Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 1 - Guillermo - full transcript

After doctor Guillermo García Medina does a favor for his neighbor Amparo, an attraction begins to bloom despite their differences.

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We've got to continue on foot
to the trenches.

Quick! We're an easy target here!

-Move! If you stop here, you're dead!
-Get the equipment!

Get the equipment!

For the Republic!

Come on!


-I've been shot!

Here, in the kidneys.

A vial of blood broke.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

Hello. I'm Dr. Guillermo García Medina.

-We've been waiting for you.

Thank you. Teodoro.

Let's go. Thank you.

-This one.
-Are you sure?


O negative, quick.


Take mine.

The band, Teodoro.

Thank you.

What are you laughing at?

You're the first person
I've brought back to life.

Well… I am glad about that.

What's your blood type?

B positive.

What's your name?


Pepe Moya.

And you?

Guillermo García Medina.

I'm indebted to you.

I'll be indebted to you for life.

Rest. Rest up now.


Give me your backpack. Help these people.

Guillermo. The air force.

The bombing could be seen from the front.



At least you did well on the front line.

What I learned from Bethune works.

The wounded recover in seconds.

Exactly. We have to find blood donors
wherever we can.

Is your leg better?

Good, I'm glad.

No, put that down and go home.

-Not with everything going on here.
-You need rest.

The air force will be back today,
I'm sure. Go home.

-Come on.

Take one of the taxis
that's going to the cemetery.

-The taxis are transporting the dead?
-The hearses can't keep up.

Not the hearses, the ambulances,
the doctors. Not a damn thing.

Those bastards!

Come on, now.
I'm going to lie down for a while too.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, let's go.


-Thanks, Doctor. Take care.

Excuse me. I heard you coming in and--

What's going on?

Please come help.
I know you're a doctor.

-I'm sorry to bother you.
-What is it?

But there comes a time when you…

This way, please.

Open the windows.

You have to let some air in.

We need to air out the room.

Do as he says, Experta.

Out of here, both of you.

When did you get back?

Experta, you told me
they left for San Rafael

in July, like every year.

-My grandfather refused to go.
-I see.

Let me guess.

You thought this wouldn't last.

Things dragged on, and you were forced
to lock yourselves in here, right?

What else could we do?

We thought your people
would come to get rid of us.

"Your people, my people, our people…"
And people are shocked we're at war.

I have nothing to do with those people.

I'm a doctor.
I help people, not get rid of them.

A doctor…
but a Red, like your grandfather.

-Don't piss me off.

Come to the hospital
and see what your people are doing.

We have to bury your grandfather,
but it won't be easy.

I went to the funeral home,
but they wouldn't take him.

Madrid is in chaos.

There are no coffins,
no hearses, no free graves…

So, what now?


I need you to help me.

-What about me?
-Get dressed. We're going to a funeral.


-Yes, speaking.
-It's Guillermo.

Why aren't you sleeping?

I need you to do me a favor.

-Thanks for coming.
-At your service, Doctor.

Remember my face.

If you see me lying on a stretcher,
treat me well.

-I will.
-My nephews are on their way.

-See you there.

The elevator doesn't work.
It's to save electricity.

-You'll have to give me a hand.

How long has this man been dead?


What's that?

He wanted to be buried with it.

-These are my nephews.
-Everything's ready.

Thank you. He's back there.

Wait for us here, please.

Amparo, there are no graves left.

We have to bury him
in my grandfather's grave.

It's a sensible solution.

Well, they were close friends.

They had their own opinions,

but they were inseparable.

Did you find the parish priest?

-That won't be possible.



Absolutely not.

My grandfather must rest on holy ground
because he's a practicing Catholic!

He deserves that and more!
And he's my grandfather!

The soil is the same
on this side as the other.

There's no room for complaints. Let's go!

Let's go.



Forgive me, Grandfather.

Things are the way they are,

not the way they should be.

May I pray?

Of course.

