Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 3, Episode 13 - Quarantine - full transcript

Counting on his immunity to protect him from the deadly mountain fever that killed his first wife and daughter, Isaiah Edwards takes Doc Baker to help with neighboring Elmsville's outbreak. But after contact with an infected townsman, Mr. Edwards unwittingly carries the disease back to Walnut Grove and when daughter, Alicia, develops symptoms, he must fight to save his new family while the rest of the town goes into quarantine.

Turn around.

This is as far
as you're going.

Man: We've got
mountain fever in town.

20 cases. Nobody goes in or out.

I'm Dr. Baker.

Dr. Quimby
sent for me.

Sent for you, yeah.

And buried 6 while
we've been waiting.

Man: Hold it!

He another doc?

No, he's a friend.

You don't have to worry about me.
I've had the fever.

No difference.
My orders.

Only the doc
comes in.

Maybe it's just
as well, Isaiah.

Thank you.

I'll take this.

Right this way, doc.

They're using the
hotel for a hospital.

Doc Quimby'll be
glad to see you.

You don't want
that coffee.

What you need is...
Is a shot of giant killer.

Ha ha. Now...

That'll keep the mountain
fever spots away.

Well, I ain't a man
to say no! Heh heh.

Hmph! Oh, that's good.
Thank you.

Ha ha ha ha.

That keeps
the spots away.

Yeah. It'll take an
antler off an elk!

Ha! Well, thank you.


Now, you best hurry
or you'll be late.

Just waiting for
a kiss goodbye.

How can I forget
a thing like that?


Hello there!

Pa's coming!

Ha ha!

Carl: Pa!
Alicia: Papa, papa!


Oh, Isaiah!

What a welcoming

Heh heh heh.

That was a clean dress.

Now look at this.

What am I,
some kind of farmer or something?

more like a wagon dust cloud.

Next time you say
hello from a distance,

until you
can wash up

and put on some
clean clothes.

Off you go, children.
Go on.

We'll see you
later, go on.

Heh heh.

There's fresh
clothes on your bed.

I'll be wanting
these in the kettle

as soon as you
get out of them.

How come it is that every
time I get something broken in

until it's real comfortable,
you want to pour the life

out of it?

Sure you don't want
me in there with it?

Not unless you want a
record crop of blisters!

There's water heating
on the kitchen stove!

Class, attention!

Come on, Nellie.

Nellie: I am
speaking to you.

I would like
to read to you today.

Be quiet!

"Little Willie
with a shout

"gouged the baby's
eyeballs out,

"stomped on them
to make them pop.

Mother cried,
"now, William, stop!""

It doesn't say that.

You're making
that up!

- Does, too.
Willie: Does not!

Does, too.
Here's another one.

"Little Willie
in a bright new sash

fell in the fire,
was burned to an ash."

Let me see that!

I'm not finished!

Miss beadle:
Nellie! Willie!

Take your seats.

We'll talk about your
behavior some other time,

but right now Mr. Hanson has
something very important to tell you.

I have just come from
the Edwards' place,

and the fever is taking a
lot of lives in elmsville.

So, as
a precaution,

I have decided,
as the head of the school board,

to close the school until
this threat is over.

- Hooray!
- Yay!


Now wait, wait.

Closing the school
is only part of it.

You will go
straight home

and you will not play at one
another's homes or farms.

Hanson: This is a quarantine
until further notice.

Now, are there
any questions?

Miss beadle:
Yes, Nellie?

What about
sunday school?

All school services
are canceled

until this emergency
is passed.


I guess that's all.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, miss beadle.


Class: Good-bye.

Now, I want you to take your
books and your assignments,

and go straight home,

and stay there.

Do you think the
fever will come here?

Laura, we should pray
to god that it doesn't.

Caroline: Laura,
you can pour the milk.

Yes, ma'am.


Give me this.
Give it to me!

It's mine!

Let go!
Ma, she ruined my homework!

- Mine!
- Let go!

Laura: Carrie,
stop it! Stop it.

Hey, hey, hey,
come on, now.

That's enough.

Let me have the tablet.
What's going on?

