Little Women (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

After discovering Jin Hwa-young's surprising secret, In-joo comes to suspect a finance director to be the culprit of the murderous scheme.

Noodles with yeolmu kimchi?

Why didn't you throw the kimchi out
like I told you to?

I forgot.

It's annoyingly ripe and delicious.

It's good.

Should we chuck it after today?

Let's do that.

I don't want to keep craving it.


I was suspended today.

For a month.


Because I drank on the job.

I think I'm an alcoholic.


Then how come I didn't know?

I didn't want you to know.

Why not?

You and I know
that our dad is an alcoholic.

That's why we were so miserable.

Do I…

take after Dad?

You don't take after him.

He's indecisive and weak-hearted,

but you know exactly what you want.

And your heart isn't just strong.
It's hardened.

What do you mean by a hardened heart?

You're cold…

and full of yourself.

And do you think I'll let you
end up becoming an alcoholic?

Tell me if you need anything!

I'll do everything to help!

We should definitely
throw out this kimchi.

It's annoyingly good, right?

Do I really look like that?

It looks like my mom.

I like your nose.

It's like your mom's.


I got my nose done before taking
my middle school graduation photos.

Did your mom get a nose job too?

She was born with that nose.

Sadly, I look like my uncle.

Who do you take after?


I really love your paintings.

It's like listening to an old story.

I painted it in Van Dyck's style.

I wanted to portray the bloodline
of a distinguished noble family.

Do I seem noble?

Your mom and dad are nobles.

A billion and 970 million won.
A billion and 975 million won.

A billion and 980 million won.
A billion and 985 million won.

A billion and 990 million won.
A billion and 995 million won.

Two billion won.

You asked me what I wanted to do
if I had crazy amounts of money.

I don't know, Hwa-young.

I really don't know.


That'll be 98,800 won.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Cash receipt, please.

What I do know for sure is that

I would never kill myself
if I had that much money.

Does that mean…

she didn't

actually kill herself?

Don't reporters usually start drinking
in the afternoon?

You have a drink over lunch
with your source.

Then you have another drink at sunset.

Then at night…

Bomb shots.

I didn't simply just have a drink.

I checked my blood alcohol level
at 4 p.m. that afternoon.

It was at 0.08 percent.

A senior colleague reported me
to the police,

so I lost my driver's license too.

My father began the day
with a bowl full of makgeolli.

I also had a glass of whiskey before work
every morning back in the States.

But you were a nurse.

That wasn't a problem 40 years ago,

as long as I did my job perfectly.

I couldn't do my job perfectly.

I couldn't ask impolite questions
to strangers,

look straight into the camera
without blinking,

or become indifferent
to gruesome incidents.

I was always nervous and anxious.

I drank every time I was anxious.

By night, I found
I had emptied a bottle of tequila.

Stop working as a reporter.

You already know that
I never wanted to be a reporter.

You wanted to go abroad
and study something useless.

You refused to give me a loan
for the tuition, so I gave up.

I refused to give up your money, not mine.

That money was in
a bank account under your name.

It wasn't my money.

You put the first
five million won into the account.

And you taught a 12-year-old kid

how to trade stocks.

You were the one

who turned the 5 million won
into 70 million over 10 years.

I've never seen anybody
who trades stocks as easily as you did.

I just did it.
I wasn't trying to be good at it.

I wanted to stop you
from wasting your time studying.

What was it you wanted to study?


I wanted to know why some are poor
while others are rich.

It's useless.

If you continued to invest,
you would've found out naturally.

But you became a reporter.

Now, you listen to me nag over breakfast
just for a petty 1.25 million won.

I've been wondering.

I eat breakfast here
to make 1.25 million won.

But why would you spend 1.25 million won
just to have breakfast with me?

Are you afraid

you'll be alone until you die?

I know I hurt you.

But I was hurt too.

I made you an offer
to come work for me after you graduated.

But you never gave it
serious consideration.

Do you think I invested in you
without any purpose?

You're suspended anyway,
so come by my office.

I'll make sure to show you
how one becomes rich in Korea.

You made a wise decision.

That's what's best for yourself
and the company.

You already know every company
in Korea keeps a slush fund.

What do I have to do?