Our Father who art in heaven,

hallowed be Thy name;

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

-Give us this day our daily bread…
-Our daily bread…

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us…



Wait here a minute.


Here's the key to my house.

In case you need anything.
I have to go to the hospital.

Sir, we haven't let you rest.

Don't go out today.

-I heard the air force will be back.
-Don't worry.

Thank you very much.

It's a bad time to die a natural death.

-I'm going to get changed.

I have some news for you.
It's good for a change.


You are the new head
of the mobile transfusion service.

Also the first,
since this job didn't exist until now.

You'll need to train a team of students
and distribute them on the front.

I hope to be up to scratch.

You will be,
because I won't get off your back.

Get going,
another sleepless night awaits us.

Don't hurt me, I beg you!

Amparo, you scared me!

Come on.

No one's going to hurt you.


you can't imagine how scared I've been.

Go to the bathroom.
Tell me about it later.

-I'll clean this up.

There's a clean robe in the drawer.

Milk with honey.

You used to like it.

You think of everything.

What happened?

Well, yesterday I was at home. Alone.

Someone knocked on the door.

I wasn't expecting anyone,
so I didn't open up.

But he didn't stop.


-The stranger.
-It could be anyone, even a salesman.

Or a Red who came to get rid of us.

They never come alone.
You should know that.

Well, I came here, just in case.

And just now, I was having breakfast,

I heard footsteps and…

Stop overthinking it.
He could have been from the fifth column.

A friend of your grandfather's
who came to get you out of Madrid.

You should've opened.
You could've spent the night in Burgos.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe they knew each other
or he came to check if we were home.

I have to tell you something.

What is it?

I didn't want to leave it at home.

Before the summer, my grandfather
traded everything he had for this.

Well, Don Fermín
was the smartest of them all.

Well, yes.

I don't know what he knew.
He said something was going to happen.

He said not to burn my blue shirt,
as I'd wear it again soon.

Damn notary.

God rest his soul.

Do you still have the safe?

Remember when we were little and we'd go
into your grandfather's office?

And we'd look at it…
and say, "What do you think is in there?"

Do you want me to hold onto the gold?

What if the stranger wants it?

I don't know
who my grandfather was involved with.

You can't trust anyone these days.

You can't even trust your own people,
can you?

But you can trust me, right?

You'd never hurt me.

-Should I tell you the combination?
-As long as you don't forget it.


I don't know
how many hours I've been awake.

-I'm going to bed.
-Okay. Don't worry about me.

Make yourself at home.
I promise not to make any noise.

-You can't stay here.
-I don't want to be alone.

What if he comes back?

Look, I am really exhausted.

Go home. If he returns,
scream and I'll run over.

But why do you care, silly?

You'll fall asleep
as soon as you get into bed.

You won't sleep
if you're listening for my screams…


The closer I am, the better you'll rest.

Fine. But you have to do me a favor.

-A favor? Now we're talking.
-No, another kind of favor. Tomorrow.

Oh, too bad.

Sweet dreams.

Or whatever you Reds dream about.


Come on, Gabino.
Cheer up. You're among friends.

You don't know what these months
in Madrid have been like.

-I thought the end was near so many times.
-That's over now.

-And you brought me a truck.

The only one
those scoundrels didn't seize.

I decided to paint
the letters CNT-FAI on it.

In big letters,
so it could be seen from far away.

So, I went up Castellana Street,

passing through all the checkpoints,
and at each one I thought,

"This is when I get killed."

-How horrifying.
-Wait, there's more.

The worst thing happened near here.

I ran into some Requetés.

When they saw the truck,
they thought I was a Red.

But I knelt down and asked to confess.
I had to, or else I'd be in a ditch.

What's important is that you're safe.

It's time to roll up your sleeves
and get to work. There's a lot to do.

Well… what do you need?

I could use everything you know
about moving packages and people around.

That's what I was put on this earth to do.

As was my father, may he rest in peace.