I declare, with all the
children and the schoolwork,

this house is getting
smaller and smaller.

Carrie: I drawed
our house.

Yeah, I
can see that.

I see you also drew the
smoke from the chimney

right through your sister's
arithmetic homework.

If she'd asked,
I would have given her a sheet.

Now I have to do my
arithmetic all over again,

and I was trying
to get way ahead.

Mm-hmm. Well, you take this tablet
and go sit down at the table,

and look at the problems.
Go on, sit down.

You did those like
a runaway freight train.

There's 5 problems, you had 4 of
them wrong. What's your hurry?

Well, I thought if
I got all caught up,

and it was
a nice day out...

Ah, you could go
fishing, huh?

I told her she'd have
to have your permission.

the reason for this quarantine

is to keep adults and
children from bunching up.

Well, no one would be
at the fishing hole.

Well, you don't know
that. There could be.

Well, I wouldn't
talk to them.

I wouldn't even go near them.
I promise.

All right.

You can go fishing.

But only when you get
all those problems done,

and correctly.

You make sure your mother
or I check them, too.

That'll be

Well, what's the
matter with tomorrow?


It'd be more fun to go
fishing on a school day!

Don't look at me.
She's your daughter.

Old Dan Tucker
was a fine old man

washed his face
in a frying pan

sure got a lot
done since sunup.

Sure did.

Hey, how come it's so
easy to get you up early

when there ain't
no school?

School ain't nothing like
working with you, pa.

Besides, I can
learn a lot more.

Hey, you'd better not let
your ma hear you say that.

Grace: Isaiah!

Oh, let's get
out of here.

I don't want her to see
this till it's finished.

Come on.


It's Alicia!
She just woke up, and she's sick!

She got spots?


Stay here.

- Papa.
- Yeah, baby.

I'm here.
I'm right here.

Oh, my god.


Is it the fever?

Stay out of here.

It's my fault.
I brought it to her.

Just like I
done before.

Second time I brought
it to my family.

First time, they
died, and I wanted to.

Lost my wife and my
little baby girl.

This is my fault.

I knew I couldn't...
I knew I couldn't get it.

That's why I went
with doc to elmsville.

I couldn't get it,
but I could bring it home.

Just like
I done before.

Just like
I done before!

Oh, no, Isaiah,
you didn't!

I said stay
out of here!

All right.
You make a bundle.

Make a bundle.
A clean nightgown, t... towels,

and, uh, sheets.

I'm taking her
to my old cabin.

And you and everybody else are
going to stay clear away from her.

But I was just
with her!

That don't mean
you got it!

God willing,
you ain't.

I've had it before.
I can't get it again.

I'm the one to take care of
her, and I know how!

Now, stand back so
I can bring her out.

Now, bring what I
told you and some grub

and leave it outside the cabin.

Then come back here and don't
let anybody near you or Carl

until we're sure.
Scrub this place clean.

Floors, walls,
and everything.

I need another
sheet of paper.

I just
gave you one.

I used it.

Use the other side!

I already did.

Give her
a piece, Laura.

How do you expect me to
study if you're arguing?

Laura: You give her some.
She already used half my tablet.

Girls, try
to get along.

I am trying.

- Give that back!
- No, I need it.

- Girls!
- Carrie, come back here!

Hey, hey, hey!
Come here!

What's going on now?

Laura: She swiped
a sheet of my paper.

Because I don't
have a tablet.

You don't have
a tablet, huh?

I think it's time we
called a little recess.

Now, how many days have
we been quarantined?

8 or 9.

It seems like

So, 9 days
of quarantine,

and still no fever
in walnut grove,

and I don't think
there's going to be any.

So, instead of you
all sitting around

the house arguing
with each other,

why don't you take a nice walk
over to the Edwards' place

and say hello
to your friends.

Is it safe?

I don't see why not.

That would be
a blessing.

Charles: All right.
It's settled, then.

No more arguing?

- Right.
- Promise?

- Yes.
- You promise?

I promise.

Okay. Hey,
on the way back,

why don't you girls
check up on the hill?

I saw some nice
raspberries up there.

Maybe we could have
some pie tonight.

Mary: Won't you
go with us, pa?

I'd like to, but I got a lot
of plowing to do, darling.

- Have fun.
- Bye-bye, pa.

I think I'll take
grace some fresh bread

and some apple jelly.

I'll bring
the apple jelly.

All right.

I want to!

I'm going to!

Girls, I'll bring
the apple jelly.

Yes, ma'am.

Caroline, stop!

Stop, girls.

Grace: Don't
come any closer!

What's wrong?

There's been fever in the house!

Oh, no.

Grace: Alicia
came down with it!

Isaiah took her up
to his old cabin!

He says for us not to
let anybody come near us!

Are you and Carl
all right?

So far!

You're sure
it's the fever?

Isaiah said so!

He thinks he brought
it back from elmsville!

Oh, Caroline, it
happened so fast!

When I saw her with
all those spots, I...

I've just never been so
frightened in all my life!

We'll be praying
for her, grace.

Thank you, Caroline.

We're praying, too.

I'll leave these
things for you.

Come on, girls.

I'll have
to tell your pa.

Why don't you
get your buckets

and go pick

You think it'll be all right?

Well, there's no
road up there.

I don't think
you'll see anyone.

If we do,
we'll run.

You don't
have to run.

Just pick the berries
and come on home.

- All right.
- We'll have pie tonight.



How many
have you picked?

Let me see.

What's Carrie doing?

Eating. As fast
as she picks!

It's all right,

We have enough here
for half a dozen pies.

I was thinking.

Alicia sure likes

Alicia's sick!

Oh, I know that.

But that's one of the
things she likes especially,

are the only things
that taste good.

Laura: We could spare a
small pail of berries.

Yes, but you can't
go to the cabin.

If I take
the back trail,

clear away from
the other houses,

I wouldn't see
a single soul.

Pa'd skin you for sure.

I'd go to the back door,
put the bucket down,

knock, and then run.

Then Alicia'll have something she
likes, and nobody'd have to know.

You'll be
breaking quarantine.

Stay away from
other folks.

That's all
we promised.

I'll just
knock and run.

You won't talk
to anybody?

No. Cross my heart.


Yes, baby.

Throat hurts.
I'm thirsty.

All right.
Just a minute.

No, papa.

Just drink some.

It'll be good for your
throat and your mouth.

No, papa. Hot water.

All right.
I'll get you some cool water.

Be a good girl.

Keep this on your
forehead till I get back.

All right?

You're going
to get well.



help me.


Papa, help me.

I'll help
you, Alicia.


Where's my pa?

Here some place.

Just let me get
this out from under.


What are you
doing here?

I brought some berries. I heard
Alicia crying. I was only trying to...

You're trying
to catch the fever,

that's what you're
trying to do!

You shouldn't have come
within a mile of here!

Now get out
and stay out!

No, I was only
trying to help her.

I said get out!

And stay away
from here!

It's bad enough
I brought it to her

without you sneaking
around trying to get it!

All right. One.
But just one.

Did you leave
the berries?

Yeah. Yeah, I
just left them.

Did you see anybody?

No, no. Just left the berries
outside like I promised.


Then it's all right,

I guess.

We're late.
We'd better go.

Is the pie all right, Charles?

Yeah. Yeah,
it's fine.

Just wish there was something
we could do for Isaiah.

Do you think he really
brought the fever back

from elmsville?

He could have.
I don't know.

He's going to blame
himself, that's for sure.

Dear god, the second time
he's brought it to his family.

Second time?

Yeah, half-pint.
The first time,

his wife and
daughter died.

If anything
happens to Alicia...

Is that how you
catch the fever?

By being next to
somebody who has it?

Nobody really knows
for sure, half-pint.

But it happened
to Isaiah twice.

If our prayers
are answered,

Alicia will

Let's just pray the
fever doesn't turn loose

on walnut grove the way
it did in elmsville.

Isaiah said that,
once the spots appear,

one out of every
two patients dies.

And you girls,
remember that.

I don't want you to go near
anyone, you understand? No one.

