Lonesome Dove (1989): Season 1, Episode 2 - On the Trail - full transcript

With the loss of Sean O'Brien, the cook refuses to cross the river and Woodrow and Gus find themselves in their old stomping grounds of San Antonio looking for someone to prepare their ...

Aah! Aah!


Water... Water moccasins!







I'll get him out!



I got him!
I got him!


Go, go, go, go!

Ground his horse.

Snakes! Snakes!


Get back,
get back.

Watch them.
Watch that horse.

Get a hand on him!

Pull him up here!




Oh, oh!

Get out...
Oh, Lord.

Ain't nothin' much
we can do, Newt.

He's been bit
too many times.


Pea, you snake bit?

I think I whupped 'em off.

give him a good look.

He must've
struck a nest.

I've crossed this river
a hundred times

and never seen more
than two snakes at once.

Storm stirred
them up.

All he wanted
was to return
to Ireland.

Yes, I expect he did.

I don't see
no bites.


Oh, Sean.

If I'd a'known

that storm was going
to stir them snakes up,

I'd a'picked
another place to cross.

Wasn't your fault,

Life is shorter
for some.

Sean was an unlucky
young sprout.

It was nobody's fault.

Well, you boys best go find
his brother, I reckon.

If you want to sing,

go on and do it.

(SINGING) Sleep, O babe

For I'd rather be home


I'll say a word.

Just a word here.

This was a good, brave boy

with a fine tenor voice
we'll all miss.

There's accidents in life.
He met a bad one.

We may do the same
if we ain't careful.

Dust to dust...

Now let's the rest of us
go on to Montana.

He's right, boys.

Best thing
you can do with death
is ride off from it.

Sean was the babe
of our family.

I wish I could have
finished the song
for him.

'Twas his favorite.

Maybe you'll ride
with me a while,


Ol' Bol won't cross.

He don't want
no part of it

after what happened
to Sean here.

He's going back
to Lonesome Dove

to be with his family,

so I gave him
a horse.

you old bandit.


You can go whack
that durn bell
all you like now!

Well, we're going
to need a new cook.

'I God, Woodrow,
but it's a bad start.



My name's Roscoe Brown.

Is... Is this Texas?

I'm lookin' for a fella

may a'rode past here.

His name's July Johnson.

He had a boy with him
about yea...

Yea high.

I been ridin'
night and day

tryin' to find him.

I'm from Arkansas.

Got any whiskey?

Yes, sir.

I got a bottle
right here in my poke.

I'd be glad for
you to share it.

Come get this
varmint, gal.

You having possum
for your supper,
are you?


But you ain't,

unless you go
catch your own.

I got a biscuit.

Go on. Cook that possum,
like I said.

About this man
that I was looking for...

I ain't seen him.

You fixing
to stay the night?

If it's all right.

I've been riding
real hard.

You can sleep down
yonder by the creek.

Thank you.

You leave
that gal alone.

She's mine,

bought and paid for.



You heard me, girl!

Get yourself
over here,

or you'll wish you had!

What's going on in there?

Don't go a-hitting
on that girl!


(SINGING) Fare thee well

Fare thee well,
my fairy fey

For I'm goin'...


...to Louisiana
for to see my Susianna

Singing polly wolly...

All right.

I know somebody's
out there in the brush.

You just come on out
and show yourself.


I run off from Old Sam
to go with you.

Why, why, girl.
You can't go with me.

Janey's my name.

Old Sam used me bad.

I ain't really his,

He just traded some
skunk pelts for me.

I expect he's
looking for you.


Why not,
pray tell?

Because I broke
his knees with a pan
while he was sleeping.

That'll keep him
a few days.


You're a rough customer,
ain't you?

I ain't rough.

Old Sam was rough.

Well, you can't
go with me.

I'm headed down toward

San Antonio to find a man.

I seen that man
two days ago

when he come
through here.

Him and the boy.

Which way did he go?

Ain't telling you,
unless you take me along.

Oh, girl!

I... I can't take you
with me.

I got to travel fast.

Call this fast traveling?

I been following you
6 miles

and didn't do more
than walk.

I can keep up with you,
I reckon,

and I can catch rabbits

and possums to eat, too.


I'm going to follow you,

If I was to go back,
Old Sam would kill me.

Yeah, I expect he would.

Well, you might just as well
jump on up here then.

