Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 7, Episode 2 - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part 2 - full transcript

Eliza Jane fibs and says that she is getting married to Harve Miller who had come to help Almanzo take care of their property while Almanzo was working on the new land. She says this so that Laura will take over the Walnut Grove school and she won't have to go away to teach. Since she is leaving, that leaves the house for Almanzo and Laura. They decide to get married on Adam and Mary's anniversary so that the men can help each other remember when it is! When Charles goes to get the priest he sees Harve Miller in town and asks if he wants to surprise Eliza Jane and have a double wedding, but Harve tells him that he got married to someone last Sunday and Eliza Jane knew it. Charles doesn't spoil the news.

Laura: Where
are you going?

Look at all this!
Look at up here!

Almanzo Wilder, what
are you talking about?

The land...

It's ours.

I bought it today.

All of this...

It's going to
be our home.

This Mr. Gray
drives a hard bargain.

If you don't pay on the button,
you lose it all.

I know,
but I didn't have much choice.

Besides, with this
piece of land,

I don't think I have
much to worry about.

It's a fine piece of land,
there's no doubt about that.

Mr. Miller?

Yes, Mrs. Wilder?

Since we'll be seeing
each other every day,

perhaps we should
be less formal.

Eliza Jane: On a
first-name basis.

Be happy to.


It'd be a mite easier for
me if I knew your first name.


Of course.

It's Eliza Jane.

Well, I'll see
you later...

Eliza Jane.

See you
later, harve.

Oh, my poor
little baby

oh, doctor,
isn't there anything that you can do?

I'm afraid not.


How long?

How long?

6 months.

Oh, my...

At the most.

Oh, no.

Nellie: Mother!

Yes, my darling?

Nellie: I'm going
to have a baby!

Oh, I feel real

I know it's silly to you
because you're used to it, but...

I never danced
with a lady before.

You'll get
used to it.

But when you
made that offer,

that very generous
offer of $100 for his crop...

That was $100,
wasn't it?

That's right.

But when you made that offer,
he really got upset, I mean...

See, he was planning to
take the money from the crop

and pay off the note and build a
house for my daughter and himself

and live on the land
for the rest of their lives.

I mean,
you can't blame him for being upset.

Of course.

But it's business!

Well, I know that,
and you know that,

but, like I said,
he's just a boy.

I mean, he's...
He's ornery,

and he's hotheaded,
you know?

Hey, you know who
he reminds me of?

His future

And you know when he's going
to sell you that crop for $100?

When hell freezes over!

I just can't believe it's gone.

All the work,
and it's just gone...

My first crop.

I know it's hard,
but there will be others.

there will be plenty of others.

we've certainly been through it.

You just have to
pick up the pieces

and start all
over again.

I know,
I know. It's just going to take time

to pick up
those pieces.

At your age,
I'd say you have plenty of time.


We'll have to
cancel the wedding.

We can set a new date when
we find out how I'm doing.

Cancel it?


Almanzo: Laura,
I can't marry you now.

I just lost the farm.

I can't put a roof
over your head.

It's like your ma said.
I have to start over.

How long will
we have to wait?

I don't know exactly.

A year,
maybe two.

I'd best be going.

I'm afraid I wouldn't be
very good company tonight.

Good night.

Charles: Good night, almanzo.

I'm sorry, Beth.

Laura: So am I.

I just...


I just don't see
why we have to wait.

We can work
something out.

I don't want US living with my sister,

and I don't want
US jammed together

in your pa's
soddy up there.

I want US to have a home,
a place of our own.

I just can't get married
until I can provide.

Do you understand?

Good night.

Good night.

It's almanzo.

I didn't expect
him this early.

Yeah, well,
neither did I.

Uh... listen,
there's something I've been wanting

to tell you
all evening.

Something I've been thinking
about since we first met.



Um... look,
I'll tell you what.

It's kind of important.

Harve: It's very important,
and I just don't want to rush into it.

So, um...

Do you think you could have
dinner with me tomorrow night over

at Nellie's place?



Uh, I'll pick
you up about 7:00.

How about that?


You changed
my life.

You know that?

See you at 7:00.


Evening, almanzo.

Evening, harve.

It's over for sure.

The crop's gone.

I'm so sorry.

Can I get you
anything? Some tea?

No, I'll just
try and sleep.

Good night.

Eliza Jane, voice-over:
Dear diary...