Well, I was put here so that every village
in liberated Spain knows our ideology.

The values upon which
the new state will be built.

Can I count on you to organize
volunteer routes and transportation?

Of course, Clarita.

I'm not away hiding in an embassy.

I'm here to do my part.


Come in.

They're here.

Done then.

Come here tomorrow morning
and we'll get to work.

But be happy!
We have a beautiful mission to accomplish!

Yes, I know.

But that defaced truck is all I have left.

That scum has taken everything from me.
My fleet, my office, my life.

Be patient, comrade.

We will soon get into Madrid.

Things will go back to normal,
and we'll go home.

Home? With all that bombing?
Who knows if it'll still be standing.

Gabino, nobody bombs
the Salamanca district!

Well, thank you, Clarita.

Come in.

Please come in.

Heil Hitler!

Heil Hitler!


You really were tired.

-Would you like some milk?

I couldn't find any coffee.

There's none left.

Want a cookie?


But just one.

Are you keeping track of them,
or do you think I'm fat?

-You're coming to the hospital with me.
-The hospital? Why?

What if someone recognizes me?

Hell, it's not like you're Celia Gámez.

Gosh, really,

you've become so vulgar.

Oh, God.

-Where are we going?
-Somewhere we won't be disturbed.

I'm going to do something great to you.

Come in.

Take off your coat and lie down, please.

Just my coat, Doctor?

You don't need to undress.

Well, that's a bland way to play doctor.


Disguising yourself as a poor person
or a Falangist doesn't suit you.

You look awful in blue.
You have better taste than all that.

Oh, yeah?

Is that what you think?

I'll take half a liter of your blood
as compensation.

Please, lie down.



What are you writing there?

Your name, blood group, today's date,

and a special note,

"Danger, fascist blood."

To prevent contagion.

-You can't be serious.
-Lie down.

Hey, if your people caught me,

would you stand up for me?

You want the truth?



I want to know.

Don't worry, it won't hurt.

Hey, why don't you bite me
and suck my blood?

Like Dracula.

That would be a waste. I'd get kicked out
of the College of Physicians.

And you don't want that to happen.



I don't.

Come on.

-Seriously? No, Guillermo.
-Lie down.

-Guillermo, please!
-Lie down.

Look over there. In it goes…

There, that's it.

It's over.

It hurts!

-That's it. Done. Here you are.
-It hurts.

Press there. Please. Press there.

Nice. Thank you.

I'll be right back.

What? Are you leaving me alone?

-It's just for a second.
-Guillermo! Gui…

What's that?


-No way. I haven't tasted any since…
-No. Wait…

Relax. We have to remove this first.
Set that down.

That's it. Lie down. Great.

We're almost done.

-There. Does that hurt?

Wait. It's coming out.

Now. That's it.

Just a second.

-Bend your arm.

-Hold it there.

We don't have this
for breakfast every day.

So it's especially for me?

For all donors.

You killjoy.

I forgot how good it tastes.

Between Dracula and the chocolate,
you've really got me in the mood.

You've become so vulgar, Amparo.

It's because I hang out with Reds.

It rubs off on you.

-Will you be home late today?
-I hope not.

I'll wait for you for dinner.

Do you think you're moving into my place?

Why not?

You're never around.

You only come home to sleep.

That way we can keep each other company,
like when we were kids.

Don't tell me it doesn't sound nice.

Sorry. I didn't know you were busy.

This is my neighbor,
Amparo Priego Martínez.

This is Dr. Quintanilla, my boss.
He helped us with your issue.

-I'm sorry to hear about your father.
-Grandfather. Maternal grandfather.

Amparo has volunteered
as a donor to thank us.

There's never blood to spare.

Well, the candidates await.

Don't worry about me. I know the way out.

See you tonight.

Good morning.

Today, I'll explain the theory
while we put it into practice.

A truck is waiting
to take us to the front.

I want you to know
that we may be hit by a stray bullet

or a piece of shrapnel.