- Yes, sir.
Mary: Yes, sir.

No, papa.


Okay, darling.
I'll get you water.

You be a good girl.
Keep that cloth on your forehead.

Who is it?


Laura Ingalls.

I told you to stay away.
I meant that.

Now, go home!

I can't, Mr. Edwards.

I got the fever.

Stand back.

I couldn't stay home.

I didn't want to
give it to ma or pa,

Mary or Carrie.

you did right.

Come on in,

where's Laura?

Don't come any closer,
either one of you.

Laura wasn't in her bed this morning.
Her note said that...

She's here.

No, don't,

She's got the fever.

The fever? She
was fine yesterday.

That's, um...

That's the way it works.

Look, I, um... I can take
care of Alicia and Laura both.

What do you mean you
can take care of them?

You look like you can
barely stand up yourself.

nothing a little sleep won't cure.

Now, remember, I've had the
fever, you haven't.

Yeah, well,
I'm going to take my chances.

Laura: No, pa.

Do like
Mr. Edwards says.


Edwards: She did
right by coming here.

Now, Charles, you can't
help her or me or anybody

if you get the fever.

It's okay, pa.

Me and Mr. Edwards can
handle things fine.

Edwards: Charles.

You got two
young'uns at home.

Keep them safe.

I'm going to
be just fine.

We know you
will, darling.

I'm... I'm going
to get Dr. Baker.

Now you...
Just do what Isaiah tells you.

I will, pa.

We love you.

And I love you.

The worst part
about being sick,

I think,
is how sad it makes other people.

That's just because
they love you, child.

They love you.

Charles: You girls
be good while I'm gone,

and be sure to help your mother.
I'll be back tomorrow.

- We will, pa.
- Bye, pa.

Good-bye, darling. Good-bye.

Bye, pa.

You think I'm going
to be gone for a week?

Well, I put in enough for
Dr. Baker on the way back,

and besides, you have to eat
to keep your strength up.

Don't want you coming
down with the fever.

All right, don't you worry about me.
I won't.

I don't want you taking any
chances, either.

You make sure you stay
put here till I get back.

But there's Laura's

It's only going
to be for 24 hours.

Now, I want you
to promise.

I promise.

All right.
I love you.

I'll pick you up on the
way back with Dr. Baker.

Bye, girls.
Girls: Bye, pa.

Take care.

that's as far as you can go!

Look, I've got to
get to elmsville!

Fever there.

I know that.
We've got it in walnut grove.

I'm going after
our doctor.

You can't go this way.
Farmers burnt down the bridge.

You might get a boat over
at cider ferry, though.

About a mile
up that road.

Thank you!

You watch yourself!
Folks're mighty touchy.

Will do it!


Mr. Edwards?

I got some, uh...

Wood to get us
through the night.

You, um...

You best...

Mr. Edwards!

Mr. Edwards,
what happened?

I got to get up.
I got to get up.

I got to take care
of Alicia.

I'll help you.
You have to rest.

I can't let her die.
I can't...

She won't, Mr. Edwards.

I'll take care of her.

Now they're gone.

If I lose Alicia, I...

I got to get up.
I got to get up.

I got to get up.


I got... I got...


She'll be all right.

She's not going to die.

You'll be fine,
Mr. Edwards.

I'll take care of you.

You'll see.


Here you go.
Best in the west.

What's the matter?

Dixon ate out of these
plates, didn't he?

We scalded
them all down.

Besides, I've been eating off
them, and I'm fine.

But Dixon's dead.

Look, you don't want
to eat, don't eat.

Looks like
we got company.

Hold it.
Hold it right there, mister.

Look, my name's
Charles Ingalls.

I need Dr. Baker.

Sorry. Nobody
goes in or out.

Look, I'd appreciate it if
you'd get the doctor for me.

We got fever in walnut grove.
We need him bad.

You'll get him when
he's finished here.

Best thing for you to do
is get back in that boat.

Tell your people we hope they
fare better than we have.

Look, mister,
my daughter's got the fever.

I need the doctor.

Get back in the boat.

You heard what
the man said. Move!

Come on, let's get
him in the boat.

Blame fool,
thought he could take the 3 of us!

Get him
out of here.

Don't cry, mother.

Everything's going
to be all right.

I know.

Then why
are you crying?

Everybody cries

It scares me
when you cry.



When big people cry,

they only cry when
bad things happen,

and I don't want
nothing bad to happen.

Well now, don't
you start crying.

I won't if you won't.

I won't cry anymore.


I promise.

Can I climb under
the covers with you?

Of course.

I'm going to dream
about Laura being home.

Oh, that'll be
a nice dream.

Good night.

Good night, mommy.


I'm thirsty.

What are you
doing here?

Came down with it,
same as you.

Where's pa?

He's sleeping.

He's not sick,
is he?

Don't know. He doesn't
have any spots or anything.

I think he's
just tuckered.

Are you feeling
real bad?

No, not yet.

Just got the spots.

Do you think
we'll die?

I don't know.

I can't die now.

I won't go to heaven.

Of course you will!

Won't neither.

I did a bad thing.

I was going to bring
it back. Honest.

Now if I get...


I won't be able to.

What was it?

A hair ribbon,
from the olesons.

I wish I
didn't take it.

It'll be all right.

Just ask god
to forgive.

Do you think
he will?

Sure. He forgives
lots of things,

even worse than that.

I'll talk to him now.

- Laura?
- Hmm?

Just in case
something happens,

maybe you can bring
the ribbon back.

It's hidden
under my dresser.

I will.


I can't use
that one.

he's kind of dumb lucky anyway.

Hurry up, will you?

You're always playing with those cards.
Can't you see them?

- Hold it.
- What? What?

- That's gin, men.
- Dagburn it.

Man: You know, I knew I never
should've thrown that 7 out!

I had a hunch.
I had a hunch on that card.

Well, if you knowed it,
why'd you throw it down?

Why don't you just keep chawing
on that old cud of yours?

That's all you're
ever good for anyway.

Why do you two play it off?
All you do is argue!

Man: For something better to do,
I think, more than anything else.

Man 2: We ain't
playing for money anyway.

Man: Well, I thought I was.
Deal the cards, will you?

Hey, who's there?

- It's the one from the boat!
- Come on!

You can take
her out now.

- Doc!
- Get him... Unh!


Whoever that is,
get him out of here!

Wait a minute!

Doc, there's fever
in walnut grove.

Who has it?

and Laura.

They need you.

Man: He swam over. Got past us.

You're a couple
of fools

for chasing
him in here.

Now, get out!

Edwards is trying to take
care of them in his cabin.

Looks like your
patients need you

more than we do,

Nothing here now that
I can't take care of.

I'll see that you
get to the boat

without any

Thank you, doc.

You put a wet
cloth on me.

That I did, darling.

Let me take
a look at you.


There's no spots.

The spots
are gone.

no fever.

You're not going
to die, Alicia!

You're not going to die,
you're going to be fine.

You're going to live to be 4
years older than the mountains.

You're well, baby.

Thank you, god.

Thank you.

It's ma and pa!

And Dr. Baker
and your ma!

There's no more spots
and no more fever!

Alicia's well!

Let me look at
her, Isaiah.

What about


Laura, honey,
unlock the door and let me in.

I can't, pa.

Please, open
the door.

It's doc
baker, Laura.

Your pa brought me all
the way from elmsville

to take a
look at you.

Open the
door, honey.

Laura: I've got
the fever spots.

Dr. Baker: Oh,
I've seen those spots before, Laura.

That's why I came
to look at yours.

Laura, unlock the door and
let the doctor see you.

Charles: Please!

Laura: Only if you stay
back, pa.

Go ahead,

It's all
right, Laura.

Your pa is
safe away now.

Open the door,

That's my girl.

A little
wider, please?

I don't want anyone getting
sick on account of me.

That's all right,

If I haven't got it by now,
I'm never going to get it.


Let me take
a look.

Dr. Baker: Spots...
But no fever.

Not even close
to fever!

You've got poison
Ivy, honey!