I want to feel bad for
almanzo, but I can't.

I'm too much in love.

I'm almost afraid
to write it down,

but I think
harve loves me.

He loves me.

He loves me!

Caroline: Don't
forget your lunch pail.

Yes, ma.

Bye, ma.


Have a good day.

Carrie: Bye.
Albert: Thanks, ma.

Laura, what did you do
with that letter from radnor?

I threw it away.

Hmm. I wonder if that
position's been filled.

I don't know.

Well, why don't
you find out?

I mean,
with the two of you working,

you could make the
money a lot faster,

and I'm sure the time
would go much quicker.

You'd have to be
apart for a while,

but it wouldn't
be for long.

- And I'd get a chance to teach.
- Exactly.

Half-pint, come on.

Laura: I'm coming! I'll send
a wire just before school.

- Love you!
- I love you.

Almanzo: Giddyup.

Giddyup. Giddyup.



Oh, almanzo.

Harve had some late deliveries to make,
so I'll take you home.

All right.

He said he'd
see you at 7:00.

Oh, yes.

You ready?

Just about.

Laura will be
back in a minute.

She just ran down to
the telegraph office.

Well, no
rush, then.

We'll wait.

Any luck
finding work?

Well, things are
pretty tough right now,

but it's going to open up
next month come the harvest.


- Almanzo!
- Hey, what's all the excitement?

- I've got a job.
- What?

I've got
a teaching job!

You remember when I
had that letter a while ago,

the one from the school in radnor? Well,
I just wired them

to see if the position was still
open and it was, and I got it!

Can you imagine? With
the two of US working,

we'll have the money that
we need just that much sooner.



No, I don't want you
to take the job.

I know it's a ways away, and I
don't want to be apart from you, but...

Then don't be.
Don't take the job.

Almanzo, if you'd just listen,
I'd be home on weekends...

Almanzo: It's not the
being apart that bothers me.

It's the working.

I don't need your money to build
US a house or buy US a farm.

Well, it wouldn't be my money,
it would be our money.

I'll make the money that we need. Now,
it may take

a little bit longer,
but that's just the way it's going to be.

- Almanzo.
- Sis, please, stay out of this.

Oh, certainly,
by all means.

Don't give anyone else
a right to talk but yourself.

Beth, listen.

No, you listen
for a change.

I'm not going to wait
2 years to get married,

and I'm not going to
stand around waiting

when I can be teaching
and helping the man I love.

Discussion's over.

You're right,
it is. I'm taking the job in radnor.

- Almanzo, go after her.
- No!

You'll both regret
it if you don't.

I'll wait outside.

Ain't hardly
touched your steak.

I took a bite...
Or two.

It's not too
rare, is it?

I could have Nellie put it on
the fire a little longer if you like.

No. It's fine,

Just a little
too much for me.

Warm your
coffee a little?

Was there something wrong with your steak,
miss Wilder?

No, I'm just
a little full.

Oh, I'll take
your plate.

How are you

I'm fine. I'm over the morning sickness.

Mother has it now.

You said you wanted to
talk to me about something.

I surely do.

You notice any kind of change
in me since the first time we met?

I don't know.

You're not as anxious
to make as many jokes.

You're more


I'm not as scared to be
serious as I used to be.

See, I always let on that I acted
like a clown just to be noticed,

but... well, that
was only part of it.

The other part
was that I was

afraid that if I said
something serious

and somebody
would laugh or...

Not care, that...

I'd be hurt,
and, uh...

So I just did the
easiest thing possible.

I just never said
anything serious.

Am I making any kind
of sense to you?


Like, you know,
here I am...

34 years old,
and, uh...

I have never said...

"I love you"
to a woman.

Harve: Can you
believe that?


If you say so.

I wanted to,

but I...
I just couldn't...

Up until now.

Harve: And it's
all because of you.

You made me realize that I've
got something to say to people,

not just jokes and
acting silly and all,

but real things.

You know, I didn't
leave the city

because of all the noise
and the other people.

I left because
of one person...

Miss Mabel Harkins.

Harve: I know I told you
what a snob she was,

and how I liked to play
practical jokes on her and all, but,

well, the truth is that I
only did all those things

because I was afraid to tell
her how I really felt about her...

But not anymore.

I'm going back
to sleepy eye.

Harve: Well, now, I know there's
no guarantee that Ms. Mabel will like

the new harve Miller any
better than she liked the old one,

but at least she's going to get
a chance to know the real one...

