Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 5, Episode 14 - The Godsister - full transcript

Charles has the opportunity to earn $50 by helping run new telephone lines for 30 days. While he's away, Laura and Albert's time is used up with doing extra chores. Caroline is also busy and doesn't have time to deal with Carrie, so she is sent off on her own with some trivial job to do. She goes to pick some strawberries, but when she sees how little they are, she figures it will take her all day to pick enough for a pie. She falls asleep and dreams that a beautiful girl who looks just like her, named Elissa, takes her to a world where there are strawberries as big as she is along with other fruits. But, then she is awakened because she dreams there is a huge angry bug chasing her on that fruit. She goes home. The next day, she is sent to go fishing and Elissa takes her to Heaven to see their old dog Jack. The next day she has decided to use her Christmas penny to buy some licorice to share with Pa who should be coming home soon, but she drops the penny in the field, so she dreams that Elissa makes it big enough for her to sleep on so she can find it easily. She wakes up with it in her hand. Carrie has trouble deciding if Elissa is just her fairy tale friend or if she is real.


what's happening?

Charles, I think
I got us some good news.

I think there's a way to get
that mill open after all.

Hey, how's that?

Well, they're running
a new telephone line,

offering a month's work
at top wages.

Read about it yourself.

Running a line from
Springfield to sleepy eye.

Before you know it,

we're going to have a telephone
right here in walnut grove.

$50 a month per man,
plus room and board.

Can you believe that?

We'll have more
than enough money

for the new grinding gears
and the new grinding wheel.

Well, that's an opportunity, all right.
When are you leaving?

I figured we'd go first
thing tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow? I got to get
that roof fixed.

I... I got a whole corn field
needs harvesting.

Charles, you can't
turn this down.

That's $50. For the two of
us, that's $100 cash money.

I don't know.

What do you say?

All right. I'll break the
news to them at supper.

All right. I'll be by
first thing in the morning.

Here's your paper.

No, you go ahead and keep it.
See you tomorrow.

Charles: Right.

supper's ready.

I'll be right
there, darling.

Isn't that Jonathan
I heard out there?


Yeah, he just
stopped by.

What did he want?

Oh, it was nothing.
He was just talking

about some new telephone
lines that were going in.


Children, supper!

Laura: Coming.

Yeah, he's going
to go to work

for the telephone
company, just for a month.

Going to make $50.
Pretty good wage.

It certainly is.

I'm happy for him.

Would you be
happy for us?

Oh, Charles...

Now, Caroline,
listen to me.

It would be only
for a month, 30 days.

In 30 days,
I'd make $50.

Charles: Now, with
that kind of money,

Jonathan and I could fix
up that mill like new.

Charles, we have enough to eat.
We have a roof over our heads. There's...

Caroline, don't make this
harder on me than it is already.

Why does it always
have to be hard on you?

Did you ever stop to think
it's hard on me?

What's wrong with ma?

I said something
I shouldn't have.

You children start supper without
me, all right?

I'm sorry
you know.

It was a stupid
thing to say.

I don't know what
I said it for.

Hey, I'm sorry.

It's just...

It's just that
when you're away,

I get so tired and...

At night, I'm...


Okay, all right.

Look, I won't go.

I'll tell Jonathan when
he comes tomorrow morning.

You will?

Of course I will.

You feel better?


You can go.

But you
just said...

I know what I said,

but now that I know
that you'd give it up,

you can go.

Now that you know I'd give it
up, I can go.

Caroline, I don't
understand you.

I know.

Time for supper.

Now, I can go.
Before, I couldn't go.

I don't know.

I just never get used to
the idea of you being away.

Me neither.

As hard as you'll
all be working,

a month will
go by fast.

Besides, you know,
this job is more than just the money.

We're going to be kind of
a little part of history

helping to put
that line in.

Can you really talk to
somebody a hundred miles away?


Further than that.

Look, it says
right here.

It says, "the first interstate
telephone call was made

between New Jersey and
New York 5 years ago."

And later on, it tells you
about a family in Massachusetts

Charles: Has a telephone
right in their house.

Huh. It's hard
to imagine.

I wonder what's like talking
to people so far away.

I bet you we find out
sooner than we think.

- Pa?
- Hmm?

Who's going to read me
fairy tales at night?

Oh, somebody will.

It won't
be the same.

Oh, now, sure it will.
Now, your ma or Albert or Laura,

they can read fairy tales
just as good as I can.

Can not.

Well, I'll tell you what.
To make up for the month that I'm gone,

I'll read you an extra long one tonight.
How's that?

Will you read it
to me now?

You bet I will.
Come on.

There we go.

Here we go.
Climb under those covers.

Don't forget...
A long, long story.

All right,
I promised.

There we are.

Now, we got to find
a real good one.

Let's see...

This is the one.

"Once upon a time
and far, far away,

"in a land where giants
used to live,

where the trees were so big they
grew right up through the clouds..."

Is that true?

Well, it says it
right here in the book.

Is that really,
really true?

I believe it is.

I love you, pa.

I love you, darling.

Now, let me continue.
This is where it gets good.

"And a blade of grass
was taller than a man,

"there lived alone
two little sisters,

Charles: "And they were
very, very happy.

"And the only times
they grew sad

"were when they remembered
their mother and father,

who were carried away by a
giant one night as they slept."

- That scare you?
- No.

- You sure?
- Yep.

All right.
I'll continue.

"One morning,

"and a beautiful
morning it was,

"the two little sisters
went running in the forest,

"when all of a sudden,
they heard a great sound."

And what was that?

A giant.

You're right.

"They ran out into a
clearing, and sure enough,

"there he stood...
The giant...

"and his head reached
all the way to the sky."

Listen, you all
help your ma.

Do all the chores you're supposed
to, all right?

Be a good boy,

I will.

I love you, honey.
Going to miss you.

You help your ma
all you can.

I will.

And you, too.
You help your ma, you hear?

- Yes.
- I love you.

I love you.

It'll just be a month.
It'll go by quick.

You be careful,

I will.

Good luck.

I love you.

Here we go.

Well, let's
get to work.

No point
standing around.

Guess I'll get
that roof fixed.



I love you, pa!

I love you!

I love you, too,

You be good!

Hey, Jonathan.


Are you awake?
I think it must be daylight.

I can't tell
in here.

Feel like a steer
heading for market.

It can't be
much longer.

They say,
when we get there,

we'll get a nice,
warm bed to sleep.

Amen to that.

Hey, psst.

- Albert: Hold it steady.
- Laura: I will.

- Laura: Be careful.
- Albert: I will.

Carrie, you don't need
to hold on to it, too.

I want to help.

It's just
not needed.

What can I do?

I don't know!
Just get away from the ladder.

Look out!

What happened?

Mama, mama! Albert
tried to kill me!


I couldn't help it.
It slipped.

Ma, can't we do
something about Carrie?

I told pa
I'd help.

Laura: Then help some other way.

What other way?

I don't know.
Figure something out.

All right, Laura.


Darling, I know you
promised your pa you'd help,

but really,
there's no need.

Why don't you
just go and play?

Got no one
to play with.

You know that strawberry
patch, over by the pond?


Yesterday, I noticed they
were ripe for picking.

Now, if you picked them for
me, I'd make a strawberry pie.

That would really be some help.
Would you do that?


All right.
Let's go find a basket.

I think I just...
Added 3 years onto my age.

Let's get back
to work.

There you go.

Can't you go with me?

No, Carrie. I have work to do,

and I have to take
care of the baby.

I wish I was a baby.

Well, you're not.
You're a big girl.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be able
to go pick berries by yourself.

It's no fun being big
if you're all alone.

Well, stop by
the garveys.

Maybe Andy can
go with you.

All right.

I sure hope Andy's
not working, too.

At least he doesn't
have a baby.

Mrs. Garvey?

Carrie, how are you?


Are you sick?

No, just in the way.
Is Andy here?

Yes. He's working on
some harness in the barn.

Thank you.

Andy, want to pick
berries with me?


Please? Your ma
can make a pie.

Uh, I only like
apple pie.

I should have known.

These are so small,
I'll be here all day

and I still won't have
enough for one pie.

Wish I had a friend,
but I don't.

If I had a friend,
everything would be fun,

even picking
too-small berries.

Girl: Are they really too small?

Where did you come from?

Anywhere I want.

Who are you?

Your fairy godsister.



What's your name?




I never heard a name
like that before.

This is for you.

Thank you.

Now, are
they really?


The strawberries... are
they really too small?

Yes. It'll take me
a long, long time

just to get enough
for one pie.

Well, I know a place

where strawberries are
as big as you are...

Maybe bigger.


Cross my heart,
hope to die.

Oh, if I could
only see them!

You can!

Right now,
if you would like.

Oh, yes, please!

All right.

Now, do just
what I tell you.

Now, give me
your hand...

And close your eyes.

Don't open them.

No cheating.

Now open them.

Come on.

Come on!

Alyssa: Well,
don't just stand there.

See? What did
I tell you?

Come on.

They are as big as me.
Maybe even bigger!

I couldn't even fit
one in my basket.

Only part of one
is enough for a pie.

If my pa
were here,

he'd put a whole one
in his wagon.

He's real strong.

Look at that Berry!

It's the biggest
Berry in the world!

Does it taste good?

Try one.



That's good!

Told you so.
Ha ha!

There's some grapes.
I better try some.

Don't let it catch us!
Don't let it!

Don't let it catch us!

Don't let it!

Don't let it catch us!

Don't let it!

Don't let it catch us!

Don't let it!

Don't let it catch us!

Don't let it!

Don't let it catch us!

Don't let it!

Don't let it catch us!

Don't let it!






It was only a dream.

It was a dumb, old dream.

Come on, come on!
Put your backs into it!

Your laziness has already
put us behind schedule.

Come on,
come on!

Get that pole up
there on the double!

Move it!

You two,
you should have finished with this

and been starting on
the next one by now.

Just getting the hang of
it, Mr. Swaggart.

Well, come out and
practice on your own time,

not the company's.

A man can only
work so fast.

Swaggart: Good,
you tell yourself that

when you miss
the bonus.

What bonus?

Word just
came through!

Company's going to pay
every man a 25% bonus,

if we finish
the line by the first.

So, get your backs
into it!

- Charles: Let's get to work!
- Jonathan: Ha ha!

There you are...

Fine, nourishing food
that'll stick to your ribs.

Eat your fill, now.
Come back for seconds.

Hey, shaughnessy!
Where do you want these potatoes?

Uh, help
yourself, lads.

In the barn!
In the barn!

You should've known
where to put them

without me
telling you!

Hey, hey, hey, hold on there!

Who ordered all
those potatoes?

He did, Mr. Swaggart.

Is that a fact?

Indeed it is,
Mr. Swaggart, sir.

That's 4 times what
we'd eat in a month.

Well, now, that's
where you're wrong,

if you'll forgive
me saying so.

Driving the men
the way you do,

they work 4
times as hard,

and they need the comfort of a
potato or two in their stomachs.

It'd be false economy, indeed,
to be skimping on nourishment.

You know, if you could
cook as well as you talk,

there'd be
no problem.

All right,
keep them.

All right,
into the barn.

Maybe it'll be an
improvement on this slop.

Slop, you call it?

My dear dead mother,
whose recipe it is,

would shudder in her grave.

She probably died from
eating her own stew.

Oh, lord, forgive him.
He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Oh, yes, I do.


I tell you, I can't remember
ever being this tired.

Hungry, too.

There's not enough in
this stew to fill you up,

I'll tell you that.

Well, maybe they'll put
some potatoes in tomorrow.

Might help it
a little.

I doubt it.

Oh, that's bad.

I'm too tired
to eat, anyway.

Can't wait to get
in that bed tonight.

All right, this is where
you're going to sleep.

You'll be nice and warm here.
Nice, soft mattresses.

You can throw your bedrolls
anywhere, here, upstairs...

Wherever you
can find room.

Shaughnessy: Before you bunk
down, gentlemen,

I want your attention.

This is strictly
off limits.

When I'm not here...

I keep it locked
from the outside,

and when I am,

I keep it bolted
from the inside.


Shaughnessy: To
prevent pilfering

and prying eyes,
that's why.

What do you got
in there?

Company property...

Highly secret...

Which I am burdened with
personal responsibility.

I guard it with my life.

Pleasant dreams, gentlemen.

Stock's all
bedded down.

You must be tired.

You, too.

How long are you
going to work on that?

As long
as it takes.

Ma, are you going to read
me my fairy tale tonight?

I can't spare the time
tonight, Carrie.

- Albert?
- Oh...

Sorry, Carrie.
I just need some sleep.


It would mean
a lot to her.

All right.

Come on, Carrie.

Which story
do you want to hear?

The one pa read me
last night.

Oh, Carrie, that's
an awfully long story.

Please, Laura?

All right.

"Once upon a time,
in a far, faraway land...

"Where giants
used to live,"

"and where trees
were so big

"they grew right up
through the clouds,

"and where a blade of grass
was taller than a man..."

that's no good.
You're reading it wrong.

Well, how am I
supposed to read it?

Never mind.

I wish you were
more like Alyssa.


Who's Alyssa?

She's nobody,

nobody at all.

I want to go
to sleep now.

All right.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night, Alyssa.

are you asleep?

No. Prospects don't
look too good, neither.


Smells like
a dead goat in here.

Look, I'm not going
to put up with it.

I'm going to sleep outside.

Yeah, I'm with you.

Ma, Laura won't let me
help with the baking!

Well, it serves her right.
Let her do it all by herself, then.

Can I help you
with the wash?

If you like.

I had a dream,


It was wonderful.

Ha, dreams are fun.

It got bad
at the end.

A bug was going
to kill me.

Oh, Carrie, how
could a bug kill you?

This one could.
It was as big as me.

Well, dreams
are like that...

Some good, some bad.

I had a friend
in my dream.

She looked
just like me.

Caroline: She must've been
pretty, then.

She was.

She had a crown
of flowers

and a beautiful

And she took me

to where berries
are as big as me,

and she said she was
my godsister.

Oh, Carrie,


Sorry, I wasn't


Go fishing.

I want to help.

You will be helping

by going fishing.

Go now.


Come on, bandit.
We're going fishing.

Come on. I'll let you
play with the fish.

Either everybody's
busy working,

or sleeping.

Wish it wasn't a dream.

I have to do
everything alone.

Catch anything?


I'm not asleep.

You're not a dream!

of course not.


You want to play
hide and seek?

No, I want you
to come home with me.


I want everybody
to see you.

Nobody at your house
could see me.

How come?

Because they don't
believe in fairy tales.

My pa does.

Alyssa: But he's not
home, is he?

How'd you know?

I know most everything
about you.

Please, Alyssa.
Please come home with me.


On one condition.

You catch me!

I will, I will!



I'm not kidding!

You come back,
or I'll never talk to you again!


Are you ready up there
yet, Allen?

Just a second.

Give it
a try, now.


- Hello!
- Charles: What's he doing?

He's testing
the line.

He actually talked to somebody?

he's trying to.

- Springfield!
- Man on phone: Yeah!

I'm at station
number 12.

Can you hear me
all right?

Sure, I hear you
just fine.

Hey, Harry,
let me try.

Hold on.
Fellow wants to say, "hello."

Can you beat that?

Man: Hello!
Is this Springfield?

Yeah. Yeah,
I hear you just fine.

My name is
Tom Henderson,

and I live over here
in sanborn.

Can I talk on there?

Tom, give the
fellow a turn.

Now, hold on.
There's a fellow here wants to talk.

Hello, Springfield?

This is Jonathan garvey
from over in walnut grove.

Yeah, the work here's
going just fine.

Jonathan: Say, I got me a friend
over there in Springfield.

You know that Ron hadfield that
lives up on the hill, there?

He knows him!
Ha ha!

He's got what?

What in thunder's
going on here?

Uh, good-bye,

Swaggart: What is this, a party?

Uh, no, sir.
We were just...

Swaggart: I know
what you were just.

This happens one more
time, I'm docking your pay.

Now, get back to work!

Yes, sir.



what is it?

- I'm worried about pa.
- Why?

What if something happened to
him and he never came back?

Oh, Carrie.

Nothing's going to
happen to your pa.

Whatever put an idea
like that into your head?

I don't know.

Well, you don't
have to worry.

Your pa's going to come
home safe and sound.

You have faith
in that,

because I do.


I promise.

All right, now.

Let's get
some sleep.

Come on.

- Ma?
- Hmm?

- Ma?
- Hmm.

Do you believe
in fairy tales?


No, Carrie.


Well, because they're
not real, honey.

They're just stories.

It's fun to pretend
they're real,

but they're
just stories.

Pa believes they're real.
He even said so.

Why don't you?


All right, you lazy

Come on, come on!

Time to get to work! Come on, come on!
Up on your feet, there!

What time is it?
It ain't even daylight yet.

It'll be light by the
time you get on the job.

We're not falling
behind schedule, here,

if I have anything
to say about it.

And what I say is,
we start a half-hour early,

and we stay
a half-hour late.

If you want that bonus,
you'll not complain.

Come on, get moving.
Come on, come on!

Up and at them!
On your feet, there. Come on.

Couldn't have slept
more than a couple hours.

Oh, Charles, I feel terrible.
I ache all over.

So do I.

Come on,
let's get to work.


How come we're not moving
as fast as we did yesterday?

We're hitting
harder ground, sir.

When you hit harder
ground, you dig harder.

I'm pushing them
as hard as I can.

Well, it ain't good

I'll show you
how to handle it.

This the fastest
you can go?

Look, I'm getting a
little sick of you.

Well, that goes
for both of us.

But it don't bother me one bit,

because I didn't come on
this job to make friends,

or conversation,

Swaggart: Now, you got something to
say, you can say it

just as well while you're
working, so get to it.

Ain't got
nothing to say.


Charles, I don't know how we're
ever going to do a day's work

on the kind of food
they're feeding us.

Shaughnessy promised you
some more potatoes.

Better get some for us,
or I'm going up end up

eating one of these
telephone Poles.

Come on, just relax. We'll get the
job done, and we'll get the bonus.

Oh, potatoes,
they grow small

over here, over here

the potatoes,
they grow small

over here

the potatoes,
they grow small

and we ate them,
skins and all

the potatoes,
they grow small

over here

Ah, that's
great stuff.

Here you are, boys.
Good and hot.

There you are.

Stew, again?

Aye, and tomorrow,
as well.

- Where's the potatoes?
- Didn't use any.

You got enough for an army out in the barn.
Why didn't you use some?

I'll get to it
by and by.

By and by ain't good
enough, shaughnessy.

You get some potatoes
in this stew by tomorrow,

or I'm going to make me an Irish
stew with a real irishman in it.

Look, lad,
I'm doing me best.

Somebody's pilfering
the potatoes.

Yeah, and I can just
bet who that is.

Hey, hey, hey,
wait, wait, wait!

What are you up to?
Just a minute, now!

Wait, wait!

Now, wait, wait,
wait a minute!

Wait a minute!
Wait, wait!

Wait! Wait!
Don't touch that!

I don't want anyone
going down there.

No! No... nobody
go down there.

- Open it up!
- No!

It's company

Highly secret,
sensitive equipment!

I said, "open it up!"


If you won't, I will.

Oh, the saints
protect me!

Lord, have mercy!

He's making whiskey!

That's what's happening
to our potatoes!

All right, all right.
Let me explain, let me explain.

Look, lads.

I was keeping it
for a surprise.

When you made that deadline
and collected all that money,

it'd have been whiskey
for a fine celebration.

As much as
you could drink...

Uh, for $1.00 a bottle.

Ah, lads, do you have
to tell Mr. Swaggart?

Shaughnessy, I'm not
going to say anything.

Me, neither.

Shaughnessy, ain't
nobody going to tell.

You keep making
that whiskey.

Looks like we're going to
get our potatoes after all.

Oh, whiskey,
you're the devil

you're leading me astray

o'er hills
and mountain

and to our Mary Kay

just wait till
you are tastin' it

you're spunky
all the day

oh, whiskey,
you're me darlin'

drunk or sober




I didn't mean it when I said I
would never talk to you again.

I'm sorry, Alyssa.

Don't be sad.


I was afraid you
wouldn't come back.

I come whenever
you need me.

What did you want
to talk to me about?

How do you know?

I just know.

I was worried
about my pa.


I was afraid something
happened to him.

Last night,
I dreamed he got killed.

If something did
happen to your pa,

that means
he'd go to heaven,

and heaven's
a wonderful place.

How do you know?

Alyssa: I've been
there lots of times.

You have?


Will you tell me
about it?

Why should
I tell you about it

when I can take you
there instead?

Would you like to go?

Oh, yes, please!

All right,

then give me your hand
and close your eyes.

Close them tight.

Now, open them.

Look. Down here's
the earth. See?

There it is!

Told you so.
Come on!

Let's see
if St. Peter's in.

Anybody here?

Hello, Alyssa.
How are you?

Fine, St. Matthew.
And yourself?

Oh, heavenly,
thank you.

I brought my dearest friend,
Carrie, to see St. Peter

if he's not
too busy.

Oh, he's never
too busy to see you.

Come right in.

St. Peter?

St. Peter!

Why, hello, Alyssa!

And who is this with you?

Carrie Ingalls,

Carrie Ingalls.


I don't think it's
your time yet, Carrie.

Oh, no,
St. Peter.

She's just

Oh. Oh, I see.

But Ingalls...

Ingalls... it does have
a familiar ring.

You know, I believe we have
someone by that name with us.

It isn't... it isn't
Charles Ingalls, is it?

Now, just a moment,
my dear, just a moment.

Ah, here it is.

No, it's a Jack Ingalls.

Jack Ingalls?

I don't think I know
any Jack Ingalls.

Well, why don't you go
and have a look?

He's right over there.


Jack, Jack, how
I missed you, Jack!

I love you.

Pa misses you,
and ma misses you,

and Laura misses you,
and so does ma.

And so does Mary.

Everybody misses you.

I love you, Jack.
I love you.

Oh, Jack, oh, Jack,
how I love you.

I've missed you, Jack.

I love you, Jack.


Thank you, Alyssa!

Thank you!

Ma, ma!

I've been to heaven!
It's wonderful!

Any mail,
Mrs. Foster?

Mrs. Foster:
Let me see.

Yes, here you go.

Thank you.

He's coming home.

He's coming home
on time!


"We seem to be
on schedule.

"The work is easier now that we
know we'll be home next week.

"That extra $12.50 is sure
going to make it all worthwhile.

"I love you and miss you all.
Love, Charles."

Well, this letter's
dated a week ago.

Your pa will be home
in a few days!

Albert: Can't wait
for him to see the roof.

Can we bake him
a special cake, ma?

Course, we will.

I have a penny,
and I'm going to buy him some candy.

For you or for him?

I think for both.

I think there's something
wrong with swaggart.

He forgot to yell
at us.

Yeah, well,
why should he?

Last day. He knows
he's going to make it.

Nah, he likes
yelling too much.

He must've
just forgot.

Mr. Swaggart!

Ha ha!
Mr. Perkins.

Swaggart, you did
a fine job, here,

and a very difficult
job, too, I might add.

Thank you, sir.

Soon as the last load
of Poles gets here,

we'll have
her done.

Now, the governor himself
will make the first call

at the ceremonies
in Minneapolis.

By heavens, we live in exciting
times, do we not?

Mr. Swaggart!

What's the
matter, len?

Tongue broke loose on the
pole wagon about 5 miles out.

Well, how long
will it take to fix?

No matter, that 6-up team
went wild when the tongue broke,

and they wound up
in the ditch.

Well, how bad
are they?

Had to shoot
four of them,

and the other
two are lame.

You'll never finish
the job today.

I'm sorry, swaggart.
I'd like to give you an extension,

but company policy's firm
on incentive bonuses.

I'm sorry,

I know how hard you've all
worked, and believe me,

it's just as big a disappointment
to me as it is to you.

Now, hold up,

We've been busting our backs
trying to earn that bonus,

and we ain't
quitting yet.

As many of us
as there are,

we can carry that wagon in here
on our backs if we have to.

No, no, garvey,
that won't work.

It'd take us
all night.

I don't care.

We got till midnight for that
official deadline, ain't we?

Well, yes, but...

Well, we got lanterns.
We can work at night.

Would that work?

I don't know,
but we're going to find out.

Swaggart: Any of you men,
here, ain't digging post holes

or stringing wire,
come with me.

Swaggart: Okay, come on!
Let's get it over!

Now, get those
Poles back on.

All set,
Mr. Swaggart.

All right,
let's move it out.

Alyssa! Look what
I got, Alyssa!

Alyssa! Alyssa!

Oh, no! My penny.
I lost my penny!

I got to find it.

Alyssa: Hi!

- What did you lose?
- My penny.

Pa's coming home soon,
and I had a penny to buy him some candy,

but now, I can't find it.

Grownups make pennies so
small so kids will lose them.

Maybe it'd be easier to
see if we made it bigger.

Could we?

Sure, we can.

Just lie back
and close your eyes.

Alyssa: Come on, wake up.
Come on.

Where's my penny?

You're lying on it.


Look at it!
Just look at it!

Come on.
Help me lift it.

Sure is big.

What kind of candy do
you think I should buy?

What kind
does he like?

Jellybeans, licorice,

It's too heavy.

Now, what do we do?

I don't know.

Maybe we'd better
lie down and rest.

Maybe we'll think
of something.

Good idea.

I'm tired.

I think I'll
buy licorice.

It's my favorite.

My penny!


I found my penny, Alyssa!

Connection made!

All right, let's go.

Come on, move it!
Move it!

Make it fast.
We got 20 minutes.

How you coming, Allen?

Just a minute.

Okay, sir,
we're hooked into the north line.

Mr. Perkins,
we're ready.



This is sleepy eye line
trying a test.


Would you please
count to 5

and repeat that
as loud as you can?

Hold it quiet!

Man on telephone: This is Minneapolis.

It's been a real pleasure working for
you, Mr. Swaggart.

There you go,

I hope to work
for you, again, sir.

You will,
but not as a cook.



The batch should be ready
in a few minutes, lads.

The batch will be ready
in a few minutes.

Batch should be ready
in a few minutes.

What's he
talking about?

Just a little surprise
for the men, sir.

Hope it's
nothing to eat.

Oh, me old darling!

Hey, you're
cooking away!

Here, we'll give you
another few.

Oh, why not?

Hee hee!
Ha ha!


Uh, Mr. Swaggart, sir?

I can't remember a time
when I enjoyed

working for a man
that I disliked

as much as I dislike you.

When you finish
this payroll,

I'll be buying
you a drink.

Said the mother
do not brung me

don't take me
daughter from me

for if you do

I will torment you after

me ghost
will haunt

Dear god!

It's going to blow!

Hey! It's going to blow!
It's going to blow!

What are you
talking about?

Get back! It's going to blow!
Get out of here!

Why, lord, why?

Doing that to a good
Irish catholic like myself.

I didn't mean it, lord!


Oh, god preserve me!

God bless
pa and ma,

Mary and Adam,

Laura and grace,

and bandit.


All right,
into bed.

I can't wait
till tomorrow.

When will pa be home?

I'm not sure.
Before supper.

I'm going to take him
to see Alyssa.

He will be able
to see her.

I know he will.

We'll see.

Now, it's time for you
to get yourself to sleep.


- Good night.
- Good night, darling.

You'll like my pa,

You wait and see.

I'll carry that
for you, ma.

I can certainly bring
water into the house.

I know that.
It's just you're not dressed for it.

And what's that
supposed to mean?

I usually don't see you hauling
water in your sunday best,

and your hair is all nice and
smelling from lemon verbena.

Something wrong
with looking nice?

I know
I'm just a kid,

but that doesn't
mean I'm dumb.

You didn't get dressed
up for nothing.

Oh, you little...

I miss him, too.

I know.

Well, can I carry
the water in?

Till he gets back,
I'm still the man around here.

Yes, you may.





Oh, woman,
I love you!

I love you!

Andy, son,
how are you?


How was it?

Oh, who cares?
It's all over.

I got a bonus.

Hey, is it sunday?


Well, how come you're
dressed like that?

even I know that.

Charles: Got to be
going, Jonathan!

Oh, yeah.
See you later, Charles!

Tell me all about it.

Not until
I get a good meal.

It's all I've been thinking
about is a good home-cooked meal.

Is that all?


Well, we got
a good stew.

With potatoes?

- Lots of potatoes.
- Oh!



He's home! Pa's home!

Oh, Charles! Charles!

Oh, I love you!
I missed you!

Oh, Charles,
it's so good to have you home!

How you doing,

We fixed the roof
real good.

I did all the chores
while you were away, too.

I'm proud of you.

Come on.
Come see the roof.

Oh, now,
just a minute.

Come on inside.
I made a cake,

and everybody's
got presents.

Pa, come with me.

I have a surprise for you.

Come with you where?
I just got home.

Let your pa rest
a while, Carrie.

Please, pa?

I can't tell you
what it is, but please?

How am I going to
say no to that face?

All right.
We'll hurry up.

I love you. Be right back.
Be right back.

What's for supper?

Caroline: Roast chicken
with potato stuffing.

Wha! We're going to
go quicker!

Charles: I tell you, I don't blame
you for keeping her a secret.

She sure sounds
like a lot of fun.

Alyssa's the most wonderful
friend I ever had.

You sure she's going to
be here, though, huh?




Maybe she couldn't
make it today.

Alyssa always comes
when I call her.

Maybe it's because
I'm here.

But you believe
in fairy tales, pa.

She won't mind
your being with me.

Don't you?

Well, um...

I mean, I like
to believe in them.

It's fun
to believe in them.

But you really don't.

That's why
she didn't come.

I guess, now, I don't have
a surprise for you.

Carrie, come here.

You were real lonely when I was
gone, weren't you?


So lonely you made up
a make-believe friend.

Make-believe friends
are a lot of fun

when you don't have
anybody else to play with,

but now that I'm back,
the family won't be so busy

and we can all have
some fun together.

I had another surprise,
but, now, it's gone.

Oh. What was it?


Well, licorice? That's my favorite.
What happened to it?

It's my favorite, too.
I ate it.

Charles: Oh,
you don't have to worry about that.

You know what would be the bestest
surprise I could have today?

A big kiss
from my best girl.

I love you, pa.

Oh, I love you,

Come on.
Give you a ride home.