Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 4, Episode 16 - I Remember, I Remember - full transcript

Traveling Charles Ingalls struggles with a broken wagon wheel and bad weather trying to get home in time to celebrate his wedding anniversary while, back in Plum Creek, waiting wife ...

I got the flowers!

Did you
leave any?

A whole bushel!

Hey, ma,
can you come out here a second?

Is it your pa?

Oh, not yet,
but I want you to see something.

Oh, isn't it

I wondered what you were up to.
I had no idea.

Well, you weren't
supposed to.

It was supposed to be a
surprise for you and pa,

but it's getting so late I
thought I'd better put it up now.

Well, I guess
we'll just have to

take our surprises
one at a time.

I wish he'd come,

Laura: Ma, I think
the cake's done.

Thank you, Mary.

Oh, Carrie,
how sweet.

Carrie: Whoops!

Darn it, Carrie!

It fell over.

I can see that,

and after all the
trouble I went to

to make the table look
nice for ma and pa.

No harm done.

Thank you
for the flowers, Carrie.

Laura, your table
looks beautiful.

Ma, I'm hungry.

I know, dear.

- Me, too.
- I know.

Well, everything's
just about ready.

And everyone's

Except the groom.

Ha! He should be
along any moment now.

Come on, David!
Come on!

Come on, David! Pull.


Do you think
anything happened to pa?

No, of course not.

He's probably
just... Delayed a bit

with some business.

I was hungry.

Ha ha!
Somehow I guessed that, Carrie.

I'm glad
we didn't wait.

Well, it's not
the first time

I've waited
for your pa.

I'm sure it won't be the last.

Do you remember the first
time he kept you waiting?

It was
a long time ago.

I was no older
than you, Laura.

Laura: Did he have
a good excuse?

Ha! A whipping good
excuse, you might say.

Well, what happened?

Did you fall in love
at first sight?


Yes... and no.

Well, what's that
supposed to mean?

Well, from the way your pa
acted, I couldn't tell.

Well, what happened?

We were living
on the farm

on the banks
of the oconomowoc river.

Oh, my.

I can see it
so clearly.

Well, one day, a wagon
came up the road,

and somebody
hailed us.

We ran outside
to see who it was.

How do, young lady?


Hello, ma'am.

How do you do?

How do you do? My name's
lansford Ingalls.

This is my wife Laura.

Woman: Hello,
Mrs. Ingalls.

How do you do?

We're to be
your new neighbors.

I just bought the
old barton place.

Well, I'm so pleased
you stopped by.

Our name's holbrook,
and these are my children...


- Eliza Ann,
- hi.

- And Caroline.
- Hello.

- Hi.
- My husband's in the field working.

Henry, why don't you go
and fetch him?

Oh, no need to bother doing
that, ma'am.


Lansford: This is
my brood.

- This is Polly,
- hi.

- Peter...
- Hi.

All: Hi.

And, uh...
But where's Charles?

Peter: He's
in the wagon.

- Charles?
- Charles.

Come on out and meet
your new neighbors.


This is
Mrs. Holbrook.

Mrs. Holbrook:
Hello, Charles.

And this is Henry

- hi, Charles.
- And Eliza Ann


And, um...





Well, won't you
come inside

and have something

Oh, well...

The dust is so thick
on the road.

It won't take
but a minute.


We'd be delighted.

Oh, good.

I'd like that very much.
Thank you.

Mrs. Holbrook:
Come this way.

Mrs. Holbrook:
It's Charlotte.

Can you get it?


we've got company.

Hello there!

- Hi!
- Good morning. I hope this isn't a bad time for you.

Lansford: It's
never a bad time

to be neighborly,
Mrs. Holbrook.

Oh, thank you.
Well, I know you didn't have

any chance to do
any baking,

so I made a little extra
this morning.

That smells delicious!
Oh, we're very grateful.

You're welcome.
Henry's got some sweetening for you.

It will make it
taste better.

