Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Spring Dance - full transcript

Caroline is puzzled when her plan to provoke Isaiah Edwards to jealousy doesn't result in an invitation to the annual spring dance for his anxious gal, Grace Snider, until Charles reminds her what happened when she tried the same tactic with him years before.

Laura, you're usually
the first one gone

when class is dismissed.
Is there something you want?

Uh, no, ma'am.
I was just straightening up my desk.

Oh, good.

Henry, have you
seen Mary?

Right out there.

Oh. Oh, yeah.

Bet you clean those erasers
better than anybody.

Nothing to it
once you get the hang.

Kind of like dancing,
I guess.

I guess.

See you.


Mary: Laura'.

Laura, come on.

Ma is waiting for us
at the post office.

Mary and Laura:
Hi, Mr. Edwards.

Edwards: Hi, kids'.

Grace: Thank you.

Good afternoon,
Mrs. Snider.

- Ma, guess what.
- What?

Bert Miller asked me to
the spring dance with him,

and he's the only boy I
really wanted to go with.

That's nice, Mary.

It sounds like you
had a good day, Mary.

Oh, I did.
Come on, Carrie.

Let's beat
them home.

Laura: Hello, ma.

Oh, it doesn't look like
you had such a good day.

What's the matter,

Well, I've
been thinking...

Well, you
can hear fairy tales

and stories,
and you never

really know how
tragical things are

unless you really
feel them yourself.

Now I know how
cinderella felt

when nobody asked
her to the ball.

Oh. Now, it can't
be that bad.

Well, the only 2 wallflowers
at the spring dance

are going to be old
Nellie oleson and me.

Oh, you can add the widow
snider to that list.


Well, Mr. Edwards hasn't
said a word about taking me.

Well, you know what a
procrastinator Mr. Edwards is.

Indeed I do. Last year he never
did get around to asking me.

But Mr. Edwards
loves dancing.

He loves dancing, honey,

but he doesn't love
dress-up dances.

He went fishing instead.

Well, there's still
a week left.

That's plenty of time.

doesn't help me.

There's only
Willie oleson

and Henry Henderson

I'm surprised Willie
hasn't asked anybody.

He asked everybody,
and they all said no.

And Henry Henderson

doesn't even talk
to girls.

Grace, I may
be speaking out of turn,

but that man takes you

entirely too much
for granted.

It's high time he was shaken
out of his complacency.

I'm afraid it would
take a bolt

the blue to do that.

Well, there's always one
sure cure for complacency,

and that's competition.

We only compete
at fishing.

Oh, no. Not that kind
of competition.

Competition for you...
A suitor.

Oh, Caroline,
Isaiah's the only suitor I've had

since my husband
passed on.

Where in the world am I
going to find another one?

Well, it doesn't matter
if you find another one.

It only matters if
Mr. Edwards thinks you have.

Remember how
he sparked your interest

with that scented letter
that he sent himself?

Well, turnabout
is fair play.

Do you really think
it might work?

I know it would.

Why, if I'd waited
for Charles

to make the first move,

I might be
a spinster today.

I finally took
a drastic step...

Started making
sheep's eyes

at another boy.

Well, if he doesn't
make a move soon,

it sure can't
do any harm to try.

Caroline: You know,
desperate situations

call for desperate

I'll see you
tomorrow, Caroline.





Mary, can I ask you
a question?


How did you get Bert
to ask you to the dance?

I just stood still
while he was asking me.

Well, didn't you make
sheep's eyes at him first?

Ha ha'.
Of course not.

Well, you must
have done something.

I just talked to him
is all.

What about?

History, mostly.
Bert's real good in history.

He likes to talk
about that.

Henry hates history,
just like me.

Maybe we could talk about
how much we hate it.

It would be better if you
talk about something he likes,

he's good at.


Sure. All boys like to talk
about things they're good at.

All right.
I'll try that.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Sure hope there's something
that Henry's good at.

Never saw you miss an easy
shot like that before.

It's your turn, Henry.

I'll trade you these for
that big aggie of yours.

Shh'. Don't you know
you're not supposed to talk

when someone else
is trying to play?

Oh, my'. Wish I could
shoot like that.

You think
you could show me how?

I'm not
playing anymore.

You shoot
all right now.

Thing I like
to do best is fishing.

You like to go fishing?


Pa says most girls
don't have the Patience.

They get all fidgety,
especially when it's time

to bait the hook
with a squiggly worm.

I caught my biggest fish
using a bright-colored

piece of yarn on the hook
as well as a grub.

You ever try that?


Best time to catch
a fish is the day

after a full moon...
This Saturday,

and if the day after
is cloudy,

bite good on anything.

I bet you're
the best marble player

- in the whole school.
- Maybe.

You're a fast runner, too.

I bet you're
the fastest runner.

I'm not so sure.

- I'm a pretty good runner for a girl.
- Yeah.

That's why I don't get tired
out when I'm dancing.

I bet you don't either.

I don't dance.

I'm teaching my baby
sister how to dance.

Bet I could teach
any person

if the person
wanted to learn.

I suppose. I got chores
to do. See you.

I did what you said

and I talked to Henry
about what he was good at.

I even lost all my
marbles on purpose,

just so he'd
be better than me.

Well, didn't he
say anything to you?

No. Henry
doesn't talk much.

I just stood still and
waited for him to ask me.

What happened then?

That's when
he talked to me.

He said,
"I got to go now."

Well, maybe
he'll ask you tomorrow.


Good morning, oleson.

Yeah. Good morning, Edwards.
What can I do for you?

I'm about to run out
of chewing tobacco.

Well, we'll
take care of that.

Oh, good morning,

Oh, good morning.

Hey. I missed you at
the poker game last night.

Harriet: Some people
spend their time

in more
worthwhile pursuits.

So would I
if I could think of one.

Harriet: Here, now,
this material...

When this first came in,
I said to Mr. Oleson,

"this is just perfect
for grace snider."

Oh, I don't know.
Gray is such a drab color.

Well, it's
so practical.

I was looking for something

you know,
for special occasions...

Like, uh, the spring dance.

What do you think,
Mr. Edwards?

Well, if I was going to
trip the light fantastic,

I think
I'd fancy the blue.

Puts me in mind
of cattail lake

just before sunup.

Then you like the blue?


I'll take
some of this.

Hey, you know,
you ought to try

the fishing up there.
It's real good.

Ain't good for a man
to be cooped up inside

all the time.

Oh, for
heaven's sakes.

Don't you have
anything better to do

than to waste your
time going fishing

and all that

Sure I do... playing
poker. Ha ha'.

Say, you missed
a funny story

last night
at the card game.

Hanson was telling
this story, see,

about a couple that was
celebrating 25 years of wedlock.

See, the wife,
she's chattering on about the courtship

and the wedding
way back then.

Finally, she turns
to him, and she

says, "Horace, do
you love me still?"

He said, "my dear,
that's the way I love you best."

Ha ha'. Ha ha...

Disgusting man.

Um, I want a dress length
and a half of this.

I want the skirt
real full for dancing.

Edwards: Dancing? Oh, hey,
say, listen, there.

Um, something I been
meaning to ask you.

- Oh?
- Yeah. Well...

I know I'm kind of late
to getting around to it.

Oh, well, better
late than never.

Well, I should have asked
you before the quilting bee.

Things might not
be the same now.

What's the quilting bee
got to do with dancing?

Oh, it's spring, breezes,

kites just dancing
in the air.

You see,
I need some remnants

for a tail for the one
I'm making for half-pint.

I thought you might
have some left.

I just might be able
to find you some.

Well, I surely
would appreciate it.

Well, got my tobacco.

Best be getting on
back to work.

You put this on my bill.

Harriet: That
will be the blue?

Grace: No. Anything
but the blue.


Laura, voice-over: I kept
thinking about what ma had said,

how she made sheep's eyes
at some boy to make pa jealous.

But who was there to make
Henry Henderson jealous with?

Like ma said,

desperate situations
call for desperate measures.

Oh, say, miss grace.


You won't forget my
remnants, will you?

Don't worry.
I won't forget.

Blast that man'. If there
was just somebody else...

Anybody else.


Good day, grace.

Did that package of medicine
I ordered come in yet?

Grace: Why, yes. Yes.
Just this morning.

I'll be happy
to get it for you.



Grace, are you
feeling poorly?

I just got this
strange, giddy feeling.

Just came over me
all of a sudden.

Here. Here.
Sit down.

Oh, my goodness.

Are you in pain?

No. No pain.

Grace, tell me,
how long has it been

since you've seen me
professionally, or any other doctor?

Oh, dear, I don't
rightly remember.

Two years, maybe.
Maybe more.

Well, that's
too blame long.

Now, you're coming
over to my office,

and we'll get
to the bottom of this.

That's the trouble
with people around here.

They never see a doctor until they're
sick, until it's too late.

There, there, grace.
You're going to be

all right. Now,
just lean on me.

Nellie: How about
this one...

If your uncle's sister
is not your aunt,

what relation
is she to you?

Henry: Reckon if I had
an uncle, she'd be my ma.

Oh, Henry,
you're so smart.

Here. You better
take your marbles back.

But they're yours.

I'll even give you back
the ones I won from you.

I'll even give you my big aggie.

My pa's got marbles
in the store.

I can get all
I want.

Not like my aggie.

Mine's the best aggie
in all of Minnesota.

Bet you want me to do
something mean to my sister.

No. Just a favor.

What kind of favor?

You have to pretend like you like
me, like you're my Beau.

That's no favor.
That's a chore.

I don't like it any more than you
do, Willie oleson.

Then how come you
want me to do it?

Never mind why. You want
the aggie or don't you?

How much
do I have to pretend?

A lot. Like you're
stuck on me.


Just for the rest of the
week, maybe not that long.

The aggie
and the cloudy.



Oh, all right.
The aggie and the cloudy.

Give me the marbles.

When a person does a favor for
another person, the trade comes first,

but when a person's
paying for a chore,

it comes after
the chore's been done.

Hold my hand.
Smile. Smile.

Now, don't forget,
meet me by

the sweetheart tree


Hi, Henry.

Charles: Hey, Edwards,
look out.

How you doing this morning?
Work going all right?

Oh, yeah. Fine.

Working hard
this morning.

Got the Hobson
order out.

It's been busier than
a bear in a beehive.


Talk to you
a minute?

I'll be right there, doc.

Ah, what you need, doc?

Edwards, come on'.
We got work to do'.

Edwards'. Come on'.

- Hey, you feeling all right?
- Yeah. I feel fine.

- The missis and the girls,
they feel all right?
- Everybody's well.

You worried me, you know,
going over to doc Baker's like that.

No. I promised the doc I'd make him
a hat rack. I forgot all about it.

Oh, well, that
explains it, then.

Yep. Got to be
on my way.

You, uh... See grace snider over
there, did you?

Yeah. She's sitting
in the waiting room.

Looks kind of
peaked, I imagine.

No. I thought
she looked real good.

See you.

Well, grace,

it's always
encouraging to know

one of my patients
is feeling better.

I'm sure it's your tonic
that did it for me, doctor.

I hope so.

And thanks for
bringing the mail.

I've been waiting for one
of those letters for weeks.

Well, it's the least
I could do.

Howdy, grace. Mighty
fine day, isn't it?

Well, why wouldn't it
be a fine day?

Oh, well,
spring weather, you know,

it's as changeable
as a woman

in front
of a hat store window.

You know, you predicted
this weather last winter.

I was very impressed.

That so?

You said
that when trees

split their
bark in the winter,

it's a sure sign of
a warm, dry spring,

and it surely
seems to be.

I got to hand it
to you, grace,

you sure ain't a woman
to complain.

Well, what would I have
to complain about?

Oh, well, there ain't no
use in trying to hide it.

I ain't one to pry, but I
couldn't help noticing

all them trips you been
making to doc Baker's.

What, did the sickness come on
you all of a sudden, did it?

Sickness? I don't know
what you mean.

What sickness?

What do... you mean
he ain't doctoring you?

Why, no. He did
give me a check up,

and he prescribed
a tonic,

but he says
I'm in fine shape.

Well, sure did a lot of patting
while he was telling you.

Well, Dr. Baker and I
are old friends.

Besides, we had something
very important to discuss.

Oh. Something you forgot to discuss
when you was over there yesterday?

We discussed it yesterday,
and we discussed it today. And I...

Oh, well, it's all right.
It ain't none of my business.

I just come by to see
if you was all right.

Oh, Isaiah.

wait a minute.



Wait a minute, Laura.
I'm losing my shoe.

All right. But you haven't
kept your part of the bargain.

I met you by the sweetheart
tree, didn't I?

Yes. But I'm not getting
my marbles' worth.

Recess is almost over,
and you haven't held my hand once.

I had to go
to the outhouse.

You always have to go
to the outhouse.

I can't hold your hand
all the time.

Well, you have to
if you want the aggie

and all your
other marbles back.

Don't forget the cloudy.

I didn't, but you're not keeping
your part of the bargain.

I can't hold hands all
the time. My hand gets wet.

Mine, too. Come on.
We got to go.

Charles: Ahh.
What a beautiful night.

I thought you were all through
with your homework, half-pint.

Well, we're having a Bible
quiz in Sunday school.

Oh. Well, good. I'll
ask you a few questions.

See if you can answer them.

Where do they mention
baseball in the Bible?

- Baseball?
- Mm-hmm.

I didn't know they played
baseball in the Bible.

Mm-hmm. Very first line,
book of Genesis...

In the "big inning." Ha ha'.


All right.
Let me try another one.

Can you tell me what time
of day god created Adam?

What time?

Just before Eve.

Just before Eve.

I'm going to go outside
and smoke my pipe.

It's time for bed.

You girls go ahead
and get ready.

I'll be up
to tuck you in.

Pa, can I ask you
a question?

Mm-hmm. If it's not
too hard to answer.

Well, is it right to
pretend that something

that isn't true is true
if it's in a good cause?

Well, that all depends on
who's pretending and why.

Give me a "for instance."

there's this person,

and this person
is pretending

to like somebody
just so that

another person would
take notice of her.

Oh, I see. Well, I think
this person ought

to be very careful they don't
hurt that other person's feelings.

You know, making people jealous
can be hurtful sometimes.

But sometimes it just
sparks their interest,

like when ma made sheep's
eyes at another boy

when you two
were in school.

Where'd you hear that?

Well, I heard ma
talking to Mrs. Snider

about how to get Mr. Edwards
to ask her to the dance.

Oh, I see.
Women's wiles, huh?

But it does work,
doesn't it, pa?

Mm-hmm. Sometimes.

But something you
have to remember.

Now, women that sow
the seeds of jealousy

sometimes reap a lot more
than they bargain for.

I guess.
But any crop's

better than
no crop at all.

I suppose it is.

- Good night, pa.
- Good night, love.

Have a good sleep.

Hmm... this needs
more salt.

You should have said something
before you ate it all.

No, I shouldn't.
It was my turn

to get out of bed
and get the salt.

I didn't realize
"Silas marner" was funny.

It's not "Silas marner." I
was thinking about Edwards.


Mmm. You should
have seen him today.

I've seen a dog
chasing his tail

who was happier
than him.

What was the matter?

I don't know.
He's got some silly idea in his head

that something's going on
between grace and Dr. Baker.

Hmm. I guess that's not
such a silly idea.

Grace is
an attractive woman.

I know she's
an attractive woman,

but Edwards has got
no reason to be jealous.

Question is, where did he
ever get an idea like that?

That's a very good question,
Charles. Good night.


Jiggle it.

You will never catch one
unless you jiggle it.

What's the sense
of catching them

if my mother
won't cook them?

I'm going to
hunt arrowheads.

You're supposed
to stick with me.

I won't go far.


Henry: Hi.

Why, it's Henry Henderson.
What you doing up here, Henry?

This is the day you
said they'd be biting.

Oh, it is. Look'.

Golly, Laura.
You sure caught a mess of them.

Willie: I'm starving.

We got dibs
on this spot, Henry.

Laura: There's
enough room for everyone.

First is first.

Two is company.
Three is a crowd,

and 4 and 5 is 9.

I'm teaching Willie
how to fish.

You can learn anything
if you set your mind to it.

Ma's even teaching pa
to waltz.

I can do it just as good.

You got a bite.

Looks like a big one.

Jerk the pole that way,
and you'll lose them every time.

Kiss me
on the cheek.


You heard me.

I'll throw up.

You want the aggie,
don't you?

Why, Willie oleson,
mind your manners.

Quit it'.

If you didn't want
him to kiss you,

you shouldn't hold
his hand all the time.

Well, he shouldn't kiss
me without asking fist.

But you said...

Stop it'.

She's right.

Not an honorable thing
without asking.

See? Henry knows how to
behave like a gentleman,

don't you, Henry?

A gentleman asks a girl
for a kiss or for a dance,

doesn't he, Henry?

I reckon,
but one thing you don't do

is horn in on a pair
of lovebirds.

See you. I'll find
my own place to fish.

Willie oleson.
Son of a gun.

Nothing ever works
right with you, Willie.

But I just did
what you...

Oh, be quiet'.

But I just did
what you told me to.

Dumb girls.

Charles: Hey'.
How you doing, doc?

Hello, Charles.
Thought I'd stop by

and see how you're doing
with that hat rack.

I got it all finished. Come on inside.
I'll show it to you.


Charles: I think you're
going to like it.

Did a fine job,
Charles. Fine job.

You do some
fancy carving.

so do you, doc.

Well, mine
require stitches.

You know, nordstrom wants
an early crop of corn,

but he's afraid nature
might run

a little dab of winter back on us.
What do you think?

I think you ought to
watch the hickory trees.

They're not going to
bud till winter's over,

no matter how nice
the spring seems.

Well, I'll tell him that.
How much do I owe you?

Ah, just give me
a credit, doc.

I can't let you
do that.

Doc, I got 3 girls. When one of
them gets sick, they all get sick.

It's always nice to know you got
some credit at the doctor's office.

Well, if that's
what you want.

It is.

Caroline: Doctor.

Dr. Baker, would you
do something for me?

Certainly. If I can.

Will you give these
flowers to grace?

She fancies them so.

Be pleased to.
They're pretty.

Thank you.

Thanks again, Charles.

So long, doc.

Caroline, I think I know who's
putting those ideas in Edwards' head.


Whoa'. Whoa'.


Dr. Baker, can I have
a ride home?

Why, sure, Willie.
Climb up.

Say, that's a nice
string of fish, Laura.

The biggest one
got away.

The biggest one
got away.

Oh. Mm-hmm.


Whoa'. There you are,

Thank you, Dr. Baker.

You're welcome.

Grace, Caroline Ingalls
sent these to you.

Oh. Why,
they're lovely.

Oh, thank you so much
for bringing them over.

I really
appreciate it.

My pleasure. Grace...

Have you been having
hearing problems lately?

Oh, why, no.

Oh, say,
I was wondering,

have you finished the
dickens book that I lent you?

Oh, yes. Yes.
I'll bring it back

tonight on my way home
from dinner at hanson's.

Oh, now that
would be just fine.

Oh, easy, there,
Edwards. Easy.

Looks like you got
a touch of indigestion.

You come over
to my office,

and I'll give you something
to settle your stomach.

Did you see that? Made me swallow my
tobacco so it would give me indigestion

so he could
charge me to cure it.

Aren't these
pretty, Isaiah?

Seems like a medical man
ought to have more to do

than just dawdle around
the field picking posies.

Ought to be tending
to business.

Oh, Isaiah, was there
something special

you came in here
to ask me?

My coughing fit must have
knocked it out of my head.

Isaiah, why don't you come
over after supper tonight

and have a piece
of cherry pie,

and then by that
time, maybe you'll

remember what you
wanted to ask me.

I was going to work
on Laura's kite.

I've got those remnants
all ready for you.

- You do?
- Uh-huh.

Well... never could
resist your cherry pie.

Cracker Jack story, grace.
Cracker Jack.

