Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 7, Episode 7 - Divorce, Walnut Grove Style - full transcript

A girl who likes Almanzo but whom Almanzo doesn't like back is back in town. She wrote a song that she got published and she told Almanzo the title "My Only Love". Almanzo wrote the title ...


Yeah, darling?

Supper's ready.

I'll be right there.

♪ Oh, Susanna

♪ oh, don't you cry for me

♪ 'cause I come from Alabama
with a banjo on my knee ♪

Beth! Beth!

Laura, from a distance:
You call me?

Yeah, darling, there's
no towels up here.

I haven't had a chance
to do them today.

Well, how am I
supposed to dry off?

I'll have them
done tomorrow.

Oh, fine. I'll just
sit here till then

and watch
my skin wrinkle up!

I'm sorry.

Use a sheet.

A sheet?
That makes sense.

And tonight,
when I go to bed,

I'll probably sleep
on a clean towel.

I don't know
if that field

is ever be ready for planting...
tree stumps and rocks.

Stew again, huh?


I swear, I don't how I'm going
to correct all those papers

and prepare
tomorrow's test.

Must be tough.

I'll manage.

Maybe you're making the
job a little harder than it is.

I don't deny it's a possibility,
but there are still people in this town

who believe I'm too
young and inexperienced.

Well, they're going
to learn differently!

Aren't you going
to eat?

It has to cool off,



Honey, the stew's watery
and it's only half-cooked!

- It is?
- Yes!

You're right.

I'm sorry.

I don't see how
in the world...

It'll just have to cook a little longer,
I suppose.

I'm starved!

A half an hour
at the most.

I guess I'll live.


I made up
a new song.

I was going to play it
for you after dinner.

Oh, I'd love to
hear it, of course,

but I can't do that and
concentrate at the same time.

Well, I'll go up to the
bedroom and practice, then.

Almanzo, I'm sorry,

but I can still hear it up there,
and I really...

Where I am supposed
to go, then?

Would you
mind outside?



You bet I mind! Can't a
man relax in his own home!

Well, I just have
to get through this!

Well, you may
it through it,

but I have serious doubts
whether I will.

What are you
talking about?

We have no life together,
that's what I'm talking about.

I work like a mule
all day at the store,

I come home
and work some more,

clearing the field
to plant it.

From sun up to sun down
on the weekends.

But it all would
be worthwhile

if I can at least get a little
attention from my own wife!

I'm not trying
to ignore you!

Well, it comes out
the same!

That's not true!

Well, it'd be different if at least
supper could be a little special!

I told you I was sorry the
stew wasn't ready tonight.

Well, it's not tonight,
it's every night.

It's getting so you
set out a table

with the same love and care
as you feed the stock!

That's not fair!

Now, I work every bit
as hard as you do,

and I'm not

Well, maybe you don't have
much to complain about.

Sure, you work hard,
but you enjoy it!

Is that wrong?

Well, it is if
you neglect me... US,

everything we're supposed
to have together

just so you can get
great marks from the town

for being a terrific

I'm doing the
best that I can!

Why can't you
understand that?

Because all I understand
is I work hard all day,

I come home to
a half-cooked meal

and a house
I can't sing in

because you've
turned it into a library!

Where are
you going?

Outside to play
for the cows!

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, whoa!
Take it easy!

Mr. Ingalls.


Nels, you better
lock up the candy!

Hey, half-pint!

Hi, pa.

I didn't
see you.

Yeah, well, no wonder with
that load of books you're carrying.

You going to Wade through
all that tonight?

Afraid so.

You feeling
all right?

I'm a little
tired, I guess.

That's funny.

I was talking to almanzo this
morning and he said the same thing.

Well, we've both
been working hard.

You're sure that's all it is?

We had a
little argument,

but it's nothing
to worry about.

Anything you want
to talk about?

No. It's
nothing, really.

All right. Hey, why don't you
and almanzo come over tomorrow.

I'm going to have the
new picture window in.

Oh, we will if he gets back
from sleepy eye in time.

Good enough.

And remember,
don't let arguments drag on.

It's better to get
them talked out.

I'll go talk
to him right now.