Which way?

They was riding
that way yonder.

His wife run off
from him.

That's why
I got to find him.

How many barrels
you got of those?

I'll get it.

Easy does it, now.


Took you a while,
didn't it?

I been waiting
long enough.

Buffalo tongue.

Ain't that something?

You got a buffalo tongue.

You're the one
can eat it, too.

Who is that?



What are you
doing here?

Me and Big Zwey
partnered up.

Partnered up?

We're going
to Ogallala.

You ain't scared
of Indians, huh?

Well, I don't like
them much, I guess.

I already killed
five of them.

Won't bother me none
to kill some more.


Might not hurt for you
to come along at that.

You'll be glad of it

if the Indians
get after you.

Big Zwey told me
he was going
to marry you.

He did, huh?

He ain't as bad
as some.

How would you know?

You ain't never
been married to him.

He ain't a man
to be put off.

You know it.

I'm married.

I doubt he knows
what the word means.

I know what it means.

"Dear Ellie,

"we have come
a long piece

"and have been lucky
with the weather.

"It has been clear.

"No sign of Jake Spoon yet,

"but we did cross
the Red River

"and are in Texas now.

"Little Joe likes it.

"His horse has been
behaving all right,

"and neither of us
has been sick.

"I hope that
you are well

"and have not been bothered
too much by the skeeters.

"Your loving husband,

Well, what
do you think?

It's a long letter.

You want me to write
something on the bottom
of it for you?

You sure?

Maybe put your name?

She'll like it all right
without nothing from me.

Well, we'll post it
when we get to
Fort Worth.

I know
I'm slowing you down,

but I'm glad you
brought me on this trip.

Yeah. Me, too, Joe.

This town sure growed
since I was last here.

Darn people making
towns everywhere.

It's our fault, too.

We chased out
the Indians

and hung all
the good bandits.

Did it ever
occur to you
that everything

we done was a mistake?

We killed off the people
that made this country

Nobody in their right mind
wants the Indians back,

nor the bandits.

If you like
civilization so much,

what are we doing
riding to the wilds
of Montana?

We ain't riding
to Montana now.

We're in San Antonio
looking for a cook.

Buenos días.


We're taking
cattle to Montana
and lost our cook.

Yes. I go with you.

My name is Po Campo.

Uh, can you cook?
Our boys is awful

Try one
of these.

I fried them
only this

Dang. That's tasty.

Is it some kind of candy?



Kind of good, though,
ain't they?

Our boys ain't
going to take much
to eating bugs.

I cook good beefsteak, too,

and bird egg pie.

Just one minute,
I'll be ready
to go with you.

Hang on there
a minute.

You ain't going to get off
down the trail a mile

missing your wife
like our last cook done?

My wife's in hell
where I sent her.

She made good biscuits,

but her behavior
was terrible.

I think this
is our man.

Well, we need a cook,
I reckon.

I'll buy you a horse.

No. I will walk.

I do not ride animals.

What do you mean,
you don't ride animals?

It is not civilized.

Are we not animals, also?

How would you like it
if somebody rode you?

That's why I like him.
He's a philosopher.

Yeah. I hired him to
give you somebody
to talk to.

Free the rest of us
to get work done.

We'd like a shot of
whiskey if it ain't
too much trouble.

Howdy, boys. You
got a good game
going there?

Who the hell
is that?

You got mud in your ears,
or what?

Rye or what'll it be,

Well, rye will do,
provided it gets
here quick.

You durn cowboys
ought to broom
yourselves off

before you walk in here.

We got all the sand we need
without customers
bringing it in.

That'll be a dollar.


Now, besides the whiskey,
I think we'll require
a little respect.

Now, I'm Captain
Augustus McCrae.

This is captain
Woodrow F. Call.

If you turn around,

you'll see how we looked
when we was younger.

The people here wanted
to make us senators.

Back then,
we never tolerated
dawdling service.

As you can see,
we still don't

tolerate it.

Now, then...

If I could have
a fresh glass, please?

You broke my nose,
you old son of a...


Here's to
the sunny slopes

of long ago.

Whatever happened to
Wee Willie Montgomery?

You didn't have to
whack the bartender

when he owned
that saloon.

You're just mad 'cause
they didn't know you.

You're lucky they didn't
throw you in jail.

It ain't a crime,

a surly bartender.

