Little Women (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

In-joo and In-kyung start new jobs and dig deeper into unanswered questions. Sang-ah takes a sudden trip, inciting a surprising reaction.

How is this even possible?

How could Hwa-young have done all this
under my name?

Did you ever give your passport to her?

We went on a trip together
to Singapore four years ago.

It was soon after her mother passed away.

She booked the flights and hotels.

That would be when it started.

Are you saying

that I own this house
and this car in Singapore?


I want to go there now.

You can't.

-Why not?
-Many people have their eyes on you.

It would seem fishy
if you suddenly visited Singapore.

Then what do I do?

The International Orchid Festival
will be held in Singapore soon.

Hyo-rin's mother buys and sells
orchids there every year to launder money.

It used to be
Hwa-young and Director Shin's job.

With both of them gone now,

she'll ask me for help.

I'm going on a business trip
to Singapore soon.

I'll tell her

that I can't do it because I'm too busy

unless there's someone who can help me.

And that's going to be me?

That will be our chance.

There won't be another.

That's why

you must work for Hyo-rin's mother.

It won't be easy.

She's picky and sensitive.

Show her that you're capable
of laundering money for her.

How will I do that?

Show that you're willing to risk your life

to protect someone else's money.

Who in their right mind would do that?

Ms. Oh.

Isn't that In-joo?


She's with a guy?

I didn't know she was seeing someone.

Wait, he's…

You know him?

He was famous at UPenn.

He was a genius who went to Wharton
but had no friends.

A suspicious limo would pick him up
from time to time.

He joined a Russian investment company
after graduating.

I heard that he became
a money laundering expert there.


Out of all the men in the world…

Maybe he quit money laundering.

Isn't In-joo beautiful?

But she always chooses
the wrong man to date.

A money laundering expert?

Over my dead body.



Oh, my.

I'm sorry.

I mistook you for her ex-husband
whom she divorced four years ago.

What on earth are you talking about?

They don't look alike at all.

I mean, he even has the same German car.

That's right. You've always had a thing
for men who drive German cars.

That's why I got this car.

Can you leave now?

I'm sorry.
My sister's acting strange today.

Don't worry.

I hope you're okay.

You probably dated her
without knowing she was divorced.

She told me on our first date.

She also told me a little about you.

That you're a heavy drinker.

Oh, did I?

You did?

I'll get going now.

I'll call you, In-joo.


Hey, have you lost your mind?

What was that poor acting about?

Do you know what kind of person he is?

He's a money laundering expert.

He's dangerous.

Says who?


Are you hanging out with him?

That's not right.
You know he has feelings for you.

I'd cut him off
unless you're going to go out with him.

Look who's talking.
Be careful who you date.

An ordinary man wouldn't make a living
by laundering money.

We met for business.

Because I'm working for Hyo-rin's mother.

What? You're going to work for her?

Are you out of your mind?

In-hye is moving into that house.
I have to do something.

Since Hyo-rin's mother is busy,
I'll have to look after the kids.

I'll take good care of them.

Gosh, seriously.

I can't believe it.

Somewhere in this world,

someone lived this extravagant life
under my name.

How did you clean in the morning

and take English classes in the evening
when you had all this?

How did you manage to die…

leaving all this behind?

And why did you

choose me?

This is so good.

If they sold this near our work,

I'd eat it every day.

What's wrong?

It's my mom.

If we had taken the trip
just a month earlier,

she would have been able to have this.

But she passed away without knowing

that kaya toast exists.

I'm sorry.

You were supposed to come here
with your mom.

I was enjoying myself too much.
I should have been more considerate.

What are you talking about?

I'm glad that you're enjoying the food.

What's wrong, In-joo?

After I got divorced,

I didn't think anything good
would ever happen to me again.

Having good food and watching the sunset…

I didn't think

I would get to do
something like this again.

If even for 15 minutes…

If I could be with my mom
and enjoy kaya toast together,

I'd die with no regrets.

Fifteen minutes is too short for me.

If only I could live in a place like that
as a rich person even just for a day,

then could I die with no regrets.


It was me.

I'm the one who said

that I'd die without regrets
if I could live in a place like that.

I'll do my best, Hwa-young.

No matter how tough things get,

I'll try to finish what you started.


Over here!

Did someone clean this room?

Everything is gone from the floor!

I told the new housekeeper not to do that.

My green button-down dress is gone!

It was over there.

I can't go to Singapore without it

and I have to leave right away!

Is this the one you're looking for?

Yes, it's this one.

She must have hung it there
after dry-cleaning it.

Fire her.

If my clothes are on the floor,
they are there for a reason.

Who gave her permission to hang it?

I will, ma'am.

You have sharp eyes, Ms. Oh.

I get that sometimes.

Can you prepare two cups of coffee?

In thermoses, so we can have them to go.

Get in. I'm in a hurry,
so let's talk on the way.


I have business to attend to in Singapore.

A friend is opening a department store
and said I simply must come.

I see.

I'm not worried about the housework,

but the problem is my husband.

He's been too busy,
so I haven't been able to tell him.

I'm thinking of calling him
from Singapore.

Will he get angry?

That's fine with me,

but when he gets angry,

Hyo-rin gets scared.

She may have trouble breathing
or sleeping.

Then what should I do?

If she starts to hyperventilate,

give her this.

Before bed, give her these.

If she has a panic attack
and says she feels like she's dying…

Could she die?

No, she won't.

Just give her two of these.

"She won't die."

You know that
artists are sensitive, right?

She's gotten a lot more stable
since she met a smart friend like In-hye.

I'm so grateful.

But just in case,

could you stay the night?


Will that be okay?

I may ask you to do this
from time to time.

I'm not comfortable leaving her alone.

Sure thing.

Now that I'm working for you,

I'll do as much as I can.

I want Hyo-rin to find out
as late as possible that I'm in Singapore.

This morning, she was excited
that the documentary would air today.

I'll be back in a couple of days,

so I want her to stay in a good mood.

Don't worry.

I'm relieved thanks to you.

Bye now.


I'll see you off at the airport.

I need rest.

I'm starting to have a headache
after packing all morning.

Take a cab back.

A lost kitten.

That was my first impression of In-hye.

Try this too.

There you go.

I could see that she was thirsty for love.


It must have hurt a lot, right?

Why are you crying?
I'm the one who's sick.

I feel so bad for In-hye.

Hyo-rin, you don't have to
feel bad for her.

She's amazing.

This surgery is tough even for adults,

but she pulled through.

In-hye is moving into
Hyo-rin's house today.

Here we are.

There is a room for In-hye
in Hyo-rin's house now.


Welcome, In-hye.

This is your room.

What if I can give her
the love that she needs?

That would be perfect.

Even as a child,
I would often take in stray cats.

What do you think?

Do you like it?

I love it.

I've never had my own room before.

What would be more thrilling than

-to have one's own room?
-Look at my face.

In-hye has never had
her own room in her life…

Hyo-rin, did you know
that your mom went to Singapore?

I didn't.

Did she go to Singapore?

You didn't know either?

I'm sorry, sir.

I was aware of it.

What are you doing here, Ms. Oh In-joo?

Hyo-rin's mother asked me
to take care of the kids.

I have a soft spot
for the ladies in my family.

Both for my daughter and my wife.

Hyo-rin, what's wrong?

Are you okay?

I'll get you some water.

Call your mom.
Ask her when she'll be back.

Ms. Oh In-joo.

Can we have a word?

Why did my wife go to Singapore?

She said her friend was opening
a department store.

A friend's department store?


Should I tell Hyo-rin…

that you apologized?



She attended the opening of
the Glory Department Store in Singapore.

Can you bring her back by tomorrow?

Yes, sir.


What did you give her to make her stupid?

I gave her
what her mom told me to give her.


Are you okay?

You know you won't die, right?

I'm fine.

This is a breathing technique
that I came up with.

It's all about…

breathing rhythmically.

Your dad apologized.

He wants to talk tomorrow.

As if. He didn't seem sorry at all.

I'll sleep in your room with you tonight.

Tell me if you need sleeping pills.

I'm really fine.

If I wasn't, I'd be in the ER right now.

I love going to the ER.

But today,

I think I'll be okay
because you two are with me.

Everyone in this family is insane.

Not a single person here
is in their right mind.

The one Director Shin talked about.
That wacko up there.

It's Hyo-rin's dad, right?

There are security cameras here.

So I'm right.

Why didn't you tell me?

As soon as he finds out
that we took the 70 billion won,

that wacko will kill us both.

Calm down.

Here's my plan.

I've set up a paper company
under your name.

Once I go to Singapore,
I'll transfer the 70 billion won there.

Hide in a safe place
while I negotiate using the ledgers.

So you'll hand over the ledgers
in exchange for 70 billion won?

-That's right.
-I don't think that'll work.

I've taken into account
how violent Park Jae-sang can be.

He never harms anything
that's important to him.

He came out into the world
after years of preparation.

He'll let us keep the 70 billion won.

His dream is worth more than that.

This is Andros, an island in Greece.

It's where shipping magnates
have their weekend homes.

I'll buy a house
that looks over the Aegean Sea.

This is Mazatlán.

It's where Mexican drug lords
spend their vacations.

These are the safest places in the world

as long as you have a few good friends.

Are you planning to live there, Mr. Choi?

Have you ever wished to be born again?

All the time.

Every day.

A new identity and a new face.

You can move every season

from one safe house to another.

We'll split the money
sixty-forty like we agreed.

I'm not sure.

I have my sisters.

You don't trust me?


You were the biggest risk.


Why can't you trust me?

An ordinary person wouldn't make a living
by laundering money.

A money launderer

must risk their life
to protect other people's money.

To me, you're someone else's money.

Someone else's 70 billion won.

Can't you trust how far I'll go

to protect you?

I'll try to trust you.

Like I trust a friend.

Maybe not that.

Like I trust a bank or a door lock.

Ms. Oh.

Imagine you're on a horse,
galloping through a field.

You see a tall fence up ahead.

You don't know whether or not

your horse can jump over it.

But you have no choice
but to trust the horse

because it's already galloping.

Most importantly, if you don't trust it,

the horse won't be able to jump over it.

Imagine that I'm the horse.

A horse.


I get it. Anyway, it's sixty-forty.

And I get sixty, right?




made up my mind.

What do you mean?

You don't have to mooch off
this family anymore.

I'm taking you out of here.


I'm doing well here.

I paint better,

the food is good,

and everyone is nice to me.

I don't mean coming back to our house.


Have a look.

Let's live somewhere like this.


It's like a painting everywhere you look.

Imagine how well you'd paint here.

You'll have good food every day.

I'm sure In-kyung will definitely be
against the idea,

so if you and I settle there first--

Count me out too.

I'm not a sea person.

That's not the point.

I should go and study English.

I'm going abroad next month.

That brat.

I've always been

scared and lonely since I'm an only child.

On days when Mom and Dad fought,

I had trouble breathing
and felt as if I'd die.

So I used to cut my arms and legs
to calm down.

That's why Mom gives me those pills.

So I won't hurt myself.

It's just as lonely
even if you have siblings.

So I found a solution as a kid.

There are scary scenes I keep seeing.

I simply began to draw them.

"How did the blood flow?"

"The skin was bluish gray."

When I kept painting those scenes,

I wasn't scared anymore.

You're incredible.

You can do it too.

What scares you the most?


It was tough recruiting her.

This is Director Oh In-kyung

who's starting today.

What do you mean, I'm a director?

I thought I was here temporarily to learn.


This is your office.

This will make things clearer
for everyone, including yourself,

that I've put my company's future
on your shoulders.

Why would you do that?

I'm burdened by my own future alone.

Didn't you say you'd do anything
if I paid for In-hye's hospital bills?

But you didn't tell me to quit my job.

I'm going back to work
as soon as I'm reinstated.

Are you still not fired yet?

I thought you were.

I am on the verge of being fired,

but I'm determined to hang on.

I'm golf buddies with the CEO of OBN.

Shall I ask him for a favor
to see if you'll be fired or not?


You begged me on your knees.

You said you'd even sell your soul.

So you want me to quit being a reporter

and enter the real estate industry
that I have no interest in?

I was glad to witness your growth.

You swallowed your pride
and asked for help.

I know how hard that can be.

That's how we change our lives for good.

That was also

how I started living my life long ago.

You kneeled down in front of someone?

Of course.


I've put together
all the information you may need.

Please let me know
if you need anything else.

Mr. Choi.

My men showed me something strange.

You and Ms. Oh

were having a secret rendezvous.

I've already told them.

"Even though Ms. Oh
pocketed two billion won,

she's still important to us."

"She has something to do
with the 70 billion."

"It's impossible
that Mr. Choi joined hands with her."

But I don't know
what you two talked about.

Can you tell me
what your conversation was about?

I've always made sure not to mix
business with pleasure until now.

But we're not dating, I swear.

A fling, perhaps?



Did you eat?

I've reviewed three years' worth
of financial statements.

The liabilities ratio is dangerously high.

One might think you're going bankrupt
if it was any other company.

Don't worry about that.

I have everything under control.

I see many empty desks.

Did you downsize the staff
to get the fixed costs down?

You're barely paying taxes,

so why buy the properties
scheduled for redevelopment?

You've reviewed
three years' worth of statements,

but I have 30 years' worth in my head.

If our financial statement is
at its worst now,

I'll be even richer in five years.

I couldn't resist buying those properties.

They're like a jackpot.

A jackpot we'll be winning in 20 years.

That's why I need you.

I want this company
to still be going strong even in 20 years.

By the way,
you said that you used to look for land

with Mr. Park Il-bok,
Mr. Park Jae-sang's father.

Can I find the information on that here?

Happy now?

How was your flight?

Was this really necessary?

Just tell me one thing.

Why did you go to Singapore?

I bought that black taffeta dress

over two months ago,

but I had no chance to wear it.

I couldn't wear it in Seoul

because I was afraid
my rashness and immoderation

would cause you to lose the election.

The opening of Nathan's department store

was the perfect opportunity.

You're lying.

You're well aware
that I don't care what you wear

or what people say about you.

Why did you really go there?

I had more than 30 appointments
just last week.

I was surrounded by people
who glance at what I wear

and wait for me to make a mistake.

The election is two months away.

The primaries begin next week.

When can I rest?

When and where
can I let my hair down and have fun?

You can do that anytime and anywhere.

It's just that you chose not to do that.

You want to become the mayor's wife

and eventually the First Lady.

That's why you married me.

Just tell me the truth.

What did you do there?

I drank champagne, went shopping,

and flirted a little
with healthy young men.

I felt alive
for the first time in forever.

Can't I do that much?

I don't understand you.

Why would you lie to me?

Something did happen, right?

You really don't seem to understand.

I never lie to you.

Why would anyone bother lying
to their manservant?

Stop it!

I said, stop!

Stop it right now!

Stop it!



Mom, where are you going?


I have to step out for a second.

When will you be back?

Everything will be
back to normal tomorrow.

You know that, right?

Don't worry.

Take your pills and go to bed.

Are these all CCTV cameras?

Didn't my mom look so sad?

But there's nothing I can do for her.

I'm not capable of protecting her.

Mr. Park, you recently apologized to a man
who had been framed for espionage

on behalf of your father-in-law.

Your father-in-law, General Won Gi-seon,
was the commander of

the Defense Security Command
back in the 70s.

It is known that General Won Gi-seon

was not directly involved in the framing.

So why did he feel responsible
for the incident?

Also, does the General share
the same sentiment with you?

As you may know,

my father-in-law has been
in a coma for years.

He said this to me before he collapsed.


"Would there be a way for me
to apologize to the victims myself?"

"I would like to be a stepping stone
for the new generation to the future."

Of course, I couldn't
fully understand how he felt.

But as I knew what kind of views
he always had,

I felt obliged to express his views
on his behalf.

You're amazing.

This is what you've been hiding
behind those innocent eyes.

Art warns us about the future.

It's always a step ahead,
looking into the future.

Just like Seoul.

We are always a step ahead
in changing the pavement in Seoul.

I'd like to express
my gratitude and admiration

to all the participating artists.

And most importantly,
to the host of this exhibition,

Director Won Sang-a.

You're my future. You know that, right?

On the flight home yesterday,

the pinot noir was so good
that I finished the whole bottle.

I'm still a bit hungover.

What should we do?
Do you want to change into my blouse?



You're a director with Gardening TV?

I'm Director Ha Jong-ho
of The Private Lives of Plants.


And this is my cameraperson.

And you're here to cover the Blue Orchid?

I've been expecting this day to come.

Please follow me.

The Blue Orchid is globally rare.

But the one we have is the most beautiful.

We can say that
it is the queen of orchids.

Is that right?

But that's a little-known fact

since I've been keeping it a secret.

Still, I can't keep it a secret forever.

Please film everything you need.

The timing couldn't be better.

Orchid expert Mr. Joel Fields suspected

that you succeeded in
artificially cultivating them here.


That would be impossible.

The seeds that fell on that old tree
just happened to have sprouted.

How did you get your hands
on this rare species in the first place?

This school was established 40 years ago.

General Won Gi-seon, the founder,
gifted it to me back then.

Do you mean the former commander
of the Defense Security Command--

Someone as young as you knows
about the General?

He was a hidden hero of the Vietnam War.

He found the orchid during an operation

and brought it into Korea himself.

This is it.

We'll make a wonderful pair.

We will?

Look at me.

How do I look?

You look beautiful,

sexy, and…

Perhaps, a ditzy and extravagant woman.

That's why I need a shadow
that looks like you.

Someone who is pretty
but doesn't seem to care for such things.

A young woman who is smart and efficient.

I don't think I'm that kind of person.

That's why I'm saying
I'm going to guide you to be one.

You're charming.

With a bit of a touch-up,
you'll look absolutely elegant.

From now on, only wear what I give you.

I want my assistant

to reflect her inner dignity.

I'm flattered by your kind words,

but I don't think the dress you're wearing

reflects your inner dignity at all.


This is my sense of humor.

Describe my husband
with words that come to your mind.

He's extremely competent,


Full of himself, isn't he?

That's why I look like this.

People find it amusing if I look ditzy.

It also makes my husband
look especially smart.

You know I love to live lavishly.

It's to prove my husband's success.

A princess would never marry
an incompetent man.

Self-deprecation is
the highest form of humor.

It's a lesson I learned
at the New York School of Theater.

Who is our enemy in this war?

It is ourselves.

Who were we
before we came to the battlefield?

We were construction laborers,
factory workers…

-Shoe repairers!


Carpenters, miners, sailors…

We worked for our country

from the very bottom rung of society.

To get to a higher and brighter place,

we fought as fiercely as we could
on this battlefield!


Let us pledge everything
as warriors for our country…

General Won was the greatest hero
of the Vietnam War,

but not many Koreans know that.

Isn't that interesting?

He and the Blue Orchid
have that in common.

But it's time that the Korean people

learned more about the General.



After he returned to his motherland,
he did many things.

He built new houses in demolished villages

and established facilities for vagrants.

In the late 70s,

he began to build schools

for children in need.

This is the last
of the six schools that he built.


What do you study for?

If I study hard,

I can reach the highest place,
even if I'm from the lowest place.


We knew so little about people like this.



I can provide you with
all the information you need.

Please make a good show for us.



Damn it.



Where to, ma'am?

Straight ahead for now.

Are we being followed?

I usually let it slide,

but it's getting on my nerves today.

I mean my husband
treating me like a child.

He must be very concerned about you.

He can't stand to see me
having fun with other people.

Do you know

where Hwa-young's place is?

Was it there?

Through that gap below,

I saw her feet in heels hanging in midair.

You must have been so shocked.


To be honest…

I still can't believe it

even though I saw it with my own eyes.

I feel the same way.

I keep thinking about Hwa-young.

Even though she took off with my money…

I believe

that there were moments
when we were real friends.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be able
to bear the sadness.

Why do you dislike me?

Because I'm self-centered?

Because I try to take In-hye away?

I don't dislike you anymore.


If I think about it,
there were moments I should thank you for.

You recognized In-hye's artistic talent

and you took her to the hospital.

Honestly, I may have believed
it was okay for me to hate you

since you already had everything

that anyone could ask for.

Do you think

that I have everything?


failed at what I wanted to do the most.

You did?

I wanted to be an actress

with all my heart.


I couldn't act in front of other people.

People said all kinds of things.

That I was lousy,
landed roles through connections,

and had only looks.

In the end, I retired as an actress.

And I decided…

to act in secret.


I'm acting around the clock now

as Park Jae-sang's beloved wife.

That's the only role I'm good at playing.

You fooled me completely.

My husband and I are brilliant actors.

When we act out our roles perfectly
as each other's spouses,

we feel something similar to love.

I'm the one who cast him in the role.

Because I wanted to be the First Lady.

One day, I happened to see
his face from the side

and thought he looked like a president.

At times…

I wanted to be honest.

So I told Hwa-young everything.

I'll be straight with you, ma'am.

Hyo-rin's dad did this
in front of Hyo-rin.

Also, the scars on your body…

Are you sure you don't need help?

I can help you.

Every man who tries to court
a general's daughter

is ambitious.

Hyo-rin's dad was
the most ambitious of them all.

That means

he has a large hole in his heart.

But he'd never hurt Hyo-rin

because he sincerely loves her.

So I've come to terms with it.

If I don't,

I'd have to give up on the only role

I'm good at playing.

Hyo-rin's mother seems to be

someone to feel sorry for,
rather than someone who is crazy.

Looks like she displayed
her acting skills.


That's not who Director Won is.

She probably did that to win your trust.


With Hwa-young dead,

she must need another Jin Hwa-young.

She needs a person
who can do dangerous work for her.

That can't be true.

It looked real.

How could anyone fake something like that?

What did she do?

She seemed like an abused…

I mean…

Everyone has something they want to hide,

so I shouldn't talk about it, but…

Your biggest charm…

is that you take things at face value.

And people like us love that.

Hyo-rin's mother will ask you
to go to Singapore soon.

I really believed
that we were becoming friends.

In-joo, there's something
you should know about Choi Do-il.

On January 12, 2012,

an SUV fell off a cliff

along a coastal road in Mazatlán, Mexico.

The local press suspected SUA.

The driver, a Korean man in his twenties,
was rescued.

The body of the passenger,
a Korean-American woman,

couldn't be found due to bad weather.

It's Choi Do-il.

I've seen him
with his girlfriend on campus.

But after one summer, she was gone.

Rumor had it

that a Russian money laundering group
didn't like her.

Are you saying
that Mr. Choi faked a car accident

to kill his girlfriend?

It doesn't end there.

On August 9, 1998,
a resident who was in conflict

with the redevelopment committee
over compensation

swung a hammer and killed the chairperson.

Was it Mr. Choi who swung the hammer?

His mother did.

He was 12 years old then.

Hey, this is unfair.

He was just 12 years old.

He shouldn't be criticized
for what his mother did.

Right after that incident,

that 12-year-old boy
was sent to the US to study

through the scholarship foundation run
by General Won Gi-seon.

Wonryeong Construction
was in charge of the redevelopment,

and it's closely related to General Won.



Why are you digging this up
and telling me all this?

Perhaps he really had a car accident
with his girlfriend.

How could you accuse him of murder
when you don't even know him that well?

Do you like him?

What are you talking about?

-I'll be back.
-Sit, Jong-ho! I don't like him.

I'm your sister.

I'm always the first
to find out how you feel.


What am I feeling now?

I beg you.

Stay away from that man.

I clearly saw the way you looked at him.

It won't end well.

I mean it.

To me,

he's just money.

You know how much I love money.

I think of him as money.

Does he have something to do
with the ledgers?

It was his idea to use the ledgers
to strike a deal with Park Jae-sang,

wasn't it?

Did he promise to make you rich?

He even drove his girlfriend
to death over money.

-And you want him to make you rich?
-Be quiet.

The ledgers are mine.

No matter what I do with them,
it's none of your business.

Can't you two just go out already?

I'm sick of this.


You should stop seeing him.

There's something off about him.

Hold on.

That orchid.

It's the same as the one I saw
at Hwa-young's place.

I also found a similar orchid
at the scene of Director Shin's accident.

That's impossible.

It's supposed to be a very rare species.

It's even called the queen of orchids.

No, they're the same.


Have a look.

It's the same one, right?

They're the same, right?

They are.

I told you so.



What brings you here?

I'm having lunch with a friend.

I'm in a bit of a hurry.

I'll see you later.

Do you now understand
how rare this orchid is?

You can't find them anymore,
even in Vietnam.

Excessive deforestation
destroyed its habitat.

But this rare orchid was found

at all these scenes of fatal accidents.

Isn't that strange?

And all these accidents

are related to Park Jae-sang's family
to some extent.

That sounds hard to believe.

I know. Unless there's a huge conspiracy…

Don't take this the wrong way.

Have you been drinking?

-With a story like this,

I need to make sure
that you're mentally sound.

I'll also need to double-check
all the evidence and witnesses.

I'm ready.

Let's start quickly, on one condition.

I want to keep this from Ms. Jang--


Reporter Oh In-kyung?


The personnel committee decided
to dismiss you this morning.

Dismiss me?

Hold on.

I'll find out what happened.

Did I just get fired?

In-joo, Hyo-rin forgot her phone at home.
Can you bring it to the academy?

Where is it?


Are you home?

Why aren't you picking up?

In-kyung, she isn't feeling well.
Come back tomorrow.

I need to talk to you.

Aren't you taking this too far?

Let's talk later, In-kyung.

Did you tell my CEO to fire me?

Hold on a second.

I never did such a thing.

Tell me, Hyo-rin.

What is that painting? What did you paint?

Was it something you saw or heard?

Something you saw
on the news or in a photo?

I don't know.

How can you not know?
You painted it yourself.

I need to know.

I'm not leaving until you tell me.

What's with you?
She says she doesn't know.

I'm the one who told her to paint it.

What are you saying?

You told her to what?

A scene that scares her the most.

A scene that she can't tell anyone about
but keeps seeing.

I told her to paint it
so she can overcome her fear.


I've seen that scene in real life.

I found a friend of mine,

dead in her room, looking just like that.

I need to know.

That painting…

Why did you draw it?

Was that…

your friend's room?

When was that?

Let's begin the Q&A session
with the reporters.

First up is Reporter Cha Seung-hyeon

with HTN.

I'm Reporter Cha Seung-hyeon--

I have a question for Mr. Park Jae-sang.

Please wait for your turn, Reporter Oh.

I was dismissed from OBN today,

so my turn won't ever come
starting tomorrow.

I need to ask you this question right now.


You answered a question about your father
on Discussion of Youth recently.

-Turn off her mic.
-That he was a Vietnam War veteran,

that he was affected by Agent Orange,

and that you had a difficult childhood.

But according to what I found out,

your late father, Mr. Park Il-bok…

Forestland in 1982.

A vacant lot in 1985.

A building in Daechi-dong in 1988.

An apartment in Dongjak-gu in 1992.

Your late father owned

buildings worth 4.98 billion won

and land worth 3.05 billion won.

He owned real estate worth
about eight billion won in total.

Any comment on this, Mr. Park?



Hyo-rin is gone.

But I don't think she left home.

Have you looked everywhere?

Is she hiding somewhere?

I hope nothing bad happened.






There she is.

In the parking lot.


In the car.
I can see the light from her phone.



Wake up. Are you okay?


My gosh.

It's the dashcam footage
from the 17th of last month.

That's the day when Hwa-young died.

Hyo-rin, just a second.

This is the way to Hwa-young's place.

That day…

Hyo-rin's dad went to Hwa-young's place.

Dad left home without even looking at me.

My friend died.

What makes you so sure
that she was murdered?

What did you bring with you?

What is it that you want?

The scent of the orchid
reminded you of that scene.

It must be somewhere in your head.

What's your relationship
with those people, Great-Aunt?

To make sure Hwa-young's death
wasn't in vain…

Do you know something about the orchid?


Holding on to this can be dangerous.

All of the deaths are connected
by this orchid.

Subtitle translation by: Min-jin Kim