't eat it.

What if mom eats it?


Not this.

-We look like a painting, right?
-Like the best in the Prado.

I hope I'm wrong and nothing happens.
I hope you're both happy, honestly.

But just think, with what I've brought,
you could start a new life.

Disappear, Guillermo.

Don't trust anyone.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'm going to change his diaper.

-No, I'll do it.
-Go to bed, I'll do it.

If I say I'll do it, I'll do it.

Give him to me.

Come with Mom, darling.

What's wrong, sweetie?

That's it.

MARCH 28, 1939

-It's bread.
-Give me some, please!




Bread is better than bombs.

We have to talk.

In your office?

I don't have an office anymore.

What's going on?

The National Army will take over
the hospital this morning.

Doctor Arrieta will substitute me.


Teodoro's father is with them?

He was kind enough to call me at home
this morning to tell me.

Arrieta on the other…


He's not the only one to betray us.

But you get along, you studied together.

Make no mistake. He didn't call me
out of deference, as pals,

but so I'll back down amicably.

And if you don't?

You don't know how much
I hate to say this.

Take your coat off and go.

The purge will start when they get here.
Go, dammit!

It's an order.


Don't give this guy castor oil.
He's already shit himself.

Fucking fascists!

Get your hands off me!


-Long live Spain!
-Long live Spain!

Long live Franco!

Long live Spain!

Death to the Reds!

Second floor on the left.
I want this guy alive. Go inside.

Let's go. Someone cover the elevator.

Hey, going on your honeymoon?

Stop it!

He hasn't done anything! Stop it, please!

Don't kick him anymore, please.

Stop hitting him, he didn't do anything!
You'll kill him!

Don't hit him!
You'll kill him! Please, stop!

You Red bitch!

-Shut up or I'll shut you up.

What happened?

Both of you to the truck.


What are you doing here?

I didn't know where to go.

Don't stand there, man.

-It's all I have.
-This wasn't necessary, Experta.

Don't worry about your things.
I'll get them--

Thank you so much.


What Amparo has done to you is awful.


But you're so young.

And she…

We are who we are.

But she's always been like that, remember?

Whereas you, Guillermo,

you're a good man.

You're so good, you're a fool.
Has no one ever told you?

My name isn't Guillermo anymore.

I'm Rafael Cuesta now.

Where will you live?

I don't know.

A lady I know runs a guesthouse.

It's packed full.

For every person that left Madrid,
four have come from the villages.

If you go on my behalf, she'll make room.
I'll give you directions.

Thank you very much.

Lay low, I beg of you.

I have no regrets, Experta.

Come this way, please.

The guesthouse is full.

Well, I have one room left.

It's rather small,

but it's big enough for one person.

No luggage?


Well, all the better.

You can't imagine
what the hicks have brought with them.

Hens, rabbits, even a goat.

Everything they own, just like me.

Well, I'm sorry,
but this is a guesthouse, not a farmyard.

Dinner is at 9:00.


Adrián Gallardo!

At ease, dammit. We're civilians.

Take a seat, young man.
I'll get you a drink.

Look at me, winning a war for this…

I had no idea.

I fell ill and the doctors
couldn't figure it out. My spine, fever…

Anyway, how did you find me?

I asked at the ministry.

I don't know what you want, but…

I've come for your advice.

I want to be a boxer.

A professional boxer.

That's why I came to Madrid.

I'm sure you must know
someone who can train me.

Have you thought it over?

I'm strong and have a good punch,

I remember, Gallardo.

But you have no fucking technique.

I can learn that with practice.

And I'm willing to train hard.

There's a legionnaire,
I don't know his name.

People call him Pirulo.


That's him.

You'll find him on Barbieri Street.
You know where it is?

I'll show you.

Bring the fountain pen
and a piece of paper.

I'll write you a letter of introduction.

All right, Marcelino, stop.
You, come over here.

You're like an ox, kid. You hear?

You don't have feet, you have hooves.
I've seen elephants more agile than you.

Didn't the captain ever tell you?

No, sir. Not like that.

You want to be a professional boxer?

You must be joking, buddy!

Go home! Get out of here!


Sir, I swear I'll follow all your advice.

I'll train until I drop, I promise.

-Trust me, sir!
-Quit calling me "sir." Cut the crap.

You might be strong, but that isn't enough
to be a boxer, you got it?

Please. I'll do whatever it takes!

I'll give you three months.
Because you have a recommendation.

If you're still useless
after three months, you can fuck off.

Now fight. Get in the ring. Move it.

Quick. Marcelino!

Up and down. Get him. Come on!

