Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 3 - Adrián - full transcript

Nationalist soldier Adrián Gallardo reluctantly agrees to fight in a boxing match. Romero continues to pursue Manuel. Amparo shares news.

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It's healing quite well.

It's better than I thought.

You'll be able to leave soon then.

Isn't that what we all want?
For him to get well.

-Who could it be?
-I don't know.

Wait, Guillermo.

I'm not going to stand up for him.



Good evening.

-I'm sorry to show up like this, but…
-What's wrong?

A captain came asking about the man
who was shot outside the barracks.

-Did he say who he was?
-He said his name was Romero.

Do you know him?

Military Intelligence Service.

There's something fishy about him.


He's too prim, and he isn't up-front.

He's not to be trusted. Be careful.

-He could be dangerous.
-What did you say?

The inspector insisted no one could know.

I told him you were badly wounded
and taken to the hospital.

He's probably there now.

I sent him to the Palace, not yours.

Well done.

No one can know I'm here.

Romero won't give in.

Sooner or later
he'll be asking questions at San Carlos.

This guy Romero, is he behind all this?

He might be investigating the attack,

or he might want to finish the job,
I don't know.

Guillermo, call Inspector Rodríguez
to organize a meeting.

Let him organize it.

Make sure Amparo doesn't find out.

Write it down.

Basilio Rodriguez.
Ministry of Public Order.

I need him to bring you something.

Write the number down.

How is Rafael?

He's recovering,
but he can't get out of bed yet.

Where is he?

He told me not to tell you.

Why should I trust you?

Of course.

I'm Dr. Guillermo García Medina.

I'm a friend of the sergeant
who notified you.

And why do you trust me?

I trust Rafael, and Rafael trusts you.

Someone you both know is looking for him.

-Captain Romero.

I swapped Rafael's ID
for a guy's who had just died.

Good, but you've only gained time.

-Romero will turn up asking questions.
-That's what we're afraid of.

I need to change the death certificate
to match the attack.

Do it as soon as you can
and leave the paperwork to me.

What's the dead man's name?

Felipe Ballesteros Sánchez.


He'll be listed as buried in a mass grave,
in case anyone claims his body.

What your patient asked for.
The book is inside.


Let me know if Rafael needs anything else.

He asked me to ask you
if the files were of any use.

They were destroyed
when they went for him.

I don't know if it was them
or their accomplices.

Be very careful with Romero.

I'm convinced he's with the fifth column.

Give my regards to Rafael.

He'll ask for Rafael Cuesta.

-But we talk about Ballesteros.

-But it has to match the paperwork.
-I'll see to that.

-You focus on your patient.
-Sorry to get you mixed up in this.

How often do I have to tell you
I trust you for you to believe me?

There have always been soldiers
who couldn't stand us.

Now they think Franco
has brought us into line

and some of them blab.

No one can talk
about our comrades like that!

They say the army
is shooting it out against the Reds

while we execute unarmed civilians.

Someone has to restore order
in the rearguard.

That goes without saying.
How else would they advance?

But we aren't slaughterers,
and by no means are we cowards!

The fact is, it might be a good idea
to calm people down

and keep them quiet.

We need to do something
to bring the sides together.

Something that will invoke our values,
the same that inspire General Franco,

but that will also remind them
of our place in the new Spain.

What are you thinking?

A match.

A boxing match.

So everyone can see how one of our guys
beats one of theirs.

What if he loses?

That's out of the question.

We have no choice
but to find the right boxer.

He must be a comrade who embodies
the virility of the "new man," our race…

An upstanding Spaniard.

Have you thought of one?

I'm not sure you'll like him.

He's certainly virile.

And a good boxer.

But he's also a black sheep.

You came to get me out of here?

That depends on you, Navarro.

You made me testify
against Fernando Villa in Salamanca.

Look where I am now.

Rome doesn't pay traitors.
Didn't you know that?