And that I like her.

And I just wanted to
thank you for all that...

Harve: And for being my friend.

When will you
be leaving?

Uh... end of the week, I guess.

Almanzo and I
will miss you.

Harve: I don't think
manzo will miss me.

I've been eating over
at the house too much.

Not enough left
for him.

Besides, he can have
his old job back.

I heard things have been
pretty hard on him lately.

Yes, they have.

As a matter of fact,
he's home alone tonight.

I should be with him.

Harve: Yeah,
I know, but it's early.

Don't you want a piece
of pie or something?

really. I'd feel better being with almanzo.

You are quite
a woman, Eliza Jane.

I will never
forget you.

Nor I you.


Well, uh...
I'll get the check.

Laura, voice-over:
The weeks passed,

and we neared the
midyear break at school.

In another few weeks,
I would be teaching in radnor.

Eliza Jane:
Good morning, Laura.

Good morning,
miss Wilder.

Thank you,

How long are you two
going to keep this up?

You'll have to ask
your brother that.

I did. He told
me to ask you.

You can tell him it'll last
until he comes to his senses

and realizes that
everybody has a life to live.

I'm a teacher,
and I have the opportunity to teach,

and I'm going to.

You're right,
you know.

I envy you.


Because you say
what you feel.

You're not afraid
to speak up.

Well, you have to.

It's like my pa
always says.

You have to let people
know how you really feel.

It's not
always easy,

but in the long run,
it's the only way.

It sure is hard when you love somebody,

I'll go ring
the bell.

I got some shirts that need mended
tomorrow, one on the sleeve and...




I can't mend
them tomorrow.

Why not?

I won't be here.

I'll be in sleepy eye.
I need to take the rig.

Well, what do you have
to go all the way there for?

To see harve Miller...

At least tell
him how I feel.

Laura's 100%
right, you know?

You're being stubborn and
foolish and inconsiderate,

and you can mend
your own shirts.

Pardon me.

Oh, yes,
ma'am. May I help you, please?

Yes. I'm looking
for a man

who used to work here
with my brother.

His name is
harve Miller.

Harve. Yes, he's
working for me again.


Could I speak to him?

I don't see why not.
Should be back any minute.

I just sent him out
on an errand.

Thank you.

Yes, ma'am.



What on earth are you
doing in sleepy eye?

Oh, I came
to see you.

am I glad! I got a lot to tell you.

Let me talk first.

I love you.

I have from the
first day I met you.

Oh, I know how you feel
about miss Mabel Harkins,

but I think you should know how I feel,

I've never been
in love before,

and so this is very
difficult for me,

but I think
it's important

for people to be very
honest with each other.

- Eliza, what I want...
- Let me finish.

I don't see how you could love someone

that you don't
know that well.

Now, this miss Mabel must
be a very nice person, but I...

Eliza, we're getting
married on sunday.

That's what I was
going to tell you.

We're going to
move to St. Louis.

Harve: Eliza!

- Eliza! Eliza, please!
- Giddyup!

- Don't go away like this.
- Giddyup!

I'm sorry!

Oh, I've been worried
sick about you.

I'm sorry. I lost
track of the time.

I was just going
out to look for you.

You said you'd
be home by supper.

I'm sorry! I'm an adult,
you know.

I know.

I'm just not used to you
being home so late, that's all.

You been with him
all this time?


Does that
surprise you?

No. I was
just wondering.

He asked me
to have supper.

They were
having a social,

but I didn't want to
get back that late.

He's quite smitten
with me, I'm afraid.

He asked me to the
social next Saturday.

I said yes, if I could
use your rig again.

No, I don't need it. I've
got no one to take for a ride.

That's your fault.

Let's not start it.

No, let's not.

I'm rather tired.

Don't forget to
unhitch the team.

Good night.



I know it's late,
but I wanted to talk to you.

Come in.

Evening, almanzo.

Almanzo: Oh,
evening, Mr. Ingalls.

Uh... Could we talk outside?

If you'd like.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm glad that he finally
decided to come to the mountain.


How you been doing?

All right.


Yeah. Me, too.

Don't you think we ought
to talk about this?

We just can't go
on not speaking.

I agree.

Go ahead.

No, that's all right.

You start.

I really don't have
anything to say.

But I thought you just
said we ought to talk.