Let's go!


La Meridiana Transport Company.

"Reopening soon following the victory
of our glorious National Army."

"Hiring agents for domestic and
international transportation departments."

"Must speak foreign languages."



Right, who speaks a foreign language?

And two?

Come this way.

Rafael Cuesta Sánchez.

Talk to me in the languages you know.

What's that?

-I gathered that.

Poem by Paul Verlaine.

What else do you know?

-Another poem.


I can write business letters
in both languages.

Rafael Cuesta Sánchez.

From Talavera.

You're not a Red, are you?

Take no offense, but you speak so well,

and the Reds were the only ones
who took an interest in languages…

No, my father worked for Hispano-Suiza
and insisted we learn--

You don't need to tell me your life story.

We need staff with languages
like the air we breathe.

The job is yours.

Thank you.

You can start right away if you like,
to get a feel for the paperwork.

On one condition,

you'll only get half pay for today.

-What do you say?


Yes, Don Gabino.

Mr. Rafael Cuesta.

He'll be working with us as of today.
Show him his workstation.

Come with me, please.


Arms up, dammit!

Arms up!

Marcelino, punch his face
so he doesn't cover it.

Hard, come on, no mercy.
Come on, let's do it.

Come on!

I want movement! That's it, come on!

Marcelino, stop.

Go and box with Jacinto.

Stop. Dry your sweat.

How's it going? Good?

How long have you been coming here?

Don't answer, it doesn't matter.

Strength is your forte, you know that.

You have no technique and never will.
So what do you have to do?

Pay attention, look at me.

When you get in the ring
and see your opponent,

punch the hell out of him.

Without thinking, you got that?

-Whatever you say.
-Why am I telling you this?

There's a guy out there
looking for someone to take on.

If you want, I can organize a match.

Only if you want.

This guy is hoping to become
the provincial heavyweight champion.

You know what I mean?

I'm after more than that.


Do you think you're capable
of getting into a ring and fighting him?

Are you capable of fighting?

Not winning, that's impossible for you.
What do you think?

Count me in.

But on one condition.

That they present me as the Treviño Tiger.

You're not very original, kid.

Whatever. Start on the punching bag
and quit yapping.

I'll hold it for you.
Put your back into it. Come on.

Come on.
That's how little girls punch. Come on!

As soon as he lowers his left,
throw a hell of a punch.

Got that? Right, come on. Let's do it.

Come on!

Come on. Crush him, okay?

Crush him!

Come on, Tiger.

One, two,


four, five.






The winner is…

the Treviño Tiger!

Come on! Come here!

Come here!

Come here, Tiger!

Call an ambulance, you bastards!

Look at him!

Hey, you. Come over here.


-Thank you, Julián.
-You're welcome.

Eat what you want. You earned it, Tiger.

Come on, chin up!


Take three days off, okay?

But don't go overboard.

Fuck as much as you like,
but no smoking or drinking.

You got that?

Can you tell me
what the hell is wrong with you, boy?

-This guy.

He's worse than Navarro.

Was he worse or not?


As a boxer, yes.
What do you want me to say?

But as a person,

I've never met anyone
who's more of an ass than him,

except a Moroccan… maybe.

He's such a bastard,
they don't even want him in prison.

That's why they let him out.

-He was in prison?
-Of course he was.

He got into politics to prosper
and all that,

but he was a dick
and ended up in the clink.

Does he still box?

No idea.

Now you mention it,

did you really down him in Bilbao?

Ask whoever you want,
the place was packed.

Hell, I know that!

I mean, how did you beat him?

Was it a clean blow
or was there some kind--

I said I downed him!

That's great.

You know what?

I'm going to take a piss.

Come on, chin up.

Come on, dodge him. That's it.

Dodge him. Use your knees, come on.

Dodge him.

What the hell are you doing?
Don't hit him!

Come on, let's go. Dodge.

Come on, Tiger.

Dodge. Come on. Nice.

Make it pretty, come on.

Come on, bend your knees,
or you'll bust them.

That's it. Dodge. Come on.

I want to go home to see my girlfriend.
I don't want to watch two monsters.

Make it pretty, entertain me. Come on.

I like what I see, Tiger.

I really like what I see.

When you first arrived,
all you had was strength.

Now you have some technique.

Just enough to avoid
getting killed in the ring.

I owe it to you.

Don't be an idiot. Listen…

Do you want to succeed?

You know I do.

Then I want to see you work really hard.

I don't want to have to go to the cemetery

to take you flowers
after the championship.

What championship?

The Spanish Championship, dammit!

Against who?

-The champion?

