Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 3, Episode 2 - Bunny - full transcript

When Nellie Oleson is seriously injured after falling from Bunny, a horse that used to belong to Laura Ingalls, Nellie's mother blames Laura for the accident and orders the animal destroyed...

Can't talk to you this morning, bunny.
I'm late for school.

See you. Love you!

Sorry I'm late,
miss beadle.

Laura, your sister was here on time.
Now, why weren't you?

I had to stop by
stenson's orchard

to get an apple
for someone.

Well, that's very nice of you, Laura.
Thank you.

It wasn't for you,
miss beadle,

but I'll get you
one next time.

It was for
a horse.

Miss beadle:
All right, class.

Laura, that was
still very nice,

but I think
in the future

you should give presents
to a friend after school.

Laura: Yes, ma'am.

All right, class...

I'm going to give you
10 minutes to review

the spelling words
on page 38,

and then we're going
to have an oral quiz.

Serves you right.

I told you not
to feed my horse.

She likes apples.

I don't care
what she likes.

She's not your horse
anymore. She's mine.

And I told you to
stay away from her.

You only do it because you want her
to like you more than she likes me.

So that's why you give
miss beadle apples.

Miss beadle: Laura.

I just gave you some work to do.
Now, why are you talking?

Nellie was just telling me
why she gives you apples.

I was not!

You have about 5 minutes
of that review time left.

I think you
should use it.

I hate you.

I hope so.


Do you want to watch
me ride my horse?

I'm waiting
for someone.

I'll let you
ride her.

That's real
nice, Nellie,

but like I said,
I'm waiting for someone.

Who are you
waiting for?


You're waiting for Laura
Ingalls, aren't you?

Well, if you must
know, yes.

I hate you.

You've been
eating onions?

- Hi, Jason.
- Hi, Laura.

- Are you ready?
- In a minute.

I've made that new
floater for you.

It's beautiful.

Glad you like it.

It's the most beautiful
floater I've ever seen.

You want to try it
out this weekend?


I'll find out where
the fish are biting.

- All right.
- See you.

So long, Mary.

A floater.
How romantic.

Can we go now?
I've been waiting forever.

I'm sorry. I wanted to clean
the blackboards extra good

to make up
for being late.

- And talking in class.
- I was not talking!

You were, too.

Was not. Nellie was talking,
and I was answering.

Never mind.

I never should've traded
my pony to Mr. Oleson.

Laura Ingalls!
You were so proud at Christmas

when you gave ma
that stove.

I know I was.

But Nellie doesn't treat
bunny the way she should.

She doesn't
love her.

Well, there's nothing
you can do about it now.

I suppose.

Are you going to tell ma
that I got in trouble today?

No, I won't tell.

Thanks, Mary.

Stay away from her!
Don't touch my horse!

I'm not hurting

I said, stay away
from her!

Don't do that!

She's my horse,
and I'll do as I please!

You won't get anywhere
being mean to her.

I know how to
handle a horse.

come back!


Bunny, come back!



Nellie, are
you all right?


She's hurt bad. You stay with her.
I'll get doc baker.

Can you tell
anything yet, doc?

Not yet, nels.
She's got a slight concussion.

Oh, no!

I said slight,
Mrs. Oleson.

Mrs. Oleson: Oh. Well, why
doesn't she wake up?

Dr. Baker: Well, she's taken a
pretty nasty hit on the head.

What about
her arm?

I put a splint on
it just in case.

She may have
a slight break.

Oh, nels!

Why did you ever let
her have that horse?

Harriet, don't worry.
She's going to be all right.

That was your horse,
Laura Ingalls.

You should have told us that
that was a dangerous animal!

Mr. Oleson: Harriet,
it was an accident.

Well, it wasn't!

That horse deliberately
ran Nellie

right into a tree.

It was no

That horse should
be put to sleep.

It wasn't
bunny's fault.

I know where the fault
lies, Laura Ingalls.

You traded
a vicious animal

because you wanted
to get rid of it

for a stove that cost
a great deal of money!

Mr. Oleson: Harriet,
you're upset.

I have a right
to be upset!

And you mark my words,
Laura Ingalls...

If anything happens
to my Nellie,

it's all
your fault.


Oh... mother's here, darling.
Mother's here.

Young lady,
you gave everybody quite a scare.

How do you feel?

I don't know.
Kind of strange.

Dr. Baker:
A little dizzy?

No, it's not that.

Well, what, Nellie?
What is it?

My legs.

I can't feel
my legs.

I can't feel them.

Well... we'd better
have a look.

What are you going
to do with the needle?

Oh, this isn't going
to hurt, Nellie.

Now, I want you
to speak up

as soon as you feel
anything, all right?

Feel anything
at all?


Can you move your legs, honey?

I can't.

Oh, dear god, no!

Mrs. Oleson...

It's only
a temporary condition.

I've seen
this before.

Mrs. Oleson: Ohh...
Nellie, my baby!


Nels, you go down to the stable,
and you shoot that horse!


Either you do it,
or I will, nels!

Well, I hope you're
happy, Laura Ingalls,

now that you've made
my little girl crippled!

Mrs. Oleson, you can't
blame anyone for this.

And it's too early
to predict whether...

Well, make her
walk, doctor.

Walk, Nellie.

I can't, mother.

You get out of my
house, Laura Ingalls,

and don't you ever
come back here again!

And you put
that animal to sleep!



It's all right.
It's all right.

I didn't
mean it.

It's not
your fault.

It's all right.

It is, too, my fault.

I did want bunny
to like me

more than
she liked Nellie.

That's why all
of this happened,

because of me.

That's not true.

It's not
your fault.

It's not
bunny's fault.

She didn't know
any better.

I kept feeding her,

and that's why
she came to me.

What are you
going to do?

I can't let them kill bunny.
That would be my fault, too.

I can't let them
find her!

But she's not
your horse to take.

I have to!



Caroline, I've looked everyplace.
We're just going to have to wait.

Caroline: Laura!

Oh, thank

We were so
worried about you.

I'm sorry. I didn't
know what to do.

I wanted to hide bunny,
but I didn't know where.

They were going
to shoot her,

and it wasn't
even her fault.

I know.
It's all right now.

Charles: Why don't you go on
in the house with your ma?

I'll put bunny
up in the barn.

Don't let
anyone hurt her.

Please, pa.

Nobody's going
to hurt bunny.

Don't you worry
about that.

Go on with
your ma, ok?

Come on.

How is she?

She feels responsible.

She just keeps repeating
that it was her fault.

I told her Mrs. Oleson
didn't mean it,

that she was
just upset, but...

She won't listen.

I just wonder if Nellie's
hurt as bad as it sounds.

I suppose we won't
know for a while.

Well, I'm going to town
with Laura tomorrow.

Go to the olesons',
ask about Nellie,

see if there's
anything we can do.

I pray she's
all right.

Not just for Nellie's
sake, but for Laura's.

Oh, I don't know what
it would do to her.

Hang on just
a minute.

Now, we don't know
how badly she's hurt.

I mean...

For all we know, tomorrow she
could be over it and be just fine.

Be back to the same
old nasty Nellie.

You're right.

So we keep
that thought, right?

Come on to bed.


I love you.

It'll be all right.

Good night.

Good morning,

Charles... laura.


How's the
little girl?

She's no better...
But no worse.

What do you think?

I don't know.

She took a pretty good
hit on the head.

Sometimes these things are temporary.
Sometimes they're not.

We'll just
have to wait.

I'd better be off on my rounds.
See you, Charles.

See you, doc.

Half pint,
time to go in.

Pa, please...
I can't go in there.

I know how you feel,
but I want you to come with me.

Now, come on.


Charles. I didn't
hear you come in.

We just saw doc baker outside.

Well, there's no change yet.

How's Nellie feeling?

Well, she's being very
brave, Charles...

Telling us all
not to worry.

Doesn't seem to be affecting
her appetite any, either.

She had a box and a half of
bonbons already this morning.

