Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 3, Episode 15 - Injun Kid - full transcript

Jeremy Stokes lives in Walnut Grove. His daughter Amelia was rumored to have been kidnapped by some Indians. When her husband is killed she and her son, Spotted Eagle, come home to live ...

Mrs. Edwards:
How are you today, ed?

Ed: All fine,
Mrs. Edwards, just fine.

Here's the mail.

Oh, thanks.

It'll just take a
second, Caroline.

Thank you.


Papa, I'm so
glad to see you.

That's your
grandson, papa.

Spotted eagle,
say hello to your grandfather.


He'll not use
that name here.

If he's anything,
he's Joseph Stokes.

Which of these
bags are yours?

I can
carry mine.

Nothing for you today, Caroline.

Oh. Thank you.

Come along,


Mary: I'll bet she's the one
the sioux Indians took captive.

Caroline: How do
you know about that?

Mary: Everybody knows. They captured
her in a raid a long time ago,

and no matter how her father searched
and searched, he couldn't find her.

Laura: Are you
sure it was her?

Mary: Uh-huh. And the boy's
name is spotted eagle,

and Mr. Stokes doesn't
like it at all.

You've got mighty
sharp ears, miss.

You could tell
he was Indian,

even though he wore the same
kind of clothes all the boys do.

He's an orphan.

Can you imagine? A real live
Indian right here in walnut grove.

I think we've heard quite enough
of that for a while, Mary.

I wonder how she escaped.

Now, Mary,
you heard your mother.

Yes, sir.

I'll put your
bag in here.

There's water in the pitcher
if you want to fresh up.

Jeremy: Joseph.

Your room is going to be in the
loft, Joseph.

You go there now and
wait until called.

Jeremy: Your mother and I
have matters to discuss.


Oh, I missed
you so.

It's so good
to be back here.

No more than I
missed you, girl.

Did they treat
you well, Amelia?

I mean, did they
treat you decent?

Of course. Of course.
Of course they did.

Even when I was teaching
at the mission school,

they made me
feel welcome.

And when white buffalo married
me, I became part of his family.

That can wait.

I don't
think it can.

How you could fall in
love with one of them...

White buffalo
was the kindest,

the most loving man
I've ever known.

He was a savage!

What about the soldiers that killed him?
What about them?

You said,
put the past behind us.

People here believe
you were taken captive.

I wouldn't let them know
you were a willing squaw.

What about
spotted eagle?

He's an orphan.
You adopted him.

You brought him with
you when you left.

You think people are
going to believe that?

I lived with them for 12
years, papa!

They believe it now,
and you're not going to change it.

He's my flesh and
blood, and yours, too!

He is not!

I have held up my head all the
time you've been gone, young lady.

And you are not going
to shame me now.

I want you
with me, Amelia.

But it's got to
be the way I said.

Now, will you
call him Joseph?

All right.

And you
adopted him.

Say what
you want.

It won't change the
fact that he's my son,

and he's your grandson.

I'll see
to the horses.

You can come up for it later, Laura.
Come on.

Laura: Here it is.
I found it.

Good night,

Good night,

- Good night, sweetheart.
- Good night, pa.

What were you
looking for?

Laura: My bear claw. You know,
the one that osage chief gave me,

the one that
spoke French.

I'm going to show it to Joseph tomorrow.
Maybe we can be friends.

Oh, that's
a fine idea.

Get some sleep now.
I love you.

Good night, pa.

- Good night.
- Good night, sleep well.

You know,
I almost forgot I even had it.

It didn't surprise me you forgot
you had history homework, too.

Good night.

Good night.

It's not going to be
easy for that boy.

Or for miss Stokes,
for that matter.

They're going
to need friends.

Tomorrow is
baking day.

I thought I'd take
over a fresh bread.

That's nice.

I sure wish I could balance
these books one month.

Mary: Good morning,
miss beadle.

Miss beadle: All right,
children, take your seats.

Spotted eagle:
Miss beadle?

I was told I must
come to school here.

Of course. Please,
come up here.

Boy: Hey,
he's an Indian.

All we have to do is put
your name in our record book.

My grandfather wishes me
to be called Joseph Stokes,

but my real name
is spotted eagle.

Seth: Oh, spotted eagle!

Miss beadle: All right,
class, that's enough!

Seth, if I hear one
more word out of you,

you're going to
stay after school.

Let's see, Joseph,
you can sit, uh...

He's an Indian.
He can sit on the floor.

Miss beadle: Willie,
stand in the corner.

He can sit here,
miss beadle.

Thank you,

Joseph, that's
Laura Ingalls,

and her sister
Mary next to her.

You can learn the names
of the others at recess.

Miss beadle: Class, this day is
no different from any other day.

Do I make myself clear?

Class: Yes, miss beadle.

Hello. I'm Caroline Ingalls.


Just down
the road.


I brought
you this.

I saw you
arrive yesterday.

I thought you probably didn't
have much time to do any baking.

It's not as light
as it should be.

I don't know why.


Thank you.

It smells

I won't stay.

I just dropped by
to say hello and...


Oh, you'll stay for coffee at
least, won't you?

Give me an excuse
to taste this.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Please, come in.

Thank you.

Won't you come
and sit down?

It won't take
a minute to heat.

Thank you.

This really
is a nice house.

Well, papa's kept it
this way all these years.

I don't know how he's managed,
what with the farm and all,

but he sets standards,
and he lives up to them.

Folks around here think
very highly of him.

Would you like
some honey?

The only preserves
are store-bought.

Oh, I love

You know, you're the first
woman who's spoken to me

since I came off
the reservation.


It must have been very lonely for
you, very frightening.

Do you think
that's hot enough?

Oh, yes.

You might as well know
the truth about this.

Those stories papa's told about
me being a captive aren't true.

I married white buffalo
because I loved him...

And spotted eagle
is our son.

Does that shock you?

It's just
we heard...

Amelia: You see, my husband left the
reservation because we were starving.

He left to try to find
game, food for his family.

And the soldiers killed him
for breaking their rules...

And now I have to live
the way papa says,

but it won't change the
fact that I loved an Indian.

Now, if you'd rather not
stay, I'll understand.

I take cream
and sugar.

So do I.

Seth, will you please
go to the board

and do the
first problem?

Nellie, will you do
the second problem?

Joseph, would you like
to do the third problem?

That ain't right, it can't be!

Joseph, are you sure
that's the correct answer?

Yes, ma'am.

Nobody could
add that fast.

Well, Nellie, Joseph just did,
and he has the correct answer.

Miss beadle: I suggest you
continue with your problem.

Joseph, you
may sit down.

He was just

Yeah, he thinks
he's pretty smart.

Well, just wait
till after school.

I'll show him.

Hey, Joseph!
Wait a minute!

I want to show
you something!

He'll never make any
friends that way.

Mary: Maybe he
doesn't want to.

Hey, spotty!
Come back here!

I'm going to tie
your ears in a knot!

He's scared
of you, Seth.

Yeah, well,
he'd better be.

He is not.

Well, sure he is.
Look at him go.

Hey, Mary.

Carry your
books for you?

No, thank you.

Don't tell me you're
an injun lover, too,

like your sister.

Pay no attention, Laura.

I won't.

He wasn't afraid.
I could see his face.

He just wanted
to get out.

Injun lovers.

What do you mean?
You didn't try to convert him.

You went there as a
missionary teacher.

I went to teach,
not to convert!

So you let your
husband stay heathen.

He didn't try
to convert me.

What about
your son?

He's a
heathen, too.

Amelia: We agreed he could choose
what to be when he was old enough.

And what did he say?

Amelia: He was old enough last
year, and he made his choice.

- Which is what?
- He's a sioux!

Jeremy: My grandson
is a heathen!

Amelia: They are as
religious as we are.

Jeremy: He's going to church with
us sunday if I have to drag him.

Amelia: You're not going
to force him, papa.

Jeremy: I told you before.
You want to stay, it'll be my way.

He goes to church
come sunday,

or you can go
back to them.

Now, does he
go to church?

Does he go to church?

Amelia: Whatever
you say, papa.

Bringing in the sheaves

we shall come rejoicing

bringing in the sheaves

reverend Alden:
Shall we pray?

Our father,
which art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done, on earth
as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread,

and forgive us our debts
as we forgive our debtors.

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,

for thine is the kingdom,
and the power,

and the glory forever.


Next time, boy,
you show respect.

We pray,
you pray.

They are not my
prayers, nor my god!

Joseph, come back here!

Wait till
I get him home.

I'll give him the
wailing of his life.

You will not!

- Oh, yeah.
- Amelia?

I was hoping I
could catch you.

You know what
I've done?

I've made so much
fried chicken,

I was wondering if
you could come along

and have picnic
dinner with us.

gone already.

Well, I'll
fetch him.

I know I should have
asked you before.

Maybe your own dinner
is already cooking.

Oh, no, it isn't!
I'd love to, Caroline.

Will you, papa?

She's my first
friend here.

Thank you
kindly, ma'am.

I didn't
mean to spy.

all right.

Our families are going
to have a picnic.

They all want
you to come.

My grandfather
doesn't want me.

Well, sure
he does.

Well, if he
was mad at you,

he'd be over
it by now.

What's all that stuff
on your face for?

To hide my face
and my shame.

I came here
to pray.

But we just got
back from church.

Not my church.
That's why I was shamed.


You mean you were
saying a sioux prayer?

My own prayer,
with the pipe,

for forgiveness and peace
with my grandfather,

so that he will not
be angry with me.

Sounds a lot like
our prayers,

only sometimes I
ask for a lot more.

What I ask will be a great gift,

for my mother will
be happy again.

An eagle.

He sure is

And he is free.

Well, even eagles
have to eat...

And it's
fried chicken.

Come on,
let's go.

How's your
corn coming?

Well, better
than last year.

mine too.

The rain's been
just right.


Reckon it must be
quite a change for you,

having somebody to help
you around the place.


Well, he chores
around the house.

Well, he's a
fine-looking boy.

And he's smart, too,
from what I understand.


He's the head of his class,
in case you haven't heard.

You weren't around here during
the sioux raids, were you?


Well, I saw sights
that I'll never forget.


Babies, even.

On both sides.

That's what hate
does to people.

The boy wasn't here
for those raids.

Because he
was a boy?

What happens
when he...

When he
becomes a man?

I think a lot of that's going
to depend on you, isn't it?

I've got nothing
to do with it.


Why? Because
he's an Indian?

He's a boy, Jeremy.
You love him, he's going to love you back.

You reap
what you sow.

It wasn't my idea to
sow an Indian seed.

I guess not.
That was god's.

Looks like you just don't want
to agree with what god created.

Let's eat.


Charles: Hope you made a bunch.
I'm starving!

Well, good.

Charles: Jeremy, you've got to try
some of my wife's fried chicken.

It's the best.

Here, give him
a bigger piece.

Give him a
drumstick, too.

All right.

Smells good.

Jeremy: You take that war paint off
your face, you lousy little heathen!

Charles: Jeremy!
Jeremy! Listen!

Let him alone!

And leave him be!

I'm all right.

I'm all right!

Don't you ever do
that again, papa.

As long as he
lives in my house,

he's going to
do as I say.

Now, you
wash it off.

Wash it off.

Laura: Mr. Stokes...

That wasn't
war paint.

It was
for praying.

He was praying for peace
between you and him.

Willie: Aren't you going to
change your school clothes, Seth?

Seth: No.

Laura: Bet you can't stay
on him even one second.

You've got money
to back that?

Nope, but I bet you can't.

It ain't no bet
without money.

You're just going to
stand there, Seth?


Whoa, okay.

Whoa there.

Whoa, boy.


Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa, boy! Whoa!

Buck him off!
Buck him off!

Come on!


Are you okay?

You can do it, Seth.

Come on,
do it again!

Come on, Seth,
you can do it!

He should take him
into the water.

What do you mean?

It's the sioux way.

A horse is easier to
tame in the water.

Girl: Good luck.

Whoa, boy.

Child: Come on, Seth!

Child: Ride him!

All right, Seth!

You should take
him into the water.

You mind your own business!

You want some glue
for your saddle?

I'll learn him.

Get him, Seth!

Knock him down!

Get him, Joseph!

Stop, Joseph!

No, that's enough!

Now this
horse is mine.


No, you can't
do that!

where did you get that horse?

I won him.

Now my grandfather can be
proud that I'm his grandson.

What do you mean
you won him?

It was Seth Johnson's.

He couldn't tame
him, so I did.

So the horse is
mine, by Indian law.

Not white man's law.
It's stealing!

You've got
to give it back!

Jeremy: Get off.

Who'd he
steal it from?

- It's Seth Johnson's...
- Get off.

Amelia: But he didn't
think it was stealing.

By Indian law,
he has the right...

What's the matter with you?

Are you forgetting we've
got white man's laws here?

Jeremy: And by that law,
he's a horse thief!

No, he isn't!

I'm going to
take him back.

Maybe Seth's father
will understand,

and maybe he'll
let it go at that.

But I'm telling
you, boy... I won't.

I'm sorry,

I know you didn't
mean to do wrong.

I want to go back
to my people.

It sure is good of you to
take it this way, Omaha.

Jeremy: I'm sorry as
can be that it happened,

but... I guarantee you
it won't happen again.

Ahh, he's nothing but an injun kid.
Don't know no better.

I reckon you'll
teach him.

Oh, yeah.

If you ask me,
they're born to it.

Horse thieves,
every one of them.

It's in the blood.

Well, you, uh...

Now, you tell Seth
that I'll have Joseph

apologize to him
in the morning.

Oh, I will, as
soon as I see him.


So long,
and thanks for bringing it back.

All right, you
can come out now.

Come on,
get out here!

How come you let an injun
kid get the best of you?

I asked you
how come, boy.

You've got
an answer?

You shame me, boy.

Supper's ready when you
are, papa.

the boy?

In bed.
He's eaten.

No, you
don't, papa.

Now, you leave
me be, Amelia.

You're not going
to touch him.

The boy needs
a lesson, Amelia.

I've got to
give it to him.

He brought
that horse home

because he thought
you'd be proud of him,

but you've made
him so miserable

that now he wants to
go back to his people.

Well, if he can't learn white man's
ways, Amelia, then let him.

Then I go, too.

Jeremy: Well, you were
starving out there, Amelia.

Amelia: And he's
starving... Here.

I can't help that.

Amelia: My son and I will
leave by the end of the week.

Jeremy: Amelia!


You go on ahead.
I want to talk to him.

be late.

What happened
about the horse?

My grandfather
gave him back.

Want to see
my bear claw?

It is osage.
It brings you good fortune.

A chief gave it to me.
You can have it.


Split up!

Hold him!


Charles: Up here!

Laura: You've got to come,
quick! You've got to!

the matter?

It's Joseph. They're going to kill
him, Seth and his friends.

Show me.

Seth Johnson
and his friends.

All right, get
me some water,

any medicine you
have in the house.

Whiskey will do.

Wait a minute.
What happened to him?

Seth Johnson and his friends
taught him more white man's ways.

There don't seem to
be any bones broke.

I don't know about the inside.

A whole bunch of them
beating up on him.

Here, let
me have it.

Let me
in there.

Just let
me in here.

It's all
right, boy.

You're going to
be all right.

Your grandpa is going
to take care of you.

You are not
my grandpa!

You're a
white man.

I'm trying to
help you, boy.

I am an Indian.

I do not need the
help of a white man.

You have to
stay in bed.

He told me not to show my
face in school or in town.

I must go to school now.
You know that.

You're not going to let him go.


Yeah, because
he must go,

because he is
his father's son,

and he'll not allow the
white man to drive him away.

As you've said,
it's in his blood.

They'll beat
him up again.

Being stupid
and stubborn.

Then perhaps he has some of
his grandfather's blood, too.


Very good.

very good.

Now, I want you to keep
going with the sixes.

Then after you do the sixes,
do the sevens like that.

I know it's going to be a little
hard, but you continue to do it.

What happened?


Joseph, you
have to tell me!


Seth and his
friends did it.

Is that true?

Answer me!


And it'll happen again if he
shows up for school tomorrow.

We don't want no injun
kids around here.

Jeremy: My grandson
goes wherever he pleases.

Now, I'm not going to say anything
to the boys that beat him up.

I've been a lot
worse to him...

And probably for
the same old reasons.

I even denied he was
my own grandson...

My daughter's boy.

Well, he is.

And I'm proud of him.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I lied.

Now, there's been
some talk here about...

About him not showing
his face again.

Well, he's here.

And he's staying here.

Now, miss beadle,

my grandson's name
is spotted eagle...

And I'd be much obliged if you'd
make that change on your ledger.

I'd be happy to,
Mr. Stokes.

Thank you, ma'am.

See you at home,

See you at home, boy.