I don't know anything
regarding that matter.

We are looking for two things.

The 70 billion won Ms. Jin embezzled
and the slush fund ledger.

We have experts who will track those down,

but to do their job,
they need to know a lot about her.

Think of yourself as that thieving bitch,

and think about where
you would hide the money

and what you would do with the ledger.

Be as imaginative as you can.
I'll compensate you generously.

I think I might be able to do a good job.

But I have a few requests.

First, I don't want
to return to the office.

I'll work somewhere else.

The International Orchid Society?

You said our CEO
is the chairman there, right?

I'll take what you'll need there.


Please don't call the deceased
a thieving bitch.

What else would I call her?

If Hwa-young really committed the crime,

of course it would
leave you feeling awful.

But if you keep calling her
a thieving bitch,

I feel like you'll tell people
I'm a thieving bitch's friend.

From where I stand, I still can't believe
Hwa-young did something like that.

I'll start to find the evidence
of her embezzlement

and slowly try to believe it.

Come to think about it, Ms. Oh,

there are similarities
between you and Ms. Jin.

I've been meaning to ask for a while.

Where do you get heels like those?


Cheap heels like these are made with glue,
so the heels break off easily.

That's how you hurt your Achilles tendon.

The balance is off,
so it must hurt after a short walk,

and you feel uneasy

since you can't trust your shoes.

Buy a nice pair
with the money we give you.

If you don't, you'll end up
dragging your feet around for life.

Do you get what I'm saying?

We have webfoot octopuses today.
Get some webfoot octopuses.

A special on webfoot octopuses.
Only 30,000 won for 1kg, ma'am.

Get 5 abalones for 10,000 won!
Pick up some abalones, ma'am!

This is Kim speaking from
the seafood corner at P Mart.

Hello, I'm Reporter Oh In-kyung with OBN.

Are you the nephew
of Mr. Kim Dal-su of Bobae Savings Bank?

You sent me an email four years ago.

It was a tip
about Mr. Kim Dal-su's suicide.

I'd like to meet with you
and discuss the incident…

Oh In-kyung.

Where are you going?

These are totally fresh.
They're so fresh to the point

they're almost sexy.

Try it. They're different
from produce kept in fridges.

I'm proud of you.

You used to cry
in the corner of the yard for your mom,

but you now grow vegetables
and make meals by yourself.

Hey, my mom had cancer back then.

And you're talking as if you never cried.

I remember you

getting upset and crying
when you got expelled.

Goodness, In-kyung. Long time no see.

Oh, my. You're a grown woman now.

Have you been well, sir? You seem healthy.

I do? Thanks.

If I had known you were here,
I would've gone up to say hi.

-Will you eat here?
-Yes, sure.

Gosh, why can't you take a hint?

Was it when you two were ten?

Jong-ho skipped school
saying his back hurt,

and In-kyung got kicked out of school
for punching a teacher.

-I didn't hit the teacher. I threw a rock.

She had anger management issues
when she was a kid.


It rained a lot that day,

and In-kyung sat by the window
and said this.

"The rain reminds me
of the flow of money."

"In the end, money also flows
through familiar paths."

Hey, you were really peculiar.

I read the prices for stocks and futures
to my great-aunt every morning.

No matter what I saw,
everything reminded me of the charts.

Look how In-kyung became a proper grown-up
and does her part in society.

Why? Do I seem pathetic?

Grandpa, I have a herniated disc.
That's why I took time off from school.


Oh In-kyung with OBN.

Why didn't you report it back then?
I waited so long for you to do so.

I'm sorry.

At the time, I had no evidence

of Park Jae-sang's involvement
in the suicide.

I also wasn't familiar with his character.

Do you now know what he's like?

In your personal opinion,
what do you think he's like?

He's like a monster.

Write this down.

Go to 26 Gimtan-ri, Noma-myeon,
Musim-gun, Gyeonggi Province.

Begin your coverage from there.

If you want more details, be at column C7

at the Sorae Fish Market auction
by 4 a.m. tomorrow.

The letter C, number seven.



I asked Ms. Jin's father
not to touch anything.

Her laptop and phone underwent forensics.

She could've deleted something
before she died.


My gosh!

It's odd, isn't it?