I was never like him.

What can I say?

When the sinners are few but important,
it is good if a few innocent people pay.

You bastard.


But I pray for you.

This is no place
for such a lively, cheerful…

and fine-looking gentleman.


I'll do anything to get out of here.

If I remember right,

you're only good at two things,

women and boxing.

Am I right?


So, the second thing

can get you the first one back.

If you excel, of course.

Thank you.

I'm looking for a wounded man,
Rafael Cuesta.

-Wounded on the front?

Admitted on November 19th.

Gunshot wounds.

There's a Cuesta, but it's a woman.
Manuela Cuesta. Two days before.

No, the 19th. Take another look.

There's no one else.

For God's sake! He has to be somewhere!

May I help you, Captain?

Ballesteros Sánchez, Felipe.

He was brought from the Pardo barracks
the evening of the 19th.

He had three bullet wounds.

He died in surgery.

Did you say Ballesteros?

Who operated on him?

I did.

Describe him.

Early twenties, strong,

in good shape.

A real shame.


I assume the body
is no longer here, of course.

We barely have room for the living.

Always at your service, Captain.

Did he swallow it?

It's more like he choked on it.


Don't worry.

You won't need it.

Move it!

Gallardo, stop that.

Yes, sir!

At ease.

Have you thought about what I said?

About boxing, dammit!

No, sir.

Maybe when the war is over.

Look, Gallardo,

you throw a pretty good punch,
and I need someone now.

And now means now.

How about you forget about executions,
being on call, everything?

What would I do then?

Nothing but train until boxing match day.

What boxing match?

One that's been organized
against a Falange dandy.

It'll be a piece of cake for you.

Forget about bad food,
you'll be eating rib steaks.

More waist! Move those legs!

Dammit, Gallardo,
the boxing match is in no time!

All right, stop. Come here.

Put your fists up and defend yourself.

Come on.

I'm crushing you.
Bring out your killer instinct!

I don't have one.

Find it, dammit!

Find it!

You've got good fists and strength!

You'll destroy that wuss, you hear?

Because you can and because you have to.

Look, Adrián,

we can't let our colleagues down,

let alone against a swine
like Alfonso Navarro.

A rich kid who's never lifted a finger,

those in nicely ironed blue shirts
and shiny belts

who shit themselves on the front,

while others like you and I

risk our necks against the Reds.

A piece of shit, dammit!


Come on. Okay, hit him hard.

So, this is our champion?

-Long live Spain!
-Long live!

-Alfonso Navarro. Miss--
-Miss Stauffer.

We were introduced some time ago,

at Fani Corberó's house, Navacerrada.

I don't remember.

That was a long time ago. Do you also ski?

I'm the same as you.

I like everything
in which I can compete… and win.

For now, make sure you win
this boxing match.

Of course.

But you'll have to help me.

What can I do?

Be my sponsor.

Anything for victory.

-Long live Spain!
-Long live.

You'd better crush him.


Well, this guy has no chance.



Carry on with what you're doing.

So, how's it going?

As you can see,
training from dawn to dusk.

I didn't ask that.

The Army's prestige
is in your hands, Ochoa.

Don't let me down.

I won't, sir.

Get this into that lad's head.

We want nothing but victory.

Yes, sir.

Well done, champ.

The general is pleased.

That's it, punch it hard!
You'll flatten that bastard!





Don't stop. Wait.

Don't stop.

Get on top.


What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Ever since he's been here…

You can't say
we weren't better off on our own.

That again?


because it's true.

And although you deny it,
it happens to you too.

No, it doesn't. Come here.

Leave me alone.

Get off.

Leave me alone.

Don't get mad.

Don't get mad. Come here.

Well, never mind.

The whole family is here now.

-Are you fit enough to get up?

-Come here.
-I feel up to it today.

I'll pour you a weak brew then.

Thank you.

Just think, three people eating
on one person's ration card.

We'll be lucky
if we don't starve to death.

-You could have brought yours.
-We wouldn't be able to use it.

Felipe isn't here.
Like you, you're not here either.

I'm off to the hospital.
Sure you'll be all right?

He's told you already.

Can you lend me a razor? I need to shave.

You can't go out.

I just want to stand on my own two feet.

You go.

I'll see to this. Go on.

Right then.


now that you're better,

can you tell me who you are?

Are you with the fifth column?

What about you?


I'm a refugee.

-A refugee?

What I hear from my room
sounds a bit more… intimate.

A bomb could drop on us tomorrow.

Why resist the urge?

And we were getting along fine…

Until I got in the way, right?

If you say so.

Don't worry, I'll be leaving soon.

You'll forget I was ever here.

I have to go.

Don't worry.

I won't turn you in.

Are you sure you can stay
on your own a while?

All I need is a bit of soap and a razor.

You could do with a haircut too.

I cut my grandad's. If you'd like…

I don't know if I dare.

You're such an idiot, man.

Are you leaving?

I have an inspection in Chamberí.
You need something?

I've moved heaven and earth,
and there's no trace of Cuesta.

We don't know anything here either.

I wonder who benefits
from his disappearance.

Who benefits
from Andrés Nin's disappearance?

Come on, Romero, it's all in a day's work.

In Madrid it isn't.

This doesn't happen here.

It happens less, but it happens.

Maybe the problem is
it happens to others now.

Why does it worry you so much?

Who was he?

I know as much as you do.

A chump from Valencia who came here
eager to shake the tree.

So eager, it fell on top of him.

At the San Carlos,
a guy died the same night.

-Everything coincides except the name.
-So many die.

Not Cuesta.

I'm convinced he's still alive.

Well, fuck him.

I won't settle for that.

It's your duty to find out
what happened to him.

You know what?

The other day, it crossed my mind
that the guy was from the fifth column.

That he'd come here
to make trouble and sow division,

and then he disappeared

so we'd blame one another,

like with Nin.

Don't be a fool.

Who's to say he hasn't swapped sides?

He wouldn't be the first.

Perhaps when all this is over,

he'll be civil governor.

You find this funny?

You haven't heard the last of this.


Are you all right?


-Is something wrong?

It's just…

In the doorway,

in the street, I saw a dead man.

Did you know him?


But it shocked me.

I'm so silly.

I can't help it.

I'm going to get cleaned up.


Long live Spain!

Long live!

You were going to fight
with the Sacred Heart between your balls?

I always have it on me.

It protects me.

Are you scared?

Don't be. You're going to win.

I'll do my best, sir.

I promise.


You'll do what I tell you.

On my left,

representing the glorious National Army,

Adrián Gallardo, the Treviño Tiger!

And on my right,

representing the Spanish Traditionalist
Falange and the JONS.

Alfonso Navarro!

You won't last two rounds, hick.

Are you sure he'll beat him?
He looks strong.

Don't forget, the National Army's honor
depends on these fists.


It hasn't hurt all day, not one bit.

I'm glad, but don't exaggerate.

A quick game?

Close the door first.

Amparo went out today just after you left.

She was away for about two hours.

I don't know where she went.

Maybe she's right after all
and it turns out you're a spy.

She came home crying.

She said she'd seen a dead body
lying in the street.

That's no surprise.

You should talk to her.

She didn't tell me.
I guess she'd rather forget it.

I doubt she'll forget that easily.

She asked if I'm from the fifth column.

I would have thought
the same of her, but no.

Amparo is just a fascist.

But she's no fool.

She's harmless for now.

She has more to lose if she reports you.

Because what you two have…
isn't love, right?

Are we having dinner or not?

It's Pepe. He always does that.
You should know by now.

Where are you going, hick?


Back to your corners.

Listen, Gallardo…


He's crushing you because you let him.
You're not attacking.