I guess they may have
forgot us, though.

Of course.
We haven't been here
in years.

They forgot us
'cause we never
got killed.

That's dang foolish
to say.

If a thousand Comanches
cornered us in a gully

and wiped us out
like the Sioux
just done Custer,

they'd remember us sure.

There never was
a thousand Comanches
in the whole world.

That ain't the point.
What, then?

Another 20 years,
we'll be Indians.

They be sticking us
on reservations,

just to get us
out of the way.

Ha! That's danged

Well, maybe
you're right.

I reckon I am.

Yeah, well,
I doubt we'll last
another 20 years.


Now, where in the hell
is he going?


What in the hell's
come over you,

I doubt
you'd understand.

I doubt it, too.

When was you
the happiest, Call?

The happiest about what?

About being
a live human being,

free on the earth?

I don't know.

It would be hard
to single out any
one particular time.

Well, it ain't for me.

I was the happiest

right here
by this little creek.

Me and Clara
discovered it

one day when we was
out for a buggy ride.

I might had knowed
it had something
to do with Clara.

That was
a long time ago now.

God, she was beautiful.

I expect it was
the mistake of my life...

Letting her slip away
like I did.


You've always
got your whores.

Yeah, I guess I do.

I don't know why
you're down on whores.

You've had yours,
as I recall.

The worst mistake
I ever made.

It ain't a mistake
to be human
once in your life.

Maggie left you a fine son
before she died.

You don't know that.
He could be yours,

Jake's, or some
damn gambler's.

But he ain't.
He's yours.

Anybody with eyes
can see.

Besides, Maggie told me.

We were good friends.

Ha! I don't know
about friends.

I'm sure you was a good
customer, though.

The two can overlap.

You'd know about
overlapping with whores.

Know what
hurt her most?

You wouldn't call her
by name.

You'd never call her Maggie.

So what if I had?

It would have
made her happy.

What? She was a whore!

Whores got hearts,

Maggie's was the most
tender I ever saw.

Why didn't you
marry her, then?

She loved you.

She sat in that saloon
watching the door

after you quit
coming around.

A man's got more to do

than sit in saloons
with whores.

Like what? Clean his gun?

Maggie needed you.
You let her down.

You know it, too,
don't you?

I don't know anything
of the danged kind.

That's why you won't
claim that boy
as your own.

He's a reminder
you failed somebody.

You'll never
admit that.

Like I said,
Maggie was just a whore.

'I God, Woodrow.
You finally called
her by name.

That shows some
improvement now,
don't it?

You want some
prairie chicken?

I ate enough.

I might catch you
a frog for supper.

A frog?

I ain't never
et no frog.

Their legs
jump out of the pan
when you cook them.


Yes, they do!

You got to catch them
and throw them
back in the pan.

I don't believe

How can a dead frog
jump out of a pan?

What's the matter?


Where you going?



Could we borrow
some tobacco
off of you?

I ain't got none.

Ain't got none?

I reckon you're lying.

Oh, no, I ain't,

Why travel with
nothing to smoke?

Because it never
agreed with me.

I quit.

Well, we might
have to smoke you.

What do you
think of that?

My name's Roscoe Brown.

I'm just going
down this road.

I ain't looking
for trouble.

Going down this road?

Yes, sir.

Let's shoot him
and take his horse.

Drop your gun.
Wait just a minute!

Yes, sir.

Clamber down off
that horse, mister.

I... I'm from Arkansas,

Yes, sir.

Strip off them duds.

You come into
this world naked.

Go out the same way.

Ha ha ha!

I got some money.

There's probably $30 here.

I'll pull this
trigger on you
for your sass.


That's somebody


Why, it's just a damn
little old girl!

And she's
a rock chunker,
ain't she, Jim?

She's done
all the rock chunking
she's going to do.

What are you going to do
with that stick, Mister?



Ow! Damn you!


Get her?

No, she's too fast.

I've never seen
anything like it.


That little gal
near chunked you
to death.

I'm going to
give her a bullet

for every rock
she throwed.

Shoot this one

I don't want to
tear his clothes
with my 10 gauge.

Put it down.




what in God's name
you doing in Texas?

I come for you, July.

It's a lucky thing
I found you, too.

Who was that
chunking them rocks?

Oh, that is Janey.

You can
come on out now.

July's here.

He's the man
I've been looking for.

My God.
On a whiskey boat?


That's what Peach thinks.

It just don't
make no sense for

Ellie to go
running off
like that.

That don't make
no sense at all,
does it, Joe?

Mama always
been like that.

She never liked staying
in one place too long.

Any idea where she
might have gone?

Maybe to go find Dee.


You mean your pa,
Dee Boot?

But Ellie told me
he died of smallpox
over in Dodge.


Joe, I don't reckon
she'd lie to me.

Dee never
had no smallpox.

Mama just married you

when they run out
of money.

They... They's
something else, July.

Ellie's going
to have a baby.

Peach seen her with
the morning sickness.

A baby?

I'm sorry
to be bringing you
this news, July,

but I thought
you'd want to know.


Yes, sir?

Where would she
go to find Dee?

He was up
to Ogallala
last we heard.


We better go find her,
I guess.

What about
Jake Spoon?

I can't worry
about him no more.

Ellie might be
needing me.



I'm Joe.

That's Janey.

She's shy,
but it don't last long.

You ever ate a frog?

Looks like Jake.

No, it's just Lorie
resting by a tree.

I bet Jake's gone off
to gamble somewhere.

Hell, all I see's
a puff of smoke.

I think I'll
keep her company

until that scamp
gets back.

We got cattle
to look after.

what's keeping you?

Hello, Gus.

Lorie, darling.

How long's
Jake been gone?

Two days.

He went up to Austin
to play some cards.

He left mad.

He's been mad
the whole trip.

Well, he'll be back.

I know he will.

He ain't going to take me
to California,
though, is he?


Don't be
too hard on him.

He got you
out of Lonesome Dove.

I didn't get all down
in Lonesome Dove.

'Cause back there
you was never
expecting nothing.

Then here comes Jake.

Get you
all full of hope.

Trouble is,
Jake ain't a man

to support
nobody's hopes
but his own.

What did you
stop off for?

Well, it's
such a nice day,

I thought
I'd just ride over

and we'd cut cards
or something.

What do I get
if I win this time?

Well, I'll be your whore.

You can have a poke
on the man.

Why would I want one?

All right, then.
If you win,

we'll pretend
you're a fancy lady
in San Francisco.

I'll bring you
a glass of buttermilk.

I don't even like
buttermilk, Gus.

Then what?
You name it.

I just want to go
to San Francisco.

That's what I want.

Lorie, listen to me now,
pretty little thing.

Life in San Francisco's
still just life.

If you want
only one thing too much,

it's likely to turn out

The only way to live

is to learn to like
all the little
everyday things.

Yeah? Like what?

Like a sip
of good whiskey

or a soft bed

or a glass
of buttermilk

or say, uh...

A feisty gentleman
like myself.

Now, you close
your pretty little eyes.

Now, go on.

Don't open them
till I count to 23.

Ok, now no cheating.

Your cheating days
is over, woman.




What are you doing?

Don't open your eyes.













18, 19, 20, 21...

Better make it 27.





25... Don't cheat!
Don't open them.


Ok. 27.

Why, Gus!

Aren't you cold?

Let's have us a bath!

Come on, woman.

Hope you can swim.
I can't swim.

I can float
for about 30 seconds.

Oh, Lord!

Hold your damn nose!


Oh, Lord!

It ain't very deep,
is it?

I can float
good here.

Man, this water's
so cold.

I believe it's
shriveled my pod.

Well, it wasn't
getting no business
today, anyway.

Gus, you scamp!




I'd go with you
to California,

if you was of a mind to.

You would,
would you?

Well, I'm complimented.
Mighty complimented.

Let's go then,
all right?

Jake can take
his own chances.

I can't, honey.

I'm bound for Ogallala.

Where's that?

up in Nebraska.

What's there?

A woman named Clara.

She's the only reason
I ever come
on this trip.

You'd go that far
for a woman?

You bet.

I'm a woman,
and I'm right here.

You can have
your pokes.

We both make it
to Denver,

I'll buy you
a train ticket
to San Francisco.

Would you mind getting
my pistol for me?

I don't know
if that fella's
friendly or not.

Looks like
an Indian.

How can you tell?

Indians got
their own way
of riding, see?

This one's a...

Setting on an
old Mexican saddle.

I reckon he stole it,

maybe even killed for it.

