Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 7, Episode 11 - To See the Light: Part 2 - full transcript

Mary grows increasingly afraid that Adam's new found freedom is pushing them apart.

Yes, of course.

We'll come first thing
in the morning.

I know.


Not too bad, I hope.

It's Adam. He's
had an accident.

We'll be going
first thing in the morning.

- Nels!
- Yes, dear?

Can I ask you
a question?

Yes, dear.

Do you think
I'm fat?

Yes, dear.


- Mr. Kendall!
- Mary!

No, no, no! Mary!

Adam! Adam!
Take it easy!




I can see!
I can see!

Mr. Davis?


Oh, thank you.
Thank you.

Your cross-examination
of gardner

was the turning point
in the trial, I'd say.

I think
you're right.

Boy, you really
had him rattled.

I had to. I had to destroy his credibility

because he was
telling the truth.

My client
was guilty.

That surprises
you, huh?

Yes, sir.

Well, on the way to
my carriage, perhaps

I'll outline the duties
of a defense counsel.

Well, I am aware
of those duties.

Oh, you study law?

- I was going to.
- I see.

I'm losing him,

What on earth are you
talking about?

I'm losing Adam to
all his new friends,

his sighted friends.

That's not true.

He wanted you
to go with him.

Not really.

When he's with his
sighted friends, I...

I don't even exist.

I'm afraid,

I'm afraid of losing
my husband...

To a world
I can't see!

When I'm a lawyer,
we'll have enough money

to go anywhere in the world
you want to go... Paris or Rome.

Oh, Mary.
I can do this!

I've got this
feeling. It's like god

came down and gave
me back my sight

and then said,
"ok, let's see what

you can do with it."

I'm gonna start on
those books right now.

I'm so wound up,
I couldn't even

sleep tonight
if I wanted to.

I am so happy!

I'm gonna start
on the books.

Most of the kids
will be going home

for the summer break
this Friday.

I thought I'd go home for a few weeks,
visit with the family.

I was kind of hoping

you'd come to
Minneapolis with me.

Well, I really should spend
some time with the family.

Besides, you'll be
busy with your tests.

I'd only be in the way.

I'll tell you what.

The exam's over
in 4 days,

and right when
I'm finished,

I'll take the stage
straight to walnut grove.

We can spend a little time together,
at least.

How's that sound?

It sounds wonderful.

You don't sound
very enthusiastic.


What's the matter,

I don't know.

I bet I do.

Worried about me
passing the test?

"all his big plans,"

and then, boom,

I fall right on
my face?

Well, that's not
gonna happen.

I'll get that scholarship,
Mrs. Kendall.

You wait and see.

You should have
a little faith in me.

I do.

I'm going to
get some more milk.

Want me to
get it for you?

No. You...
You keep studying.

One of these days we're
gonna have to get a maid

for you to bring
your milk up.

Can't have
a lawyer's wife

and carrying.

Want me to
get it for you?

Someday we'll have a maid
to bring your milk.

Want me to
get it for you?

Do you want me to get
it for you?

Do you want me to get
it for you?

- Nellie.
- Hi, mother.

You have to help me
with this.

- What is it?
- You have to help me with this.

I have to have it on before your
father sees me in my new dress.

- What is it?
- It's a corset!

Now, come on. Come on
upstairs and help me put it on.

I just can't leave
the kitchen.

I have all these
orders to fill.

For heaven's sakes!
I have to have it on.

The dress
won't fit me.

But I just
can't leave.

Well, here, come on,
we'll do it in the pantry.

It's a very,
very expensive dress.

Your father was angry
when I ordered it.

If he sees I can't fit in it,
he'll be furious.

Why can't you fit
in it?

Because... because
it's not my size.

why didn't you just order it in your size?

Because it's
too embarrassing

to order it
in my size.

Besides which,

it doesn't come
in my size.

Now, come on.
Give me a hand.

Nellie, are
those eggs ready?

Just serving
them up.

Where's your mother?

She had to get back
to the store.

There you go.

Thank you. Now,
two more orders.

Ham and eggs,
over easy.

Right away.

All right, come on,
Nellie. Hurry up!

I'll be right there. I
have to start this order.

All right.

Hurry up.

Here, now.
Take a hold and pull.

Come on. Pull.