You have to go for him like a wild beast.

Kill him! Bring out your killer instinct!

It's up to you.

You either fight or you take him down
like I told you, okay? Let's go.

Let's go.

Come on.



It isn't very tasty,

but it's all we can do with what we have.

I'm not hungry.

You must be the only one.

Maybe you're sick,

and that's why you look so sad.

Although if you'd come to see the doctor,
you would have said so.


don't hassle him.

I've come to say goodbye.

I've been posted to Teruel and…

You know what things are like there.

Amparo, see if there's anything left
to make him a parcel for his journey.

-Thank you.
-No worries.

I'm the only one from my battalion.
It must be because of you and the captain.

I'm sorry. You ruffled his feathers
for covering for me.

I'd do it again.

You must be important. If I were you,
I'd leave as soon as possible.

Should I give him
a bottle of your grandfather's brandy?

Of course!

You saved my life. I'll never forget that.

I wouldn't have been able to
if he hadn't saved my life before that.

Look after yourself.

Say no more, it brings bad luck.

Take care!

Thank you.

You're welcome.

-Keep your chin up.

It's over.

When you get out there,
take him down, you hear?

You hear, dammit?

He's thrashed you enough. Do as I say.

It's an order, dammit.
And you'd better carry it out.













The champion, Adrián Gallardo!


What a coinc--

In my balls!

That son of a bitch hick
punched me in the balls.

I didn't bring you any luck.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

There's an explanation.

We're at war
and one doesn't explain defeats.

They're forgotten so they don't
tarnish victory, which is all that counts.

It was rigged.

You saw it yourself.

I almost had him.


Velasco, I did my part.

Find another way
to free yourself of your sins.


Champions don't cry.

What about cowards?

The ones that are scared and cheat?
Can they cry?

They can, right?

-Do you hear them?

Listen, dammit!

All that euphoria is because of you.

Everyone wanted you to win.
Your colleagues, the judges, the referee.

You gave that shithead what he deserved!
You did it for all of us.

You're our champion!

We're all proud of you.

Your grandfather will be too
when he finds out!

The whole nation!

You did nothing wrong, Adrián,
you hear? Nothing.

Come on.

Get cleaned up, okay?

The general wants to see you.


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
J - U - N - E - A

Should we finish that game?

You have to do me a favor.

It's the last I'll ask of you.

Are you leaving?

Pepe is right. They'll end up finding me.

That would be the end of you

and her.

I'm your doctor.
I haven't discharged you yet.

Before I leave,
I want you to know who I am

and what I came here to do.

In case we don't make it.

Rafael Cuesta doesn't exist.

He's never existed.

He was invented for me.

My real name is Manuel Arroyo Benítez.

I was born in a village in León.

My parent's house
would fit inside your living room.

I have seven siblings,

but I haven't heard from them in ages.

And yes.

I'm a kind of spy.

It's about time.

Go to sleep.

Am I in the doghouse?

Should you be?


Why is that?

I thought you'd sleep with your boyfriend.
Did he kick you out of bed?

This breakfast is so miserable,
it only makes you hungrier.

You have to send this telegram.

Make sure you write it word for word.

Everything matters.

This is the most important one.

Don't send it by mail.
Leave it where it says.

When they decode it,
they'll know where to find you.

Someone will go to the hospital
and ask for you.

Lots of people do.

This person will tell you Manolo relapsed.

That's the password.

You're going to have to look after her.

What's the deal?

Should I look after her
or be careful with her?

First one, then the other.

So then?

Will you cut my hair?

If you look at me, I'll get distracted.

If I get distracted,
I might cut something I shouldn't.

I like watching how you do it.

You're good at it.

Like almost everything.

Almost everything?

Because lying isn't one of your strengths.

What would you know?

Well, you're useless

at keeping a secret.

It's written all over your face.

When are you leaving?

You don't miss a thing.

Will I wake up one day

to find out you're gone?

