Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 7, Episode 10 - To See the Light: Part 1 - full transcript

Adam goes to pick up some braille school books at the Freight office. Someone left some highly dangerous nitroglycerin in the way and when he bumps it accidentally it explodes. When he wakes up in the hospital, he can see. Adam becomes interested in law and decides that he wants to be a lawyer.

how are you?

Parley, don't ask.

I just can't get used
to all this paperwork.

That good, huh?

Well, I got
some more for you.

Bill of lading.

Not much to off-load
except the blasting oil.

It's starting
to warm up out there.

Maybe we ought to get
it into a cool place.

You might want to put
a thermometer in it,

make sure it don't need
to be packed on ice.

Get right on it.

I'll give you
a hand.

Then I'm going
over to boss's

and soak my body
in a hot tub.

I hate hauling
this stuff.

Everybody does.

It pays pretty good,
don't it?

What good's the money

if you're spread
all over the township?

You seen the sheriff?

Not today.


the problem?

Old glover's
acting up.

Who's he think
he is now?

General custer,
guns and all.

He's holding two
saloon girls prisoner.

you unload that,

take it inside
for me, will you?

All right.

what's that fellow doing

holding saloon girls?

Who knows? He's crazy.

He's general custer

and them saloon girls
has got feathers on!

Man don't seem
crazy to me.

Got two lovelies
to hold onto.

Sure enough, don't
seem crazy to me.

Not too bad.

Not too bad.

Land sakes,
a person could get killed

just crossing the street
in this town!

It gets worse
every day.



He's not here.

I wanted
to start the kids

on the new braille
readers this morning.

Well, we can start.
We can find it.

It will have braille
written all over it.

Here it is right here.

Can you make it?

Let me give you
a hand.

Ok. Here we go.

Oh, no, put it down!
Put it down!

I'm glad
you said that.

This thing
weighs a ton!

We're never going
to get it to school.

We can take
the top off,

and make
a couple of trips.

Yeah, all right.

Jonathan has some
crowbars in his office.

I'll find them.

You know, the library is really
going to start taking shape.

With this shipment,
we've got over 100 books.

I don't see
any crowbars.

I'm sure that's
where he keeps them.

Did you look on
that shelf under the...

You want me to get you
some coffee?


How long
has it been?

About two hours.

Seems longer.
Seems like forever.

God, let him
be all right!

Mrs. Kendall?


I'm Dr. Raymond.

I assisted Dr. Thompson
in the operation.

went as planned.

Then he'll
be all right?

Raymond: Oh, he has
an excellent chance.

He's lost
a great deal of blood,

but barring
any infection,

I think he can make it.

He's had
a bad concussion,

how bad we don't
really know at this time.

He's been only

We'll know more
in a few days.

Can I see him?

He'll be asleep.

I just want
to sit with him,

hear him breathing.

I understand.

I'll wait here.

Come with me.

Raymond: I'll come
back and get you

in about
15 minutes.

Thank you, doctor.

Adam, you have
to be all right.

You're my life.

I couldn't live
without you.

I need you!


I know he
can't hear me...

but you can
make him hear.

Make him know
how much he's loved...

And that
he has to fight!

He has to live.

Please, god,
let him live.

Hey, percival,
what have you got to do

to get served
around here?

Has your order
been taken?

30 minutes ago.

I'm sorry. Mrs. Ingalls is
working on the switchboard.

I'll see what's
holding it up.


Hello, percival.

Will you step
out here, please?

Will you put those things
in the garbage bin?

You know,
I cannot believe you.

Dr. Baker put you
on a strict diet,

and what do you do?
You just totally ignore him.



What did you say?

I said,
I don't know, my love.

Well, I know.
You don't care.

You just don't care
how much weight you gain!

I do care,
but I'm hungry.

And the baby's

Half of what I eat
is for the baby.

Now that's nonsense.

That baby is going
to weigh maybe 7 pounds.

And at the rate
you're going,

you're going
to gain 50 pounds.

7 is not half of 50!

And what do you eat?
Ice cream, pickles,

pickles with
whipped cream, no less.

Well, I'm not going
to have it, Nellie.

You will eat here with me
from now on.

No eating in
between meals,

and no going over
to your mother's.


Now, I know what happens
when you go over there

with the bonbons
and the candy.

Well, maybe your father
doesn't care

that your mother's fat,
but I don't want you

in her footsteps!

How dare you!

How dare you
say that I'm...

I'm sorry,
mother oleson.

Will you stop
calling me that!

I'm sorry, Mrs. Oleson,
but the truth is the truth.

Oh, is that so?

Well, for your
information, young man,

I'm not fat,
I'm large-boned.

- Oh?
- Yes!

That would be rather
difficult to determine.

Since your bones are buried
so deep beneath the surface.


Are you going
to stand there

and let this
little thing

insult your mother
like that?!

I have to, mother.
He's right.

Oh, you two!

Now, as I was
saying to you...

You don't have
to say any more.

I'll be good.


I promise.

That's why I love you.

You tell me
the truth about myself.

No matter what.

And I do it
because I love you.

Now get back to work.

Your order will be out
in just a moment.

Thank you.

And Mrs. Ingalls
will be right with you.

I see.

And Mary,
how is she?

Percival: Mrs. Ingalls,
can you give Nellie...

Excuse me,
just a minute.

I'm sorry.

Go ahead, hester-sue.

Yes, of course.

We'll come first thing
in the morning.

I know.



Not too bad, I hope.

It's Adam.
He's had an accident.

We'll be going first
thing in the morning.

We can manage.

Thank you.


Mrs. Oleson: Nels!

Yes, dear.

Can I ask you
a question?

Yes, dear.

Do you think I'm fat?

Yes, dear.

I'm talking to you!

I know, dear.

Well, how dare you
say that I'm fat!

How dare you ask
if you're fat?

But I'm not fat!

Don't tell me again
that you're big-boned!

Well, I am! I am big!

I am fat!

Yes, a little.

Well, nels, why on earth

didn't you say
something to me before?

Well, I want to,
the last couple of months,

but I didn't want
to interrupt your talking.

If you cared for me,
you would have said something!

If you cared,

you would have done
something about it.

Oh, nels! I am fat!

Oh, now, don't start.
Look, I love you.

I don't care if
you're a little plump.


Yes. Pleasingly

Pleasingly plump!

Oh, nels!

it doesn't make any difference.

It's all right.


It is not
all right!

I am going
to lose weight!

I am, I am, I am!

My life is going
to be dedicated

from this moment on
to thinness.

We'll start
right now.

We're going to skip
supper this evening.

Fine, dear.

Skip supper?

I finally got her
to leave the hospital.

She hadn't slept
in two days.

Has she eaten anything?

I've tried.

She had a little tea,
and that's all.

If you need

I'll be right
next door.

Thank you.


Oh, ma.

I'm here.

I fell asleep.

What time is it?

It's a little
after 11:00.

I have to go back
to the hospital.

No, we just came
from there.

There's no change.

I have to go.

No, it won't
do any good now.

Jonathan will let US
know if Adam comes to.

He'll need you then.

So you just best take it easy
and get some rest.

Is pa here?

I'm right here,

I'm so glad
you're all here.

I'm so afraid.

Come on, he's going
to be all right.

I want to
believe that.

I'm just so scared.

Then use
your faith.

Lean on it.

God's there...

Waiting for you.

I know.

I just...

You've got
to believe.

Let's take hands
and pray.





Adam: Mary!


Mr. Kendall,
lie down.

No, no, no!

Adam, take it easy!



I can see!

I can see!

Jonathan: Mary! Mary!

He's all right?
He's awake?

Is he all right!

He's been
screaming your name

for the last 10 minutes.

Mary, he can see.

Adam can see.

Raymond: Mary.

Doctor, Jonathan
told US.

I've just given him
something to calm him down.

Then it's true?

Yes! Yes, he can see.

We won't know
how well for a while,

but there's no doubt
he can see.

It's a miracle.

Raymond: I guess
you could say that,

but there is
a medical explanation.

According to his records,

Adam lost his sight
from a concussion.

His sight was restored
the same way.

To me, that's
a miracle.

take me to him.


Raymond: I'm sure he won't
let the sedative work

until he sees Mary.

Until he sees me.

Oh, ma.

Come on.

I'll wait here.

You may find him
a little groggy.

would you please take a look at this?

He's really
fighting it.

Can we be alone?





I'm here, Adam.

I'm here.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my Mary.


Oh, my beautiful Mary.

You're so beautiful.

More beautiful than
I'd ever imagined.

It's so strange to
know you can see me.

I was so scared,

afraid of what
you might think...

Afraid of what?

It's nothing.

Just hold me, Adam.
Just hold me.

I love you.

I love you.

Nellie, darling?

My two ordered ham
and eggs about ready?

In a minute.

Here, here, here.
I'll help.

Mother, you don't
have to help me.

I'm fine.

Oh, I know, darling,
but it's my pleasure.

And besides which,

it takes my mind
off of food.

You know how it is.

The smell of food cooking,
it just...

It just kills
your appetite.

Really? You're lucky.

It doesn't kill mine.

Oh, well.

Willpower, darling,

I'm really amazed at
how well you're doing.

Yes, well, I've only had one
cup of coffee this morning.

I'm really proud
of you.

Once your mother
makes up her mind,

to stick to something,
she sticks to it!

Thank you, darling.

Here we are.
Ham and eggs.

That looks good!

Can I have
some coffee too, please?

Oh, yes,
in just a moment.

Here, I'll get this
out of your way.

Oh, my!

Oh, I'm starved.

Nellie: Mother?



I wondered
where you were.

Yes, oh,
I'm just watching

the switchboard,

Oh, I can do that.

You should help
father in the store.

Oh, no, no, no.

No, he can take
care of the store.

The store's fine.

Oh, but you know how
father is when things get busy.

Well, I know,
but it's good for him.

Besides, he shouldn't have
to depend on me all the time.

Darling, why don't you go
and lie down for a while, hmm?

But I'm not tired.

do as mama says,

all right?

Oh, all right.

But just
for half an hour.

That's a good girl.

I don't know
how you do it.


All you've had today
is a cup of coffee?

Yes, yes, yes.

Aren't you

No, no.

I wish I had
your willpower.

I'm just standing here,

and all I can smell
is ham and eggs.

Oh... nellie, Nellie,
my goodness sakes!

That's because
you have nothing

but food on your mind.

Now, I don't have it
on mine.

You're amazing.

I know.


Walnut grove!

Yes, operator!

Yes, put her on.

Hello, Caroline.
How's Adam?

He can?

Oh, Caroline, he can?

Oh, my...

Yes, of course!
Yes, of course!

I'll tell them.
I'll tell them right away!

Yes, good-bye!

Oh, my!

Laura! Laura!

Laura, voice-over:
As the weeks passed,

Adam's strength returned.

His eyesight was perfect,

just as it had been
when he was a boy.

He was moved from the hospital
to the blind school.

He would soon be
able to teach again,

but first he wanted
to see some of the world

that had been hidden
from him for so long.

Charles: You're sure you
don't want me to drive you?


Charles: It's your first
day out, you know.

I know, that's why
I want to drive.

I want to take my wife
out for a drive.

No talking to him.

Caroline: Remember
what the doctor said,


overdo it."
I won't.

We'll be back...
July, August.


Adam: I just
can't believe it.

I can't believe the colors.

They're so much more
vivid than I remembered.

The Greens and
the blue in the sky.

And the most vivid of all

is the blue
in your eyes.

Mary: Adam.

No, it's true.

I've never seen eyes
as blue as yours.

You are so beautiful!

What if
I hadn't been?


What if I hadn't
been beautiful to you?

I mean, suppose you
looked at me for the first time,

you thought, "yuck,
she's a toad face!"

Oh, I'd never
think that.

You would be
beautiful to me

no matter what
you looked like.

I love you.

But I must admit I am
happy that you're beautiful.

Just look at that!

What is it?

Well, it's...
It's a world.

Come on,
let's take a walk.

it's your first day out.

I really don't...

I won't overdo it.

Come on,
I've never felt better in my life.

Mary, do you realize what my
seeing is going to mean to US?

All the places we can go
now we couldn't before?

We won't have to rely on anybody,
just you and me.

There's nothing
we can't do.

Hey, you know what
I want to do?


Run. I want to run.

Adam, it's your
first day out...

And I want to run.

Without anyone saying,
"watch out for this,"

or "look out for that."

I just want to run
through the trees

and not think about anything
but the wind on my face.


I won't overdo it,
I promise.


I'll be
right back.

Adam: Mary!

Adam, are you all right?

All right?

I'm wonderful!

I'm more
than all right!

The world
is wonderful!

you are wonderful!

Well, after all that arguing
about not being tired,

he fell asleep
in two minutes.

I knew he would. He was so
wound up when he got back,

he didn't know how
bushed he really was.

I can't get over his
running around like that.

There was no stopping him,
I can tell you that.

Now he wants to start teaching again,
tomorrow morning.

It's gonna be
a lot easier on him

than running around
the countryside.

I suppose.

What time are you two
leaving tomorrow?

Right after sunup.

I wish you could
stay a little longer.

Pa: So do I, darling.

But I'm just so far
behind in my work,

I've got to get back.

I know.
It's just been so nice

having you here.

The way Adam was
talking at supper,

he'll be coming to walnut
grove a lot more often.

He did go on
about traveling...

St. Paul, St. Louis,
even New York.

I hope he finds
time to teach.

He's just so anxious
to see everything.

I can't blame him.

Of course not.

Mary, is
something wrong?

No. Why do you ask?

when a mother and daughter have been

as close as we have,
we tend to

notice things about
each other that

other people

I... it's nothing, really.

It's just gonna take
a little getting used to.

Adam's sight, I mean.

It's like meeting someone
again for the first time.

He can see me and...

I can't see him.

It's a very
strange feeling.

For both of you.

Remember, Adam's
gonna have a lot of

adjusting to do,

Oh, I know.

I told you
it was nothing.

Well, if you two are through
reading each other's minds,

I'd like to get
some sleep.

Will you stop by
before you leave?

I don't know.

It's gonna be
awful early.

Pa, I'm up with
the chickens.

You got me
into that habit.

All right.
See you then.

See you in
the morning.

Good night.

Ok, who can tell me what
the Spanish fifth was?


It was a tax
on all the goods

brought from the new world
to China.

It was called "the fifth"
because it was 20%

or 1/5 of the value
of the goods.

That's right.
And who can tell me

what the tax money
was used for?


Most of it was to fight
the war with england.

That's right.

Now, can you tell US
what a trade fair was?

Yes, sir.

This was when goods
were brought from Europe

and traded for
new world goods,

such as gold
and emeralds.

It took up
to two years

to fully load a ship
with treasure.

The ships were very
big and very slow.

Some of the galleons could
only travel 1/2 knot an hour,

making them easy
prey for English vessels.

That's right.

I want you all to spend
the next half hour reading.

Oh, Adam! Could I talk
to you for a minute

about the school picnic
on Saturday?

Can it wait? I'll be
back in a few minutes.

About 3:30?


Now, Mr. Gardner,
would you describe your relationship

with Mr. Hagland
as a cordial one?

We were civil
with each other.

I did not ask
if you were civil!

I asked if you
were cordial!

Yes, you could
say that.

I prefer that
you said it!

Now, was or was not
your relationship

with Mr. Hagland
a cordial one?

Well, that depends.

A direct answer, please.
Yes or no?

It's not
that simple.

Yes or no?

Yes or no?

Man: Would the defendant
please rise?

Would the foreman
of the jury

please announce
the verdict?

We find the defendant,
ray hagland, not guilty.

I congratulate
the defendant

and the counsel
for the defense

on the results
of the trial.

I believe that
concludes the duties.

Court's adjourned.

Uh... mr. Davis.

- Yeah?
- Congratulations.

Thank you,
thank you.

Your cross-examination
of gardner

was the turning point
in the trial, I'd say.

I think
you're right.

Boy, you really
had him rattled.

Well, I had to.

I had to destroy
his credibility

because he was
telling the truth.

My client
was guilty.

That surprises
you, huh?

Yes, sir.

Well, on the way
to my carriage,

perhaps I'll outline
the duties

of a defense counsel.

Well, I am aware
of those duties.

Oh, did you
study law?

I was going to.

I see.

Well, you should
have kept it up.

You would have made
a lot of money.

Well, it's nice to talk to you,
Mr. Kendall.

The pleasure's
all mine,

believe me, sir.

Say, listen.

I'm having a lawn party
next Saturday.

Would you care
to join US?

Well, I'd have to
check with my wife.

Oh, certainly, certainly.
It's nothing formal.

Just a lot of food
and a lot of games.

My wife is
very good at croquet,

so there will
undoubtedly be croquet.

Here's my card.
It's got the address on it.

It'll be about 2:00,
if you can make it.

Adam: Well,
I thank you.

that's all right.

I hope you
can make it.

All right, Josh.
Go ahead.

Mary, he's back.

Thank god
you're all right.

Where have you been?

Well, I went
for a walk

and I stopped in
the courthouse.

I'm sorry,
I must have lost track of the time.

You certainly did.
About 3 hours' worth.

You're kidding.

No, she's not.

Honey, I
really am sorry.

If you're
really sorry,

you'll help me
with supper.

Chef Kendall
at your service.

Hester-sue: Adam?

Could I talk to you
a minute

about the picnic
on Saturday?

Oh, boy. I forgot.

Hester-sue, you think you can
manage Saturday without US?

Well... yes.

Why can't we go
to the picnic?

I didn't have a chance
to tell you.

I met this lawyer...
Mr. Davis...

And he invited US out to his
house Saturday for a lawn party.

I thought
it might be fun.

What about
the children?

They won't miss US
just this one time.

Hester-sue said
she can manage.

Come on, you say yes,

and I'll cook
the whole dinner.

If it means
that much to you.

Well, it does.

You relax.

The kitchen
is all mine.

But, Adam,
I hate to put all that work on hester-sue.

Hester-sue: Oh,
nonsense. I can manage.

Besides, I think
it's good for both of you

to meet some
of the folk in town.

I suppose.
It's just...

Hester-sue: Just what?

Oh, nothing.

I have some
papers to grade.

It appears to me

you're going
to lose, Arthur.

I always do when
I play with you, my dear.

Oh, you take
your next turn.

I'm going to greet
the kendalls.

Do they play

I'll ask.

Adam, Adam,
I'm glad you could make it.

Well, we would have
been a little earlier,

but my sense of
direction isn't too keen.


Mr. Davis, I'd like you
to meet my wife.

this is Mr. Davis.

Welcome, Mary.

- Mr. Davis.
- It's Arthur.

It's a pleasure to meet you,

Come on,
why don't we go

meet the others
and have some refreshments.

Adam, I hate
to ask you this,

but do you
play croquet?

Well, I used to.

It's been years,

I've got a hunch you're
going to play again today.

You better try
a different game, dear.

Arthur: All right,
Adam. That-a-boy!

Good shot!
Good shot!

Adam: Whoa!
Nice shot, Mr. Davis.

Arthur: Come on, now.

Hit the bird,
don't hit the air.

Arthur: There, there.
Good for you, Adam!

Adam: That's my
point. That's my point!

Arthur: That's it!

Hey, look at that!

That's wonderful,

Arthur: Oh, boy,
look at that.



Oh, what a day!

I'm going to be
so sore tomorrow,

but it was worth it.

You ever see
so much food in your life?

Lobster all the way
from New York.

Must have cost a fortune
just to ship it out here!

What did you
think of Mr. Davis?

He seems
very pleasant.

He is
a brilliant lawyer!

Were you there when
he was talking about

that case against
the railroad?

Yes. I have to admit

I didn't understand
most of it.

Can you imagine going up
against the railroad

and winning?

That's completely
unheard of.

He must
be very good.

What a feeling
that must be.

Going up against
the railroad

and winning.

You know,
just one time in my life,

I'd like to know
what that was like.

Just once.

Hey, Adam, you know
I was thinking,

it might be fun
to take the children

out to the lake by huston's
place next Saturday.

They could
catch some fish.

We could have
a cookout.

Yeah. I suppose
we could.

You don't sound
very enthusiastic.

I kind of thought you
liked it out there.

I do, I do.

It's just that Mr. Davis
invited US again

for next Saturday.

There are going to be
some other attorneys there.

I thought it might
be interesting.

I really don't think
we should miss

two Saturdays
in a row.

I suppose not.

Look, if it means
that much to you...

You go with Mr. Davis.

Hester-sue and I can
take care of the children.

I couldn't do that.

Why not? You said
it sounded like fun.

Not without you.

Adam, you had
a good time today,

and you spent maybe
5 minutes with me.

I'm sorry.

I really wasn't
aware of it.

I'm not scolding,

I'm simply
stating a fact.

Now, really...

I want you
to go to the Davis'.

I'll tell you what.

How about...

You go out
to the lake,

I'll go over
to Mr. Davis'

for a little while,

and then join
you there later.

How's that sound?

That sounds fine.

But you don't have to

if you really
don't want to.

Will you stop
saying that?

I really want to.

You get some sleep.

I just want to read
this law book

Mr. Davis gave me
for a little while.

What time do you think

you'll be able to join US

I'll be there in time
to cook the fish.

Don't worry
about that.

I wasn't worried.

Good night, Adam.

Good night, dear.

There's more fish

if anybody's
still hungry.

There you are.

I caught a little one.
Is this the little one?

Yes. Must be
the one you caught.

Oh, good.

There you are, Marcy.

Thank you, miss terhune.
It's real good.

There's something
for you, Benjamin.

You're sure you
don't want some fish?

It's brain food.

I'm just not hungry.

Mary, you know how menfolk
are when they start talking.

They pretend that
women are the ones,

but they can
beat US any day.

He shouldn't
have promised.

It's not just today.

All week long,

he's put off his
homework assignments,

he hasn't
graded papers.

He just reads those law
books Mr. Davis gave him.

He loves
that law business.

There's no
doubt about that.

I'm losing him,

What on earth
are you talking about?

I'm losing Adam
to all his new friends.

His sighted friends.

That's not true.

He wanted you
to go with him.

Not really.

When he's with his
sighted friends,

I don't even exist.

I'm afraid, hester-sue.

I'm afraid of losing
my husband...

To a world
I can't see!

Boy: Mrs. Kendall.
Can you help US?



Now, I know
you're mad at me,

but I want you
to sit down

and listen
to what I have to say.

Adam, I'm not angry.

Please, just let me
talk first.

Come on.

Ok, now,
where to begin?

When this first
happened to me,

when I regained
my sight,

it had a great
effect on me,

on the way I feel
and think about things.

I used to
love teaching.

I found it challenging
and exciting,

and I really thought
that's what I wanted to do

for the rest of
my life.

But it just isn't.

The more I talked
to Mr. Davis,

and the more
I've studied

those law books
he's given me,

the more I realize
I want to be a lawyer.

I have to be a lawyer.

I talked to Mr. Davis

and he's arranging for me

to go to Minneapolis
and take the law exam.

And if I get
a good enough grade,

I've got a chance

at a scholarship.

Now, I know that's a big if,

but I've just got to try it.

Mary, I want this more

than I've ever wanted

anything in my whole life.

And I can do it.

I just know I can do it.

What do you think?

I don't know
what to think.

It's such a surprise.

Oh, I know.

Just think about it
a minute.

A lawyer!

If I did well,

I could make
enough money

to get the blind school

anything it needs...

Books, better furniture.

I could even get

one of those newfangled
cooling systems

so the kids wouldn't die

of the heat
in the summer.

Now, hold on a minute.

First, you have
to take the test.

I know,
I'm just excited.

I was hoping you'd
be excited, too.

I am. It's...

It's just
it's all so sudden.

When would you go
to take the test?

Well, I've only got

4 weeks to study for it,

and I'm not going to be able

to do a lot of teaching

during that time.

I know it's going to be

a real burden on you

and hester-sue...

We can manage.

the summer break's

coming up in 3 weeks,

And I promised you

a trip to walnut grove.

I'll make it up to you.

When I'm a lawyer,
we'll have enough money

to go anywhere
in the world

you want to go...
Paris or Rome.

Oh, Mary. I can do this!

I've got this feeling,

it's like god came down

and gave me back my sight

and then said, "ok.

Let's see what
you can do with it."

I'm going to start in
on the books right now.

I'm so wound up,

I couldn't even
sleep tonight

if I wanted to.

I am so happy!

I'm going to start in
on the books.