Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Purinsesu no tanjoubi - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal...

in the corner of your eye...

...the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying...

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength will spring forth with a thought

Welcome! What would you like, ma'am?

I would like that, please


Ma'am! I would like flowers!

I want the prettiest flowers! I want a mountain of flowers!

What is it, Peter? Are you having a festival

Oh no! It's for Mistress Sara's birthday party!

The headmistress asked me to buy them

Oh my! Are A talking about that young that young lady who looks like a princess?

Yes, it is! Therefore, can you get them ready really quickly?

Okay! For this, I'll give you a huge discount!

Thank you, ma'am!

Pull it mere over there!

Over here!

Okay! Pull it down here!

Hehe! It is perfect!

Lottie, can you get me the pins over there


Oww! It hurts!

Oh... I made a mistake!

Say, Lavinia... can you write it?

You want me to do it? Why should I help out with Sara's party? Hmmph!



You do not really have to worry about that!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Ah! Hold on! Let me through!

Ah... they are beautiful!


Hmmph! This party that they are holding is too grand!

Miss Minchin is being Miss Minchin!


If you have any requests, please feel free to tell us

That is good. How is the special food for the birthday party coming along?

Eh? Huh? Oh, yes!

This here is some of my best cooking

Then, let me taste it

It is delicious!

The flavor is quite splendid!

With this, Sara will definitely be quite happy!

Do not forget to make your best roast beef!

Eh? Yes, of course!

Amelia! Amelia!

What's with her?

She never comes in to taste the students’ meals

Ah... it's almost like she's celebrating her own birthday

Oh my. It's all because of Mistress Sara becoming the heiress to these diamond mines

The headmistress has been so excited about that

Hehe. Well, it's us doing the hard work

Not really. Maybe she'll give us a raise!

This is all because of the bounty of the rich young lady!

You must be mistaken!

It's hot !

Oh my! You're too excited!

Say, Mariette...

I know that the headmistress was happy to throw this birthday party for me..

...but I believe this is a bit overboard

It would have been fine as a regular party

But, Mistress... the headmistress treats you as her most important student

That's because you're the heiress to the diamond mines...


That is Papa's business venture!

Besides, I feel strange when people give me preferential treatment because of that

Ah.. yes?

Oh my, Sara!

Miss Amelia!

That suits you so well!

Oh my! You look just like a princess!

Miss Amelia!

Well... the headmistress is waiting for you to come down!

She seems to really want to see you in your new dress that she bought!

Oh, Becky... could you get Peter?

Yes, Miss Amelia

That is our Sara!

Please come in!

Sara is already dressed!

Please come in, Sara!

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

Oh my!

Oh my!

Oh my!

It leeks wonderful on you!

A dress from a high-class dressmaker is so different, Sara!

Yes. Thank you very much, Headmistress

I better go see how the preparation for the party is coming along

Sara, your birthday today will be different from all the other students

This grand party is being held just for you

Speaking of which...

This present was delivered here from Hamelys


Oh my! This is from Papa!

I am so happy!

Please come in

Ah... please take this box to the room where the party is being held

Yes Headmistress

So, Sara... please put on the pearl headband that I bought you

Yes, Headmistress!

So... this should do

Everyone, please line up!


"Happy birthday, happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday to you..."

"Happy birthday, happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday, Sara!"

"Happy birthday, happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday to you..."

"Happy birthday, happy birthday..."

"Happy birthday, Sara!"

Yay! Congratulations, Sara!

Congratulates, Sara!

Happy birthday, Mistress Sara


You two may be excused

Yes, ma'am

Uhh... Mistress, I bought this for you at the market

Oh my!

Thank you, Peter!

What is that thing?

It is an ocarina

So, that was what was so special in that box

He probably just picked it up from the ground

So, Peter and Becky... you are excused

Ah... Headmistress...

What is it, Sara?

Would it be fine for Peter and Becky to stay here?

Oh my, Sara


Becky also gave me an adorable pincushion as a present that she made herself

I wish that Peter and Becky could be guests at this party

Will you please allow me this, Headmistress

Be quiet! Please be quiet!

Sara, you are so considerate to others

Since it is your birthday today, I shall give you special permission to do what you want

Ah... I am so glad!

Peter and Becky, you two should thank Sara

Thank you very much, Miss!

Thank you very much!


Today is Sara's wonderful birthday

Everyone has called her "the diamond princess"

In the near future, she will inherit her father's diamond mine business

Such immense wealth is capable of benefiting society as a whole

Fer example, the money could be used to support schools or education

Sara would be capable of doing such a service

She is talking about this seminary. Sara would be capable of doing such a service

We should be grateful that we have a friend like Sara here

Therefore, we should say to Sara with all our hearts...

"Happy birthday, Sara!"

Happy birthday!

Thank you, everyone

In addition... I would like to thank the headmistress and Miss Amelia

I would like to thank everyone for holding this wonderful party for me!

Really... thank you very much!



Wow! It is a dollhouse! How cute!



Incredible! How adorable!

It seems like an incredible dollhouse!

Headmistress, Mr. Barrow has arrived and wants to see you

Oh my... Mr. Barrow?

Yes. I have shown him to the sitting room

Sister... he must, be here to celebrate Sara's birthday

Let us invite him in here!

Oh my! Welcome, Mr. Barrow!

The party has already started!

Miss Minchin! I am not here for the young lady's birthday!

I am here to pass on an important message for the young lady!

How cute!

I would love to live in a place like this!

It is a wonderful house!

This would be the palace where a king and a queen could live!


The food for the birthday party is ready

Will everyone please go to the dining hall?


Oh my! It's like a house that my mistress would have!

It seems so real!

Becky, we need to get back to work

Give me a moment. Just let me look at it a bit more

I don't know what to do with you

I'll go on ahead!

So, is this the classroom?

Ah, yes. The students are at the dining room downstairs...

...having the feast for Sara's birthday party

Hmmph! He foolishly spent so much money on his daughter


What I am saying is that I have wasted a lot of money!

Her father wrote me a letter about getting her this dollhouse!

I went and bought it to give it to her!

Oh my...

Chimp fool of a father. I have never seem someone spend so much!

What are you talking about?

Sara's father is one of the most important supporters of this seminary

Most importantly, you spent the money on something expensive...

..because Captain Crewe asked you, correct

That is so!

Besides, Sara's father is one of the world's most prominent owners of diamond mines

Haha. Diamond mines? Where in the world are they?

Uhh... did you not say that they were in India's interior?

Mr. Barrow...

You said that you were here with important news regarding Sara

May I ask what is this news that you had to come see us?

Please do not faint when you hear this, Miss Minchin

There were no diamond mines!

H-How could that be?

Miss Minchin... Captain Crewe is a fool for having invested... failed mines that do not produce a single diamond!

He invested his entire fortune and is now bankrupt

You must be joking!

In addition, there is even worse news

That fool also caught jungle fever while in India. He has passed away!

He... has passed away?



This is not good, Miss Amelia!

Ahh... water! Fetch some water!

Y-Yes, of course!

Yay! Congratulations, Sara!

It is alright. I am fine

No, it was inevitable that you fainted

Miss Minchin, I have sent some telegrams to India to try to verify this..

..but I have not gotten a single reply back

Since we know his fate, I wash my hands of any further responsibility of him


In any case, regarding all these expensive items that we have bought...

I shall take away all her possessions tomorrow morning!

How did this happen?

Amelia, you will go tell Sara all this

You will tell her about her father's death and bankruptcy


That insignificant girl... is right now wearing the dress that I bought her...

She is enjoying the feast for the birthday party...

..that I have spent a huge sum of money to provide!

Amelia, tell her everything, then get her out of the seminary!

Not again!

S-Sister! Why do I always have to be the harbinger of bad news?

Go do it, Amelia!


Oh my...

What are you doing down there?

Get out of there! Hurry!

P-Please forgive me!

Why were you down here? Answer me!

l.. I was looking at the dollhouse...

Then what?

Then, I suddenly heard your voice...

So, you hid under the table, correct?

Yes, ma'am

So, you were there all along, eavesdropping on our conversation!

Please forgive me!

I could not help hearing it, so I heard it all

I feel really sorry for Miss Sara!

Please, Headmistress!

Please don't put Miss Sara out on the street!

I'll do anything for her so she won't be put out on the street!

I will not forgive you!

Now, if you do not leave this room right now, I will boot you out as well!

So, get out of here!

If you want to remain here, you had better get out of here and get back to work!

Y-Yes, Headmistress

Amelia! Come with me!


Sara-mamma, this is my present

Oh my... what could it be?

It's something that you really like, Sara-mamma!

Ah... how adorable!

Thank you, Lottie!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

My father... sent this to me to read, but it is too difficult

Oh my...

Thank you, Ermengarde

As of now, the party is over

Eh? Why?

Yes, Headmistress?

I need to talk to you about your father

You need to talk to me about Papa?

He has passed away

What did you say?

Your father has died of jungle fever while he was in India

How could that be! It must be a lie!

Do you think I would lie to you?

Solicitor Barrow has received a telegram from India

From India...

In addition, the diamond mines that your father was in possession of were all failed mines!

Your father passed away leaving you without a single penny!

I-I do not believe this! My father could not have died!

He wrote letters to me saying that he was still fine!

You are no longer the diamond princess

You are to leave this seminary immediately


Quiet! Be quiet this very instant!

Mistress! Mistress!


Papa is...


Papa is... dead...

Listen to me, Emily

Papa is... Papa is...

I do not believe this is true!

No! I cannot believe this is true!

After Papa's death, I lost everything

After Papa's death, I lost everything

Afterwards, the only door I could go into was in the attic

Afterwards, the only door I could go into was in the attic

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I'm am not going to be defeated!