I won't go without saying goodbye.

To Guillermo in particular.

He's fond of you.

And me of him.

And I hope you are too.

We both owe him a lot, right?

Guillermo won't leave you stranded.

If we lose the war,
I hope you don't turn your back on him.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're going to bruise me.

I'm just like you,

I find out about things by accident.



-Come on, lift him up!

Long live the National Army!

Long live!


Here's to the champion!

Come on!

Long live Gallardo!


Romero was found dead.


A textbook execution.


I don't know.

Whoever did it did us a favor.

Guillermo, can you give me a hand?


You still want to leave?


Excuse me. Dr. Garcia, please.

Next door to the right.

Good morning. Manolo relapsed.

I have a car outside.

Let's go.

Thank you, both of you.

Look after yourselves.

Especially you, Amparo.

You too, Felipe.

Or whatever your name is.

Well, then…

We'll see each other again.

When this is over.

Why are you crying?

You couldn't wait for him to leave.


We won't have to split our rations now.
We're alone.



not strictly speaking,

not for long.

I'm pregnant.

An abortion?

But how can you say that?

You can't have the baby.

There's no food, the hospitals are packed,
any complication--

Are you asking me to kill my baby?

-Kill? No.
-You animal!

You're an animal!

I'm just asking you to think of yourself.

I don't care!

I'll do what poor women do.
They can't see the doctor or eat.

And they have kids!

You have no idea.
Only half of them survive!

The mothers and babies die!

We're at war, for fuck's sake!

Darling, don't worry.

I want to be a mother.
I'm healthy and I have a doctor at home.

This child has the good fortune

that the war can only be won
by its father's side,

or its mother's side.

Nothing bad can happen to my child.

That child won't have a father.

You son of a bitch!


It was a gift from my grandparents.

They bought it in San Sebastián.

It was my favorite toy when I was a kid.

I never wanted to get rid of it.

-I'm so sorry for what I said.
-I know.

If things were different…

we could be happy.

We haven't been lucky.

Let's get married.

I'm serious.

You ask me to have an abortion…

and now you ask me to marry you?

You're crazy.

You're pregnant?

In times like these?

There's nothing we can do about it now.
It is what it is.

Congratulate us.


-Can I use the bathroom?
-We don't have one. It's in the courtyard.

I know it's crazy,
but there was no way of persuading her.

If we want this to work out,
she has to eat properly.

We need eggs, milk--

And fish and meat, right?

-Can we get some?

And I know how much it costs.

Don't look so glum.

I'm sure you have valuable items
at your house.

Solid silver.

We'll sell them separately.
I'm sure we'll get more for them.

But only when we've no other option.

Those are the things that sell.

The ones the black marketers'
mistresses like.

Leave it to me.

You'll see,
I'll sell your stuff in no time.

Why didn't you ask
for my grandfather's gold?

If we sell an ingot,
we'll have the police on us.

Besides, that gold is yours.

When the war is over, you decide.

Not hungry?


I feel like doing something else.

Very much.

It's your hormones.

Whatever you say.

Have you seen
how big my boobs have gotten?


You have to eat for two now.

Come on, it'll get cold.

We can heat it up after.

Were you serious?

About what?

About getting married. Were you serious?

Of course.

Sure, you don't joke about those things.

Of course I don't.

So then, it's for the baby.
You're doing it for the baby?

For the baby,

for us,

for everyone.

-I'm so happy for you.


When life triumphs over war,
it gives meaning to what we do.

-You're right.
-Let's toast!

-Of course.

Thank you.

-To the bride and groom!
-To the bride and groom!

-Everyone, to the bride and groom!
-To us!

To the bride and groom!

The amount of chops we could buy

with what we're going to spend
on this wedding…

-The best is yet to come.


Thank you!

A photographer?

If something happens to us,

our child would want to have
a memento of our wedding, right?

Hold still.

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick