Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 5, Episode 13 - Blind Journey: Part 2 - full transcript

Joe Kagen joins Charles and goes to Winoka because they're going to have an extra wagon to bring home. They get to the blind school and see the awful team of horses and the wagon that Mr. ...

I don't care
what you say.

Persons like Joe kagan
have their own religion.

They have their
African witch doctors

and their voodoo drums.

Mrs. Oleson, Joe kagan's
family has been in this country

longer than yours...
180 years.

He's a good Christian.
He'd like to practice his religion

with the members
of his community.

All those in favor of Mr. Kagan's
application for membership,

please signify by
raising your right hand.

It's a standoff.

Harriet: Well, I guess that
settles that once and for all.

Wait a minute,

All the votes
aren't in yet.

The ayes have it!

I hate to interrupt
your class,

but I have some news
that concerns you all.

This is probably the most difficult
thing I ever had to do in my life,

but as some of you know, our school
building is owned by the church,

and the deacons have generously
permitted us to occupy it rent-free,

but now the church is in desperate
need of money to sustain itself.

They've sold the property.

I hate to say this,

but I'm afraid it means the end of
the winoka academy for the blind.

Now, I wanted Charles to make
clear precisely what the problem is

because I think
we here in walnut grove

may be able to provide an answer,
a way to help those children.

I refer to the house
that the late

and much-loved Lars
hanson willed to my charge

I propose to donate Mr. Hanson's
house to the blind school.

"Walnut grove has adopted
your children and your school.

"Donating building and supplies.

"Will come to transport.

"Letter following.

Love, pa."

Ha ha ha!

What in the name of
heaven is she doing here?

Who knows?

Everybody on the wagon
and ready to move out.

All right.

Here I am and just in the Nick of
time, too, I see.

Ha ha ha!

In the Nick of time
for what?

Well, I'm going
with you.

I think it's only fitting that I
should meet Mrs. Terhune personally.

Here you are, my good man.
Thank you.

Mrs. Oleson,
I think you ought to think about this.

This is going to be a very hard trip.
I don't think you should go.

But why not?

It's going to be
a rough trip, really.

Well, nonsense.
If the children can do it, so can I.

Unless you can walk on it, Mrs. Oleson,
you got to get in that water.

Ah, it's cold!

Stop it!

Aah! Get your
hands off me!

I get a feeling Mrs. Oleson
isn't enjoying this too much.

Oh! For heaven's
sake, oh!

Are there any more
rivers up ahead?

Yeah. There's one,
but it's running slow.

It's this dry spell.
Water's down everywhere.

Good. It'll be easier
on the children.

Aah! Let go off me!

Look at me! I'm
all soaking wet.

Oh, you got plenty
of time to dry off.

- Ahh!
- We may camp here tonight.

We'll get to Butler tomorrow.

If Mrs. Terhune
train's on schedule,

we'll be waiting
when it pulls in.

What? We're meeting
Mrs. Terhune tomorrow?


Oh! For heaven's,
look at me, I'm a mess.

Like this
happen to me.

Oh... oh, my god.

Aah! You're indecent!

Don't be shocked, Mrs. Oleson.
Black folks take baths, too.

Ha ha ha ha!

You people think
it's funny, don't you?

Making fun of people
and trying to shock them!

Don't go losing
your head, Mrs. Oleson.

Ohh! Shut up!

Ha ha ha! Ooh whee!

That old heifer!

Ohh, I tell you, I'm getting a
little tired of driving here.

Here, why don't you just
take over for a while?

There you go.

Now, just hold
on tight.

You got it
all right?


Hey, you're
doing good.

I can take a nap.

Mrs. Terhune!

Mrs. Terhune,
is that you in there?

Mrs. T... I'm down here!

Mrs. Ter... ohh!

Excuse me!

Is Mrs. Terhune
on the train?

- She is.
- She is? Where?

First car.

First car?
Oh, for heaven sake.

He told me that she was in the first
car, and that's a boxcar!

There's got to
be some mistake!

Come here.
Sit down.

What's the matter,
Mrs. Oleson?

Well, those children are col...


Some of the little sheep of his
flock, remember?

Come on, let's
give them a hand.