I noticed a stand of maples down there.
Thank you.

We have a sugaring
once a year.

Caroline, why don't you
pass out your goodies?

I'm sure
we can find someone

with a sweet tooth
around here.

It's maple sugar

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Laura: Charlotte,
why don't you come in the house?

Charlotte: Oh, thank you.
I'd love to.

It's so good
you came over.

Have some.

No, thanks.

You don't want any?


Why didn't you
take it?

I didn't want it.

You dummy,
she wanted you to have it.


Because I think
she likes you.

You hurt her feelings,
you know.

You ought to go over to her and apologize.
That's what.

Tell her you're a dummy...
A real dummy.


I'm sorry.

For what?

I'm a dummy.


A real dummy.

What makes you
say that?

My brother. Bye.

So what did you
say to her?

What you told me
to say...

"I'm sorry.
I'm a dummy... a real dummy."


You just graduated

from dummy
to jackass.

Why, you little...

Woman: Bye.

Mr. Ingalls: Bye.
Nice to have met you.

Mrs. Ingalls!

Lansford: Bye, Henry.
Bye, Caroline.

for the maple syrup.

Henry: Bye!
- Bye, Peter.

See you, Peter.

Bye, everybody.

See you, Polly.

Where's Charles?

Oh, he'll come.

I'm going to
run ahead.

All right, go on.
We'll catch up.

What a strange boy.

I think he likes you, Caroline.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

How can you tell?

Because boys his age... a lot
older, too...

act like that...

You know,
sort of silly and standoffish...

When they really
like a girl.

Caroline: I couldn't quite
make out your pa at first,

but my ma said
he liked me.

for nightgowns.

Oh, ma.


No arguments.


Off to bed, honey.

Good night, ma.

Good night, dear.

Looks like it's
going to rain.

I sure hope your pa
isn't caught out in it.

Ma, tell us some more
about you and pa.

What's more to tell?

Well, you still
haven't told us

about how he kept you
waiting the first time.

Maybe I'd just
as soon forget.

Come on now!
Off to bed.

Please, ma?


If you must know...

Mary: Was it awful
waiting for him?

Oh, I got over it.

Beaus are an unpredictable
lot at that age.

Was he
your first Beau?

I suppose
you could say he was.

There was another boy...
Harold Watson.

To think I can still
remember his name.

He seemed to think
he was my Beau,

but I didn't even
like him.

Why not?

Oh, he was so...


His father was
the schoolteacher,

and Mr. Watson seemed
to have it in for Charles

from the first day
he showed up at school.

Now, for the benefit

of those who are
new amongst us,

I'd like to stress the
fact that in this school,

we work hard,

hard, hard!

And that we regard
every subject,


of equal significance.

Do I make myself

clear, clear, clear?

You there.

We haven't had the
pleasure of meeting before.

I believe you know
my name... Mr. Watson.


May I be enlightened
as to yours?

Tell him
your name.

I give the instructions
here, young man.

Now, I was addressing
myself to you, boy.

What is your name?

Charles Ingalls.

Stand up
and speak up, boy!

Charles Ingalls.

Louder, please,

for the benefit
of the entire room.

We are all curious
as to your identity.

Charles Ingalls.

We enunciate clearly
in this class,

and we speak
so as to be heard.

Now, may we discover

whether you are capable
of doing either?

Charles Ingalls!

Charles Ingalls...

You will remain in the
classroom at lunch recess

until you have learned
a lesson in deportment.

Do I make myself


Hi, Caroline.

What did you bring
for lunch?

I'll split with you.

I don't want to.

I got applesauce and butter
and sugar on brown bread.

I said I don't want to,
Harold Watson.

You feeling sorry
for him?

You want something
to eat?

No, thanks.

Hey, Ingalls, how's
your deportment feel?

Stop it, Harold!

Speak up, Ingalls!
I can't hear you!

Stop it!

You're the last one
he wants to hear from!