Go on, go on.
Go on. Go.

You want the rifle?


I shot many a sassy bandit
with just my pistol.

Go hide yourself
behind that scrub.
Go on.

I'll be all right.
You go on now.

Stay put.

Like to water.

Help yourself.

Hope you like it cold.

I ain't got time
to warm it up.

I like it wet.

I know you, McCrae.

From the old days.

I know you, too,
Blue Duck.

Where's your friend,

He ain't here
just now.

It's my bad luck
he's gone.

If I kill you,

then I will
have to wait here
to kill him, too.

He be back shortly.

You could sit
over in the shade
and wait,

if you're able,
after you and me
get through.

There's plenty
others need killing
besides you two.

I can't wait all day
to shoot two

wore-out old rangers

with holes
in their underwear.

That's a fine saddle
you took.

With luck,
it will last another
mile or two. Maybe.

You bring that tongue
north of the
Canadian river,

I'll cut it off

and feed it
to my wolf pups.

He's a Comanchero

we should have
hung years ago,
but we couldn't,

because he was better
at riding long distances
without water.


He may be after
our horses though.

I better
go warn Call.

Come on
with me, now.

No, I ain't going.

I don't like
how them cowboys
look at me.

You're sure hard
on the boys
that love you.

They've got
truer hearts
than Jake Spoon.

I left that behind
when I left Lonesome Dove.

Durn it, I don't like
leaving you here

with Blue Duck around.

Jake will be
back soon.

Oh, now
it's Jake again?

You were the one
said something about

going to Ogallala
after some woman,

didn't you?

Still got enough light
to see where he went.

I'm going to send
somebody over here to

stay with you
till Jake gets back.

The herd's
only a mile away.

All right.

Yes, sir.

Ride over
to Jake's camp.

Keep an eye on Lorena
till Jake's back.


Gus, what is it?

Blue duck's
in the area.

Oh, Lord.

Sure it's Blue Duck?

I exchanged pleasantries
with him.

Go on, Newt.
Yes, sir.

I'll take on
the chore.

We need you here.

You know
where she is?
Yes, sir.

Why didn't you
shoot Blue Duck?

Hell, he was ready.

Me and Deets
will track him.

He may be circling
to steal our horses.

You boys
best get back
with the herd.

Get your pistols.

surprise me none
to see Blue Duck

riding in with a gang.

I don't like
the boy going
to the whore.

If I'd sent another
one of these rowdies,
Jake would shoot him.

She should have stayed
in Lonesome Dove anyhow.

If you was a young gal,

would you want to stay
in Lonesome Dove?

Look how long
Maggie lasted.

She just happened to die
in Lonesome Dove.

You don't never get
the point, do you?

It ain't dying
I'm talking about.
It's living.

That's good,
Po Campo.
All right.

Let's go, Deets.


Let's see here, Newt.


Howdy, Miss Lorena.

Miss Wood, howdy.

Aw, Newt.

Uh, hello there,
Miss Wood.
I'm Newt.

Mr. Gus sent me
to keep an eye on you.

He didn't come out
anywhere on this side.

I don't find
no tracks here.

Must have stayed
in the creek.

He might have
doubled back.

I don't see no blood.

We lost him
in the creek.

What in the hell
is Newt doing back?
I told him to stay over there!

Newt ain't back,
just his horse is back.

MAN: Gus!

What in the hell
happened to you?

Somebody hit me.

All right, Gus,
where's Lorie?

I know you're hiding her
over here from me

Blue Duck.

Blue Duck?

Oh, God,
he's got her.

That half-breed's
around here?

It's my fault for not
shooting the son of a bitch
when I had the chance.

GUS: Po Campo?

I'm going to need
some fresh water.


Grab me a box of bullets
from the wagon there.

I'm going with you, Gus.

This ain't none
of your affair,
you darn pup.

I ain't no pup.

And you're a gambling lowlife
to let her get stolen.

My God, we'll see
about that.

We'll see about
that right now.

Now you boys
hold that right there.

That ain't gonna happen.

I want me a horse.
Mine's rolled down.

You ain't going neither,
Jake, not with me you ain't.

I'll go if I damn please!
She's my woman!

You should have
stayed closer to her,
if she's your woman.

The hell with you.

The hell with the
whole bunch of you!

You heard him, Jake.
He don't want you.

You was sent
to watch her, huh?

Well, I'd say you done
a damn poor job of it!

You ain't worth your
darn wages! I ought to
give you a lick or two!

Not another word, Jake.

It ain't that boy's fault.
You're the one that
went off to town.

Drink and gamble.

You watch yourself,


Don't drink so fast.
You'll flounder.

Old Monkey John will
like that yellow hair.

Between him
and the others,

probably get most
of their money

and all of their hides
when they see you.

I hope that damned old ranger
hurries along.

I owe him a few.


He won't come.

I ain't his.

He's coming.

I don't know if it's
for me or for you,
but he's coming.

I got a

treatment for women
that try to run away.

Cut a little hole
in their stomachs.

Pull out a gut and wrap it
around a limb.

And I drag them 30 or 40 feet
and tie them down.

That way,

I can watch what the coyotes
are having for supper.

Fresh women is scarce
in these parts, eh, Ermoke?


You're all welcome
to a taste.

But she ain't free.


We got hides
to trade.

And horses.

"And horses"?

She won't talk.

By God, I will cut
your tongue out,
if you don't talk!

What do you care
if she talks?

I wouldn't talk to you either,
you damned old runt.

My God, we give
all them hides for her.

She had ought to talk
if I say talk!

You're getting
your money's worth.

Most of those hides
were mine anyway.

Now get off her!

I don't want her cut.


Let's gamble.

I ain't had a game
in a while.

What with? You already got
our hides and our horses.

The girl.

I ain't won her.

She's ours.
We don't want
to gamble with her.

She's just half yours.

Ermoke and his boys
own a half interest.

We're aiming
to buy him out.

By the time
you raise the money,

won't be much left to buy.

You'd do better
if you buy a goat.

We don't want
no damn goat.

Let's gamble.

We want the woman.

If you win,
I'll let you have
your horses back.

Come in.
Come on.


What's wrong with him?

He don't care
about the horses.

He wants
to keep the woman.

That damn chigger.
He's holding up the game.


By God,
life is cheap up here
on the Canadian.

It's apt to get cheaper.

BLUE DUCK: Let's gamble.


Looks like I win again.

You're a
damn cheat.

First you cheat us
out of our horses,

then you cheat us
out of the woman.

I don't want the woman.

You can have her
back as a gift.
And the horses, too.

There's an old man
following me.

I want you to kill him.

You hear that, Ermoke?

You kill the man,
you can have your horses back,

and the woman, too.


We'll take the woman.

The hell you will.
She's half ours.
You ain't taking her nowhere!

You shut up.

I'll kill you like
I killed that chigger.

If I were you,
I'd get sober.



Get out of range!
He'll kill us all!

That old man's
a tough one.

I'm going
to show him
something tough.


Hell, you ain't
hit him yet.

I'll get him.

He ain't got
anywheres to go.

Has he?

By God, that's enough.

That is enough!

Look at that.

He's shooting at us now.

He can't hit nobody
from there.

He's just wasting
his bullets.

Maybe an old man like him
needs a better target.


Here comes anoth...

Look what that
son of a bitch

done to me!


The Captain's worried
about Mr. Gus, ain't he?

Me, too.

I get to expecting
to hear him talk...

But he ain't here.

My ears
sorta get empty.

Mr. Gus will
be all right.

Maybe so.

But he will not catch
Blue Duck.

Do you know him,
Po Campo?

Yes, I know him.

I once lived up
on the llano.

He killed my three sons.

After that,
I left the llano.

It's all Jake's fault.

He's a bastard
for leaving her.

That's what started
all this.

You sure are smitten,
ain't you, Dish?


I'll tell you this...

If she's alive
and Gus brings her back,

I aim to marry her.

Marry her?

Marry a whore?

Don't call her
a whore.

If you're so
in love with her,

why didn't you
follow her

and leave Gus here?

He's a damn sight
more entertaining
than you are.

So is that whore.

Get him, Dish.

You boys
want to fight?

your wages first.

We're done with it,


Yes, sir.

I'm done with it, too.

Let's get back
to the herd.

don't take much
to sitting around.


This one
I made for you.

Why, thank you, Po.

Is it
of somebody special?

Like a little saint.

You know...

To help protect you
on our journey.


I heard they won't
attack you at night.

They won't attack
at night?

That's what I heard.

I sure hope
you're right.

Ha ha ha.

Oh, boy.

It's awful quiet
out here tonight.

We don't even know
how many there is.

I can go find out.

They'll make soup
out of you.

I'd like to know
what they was
shooting at.

They was shooting at me.


I'm Captain McCrae,
Texas Rangers.

I'm coming in.

Don't nobody shoot.


Augustus McCrae.

July Johnson,
and this is Roscoe.

July Johnson?

'I God,
you're the sheriff
from over

Fort Smith, Arkansas,
looking for Jake Spoon,
ain't you?

Well, I have
more urgent business
than Jake Spoon now.

I was about to say,
if you're looking
for Jake,

you missed him
by 300 miles or so.

The Indians
killed your horse?

I killed him myself

for a fort
when them Kiowas
got after me.

I appreciate your
running them off.

We were riding by.

They started shooting
at us. We shot back.

They're Blue Duck's boys.

I'm after him
and a woman he stole.

He stole a woman?

Yes, sir.

A girl traveling with us.

He probably camped
on the river

and sent them bucks
back to kill me.

It's quite
a ways north.

Well, our horses are
pretty near wore out,

but if morning
is soon enough,

we'll help you
track this outlaw.

You see it?

I see it.

I'll be damned.

The wrath of the Lord
is about to descend

come sundown.

I best go with you.

You don't know
how many there are.

Thanks. All I need's
the loan of a horse.

I'll have him back.

You mean to go
at them by yourself?

There might be
10 of them down there.

Maybe even more.

They scare easy
at night.

I just hope
Mr. Duck's there.

I intend
to kill him.

Look. I can be
of some help.

Stay with
your party,
Mr. Johnson.

You've got
two young people
to look after.

Well, Roscoe can stay.

kind of chancey.

You might
stop a bullet

and never get to finish
that urgent business
you mentioned.

That urgent business
is my wife.

She left home.

Look, I know
it's unlikely,

but it might be that
she got stolen, too.

Well, I guess
you're no more
fool than me,

chasing a woman
across the plains.

I might have got one.
I don't know.

I doubt it.

Ohh... I hurt bad.

Go ahead. Shoot me.

You won't catch me
wasting bullets.

Monkey can cut your damn
throat if he wants.

He'll die
soon enough.


What did she do
to earn a kick?

You mind your own
damn business.



Ha ha ha!

You're not
worth selling.

The Kiowas
can have you.

How come you're
giving her to
the damn Kiowas?

Give her to me.


I want them
to carve her up.

I'll carve her up.

Maybe it will put
some spirit in them,

so they can
go out tomorrow

and run that old ranger
into the ground.

Give her to me.

Hell, I'm mean
as they are.

You better be.

If McCrae comes,
you better be quick.

Well, there they are.

Have you ever killed,
Mr. Johnson?


Well, you do
what I do then.

Help her.

Monkey, don't
let 'em get her.

Help her?

We'll help her,
all right.

Won't we, boys?



Keep away
from her, Ermoke.

She's part mine.

Part yours?

Aah, God!

What could you do
with your part?





Hey, it's Gus.

It's me.


Was Blue Duck here?

Was Blue Duck here
tonight, Lorena?

Was Blue Duck here?

You killed
the whole bunch.

I didn't even shoot.

Get back
to your people.

There's a dangerous
man loose.

Your deputy
can't handle him.

I know this
is a shock to you.

It ain't
a barroom scrape,

so choke it down
and get on back.

I'll follow
when she's better.


Shoot me.

Shoot me.

Go, Mr. Johnson.
Go now!

Shoot me.


Sure was a lot
of shooting.

I'll be glad
when July gets back.


I heard
in that brush.

Might be
an Indian.

I'll see.

No. Wait.
Wait. Wait.

I wish July'd
get on back.

It's likely
to be morning
'fore they get back.



Joe, where are ya?

Shoot him!
Shoot him!

See him?
Shoot him!

Where you been,

Where's Joe?

Was that his name?

It's my fault.

If I'd done
what you said,

they'd still
be alive.

'I God.

It's my fault.

Hell, you told me
to stay.

I know. I'm sure
you wish you had,

yesterday's gone.
We can't get it back.

Go on
with your digging.

I'll tidy up
the dead.


Guess that's
all we can do.

I guess he took
Joe's horse.

There you go.