"Tale of two cities..."
adventure, intrigue,

and a love story that brings
tears to your eyes.

Oh, you know, I've had tears in
my eyes all afternoon, doctor.

I think I must have a
speck of dust in this one.

Well, then, come over here to the
light, and let me take a look.

Now, bend down a little.

Mm-hmm. Now up.

♪ Old Dan Tucker
was a fine old man ♪

♪ Washed his face
in a fryin' pan ♪

♪ Combed his hair
with a wagon wheel ♪

♪ Died with a toothache
in his heel ♪

Well, you...

Aha'. Aha'. Ain't this
a fine how-do-you-do?

you're early.

What, you got this worked out
like a railroad timetable?

He's the 8:00,
I roll in at 9:00?

What in the devil
are you talking about?

Oh, don't play innocent
with me.

I caught the two of you
dead to rights.

He's just trying to get a
speck of dust out of my eye.

Well, maybe I ought to put
something in your eye, like a fist.


Well, then
on second thought, maybe

I oughtn't to hit a man
who done me a good turn,

showed me how fickle-hearted
you could be.

Well, it's better that I found it
out now than before it was too late.

- Now, just a minute, Edwards'.
Now... Edwards'.

It just isn't working.

What's not

I spent most of my time
with Willie.

I shared
my lunch with him,

and I even let Henry see him
give me a kiss on the cheek,

but he's not
jealous at all.

Should have known that.
Nobody would be

jealous of Willie,
except maybe a gopher.

Maybe that's it.
Well, anyway,

I'm going to try something
different today...

Pear-butter sandwiches.

Feels like you got enough
for the whole school.

That's because Henry
likes them a lot.

So after lunch,
he's just got to ask me out to the dance.

I wouldn't count on it.
If he eats all those,

Dr. Baker may just put
him to bed for a week.

You really
think so?

Ha ha'. No. I'm just kidding.

Sounds like the best idea
you've had yet. Good luck.


I can't find
my lunch anywhere.

Why don't you
try Willie?

Wait here. I think
I found my lunch.

Willie, what are you
doing with my lunch?

Pear butter's
my favorite'.

There's none left
for Henry.

You don't have to worry
about Henry anymore.

I'm going to do
just like you asked.

Stop it, Willie.

I know what you mean
when you act that way.

Sorry, Henry,

but Willie ate all
the pear-butter sandwiches.

I have some brown sugar and
cinnamon left if you'd like some.

Stop it'.

You sure you wouldn't like
some brown sugar and cinnamon?

Thanks, but I got my own
bacon sandwiches inside.

Wasn't very hungry

Guess it really
worked that time.

He sure does look mad.

He's not. I am.

No reason to be.

If he don't take you
to the dance, I will,

but you still got
to pay me my marbles.

Laura, for heaven's sakes,
you better get to sleep.

How do you expect
me to sleep

if tomorrow's
my last chance?

You could go to
the dance with Willie.

I'd rather be
a wallflower

than go to the dance
with Willie.

Where are you going?

I have to talk
to ma.

Hey, now,
what are you doing up so late?

You're not feeling
sick, are you?

No, pa, but I wish I was.

Then I'd have an excuse

not to go
to the spring dance.

What's this
all about?

I thought
you liked dancing.

I do. It's fun when
you have the right partner.

There's going to be
a lot of boys there.

You'll have
lots of partners.

Not a special one.

you got me.

I love you, pa...

But it's just not like
having a boy

ask you out
to the dance.

Well, there's
still tomorrow.

Maybe somebody
will invite you tomorrow.

Maybe. But I don't know
what to do.

I tried what you said.

What I said?

About making him jealous
like you did to pa,

like you told
Mrs. Snider.

It worked
with pa, but I

must be doing
something wrong

because it just isn't
working with Henry.

Well, I wouldn't stay up the
whole night worrying about it.

You get some sleep. Everything
always looks brighter in the morning.

Yes, sir. Good night, ma.

Good night.
Sweet dreams.

- Good night, pa.
- Good night, darling.

Well, we should have known
something was wrong when she

started taking up
with Willie oleson.

She must have overheard
what I said to grace

and applied it
to her own situation.

From what I
understand, it's not

working out too well
for grace either.

No, it isn't.

I wish I'd kept out
of the whole thing.

Well, Caroline, you
know it's impossible

for a woman not
to give advice on

how to snare a man,
even if it's wrong.

Well, at least it was sound advice.
It worked on you.

Well, sure it did, up to a point.
I got angry.

Just as angry
as Edwards,

or don't you
remember that. Hmm?


I had forgotten.

I imagine
you also forgot

you were the one that ended
up asking me to the dance.

You do
remember that.


Sound advice.

when all else fails,

tell the truth.

The whole truth.

And nothing
but the truth.

Caroline: Memory
is a capricious thing,

and sometimes 2 people
remember the same thing

a little differently.

I mean, as the years go by,

sometimes we forget
the little details...

Especially some of
the small setbacks.

Last night,
Charles reminded me

of the missing ingredient
in the recipe I gave you...

Of what to do
if things didn't work out.

But pa was jealous.
He said he was.

Yes. He was also
very angry...

And too proud to let on.

And so I had
to track him down,

confess my deception,
and ask him to the dance.

But the girls

aren't supposed
to do the asking.

Isaiah would never let
me hear the end of it.

Well, swallowing
your pride

doesn't give you

If it puts things to rights.

Well, the worst
they can say is no,

and you'd be no worse off
than you are now.


Hi, grace.

Have you seen Isaiah?

He was here
just a few minutes ago.

He's been all over town
"just a few minutes ago"

all morning long.

Well, I can't spend any more
time trying to track him down.

If you do see him,
would you tell him

there's a package for him
over at the post office?

I'll do it.

Thanks a lot.


What are you doing
up there?

Grace was
just looking for you.

What did she want?

She said she had a package for
you over at the post office.

That just goes to show you.
See, I ain't expecting one.

That there's just a trick to get me
over there so she can bawl me out.

Well, I can't imagine
a mountain man

who's not afraid of
fighting a grizzly bear

to be afraid of a woman.

Afraid? Now, who's afraid?
I ain't afraid of nothing'.

Why don't you go over and
pick up your package, then?

That's what
I'm going to do.

You... you sure you don't
need some help with that?

No. I can handle this
all by myself fine.

- You're sure?
- Mm-hmm.


Well, uh... Guess I'll
go pick up my package.

Mrs. Snider, I come
for my package.

They say the way
to a man's heart

is through his stomach.

You must be
collecting hearts

the way Geronimo
collects scalps.

It's downright

Oh, I admit it'.

I have been shameful,

using poor, innocent
Dr. Baker to get you jealous

just so you'd break down

and invite me to
the spring dance.

Well, if you're not
going to ask me,

I'm going
to have to ask you.

Well, yes or no?

Never could resist
your cherry pie.

Ha ha.

Ah, come on,
slow poke. Hurry up.

You go on ahead.
I don't feel like walking fast.

Would you
quit following me?

A promise is a promise,

and I promised
to stick with you.

Well, you don't
have to anymore.

Why not?

You just don't,
that's all.

I want 2 more.

The aggie and the cloudy
was all I promised.

It will take 2 more
to unstick me.

Those 2.

Well, hurry up and take
them and get out of here.

Henry, can I
ask you something?

Why don't you ask
know-it-all Willie?

You're so stuck
on him.

I'm not stuck on him.

I saw you
giving him marbles.

Laura: Henry'.


Henry, wait a minute.

The marbles I gave
him were for a trade.

For what?

For you,
only it didn't work.

You see, I wanted to go to
the spring dance with you,

only you
wouldn't ask me,

so I thought that
if you thought

that somebody
else liked me...

You mean you did it on
purpose on account of me?

Will you take me?

I reckon... If you
can show me some steps,

otherwise, you're going
to have sore toes.

Don't worry.
I got tough toes.

See you'.

It's like I said,
when all else fails...

Tell the truth.

Mm-hmm. That's right.

Charles, don't you
want to dance?

Caroline, I was just
waiting for you to ask me.