Well, I've already
told you how I feel.

And I've told
you how I feel.

Well, then why did you come driving
all the way out here at this time of night?

I told you.
So we could talk.

we're not going to get anywhere like this.

Now, I've told you how I feel,
and my mind is made up.

Oh, I see. You just
want me to apologize

and say how wrong I was
and how right you are.

Well, I'm not
going to do it!

I'm not going to knuckle
under just so you'll be happy!

There's going to be more
to our marriage than that!

What marriage? Who
says we're getting married?

I do! You're wearing the
engagement ring I gave you,

that I make payments
on every month.

Well, just
take it back.

You shouldn't be buying
things on credit anyway.

you didn't complain when I gave it to you!

You didn't talk about making
payments when you gave it...

How did you think I was
going to pay for it?!

I mean, this is a real diamond in
this ring, not just a piece of glass!

Well, you'd better be careful you don't
lose it, like you lose everything else!

The only thing I lose with you
is my temper every time we talk!

Well, then
let's not talk!

Fine with me!


Okay, that's
got it, rod.

Thank you,

You've put in quite a morning,

I suppose.

I'm breaking
for lunch.

Want some company?

You sure you want to
eat with the enemy?

Come on.

Mr. Ingalls...

No disrespect,

but do you have any idea
what your daughter's like?

Think so.
She's a lot like me.

Well, again, no
disrespect, sir,

but that must be mighty
hard on Mrs. Ingalls.


I mean, there's nothing harder than
trying to talk to a stubborn person.

Well, you talk a lot to yourself,
do you, boy?

Let me tell
you something.

You're just as stubborn
as my daughter.

In this case,
even more so.

The difference
is, I'm right.

You're sure?

I'm positive.

Positive? You know what
the word positive means?

That means wrong at
the top of your voice.

Right or wrong
doesn't matter much.

She gave me
back the ring.

Look, Mr. Ingalls,
I know you're just trying to help,

but I don't think it's meant
to be between Laura and me.

Why don't we just
try and be friends

and talk about
something else?

Sure, son, if that's
what you want.

Miss Wilder?

Yes, Laura?

I'm going to radnor
a week early.

I just want to get settled
and meet some of the people.

I'm sure that will be fine
with the school board.

I'll wire ahead
if you like.

I can do that.

I sure am going to
miss this school.

Eliza Jane: I know, but at
least you'll be back here

in church
every sunday.

No, I won't.

I'm going to
stay in radnor.

I'll visit sometimes,

but I have to start
a new life of my own...

Or at least try.

I wish you'd
change your mind.

All your friends
are here...

And your loved ones.

I know.

That's the trouble.

I can't forget your brother
if I see him every week,

and I have to forget him.

I'll go send that wire.

I hope everything goes
well with you and harve.

Oh. Thank you.

I'll be seeing
him this Saturday.

I'll give him
your best.

I wish you'd been
my sister-in-law.

Me, too.



I'm sorry.

Eliza Jane, voice-over: I know
I shouldn't pretend like this.

I just don't want people
feeling sorry for me anymore.

It's such a sad
time for everyone.

Harve must be
in St. Louis by now,

and Laura's on
her way to radnor.

There's so much
sadness in the house

and nothing I can do.

I love my brother so.

We've spent
our lives together.

Looking back, perhaps it
wasn't good for either one of US.

We always had
each other.

We never had the need
for companionship

that comes
from being alone.

If only I could
do something.

If only I could
do something.





Eliza, what's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.
Everything's right.

Harve's going
to St. Louis,

and he's asked me
to go with him.

We're going
to get married!

Oh, Eliza.

I'm so happy
for you.

I tried to get here
as fast as I could.

I thought I could get
Laura before she left.

Well, the stage
left an hour ago.

You've got
to catch it.

What are you
talking about?

Don't you see?

I'll be leaving! Walnut grove
will need a new teacher.

You'll have
the house.

You can get married!

Laura can teach,
and you can still be together.

Oh, almanzo...

Go after her!

Tell her
you love her!

I will.

I got to go
get the ring!

I love you!

I love you,
too, almanzo!

Hyah, hyah!

Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah! Hyah!



Pull over a second!

What's the matter?

Emergency message for
one of your passengers!

Whoa! Whoa!

Laura, I've got
to talk to you.

Eliza Jane's going to St.
Louis. She's getting married.

Well, I'm very
happy for her,

but you came all the way
out here just to tell me that?

