Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 5, Episode 1 - As Long as We're Together: Part 1 - full transcript

Poor financial conditions influence the Ingalls family to move to Winoka when Mary goes there to teach at the Blind School. They meet Albert, an orphan who Charles forms an attachment to, ...



I thought
you had already left.

No. We wanted to stop by,
say good-bye to everybody.

Nobody left in town
to say good-bye to.

So I see.

Yeah. I got rid of
the last stuff today.

Happened so fast.

One day,
we were a town and...

It's like hanson said...
I guess we can't fight the railroad.


Well, where are
my manners?

The missis is making some tea.
Would you like some?

We really should be
getting back,

but I would like to
say good-bye to her.

Sure enough.
She's feeling kind of low.

I had to sell everything,
you understand.

She's in the back.

Mrs. Oleson?

Why, Caroline,
what a surprise.

Well, we're leaving

and I wanted
to say good-bye.

Oh. Yes.

Well, I'd ask you to sit
down, but we're...

We're redecorating.
I finally said to nels,

"this old furniture is
just driving me crazy.

Now, let's just get rid
of it and buy all new."

Lord knows how long
it's going to take

for all the new
furniture to get here.

I do wish that you
were going to be here

so you could see it
when it's all done.

Uh, could I
pour you some tea?


Oh, I do wish that
I had other cups.

These are not the
proper cups for company!

Oh, Caroline...

I'll miss you.

Oh, what a funny
thing to say.

I don't know who's
ever going to miss me.

Well, I am,
and I don't know why.

Well, I'll tell you

I'm going
to miss you, too,

and I don't
know why, either.

Well, you have
a good trip.

You take care
of Charles

and tell the
children good-bye.

I'm a mess.

Well, that ought
to hold it.

Thank you
for giving me a hand.

That's all right.
I ain't got nothing to do, anyway.

When are you going
to be pulling out?

Couple of days.
I been putting it off.

Hoping for a miracle,
I guess.

Afraid the railroad doesn't
believe in miracles.

I'm really going
to miss this place.

I don't think you realize how much a place
means till you have to leave it, I guess.

I know what you mean.

Been awful hard
on Alice.

She don't say nothing.
That's how I know.

Just packed up all our
stuff, didn't say a word.

Got no choice.

You're right.
Well, I won't hold you.

I know you'll be getting
an early start tomorrow.

Well, good luck
wherever you settle.

Good luck in winoka.

I'm going
to miss you, friend.

I want you to get in the back
of the wagon with your sisters.

It's time to go.

You all ready?

Yeah. We're all set.

I wish we didn't have to
leave so many things behind.

Remember the day
you put this pump in?

You were so proud.

You said to me,

"I promised you water in the
kitchen, and water you've got."

You were so proud.

Remember what
Mr. Nash said to me

when I had to say good-bye
to Mary at the Burton school?

He said,
"make it brief.

Long good-byes
are only painful."


Only good times here.


Ma looks so sad.

I know.

We can do anything...
Long as we're together.

Man: Ya-hoo!

Have you ever seen so many
people before in your life?

I'm happy to say
I haven't.

Charles, you said you
wouldn't mind the city.

I know. I know what I said. Give me
5 minutes to get used to it, woman.

I got to go
tell Mary about it.

Lordy, Mary,
you'd never believe how big it is.

It sounds big.

What's all
the music?

It's coming
from the saloon,

just like the one we saw
once in gold country.

Pa's not
going to like it.

Whoa. Well,
this must be it.

Adam said it was right
next door to the church.

Whoa. Easy, easy.

Someone's idea
of a joke.

I'd better
hold the team.

All right. I'll tell Adam
we'll visit with him later.

Adam: And the next sound
is a very easy one.

Let's see who can shout
out the answer first.

Children: You're
ripping paper.

Right. Right.

Now, the next sound is one
that some of you can do,

and some of you can't.

Now, listen close.

Mary: You're snapping
your fingers.



Mary, you're here.

Oh, have I missed you.

When you didn't
answer my letter,

I was afraid
you weren't coming.

