Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 4, Episode 7 - To Run and Hide - full transcript

Holding himself responsible for a farmer friend's death and unable to face the man's seven-months pregnant widow, a disheartened Doc Baker leaves his Walnut Grove practice in the hands of a self-absorbed Philadelphia physician and decides to raise corn.

You gonna help me
with this new shipment?

No. I have an appointment
with doc baker.

What do you got now?

Well, if I knew,

I wouldn't be going to see the
doctor, now, would I?

Don't you remember that I've
been getting these dizzy spells?

You're telling me.


I said, I remember
your telling me.

Dizzy spells.

Hear 'em creak?

Sound like rusty
old hinges, they do.

Well, in a way, they are,
jed, rusty old hinges.

The medicine help any?

Yeah, some.

And the heat?


Ain't there anything
else you can do, doc?

I'm afraid not, jed.

Old age and hard work...

They just take
their toll on a body.

I suppose so.

And I can't turn the clock
back or stop working...

Leastwise, if I plan
to keep on eating.

Here's some more pills.
You just keep taking them.

Oh, thank you, doc.

Uh... some help is a
heap better than none.

And, doc, I...
I ain't got no cash... Again.

But I got a sack of nice
juicy apples for you.

Looks like a bumper crop
this year, jed.

Oh, got apples
busting my bins, doc.

You take care
of yourself.

Whoa... easy.

My cupboard runneth over.

Yeah, uh, morning,
miss... Uh...


Take it home, Gladys.

Well, uh... I don't
know exactly

how to describe it,

It's kind of a
lightheadedness, I guess.

Anything else?

Yes. Well,
it's a heaviness

that I
feel right here.

I see.

Light on the top,
heavy in the middle.

Is that right?

Yes, that's one way
of putting it.

Well, as I remember,
last week, Mrs. Oleson,

it was heavy on the top
and light in the middle.


Do you think it's something
serious, doctor?

Oh, I gave you a complete
examination last week, Mrs. Oleson.

As far as I can tell,
you're healthy as a...

You're in excellent
health, Mrs. Oleson.

Well, then, why do I
feel this way, doctor?

Do you want to know
what I think?

I'm always interested
in a second opinion.

Well, I think
that I have

exactly what
elmyra lamour had.

Elmyra... lamour?


Oh, well,
elmyra lamour

was the heroine
of a book that

I've just finished.

It was called "the ruinous
romance of elmyra lamour."

Now, I have the exact same
symptoms that she had.

Aha. Now I think
we're getting somewhere.

Did they have a name
for this affliction?

Oh, yes. They called
it the vapors.

The vapors?


Now, her doctor...

That is,
elmyra lamour's doctor...

Said that...
That it was caused

from injurious

from deep within the
recesses of the body.

Have you ever heard
of the vapors, doctor?

Oh, yes, I've heard
of the vapors, Mrs. Oleson,

but nowadays, they have
another name for it.



Well, really!

Yes, really,
Mrs. Oleson.

Now that we know
what's wrong with you,

I can prescribe for you.

Avoid greasy foods
and candy...

Just send the bill
to my husband as usual!

I also recommend
a complete purge.

"Injurious exhalations

How you doing, doc?

Fine, Carl. Yourself?

Couldn't be better.

Sorry to hear that.
Hoping you could use a good doctor.


Stanley, aren't you
working awfully hard

for something you can't
be sure is gonna happen?

What do you mean,
not gonna happen?

Look at you, Beth.
7 months now!

I've lost two babies.

I... I told you, Beth...

No more talk like that!

This time, it's gonna
happen. I know.

That's why I fix
room for baby.

I hope you're right.

Beth, you gonna have
big... Beautiful...

Healthy baby!


You all right?


Good. Just...

Just one big
clumsy fool, huh?

Here, let me help you.

No, no, no.

You must not strain.

I just hope...

I hope new baby
be more graceful, huh?


Good. Good like new.

Dr. Baker: Good morning!

Whoa. Whoa!

Roof's looking good,

Beth: Dr. Baker,
I'm glad you're here.

Stanley just took
a bad fall off the roof.

Oh, no, it was stupid.
Only small fall.

I better
take a look.

Look? What for?
Is nothing.

It... it only knocked
the wind out.

Stanley, please let Dr. Baker
have a look at you.

For you, Beth,

I let doctor look. Hmm.

How did you land,

Face down... Boom!

Tell me
if it hurts.

No. No,
nothing hurt.

Well, nothing
seems to be broken.

See, I tell you, yes?

I'll get
my stethoscope.

I want to check for
possible internal...

No, no, no.
I am good.

We... we both have
much work to do.

I must finish baby house,
and you must...

You must take care
of my Beth.

Well, at least your wife's
a much better patient

than you are,

I never been sick,
not one day in whole life.

Hmm. Come on,

be careful.

Sure, sure.
I be careful.


Is everything all right?

Everything's fine.

Your baby has a good
strong heartbeat.


And a good strong kick.

You been following
my instructions?

Of course I have,
to the letter.

Good girl.

I carry them with
me everywhere.

Stanley says it's like
my second Bible...

Only stricter than
the 10 commandments.

You know, Beth,

I wasn't at all sure you
should try for another baby

after losing
the first two.

But now that
you are expecting,

I want you to have
every chance for this child.

You don't know
how I've prayed.

I think I do.

But remember,
plenty of rest

and nothing strenuous.

Oh! Stanley won't
let me lift anything

any heavier than
a feather quilt.

And watch your diet.

I do.

Speaking of which,
I have a nice big,

juicy sack of apples
out in the buggy.

Can you use them?

That's very kind
of you, doctor,

but we have a whole
cellar full.

Doesn't everybody?

Ah, how... how is
my Beth, doctor?

So far, so good,

You should be a father
in about two months.

Ya ha! That is the most best
thing you could tell me!

Take care.
See you soon.

Beth: Thank you,

Stanley: Good-bye,
doctor. Bye-bye!

Dr. Baker:
Good afternoon, ladies.

Hi, doctor. Somebody
sick out our way?

No, I'm happy
to say, Mary.

Just visiting one
of your neighbors.

Mrs. Novack's
doing fine.

Oh, that's good news!

That it is.
Give my regards to your folks.

By the way,

could you use a nice sack
of fresh apples?

Well, you bet we could!

They're yours.

You sure you have
enough for yourself?

Quite sure.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
See you later.

Bye, doctor.
Come on, Carrie.

We'll have ma
bake 'em.

Ma says an apple a day
keeps the doctor away.

That's right.

Then why did he give us
all those apples?

Oh, just to be nice.

I don't think so.

I don't think he ever
wants to see us again.

Oh, Carrie.



Don't you
like the roast?

No, no, it's fine.

Uh... just not hungry.

What's wrong?

What is it?

Something's wrong.
What's wrong?

I... I don't know, Beth.

Maybe fall.

I'm going to go
for the doctor.

No! No, you...
You must not excite.

I... I lie down
for a while.

I... I be fine tomorrow.

Here, let me help you.



How much more studying
do you have to do?

Just a little.

Your sisters have been
in bed for over an hour.

I have to get a good grade
on this test, ma.

It doesn't do any good
to study so long

you fall asleep
during the test.

Just a few more
minutes, pa.

All right, 5 more.

Mrs. Novack!

What is it?

It's... it's Stanley.
He's collapsed,

and he's unconscious,
and I can't wake him!

I'll get Dr. Baker.

I want to go back
to Stanley!

You can't in your condition, Beth.
You've got to lie down.

I'll go to Stanley.
I'll be with him until the doctor comes.

But... thank you.

Deep shock.


Bleeding into the
abdominal cavity.

I'll have to go in
and try to drain it off.

Doc, he stopped

I lost him.

Stanley's dead.

Dear god!

I can't... I can't
face Beth. I...

I'll tell her.

Charles: I'll give
you a ride to town.

I'll walk.

Oh, what's
taking so long?

Mrs. Novack, ma said
you should rest.

Oh, I can't rest
not knowing...



Where's Stanley?




Stanley, Stanley!

Oh, Stanley!

Hi, doc.

how are you?

Yeah, well, I'm fine.
I was wondering how you've been.

What do you mean?

Well, it's been two weeks
since the funeral,

and you haven't been
out to see Beth.

I've been busy.

How is she?

Ah, she's doing fine.
She's just worried

about you not coming out
to see her, that's all.

She following
my instructions?

Yeah, religiously.

Caroline keeps an eye
on her during the day,

and then Mary takes over
after school...

Stays with her overnight.

Well, then there's nothing
to worry about, is there?

She thinks there is.
I wish you'd stop by...

I've decided
it's time I retired.

What are you
talking about, retire?

Get into a different
line of work.

more profitable.

Never thought I'd hear you
talking about profits, doc.

Yeah, well,
that's the trouble.

Nobody ever does.

You know, I studied
for years, Charles.

And what do I got
to show for it?

A closet
full of apples.

And sweet potatoes
and carrots

and pears, peaches.

Down here,
we got some beans.

Did you ever
try banking a ham,

a rabbit,
or a Turkey?

This doesn't have anything to
do with Stanley novack, does it?

Oh, that has nothing
to do with it.

I was just
finishing up

the patients' files
there for the new doctor.

I've invited
a Dr. Asa T. Logan

to come here
from Philadelphia.

He ought to be here
in a few days.

If you're not going
to be doctoring,

what are you going
to be doing?

I bought the old
Jenkins place.

I'm going
to raise corn.

At least
if I lose a crop,

I won't be hurting
anybody but myself.

If you need anything,
you just let me know, all right?

I might want to
borrow your harrow.

Sure, doc. Anytime.

Well, uh...
I'll see you.

Some cool lemonade.

Thank you, Mary.

Mary, would you
hitch up the buckboard?

Sure, Mrs. Novack.
What for?

Thank you.

I want to go in town
and see Dr. Baker.

But pa told you
he quit doctoring.

I can't believe
Dr. Baker meant that.

Not for me.

He's my doctor.

I'll hitch up
the team.

I brought all the patients'
records up to date...

Complete histories,
medications, prognoses.

It's all there.

Is there much
to do around here?

There's plenty of work,
don't worry about that.

Actually, I was referring
to the social life.

Oh. Well,
there's the usual church socials,

some dances...
That sort of thing.

How's the hunting?

If you can find
the time,

there's plenty of game.

There's one patient

I'm particularly
concerned about...

Mrs. Novack.

I'd like you
to drive out there

and see her
as soon as you can.

She's expecting.

Remember, doctor,
you're retired.

Of course.

But... she's already
lost two babies.

Thank you, doctor.

I'll keep an eye on her.

Well, I guess
that's it...

Except to say good-bye
and good luck.

Aren't you taking
any of this with you?

It's all yours now,

Except this, of course.

A doctor's bag,
after all,

is as personal
as his clothing.

Or his conscience.

Mary: Whoa.

Beth: Dr. Baker?

How are you
feeling, Beth?

I came to see you.

You... you shouldn't
have ridden

into town, not at
this late stage.

You didn't
come to see me.

Didn't Charles
Ingalls tell you?


Well, I've retired.

Yes, he told me,
but I thought

you'd wait till
after I had my baby.

The new doctor will
take care of you.

I don't want
a new doctor.

Well, Dr. Logan's
the only doctor

in town now, Beth.

You have to see him.

All right.
If you say to.

I've always done
just what you said.

I'll go see him.

You'll be fine,


I won't be long.

Did you ever see
such clutter? Junk!

Dr. Logan, is the
baby all right?

Everything seems to be normal,
Mrs. Novack.

Just remember you're not the
first woman to have a child.

I know. You see,
I've lost two babies.

Dr. Baker told me.

Rotten apples!

This place is more like a
barn than a doctor's office.

Dr. Logan...

When should
I see you again?

Looks to me like it won't be long
now, Mrs. Novack.

Just let me know
when your time comes.

Oh... shouldn't I
see you before then?

I'd feel better if...

Mrs. Novack,
I treat patients.

I do not hold
their hands.

Good day.

Mrs. Oleson: And it just
seems to come and go...

It's like flashes,
as it were.

I get a chill
one minute,

and then I come
all over warm the next.

Ha! Dr. Baker certainly
didn't seem to be able

to give me anything
that would work.

Actually, I don't think that he
knew what it was that I have.

Mrs. Oleson, your symptoms
suggest to me

that you have a complaint
common to ladies of...

Your obvious breeding
and background.

Oh! Ha ha!

Well, I knew that you'd
understand, doctor.

Uh, what is it
that you think I have?

Sounds very much like
the vapors.

Oh, no. No,
it's not the vapors.

Why not?

Well, uh... Because
I had the vapors,

and, uh...
It was cured.

But on the other hand,
it could be ecterius gravis.





Upon further examination,
Mrs. Oleson,

there is no doubt
in my mind.

You have a small fissure
of the ductus venosus.

A fissure
of the ductus venosus!

Why, I don't think
anyone in walnut grove

has ever had that!

Small wonder.
It's very rare.

Well, is it serious?

Now, not to worry,
Mrs. Oleson.

With the proper medication,
you can live pain-free

for the next... 60 years.

Oh, my!

What kind of
medication, doctor?

Well, fortunately
for you, Mrs. Oleson,

I happen to have it
right here.

My own patented tonic.


Dr. Logan's
female remedy.


Closes the fissures
and opens the pores,

annihilates pain,

and regulates...

The most sensitive

But of course,
it is not cheap.

But then...
What price do you put

on your life,
Mrs. Oleson?

Oh... I don't know.

I... I... I'll take it.

One dollar.

Um... how much
should I take, doctor?

In your case,
Mrs. Oleson,

I would recommend
that you take

just as much as you
need to feel good.

About time for bed,
isn't it?

Nels, you devil.

I mean, it is late,

Oh, no. It's never
too late.

It's never too late.

Well, I've never
seen you so happy...

In a long time.

Ohh! I haven't felt
so good in a long time,

and it's all thanks
to Dr. Logan.

Well, that Dr. Baker
is a terrible doctor.

Oh... oh, of course,
you wouldn't think so.

You wouldn't
appreciate Dr. Logan,

who is a man of culture
and refinement.

Well, he's a bit uppity
for my taste.


And good manners don't
necessarily make good medicine.

Oh! Well, this is
the best medicine

I have ever had.

What is in
that medicine?


Dr. Logan's
magical formula.




Get my other bottle

of medicine for me,
huh, please?

Pretty please?

"Gum arabic, glycerin,
caramel, licorice..."


Dr. Logan's
secret formula!

It's not so secret.

This came right out
of a still!

Ha! Don't be
stilly... silly.

Ha! It's a tonic.

It's 90 proof
with flavoring.

And you are the head of the
women's temperance league?!


And I abhor

And I don't want you
to touch it.


Good night, dear.

Dr. Baker: Dadburn it!

Consarned animals!

Straight! Straight!

Straighten out!

Straight. Straight.

Straighten out.
Consarned animals!




Straighten out!

Whoa! Whoa!

Please! Whoa!

Hi, Dr. Baker.

Pa sent us over to see
if you needed any help.

Ahh... no, thanks, Mary.

I'm doing just fine.

Well, if you want
my honest opinion...

You're not.

And if you want mine...

You're absolutely right.

I can't seem to get those
horses to go in a straight line.

Do you want me
to show you how?

I'd sure appreciate it.

Wait here, Carrie.

I feel like I've been
pulling that harrow.

The secret is to let
the horses do the work.

See? They're
a good farm team.

Just give them their head,
and they'll go straight down the row...

In other words,
the horses know more than I do.

Well, you're not
a farmer.

No. But I'm trying,
and I will be.

You know, we sure
all miss you...

Especially when
we need a doctor.

What's wrong with
Dr. Logan?

Well... he doesn't care
about folks the way you do.

I mean, people could
always count on you,

24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

That Dr. Logan is out of his
office more than he's in,

and then he doesn't even
leave a note where he's at.

Who needed treatment
didn't get it?

Well... carrie,
for instance.

What's the matter with Carrie?

She's got this pain
in her middle.

Carrie, what kind
of a pain is it?

Is it sharp?

Sometimes it is.

Does it stay
in one place?

No, no. It kind of
moves around.

You know... Over here
to here to here to here...

Let Carrie answer.

Yes, sir.

Where does it
hurt, Carrie?

It doesn't.

Well, she did have
a stomachache last week.

Mary, you're gonna have
to understand something...

You and
everybody else.

I've retired.

Now, I may be the worst
farmer in the country,

but that's all I am.

Thanks for
the farming lesson.

Go on!

Go on!


Jed: Aah! Doc!

Hey, doc! Hold it.

Just a minute, doc.

Aah! Oh!

I'm glad
I caught you, doc.

I've come
for my pills.

I'm sorry, Mr. Haney.
I'm closed.

Well, I need
them pills, doc.

I'm fresh out,

and I got the
miseries real bad.

Did you bring
the money?

No... but I got
this rooster.

Make a nice stew.

As I told you
last week, Mr. Haney,

I run a strictly
cash-and-carry practice.

No credit, no crops,

and no chickens.

But doc baker always
took things in trade.

I am not Dr. Baker.

That's for sure!

"And Joseph also
went up from galilee,

"out of the city of
nazareth into judea,

unto the city of David,
which is called Bethlehem."

"And so it was that
while they were there,

the days were accomplished
that she should be delivered..."

Mary. Mary,
I think it's time to get the doctor.

I'll hitch up
the buggy.

You better lie down.
Here, let me help you.

No, just go on.
I'm fine. You go on.

You're sure?

I'm sure. Go on.

I'll tell ma
on the way.

Thank you.
Now, be careful.


Dr. Logan!

Mrs. Whipple?
Mrs. Whipple!

Huh? Oh, Mary!

No mail
for the Ingalls.

Dr. Logan's office
is locked.

I've been all over
looking for him.

Do you know
where he is?

He's probably out again,
shooting innocent animals.

Do you know what time
he'll be back?

Doesn't confide in me, dear,
any more than anyone else.

What's wrong?

It's Mrs. Novack.
She's gone into labor.

Please tell Dr. Logan to stop
by as soon as he shows up.



If you want to yell,
Beth, go ahead.

Sometimes it helps.

No. I... I welcome
the pain.

It means the baby's
really on its way.

It's going to be
full-term this time.

Well, if you feel
like shouting,

we'll call them...
Cheers of joy.

I just pray it's...
It's gonna be a boy,

to carry on the novack
name for Stanley.

Oh, that must be
the doctor now.

Where's Dr. Logan?

a good question.

I couldn't
find him, ma.

I don't understand that man!
Doesn't he care?

Only about himself.

Beth: Caroline!



something's wrong!

What is?

I don't know!
I don't know,

but all of a sudden,
I'm afraid!

I need Dr. Baker.
Get Dr. Baker!

I need him!
I need help!


I don't care!
Get him!

Just get him!
I need help!

Caroline, please!


I'll get him.


Charles, you've got
to get Dr. Baker.

Beth feels there's
something wrong.

Do you think there
really is anything wrong?

I don't know,
but she's afraid.


All right.
I'll get him.



Charles has gone
after Dr. Baker.

Dr. Baker...

Help me.

Help me!

Doc! Beth's close
to giving birth.

She's having a hard time.
She's calling for you.

She's Dr. Logan's

We can't find him.

Who's with her?


Then she's
in good hands.

Caroline's no doctor!
Beth thinks there's something wrong.

She's afraid.

Can't you understand?

I'm not a doctor

If you're not a doctor, what are you?
You're not a farmer, we know that.

I'm the man who let
Stanley novack die!

Aw, come on, doc!
Stanley's dying wasn't your fault.

You didn't have the time
or the equipment to...

A better doctor
would've saved him!

All right! You're not
a miracle worker.

Maybe you're not even
the best doctor in the world.

But she doesn't need the best
doctor in the world. She needs you.

She needs somebody
she can believe in,

somebody she believes cares about
what happens to her and her baby.

I'm sorry.

Well, you can
be sorry tomorrow.

Today your responsibility
is taking care of Beth.

And you're gonna
do it, doc.

She's your patient.

You started with her,
and you're gonna finish.

I don't care if it's
just your being there.

Doc, this is the most
important moment in her life.

I'll get my bag.

That's good.

Oh, Dr. Baker!


Oh, I knew
you'd come.

I knew you would.

It's gonna be
all right now.


I guess we both
have a job to do.


That pump's broken.

Why don't we go outside
and get some water, huh?


Dr. Baker:
That's right. Bear down.

Good girl. Bear down.

Almost there.

I want to see...
I want to see...

Oh! I want to see...

Dr. Baker: Can I give you
something for the pain?

No! No!

No. I want to be awake
to see my baby.

Ok, it's coming!

It's a breech.
Don't bear down, Beth.

Aah... aah!

Breathe, Beth!

I've got
to turn the baby.



Aah! Aah!

Pa, is she ever gonna
have that baby?

Well, sometimes the labor goes
quick, sometimes it doesn't.

Caroline: Charles!

It's a boy!

He's ready
to meet his public.


I'd like you to meet
Stanley novack, Jr.

Pleased to meet you,
Mr. Novack.

Look at him!

Look at his
little fingers!

That face.

Caroline: Hello!
Hello, Stanley.

Better be on my way.

The ladies are
in full command now.

I know
your patient's fine.

How's the doctor

Much better.

What are you
gonna do now?

Well, first...

I'm gonna throw that so-called
doctor out of my office.

And second,
I'm gonna return

that blasted harrow
you loaned me!

All right. I'll
pick it up tomorrow.

Much obliged, Charles.

You're welcome, doc.