Well, don't you see? Now
we're going to have a house!

You can teach right
in walnut grove!

We can get married
right away.

But I thought you
said I couldn't teach.

Almanzo: Why do you pay any attention
to me? You know how stubborn I am!

It wasn't the teaching
so much anyways.

It was the being apart.

Oh, I love you.

Please, say yes.


I brought the ring.

Will you marry me?

Of course I will.

Driver, you
can go on.


- My bag!
- Forget about your bag.

Let's go tell
your folks.

Well, they're in sleepy
eye for Mary's anniversary.

Darn! I want
to tell them.

Well, so do I.

Let's go there.

To sleepy eye?

To sleepy eye.

We'll pick up
Eliza on the way.


Caroline: I still
can't get over it.

It's as though the good lord said,
"here's the answer."

Hester-sue: It's a shame you have to
go all the way to St. Louis to the wedding.

You know we could have a
double ceremony right here.

Wouldn't that
be something?

You two are going to have to pick a date,
you know?

Adam: Take it from an old married man,

Make it as soon as possible.
Otherwise your nerves start to go.

Thanks a lot.

How about today?


How about today? We'll get
a preacher. What do you say?

Well, I don't know!

Hey, well, don't look at the
father of the bride. I'm prejudiced.

Just think of all the money
I'd save on the wedding party.


Eliza will be with US. Another week,
she'll be gone.

Adam: And we'll have
the same anniversary,

so we can remind each
other not to forget it.

That's the best
reason yet.

Well, let's do it!

I'll get
a preacher.

We'll get the reverend hartwig.

Follow me.

Be right back.

What if this reverend
hartwig's not in town?

Well, we'll
find another.

Hey, hold on a second.
There's harve Miller.

Hey, harve!

Come on. That's
Eliza's fiance.

Oh! How nice!

- Harve, how you doing?
- Charles, good to see you.

- This is miss terhune.
- How do, ma'am?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you.

I thought you were
supposed to be in St. Louis.

Well, I was,
but I had some business to take care of,

so I won't be able to
leave now till next week.

You won't have to go over to
walnut grove to tell Eliza Jane.

She's at
the blind school.

- Eliza Jane?
- Uh-huh.

Laura and almanzo
decided to get married today.

Maybe we'll have a
double ceremony after all.

Not a bad idea. What do you say,

Charles, I don't know
what this is all about.

I got married
last sunday.

Come on.

Eliza knew all about it.

Well, you give Laura and almanzo my best,
will you?

Charles: Yeah,
I will. Good luck in St. Louis.

Thank you kindly. Hyah!

I guess we better
get the preacher.

Reverend hartwig,
this is Caroline Ingalls.


And, of course,
you know Adam Kendall.


My daughter's
upstairs getting ready.

And the groom
is in the classroom

trying to remember
how to breathe.

Why don't we all sit down
and discuss the ceremony?

- Certainly.
- Right in here.

Where's Eliza?

Oh, she's in the kitchen
decorating the wedding cake.

I'll be right there.

Not a very
formal-looking couple,

but they're better than nothing.

Is the reverend here?


I'm so glad to see
them be married.

I just saw
harve Miller.

He, uh...

He had to postpone
his trip until next week.

Why, Eliza?

I want to
start over.

I need a change.

It was a chance to do
something for almanzo...

And Laura.

You don't know my
brother the way I do.

He wouldn't let me
just go off to be alone,

even though
it's what I want.

He's been very
close to me,

too close perhaps,
too protective.

It's time we both
led our own lives.

Eliza Jane: Don't say
anything, Charles.

Believe me...

I know what I'm doing,

and it makes me happy.

I'll write almanzo later

and tell him things
didn't work out

between harve and me.

By then, I'll be settled
and teaching again.

I'll be fine, really.

Let them have
this glorious day.

Hey, you

The reverend's

I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Shall we?

Do you,
almanzo Wilder,

take this woman to be
your lawful wedded wife,

to love, honor,
and Cherish

till death
do you part?

I do.

Rev. Hartwig: And do you,
Laura Elizabeth Ingalls,

take this man to be your
lawful wedded husband,

to love, honor,
and Cherish

till death do you part?

I do.

I now pronounce
you man and wife.


Eliza Jane, voice-over:
Dear diary...

My brother was
married today.

I've never been
happier in my life.

Really, I haven't.