Her house is filled with luxury goods,

yet there are also roaches on the floor.

She lived here with her mother
until she passed away.

She wouldn't have wanted to move.

I set up your computer
and files at the IOS.

Grab what you need.

I'd like to stay here for a while.

Take your time. I have to check my email.

I'd rather be here alone.

You can attend to your business, Mr. Choi.

Won't you be scared?

Hwa-young liked me.

I'm not scared.

I'm here, Hwa-young.

I'll do whatever it takes

to find out why you died.

YEAR 2021

What are receipts and ledgers
to bookkeepers?

They're like the Bible.

Always keep them near and check them

whenever suspicion arises.

Everything begins here.

You taught me

where everything begins.


It's 1.23 million won.

1,230,000 WON, CREDIT CARD

Don't bring that kind of bag to work.

Doesn't it look real?

All knockoffs are obvious.

I was told it's a perfect replica. Look.

I don't care what you carry
in your private life.

But don't bring it to work.

Bookkeepers need to look shabby
to stop people from talking.

A bookkeeper must see money
as just numbers,

like how a doctor sees a patient.

So what does it say about you
if you carry knockoff bags?

It makes you look poor
and obsessed with money.

How can a company trust
a person like that with their money?

Then I can't do this.

I've always been obsessed
with money and men.

That's why you need training.


For example,

like creating a second account
in a video game.

Like how some celebrities perform
under alter egos.

Is that why you always come to work
in the same clothes?

And this is your alter ego?

Her gallery is filled

with only photos of goods and receipts.

It's like she has no face.

Is this…

somewhere abroad?

Where has she been to?


Jin Mi-gyeong?



I found you.

Your second account.

"Bookkeeper from the Future."

Jin Mi-gyeong.

It looks as if she lives in Singapore,

and she looks carefree and rich.

Just who are you?

Hello, Ms. Alter Ego.

Nice to meet you.
What took us so long to meet?

This might be the real me.

The alter ego might be Jin Hwa-young,
who always wears the same clothes.


But I don't get it, Hwa-young.

Do we have to go that far as a bookkeeper?

Most bookkeepers
will be obsolete in the future.

Then who'll survive?

Those who can read
the stories numbers tell.

How did the company get here?

What are its risks and potentials?

How should we move forward?

Accounting software can never tell you
those kinds of things.

Neither can I.

Calculate everything.

If things don't add up
even after calculating multiple times,

it means something is up.

August 14th.

Hwa-young's birthday.


What's missing from that day?

They're about 260 million won in total.

She sold some and made cash,

and there are about 70 million won
worth of new goods.

The company can collect them.

What would we do with them?

-You can sell them as used goods…
-This room.

We gave 50 million won
to Ms. Jin's father for the entire place.

All this expensive trash Ms. Jin bought
with company money.

We bought it back for 50 million.


To recover a measly few million won?

Seventy billion won.

She has 70 billion won under her name
somewhere in this world.

There was a photo she took in Singapore
on her phone.

She's been there on a business trip.

I searched the image
and found a Skygram account.

These photos…

weren't found on her laptop or phone.

She must've used
another phone in Singapore.

She went there
at least once or twice a month.

You said she had a flight booked
to Singapore, right?

I did.

It may be possible

that she had been living
in Singapore for a long time.

Send me the link to her account.

Once I find where she lived in Singapore,

I'll find her phone and whatever else.


Then I can find where the 70 billion is.

Ms. Oh.

Did you look at these heels?

What about the bags and clothes?

Were they nice?

Did you want them?

Her father has an apartment unit
worth 700 million won.

I don't think this man
ever made money in his life.

So how did he afford that?

This is what the company offered.

Ms. Jin's work was important
and dangerous, so she deserved it.


she should've stopped there.

What are you like, Ms. Oh?

I can give these all to you.

Your feet are
between 230mm to 235mm, right?

They look smooth and you have thin ankles,
so stilettos would suit you.

How about mules to show off your heels?

I'll send you something nice.

I always liked your cheap clothes, Ms. Oh.


This company needs someone who is devoted
and has pretty feet like you.

Since when has that orchid been there?

I think it's been here all along.


Damn it.

I've been wanting to go
to the fish market.

Fish dishes are my expertise.

I lived in San Francisco for six months.
Next to Fisherman's Wharf.

I could've called a cab.

It's dangerous to grab a cab at this hour.

See? This time of day is dangerous.

Did they doze off?

The driver must be seriously hurt too.

Let's begin. Shall we?

Anyone, make a bid.

Get your cuttlefish.
30,000 won. 50,000 won.

There's 60,000, 70,000 won.
Sold for 70,000 won to 23.

Call me when you're done.

I'll get some fish.

-I got 33,000 won. 35,000 won.

I see 70,000 won. And 80,000 won.

These are 12,000 won a kilogram,
these are 14,000 won.

-I'll take two 14,000-won fish.
-Then two it is.

How about the cod?

They're 25,000 won per box.

-I'll take those too.

Your call cannot be connected.
You will be redirected after the tone.


Jong-ho, let's go.

Where to? He didn't show?

We have to hurry.

Does he want to meet somewhere else?

Wait, excuse me.

She's an acquaintance.

-With the driver?

Please step back.


You're wearing our Velvet Orchid.

We brought in only three pairs.
It's a rare collection.

They look great on you.

I received them as a gift
on my birthday last year.

These came to my mind today,
so I put them on.

Right. Because you choose heels
depending on how you feel.

I'm sorry to ask,

but I had too much to drink
on my birthday,

so I can't seem to remember
who gave me these.

By any chance,

was he the one who bought these?

I want to return his kindness.

You're right. It's him.

I clearly remember.

He was the only one

who understood the balance of our shoes
from one's head to the arch of the foot.

You're something too.

I had to quit my job
and almost got divorced because of you.

So why did you ask me to meet you?

I was rash.

I'm sorry.

But now,

I just want to know the truth.

They were having an affair, no doubt.

If my affair was like a dessert,

for Hwa-young,
it was more for her livelihood.

How do you know that?

Everything was evident on the ledger.

Jin Hwa-young and Director Shin

pocketed a huge amount of money as a team.

Then I looked at those two,
and they were totally…

If you knew everything,
why didn't you say anything?

The CEO has been hospitalized
for four years.

Director Shin took charge
as the next in line.

So why should I?

He was famous for his affairs.

He had an office wife
at his former workplace too.

This is kind of awkward,

but Director Shin only goes
for a certain type of woman.

What type is that?

Women who wear cheap heels.

Didn't Jin Hwa-young seem different
from the other bookkeepers?

Director Shin hired her.

Is it because
he's the son of a shoe repairman?

He hates elite women
from wealthy families.


You know that
Director Shin hired you too, right?

You asked me why I treated her
like an outcast, didn't you?

I never treated her like an outcast.

We just live in different worlds.



A penniless high school grad.
No hopes of getting married.

I want to find hope now.
How high can someone from rock bottom go?

But I wanted to live
with a perfect face at least once.

From Monday to Friday,
from early morning to 7 p.m.,

she was Team Leader Jin Hwa-young,
who always wore the same clothes.

But after yoga at night,

when she studied English
and software development…

When she ate at fine dining restaurants
and went shopping,

and when she was in Singapore,

she was someone else,
someone I didn't know.

And then…

I found a photo of her with someone else.

The tab wasn't in her file of receipts.

A man?

I realized there were photos of a meal
without a receipt about once a month.


These are her cherished heels.

She said she bought them
on her birthday last year.

I couldn't find the receipt.

They were 4.3 million won.

Only three pairs came to Korea.

They must be from someone special.

It was Director Shin.

Were they having an affair?

Director Shin was supposed to go
to Switzerland.

But he couldn't,
so Hwa-young went instead.

I didn't suspect anything
since I'd known her for a while.

The account number and password
for the Swiss bank are 18 digits each.

It's impossible to memorize them all
then and there.

But a few days later,
Director Shin called.

He said Ms. Jin seemed odd
so I should check the account.

The 70 billion won disappeared.

After she made an account under her name,

I gave her a lift to the airport.

But she didn't take the flight,
went back to the bank,

and transferred the 70 billion.

If all of this was Director Shin's plan…

The final step would be

to kill Hwa-young.

Then Hwa-young takes the full blame,

while Director Shin is free forever.

It's also odd
that she typed out her suicide note.

Isn't it usually hand-written?

But how could Director Shin
have written these words?

The note is too realistic.

She had two Skygram accounts.

One as Hwa-young and one as Jin Mi-gyeong,
Bookkeeper from the Future.

She put together the things she wrote
on her Skygram account on the note.

Isn't that odd?

I'll see if her laptop and phone
can undergo forensics again.

Come to think about it,
they didn't share enough texts or calls.

Their work was closely related too.

Director Shin handled the forensics.

Don't worry about the orchids, Hwa-young.

I'll treat them like princesses.

I'll study hard to make them bloom too.

"In order to make the Princess bloom,

it needs a few days of cold mornings."

"Less than a week

when the outside temperature
is over ten degrees."

"When it withers,
it's a good idea to use aspirin."

"Refer to Hyang-sook's journal
for the recipe."


The problem is you.

Fraud. Embezzlement. Suicide. Murder.

And the two billion you gave me.

I still have no idea what's going on.

But if you truly died an unfair death,

then I must bring it to light.

We have CCTV cameras everywhere,

so you can see everyone
who comes and goes.

I wasn't home that day,
so I didn't see anything.

When was it again?

Last Wednesday, the 17th.


Did it fail to record?

Why did it stop at that hour?

Someone stole it a few days ago.

Just the dashcam.

Well, I guess
there was nothing else to take.

Odd, isn't it?

What? Wait.

What's with my car? What?

The brakes.


Is this sudden unintended acceleration?

About 95 percent of SUA accidents

are usually due to poor driving
or poor maintenance.

You'll need to request an analysis
from the National Forensic Service.

Thank you for calling and not forgetting.

This time,
I'll put my trust in you, Ms. Oh.

Make a reservation at Genji
for Thursday, 8 p.m.

-Put on Bruno Zumino stilettos.
-Yes, sir.

Damn it, Hwa-young.

This is so wrong.


Where are you? Pick up the phone.

I'm sorry. I'm at a meeting outside.

The prosecution put a travel ban on me.


Macau. Do you know anything?


Did the prosecution call?


If they call, play dumb,
then tell me right away.

Delete all text messages.
Reset your phone and the dashcam.

Keep the ledger safe just in case.

-Don't let them get to the safe.
-Yes, sir.

Director Shin couldn't go to Europe

because he got banned from traveling.

I saw something in the deleted files.




"I report Finance Director
Shin Hyeon-min of Orchid E&C

-for illegal overseas gambling."
-…for illegal overseas gambling,

smuggling foreign currency,

illegal currency exchange,
and embezzlement.

It was Hwa-young who reported
Director Shin to the prosecution.

She started collecting
evidence on him four years ago.

She even had videos.

I guess Mr. Shin didn't know

Hwa-young was the one who reported him.

Pick up your phone.

You ratted on me to the prosecution.

You think I'm an idiot?

You think I wouldn't have found out?

I'm not going down alone.
You're coming too.

We'll stand before reporters together,

so make sure you pick out your heels.

He found out

the day after she came back to Korea.

How did he know?

I'm sure it was anonymous.

He probably poked around.
He has lots of connections.

Come out, you bitch!

I'm at your place. Pick up.

Do you remember
what happened to Yang Hyang-sook?

I'll do the same to you
before the police get here. Open the door.

Who is Yang Hyang-sook?

Yang Hyang-sook?

I've heard that name before.

She was in charge of the orchids
from 1999 to 2011.




Reporter Oh In-kyung from OBN?

How did you know about this?

Do you know how much we suffered

after what you said about my father on TV?

How dare she come here?

-Drag her out now.

-Get her out!

-Come out.

-Drag her out now!
-You have no right.

-Come out!
-Mother, calm down.

-Let go of me!
-Calm down!

-Let's go.
-What's with you?

Hey! Come out!

-Calm down!
-What are you doing?

Come out!

I'm sick of this! Come on!

Come out! How dare you come here?



I was supposed to meet your brother
at 4 a.m. by column C7 at the fish market.

Nobody expected to find her like that.

A rotting, naked dead body was found

in her small, humble apartment unit
a week after her death.

Her name was Yang Hyang-sook.

