Little Women (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

In a secret garden, Won Sang-ah commissions Oh In-hye to draw a portrait of her. In-joo and In-kyung debate over the fate of the found money.

Why did you tell Hyo-rin
to submit your painting as hers?

It was painted by Hyo-rin.

I was Hyo-rin when I was painting it.

With her typical expression on my face,

I used her favorite colors and textures.

That painting is perfect.

The General knew that I was special.

That's why he passed down this house
to me instead of Sang-woo.

I had to make huge sacrifices,

but I overcame them all.

Do you…

want that doll?



can you do it too?

Can you betray someone

who loves you the most in the world?

What about you?

What sacrifice did you have to make?

My father's…


As soon as I returned from the States
after my divorce,

I bought a small apartment
with a view of the Han River.

Everyone tried to stop me.

They said I should remarry
with the money I had

instead of buying a house to live alone.

Did you ever regret it?

I believe that people
become rich by choice.

Should I get married or become rich?
I was at a crossroads.

I chose to become rich.

You could've waited down there.
I would have been right back.

It's okay. I'm glad to be here.

I've always wanted to visit your home.

You're my friend.

I was going to keep this house
and only rent it out.

I didn't want to sell it to anyone.

Are you sure

it's okay to sell it to me?

There's a perfect soul for each home.

If this house chooses to accept you,
I should step away.

Don't open it!

Why not?

It doesn't close.

How do you shower here?


Like this.

Like this?

You're more likely to succeed
when you live in a good house.

Because you can put most things behind
once you're home.

-Are these ants?

Sit over there. This is where ants travel.

Capitalism is a psychological game.

There's an emotion
only the wealthy can overcome

while the poor cannot.

What emotion is that?

A sense of loss.

I see.

You must be ready to lose something
to make big money.

Because only those who risk more can win.

You know,

even if I lose everything,
I can always start again from scratch

if I have a home like this.


think so too.

You can sit here alone
and watch the sunset and nightfall.

You can decide by tomorrow morning, right?

Everything in your home is real.

What about yours? Is everything fake?

It also seems like
your sisters really love you.

That's what pisses me off at times.

You accept love like it's a given.

I'd be much more grateful if I were you.

You know, about love…

Do we have to accept it
if it's given to us?

Can't we just turn it down
if we don't want it?

Can we?

Hey, what will you do about
the window that doesn't close?

We just need to keep the lights off.

The screen fell out, so bugs will fly in.

We might get a rat though.

A little rat came in last time.

-We should close it right now.
-A rat!

I'm sleeping over at my friend's tonight.

It's perfect.

I think this house likes me.

I never imagined I could own
an apartment unit like this in my life.

So you're going to buy that apartment
with the stolen money?

Why do you keep calling it "stolen money"?

It's money I received.

Anyway, you need to see for yourself.

Once you do, you'll understand.

How can I put this?

It feels like I have a reliable guardian
who'll keep me safe no matter what.

No, I'll never understand.

You once said something
along those lines before.

When you brought your husband-to-be.

You said he'll keep you safe
no matter what,

and that he owns an apartment in Seoul.

Hey! How can you compare this with that?

In-kyung, let's start anew here.

I'll get another job
and start learning English too.

And I'll get certified in accounting.

We've been poor for so long.
We deserve to be happy now.

So what about it?

Poverty can bring people down,
but it can also make people stronger.

We overcame everything
to get to where we are.

I'm proud of us.

I'm not giving it all up
over a measly two billion won.

"A measly two billion won"?

You're so full of yourself.

Hey, we were in hot water last month
because we didn't have a mere 2.5 million.

We couldn't fix a window,
so it's been stuck for three years.

And our sister…

had to die
without receiving any treatment.

How can you say that about this money?
It can turn our lives around.

"A measly two billion won"?

I'm also heartbroken over our sister.

That's why…

we have to escape this.

I'll quit drinking
and change my life around starting now.

I can do it.

You fool. There is only one way
for you to live a different life.

What is it?

Not being poor anymore.

I'll bring it all back.

Mom, Dad, In-hye, and you.

I'll make sure we all live
without worrying about money.

In-joo, I'm someone
who reports embezzlement, theft,

and fraud as crimes.

How can I report the news
while living in a house

bought with stolen money?

So what?

Are you going to turn me in
if I buy this unit?

If you really have to,
let's cut ties with each other.

-I cannot accept your decision.

Don't call me for the time being.
I'm blocking you.

Hey, In-kyung!

She's so full of herself.


Do you remember this day?

This patient caused trouble
from early in the morning.

He cried out saying
someone was coming to kill him.

He locked himself in the bathroom
and didn't come out.

When I opened the door and went in,

everything was in a complete mess,
as expected.

People who are in a state of confusion

tend to want to make their surroundings
just as confusing.

First, I prepared the sedatives.

I'm rather quick,

so it takes me less than 30 seconds
to prepare the shot.

-But the patient was already calm.
-The war…

It takes quite a while
for patients to calm down

when they get that much adrenaline.

I thought, "Who's that lawyer?"

"The patient is breathing
and talking almost normally."

Did you hear what he said?

The war isn't over.

"The war isn't over."

The General is waiting.

"The General is waiting."

How high do you think that
someone from rock bottom can rise up to?

To the highest

and the brightest place.

Then the lawyer looked at me,

and I almost screamed.


Because he looked so cold.

There are men like him
among talented doctors.

People who keep their heart rate under 90
even in the direst situation,

like people who dispose of bombs.

"Do lawyers have to be like that too?"

I remember wondering that.

What is that?

I think the patient
is holding something in his hand.

It's a flower. It's thin and blue.

I think the lawyer gave it to him.

By any chance…

was it this one?

It was.

Doesn't it look like a face?

If you look closely,
it seems like it's looking back at you.

Is that why it's called the ghost orchid?

It's strange that there's a whole book
written about this orchid.

"Joel Fields. Jang Sa-pyeong."

It's even stranger
that someone translated this.

How did you find this book?
You're just as strange.

We played detectives when we were kids.

You were the director
and I was the assistant.

We were meant to take turns each week,
but you forgot.

So I kept being the director,

pretending I had forgotten too.

I didn't forget.

I was afraid you'd stop playing with me
if I asked you to switch.

Where's Hyo-rin?

Let's go on a little date
while Hyo-rin is with her math tutor.

Are you good at keeping secrets?


I'd like to ask you to do something
without anyone else knowing.

"An orchid that is also called a ghost."

"Among over 30,000 kinds of orchids,
this blue orchid is the most mysterious."

"Many explorers and botanists
searched the jungles of Vietnam

and managed to obtain a few of them,

but they all ended up losing their lives."

"That's why this orchid is also called

the Orchid of Death."

This is my father's secret orchid room.

Why is it a secret?

Apparently, it's illegal to grow
or import this orchid,

since it is both endangered and poisonous.


I think my father wanted to
keep it all to himself.

There's no need to show it
to people who won't appreciate it.

It's so beautiful.

This one looks good.

From now on,

this is your orchid.

Is this for me?

It's for you…

but I'll leave it here.

This tree looks after the orchids
so they stay alive.

Do you have a good view of my nose?

Don't you want to draw it?

I do want to draw it.

This will be

our secret portrait.

Something we won't show anyone.

"Even among the natives,

only a few shamans knew where
the orchid's habitat was."

"If a layperson came across the orchid,
it could put them in danger."

"When you first encounter the orchid,

you will feel your pain disappear
just by smelling it,

and soon begin to feel pleasantly dizzy."

Then did he use the orchid as a sedative

since Mr. Kim was too agitated?

Since Mr. Kim consciously smelled it
in front of the mirror,

he must also have been aware
of its effects.

"For the extremely sensitive,

the orchid can increase their pulse,
make them feel light-footed,

and at times, even cause hallucinations."

Run. Run faster.

Why is this portrait a secret?

I'm only interested in secretive things.

Knowing what everyone else knows

is no fun.

Isn't it the same for you?

Run. Run faster.

You have to run away. Faster!

Are you all right?

You look pale.

"If you brew the orchid's root as tea,
you can completely lose your senses

and fall into a deep sleep."

"Shamans referred to this moment

as the first step
of the stairs to heaven."

You have to run away. Faster!

"In this state, shamans often come across
the spirits of the deceased."

Why can't you run faster?

Don't stop.

If you don't escape,

you'll die.



In-hye. Wake up.


She's asleep.

All the tests

must have tired her out.

I'm sorry I was so hard to reach.

You must be startled.


I'm sorry I came so late.

It must have been really tough.

The emergency room said her condition
is ventricular tachycardia,

so I came to this hospital right away.

A doctor here is renowned in the field
of hereditary heart conditions.

Hereditary heart conditions?

She's lucky she didn't come in any later.

The ECG shows typical signs
of Luigi's Disease.

She could collapse and die any minute.

She needs a thorough examination
and surgery immediately.


It's called a defibrillator.

We'll place a mechanical device this big
below her skin near the chest.

When she suddenly has a heart attack,
it'll deliver an electric shock

to stabilize her heartbeat.

Do you have any family members
who suddenly died due to heart disease?

Your parents or siblings?


No, Mom.

She's okay now.

She won't die once she gets surgery.

Don't cry and tell me.

We had a younger sister, right?

She suddenly collapsed
and died when she was a baby.


Since when did you remember that?

She needs surgery as soon as possible.

She could have another episode
any day now.

Our insurance doesn't cover this,
so it costs a lot.

She'll need to keep taking meds.

The device has to be replaced
every few years,

so it'll continue to cost a lot.

Will she manage to live

as long as she gets surgery?

I'll use that money for the surgery.

Our dead sister…

Her name was In-seon.

She had the same condition as In-hye,

and surgery could have saved her.

Even if you refuse,

I will use that money.

I don't care if I go to prison.

And I don't care
if you sever ties with me.

In any case…

she won't die, right?

Raise your hand if you have a question
for Lawyer Park Jae-sang.

Hello, I'm a young man from a poor family.

I do my best to survive,

but I end up blaming my poor father
every now and then.

How did you manage to find success
despite your situation?

My father was a veteran
of the Vietnam War.

As a result of Agent Orange,

he developed a skin condition
and a mental illness.

I never had a mother,
so my grandmother raised me.

Many people ask me this.

"How did you manage to rise above
despite your situation?"

How did I get here?

It was easy

since my childhood experiences were
much more difficult than anything else.

Since his response came
straight from his life experience,

I feel that it made it
all the more memorable.

Now, the next question.

Are you tailing Ms. Oh In-joo?

I'm just doing a simple background check.

Didn't you cause trouble doing that once?

Ms. Oh is important to us.

One wrong move and something might happen
to that 70 billion won.

Mr. Park said you'd be done for

if you act out of line again.

Wealth and fame are guaranteed…

-Mr. Park.
-Got any good news?

The approval ratings are out.

You're in second place.

It's 2nd place, but more like 1.5.

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm talking about the trend.

A month ago, your rating was 2.3 percent.

You were practically unknown.

Your rating is skyrocketing
among the younger generation,

while your opponent is getting support
from their usuals.

One more move and the tables will turn.

It's about time
we arm ourselves to the teeth,

but that 70 billion is being delayed.

We're on our feet looking for it,
so it's bound to take time.

Can you find the money elsewhere?

Probably not Switzerland,
but Hong Kong or Singapore might do.

Then it's down to this one last move.

That documentary you're filming
with the TV station.

It'd be nice
if we could throw in a touching story.

What should I do?

I feel so bad.

It wasn't just anemia
or low blood pressure.

It was a terminal illness.

She has a rare genetic disease.

Ms. Go, does In-hye's family have
any money for her treatment?

Didn't you say
Ms. Oh In-joo didn't have any money?

She doesn't.

Honey, can't our foundation
also offer support for her treatment

along with her scholarship?

What will Hyo-rin do if In-hye dies?

A rare genetic disease…

It'll be touching, sir.



I'm here.

-I was worried.
-About what?

That I might die

while I had you blocked.


I'm sorry.

You must have been
so embarrassed that day.

I know

that you love me.

But at times, I despise it.

I'm sorry.

I won't drink anymore.
I'll never do that again.

I wonder why.

I think I might have wanted…

a different kind of love.

Not the kind of love you get
as a little sister

or the kind you get
just because you grew up together.

What kind of love did you want?

The kind you get for being a good painter.

The kind of love you get

because you're a good kid,
have silky hair, or because you're useful.

Love like that.

I was afraid I'd die
before I had the chance

to show people who I am.

I always felt like I was being chased

and like I was going to suddenly die.


I love you

because of your protruding toe,

because you always burped after a meal
since you were a baby,

because the way your breath
and hair smell when you wake up,

and because of your temper
that makes sure you get your revenge

although you never apologize
for your own mistakes.

Those are the reasons why I love you.

There are no other reasons.

I hate that.

Where are you?

Why? I'm busy.

Don't touch the money for a while.

Park Jae-sang is doing
a background check on you.

I can't do that.
I have to use it for something.

Can't you give it some time
until I say that it's okay?

Mr. Choi.

Are you worried that this might
affect the deal that we made?


Then do whatever you can to stop that.
This is urgent.

Go Su-im is the person
who is coming after you.

She is cunning and brutal.

I'm afraid that you might get…

I'm in the elevator right now.

Let's talk later.

Please, excuse me.

-You can't go in there.
-It'll only be a minute.

You can't just walk in,
that's the locker room!

What's wrong?

My name is Go Su-im.
I work for the Park Jae-sang Foundation.

What is this about?

I'm looking for the two billion won
that Ms. Jin embezzled.

Why would you be asking me about that?

Ms. Jin took the two billion won…

in a perfectly-sized backpack.

That's the bag, isn't it?

Start counting.

Go on.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I'll give you all the money,

so can you lend me just 100 million won?

I'll return the clothes and cash too.

Look at her.

She still doesn't get it, does she?

Listen, the money was ours to begin with.

You're not giving it to us.

I'm also entitled to this money.

How so?

There are a few ways
for someone to get money.

You either work for it,
inherit it, steal it, or just find it.

You stole that money from someone,
and I happened to find it.

Finding and keeping it takes
just as much time and effort as stealing.

I kept it in a safe place,
worried about it all day,

and counted it again and again…

What kind of elaborate nonsense is this?

Honestly speaking,
two billion won was too much for me.

I wondered if I could really manage
this amount of money.

Or if my life was even worth
two billion won.

But it's different
when it comes to my sister.

If there's a price tag for people,
In-hye is worth

far more than two billion.

I'll get her treated first,
then pay you back.

My life and soul together should be worth
at least 100 million, right?

She's funny.

Are you a comedian
or do you have a screw loose somewhere?

This intrigues me.

Now I'm curious about how far you would go

for money.

Why don't you find out?

We run our mouths for the small things
that are right before our eyes.

That's why I like violence.

Everyone is honest

when they're in the face of violence.

How was that?

I'll hit you nine more times.

After all 10 hits,
I'll lend you 100 million won.

Shout "go" after I hit you
if you think you can continue.

Then I'll hit you again.

But if you stop in the middle,

you'll get nothing,
no matter how many hits you take.


Get up.

Do you get it now? You could die.

Fear spreads the fastest
out of all human emotions.

You're probably racking your brain
for ways to avoid getting beaten.

Do you regret it yet?

The hits will get harder and harder.
And your fear will grow even bigger.

But it gets harder to give up

because of all the hits you've taken.

Do you get it now?

Isn't now the perfect time to give up?

Let me warn you.
I'm going for your head next.

There's no telling what will happen.

Oh, my. I think it's our day to let loose.

Should we stop?

It would be a hassle
if something bad were to happen.

Your sister will never know
that you gave up on her anyway.

Five more to go.

You asked for it.

I was really going to stop.

What the hell?

What do you think you're doing, Ms. Go?

Damn it.

Weren't you warned that you'd be done for

if you acted out of line again?

This? We were playing a game
under mutual consent.

Was I acting out of line, Ms. Oh?

No, I wanted to do this.

Right? And you want to go on.

Say "go" if you want to go on.

It's a "go" no matter what. We're at five.

I'm fine. I can handle this.

Get yourself together. It's over.

No. Let's continue, Ms. Go.

I can take it. I'm fine.

Ms. Go.

Hyo-rin's mother?

Were you trying to kill Ms. Oh?

She gave you the money back.

Why would you…

Ms. Oh isn't a bad person.

Don't you dare touch her again.

If there's a problem,

I'll deal with it myself.

It's all right, Ms. Oh.

Isn't this place nice?

It's so nice here!

You must be cold.

I'm fine.

I'm hungry. Let's go.

They're Bruno Zumino.

I got them for myself
for my birthday last year.

I've been here before.

Did Hwa-young bring you here?

Were you two close?

We came here together once a month.

It's my favorite restaurant.

I told her about the yoga class too.

I also gave her
the clothes and the bags I never used.

Does that mean we were close?

I realized that day.

The day you came

in these shoes.

"Ms. Oh must have been
close friends with Hwa-young."

"She must have left
something behind for her."

"Ms. Oh could have taken that money."

I was the one who gave her those shoes.

They were for her birthday last year.

I thought Director Shin
went to the store himself to get them.

He bought me a pair for my birthday.

I loved them so much
that I got the same pair for Hwa-young.

If anything, he knew
a thing or two about shoes.

During my four years with Hwa-young,
she never told me this.

That she had a rich friend.


She didn't even tell me
that she had any close friends.

I found a photo of her with someone else.

The tab wasn't in her file of receipts.

This receipt is from
a day before her birthday.

It cost 4.3 million won for the shoes.

Is this enough to prove we were friends?

The two of us

hit it off in a special way.

We both knew that a secret
should always remain a secret.


Let's say it's true.

But why are you telling me this?

The thought of Hwa-young

still makes me upset.

Not about the money.

It was her attitude.
How she suddenly ended up dead.

How should I put this…

Her attitude insulted me.

That's why I was hesitant
on making this offer,

but I want you to work for me, Ms. Oh.

Be my assistant.


You'll be in charge of my schedule,
money, and orchids.

There's a lot of menial work to be done.

I get rather lonely
being with someone like Ms. Go.

If this is the job Hwa-young had,

then I have to refuse.

I'm aware that it was dangerous.

Didn't you

need money?

I think of this as a kind of profession.

I can't work with just anyone.

It has to be someone I really like.

To tell you the truth,

I don't believe that you
and Hwa-young were friends.

You may have thought so,
but not Hwa-young.

She knew that someone as wealthy as you

could never be friends
with people like us.

She knew that better than anyone.

As long as you don't ask me
to become your friend,

I'm willing to give it a go.

How much will you pay me?

I need money
for In-hye's treatment right away.

I'll tell Ms. Go to send you the contract,

along with the non-disclosure agreement.

Also, there's a way to get money
for In-hye's treatment.

This is my husband's request.

Excuse me for a second.

Hey, In-kyung. What is it?

In-joo, you have to hurry.
In-hye just had another episode.



I'm scared.

It'll go well. Don't worry about it.

It has to go well.

They say I might die.

You won't.

You'll never die.

Once you wake up,
you'll have a healthy heart.

The doctor here is the best,
and so is the hospital.

And you're the best too.

Only the patient is allowed in from here.


Think of it as a nap, okay?

In-joo, what happened to your face?

I must have cried too much.

Did you bring the money?

In-kyung, I'll take care of the money.

You don't need to worry about it.

But you might be bothered
by something that might happen later.

Like what?

Just stay put.

Then the money won't be a problem.

Run. Run faster!

If you run fast enough, you can escape.


I have to run faster.


I can't.


Are you all right?


The surgery went well.

You've done well.

Can you call Mom?



You've done well.

When are you coming?

What? I can't go yet.

Even though I'm this sick?

It's mango season right now,
so there's too much work.

I'll go see you after I'm done here.

I want to ask you something.

What is it? Go ahead.

Mom, why does it feel like…

I've died once before?

It was night and someone was running
while carrying me on their back.

My heart stopped that night
and it never started beating again.

Why was I called In-seon then?


One second, In-hye.

I told you this before,
but you told me not to tell anyone.

What on earth did you tell her?

Did you tell her about when In-seon died?

-Well, I was…
-I can't…

Why? When?

That night

when In-seon passed out,

your dad was out working
and our phone was cut off.

I carried her on my back to the hospital

even though I knew she was already dead.

Why would you tell her that?
She was just a child!

I couldn't talk to anyone,
so I told her when she was just a baby.

That night came back to me
whenever I carried In-hye to sleep.

Fine, so come home soon.

Come and explain that to her.

I can't go right now.
I have to harvest mangoes.

Stop going on about mangoes!
Can't you see In-hye is sick?

I can't bear to see it happen again.

If I go through that again, I might die.


In-hye is your daughter.

You're responsible for her.

Dad wasn't in an accident, was he?

He's still gambling, right?

You can't come

because you no longer have
the money or your passport.

Like what happened before.

I didn't know either.

Dad says he's sorry.

We can go once we pay them back,

so let's talk again tomorrow.

Mom, just don't call us.
It'd be better not to see you again.

In-kyung, In-joo. I'm sorry.

-I'm sorry! I'm--
-Sorry, but I'm blocking you for now.



It must have hurt a lot, right?

Why are you crying?
I'm the one who's sick.

I feel so bad for In-hye.

Hyo-rin, you don't have to
feel bad for her.

She's amazing.

This surgery is tough even for adults,

but she pulled through.


Excuse me.

What are you all doing?

One second.

Can you leave for a moment?
I'll take care of this.


I'll tell you later.


Come on. I'm begging you.

I'm grateful for the bravery she showed
in the face of great adversity.

It's not easy
to accept something from others,

but thank you for giving us this chance
to lend a helping hand.

Enough is enough.

She needs to recover.

Then we'll interview
a family member and leave.

Yes, I'll--

I'll do it.

-Stop it.
-Excuse me.

I'll do it.

Meeting Hyo-rin's mom and dad was

the biggest luck I had in my life.

If it hadn't been for them,
I would have died yesterday.

I've been ill quite often
since I was little,

but I never had a proper examination.

I was able to learn about my illness
and received surgery thanks to them.

Thank you very much.

I feel like I've been born again.

Are we doing that for money?

You said you had two billion.

That was part of a slush fund
for Park Jae-sang Foundation.

I returned it all

and they offered to pay
for the treatment in return.

That was Park Jae-sang's money?

The treatment will cost
over 100 million won.

Can't you just let it slide?
Just turn a blind eye to it.

Let's get one more interview.

Don't you know what he's like?

He paid In-hye for her painting
to send his daughter abroad.

Does In-hye's life have to be
in the hands of someone like him?

You can say that
when you can afford to pay.

You need money for love.

If you don't have the money,
you need to grin and bear it.

I'm always prepared to do so.

If not, I wouldn't be any different
from our parents.

They're too busy picking mangoes
to visit their sickly daughter.

Ms. Oh In-kyung.

You don't have to stop investigating me
because I paid for In-hye's treatment.

I don't intend on disclosing
that I'm helping your sister.

So don't worry and keep up the good work.

Sure. That was my intention.

You're due 95,002,400 won.

How would you like to pay?

Please tell me the account number.

Let me pay for that.

Ma'am, I don't know who you are,

but our foundation will be covering
In-hye's treatment costs.

What do you mean?

I talked to her mother
and told her I'd pay for it.

She's our Great-Aunt.

She heard about In-hye's condition
and offered to pay for her treatment.

Something like this
should be resolved within the family.

Tell everyone to leave.

It was very nice of them,

but they can help other unfortunate kids.

Ma'am, In-hye is
a scholarship student at our foundation.

This isn't out of pity.

We'd like to nurture
her extraordinary talent.

Please give us a chance
to sponsor In-hye--

I know you.

Your name is Park Jae-sang, isn't it?


I knew your father.

Mr. Park Il-bok.

I often went looking for land to buy
with your father back in the day.

Anyway, I'll cover the bill.

Are credit cards okay?

Single payment, please.


I'll stay at Hyo-rin's for a while
after I'm discharged.


why would you go there
when you have your own home?

Hyo-rin's mom asked me to come
so we can prepare for our studies abroad.

You're sick. You can't go to study abroad.

The doctor said I can go
if I prepare well.

Hyo-rin's mom told me not to give up
just because I'm sick.

In-hye, you know
that you're being weird, right?

Do you have to go abroad now?

You can go when you're at university.

I told you we'd do our best
to send you abroad.

Studying abroad isn't just
about the money.

I have to eat, dress, and socialize there.

I've never been to a restaurant here,

so how would I know
how to order food there?

I even attended weddings
in my school uniform.

So what should I wear to a birthday party?

I was always taught to run
when a stranger talks to me.

So how could I make small talk
with strangers once I'm there?

I have so much to learn.

Hyo-rin's mom said she'd teach me.

I have nothing to learn from you two.


Did you decide only to listen to her?

Do the things we say
mean nothing to you now?

If you were in my shoes,
you would do the same.

And Hyo-rin's mom said

you'd soon come to that house
and work with her.

What is she saying?

I said I'll work for her
in exchange for In-hye's treatment.

But I don't have to go anymore.

That girl, In-seon.

She told me this every time
she collapsed and died.

That if I don't escape from this family,
someday I'll…

wind up dead.

How could she say that?

It's as if In-hye became someone else.


I need to become someone else too.

Come on. You too?

What kind of person will you become?

I have some ledgers.

They're for the slush fund
Director Shin kept for 25 years.

I'll use that to get
the most money out of it.

Much more than two billion won.

I'll buy a house
with a view of the Han River,

and make sure to send In-hye
to study abroad myself.

I wanted to become

someone who can
protect their family with money.

Someone that In-hye
can learn something from.

My goodness, In-joo.

You really have such a ledger?

-If that's true, money isn't the problem.

If I look into that ledger,

I'd be able to dig up every single crime
Park Jae-sang's family was involved in.

I'll prepare a report on it,
expose him to the world,

-and end him for--

Don't you know
how to sympathize with others?

I told you I'll send In-hye abroad
with that money,

and all you can think about
is achieving your dream.

How could you be so…

How's In-hye?

She's much better.

Did you contact Mr. Joel Fields?

Yes. We can video call him right away.

"Gyeonggi-do, Musim-gun,


This is the address Cheol-seong gave me.

He told me to start investigating here.


I think

I've gotten over that two billion won.

We're going to make
much more money than that

by using that ledger.

Well? What's our next plan?

We won't use the ledger for a while.

Our next plan is…

for you to work under Hyo-rin's mother.



What do you think?

What's all this?

An apartment unit under your name.

It's in Sentosa, Singapore.

This is an English green classic car
that's under your name.

I have no idea what you're saying.

This is the business school
you're attending.

This cafe's owner is well-acquainted
with Ms. Oh In-joo from Korea.

Take a close look.

Here's Ms. Oh In-joo,
who lives in Singapore.

This is Hwa-young.

Since three years ago,

she's been living in Singapore
under your name.

On the 13th of last month…

…she split up 70 billion won
and deposited it across seven banks.

Of course, she did it
under the name Oh In-joo.

Please sign them.

Why are they all in English?

I want to register it abroad
while I'm at it.

I need to go to Singapore right away.

We'll make a wonderful pair.

We will?

I have business to attend to in Singapore.

Can you get it done by tomorrow?

You're my future.

Everyone in this family is insane.

That wacko up there.
It's Hyo-rin's dad, right?

There are scary scenes I keep seeing.

I simply began to draw them.

This is Director Oh In-kyung,
who's starting today.

Aren't you taking this too far?

That orchid.

They're the same, right?


Hyo-rin is gone.

I don't think she left home.

I need to know.

That painting…

Why did you draw it?

Subtitle translation by: Eun-sook Yoon