Yes. And his life.

I'm sure he had
more interest
in the horse.

If you're going
after him...

I'd like
to try and help.

He's better mounted
than us.

We got to let him go
this time.

Boy, I hate
to do that.

These lives here
are lost for good, son.

Giving pain for pain
won't bring them back.

Best go on and try
to find your wife.

If I ever run across
Blue Duck again,

I'll kill him
for you.

And for her, too.


We'll camp here,

Go shoot us
a turkey
for our supper.

I'll help you
build a fire.

I don't need
any help.

Zwey, you take
Luke with you.



You went with Zwey.

I told him
we'd hunt better

Why ain't you
hunting then?

I am a-hunting.

Right here.

I'm having a baby.

I can't be doing that.

Not for a while.

You ain't having
no baby yet.

I only
want a little.

Won't take
but six minutes.

If Zwey catches you,
he'll kill you.

Zwey, he ain't no smarter
than a buffalo.

I might shoot him.


Get off me!

Hold still!

Was he trying
to marry you?

You could
call it that.

He was trying
to do me.

I want him
to let me alone.

How'd the hunting go?
You shoot a turkey?

I got one.

Want me to pluck
them feathers?

No, I don't, Luke.

I want you just
to stay there.

I wish you wouldn't
be doing this.

I won't do it no more.

Next time
you go hunting,
make sure he's with you.

He can't
pester me then.

No, I think
I better kill him.

No, Zwey.

Don't! Don't!

Zwey, that's enough.
You'll kill him.

Zwey, we might need him
if the Indians come! Don't!


He's alive.

He'll quit it now,
won't he?

Quit trying
to marry you.

Don't he look funny
with that ear
hanging off?

I'll go pluck
that bird, Luke.

Have us
some supper to eat.

Hey! Don't be spitting
on my floor.

Roy spits
where he pleases.

That's why
I mentioned it.

Melba, do it
in the alley

if you're giving it away.
Otherwise, get on upstairs.

You've been known
to give it away yourself.

And it's about
to break me,
Mr. Spoon.



You Jake Spoon,
the Ranger?

I've done
some rangering.

He's Jake Spoon, the Ranger.

Never heard of him.

You rode with McCrae and Call.

Ain't that right?

Not anymore,
I don't.

McCrae and Call.

Never met them.

I hear
they're tough men.

Let a half-breed steal
my whore, that tough.

You can't find her?

They lost her.
Let them find her.

We're going up
to Kansas.

Me and my brothers,

Frog Lip there.

Kansas, huh?

Going to rob
some banks.

Ain't that right, Dan?

Ain't got no objection
to robbing banks, have you?

It would depend
on the bank.

I wouldn't enjoy too much
law stacked against me.


Damn! I want my money
back. I wasn't through.

You can't squirt
in two minutes,

you need doctors,
not whores.

Look, I said
I want my money back!

Made her mad,
by God, didn't he?

Well, let's go.

Some sheriff will be
poking around here soon.

Jake, help drag him out.
He's messing up my floor.

You coming, Spoon?


Let's go, boys.


Jake, you come back here,
you bastard!

You ain't never getting me
for free again!
You understand that?


That's Adobe Walls there.

Need to get us
out of this lightning.

Find us a nice
warm, dry spot.

That'll about do it.

It can rain
all it wants to now.

We're nice and warm.

Real warm.


This used to be
quite a lively place,

till the buffalo

run out
a couple years ago.

They ran north,

every darn one of them.

'I God, look
what I found here.

Gold coins.

There's 5s and 10s.

There's even a handful
of $50 gold pieces.

That's good luck.

Now we can play ourselves
some high-stakes poker.

Now, all that
on your side
is yours,

and all this over here
is mine.

There you go.

Put the cards
in your hand,

Don't let me
see them.

You remember
how to play,
do you, Lorie?


Now, your bet.

But be careful,

'cause I'm
mighty tricky.

Tricky old Gus?

That's the idea but,

we hadn't bet yet.

So we'll try it again.

They shouldn't have
took me, Gus.

I know, honey,

but they did.

They shouldn't have,

but they did.

They did.

Now, you just go on,
cry it out.

Yeah. You got
a long time to live,

and you don't want
this thing

dragging you
backwards, see?

So you just cry it
on out to old Gus.

You'll be all right,
you hear?

You're safe now.