I don't want
to hurt you.

Don't worry about that.
Just pull.

Come on, pull!

All right. There you go.

Now... tighter!
Come on, tighter.

I'm trying!

Well, try harder.

Mother, I have to
turn those eggs.

Don't worry...

Oh, all right, well,
tie it off first.

they'll burn.

Oh, for heaven sakes!

Come on.
Come on.

Don't let
go of it.


All right.

The pan has to
go in the sink.

For heaven sakes.

Don't let go.

All right, now...

Pull it again
and tie it off.

Let me get
some leverage.

All right,
hold yourself in.

I'm trying to!

Almost there.

Uhh! Ooh!

Aah! Ah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

Ha ha ha!

I'm sorry. I don't
mean to... ha ha ha... laugh.

It's all right.
I understand.

It's Mary.

- Mary.
- Hi, ma.

You're early.

We made
good time.


You look tired. You've
been working too hard.

Oh, I'm fine, really.

I'm gonna see to it that you rest up

while you're here.

It does sound good.

Here's your bag, miss.

- Thank you.
- I'll take it.

Ma, I can carry
my own bag.

All right.

Well, let's get you
settled in the hotel.

It's good
to be home.

I wish Adam could
have come with you.

So do I.

Here you go.

The bed's
straight ahead.

The dresser's
on your right.

Wash bowl's
on your left.

Can I help you
unpack this?

I'm perfectly capable
of unpacking my own bag!

There are some things
blind people can do.

I know.

I just thought you
might be tired from your trip.

I'm sorry, ma.

I didn't
mean that.

God, I don't know
what's the matter with me.

Oh, Mary.

What is it?

happening so fast.

It's all changing.

Now Adam's taking
his exam.

Don't you worry
about that.

I'm sure
he'll do very well.

I don't want him
to do well.


I don't want him
to go to law school.

I want him to stay
home with me...

With the children.

We need him.

Mary, this is a once-in-a-lifetime
chance for Adam.

I know, it'll be difficult
being apart for a while,

but you have
your whole lives

to be together.

Will we?

What's that
supposed to mean?

It means I'm afraid.

Afraid that now
that he can see,

he'll think I'm
a burden to him.

He'll be meeting
new people.

New women.

Now, you just
listen to me.

Adam loves you.

Why, you know that,
and so do I.

The only one who could
destroy that love is you.

By withdrawing
from him...

By being afraid.

You're his wife.

You stand by him.

Help him.

Love him.

Blind or sighted,

he needs your love
and your strength.

Land sakes, girl,

I thought you had
more guts than that.

Well, I do.

Well, then,
show him you do.


Well, you're the only one
who could answer that.

How were you
when you left him?

I didn't even
wish him luck.

Well, if I were
you, I'd be

on that phone downstairs
calling him.

Ma... let's make
that call.

Yes, operator, just a minute.

Adam, telephone.
It's Mary.

Oh, thanks,

Hello, Mary?

I miss you, too.

Of course I do. What
kind of a question is that?


What? It's really
hard to hear.

The kids are having lunch
and making a lot of noise.

All right.

Me, too.

Thanks. I'll need it.

Listen, I'll call you
from Minneapolis

as soon as I get there.

I love you.
Bye-bye, darling.

Kids: I love you, darling.

Eat your lunch.

Everyone in
your seat.

In your seats,


You all have your
exam packets with you.

They are self-explanatory.

You'll receive
another packet each day

during the 4 days
of testing.

It is now two
minutes to 9:00.

Test papers
will be called in

at exactly 3:00,

so pace yourself

Monitors will be
patrolling the aisles

during the test.

I need not say
any more about that.

Good luck, gentlemen.

You may begin.

How did you do?

I started out
all right,

but the last
hour was just panic.

Always is.

This is my
fourth time.

You're kidding.

No. I wish I was.

I'm Alan barton.

Adam Kendall.
Four times?


Got pretty close
the second time,

but close just
isn't good enough.

A tough test
to pass.

I got to do more than pass.
I got to be in the top 3%.

You going for a scholarship,


Whew. Now, that's
really tough.

um... Feel like getting something to eat?

Sure. Nothing
too expensive, though.

Don't worry
about the check.

My father's got
plenty of money.

He's a judge.

No fooling?


That's why I've
got to pass the test.

I'll be taking it
when I'm 60.

Are you sure you
want to take the El?

I'd be more than
happy to take you.

Not at these prices.

You're always worried
about money.

It's kind of a hard
habit to get out of

when you don't
have much.

Well, I suppose.

Well, get a good
night's rest.

I'll see you at 9.

- Right.
- Driver!

Thanks for dinner,

Forget it.
Good night.

Good night.

Excuse me, sir.

Would you
have the time?

Uh, yeah.

Uh... 7:30.

Much obliged.

Do you have
any money?


Hurry up!
Hurry up!

Never mind the ring!
Let's go!

Still not awake?


He stirred
a few times.

He's probably
better off.

He's going to have
a champion

of a headache
when he wakes up.

Keep an eye on him.

I'll be back
after my rounds.

Oh... ohh...

Where am I?

You're in
the hospital.

Somebody hit you
on the head last night.

Oh, yeah.

These 3 men...

Asked me what
time it was.

I took out
my watch...

Well, they took
your watch

and everything else
you had with you.

What time is it?

It's, uh, 8:30.

Oh, lord. I got to
get out of here.

Just a minute.

You can't leave. You
shouldn't be moving!

Get back in that bed!

I said get back
in that bed.

I'm gonna get
the doctor.

- Doctor!
- Yes?

The patient
in room 25...

He's getting dressed!

He's leaving!

Good lord!

Where do you think
you're going?

To take a test. I'm fine,

Now, why don't you
let a doctor decide that?

I don't have the time!

I'm... sorry.

What happened
to you?

After you left me on the
train station last night...

there'll be no talking during the test.

I'll tell you later.

You're lucky
they didn't kill you.

I know.

Are you all right?

Yeah. I'm just
a little weak.

You haven't got 10 cents
to your name.

You know you can't pay for
that room you got downtown.

I know.

Why don't you
come to my home?

I don't want
to put you out.

Don't worry about it.

We just happen to have
15 spare rooms.


What you need
is some warm soup

and a good bed.

It does sound good.

Come on, then.

Now, I know
it's not much, but...

We call it home.

So, how about
some soup?

I'd really like to rest
a little while first.


I'll see to it
you're not disturbed.

Hey, Alan?



Thanks a lot.

It's the least a fellow
law student can do.

Get a good rest.

Hey, Adam.


Dear god, man,
you're burning up.



You called, sir?

Call Dr. Thoms
on the telephone.

Tell him to get
over here right away!

Certainly, sir.


This will help.

How do you feel?


I'm so weak.

Well... it's no wonder.

You've been
a mighty sick man.

What time is it?

About 8:00.

Oh... I got to
get dressed.

The exam's at 9:00.

Just lay back
down there.

The exam was at 9:00
3 days ago.


You've been asleep
for 3 days.

When I said that
you were sick,

I wasn't fooling.

Oh, god.

Oh, god.

Come on.

I know how you feel.

It could have
been a lot worse.

But the test.

To heck with the test.

You're alive.

You can take the test
again next year.

Next year.

Hey, I've been taking it
for years, remember?

How did you do?

Well, it was
a miracle.

I passed.

My father's walking
around on a cloud.

Already got me trying
on his judge's robes.

Congratulations, Alan.


I'll get you a little something
to put in your stomach.

Not too much, ok?

Just some broth.

Doctor's orders.

Hey, Alan.


My... uh...


She must be
worried about me.

Can you call her?


She's in
walnut grove.

At Nellie's hotel.

I can't remember
the number.

I'll get it from
the operator.

Just tell her
I'll be all right and...

I'll try and
call her later.

It's done.

I'll be right back.



To eat.


To eat.

What's this?

I love those!

It's so fattening.

No, I won't!

I won't.

I won't,
I won't, I won't.

I'll have something...


Oh, my.
Oh, my...

Oh! Popcorn!


It's light, and
it's not fattening.

It's filling!


Nels: Harriet?

There you are.
Might have known.

You might have known?
What is that supposed to mean?

It means that you said you
were not going to eat today.

Then you sneak out
and you come over here...

I did not sneak!

And I did not come
over here to eat.


Yes, really!

I came over to see that
the kitchen was clean.

Well, it appears
to be clean,

so, come along.
Back to the store.