What's the matter?
Can't you talk?

You shy or something?

be careful!

Hey, there!

Stop that!



He didn't start it,
Mr. Watson! It was Harold!

Harold began teasing him
the minute he came out!

I'm quite capable
of distinguishing

the innocent from the
troublemakers, miss.

This one is
a troublemaker,

and I'll thank you
for not interfering.


If we need any more
lessons in deportment

today or this week

or this entire semester,

you may count on me
to administer them.

Do I make
myself clear?

Come on,
I'll race you home.

I don't wanna.

Are you gonna tell pa?

But I bet
your sister will.

You reckon
he'll thrash me, too?

I reckon not.

Stop it,
Harold Watson!

Just let me carry...

I don't want you
to carry my books!

Come on.

Harold, let go!

Leave her alone,

Butt out,

I'll butt you
right into next week.

My pa has you
pegged right.

a troublemaker.

Your pa's full
of applesauce.

And you're the one
that's makin' the trouble.

Now, are you gonna
get out of here...

Or do I come
rammin' and thumpin'?

I'm gonna tell
my pa on you.

Does your pa
fight all your battles?

Thank you.

For what?

For helpin' me
with that pest.

Oh, uh, I-I really

wasn't helpin' you.

I-I was just tryin'

to finish up
somethin' he started.


Well, thanks anyway.

You can carry
my books if you'd like.

Uh, I-I can't.

I-I got to get home
and do my chores.


That boy!

sweet on you.

She is not!

Is, too.
She's always makin' eyes at you.

And I saw you
makin' cow eyes

at her, too.
Just now.

That's a lie!

Take it back!

Won't take it back!

♪ Charles got
a girlfriend! ♪

♪ Charles got
a girlfriend! ♪

♪ Charles got
a girlfriend! ♪

♪ Charles got
a girlfriend! ♪

♪ Charles got a... ♪

Wait till I get
my hands on you!

♪ a girl... ♪

Peter: Got you.
- Aah!

You know what we do
with spies around here.

Anybody got a gun?

This is
an enemy spy.

Now, don't embarrass
the child, Peter.

I wasn't spying!

I just heard
the music,

and I wanted to see
who was playing.

You heard it all the way
from your house, huh?

Now, that's enough,
young man!

I think you have
chores to do.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, why don't
you stay a bit?

I've made
some fresh doughnuts,

and we were just about
to have some with milk.

And then Charles
can walk you home,

so you get home safely.

I'd invite you to supper
afterwards with your brother,

but I think your ma
would worry.

You play
very well, Charles.

When did you
start practicing?

I started
when I was 5.

How old
are you now?


No wonder
you play so well.

You ought to play for the
school exercises in June.

I can't.

Why not?

Old man Watson.
How I hate him.

You know, everybody
hates him...

Especially the way
he picks on you.

I'd like to fix
his goose for it.

Me, too.

What would you do?

I don't know.

Sure like to do it,

Coming to the Berry
festival Saturday?

will be there.

I don't know.

Never been
to one before.

They're fun.

Around here,
the girls make up the lunches.

They make enough for
two and wrap them.

If there's someone
they especially like,

they mark them
in a secret way

so no one but the boy they
want can recognize them.

Sounds like fun.

Would you like me to
make a lunch for us?

Ok. I won't tell you
what's in it

so it will be
a surprise,

but I'll tie it with this
ribbon so you'll know it.

Take a good look
at it now.

Deportment, deportment,

I'll teach you the meaning
of that word yet!

Do I make
myself clear?

Yes, sir.

You may go.

Charles, I'm sorry.

Charles, wait!
Don't go!

Mr. Watson:
Who's there?

Who's out there?

What's going on?

Who did this?

Open the door!

Open the door!
Open it at once!

Hey, Charles Ingalls!

You'll suffer
for this!

I'll get
my hands on you

no matter
where you are,

and you'll
have a thrashing

you'll never forget!

Let me out!

Let me out of here!

Let me out!

Come on. Whee!

Shall we go, dear?

Thank you.

I wonder what Mr. Watson's
doing out here.

Don't know.

Better find out, eh?


Lansford: Well...

Over here.

Mr. Watson here
says that...

That you roped
the school outhouse shut

with him inside.

Is that true?

Yes, sir.

Well, then you know
what to expect.

Yes, sir.

Bend over.

Uh, ahem.

More than enough.

Charles now knows

that no matter
what the provocation...

Punishment will
follow wrongdoing.

He won't repeat it.

And neither will you
repeat the provocation,

Mr. Watson.

Why, I don't know
what you mean.

I mean the way you've
been treating him.

Well, naturally,
the boy would exaggerate...

Lie, in fact.

You might
expect that.

Charles never
said a word to me,

but his brother did.

And I am telling you...

That if I ever hear
from anyone

that you've laid
a finger on him


I will personally

come to your school

and thrash you in front
of your entire class.

Do I make
myself clear?

Giddy-up, giddy-up.

I think we're done.

I'll appreciate
a little less mischief

from you, Mr. Charles,

and a little more
application to your studies.

Yes, sir.

All right, you go on
in the house there, and...

We'll be going to the
Berry festival without you.

Yes, sir.

I waited and waited.

Just like we're waiting
for him here now?

Not quite the same.

Tell us more, ma.

No. That's all
for now.

It's way
past your bedtime.

Good night, ma.

Good night.

Good night, ma.

Good night.

Wherever your pa is,

I sure hope he's found
shelter somewhere.

Me, too.


Can't you sleep,

I'm worried about pa.

The rain's pounding
awful hard on the roof.

Come on,
cuddle up with me.

Oh, your feet
are like ice!

I keep thinking
about that Mr. Watson

and the Berry festival.

I sure am glad
we don't have

a mean teacher
like that.

he didn't last long.

Ma, tell me more
about you and pa.

Do you know what time
it is, young lady?

I know,
but I can't sleep.

Just a little while longer.

All right.

I was really glad

your pa tied Mr. Watson up
in the outhouse,

but I wasn't about to let
Charles know that...

Not just yet.

I'm sorry I missed
the festival.

It's of
no concern to me.

You know why?


My parents were shocked
at what you did.

He got what
was coming to him.

I hear you did, too.

Oh, and it might
interest you to know

that I shared our lunch
with Harold Watson.

Well, it might
interest you to know

that it don't
interest me,

so there!


I didn't share
my lunch with Harold.

You didn't?


I can't stand
to watch him chew.

Ha ha!


Here. It's for you.

They're beautiful.

Did you make it?

They're seeds.

They're called

I thought that...
Well, maybe...

You don't
have to wear them

if you don't
want to.

I want to.

Help me, please.

How does it look?

Real pretty on you.

Thank you
very much...

Charles Ingalls.

This is the first present
a boy ever gave me,

except my brother.

The first present
I ever gave a girl,

except my sister,

and that was
just a frog.


to the haying dance?

I don't know.

What is it?

The farmers
around here

all help each other
with the haying.

When they're finished,
they have a barn dance.



and children.

Harold Watson
already asked

if he could be
my partner.

I told him I was going
with someone else.


Charles Ingalls!

Do I have to
say it myself?

Will you be
my partner?

Uh, I guess so.

You can't guess so!

Yes or no.


I got to go.

What's the matter
with you?

I don't know
how to dance.

bother me none.

I don't want to dance with
you, anyway. Ha ha!

It's not funny,

I'm supposed to take
Caroline to a dance.

You taking a girl?

Yeah, so there.

Ha ha ha!

I don't see nothing
so funny.

Well, it isn't
all that hard.

All you got to do

is move your feet
to the music.

But how?

Like this.

Yeah, but how do you
do it with a girl?

You put your arms
like so.

No! Like this.
Watch, now.


This isn't
a wrestling match.

I'm trying to show you.

Now, do as I do.

Anybody watching?

Nobody's watching,
all right?


1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3.

1, 2...

You're stepping
on my foot.

Well, get it
out of the way.

1, 2... ooh!

You did that
on purpose.

I did not!

Oh, yeah?
Then... ooh! Ooh!

Hi, Caroline.

Oh, how pretty
you look, Caroline.

Where's Charles?

Oh, he'll be here
any moment now.

He couldn't get his
hair to look just right.

Now, don't you

He'll be
right along.

Perk up.
He'll be here.

- Shall we dance, Laura?
- Oh, I'd love to.

Dance with me,

No, thank you,

Why not?

I'm saving my dances
for Charles Ingalls.

He's not coming.

How do you know?

I saw him.
He told me.

Yes, darling?

He's not coming,

I don't want
to stay.

Oh, darling,
he'll be here soon.

No, he won't.

I want to go back
to the house.

Go ahead.

I'll come soon.



What are you
hiding here for?

I didn't want
anybody to see me.

Is Caroline here?

She went home.
What happened to you?

Harold and ike
jumped on me.

I cleaned up some.

I didn't want to keep her
waiting any longer.

Did you give them
as good as you got?


Not against the both...

But they'll get it.

I got to go explain
to Caroline!

Hey, Harold, ike,
got something to show you.

What is it?

Can't show you here.
Do you like girls?

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Come on.

Who's there?

It's me... Charles.

Go away,
Charles Ingalls.

I never want to set eyes
on you again!

Please, Caroline.

I'm sorry
I was late,

but I can explain.

You're never going to
keep me waiting again!


I couldn't help it.

Let me in,
and I'll show you.

Please, Caroline.


Why should
I let you in

when I don't even
want to look at you?

that's why I'm late.

It wasn't my fault.

I'd have been there.


I'll just wait until
your folks come home

if you won't
let me in!

Please, Caroline.

What happened?

Harold and ike
tried to keep me

from coming
to the dance.


I know I...

look too fancy.

Does it hurt?

Bet you're
ashamed of me...

The way I look.

I'll never be ashamed of
you, Charles Ingalls.

I just had
to tell you.

I was so ashamed...

Not showing up and keeping
you from the dance.

We can have
our own dance...

Right here...


I'd like that better.

Wouldn't you?


I can't dance
too good.

My brother
taught me.

What did pa say when he
found out about the beads?

I never told him.

I picked them up...
As many as I could find...

And I restrung them,

and I kept them.

Would you like
to see them?

I'll show you.

Here they are...

And I'll never part
with them.

They'll always have
a special meaning for me

they remind me...

Never to make a hasty
judgment about Charles.


Ha ha!

Oh! Ha ha!

Hey, whoa!
Hold it. Hold it.

Whoa! Hey, come on.

You're going to get all wet.
I'm soaked to the skin.

I don't care.
You're here.

Oh, I'd have been here a lot sooner, too.
I lost a wheel,

and I didn't have the wagon
Jack, so I had to make do.

I got so mad there was
steam coming off me.

Why don't you go inside
before you catch a chill?

No, I'm all right.

Listen, I got
something for you.

Oh, you remembered.

Of course I remember.

How was I going to forget?
There you go.

Well, what's
the matter?

Isn't that
the right spice?

Well, you said a yellow
can with a red stripe...

Stuff you couldn't
get at oleson's.

This is exactly what I asked
for, Charles.

Thank you.
I knew you'd remember.

Well, I'll wait
for you inside.


I did get you
something else.

It's a little
something special

for a very special lady

on a very, very
special day.

Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.


Charles Ingalls...

On this very special

May I have the pleasure
of this dance?

What are you talking about?
What, out here?

Uh-huh, out here.

Oh, Caroline,
come on.

What are you
talking about?

I just feel
like dancing.

All right.

Mrs. Ingalls,
may I have this dance?

How's that
for remembering?

I love you.
That's remembering.