What about you?
How you doing?

Oh, I'll be
all right.

It's my wife
I'm worried about.

Reverend Alden's coming by
this afternoon to talk to her.

Maybe that'll help.

Nels, I know you have
enough on your mind,

but I wanted to tell
you about the horse.

Oh, I already
know about that.

Dorfler told me that
he saw Laura ride out.

I know she had no right
to take the animal.

She had every right. It wasn't
the animal's fault. It was just...

It just happened.

I couldn't have destroyed
the animal, anyway.

I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't
say anything to my missis about that.

She thinks the horse
just ran off,

and I think it's best we just
keep it that way for a while.

I'm sorry about
yesterday, Laura.

My wife was...
Just upset, that's all.

Nellie was asking about you.
Wanted to see you.

Well, maybe I should wait
till she's feeling better.

She asked about you
this morning.

Why don't you
go on up?

It's all right.

Well, I better get
back to the mill.

We're praying
for her.

Thank you, Charles.

Who is it?

It's me... Laura.

Come in.

Come sit by me.

Sit right here.

What's it like
outside today?

Is the sun shining?

It's a fine morning.

That's what I miss
the most...

Seeing the sun, the blue sky...
Hearing the birds sing.

But I'll have
to get used to it.

Oh, Nellie...
Don't say that.

You're going
to get better.

You have to.

Don't cry, Laura.
I know you didn't mean it.

I forgive you.

Oh, Nellie...
I'm sorry.

I wish there was something
I could do to help you.

I'd do anything...

I know how you feel.

It's enough just knowing
you're my friend.

There is... One thing
you could do.

I hate to ask, but...

Oh, no, please.

Well, I won't be able
to go to school anymore...

Oh, Nellie,
don't say that.

You're going to
get better soon.


But I'm afraid
it would take a miracle.

Oh, Nellie...

Nellie: Now, don't start
crying again.

You said
you'd help me.

Well... I won't be able
to go to school anymore,

and I don't want
to fall behind.

I thought, if you
weren't too busy,

you could bring my assignments
here and help me keep up.

Would you do
that, Laura?

Oh, yes! Every day.

You're such
a good friend, Laura.


What's wrong?

It's nothing.

I'll just have to close my
eyes and rest for a moment.

See you after school.

Right after.

Good. Y-You'd
better go now.

All right.

See you
after school.

Paul, where's
my pa?

Around the corner,
working on the flume.


You better get in that
schoolhouse, young lady.

You're late already.

I had to ask you something first.
It's about Nellie.

All right.
What is it?

Well, she needs some
help with her homework,

and I told her I could
do it after school.

I could ask Mary
to do my chores.

What about
your own homework?

I could do mine at the same time.
Please, pa?

It would make me feel a lot
better about what happened.

Nellie didn't blame
you for that, did she?

No, sir. She just
needs some help.


All right,
you can help her.


But don't be
too late!

I won't!

I'll do your chores
Saturday and sunday.

You don't
have to.

Yes, I do. It's my fault
any of this happened anyway.

Will you stop
saying that?

Well, I can't help thinking
that that's the way it is.

Hey, Laura,
can you go fishing Saturday?


I'd better be going.

The next word
is "allowed."



Was Jason
in school today?



We sure had a lot of
arguments over him.

I suppose.

Did you talk
to him today?

Just for
a little while.

Did he ask for me?

He told me to tell
you he said hello.

If I tell you
something, Laura,

will you keep it a secret...
Cross your heart?

Cross my heart.

I love Jason.
I truly do.

But now that
I'm like this,

he won't pay me
any mind.

He'll find
another girl.

I know this sounds
awful, Laura,

but I would feel
so hateful

to any girl that would
shine up to Jason.

I just wouldn't
be able to help it.

Can you understand?

I think so.

I knew you would.

You're such a good
friend, Laura.

Now, what was
the next word?



Mr. Ingalls.

Afternoon, Jason.

I just wanted to stop by and make
sure Laura wasn't sick or nothing.

No, no. She's not sick.
She's up in the barn.

We were supposed
to go fishing today.

Maybe she's mad
at me or something.

You do something
to make her mad?

No, but sometimes girls
get mad at you anyway.

I know what you mean.
Only one way to find out... go ask her.

I suppose.


Oh... hi.

I waited for you
for two hours.

I'm sorry. I just got
real busy with chores.

So I see.

Well, I just finished
a few minutes ago.

All right,
I believe you.

Why'd you say it like that?
Do you think I'm lying?

Of course not.

Laura: Then why'd you
say it like that?

Like what?

"All right,
I believe you."

I didn't say it
like that.

You did!

All right,
I did.

I didn't come
by to argue.

I just came by to make
sure you were all right.

Why don't you stop by Nellie's
and see how she's feeling?

I wasn't supposed to
be fishing with Nellie.

Don't you even care
how she is?

Sure, I do.

I guess you don't feel the same
way about her, now that she...

Now that she's

Feel what way?

I never felt nothing
for Nellie any old way.

I mean, I'm sorry she's hurt and
all, but shucks, Laura...

Go away.

Dad burn it, Laura,
what's the matter with you?

Nothing. Nothing's
the matter with me.

Just go away and don't
come back here anymore.

- Laura!
- Go away!

Just so as
you'll know,

I didn't believe you about
finishing your chores.

Third time in two weeks
she's been late for supper.

I know.

I'm going to put a stop to
it, that's all.

She's been neglecting her
homework, her chores...

I don't mind
doing them, pa.

I know you don't mind, Mary,
but you can't do them forever.

It's just till
Nellie gets better.

And if she

That's something we're
going to have to face,

and Laura's going to
have to face it, too.

I feel as sorry for
Nellie as anybody else,

but Laura can't spend the rest
of her life taking care of her.


Be right in, ma.

I'm just seeing
to bunny.

We've already
had our supper.

I'm sorry, ma.
I had to help Nellie with her maps.

I'll be
just a minute.

I'm going to have
a talk with her.

Let me talk to her.

All right, but I'm not going
to have any more of this.

I'll tell her.

Is pa real angry?

Your father isn't angry with you.
He's worried about you,

and so am I.

No. I'm all right.
There's nothing to worry about.

I think there is when you
continue to keep these hours.

It was just this once
because of Nellie's maps.

It hasn't been
just this once.

It's happened before.

Now, I know
you want to help,

but if this continues,
your father and I

are going to have to put a stop
to your working with Nellie.

Ma, please.
You can't do that.

Do you have some maps due
for geography tomorrow?

Yes, ma'am.

May I see them?

I haven't
finished them yet.

Then let me see what
you've done so far.

Yes, ma.

I'll do it tonight.
I swear it.

Please don't
tell pa. Please?

I have to keep helping Nellie
until I can set things right.

Please don't stop me
from helping her.

There, now...

It's all right.

Mrs. Oleson
talked to me today.

She thanked me
for helping Nellie.

It's the first thing she's
said to me since that day.

It made me
so happy.

Please don't stop me
from helping her.

All right.

Thank you.

But no more coming
home after dark.

Yes, ma'am.

And you see to it that you keep
up with your own work at school.

I will.
I promise.

I love you.

And I love you.

You're such
a pretty doll.

We're going to get
all kinds of things.

You already got a new
doll for your friend.

She's almost as
pretty as you are.

And the next thing we'll
get is a new doll house,

big enough
for all of you,

with new doll furniture

and a whole bunch
of new doll dresses.

Hey... how'd you get
in that chair?

There ain't nothing
wrong with you!


Not a sound. Do you hear me?
Not a sound!

I'm telling...

You listen to me.

You say anything,
and I'll say you're lying.

You know
they'll believe me

because you lie
more than I do.

And if you don't
say anything,

I'll give you stuff like
chocolate and gumdrops...

Lots of them.

What do you say?


I won't tell.

But what are you
doing it for?

The longer I'm sick,
the more things I'll get.

We'll get.

All right...
We'll get.

Do you want
some candy now?

Nah. I've got to go
to the outhouse.

I'll get it
on the way back.

I like
chocolate best.

Nellie: I won't pull
the covers down!

Mr. Oleson: Nellie,
the doctor has to check you.

There's no reason.
I told you I can't feel anything.

It's the only way to tell
whether you're improving.

I don't like to be
stuck by a needle.

It doesn't
hurt, does it?

Of course not. I can't feel anything.
I told you that.

I just don't like it.
Don't let him do it, mother.

Doctor, let's not
upset the child.

All right.
I'll drop by in a day or two.

I'll see
you out.

- Hello, Laura.
- Hi, Dr. Baker.

Thanks for
stopping by, doc.

Laura, come here and see
what mother got me today.

It's all the way
from england.

It's beautiful.

Mother's ordered me lots of other
things, haven't you, mother?

Oh, yes,

You got an "a"
for your maps.

Oh, well...

how wonderful!

Oh, my,
isn't that nice!

Uh, how did
you do, Laura?

Not so good.

Oh, well...

Maybe, Nellie...
if it isn't too tiring for you...

Maybe you'd like to help
Laura with her homework, huh?

Of course, mother.

Oh... that's my
sweet girl...

Well... I better get
back to the store.

Thank you for
the doll, mother.

You deserve it
for that "a."

It is beautiful,
isn't it?


My ma talked to me
last night.

She wanted
to see my maps.

You didn't say
anything, did you?

No. But I can't keep
doing all your work

and keep mine up
at the same time.

It's hard for me now.

I know, but...

Ohh... I feel
dizzy, Laura.

Take my pillow away
so I can lie back.

Should I run
after Dr. Baker?

No, no.
It'll go away.

I just have to rest.
Do I have any homework?


Ohh... I feel dizzy.

Could you do it for me...
Just this time? Please?

All right.
You rest.

Thank you.

Don't forget to write your
numbers small like I do.

I won't forget.

Dr. Baker:

Hi, doc.

- Nels.
- Hey, Charles.

How's Nellie
getting along?

No change yet.

Charles, we wanted
to ask you a favor.


Well, Nellie's been
cooped up in that room

for quite a while now,

and I think it'd
be good for her

to begin
to get out.

I've ordered a wheelchair
from Minneapolis

but it'll be
another 3 or 4 weeks

it gets here.

And that's where
you come in.

I've got an old
one, but...

It needs quite
a bit of work.

Be my pleasure.

I want to pay
you for it.

I don't want to hear
you talking like that,

I told you it'd
be my pleasure.

It's over
in my office.

Let's load it in
my wagon right now.


Have her fixed up
as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Hi, half pint.
What are you doing up?

I wanted to kiss
you good night.

All righty.

- You have a good dream.
- Okay.

What's this?

It's just an old wheelchair
I'm fixing up for Nellie,

until she gets
her new one.

But she doesn't
need a wheelchair.

She'll be getting better
soon, just like she was.

Half pint,
we don't know that.

I do. I know it.

I pray to god
every night.

He'll listen to me.

Half pint, I want
you to listen...


I won't listen
to you.

God will fix

You wait and see.

You wait and see!

Half pint!

There you go, doc.
I think that'll hold it.

Charles, that chair
is as good as new.

Well, I wouldn't
go that far,

but it'll make do until
the new one gets here.

Well, I know the olesons
will appreciate it.

It's my pleasure.

Dr. Baker, hello!

Caroline! Hello!

We're ready,

Good. We're going to go on a
picnic, do a little fishing.

I envy you.

Will you join us?

Oh, I'm
afraid not.

Folks around here seem
dead set on getting sick

whenever the fish
are biting.

Have a good day.

Same to you,

Laura change her
mind about coming?


I'll talk to her
one more time.


leaving now.

Have a
good time.

Sure you won't
change your mind?

Got a lot
of work to do.


I don't really feel
like fishing today, pa.

We'll see
you later.

There you go,
young lady.

How's that?


To make it go,
you just... Push.

You can use
your other arm.

I'm going to take that
splint off in a few days.

Try it, honey.

Very good!

Yes, that's
very good, dear.

When will father
be back?

Oh, early
this afternoon.

Mr. Oleson took Willie
over to Springfield

to pick up Nellie's
new doll house.

It's the best one
in the world.

You're a lucky girl.
I'd better be going.

Oh, well, thank you
very much, doctor,

for bringing
the chair by.

It'll make things
a lot better for her.

Yes. Well, I must ride out
to Mr. Ingalls and thank him

as soon as
I get the chance.

He was happy
to do it. Good-bye.

- Good-bye.
- Bye, Nellie.

Mother, why don't you ride out
to Ingalls' now and thank him?

Well, don't
be silly, Nellie.

I can't... I can't
leave you alone.

I can take care
of myself.

Oh, now, I didn't mean
anything by that, dear,

it's just that...
well, I have to look after the store.

I can do that.

The customers can reach
anything that's too high for me.

Nellie, I...

Mother, please?

Oh... you're such
a brave girl.

Well, all right...

If it'll
make you happy.

Thank you, mother.

Now, if...
If you get tired...

I won't.

All right.

I'll be back soon.

No use us both being
cooped up all day.

Besides, you need
the exercise.

We won't go far.
Not yet, anyways.


Where did you get
that horse?

Answer me!


Mrs. Oleson: You've had her
all the time, haven't you?

Yes, ma'am.

So... that's why you've
been so nice to my Nellie...

Just to get
on my good side

so you can keep
that filthy animal.

That's not true!

It is true...
And it won't work.

your father?

I don't know.

Well, it
doesn't matter.

I'll take that animal with me.

No! Please! It wasn't bunny's fault!
Nellie knows that!

I said... I will take
that animal with me!



Laura, you
come back here!

Come in!

Hi, Laura.

Hi, Nellie.
What have you been doing?

Taking care of
the store for mother.

I just saw your ma.

She asked me to take you
out in your chair.

But there's nobody
here but me.

She'll be back
in a minute.

Come on...
We won't go far.

But I'm not
even dressed.

You look fine.

Are you sure
it's all right?

Would I lie
to you, Nellie?

Where did that horse come from?

- I don't know.
- Not so fast!

I have to get a good start
to get you up the hill.

You said we weren't
going to go far.

Don't worry,
we won't.

Phew! Phew!

I got to rest.

That's all
right with me.

It must feel good
to be able to get out.

Feels good to me.

I haven't been able
to go anywhere,

not with your
homework and mine.

I'm not complaining,
mind you.

It's the least I could
do after what happened.

Are you all right?

Well, why do
you ask that?

I don't know.
You just seem to be acting funny.

There's your ma.

I'll bet she'll be glad
to see you walk.

Mrs. Oleson!

Mrs. Oleson! Up here!

Uh... what? Nel...

Laura Ingalls!

What have you done with
that filthy animal?

Nellie... Your mother wants you!


You're such
a good friend, Nellie!


Nellie... my baby...

It's a miracle!

Is Mrs.
Oleson going to be all right?

She's resting.
She'll be fine.

I didn't mean to
scare her that bad.

I was just
so angry, is all.

Well, I don't
blame you.

Nellie has done some mean
things, but this...

Well, I'm
not mad now.

I'm so glad
she's all right.

So am I, Laura.

So am I.

You're quite
a little girl.

Mrs. Oleson won't be mad at bunny
now, will she?

Well... it wouldn't
do her much good

to be mad at your
horse, would it?

My horse?

That's what I said.

You know, an animal is no
different than a person.

It needs to be with
someone who loves it.

Take her home.

Thank you,
Mr. Oleson.

Hi, Jason.


You want to go fishing
with me and my pa?

Do you mean it?

I sure do.

Well, let's go!

I hate you, Laura!
I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

Hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!
I hate you!

Don't break
that stuff!

Give it to me!

It's girl stuff!

So what!
I could sell it!

Get out.

Get out!

Fixed you Laura Ingalls!

I will fix you.