Well, I didn't expect
them to be black sheep.

Welcome to Butler, ma'am. Hope you
had a good trip. I'm Charles Ingalls.

I'll give you a hand
with these children.

Thank you.

There you go.

Uh, where's Mrs. Terhune? I believe
that we met at a little tea dance

for the friendly daughters
of Mary magdalene.

This is Mrs. Oleson.

Isn't Mrs. Terhune here?
Mrs. Hester sue terhune?

Woman: She certainly is and
never happier to see anybody.

Oh, well...

Well, where is she?

Well, right here,


Hester sue terhune.
Yes, ma'am.

Well, you...

You aren't one of
the St. Louis terhunes.

No, ma'am. Pascagoula terhune.


I know you must be
train-tired and hungry.

Why don't we save the rest of
the introductions till later?

I'll get the rest
of your bags,

and you can get onto the
wagons and some food.

Name's Joe. Joe kagan.
I'll help you with your bags, hester sue.

The name is Mrs. Terhune,
and I'll carry my own bags.

Yes, ma'am. Whatever
your dignity demands.

It's not my dignity
that I'm concerned with.

Just a proper distance.
Catch hands, children.

You're coming to the tracks now.
Be careful.

Is this
far enough?

You coming,
Mrs. Oleson?

Children: Together, on life's
journey we'll travel till we stop

and if we have no trouble

we'll reach the happy top

then come with me,
sweet Phyllis

my dear, my lovely bride

we'll jump into the wagon

and all take a ride

wait for the wagon

and we'll all take a ride

we'll gather on the journey

we'll travel till we stop

and if we have no trouble

we'll reach the happy top

then come with me,
sweet Phyllis

my dear, my lovely bride

we'll jump into the wagon

and all take a ride

whoo! Better stop here awhile and
rest, have some water.

Oh, I can't believe I
gave her all my furniture.

You talking to me,
Mrs. Oleson?

Hmm! Why would
I be talking to you?

Why wouldn't you
want to talk to me?

Because my
feet hurt.

Then why don't
you ride on the wagon?

Hmm! Because.

Because why?

Just because.

Miss terhune says
that's no reason.

Sometimes when I'm bad,
she asks me why I done something.

I just say because,

because I have
no good reason.


Maybe you don't have
a good reason neither.

I most certainly do.

What is it?

Oh, shut up
for heaven sakes!

- Ma!
- Hi!

We have a letter
from pa.

Oh, it's
from Butler.

Mailed 3 days ago.

open it up!

What does
pa say?

They joined up with the other
school, everything's fine.

Oh, if the weather holds,
they'll be home within the week.

What else
does it say?

He sends all of his love to
each and every one of us.

Within the week!

Our Mary will be
home within the week.

Ohh! The least you
could have done

was to stop some place where
we'd have a proper outhouse.

It's been coming down in
buckets a long time, Charles.

If it's raining
this hard down here,

you can imagine what it's
like up in the mountains.

Thinking about
that river?


Won't be able to cross it
the way we did coming.

Any way around it?

Charles: No. But there
might be a way over it.

There's a ferry
crossing right here.

We swing south.

It's way out of our way,
but it's our only chance.

Well, I think I better go and
see how miss terhune's doing.

Keep your
proper distance.

Heh heh heh!

Adam, what is it?

It's nothing.

But you're shaking.

I'm all right.

I just caught
a chill is all.

You go back
to sleep, okay?

All right, Adam.

Joe: If only I had
a warm place to be in,

it would make
a whole lot of difference.

Yeah, raining more
than jehoshaphat's daughter.

Maybe there's
some room in the wagon.

Hester suuuue!

Hester sue:
Something you wanted?

What's the rifle for?

I think they call
it self-defense.

Ain't no savages
around here, woman.

That remains to
be seen, Mr. Kagan.

Well, I thought I'd just
come by before I turn in

to see if there's
anything I can do for you.

Such as?

I don't know.
You name it.

All right,
I'll name it.

As I've stated
before, Mr. Kagan,

keep your distance!

I think maybe she's trying
to tell me something.

Well, hester sue sure
got a lot of dignity.

Too much.

Still not
asleep, son?

I've been wondering.

about what?

Mrs. Oleson. She's always
saying she's my benefactor.

What's a benefactor?

Well, son, that's a...

Person who does good for
somebody in need of help.

What's she done good?

She spent a lot of money helping
to fix up your new school.

Then I guess she's a nice
lady, but she's not nice to me.

She don't like me.

She don't like
you neither.

You're right
about that.

Why? What did
we do to her?


To her, we just ain't
the right color.

What's the right color?

Joe: Her color,
according to her. White.

We just happen
to be black.

Well, what's the difference
between black and white?

You've never seen
either one, have you?

Well, Samson, they're just two
different colors, that's all.

But some folks get it in their head
it's all the difference in the world.

They don't like what's
different from them?

That's about it.

Maybe folks would be nicer to other
folks if they never saw anything.

You know, Samson,

you got more vision than some
folks with two good eyes.

Let me tuck you in.

There you go.

God bless bandit, god bless
wings, god bless the chickens...

Carrie, that's enough god-blessing.
Get to bed.


I want another
glass of water.


I'll get it.

No, you won't.
You've already had 3 glasses.

I'm thirsty.

Carrie, it's
a sin to tell a lie,

especially after you
just said your prayers.

I'm sorry, but can't I stay
up until ma comes home?


Ma might not get back from
the garveys' till real late,

and you have school tomorrow.
Now get to sleep.


Now that Carrie's asleep,
I can get to my sewing.

I think we managed
pretty well with pa away.

I suppose.

What do you
mean suppose?

We did schoolwork
and chores both.

Sure wouldn't want to
do it all year round.

I could handle it.
Course, men mature faster.


That's right.

Any coffee left?

Ma said only half
a cup for you.

Oh, Laura.

All right,
but just half a cup.


Yes, child?

Take that pipe out of
your mouth this minute!

There's nothing wrong with a man
enjoying his pipe after a hard day.

Well, you're not a man,
and that's not your pipe.

Pa wouldn't mind.

You want to ask him?

I would if he was here.

Well, he's not here,
so you put it right back up on the mantel.

You're my sister, not my ma,
and you can't tell me what to do.

All right, go ahead
and smoke the pipe,

but you better hurry up
before ma comes home

or the man of the house is
going to get a whipping.

How do I look
with a pipe?

Same as I'd look... silly.

I think it makes
me look older.

Yeah, you look
at least 10.

I am 10.

Besides, pa says there's
no need to act grown up.

It will happen
soon enough anyway.

I don't see why anyone

would want to go lighting
leaves and puffing on them.

It would be the same thing
as climbing up on the roof

and sticking your head over the
chimney, don't you think?


You may not look older,
but you sure look greener.

It sure must be fun
being a man.

Charles: There you go.

Hester sue:
Come on, children.

Charles: You two, you
come on with me now.

Hold on tight now.
We'll move out soon.

Samson, you're going
to ride up here with me.

Thank you,
Mr. Kagan.

That's all right,

Good morning,
Mr. Kagan.

I, uh... I'd, uh, like
to ride with you.

You'd like to ride
with me, Mrs. Oleson?

Well, I'd be willing
to ride with you.

Mr. Kagan,
I want you to know

that I don't think that
there is any such thing

as a right color or a wrong
color for that matter,

and I've always been the kind
of person who always thought

that it's what's inside
a person that counts.

Well, then we got something
in common, Mrs. Oleson.

We do?

Yes'm. I always
say that myself.

Come on, son.

Joe, you all
set back there?


All right, kids.
Here we go.


Nels, you didn't
hurt yourself.

No, it's not the nails.
It's a crick in my back

from sleeping
on that couch.

It's about a foot too short
for this frame of mine.

Been meaning to tell you that bedroom
set of yours looks mighty fine

in Mrs. Terhune's bedroom.


I hope you don't
need any more nails.

Those are
my last ones.

No, I think that
will about do it.

I don't know how we're
supposed to make any money

giving away all these
materials to the blind school.

It's for charity,
Harriet... er, Nellie.

Well, I agree with
what mother said.

Charity should
begin at home.

How's it going over
at the school, Jonathan?

Oh, fine. Another couple of days,
and we'll have it shipshape,

ready for those kids to move in.
How's it going for you?

I suppose you're probably
missing Harriet about now.

Well, to tell you the truth,
it has been kind of quiet around here.

And with Nellie cooking,
every meal is a burnt offering.

That's a terrible thing to
say about your daughter!

Well, it's not so terrible
if it's the truth.


Got a freight delivery here
for Mrs. Harriet oleson.

Oh, that must be that
thing Harriet ordered.

Yeah, this
is the place.

A plaque from
the curry bronze works.

That one on the end.

This is the little
plaque that she ordered?

Looks more like
a monument!

Yeah, a national

Look, I think you've
made a mistake here.

No mistake. There's
your bill of lading.

Right. No mistake.

Listen, this should have been delivered to
that big house about a couple of miles...

I was told to deliver it
to the oleson mercantile.

This is oleson mercantile.
That's your plaque.

Get it off of here so
I can keep my schedule.

All right,
give me a hand.

Uh-huh. I'm paid to deliver,
not to load or unload.

Jonathan, do
you mind, uh...

No. Glad
to help you, nels.

Ah, that's pretty heavy. We're going
to have to put our backs to that.


Ohh! This must
weigh a ton!

Took 6 men
to load it.

Listen, I'll pay you a
dollar to give us a hand.


All right.

All right,
let's get it.

All right.

Nels: Ohh!

Oh, I think I hurt
myself this time.

You want me to get
doc baker?

I wish Harriet
was here right now.

You miss her
that much?

I'd kill her.

Well, where's
the ferry?

Joe: That's
a good question.

It looks
real bad.

Sure is. You best get
the kids off the wagon.

Looks like the ferry went
down instead of across.


I'm going to try it first,
alone, see how bad it is.

If it's too bad, we're going to have to
bring everybody across on that tow line.

Why don't you see if we have
the makings for a sling chair?


Be careful, pa.

I will, darling.
Don't worry.


Yah! Come on!

Come on!


Come on!


Come on! Come on!




Joe, too dangerous! Can't
chance it with the children!

Going to
fly them over!

I'll get a rig!

You heard him, kids.
You're all going for a ride.

Kids: Yay!

Stay in
there, woman!

Take your hands
off me!

I'm not going
across this...

You have to!
All the kids went across just fine.

I don't care! I'm not a kid,
and I'm not going across there!

Oh, yes, you are.

Take her away!


Charles, don't
leave me out here!

Ohh! Hurry up!

Why can't you pull
this thing any faster?

Ohh! Ohh!

Ha ha!

You're going
to drown me!

Mrs. Oleson doesn't sound
like she's enjoying this.

Oh, my god! Oh, dear lord,
let me out of here!

Aah! Ohh!

Oh, help!

Come on, I'm going to drown!
I'm going to drown!

Oh, for heaven sakes!
Pull me out!

Why are you
putting me in the water?


This is one thing
I wish I could see.

Somebody help me!
I can't get out of this!

Help me!

I'll... I'll get you!

I enjoyed that.

Ha ha ha!

You see that woman get her
behind wet in that water?

Ha ha ha!
You're next, Adam.


You're next,

Well, what's wrong
with him?

I don't know.

Come on, son.
Let go of the rope.

Let go!

Adam, come on,
let go of the rope.

Come on, turn
the rope loose.

Let go of the rope.

Come on, turn
the rope loose.

Come on,
let go of the rope!

Come on, turn
the rope loose!

No! I'm not going!
You can't make me!

I'm sorry, son,
but you're going!

Had no choice. Come on,
let's get him tied in.

Hey, you ought to try and
get some sleep, you know.

I can't, pa.

I'm too worried
about Adam.

Oh, he's going
to be all right.

He's just exhausted,
that's all.

He hasn't spoken
since it happened.

Well, just don't press it.
Some things take time.

I know.

I just love him so.

I know you do.

That's why I know there's no
problem you two can't work out.

Why don't you get
some sleep, huh?

Good night, pa.

Good night, baby.

Now I want everybody to
go to sleep, all right?

Girl: Tell Samson to
stop talking all night.

Boy: Yeah, he keeps
telling dumb jokes.

Samson, I want you to stop talking
and no more dumb jokes, all right?

Samson: Yes, ma'am.

Good night.

Good night,
Mrs. Oleson.

Harriet: Oh, shut up!

Good evening,
Mr. Kagan.

miss terhune.

Well, I think you handled
yourself very well today.

So did you.

Yeah, we sure made
a good team.

Oh, on the haul
rope, I mean.

Just for
the record...

I have been
married once...

And I don't plan to
be married again...

Not to anyone,
not if he was the last man on earth.

But of course you may
call me hester sue.

Hester sue, the town
you're going to

ain't nothing like St.
Louis, where there's lots of colored folk.

In walnut grove, as far
as you're concerned,

I am the last man on earth.





Adam, everything's
all right.

I'm right here.

We're all
safe and sound.

Oh, Mary...

I am so ashamed.

There's no need to be.

This afternoon,

I was so afraid, I
couldn't even move.

Adam, it happens.

Being a coward
in front of my wife?

Adam, you're
not a coward.

We all get scared.

Before I lost
my sight,

I went fishing
with my father...

There was
a small stream,

rushing water,
rocks all around.

I was jumping from
one rock to another,

and I slipped...

My head hit a rock,
and then I was drowning in the dark...

And fighting the dark
and fighting the cold.

Next thing I was in
bed in a hospital,

and a doctor I couldn't
see... never would see...

He was telling me
I'd be just fine.

He was a very
kind man.

He was much too kind to tell
me that I was going blind.


After what
you've been through...

You have every right
to be afraid.

Every right to cry.

But, Adam, never,
never be ashamed.

I love you, Mary.

I love you, Adam.

Girl: Are we almost
there, Mr. Ingalls?

Charles: Believe it or not,
Kim, we're almost there.

Girl: How much further?

Charlie: Oh, I'd say maybe
another half a mile or so.

Joe: That's my place.

Hester sue: It's not
very much to look at.

Yep, but inside it's
real snug and cozy.

That I'll never know.

Never say never,
hester sue.

Never, Mr. Kagan.

Never's a long time
in a lonely place.

But I'm patient.

Thank heavens you've
got one virtue.

Samson, we're
almost there, son.

That's good.

They're coming! They're coming!
Here they come!

Ha ha ha!
Did you miss me?

I... certainly
I missed you.

My little boy and girl...
oh, sweetheart!

Did you get me
any presents?

No, I didn't
get you anything.

Now, come, come,
I want you to meet Mrs. Terhune.

Mrs. Terhune,
this is my husband nels oleson.

Mrs. Terhune
from pascagoula.

Very nice
to meet you.


Are you out
of your mind?


One nigger living in walnut
grove maybe we can accept.

- Now, just a minute...
- Shut up!

But now you're bringing a whole
wagon load of niggers here!

Harriet: Mr. Larrabee!

If there's one thing I can't
tolerate, it's a bigot!

And you are precisely just that!

A narrow-minded

But you always
said niggers was...

Never mind
what I said!

It's what I say now
that matters.

Black and white are just two
different colors, that's all.

Just two
different colors.

Why, it's people like you who
have it fixed in your thick heads

that it makes
all the difference.

Reverend: Ladies
and gentlemen,

could I have
your attention over here?

Would you please
gather around?

Come along, Samson.

I can't believe it.

Reverend: If you'll
all gather around...

I would like to offer
a very short but...

Deeply heartfelt prayer.

Shall we pray?

O lord, we thank you for
letting your holy spirit

come into the hearts of these
good people assembled here,

and through you we thank
them and bless them

for their generosity
in providing this home

and school in walnut grove.

Lord, we humbly pray that
you will bless this house

and the lives of all who live
and work within its walls.

And we especially praise and thank
you for these dear little children...

That your spirit
has brought in our midst

to care for and Cherish.


Crowd: Amen.

Now, in the spirit of god's
love, which we all share...

Let's embrace each other
in love and friendship.

Why don't you and me
start? It's been awhile.

You heard the reverend.
Don't go being sacrilegious.



Mr. Kagan, it's been
a long journey.

Too long.


Woman: Friends and neighbors,
let's eat!