Of course, dammit. Who else? Oñate.

-Is he better than Navarro?
-It's always the same old story with you!

-Is he better or worse?
-Stop going on about Navarro!

What you have to do is focus, got it?

Do you get it or not?

Just finish the fight on your feet.

That's victory.

And if you can deliver a right punch
and down him, all the better.

Forget all that bullshit.

What's up? Are you shit scared?

I'm not scared of anyone.

Well, you should be,

because fear is what makes a champion,

not bravery.

Look me in the eye!
Should I organize the match or not?

Is that a yes?

Good, for fuck's sake. Cheer up.
Wipe that look off your face.

Come on. You can handle anything.



Just a second.

Don't blush, Mr. Cuesta.

I've seen it all at my age. I'm old.

Loneliness is a bad thing.
Tell me about it.

And you're so young.
Such a fine young man.


Dinner's in ten minutes.

Thank you.


Concentrate, Tiger.

Come on.

-Did he come?


Forget Navarro. Concentrate.

He's probably in Seville
pimping some slut.

Come on, concentrate.

Come on. Get up there.

Come on.

Welcome to this unique boxing night

where Spain's heavyweight champion,
Agustín Oñate,

will defend the title
against Adrián Gallardo,

the Treviño Tiger!


Against the ropes, dammit!

Go against the ropes!

Raise your fist. Upwards!

You're a phony.

What the hell do you have fists for?


Fucking coward!

That's what you are, a coward.

Get a fist in there!




Now what?

You cheat.

Now what, you cheat?





If I say you can win, you can win.

Or I wouldn't have organized the match.

What were you thinking about, kid?
What was on your mind?

If you don't focus,
you won't ever win, goddammit.

-I'm sorry.
-"I'm sorry."

He beat the hell out of you.
It makes my blood boil.

What happened?
Did you see Oñate and shit yourself?

Did you get scared?
All boxers get scared, dammit!

You tell me and I'll say,
"Do this or that."

Whatever. Fuck.

You don't understand.

Tell me then, for fuck's sake!


Where are you going?

You have to train.

Settle down and stop all this nonsense!

Pour me another!

The last one then home, champ.

Champ, my ass.

That's not enough for this.

Pour me something else.

Do you recognize him?


Our friend Navarro.

Look, he finally did something right.

-Did you know he went to prison?

And I don't care.

I'm also in prison, so…

We must fight communism.
Where better than in Russia?

For fuck's sake!

If only I could.

I'm going too, sir.

That's good, kid.

Go for me.

But come back in one piece, son.

Just come back in one piece.

JULY 1941


So recent is the memory of the torture
suffered at the hands of communism.

How wouldn't our blood boil
with Führer's attack

against the Bolshevik beast?

Who would doubt
that we would unite our courage

with the courage of the brave
who fight in his den?

You are setting off,
armed with bitterness,

on the most sacred mission:

that of revenge!

Russia is to blame!

Death to Russia!

Death to Russia! Down with communism!

You are being called
to write a page in history

in letters of gold and blood.

Know that you have the full support
and admiration of the Falange,

and of the Female Section in particular.

With the same joy
with which we see you off today,

we will greet you
on your triumphant return.

Can you serve?

I'll do the collecting tin.


Thank you.

Thank you, soldier.

Amparito, I'm so glad
you were able to come.

I wouldn't have missed it.

You wouldn't believe
the excuses some make.

How's your little boy?

He's doing fine.
I've left him with a neighbor.

You see? I told you,
you're doing a fine job.

How old is he now?

Almost three.

He must have grown so much.

Yes, and he's so handsome.

What else could his mother say?

How are you getting by?

Thanks to you, very well.

Very well. You've helped us a lot.

Between comrades…
you'd suffered enough already.

I'm glad you're here.
I wanted to ask you something.

What will you do with your apartment?

Well, I don't know.
I can't bring myself to go back.

Too many memories.

And not all good ones.

Not all good ones.

If you decide to sell it, let me know.
I can find you a good buyer.

I will.

But tell me before anyone else.

Don't worry.

Like I said…

If you need anything, let me know.

And now, time to see off the troops.

All right.

Long live Spain, comrades!

Long live!

Soldier, keep the Sacred Heart of Jesus
close to your chest.

He will protect you.

Soldier, look after yourself.

Come with me, sweetie.
The nights are cold over there.

Comrade, take this.

The Scared Heart.

I always have it on me.

Give it to someone else.

God bless you.

Good night, Ofelia.

Good night, Don Rafael. Sleep well.

-See you tomorrow.
-See you.

Let's see…

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick