Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 5, Episode 17 - Dance with Me - full transcript

Charles and Jonathan are picking up a freight delivery for Mr. Olesen when they bump into Toby Noe, an old friend from Winoka. Charles convinces him to come visit them in Walnut Grove. Toby...

Oleson's got a pretty
big order here this time.

Well, town's growing like a weed.
More people every day.

Mostly foreigners.

I'll bet government
better put a stop to it,

or there ain't gonna be any of
us pure Americans left no place.

Didn't know you
were an Indian, Horace.

- What?
- Never mind.

Well, don't take
all day, farley.

Farley: Keep
your britches on.

I've got an expensive load
of foreign liquor in here.

You know, scotch.

I had to double-lock it.

Land sake.

Watch yourself, farley.

Well, land sake!

Come back here, you!

Get him!

Horace: Come back here!

Hey, you,
I said come back here!

Horace: Okay, we got him now.
Let's split up.

He's got to be
in here somewhere.

Let's have
a look in here.


Kind of a funny place for
a whiskey crate, isn't it?

Come on.

Toby Noe!

So you got him.

Oh, come on, Toby.

Now you're gonna
take a licking.

Now, hold on.
The old man's a friend of ours.

Well, I don't care who he is.
He stowed away.

He stole whiskey.
I'm going to take him in.

What if he makes good
on the whiskey?


He's just an old man.
Now, come on.

All right. $20.

- $20?
- Now pay up or let's go!

Just pay him,

All right.
I've only got $10, my life savings.

I'll take it.

And don't let me see you
on one of my trains again.

You want to pick up
your order now?

Charles: We'll be along
in a minute.


Toby, what on earth
are you doing around here?

Oh, I'm on my
way to frisco.

I hear that it's a
great gambling town.

Only I got nothing
to gamble with now.

Jonathan and I are heading
back to walnut grove today.

Why don't you
come along with us?

You can stay at my
place for a while.

Caroline and the kids
would love to see you.

They would?

Sure, they would.

You can dry out and get
off this drinking binge.

I could, couldn't I?
All right.

No more booze!

Look, here, I'll
carry that for you.

No. No need
for that.

Suit yourself.

Ha ha. Toby.

Laura: You know that boy who
sits behind me in the third row?

Albert: Jason Brooks?
Yeah, I know him.

Do you think
he likes me?

Do you like him?

- Yeah.
- Oh.

Sometimes I think
he's staring at me,

but when I turn around to look at
him, he just turns away.

I don't know if
he likes me or not.

Sounds to me like he's
playing it real smart.

Laura: You know what?

I think I'm just going to ask
him outright if he likes me.

Oh, that's the worst
thing you can do.

Then he'll know for
sure you like him.

So? What's wrong
with that?

You're not supposed to
let him know you like him.

Unless he lets you know
that he likes you first.

Well, if I'm waiting
for him to let me know

and he's waiting
for me to let him know,

then we could spend the rest
of our lives never knowing!

Well, that's
the way it is.

Well, that's dumb.

It's not dumb.

If you play
hard to get,

he'll come crawling
on his hands and knees.

But why would I want him
to do a thing like that?

I like him
standing up.

I think I'm just going
to tell him flat out

that I like him.

Okay, but don't say
I didn't warn you.

I'm pretty sure
she likes me.

I mean, she looks
at me a lot.

Or maybe she just can't
get over how ugly you are.

Cut it out, ned,
you're supposed to be helping me.

All right, I'll tell you
what I'd do if I was you.

The town dance is
coming up in 2 weeks.

If I were you, I'd ask
Laura if she wants to go.

I don't know.

But what if
she says no?

I mean, I'd just die.

I couldn't come
to school anymore.

Jason, you got to get
past your shyness.

It stops you cold
every time.

I can't help it.

Whenever I really
like a girl,

then I get all
choked up inside.

Well, start choking,
look who's coming.

Jason, there's something
I've been meaning to ask you.

Do you like me?


Now, why did you
go off and say that?

I don't know.
It just came out is all.

You're a dummy.

Well, she's not
supposed to ask me that.

And why not?

Because. Well, what
if I said "yes"?

Then she could say,
"well, I don't like you."

I take it back, Jason.
You're not a dummy.

You're an idiot.

Charles: Caroline!

Oh, Charles.

- You're back early.
- That's right.

I have some company at
the back of the wagon.

Who? Toby!

Toby Noe.

It's a hard name
to forget.

What on earth
are you doing here?

Well, I was, uh,
heading to San Francisco

on a special c... case,
you m... might say.

And I have run
into Charles.

He's going to spend a
little time with us.


Albert will be so
happy to see you.

Well, just for a
few days, you know,

I wouldn't want
to be a bother.

Nonsense, you stay
as long as you like.

Oh, I bet you're
both starved.

I am, what
about you, Toby?

Oh, well, I suppose I could
do with a bite of something.

The children
will be home soon,

- we'll have supper early.
- All right, good.

I'll get Toby
to settle inside.


What's for supper?

Pork chops.

Ooh! Lot of them!

Thank you, Charles.
Don't mind if I do.

Ah, I haven't eaten
this much in years.

I haven't eaten that
much in an entire year.

Yes, well,
my father said,

"a good appetite is always
a compliment to the cook."

I wish you wouldn't
be so complimentary.

Can I have another cup of coffee, Caroline?
It might fill me up.

I'll put on another pot.

Carrie, you better
get to your homework.

Yes, mama.

Well, Laura, you've
hardly eaten a thing.

Broken heart.

She likes somebody,
but he don't like her.

Oh? How long has
this been going on?

A couple of days.

Ah, a little
heartbreak, eh?

Yeah, I guess.

Well, I know exactly
how you feel.

I've been on the chasing end
of a few romances myself.

I've got cupcakes for dessert,
if anybody's got any room.


I haven't had cupcakes
for years. Ha ha!

Charles: Nels.

Caroline: Morning.

Toby: I haven't met
many reverends, you know.

Reverend, I'd like you to meet a
friend of the family, Mr. Toby Noe.

Well, I'm very pleased
to meet you, Mr. Noe.


Charles, I think
a few of us

had better have
a meeting after service.

We've got to find somebody
to play that new organ.

Well, I thought Mrs. Oleson
volunteered for that.

That's the problem.

If she plays it,
we'll lose half the congregation.

Well, Toby can play the organ.
He's a great musician.

Is that true, Mr. Noe?

Uh, well, uh...

Some folks think
I'm pretty good.

Reverend: Would you
play for us today?

Oh, I don't, uh...

Oh, come on, Toby.
Would you?

Well, sure.
Why not?

Bless you, Mr. Noe.

I could use it.
Ha ha.

He's not kidding.

There are very few
sounds in this world

as beautiful as the sound of a
church organ on a sunday morning.

So I think we are
very fortunate

to have a truly
gifted organ player.

Mr. Toby Noe will accompany us in
the singing of the hymns today.

Mr. Noe.

Shall we rise?

Rock of ages
cleft for me

let me hide myself
in thee

let the water
and the blood

from thy wounded side
which flowed

be of sin
a double cure

save from wrath
and make me pure

when I draw
this fleeting breath

when mine eyes
shall close in death

when I ride
to worlds unknown

and behold thee
on the throne

rock of ages,
cleft for me

let me hide myself
in thee


So nice
to see you again.


- Reverend Alden.
- Hello, Amanda.

Don't you "hello" me!
I'm furious.

Those hymns
were a disgrace!

I'm sorry you
didn't like it, Amanda.

I thought it
was quite inspiring.

Inspiring, nothing.
I do not come into god's house

to hear
the devil's music!

Good day, reverend!

Reverend, who is
that spirited woman?

It's Amanda Cooper.


A spinster.

Oh, how lovely,

an unpicked flower.

Laura! Laura!


Believe me, Toby,

you don't want to know
where Amanda Cooper lives.

But I do.

Toby, she's mean,
and she's sour.

She's ornery.

And those are
her good points.

Albert, I'm the type that
likes to form his own opinions.

Now, where
does she live?

- She doesn't like people, Toby.
- No.

And she doesn't
have any friends.

The only one she'll talk
to is her dumb old cat.

But where
does she live?

Oh, what's the use?

Right down there.

Percy, it's lunchtime.

There you are.

Eat up, darling.


Oh, Percy, I had the
strangest dream last night.

I was young again,

and I was walking
by this beautiful lake,

and it was
a terribly hot day,

so I took off
all my clothes.

Well, there was
nobody around.

And, uh, I just
jumped in the water,

and, lo and behold,
there was a man in the water,

and he was swimming
right towards me.

Oh, I just don't know
how it all would have ended

if you hadn't jumped
on the bed and woke me up.

You dumb cat, you.

What do you want?

How do you do, ma'am?

I'm Toby Noe, and I'd
like to apologize

for what happened
in church.

It was not my intention
to upset anyone.

Intention or not,
Mr. Noe,

that was not
proper church music.

Yes, ma'am,
but, you see,

happy music is
the only kind of music

my fingers
know how to play.

Well, I accept your apology.
Now if you'll excuse me...

Uh, wait.

Now that we've met,
I wonder if you would do me the pleasure

of letting me sit here
with you on this veranda.

Just what are your
intentions, Mr. Noe?

Strictly honorable,
I assure you.

I would be less
than honest

if I did not admit that I
find you very attractive.

Sir, you are a clod!

Yeah... what?!

A clod without
decency or manners.

We have not been
properly introduced!

Don't you call me
a clod, sister!

I just
introduced myself.

I am not your sister!

Thank god for that!

Of all the nerve!

Boy, Toby,
sure swept her off her feet.

I could kick myself.

Why did I have to argue
with her like that?

Because she's mean, that's why.

No. She's not mean.

She's full of fire.
She's alive.

I got to find some way

to get myself back
in her good graces.

you could always leave town.


Oh, uh, uh, Laura,

would you, uh,
act as my go-between?

Guess so.

Albert, you remember
that pretty little garden

we saw back there?

Would you borrow
some flowers for me?


Ha ha!
Let's go!

Miss Cooper, the honorable
Toby Noe wishes to apologize

and ask if he may come
calling on Thursday evening.

You tell Mr. Noe
the answer is "no"

and tell him to
stop bothering me!

I declare, he is the most
galling, obstinate man

I ever met in my life.

He's a bulldog.

I declare, if he doesn't
stop pestering me,

I just might report
him to the authorities.


Forget about it, Toby,
it's impossible.

Yeah. Give up.

Give up? Why
should I give up?

She's crazy about me.

She's just
not aware of it yet.

Albert: Boy,
he sure is stubborn.

He sure is.

You sure you don't want me
to heat that up for you?

No, no,
I'm doing fine.

I'm just glad you had
this ham slice for me.

I've never in my life
seen a man eat like Toby.

You're telling me.

I'm never closing my eyes
again during blessing.

I said, "amen," opened my
eyes and the roast was gone.

Well, he never
did like leftovers.

At least there
are not leftovers.

I'll be in as soon
as I finish this.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Oh, Charles?


May I, uh, borrow
the wagon tonight?

Anything you
want, Toby.

Don't you want to
know where I'm going?

You want to tell me,
you go ahead and you tell me.

To court my Amanda.

You do what you want.

I think it's no use.

"No" is a word that is
not in my vocabulary,

except for
my last name. Ha ha.

Wish me luck,

Good luck, Toby.


Toby: Beautiful dreamer,
wake unto me

starlight and dewdrops

are waiting for thee

sounds of the rude world

heard in the day

lulled by the moonlight

have all passed away

beautiful dreamer

queen of my song

list while I woo thee

with sweet melody

gone are the cares

of life's busy throng

- Mr. Noe...
- Beautiful...

Mr. Noe!

This harassment
has got to stop.

I am not
harassing you.

I am courting you.

Well, I have no
wish to be courted.

Now you will please
get off my veranda.

Beautiful dreamer

go home, you
exasperating man!

Beautiful dream...

All right.
You can come to tea tomorrow.

Beautiful dreamer

awake with me

Caroline, he's just driving me crazy.
It's Amanda this,

Amanda that.
That's all I hear about is Amanda.

Oh, Charles.

You know what it's
like... being in love.

It's full
of suffering.

What do you mean suffering?
The man eats like a horse.

He doesn't offer
to pay for anything.

He just stays here,
and he eats, and he eats.

I thought he was going
to stay for a few days.

Charles, have
some sympathy.

After all,
he's an old man.

Caroline, I'm going to be
an old man before he leaves.

Try and get
a good night's rest.

You will feel
better tomorrow.

All right.

- Love you.
- Good night.


Toby: Charles!

Charles, Caroline...
She invited me to tea!

Tomorrow, for tea!

Why don't you try to get some
rest, Toby,

so you can look
your best?

Oh, I couldn't sleep.
I'm too excited!

When I get excited,
I get hungry.

But I'm sorry, Toby.

The roast
is all gone.

Oh, don't worry
about a thing.

I stopped at the henhouse
on the way in. Hee hee.

You two get some sleep.
I'll cook them up myself.

You're too kind.

Oh, thank you.

An act of kindness
never goes unpunished.

Oh, Charles.

Beautiful dreamer

Wake unto me

and dew drops

are waiting
for thee

I don't believe it.

Sounds of
the rude world

are heard in a day

Hey, kids!

Hey, kids!
How do I look?

You look fine!

- Wish me luck.
- Good luck, Toby.

Have fun.

I hope to. I hope to. Ha ha ha.

Look at him.
He's walking on air.

Would you ever believe that folks
that old would fall in love?

Never. Albert,
do you think

they're actually going
to kiss each other?

I don't know,

but I'd sure like to
see it if they do.

Let's cut across mcmurphy's
place so he won't see us.

- Right.
- Let's go.

Uh, just what line of work are you
in, Mr. Noe?

I'm retired.

Retired from what?

A little bit of this,
a little bit of that.

You are elusive,
Mr. Noe.

Not really.

I've never thought it
proper for a person

to brag about
his financial exploits.

Besides, I'd rather
hear about you.

Well, there's really
not too much to tell.

I was, uh, raised
in Louisiana,

and, uh, then I've lived
here the rest of my life.

Uh, would you
like some more tea?

No, thank you. It was really delicious.
Thank you very much.

Oh, I noticed that you had a
piano, miss Cooper.

Do you mind
if I see it?

If you like.

Beautiful tone,

and I have just the song
for a pretty Southern girl.

Oh, I love that song!


Bandit! Bandit!
Come here! Bandit!

Amanda: You know that dog!
That's your dog, isn't it?

Toby: It is not my dog!

It's the dog
of a friend of mine.

Out! Get out of my
house this minute!

Please, please!
It's not my dog!

Out! Yes, you.
Get out of my house!

- Now I mean it!
- I like cats!

Out! Out! Out
and stay out!

We're sorry, Toby.

Please forgive us.

Yeah. We didn't mean to
ruin it for you. I swear.

Oh, it...

It doesn't make
any difference.

Why do I keep knocking
my head against the wall?

I think it best that
I just leave town.

Well, you certainly were
in a good mood tonight.

Well, of course
I was in a good mood.

You heard Toby.
He's going to leave.

I feel sorry for him.

Well, so will I
after he's gone.

And let's face it,
his misery didn't hurt his appetite.

He made that roast
look like a chop.

I know, but...


Yes, Toby?

I couldn't sleep.

I thought if I had
something to eat

it'd make me drowsy.

nothing left.

Well, maybe some raw onions
and a little milk.

I think that ought
to do the trick.

That sounds very
relaxing, Toby.

I hope I didn't
disturb you.

Oh, no.
No, that's fine.

Yeah, a little raw onion
and hot milk, and I'll be fine.

Raw onions
and hot milk?

I just don't
believe it.

You know what
we got to do?


We got to help Toby
marry that old prune.

Marry her? Why?

Well, that's
the only way

we're going to get him
to stay in walnut grove.

She won't marry him.

She won't even
talk to him anymore.

we could fix that.

Yeah. We could take the
blame for what bandit did.

No. That
wouldn't do it.

I got it.


The jealousy angle.


It's all set, Toby.

The widow mumford
is expecting you.

You're sure about this, Albert?

Yeah. She's dying
to meet you.

It's true, Toby.
She saw you in church.

Oh, I'll
see you later.

- Bye, Toby.
- Bye-bye. Be good.

Sure hope it works.

It'll work.
You take my word for it.

Sure wish I could think of something
that would work with Jason.

Do what I told you to
do in the first place.

Play hard to get.
It'll work like a charm. Ignore him.

I still don't see how two
people ignoring each other

could ever
get together.

Will you just listen
and do what I say?

I'm listening.

Okay. I'm going
to do it, ned.

I'm going to ask her
to the dance.

Great. Just don't
lose your nerve.

I won't.
Here I go.

Jason: Laura?

Not while
I'm shooting, Jason.


Oh, darn.

Your turn.

Uh, Laura, I...

Albert's shooting.

Well, I have to
ask you a question.

Your turn.

Can't it wait?

Well, no.
It's important.

Nothing's more important
than a marble game.

Ha! Gotcha.

Well, if you haven't
got time for a question,

I'd just like to say...

Well, that... That...

That what?

That you're
a toad face.

Woman: I've always gotten
along well with musicians.

My first Beau
was a violinist.

- Yes.
- He had such beautiful hands.


I would have married
him, except insanity

ran in his family,
poor man.

His mother used
to hide his trousers

so that he couldn't leave the
house, you know?

What a pity.


Toby: Why, here.
Here's a nice place right here.

What? Oh!

- Here we are.
- Lovely.

Now I'll get the blanket
out here and put it down

so we'll be

There you are.
And now, madam.

Oh, thank you,
Mr. Noe.

Can you imagine
that foolish man

going with
such an elderly lady?

I wish you could have known
him, Mr. Noe.

He was the last Beau
I had that courted me.

Oh, Mr. Noe,
may I look at your hand?

I can tell a lot about
a man from his hand.

Oh! Oh, so soft,

so gentle.

So loving.

Oh, you haven't done much
work, have you?

Oh, but it's a very
sensitive hand.

Oh, so tender...

Yet so passionate.

Oh, Mr. Noe,

kiss me.

Kiss me now!

Oh! Animals.

Didn't I always tell you?

All men are animals.



I don't want it.

Oh. I'll wash it

and give it back to you
in the morning.

Why? It's your

I guess I really messed
up today, huh?

You sure did.

I hope none of Toby's
bones are broken.

Well, what about
my heart?

He called me
a toad face.

He was exaggerating.

Thanks a lot.

Listen, don't worry

about the dumb old dance.

I'll dance with you.

Thanks again.

There's nothing
in the world more fun

than dancing
with your brother.

Albert, you want to do
me a real big favor?

Oh, anything.

Go to sleep.

Good night, Laura.

Good night, Albert.

Hey, uh... uh...

I... I got a problem,

I got
a real problem.

You see, Amanda...
She's the type

that keeps it
all inside her,

never lets
her feelings show.

While I... I let
everything show.

And... and we got to meet
somewhere in the middle.

Wouldn't you agree?

- Toby.
- What?

Could you excuse me
for just a minute, please?

Oh, I'm sorry,

Albert: You know,
I've been thinking.

Laura: And?

I've been thinking about
the jealousy angle.

It didn't work
for Toby.

Yeah, I know.

But I don't think
old folks

get as jealous
as young folks.

It makes them
too tired.

- Albert...
- Well, just hear me out.

Jason's best friend
is ned, right?


Well, what would make
a fellow more jealous

than to see his best
friend with his girl?

But I'm not
his girl.

No, but you want to
be, don't you?

Well, don't you?


Okay... ned
loves to eat.

Now, what did you
bring for lunch?

Just a peanut butter

Toby ate
everything else.

Oh, okay, then.

At lunchtime,
you strike.

Ah, miss Cooper,

I was just thinking
about you.

Is that right?

Yes. Um...

Do you mind
if I come in and...

What's on your mind,
Mrs. Ingalls?

Well... actually,
it's about the...

The gentleman
who's staying with us.

I believe you know him.
Mr. Toby Noe.

Did that lunatic
put you up to this?

No. This was my idea,

and he's not a lunatic.

I don't mean
to be impolite,

but you are wasting
your time.

I want no part
of that man.

But I think you have
the wrong impression of him.

Oh, no.

I have the right

He is irresponsible,
he is sloppy,

and I don't think
he's ever worked

a day in his life.

Well, we all have
our faults, miss Cooper.

And Toby Noe is the most
good-natured man

I believe
I've ever met.

Well, then why are you
trying to give him to me?

If he is such a prize,
why don't you keep him at your house?

I don't think
that's very nice.

He thinks the world
of you.

I have gotten along

all these years
without a man.

I don't need men.
I don't trust men,

and that
is the simple truth.

I found out
the hard way

what it's like to open
your heart to a man.

A boy broke my heart when I was
young, Mrs. Ingalls.

He broke it so bad,

so bad that I cried
for two whole years,

and I do not need
a repeat performance.

Good day,
Mrs. Ingalls.

Good day, miss Cooper.

Here comes Laura.


So, you said you
wanted to apologize

for calling her
a toad face.

Now's your chance.

You're right.
I will.

Hi, ned.


I brought you an extra
peanut butter sandwich.

- For me?
- Uh-huh.


Well, thanks.

Mind if I sit
next to you?

Gee, it sure is cozy
like this,

isn't it, ned?

It's not cozy.
It's crowded.

for the sandwich.

You know, I was right.

You are a toad face.

Caroline: So,
if I were you,

I'd be a little more
patient with her, Toby.

After all,
she's been wary of men

for a long,
long time.

Toby: She don't
have to worry about me.

I'm the loyal type.

And it wouldn't hurt if
you cleaned yourself up

a little bit either
and got a job.

That's what I need.
A new image.

Oh, Caroline,
would you give me a haircut?

Of course.

What about the
other part, Toby?

The job part?
We could use a hand at the mill.

Oh, let's not get
carried away, Charles.

One thing at a time.

Uh, Caroline,
do we have any more roast?

Yes, the head
and the tail.

Ha ha.

Toby? Come on, hurry
up. We'll be late for church.

Toby: Coming!
I'm coming!

Hey, you look great.
Where'd you get the suit?

The mercantile.

Well, how did you
pay for it?

I, uh...
Charged it.

You charged it?
I'm surprised

Mrs. Oleson
let you open an a...

You put it
on my bill?

All right, now, Toby,
this is going to stop.

You're going to
get a job.

Don't you yell at me,
Charles Ingalls.

It's all your fault
I don't have any money.

What do you mean,
my fault?

If it hadn't been for you,
I'd be in frisco right now,

making a bundle. There's no
gambling in this one-horse town.

Now, come on.
We're late for church.


Amazing grace

how sweet the sound

that saved a wretch

like me

I once was lost

but now am found

was blind

but now I see

'twas grace that taught

my heart to fear

and grace
my fears relieved

how precious did

that grace appear

the hour

I first believed

I have a few
announcements to make.

The annual town dance
will take place this Saturday

in Larson's barn,

and we have two birthdays
this week...

Frank Finnegan
on Wednesday

and Amanda Cooper
on Saturday.

Toby: Charles!

- Charles!
- Yeah?

- I'm going to do it.
- You're going to do what?

Work. I've got to
make some money

to buy Amanda
a birthday present.

Hey, well,
that's great, Toby.

You can also pay for your suit.
Start tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah.

How are you,
miss Cooper?

I'm just fine,
thank you, Mr. Noe.

Oh, funny
our stopping here

in front of my place
of employment.

Well, Mr. Noe,
I didn't know

that you
were working.

Oh, yes. It's hard
for a man like myself

to remain idle
for long.

Would you allow me

the honor of walking
you home?

I'm sure I'd be
very pleased.

Toby: And he said to me,

"do you think
it will rain?"

And I said,
"it always has."

And I... he said
to me again,

he said, "do you
think it will snow?"

I said,
"it always has."

Oh, Mr. Noe,
you are so funny.

I really enjoy
your sense of humor.

Oh, I'm glad.
And you...

You would make me
so happy

if you would
call me Toby.

All right.
Toby it is.

Ha ha ha.
Thank you, Amanda.

Ah, well, uh,
I want to thank you

for a delightful

Oh, it was my pleasure.

Would you allow me
to escort you

to the dance
Saturday night?

Oh, yes.

And, um...

Would you like to come
to dinner on Thursday?

Try and stop me.

What time
shall I come?


Till Thursday,

my Southern Rose.

Toby: Hmm...
That's pretty.

Hmm, that's pretty.

That's pretty, too.

So's that.

Well, Toby...

What shall it be?

Well, there are so
many to choose from,

I... I can't
make up my mind.

Which one would
your missis like?

- The most expensive one.
- Ha ha ha.

But if you ask me,
this is the prettiest one.

I think
you're right.

I'll take it.

Good. I've got
a lovely box for you.

It's somewhere in the storeroom.
I'll get it.

Oh, thanks, nels.

Boy, I hope
she likes it.



Anybody here?

Nels: I'll be
right there!

Oh, that's all right.
I'll just look around.


Ooh! Dresses!

Green doesn't
become your beauty.

Oh! Ooh!

Oh, Mr. Noe!

You devil, you.

Oh, sneaking in here
to surprise me.

No, I wasn't
sneaking in to... I...

Have you been thinking

about our picnic
the other day?

Every time I touch my ribs.
I think they're broken.

Oh, I'm so sorry
about that,

but you reminded me so
much of my late husband.

Now I know how he died.


But you're alive.

Heh heh.

Here we go, Toby.

- Oh!
- Thanks, nels.

Sets it off just right,
doesn't it?

Oh, Mr. Noe!
You shouldn't have!

I... I didn't!

Oh, I know you wanted
to surprise me,

but, oh...

Kiss me!

Kiss me now!

Nels: Whoa!

this is delicious.

You mean it, Toby?

Of course I mean it.

Food is important
to me.

My father always said,

"son, cooking is half
of a marriage."


Amanda, I have
a surprise for you.

I was... Going to give it
to you on your birthday,

but here.

Open it.

It's, um...

It's very pretty.

It's my way of saying

I've been looking
for you all my life.

Toby, um...

I want you
to go home now.



I just want you to go
home, that's all.

Amanda, what are you
talking about?

I have been thinking about
this for a long time,

and we are just
too different,

you and I.

I don't know
what you mean.

You... you need me.

I don't need anyone.

Toby, you have been a
tramp most of your life.

Why, I could never
settle down

with anyone like
that. Never!

But I'm working now,
and I'm willing to...

To work all the rest
of my days.

It just
wouldn't work.

Now, there are
a million reasons.

But... well,
name one.

Up till now,
you're talking nonsense.

All right.

I'm going to
say this,

and you are
forcing me to.

Toby, you are
too old for me.

I mean it,
too old.

And, um...

Uh, anyway, uh,
the man I had in mind

is, um,
much better looking than you are.

I am truly sorry

that it has to
end like this.

Here's your broach.

You keep it.

It wouldn't look good
on me anyway.

I don't know
what went wrong.


I know she liked me.

I didn't dream
that whole afternoon.

Did I?


What do they want?

You can't live
with them,

you can't live
without them.

I'm sorry.

I don't know why I'm
telling you all my troubles.

Ha ha ha.
I'll get you a drink.

Then she told me
I was too old

and that
I was a tramp.

I worked my butt off
to get that broach for her,

and she called me a tramp.

And I took it.

I just sat there
and took it.

Well, I'm just going
to tell her what's what.

Toby, yelling: Open up!
Let me in!

Open up!
Open up!

Go home.
You hear me?

I have something
to say!

If you don't open up,
I'll yell so loud,

the whole town
will hear.

All right.

Speak your piece.
I need my sleep.

All right,
I'll speak my piece.

First of all,
you're older than I am.

Anyone can see that.

I'm doing you
the favor.

Second of all,

I'm better looking
than you.

Don't you dare
call me ugly.

I never said that.

That's all
a lot of lies.

None of that
is the real reason

why you're trying
to break us up.

You're afraid
of feelings.

You're afraid
of living.

You're afraid
of needing me.

That is ridiculous.

Not so ridiculous as
talking to that dumb cat.

You have said your piece.
You can go now.

I had loved you.

Spend the rest
of your life

to that dumb cat.

Charles: Every subject
isn't my favorite subject.

You got to work
at it.

- Good morning, Toby.
- Morning.

I'll get your breakfast for you.

Oh, no, thank you,

I'm not hungry.

I'd appreciate it

if you'd take me to the
train station today.

Sure, if that's
what you want, Toby.

Toby, please
don't go.

She was mean to you.
We weren't.

And the dance
is tonight.

Who's going to play
the accordion?

Please, Toby.

Stay with us,

All right.

I'll go the first thing
in the morning.


Hey, come on.
Everybody's ready.

Do I have to go, pa?

Now, come on.
Once you get there,

you're going to have
a good time.

Can't I just stay home
and take care of baby grace?

Mrs. Terhune is going to
take care of baby grace.

And you told me

there's going to be a lot of
girls there without beaus.

Yeah, Nellie oleson.

And the only reason why
boys will ask her to dance

is because she brings a
10-pound bag of candy with her.

Lots of boys are going
to ask you to dance,

and besides, I want
to have a dance

with my best
girl, too.

All right.
I'll be right down.

That's my girl.

What a fun night.

I get to dance with
my brother and my pa.

Isn't this nice,

Just you and me
on my birthday.

They play that music
so loud, it...

It would wake the dead.

that Toby Noe's fault.

He's so old,
he didn't know he's deaf.

He can't even hear it.

Stop playing
with that broach.

Did you understand me?

Well, of course you didn't.

You're a cat.

I'm talking to a cat.

I am talking to a cat!

That man loves me,

and I'm talking to a cat.

Beautiful dreamer.


I'm sorry I called you
a toad face.

I'm sorry I didn't
listen to your question.

Can I have this dance?