I'll be along
in a little while.

I have to watch
the switchboard.

Fine. Come on. We'll
watch it together.

The store can't
be left alone.

Percival can look
after it very nicely.

Come along!

All right! I'm coming!
For heaven's sake!

I still think you ought to
telephone the university

and find out
where Adam is.

No, ma. I won't be
the one to telephone.

He said he'd call,
and he hasn't.

I'm sure he's just
too busy to come here.

He's probably waiting
for the results of his test.

Excuse me!

Mary, telephone.
It's Minneapolis!

Speak of the devil.

Hello, Adam.


He what?

I'm sorry,

I'm having trouble
hearing you.

He what?

Is he all right?


Yes, I understand.

Of course I will,
right away.

Mr. Barton,
about the test...

I see.

I'm sure he is.

Thank you, Mr. Barton.


What happened?

Adam's been ill.

That's why
he hasn't called.

He's gonna be all right,

Thank goodness.

He's not well enough
to travel yet.

I want to go to him.

Of course.

Your pa will
take you, I'm sure.

I'll go ask him
right away.

Harriet, I don't like
being a watchdog

any more than you do.

If you can't
be trusted...

I can be

Now, I said I won't eat
and I won't!

I wish I could
believe you.

I'm doing this
for your own good.

You know that
your cousin Miriam

is going to be here
in two weeks.

And you're going to
be embarrassed

if she sees you
looking like...

Don't you say that!

All right,
I won't.

But you know
what she's like.

She's always been so conscious
of her figure, so thin and...


I know.

I wish she wasn't coming.

I haven't seen her
in 10 years,

and I don't miss her,
and I don't want to see her.

You don't
mean that.

I do too.

You are simply

and you're embarrassed
about seeing her.

isn't that the truth?


Well, then,
do something about it.

Well, I am!

I'm starving myself.

I said I won't eat
and I won't.

You promise?

Yes, I promise.

All right. I trust you, then.

I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

All right!

I'll get back
to work.

What in the world
was that?

Oh, nels,
don't go in there! Don't go in there!

No, no!
It might be a rat.

That's it, Harriet!

I wash my hands of the
whole thing. It's your life!

Nels, no!

I'm sorry.

Oh, my...


We'll be there
in about an hour.

Sure you don't want
to have a sandwich?

I'm not hungry.

Hey, he's all right.

I know.

You're disappointed
about the test.

It just wasn't
meant to be, that's all.

I suppose.

After all, it's not like
he doesn't have a job.

He enjoyed teaching before.
He will again.

Do you really
think so?

Sure I do.

I hope you're right.

It was
so good before.

I just hope he can
forget about all this

and be happy
teaching again.

Just give him
some time.

Now, here. I can't eat
this whole sandwich,

and you need something
on your stomach.

All right.

Peanut butter
and jelly.

You loved it
when you were little.

You got company.


How do you feel?

Well, I'm still weak,
but I feel better.

How long did the
doctor say it'd be

you can travel?

One or two days.

Your friend Alan's been kind
enough to let US stay here

in the house until
you're ready.

He's been
a very good friend.

I'll let you
two alone.

Glad you're
feeling better.

Adam, I'm sorry
about the test.


I was doing well.

I think I could
have made it.

But that really
doesn't matter now.

I have to wait
another year

before I could
try again.

Are you going to?

No. It's over.

Mary, I'm 24
years old.

Another year
of waiting,

then law school...

If I made
the top 3%.


It was just
a dream, I guess.

I'm a teacher,
and there's

nothing wrong
with that.

I would've been
a lousy lawyer, anyway.

You know what
my temper's like.

I would have been in
contempt of court all the time.

I probably would...

I probably would...

Oh, Mary,
I wanted it so bad.

God, I...

I just wanted
it so bad.

I know.

I know, darling.

I know.

Come in.

Hi, darlin'.

You weren't asleep,
were you?

No. I was just
reading the paper.

Can I talk
to you?


Sit right
over here.

Never seen rooms
with so many chairs.

His heart's
broken, pa.

I've never seen
him like this.

It's understandable.

It's a big
disappointment for him.

For both of you.

It wasn't
for me.

What's that mean?

I didn't want him
to pass the exam.

Why not?

The reasons
aren't important.