I never got your letter.
Didn't you get mine?

No. It doesn't matter.

You're here.

That sounds
like kissing.

I'd like you all to say
hello to Mary Ingalls.

Hello, Mary Ingalls.

Hello, children.

Where's your family?
I've got to talk to your father.

I'm right here.

Oh. Uh, sir,
I'm sorry...

That's perfectly all right.
I understand.

Good to see you

Everyone work on your braille alphabet.
I'll be right back.

Children: Aw...

Adam, is this
your Mary?

Yes, sir, Mr. Ames.
Mary Ingalls.

A pleasure.

- And her father.
- Mr. Ingalls.

A pleasure to meet
you, sir.

I have to post a few letters.

I'll be
right back,

and we'll get you
settled in your room.

Thank you, sir.

It's good to have
you in our city.

Thank you very much.
Good to be here.

Mr. Ingalls, I know you haven't had
a chance to catch your breath yet,

but one of the things I wrote
about in that letter Mary never got

was a job at the hotel.

Well, is it still

Yes and no.

It's been filled 3 times
since I've been here,

but Mr. Thoms...
He's the owner...

He still isn't

What kind
of a job is it?

Manager. Keeping the books
and repairs and so forth

and running
the hotel dining room.

I didn't mention
it's for a couple.

Mrs. Ingalls would have
to do the cooking.

But somebody
has the job now?

Yeah, but I took
the Liberty

of telling Mr. Thoms
about you.

And if all
Mary tells me

about Mrs. Ingalls'
cooking is true,

I think you've got
a good chance.

It's worth a try.
Where's the hotel?

It's the Dakota.

Out the door, you turn right
and then down 3 steps...

I'm sorry. I'm used
to talking to students.

It's kitty-corner
across the street,

next door
to the big saloon.

Good enough.
I'm on my way.

Mary, I'm going to leave your
bag over here by the stairs.

We'll visit with you later.
What's a good time?


All right. Good enough.
We'll see you.

Pa, can't we
get out yet?

Pretty soon.
Not yet.

Well, everything
all right?

Yeah. Adam put me
on to a job.

Oh! Charles,
a job?

Just take it easy.
We haven't got it yet.

This must be it.

Laura, you hold the horses
while your ma and I are inside.

Maybe I better
hold them, Charles.

Can't. The job's
for both of us, he said.

For both of us?
Well, what is it?

Well, I'll tell you
when we get inside.

You keep an eye on your
sisters, too, all right?

I will. Good luck.

Thank you.


I have to go.

Well, you're going
to have to wait.

All right.

- Shine, mister?
- No.

You could use it.

Leave me alone, kid.

It'd make your boots
look real nice.

I still
don't want one.

All right,
let your boots look funny!

Shine, mister?

Don't mind if I do.
You do a good job, boy?

Yes, sir,
the best.

Well, let's get
right with it.

Man: Whoa!

Second man: Wa-hoo!

Third man: Let's go!

Saying you can cook is one thing,
Mrs. Ingalls. Proving it's another.

Man: Hey, Silas?

I know, Harry. You can't eat it.
Send it back.

I have. 3 times.

See what I mean?

Ooh, will you look at her?

Mrs. Schiller, the customer
out there can't eat his food.

Oh, but he's
never satisfied.

I think it's good.

What's that prove?
You eat everything.

You'd eat anything.
Now, what did he order?

Eggs and biscuits.

Look! Good biscuits.


I was wounded in the war
by a cannonball

that was
softer than this.

Mrs. Ingalls, will you
make up some biscuits?


Why is she
in my kitchen?

You don't need a kitchen to
make biscuits like these.

You need
a blacksmith's shop!

I quit!

That's the nicest thing
you ever said to me.

There will be no more food.
I just quit!


Mrs. Ingalls,
get them biscuits ready.

Follow me. I'll tell you
about the rest of your duties.

Charles: Good luck.

All the front windows
get washed every day,

- back windows once a week.
- Yes, sir.

You sweep the walk
in the morning,

for all the good it
does. Now, follow me.

Laura: Pa!
Did you get it?

I don't know yet.

Man: Ingalls!

Keep your fingers

We'll start on the upstairs,
top floor first, and work our way down.

Yes, sir.

Laura, I can't wait
much longer.

Well, it won't take long.

Just go sit down and try
and think of something else.

All right.

Think about
something else.

I can't think
of something else.

How's that look,

You're right, boy.

That's the best shine
I've ever had.

Here's a dime for you.

A dime!
Hey, thanks, mister!

Ah, you're welcome, son.

Man: Now, you can't
do that, sir.

I've got money
on the table.

I got a dime!

Boy: Hey, mister, I just
dropped my dime!

I worked hard for that dime!

Boy: Let go. Hey, mister,
you're on my dime!

Man: You heard
what I said.

Boy: Watch out!

Do yourself a favor
and get out of here!

Mister, he knocked my
dime through the hole!


Laura, please.
I'm not fooling.

I have to go bad.


I know. Think about
something else.

They knocked my dime
down the hole.

Hey, you can see it
plain as day.

I know that.
Just can't get it.

That fella
gave me 10 cents.

Nobody ever give me
10 cents before.

Hey, I got a piece
of chewing gum.

Maybe we could hook it to
something and lower it.

You might be able to
get your dime back.

Hey, yeah.
That might work.

We could hook it
to my shoelace.

Aw, shucks.
That darn dime!

Went right
in the hole.


I got it.

Bring it up
real slowly.

I will.

Dadburn it.
Dime fell off.

Here. Let me try.

Even if you get it,
it's still my dime.

I don't want
your dumb old dime.

What are you doing
all this for?

I'm just trying
to help, is all.

Anything wrong
with that?


Here. Go ahead.

Well, I hate
to say it, but mmm.

That's better than my
own mother used to make.

The job's yours.
Pay is $50 a month

plus free board
and a room upstairs.

There's just one thing. We'll need
two rooms. We have some children.

Oh, now, wait a minute.

They are so
polite and quiet.

Well, they'd be
no trouble.

Oh, I never heard of
children like that.

Well, if it
doesn't work out,

you can just send us
on our way.

All right, but I take off $5.00
a month for the extra room.

It's a deal.

I'll get you a set of keys,
and you can get moved in.

Thank you very much,
Mr. Thoms.

Thank you.

I got a job!

Charles, we got a job.

We got a job!

- Oh!
- Oh!

Think I've got it...

That's what you been
saying every time.

Just give me my shoelace
back so I can go.

Wait a minute.


There. What did
I tell you?

Well, aren't you
going to thank me?

You didn't give me
my dime back.

You're still
holding it.

What's the matter
with you?

I told you I didn't want
your dumb dime.

Charles: Laura?

I thought you were supposed
to be holding the team.


- I'm sorry, pa.
- It's all right.

Come on, Carrie. Got to
get the wagon unloaded.

- You got it?
- We got it.

Carrie: Ma, I got
to go so bad.

Caroline: All right.
Laura will take you.

There's a water closet at
the end of the hall upstairs.

- They go inside?
- That's right.

Laura: Boy, this
really is the city!

Looks like she's in a hurry.

Boy: Hey! Come here!
Come on!

I'll be right back,

But ma said...


What's that?

What's it look like?
It's a nickel.

I figure
you deserve half.

I don't want it.
I was just being a friend, is all.

You want it all?

No. I don't want
any of it.

Oh, what's the use?

Hey, uh... Thanks.

You're welcome.

Charles: Laura?


Is that your
name... Laura?

Laura Ingalls.
What's yours?


Albert what?

That's right.

What's right?

I got to go.

Come on, Carrie.
Let's go.

Well, what are you
waiting for?

You're the one
that said you had to go.

I already did.

That's the last of it.
Where does this go?

Small one in there,
big one in here.

All right.
How's it coming?

Slow but sure.

I get to sleep with Laura
just like Mary used to.

That sounds like fun.
Bet you can't wait.

Laura: I can.


Sorry, ma.

I want to take the team
down to the livery,

see if I can make a deal
with them to rent it out.

Pay for their feed,
might give us a little bit left over.

How much longer
you going to be?

I don't know.

it's going on 3:00.

Oh, land's sakes.

I got to get to the
kitchen pretty quick.

I'll give you a hand
as soon as I get back.

- Laura?
- Yes, ma?

Will you unpack
your last bag for me?


Oh, land's sakes.
I look a mess.



Will you tend to grace
for me, please?


Thank you.

Oh, hush.
Don't cry.


Oh, you sure do mess
your panties a lot.

Carrie: Laura, help!


Get me
out of here!

Crawl out. Hurry!

How did it happen?

I wanted to help you,

and I climbed up
to hang up your dress.

Well, from now on, you just put
the clothes away in the drawer

and leave the hanging up
to me, all right?

All right.

What a day, lord.

Fellow outside said he
ordered two eggs with the ham.

Oh, my gosh.

That's all right.
I'll put them on.

Thank you.

Here you are, sir.
Sorry it took so long.

Are you finished
with this?

Yes, I am.

Will there be
anything else?

Coffee later.


Man: Hey, miss?

Here you are.

Your orders, please?

You're the new one, huh?


Big improvement
over old lady Schiller,

ain't she, glover?

Big improvement.

Could I have
your order, please?

I've got things on
the fire in the kitchen.

Don't be
in such a hurry.

You don't act
a little sociable,

you won't get many tips.

The word "tips" means
to insure proper service,

not to socialize.

The steaks are about ready.
I'll take this order.

See you later, ma'am.

All right,
what do you want?

Steak, two eggs,
and coffee.

What about you?

I'll have two steaks

and a bowl of stew
and a order of biscuits.

You got honey?

Yeah, we got honey.

All right. Give me some honey
with them biscuits, and...

Ain't you going to write
any of this down?

Why? You going
to forget it?

What about coffee?

Yeah. Coffee.

I'll help you dry.

Caroline, it's not going to work.
You can't do all this.


I just have to get
used to it.

Used to what?

Cooking breakfast, lunch,
and dinner for all these people?

Charles! I just have to get
organized, and then I can do it.

Let's just get the dishes
dried, all right?

Why don't we just let the dishes
dry by themselves? How's that?

I promised Adam we'd
go over and see them.

All right.

I'll just check on
the girls and tidy up.


Adam: It's not
going to be easy.

Half the kids come
from foster homes.

Most of the others can't
pay the full amount.

If it wasn't for the church
next door letting us have

this old building rent-free,
we'd be in big trouble.

Charles: What about
the people of the city?

Have you looked
for contributions?

I asked around,
but people just aren't interested.

I guess they figure
blind people are useless.

Why spend
good money on them?

They spend plenty of good money
in the saloons around here.

Yeah, to get
blind drunk.

Mary: Adam...

You know, I never did thank you
for helping us get that job.

I'm glad I could do it.
How's it going?

You'll have
to ask Caroline.

Well, ma,
how is it?

She's asleep.
That will give you an idea how it is.

I'd better
get her home.

Caroline, honey?

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I'm going to get you back
to the hotel and into bed.

Oh, no. I so wanted to visit.

Oh, ma, we'll have
lots of time to visit.

Look, we've all had
a big day.

I'm tired myself.

She's right. Come on.
Let's get you back and get you to bed.

You cooked a lot
of meals today.

We'll talk to you

Adam and Mary:
Good night.

All that door locking.
Sounds like we live in a bank.

You're not in the country
anymore, Mary Ingalls.

This is the city,
and it's not the same.

All right. That...

Caroline: Charles,
where are you going?

Going across there to tell
those idiots to be quiet.

Charles, it won't
do any good.

Caroline, we rent rooms in this
hotel so people can get some sleep.

Now, we owe it to Mr. Thoms to
see that they do. It's our job.

Charles, please don't
go over there.

Carrie: Mama?

Mama, someone's
trying to kill me.

Oh... no.

No, darling. No.
It's all right.

Just some people
being silly.


Give me 3 more beers.

You looking
for somebody, honey?

Yeah. I'm looking
for the owner.

That would be Mr. Standish.
Look, I don't see him.

He's probably upstairs in the office...
room number 6.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Where you going?

What business
is it of yours?

I work here. I keep
everybody friendly.

I want to talk
to Mr. Standish.

He can't be
disturbed now.

Why? He's not sleeping,
that's for sure.

Why don't you just
go over to the bar

and get yourself
a drink?

I don't want a drink.
I want some sleep.

I don't want
any trouble.

Well, you get
your hand off me.

Man: What's wrong,

I'm trying to tell this
farmer you was busy.

What is it?

My name is Ingalls.
I manage the hotel next door.

Now, you're making so much racket in
here, nobody can get any sleep.

Hmm. Well.

Why, it's only 10:00.

Folks oughtn't
to be in bed by this time.

Besides, there's
nothing I can do.

Well, maybe the city
sheriff can, huh?

Why don't you ask him?
There he is over there.

Man with the white hat
at the bar.

They were shooting guns off
through the windows upstairs.

Now, you can't stop folks
from having a good time,

mister... what was
that name again?

The name was Ingalls.

The owner of the hotel
isn't going to like it

when I tell him
what's going on in here.

- The owner?
- That's right. Mr. Thoms.

Now, he's going
to lose business

because of the noise
in this place.

Mr. Thoms isn't the owner.
No. He works for the owner.

Standish there
owns the hotel.

He owns most of the whole
block, for that matter.

You want quiet,
you better take it up with him. Ha ha!

- What are you doing?
- You get on out...

- Get out of the way!
- Hey, fellas...

Get out of here!

Alice, there's Charles
over there.

Alice: Where?

Right over there,
washing those windows.

- Charles! Hey!
- Charles!

Hey, we're here!
Hey, Charles! Hey!


Jonathan: Whoa.

Jonathan! Alice!
What the heck are you doing here?

Well, we figured if we're
going to start over,

we might as well do it
where we had some friends.

Oh, it's good
to see you.

Hey, look, come on.
Tie up the team. Come on inside.

Caroline and I
are managing the hotel.

Hotel manager?
That sounds pretty fancy to me.

It sounds like it,
but it's not, believe me.

Oh, gosh. Caroline is going
to be so happy to see you.

Hi, Mr. Ingalls!

Hey, Andrew.
How are you, son?

Fine, sir.
Is Laura inside?

you bet she is.

How does Caroline
like her job?

I think you'd better
ask her that.

It's good to see you.
Come on. Hurry up!

Charles: Caroline?

In the kitchen.
Where else would I be?

Got customers
out here.

If they think I'm going
to serve

more than 3 meals a day,

they've got
another think coming.

Alice: Table for
3, please, miss.


Oh, what on earth...
When did you get here?

Just this minute.

We found the new manager
washing the windows.

Oh, let's sit down.
You want some coffee?

Love it.

I'll get the coffee.
You've done enough serving for today.

I'll help you.

Come on.



Andrew: Where's Laura?

Up the stairs,
turn to your right,

last door... number 8.


Oh, Caroline,

it's so good
to see you.

Oh, it's so good
to see a friend.

Laura: Door's open.

Hey, is there a Laura
Ingalls in here?


I'm glad you didn't
forget my name.

Oh, Andy!

Are you going
to be moving here?


Are you going to stay
in the hotel?

I don't know.
My pa's got to get a job first.

Oh, I hope so.

So how is it here?

I don't know. I've hardly
been out of the hotel.

As soon as I finish
feeding the baby,

maybe we can go out
and look around.

Yeah. I'll tell you
one thing...

Sure is a lot bigger
than walnut grove.

The only good thing
about it so far is

I don't have to see
Nellie oleson.

Andrew garvey!

Pull down that shade.

All the way down.

Ah, that's good.

More pie, Jonathan?

I really shouldn't.

Charles: Well, then don't.
I'll eat the rest of it.

You talked me into it.

I thought so.

Oh, damn.

Don't ever let me hear
you talk like that.

I'm sorry.

Laura: She doesn't
know it's wrong, ma.

We hear stuff like that
all night from the saloon.

That saloon...

Well, it's there,
and there's nothing we can do about it.

Now, Carrie, the next time
you hear a word

and you don't know whether
it's a good word or a bad word,

you come and ask me,
all right?

Yes, sir.

She could ask me, pa.

Why? Do you know
all the bad words?

No, sir.

Well, it's a good thing
for you you don't.

It's all right, honey.

Go ahead.
Drink your milk.

Alice: I'd like
to make a toast...

If you can stop eating
that pie long enough.

Ha ha! Yes, dear.

It was awfully scaring
coming here to the city,

not knowing
what to expect.

But no matter what,
I know it'll work out...

And I'm not
afraid anymore...

Because we got
something here...

That's just about the most
important thing in the world...

True friends.

To friendship.

All: To friendship.

Woman: Ooh!

Harriet: Oh!


That's the worst trip
I've ever had in my life.

Well, it's over now.


Watch it.

Pick up my skirts!

I'm trying to.

There we go, Nellie.

Driver, the bags!


Fast enough
for you, dear?

Oh, shut up.
Let go of me!

Hey, can you tell me
where there's a hotel?

Driver: Cheap
or expensive?

- Cheap.
- Expensive!

Hotel next to the saloon,
one block down.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Come on along.

Come on, children.

I don't like this hotel.

Nels: You haven't even had
a chance to look at it yet.

Harriet: Well, now,
Nellie can tell.

She does have
breeding, you know.

Willie: I don't think
it's so bad.

Thank you, Willie.

Thank heavens Nellie
doesn't take after

your side of
the family, too.

Your brother,

is just like
his father.


Yes, really.

Well, Willie, you won't have to
worry about getting fat, anyway.

How dare you?

Mrs. Oleson!

Mrs. Oleson?

Mrs. Oleson!

For goodness' sake!



Mr. Oleson!

Nels: It's nice to
see you, Caroline.

You know, the garveys
arrived yesterday.

The whole town
of walnut grove

is going to be here
before we know it.

- Charles!
- Nels, how you doing?

- How are you?
- Good to see you. Fine.

Are you running
this place?

That's right. Yeah.
We manage it.

Say, I understand that the
rooms aren't too expensive.

They're not expensive, but I just
rented the last one to the garveys.

They're here, too,
you know.

Harriet: Well,
that's perfectly all right.

We really didn't want to
stay in this hotel anyway.

We just thought
that we would

bring you a
little business.

We sort of felt we owed it to
you, you know.

Well, come on.

Oh. Can't you stay and
visit for a little while?

I think we ought
to get settled first.

Can you recommend
any place?

I don't know.
The Mason hotel's awfully expensive.

Everything is
in the city...

You're going to
find that out.

There's some rooming
houses that aren't too bad.

There's rooms over the saloons,
but I wouldn't recommend those.

We're not accomplishing
anything standing around here.

We must find a little
more expensive hotel.

Get the bags, nels.
Come on, children.

Nellie: Be sure
to tell Laura I said hello.

Harriet: Nels!

Mother wants you.



Come here!



I don't want you working
in a place like that.

What we want has
nothing to do with it.

Wait here.

Oh, nels oleson...

Just wait here.

Ok, I got money.
I go last.

You always
go last.

Shut up
and just pitch your dime.

All right.
Let's see you beat that.

Do my best.

Standish, how come
you always win?

Never gamble with
the son of a gambler.

Albert: Fire! Fire!

The winoka school
is burning down!

Hey, come on.
Let's watch it!

I hope that's
the only school.

Oh, Willie.

Young man,
what are you doing?

Uh, I'm working
for the church, ma'am.

Gambling's a sin.

Oh. Yes, of course.

Man: Hey. Where did
that kid go?