Yang, a woman in her thirties,
was found dead

after her embezzlement charges
from her workplace.

She was a bookkeeper at work.

She suddenly began spending excessively,
such as buying luxury goods.

When the police closed in on her,
she took her own life.

I've never seen such a thing.

She was completely naked
with a fur coat over her body.

And she was wearing
numerous necklaces and bracelets.

Also, she was wearing heels.

-My gosh.

High heels. Red ones.

Everything is the same.

I'm sure Director Shin bought her
those heels too.



Shin Hyeon-min was
the director of Wonryeong

when Ms. Yang worked there.

He gets someone economically vulnerable
without friends or families

involved in a huge embezzlement scheme,

then blames them for everything
and makes them kill themselves.

How disgusting.

Hwa-young must have known

that one day,
she could end up like Ms. Yang.

That's why she reported Director Shin.

He would've been arrested if she held out.

Let's report this to the police.

I can't do that.

Why not?

Because there isn't enough evidence?
The MO is the same.

Then I can't find the 70 billion won.

The state is entitled to slush funds.

What are you talking about?

I came here to find the money,
not to investigate a murder case.

Is that more important
than someone's life?

People died. Two people.

I know that Ms. Jin
would have shared my opinion.

She went to Switzerland
to steal the 70 billion won.

She must've known what the risk was.

She was the most professional accountant
I've ever seen.

I thought we could be friends.

Hwa-young told you
that I'm the outcast of the 13th floor.

She's not someone
who would share that with just anybody.

Hwa-young and I became friends

because we're similar.

People keep the thing they value most
inside their hearts.

We valued the same thing.


That's why I know
what Hwa-young would've done.

We have the same ethics.

What kind of ethics?

Nothing in this world…

is more sacred than money.

What does two billion won amount to?

An apartment unit that keeps my family
cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Being able to send In-hye
to an art academy and a university.

I wanted to get
a new car for In-kyung too.

I wanted useless things.

I wanted the small luxuries I could afford
if I didn't have to worry about money.

Also, Hwa-young…

Never being able to forget
the image of you dead.

Covering up
the cause of your death forever.

If all that amounts to two billion,

is that a good deal?

When I was young,
I thought others were just like me.

I'm easily affected by people's emotions.

When I look at someone,
their emotions slowly seep into me.

That's why news reporting was tough.

Mostly, I keep myself under control.

But when I read the note of the daughter
of a family suicide case,

when I report on the death
of a high school girl

who jumped into a fire to save her sister,

or on a child abused by their stepmother

who called out "Mom" as they were dying…

Is that why you drink?

I can control my tears.

But not my voice.

My trembling voice in front of the camera.

But it was okay when I had a drink.
I could easily speak like a normal person.

What does that have to do
with believing the informant was killed?

…was cleared of all charges
in a retrial after 30 years.

An unexpected guest visited him today.

I'm sorry for coming so late.

When you were illegally tortured

and framed for espionage,

my father-in-law was the commander
of the Defense Security Command.

What can you feel from him?

I'm not sure. Even if this was
his father-in-law's fault,

it can't be easy
to own up to it and apologize.

He seems brave.

What do you feel?

-Candidate Park Jae-sang stated…
-He's creepily cold.

How so?

He's calculating his moves.

He knows that the weak old man
has no choice but to accept his apology.

That people will love this moment.

If he sheds a few tears now,
he'll be forgiven,

and his political career
will take off after this.

Even if that's true,

politics is a show business anyway.

Someone who represents the era
came out and apologized,

and the victim forgave him.
Isn't that significant?

Are you saying he's a criminal
just because of a hunch?

I know it doesn't make any sense.
But I'm sure of this.

He's the culprit.

Have you always been this irrational?


What's with that look?

Tell me how I feel about you right now.

You're worried.
You're worried that I've gone crazy.



It's like watching TV
in comfortable clothes

when you're with me, right?


Are you mad at me?

Or do you have a fever?

"Easily affected by people's emotions"?

I almost fell for it.

What the heck? Why are you sitting here?

In-joo, did you rob a store?

Did you win a giveaway?


quit my job.


I bought those wondering
if shopping would make me feel better.

Everything I've always wanted.

But still, who buys
every single color of lip gloss?

I hate seeing you on TV without makeup.

It's for you and In-hye.

Each color has a different scent.

Isn't it nice?

I mean,

we have a comb at home.

This can detangle every knot in your hair.

What's this?

A car air freshener. It smells exquisite.

I told you my license was suspended.

What good would it do
for a decade-old beat-up car?

It smells like decade-old dust,

sweat, and meal boxes
you randomly eat in your car.

That's why I hate getting in your car.

Can't you at least let it smell nice?

What is this?

Hey, In-joo.

I'm sorry.

I think this smells nice.

I have no idea what to do, In-kyung.

I have no idea what to do.

Things look suspicious,
but there's no evidence.

The company won't cooperate
with the investigation.

Reporting to the police won't help, right?


Surprisingly, dozens of people
commit suicide every year

after they get caught
embezzling company funds.

Most never even make the news.

Since it's too common?


Evidence is essential.

But did you really get all this
with your severance pay?

Or did you win the lottery?



In-hye left her phone here.

Hey, why can't I reach you?

I'll pick you up at the academy.


Hey. You even bought heels?

Next up, the Grand Prize
for high school students.

The winner is…

Self-Portrait by Park Hyo-rin,
an 11th-grader at Seran Arts High School,



Park Hyo-rin's painting of the secretive
inner side of a 17-year-old girl

unanimously captured the judges' hearts
as the Grand Prize winner.




-Was I next?

I was haunted by the image of Hwa-young
after I found her like that.

And now, I see myself there.

The bookkeepers who embezzled
and hung themselves.

Ms. Yang Hyang-sook and Hwa-young.

Was I next?


I know you got suspicious of me
and snooped, but no.

Yang Hyang-sook killed herself.

Read the autopsy report by the police.
It had to be suicide.

Of course, if you ask me
why she killed herself,

that's complicated.

Embezzlement is

an inevitable part
of operating an enterprise,

and someone has to take responsibility.

Do you know

who first found Yang Hyang-sook?


Do you know what she said to me?

She wanted to do
what Hyang-sook had been doing.

After Hyang-sook died,
Hwa-young's eyes were opened.

She knew Hyang-sook had an easy job.

All of you must think

I was in some affair with her,
but we really weren't.

She's seriously not my type.
She only took advantage of me.

How could she have taken advantage of you?

She's the one who's dead!

She positioned herself cleverly.

Who would've thought?

That a girl who looked like

she couldn't speak a word of English,
would have prepared so thoroughly

to make her own account in Switzerland?

That Hwa-young, who ran my money errands
for 15 years, would do such a thing?

She prepared this for years?

Studying English and software development?

And followed me to Macau, Gangwon,
and Singapore to get the evidence,

then reported me at the perfect time.

To go to Switzerland in my place.

Then why did she kill herself
if she stole the 70 billion won?

I thought she killed herself too.

That she thought I reported her

and that she felt cornered
like Yang Hyang-sook.

But what? Are you saying that's not true?

Jin Hwa-young didn't know

that there was something else
to be scared of.

That there's someone high up above us.

I'll report you to the police.

Forget the police.
I'm going to the prosecutor's office.

Go tell this to Choi Do-il.

Illegal overseas gambling,
smuggling foreign currency,

illegal currency exchange,
and embezzlement.

I'll take the full blame
and get locked up for five years.

But don't go any further.

I'm not the type who goes down alone.

I knew a day like this would come,

so I kept a slush fund ledger
for the last 25 years.

If he annoys me, I'll blow it up.

I'll do a press conference if I have to.
Got it?

-Yes, Director Shin.

I'm on my way, but I haven't eaten.


Could I have a bowl of noodles
before we begin?


The RPM.

What the hell?

Brakes. Brakes, damn it.

How would someone feel
after losing 70 billion won?

Is that a threat?

Why are you lying there alone

in the dark forest?

It's my sister.

My dying sister.

Why are you so nice to me?

You're a small storm, Ms. Oh.

No matter where you go,
you change the flow of the air.

There's something in his hand.

Something small and blue.

Can you do it too?

If you intend to take this money,

I'll turn you in.

I'll spend this money

and go to prison.

Subtitle translation by: Eun-sook Yoon