If you don't want to take any chances,
there's still time to quit.



I've had enough.

Okay. You may leave.

Go put away your coats
and get your equipment.

I'll give you all badges
that accredit us as medical personnel.

Hurry up. Thank you.

Don't worry.

-They'll all make it back.
-I hope so.

Whether they'll want to come back
to work is another story.

Take over.

Thank you.

How are you doing?



-She's lost blood.

-Where should we put her?
-Over there.

Greta! Doctor, help her. I'm begging you.

Cover this wound.

-What does her medical record say?
-AB negative!

-Friend of yours?

The best. She's Norwegian.

It's your turn.

-I need another vial.
-Come on!

Blood is for those who fight.

We have the same blood type.
I'll replenish it personally.

Wake up.

Wake up. Come on.

Wake up. Come on.

That's it.

Wake up, come on.

Thank you, comrade. Thank you very much.

-Now let's heal her wound.
-Your name.

Doctor García Medina,
head of the mobile transfusion service.

Take care.

Very good. You did very well.


How did it go today?

Well, at least we weren't shot.

I'm not cut out for the job.

And who is?

We just have to deal with it.

Will this affect my file?

Having refused to go.

No one's going to lower your grade.

I have to be up to scratch.
It runs in the family.

We expect you to be a good doctor,
not a guerilla fighter.

And being on the same side as the bosses?

Taking risks and doing your job helps.

That's what's fair, right?

I won't take any risks.
Let the medical officers do it.

How many militiamen were there
for every soldier in uniform?

Military healthcare is awful.
Most officers have changed sides.

They can't keep up,
and some of us help out.

Today they almost thanked you
by shooting you.

Or that's what I heard.

Anything else?

See you tomorrow.

Is something wrong with Arrieta?

Nothing. His last name weighs on him.


Is that you?

-Fuck, Amparo!
-Damn it! You could've answered me.

You're still here?

Don't be a bore, Guillermo.

Look at what Experta made.

I wouldn't be caught dead in the kitchen…

Amparo, this isn't going to end well.

Fine, we'll talk after dinner.

Go wash your hands. Go on. Come on.

What are you standing there for?
Wash your hands.

It's going to get cold.

Experta brought it in a pie dish
from her house.

You're not going to be rude, right?

Do you still play?

When I can.

My grandfather stopped playing
when yours died.

He said it wouldn't be the same.

I thought you'd have taken his place.

I would have liked to.

I was afraid to ask.
Don Fermín was a good opponent.

I wish I could have played against him.

You played a game once.

With your grandfather?


It was a long time ago,
but you couldn't possibly have forgotten.

I don't remember.

Well, look, I stood behind his back,

and I showed you my panties.

And you looked totally startled.

He beat you.
You couldn't focus after that.

And you started to avoid me.

It's a pity you don't remember.

I did something for the Republic.

Now the Republic

should do something for me.

Or are you still afraid?

-You're leaving without saying goodbye?
-I'm late.

Take me to the hospital.

And feed me a good breakfast.

I've earned it.

Only if I can take
half a liter of your blood.

Take whatever you want from me.
You've got me so turned on.

Don Fermín's granddaughter giving blood
for the Republic. Unbelievable.

You're such a moron.



No, I'm late.

Well, your loss.

-Good morning, Doctor.
-Good morning.

Dr. García Medina, the hero of the day.

What is it?


What an exaggeration.

The only good thing about fame
is that it doesn't last.

-Envy's the worst, huh?
-Come on, keep it. Don't be a grouch.

Bravo to the Spanish Norman Bethune!

That's enough, gentlemen.

This is a hospital.
It's not the floral games.

I hope it doesn't go to our heads.

We're here to save lives,
don't forget that.

I don't know, hopefully this will attract
more donors, volunteers, and…

Let's get to work.

Thanks. Let's get to work.

May I, Doctor?

Hey, Pepe! You look as good as new.

Quality raw material.