They were all very
selfish on my part.

When I talked
to him today,

I realized how much
it meant to him.

He has to have
that chance...

No matter what.

I'm afraid there's nothing
we can do about it now.

I have to try.

Will you take me

I want to talk
to the professor.

We went over that
at supper with Alan.

Rules are rules.

He's gonna have to
wait a year

no matter what
the circumstances.

I know, but...

I still have to try.

I owe him that.

I owe myself that.

I feel like I've
betrayed him

in my thoughts.

I have to try and
make up for that.

Will you take me?

We'll go first thing
in the morning.

Professor Mayfield?


They told US in the
office we'd find you here.

I'm Charles Ingalls.
And this is my daughter

Mrs. Kendall.

Mrs. Kendall?

My husband is
Adam Kendall.


The name
is familiar.

Yes. He was taking
the exam this past week.

Oh, yes, yes.

He was unable
to complete it.

That really
wasn't his fault.

Yes, I understand that.
It was most unfortunate.

I wanted to know
if there was any way

he could
complete the test?

It means
so much to him.

Mrs. Kendall, I'm sorry.
I wish there was a way,

but we can't alter
the rules here

no matter what
the circumstances.

Why not?

Pardon me?

Why can't they
be altered?

I mean,
this is a school of law, isn't it?

When you have
a bad law,

the court changes
it, doesn't it?

Yes, the court does
have that power, but...

Then if you have
a bad rule,

I think it
should be changed.

I don't believe
it is a bad rule.

It's a necessary one.

It's a bad rule when
it has no compassion

or concern
for the individual.

Mrs. Kendall...

My husband's gone
through a lot in his lifetime.

He was blinded in an
accident when he was a boy.

He lost his child
in a fire.

With all that,
he's devoted his life

to helping others.
To teaching.

Now, when it seems like something
wonderful is gonna happen,

you turn it against him
with some rule.

Now, you may think
it's necessary,

but... I happen
to think it's cruel.

Come on, pa.

Mrs. Kendall.

You should have
been a lawyer.

Have your husband here
at 9:00 A.M. Wednesday.

Thank you, sir.

You're doing it again.

I know.

What time
is it, anyway?

It must be
5 after 4:00.

That's at least
5 minutes later

than it was the last
time you

asked me what
time it was.

The test was supposed
to be over at 3:00.

Here he comes now.

Sorry I'm late.

That's all right.

How did it go?
How did you do?

I know how I did.
That's why I'm late.

I stayed while the
professor graded my exam.


And I did not make
the top 3%.


Well, you'll just
have to study harder

and take the test
again next year.

That's right.

There's not gonna be
a next year.

I made the top 1%.

Oh, Adam Kendall,
I'm gonna kill you!


If you have any questions
about the history...

He's done it!

Adam's going
to college!


Oh, ma!

They'll be
here Friday.

We've got to have
a celebration.

Class dismissed!


Here you go.

Thank you, nels.

How does it look, ma?

Oh, very festive.

Everything looks
in order here.

I think I'll
go over and see if

I can get Harriet
to come out of her room.

Is she still
that upset?

Her cousin Miriam is on the
same stage as Adam and Mary,

and she's dreading
having to see her.

It's a shame.

It'll teach her
a lesson.

Believe me, you Mark my words,
she will be on a diet

when Miriam gets
through with her.

I'll see you
in a few minutes.

They're here

I'll be
right back.

I'll get the music.


I'll get
the bags.

What a wonderful

It's good
to see you.

Harriet, you can't
avoid seeing her.

She came all this way
just to see you.

Besides, you've got to
go to Adam's party.

I don't want
to go to Adam's party.

And I don't want to see
"perfect" cousin Miriam!

Nels, I just want
to go to bed!

that is enough!






Oh, Miriam!

Oh, how good
it is to see you.

Well, it's good to
see you, too.

And you've arrived
just in time.

- We're having a party.
- No!

Yes, and we're gonna have
fried chicken.

Oh, I haven't had good
fried chicken in ages.

And we have Waldorf salad

and mashed potatoes.
Oh, yes!

Come on inside.
Nels, come along.

And we'll have
chocolate cake

with vanilla icing

and little
on the top

with little green...

Here, nels.
Have a nice day.

I think I will.