Good girl.

- See you.
- See you. Love you!

Well, hello.

Well, how are you,
Brenda sue?

Never better. Aren't you
the hard-working family man?

- I guess.
- Marriage agree with you?


Such a waste.

I haven't seen you
for a while.

Been away.


Got my first
song published.


- Yes, isn't that wonderful?
- It certainly is!

And you did not
inspire the title.

I'm sure not. Is it out in the stores, yet?

Since a week ago.

Well, I'll have to try and pick up a
copy while I'm in sleepy eye, tomorrow.

I don't want
to interrupt.

Hello, Laura.

Well, now,
Brenda sue has some wonderful news!


Yeah, she just got
her first song...

I'm so glad. I don't
want to keep you

from working
like a mule all day!


My, my.

There was no reason
for that kind of behavior!

Really? I never saw
two happier people!

Brenda sue and I never
got along except for music,

and that's what
we were talking about.

Brenda sue told me...

I don't want to hear
what Brenda sue told you!

Why? Because I might ruin any
excuse you have for being angry?

I don't need an
excuse to be angry.

I saw the way you two
were looking at each other!

That's the only excuse
that I need.

Laura, I'm going to
tell you something,

you know what being jealous
of Brenda sue is?

Stupid, that's what.
Just plain stupid!

- Oh, it is, is it?
- Yes!

then maybe I'm too stupid to cook supper!


What do you think?

That's a great
window, pa.

Now, let's just
see if it fits.


Hey, it fits
just perfect.


I like it, pa.

It really is
beautiful, Charles.

I think so, too.

Just a few more nails
and it'll be all done.

Laura, what on earth!

I'm leaving

I don't believe it.

I just don't
believe that woman!

I mean, what did I do? I said,
"how do you do, Brenda sue,"

and she turned on me
like a snake!

She's back.

All right, almanzo.

Just be calm
and accept the apology.

Mrs. Oleson: Laura! Yoo-hoo!


- Zeldamo.
- Almanzo!

Oh, yes, of course.
I'm sorry.

Laura ordered this material,
so I brought it over.

Where is she? Is
she in the kitchen?

No, she's not
in the kitchen.

Oh, well,
where is she?

Why are you
wearing that?


Laura's apron.

Oh, well, I was just
fixing myself some supper

and I didn't want to
get anything on me, so I...


Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm very busy.

Oh, well,
yes, of course.

If you'll just call Laura,
tell her that I'm here.

I can't tell Laura
that you're here.

Why not?

Because she's
not here!

If she were here,

I wouldn't be
wearing this apron,

and I wouldn't be making
my own supper, would I?

I didn't
know you...

Now, listen,
if you want to see Laura,

you'll find her at
the Ingalls' place.

The Ingalls' place?
Oh, well, how nice.

Will she be
back later?

You'll have to ask her that.

Good day!

Good day!


Nellie: Kitchen, mother.

Nellie, I have
wonderful news!

What is it,

Laura has left

Nels! Nels!

I think it'll be nice
having Laura back.

Crowded, too.

I don't mind.

Do you mind?

Of course not!

It'll be just great
living in the loft

with the little sister
who never stops talking,

big sister
who snores.

Pa, I really
am sorry.

Ah, that's all
right, darling.

That shutters will keep out
most of the cold

till nels cuts me
a new pane tomorrow.

I still think you're wrong
about Brenda sue and almanzo,

but I don't blame you
for wanting to leave.

There's just no excuse for a
husband to call his wife stupid.

And then turn around
and say...


Everybody says things
in anger sometimes.

All newlyweds have
their disagreements.

You and I
certainly did.

Well, of course we did,
but I never called you stupid, did I?

No, but...

All right, then
there you have it.

No daughter of mine is going to
have to sit still for that kind of abuse,

she's better off here.

Laura, are you
sure about this?

I think so, ma.

I'm just not sure.

Why don't you just
spend the night

and see how you feel
in the morning?

All right.

You know, I just can't get over
that boy calling my daughter stupid...

Calling my
daughter stupid.

You know what
I ought to do.


would you call
Albert and Carrie?

We really ought
to have supper.

Oh, sure.


You stay here
as long as you want.

Your pa loves you.


They never want
to let go.

Well, what am I going
over there for?

I didn't do
anything wrong.

Good night, Albert.
Good night, Laura.

Good night, Carrie.

Are you sure you can sleep
on the bed without the mattress?

Oh, sure. It's not too bad
with a blanket over it.

Kind of like a hammock.


You know something, Albert?
You've really fixed the loft up nice.

- Yeah.
- It's even clean.

Well, with most
of it all mine...

Carrie: Albert,
I can't sleep.

Will you tell
me a story?

No, it's late.

It doesn't
feel late.

I don't care what it feels
like, it's still late.



You're not really going to leave almanzo,
are you?

I don't know.

I don't know what went
on between you two,

but I do know that
he still loves you.

I suppose he does.

And you
love him.


Well, there you are.

I mean,
everybody argues once in a while.

Heck, we used to
argue all the time,

and we love
each other.

Arguing just comes
natural to some folks.

I mean,
I want what's best for you.

And if it means
sharing the loft,

then that's
the way it is.

But I know, deep
down in your heart,

you'd rather be
nice and comfortable

at your own home
with almanzo,

now, wouldn't you?


Carrie: Albert, I hear
an animal growling.

It's not an animal,
growling, Carrie.

Then what is it?

It's your sister.

Oh, my!
You're up early.

I thought I'd go out
to the house

and make breakfast for
almanzo before he leaves.

Oh, Laura,
I'm so relieved.

I thought you'd see things
differently in the morning.

Everything you
and pa said,

it helped me to
make up my mind.

Even Albert. He's
been just wonderful.

I don't know
what got into me.

Same thing that gets into
all of US from time to time.

I'd better go.
I'll miss him.

Let's have supper
together this weekend.

We will. Good-bye,
ma, and thank you.



Oh, Albert,
I'm sorry if we awakened you.

You didn't.

I haven't gone
to sleep yet.

Is Laura going to
make up with almanzo?

She's going home now.

Night, then.

Good night.



Well, I guess that
about does it.

Certainly showed up
early this morning.

I aim to get
back early, too.


70, 72.

Thank you. See you in two weeks.

- Yeah, well, now, you take care.
- Okay.

May I help you?

Yes, I'm looking
for a gift.

What did you
have in mind?

Not sure, something for my wife.

- Birthday?
- No, just a gift.

Oh, that's so sweet!
Men rarely do that.

Buy gifts for
their wives?

When there's no
special occasion.

Now, let me see.


Here, try these.


My late husband
never got me a gift

unless we had
an argument.

So, finally, I decided I'd just
argue with him all the time.

That way, I'd get
something every day.

You must miss him.

Why should I miss him? I
see him at home every night.

I thought you said
your late husband.

I did.
He's always late.

That's what
we argue about.

I'll take this one.

Oh, I couldn't have made
a better selection myself.

Could you wrap
that up real nice?

I won't be a minute.

Thank you.

Well, I hope you fare better this time,

I will. I'm going to guard
this one with my life.

Hello, Mr. Ingalls, Mr. Oleson.

Good morning,
how are you today?

Oh, wonderful!

Did you know I had one
of my song published?


Nels: Congratulations!
- Thank you.

They've been asking me
for more, too.

Well, I wouldn't
be surprised

if you got so famous,

you wouldn't be able to
live in walnut grove anymore.

Brenda sue: Oh,
I don't know about famous,

but I wouldn't mind living
in Chicago or New York.

There, Charles.

Nels, thank you
very much.

Brenda sue, you
keep up the good work.

Thanks. I'll try.

What can I do
for you?

I need some black
ink and some paper.


In what year did the first
united states congress

meet under the
new constitution?

- Steven.
- 1789.

In which city?


No, it wasn't
in Philadelphia.

Who knows
the correct answer?



It was
New York City.

Who was vice president
under George Washington?

- Timothy.
- James Madison?

It wasn't James Madison.
It was John Adams.

Now, I will not tolerate such
sloppy class preparation.

If you want to fail,
that's up to you.

I'm dismissing
the class early.

And I suggest you use
the time to study,

because there's
a test tomorrow.

Class dismissed.

what's wrong?


Well, something
must be the matter,

I've never seen
you like this.

I'd rather not
discuss it right now.

I just thought...

When we're in school,
I'm your teacher, not your sister.

If I feel like getting
angry at the class,

I'll get angry
at the class.

Fine with me,

Hello, Brenda sue.
How are you?

Brenda sue!

Hello, Laura.

How are you

Fine. I just ran
into your father.

How nice.

Have you run into
almanzo today, too?


You mean you actually let a
day go by without seeing him?

what is this?

Just how much have
you being seeing of almanzo?

Yesterday was the first
time I'd him seen in...

Days? Hours?

- That's ridiculous!
- Is it?

Yes, I had some news
I wanted to tell him.

Oh, I'm sure
"my only love"

had a great deal
of news to tell him.

Oh, then
he told you.

No, you witch.
I found out!

Laura, stop it!

Brenda sue: Laura!
Help me, somebody!

Hey! Look,
it's a fight!

Hey, a fight!

Laura, stop it!

go home!

Go home, now!

come inside.

I should have
scratched her eyes out!

I should have kicked
her in the face!

You will
be silent!


All right, now.
What was that about?


Almanzo's having a
love affair with her.


What are
you saying?

See for yourself.

It's almanzo's

"My only love...
Brenda sue longworth."

And the most
horrible part of it

is she admitted
that's what he calls her.

She admitted it to me like
it was the most normal thing

in the whole world!

Oh, Laura.

That's the most terrible
thing I've ever heard.

Oh, ma!

What am I going to do?

Well, the first thing
you're going to do

is you're going
to move back home.

And this time for good.


Hey, you're
back early.

I kind of hated to
leave in first place.

I just went
by your house.

I thought maybe
Beth would be there.

I'm sure she's
home by now.

- Our place?
- That's right.

That sure is good news.

She had some time
to think it out.

So did I. You know
what I discovered?

What's that?

I sure am lucky.

I won't argue
with you there.

I don't know what she thought
I ever saw in Brenda sue.

I never even
liked that girl.


Absolutely! Leaning towards music
was all we ever had in common.

I better be
heading on home.

I got a surprise
for Beth.

Get it to her.
Take care.



I saw them fighting
from the store window.

Ha! Well, it's
obvious, isn't it?

Laura is leaving almanzo
because of Brenda sue.


They were sweethearts.
Don't you remember?

Yes, yes, yes,
indeed, yes, yes.

Well, all...
All right, elvira.

All right, I'll talk
to you later, bye!

Mrs. Foster?


Harriet here.

You've heard the news,
haven't you?

Oh, you haven't?

Oh, well, I hate to be
the one to spread bad news,

but Laura and almanzo
are getting divorced.

- Harriet!
- Yes, yes, I'm sure.

Well, he's going to marry
Brenda sue longworth.

Harriet, stop that!

Nels, how dare you

interrupt me
when I'm talking!

Harriet, you are
always talking,

even when you don't know
what you're talking about.

I know exactly
what I'm talking about!

Harriet, you are
simply spreading...

Nels oleson, this
telephone switchboard

was my idea.

And I will spread
whatever I want on it!

Mrs. Foster,
I'm so sorry, dear.

We were disconnected.

Now, let's see,
where was I?

Yes, you know,
I feel that this is

the most shocking thing that
has happened in walnut grove

since Mattie hargrove came
to church in her bloomers!

Yes, well,
it was just...

Mrs. Foster?

Mrs. Foster!

Oh, for heaven's sake,
what on earth is wrong, now?

the switchboard may be yours,

but the wire
is mine!

Nels oleson,
you come back here!



what on earth happened to you?

going on?

Just take
a look at this.

She says that this
girl and almanzo

have been having
a love affair.

Laura attacked
her in town today.


This doesn't
make any sense.

After what I told you, and this?


Honey, I just
don't understand it.

I just finished
talking to almanzo

not 5 minutes ago.

He rushed to get
back here to you.

He was happy and excited about
getting everything straightened out.

He even brought
a present for you.

I don't see what any
of that has to do with it.

Well, it just means that he doesn't
present the picture of a guilty husband.

Well, I'm sure almanzo's
getting very good at that.

There's something else.
He talked about Brenda sue.

He said he thought
you were crazy

to be jealous
of her.

They shared an
interest in music,

and then he
stopped seeing her

because he could just
never get to like her.

Well, I can certainly see
whose side you're on.

I'm on the side of making sure
this is not a misunderstanding

before I do almanzo
Wilder great bodily harm.

Brenda sue
admitted it to me!

She could have done
that out of spite.

I can't believe

you could
be so blind.

Laura, stay here.

Your father and I are going to pick up
your things and bring them back here.

Now, wait a minute.
We are not going to do that.

We're all going to go over
there and get this straightened out

once and for all.

Come on, in the wagon.

Come on, dear.

No, I don't want
to see him.

I think your
father's right.

Look at me!
I'm a mess!

- Laura!
- Half-pint!

Get in the wagon.

I think
you'd better.

The picture window?

The picture window.

♪ my only love

♪ if I could
find a way ♪

He sure is pining away
from me. I want to go home.

Until this thing's settled,
you are home.

Now, go on.

Go ahead, Laura.

♪ my only love

♪ I'll try
to make you stay ♪

♪ For every night

♪ for every day

♪ and be my

♪ only love


I had reason
to believe

you were over
being mad at me.

Guess not.

Of all the low things
I've ever heard of!

What are you talking about? Now,
what have I done, now?

Laura found this
on the desk

when she came back early
to make you breakfast.

So what?
I have a habit

of writing things down
I want to remember.

Things you want
to remember!

You mean you'd forget
that you love somebody?

Did you write down,
"I don't love Laura anymore," too?

What is
all this?

It's just the title
of Brenda sue's song.

Really, well,
maybe you should...

It's what?

The title
of the song

that Brenda sue
got published.


I was singing it
when you came in.


I take it your mother
and I can safely assume

you'll be spending
the evening here?

Have a nice
day, almanzo.

How could I have
been so stupid?

I can see how it
must have looked.

Even so, I should have
had more trust in you.

Can you ever
forgive me?

No forgiving's

It's just a simple

That's all it was.

It was all my fault.

No, it wasn't.

I did a little

And I was pretty
rough on you.

You had a right
being mad at me.

You had every right
to be mad at me.

I'm not mad now.

Me neither.

You are my
only love.

And you're mine.

Would you promise
me something?


Promise me you'll never
sing that song again.

I promise.

I'm glad that's over with.

Yeah. Me, too.

It's a good lesson
for all of US.

You just can't
jump to conclusions

about anything.

You've got to
talk it out.


I think that's why
we get along so well.

Probably. Maybe
we get along too well.

What's that
supposed to mean?

It's just we haven't had a
good argument in a long time.

Is something
wrong with that?

If you don't have
a good argument,

you can't make up,
and that's fun.


- Charles.
- Uh-huh?

I wish you wouldn't make
promises you can't keep.


You promised me you'd
have that picture window in

several days ago.

you certainly can't blame me for that.

Well, who I am
supposed to blame?

Your daughter,
that's who.

I don't see how you can blame her

for your

Now, wait a minute. What do you mean,
"my carelessness"?

She comes in
slamming doors,

and then crawls all
over the next window.

I can't put the window in if she
keeps breaking all the panes.

Let's go home
and make up.

That was kind of an argument,
wasn't it?

All right.

Come on.

Oh, good afternoon,

Nels, you're not
going to believe...

Stop. Say no more.

I ran into Laura this morning.
She told me what happened.

This window must
be a real pain to you.

It's kind of a
play on words.

A window
must be a pain.

You know,

a pain,
uh, pane.


I'll get your
change for you.

Brenda sue!

Brenda sue, wait!

Oh, pa.

You didn't have anything to do
with this by any chance, did you?

See you at supper.

Laura, narrating: We finally
had supper together that night,

and almanzo played for hours.

Pa didn't play his
violin that night.

He was busy

putting the old
window back.