Doctors are like melons…
you never know which one is good.

-The blood I lent you has to be paid back.
-Next time, I promise.

Since I'm indebted to you
for the rest of my life,

here, the best my hometown
has to offer, olive oil.

You shouldn't have. Thank you.

I'm off. I see you're busy.

Give me a hug.

-Bring them all back to life.

Take care!

-Good evening.
-Good evening.


-Lock the door.
-Okay, what's going on?

He came back.

-Who? The stranger?
-Yes, the same one.

He knocked on my door nonstop.

He wouldn't stop.

-Did you see him through the peephole?
-Yes, I was terrified.

-When was he here?
-Just now.

I'm sure you crossed paths with him.
You must have seen him.

No, I didn't see anyone.


God! He must be hiding in the stairwell.


Or he hid in an apartment.

-No, calm down.
-I can't.

I'm sure he's your grandfather's friend.
You didn't open the door, so he left.

-My grandfather's friend?
-Yes. Doesn't he look familiar?

No. I swear. I've never seen him before.

I don't want to see him again.

Thank goodness you're here.
Thank goodness you came.

I've been dying to…

I've been thinking about you all day long.

Move aside! Move!
What the fuck happened?

To the infirmary! Quick!



The Department of Public Order, please.

I'm the sergeant on duty
at El Pardo barracks.

One of your officers
was attacked at our entrance.

Rafael Cuesta Sánchez.

Deputy assistant of the…



-El Pardo barracks.
-Is this the sergeant on duty?

This is Inspector Basilio Rodríguez.

I'm calling
from the Department of Public Order.

-Is Rafael Cuesta with you?
-He's being treated in the infirmary.

That man cannot die.

-He was riddled with bullets from a car.
-Listen to me.

If he dies,
he must be buried as a John Doe.

Did you hear me?

No one can know the attack was successful.

Under no circumstances.

Did you hear me?

Roger that.

San Carlos Hospital.

Good Lord.

Where did you learn all that?

What about you?


You can't ask a lady that, okay?

Get out of here. Get out.

We've been holding back our desire
for so many years.

There's one thing I know for sure.

I was brought into this world
to fuck Amparo Priego Martínez.

You pig.

Okay, let's go to sleep.

We have many nights left together.

You don't know that.


There's the killjoy again.

No, it's not that.

When I fuck you,
I forget about what I see every day,

what I don't see,
what I'm told is happening at the front.

What terrifies me the most
is what could happen.

-This is Pepe Moya.

The hospital gave me your number.

Pepe, what is it?

I have a wounded man who needs your help.
It's someone important.

We have to get you to the hospital
for surgery.

-Can't you do it here?
-It's too risky.

No one can know who he is
or what happened.

You already told me. Prepare the transfer.


Can you apply pressure here? Can you?

I have to make a call. I'll be back.

Boss, it's Guillermo,
I need another favor.

It's not a burial. He's alive.

As soon as possible.

Take him to the operating room.

I arranged everything as you told me.

-What's his name?
-Start. I'll be back.


There it is.

I got it. Yes, I got it, I see it.

Only two left.


I have a lot to thank you for.

I trust you and your judgment, Guillermo.
As a person and as a doctor.

Though we shouldn't separate
one thing from the other.

I'm disgusted by what I see on the front.
We're killing each other.

Our duty is to save lives without asking
the patient what they've done,

who they vote for, what they believe.

This will end one day.

But I doubt it will be for the best,
no matter who wins.


Felipe Ballesteros Sánchez.

Now what?



Pepe's a friend. Move!

Let's go to the small room.

-Who's this?
-Felipe Ballesteros.

-A friend of yours?

-Do you know him?
-All I know is he's been shot.

-Why'd you bring him here?
-If they find him, they'll kill him.

Pull back the covers.


What will they do to us
if they find him here?


Acting is easy, thinking is hard.

He's German!

You've brought a German spy home!

Acting is easy, thinking is hard.

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick