Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 2, Episode 5 - Haunted House - full transcript

Although many in Walnut Grove think he's a homicidal maniac who lives in a haunted house, brave Laura Ingalls befriends mysterious hermit, Amos Pike, and soon discovers the truth behind both the rumors and the old man's reclusive life.

Nels'. Nels'.
It's that Amos pike'.

He's coming'.
He's headed this way'.

You mean
the hermit?

No, he's no hermit.
He's a maniac.

Get out of here. Out'.



Your special order
came in, Mr. Pike.

Uh... let's see.
We have, uh...




Let's see. That's $5.00
for the special order.

8... 16.

4, 5...

56 cents.

Well, that's exactly right,
Mr. Pike.


He's disgusting.

You should have
stayed with me.

You'd be the belle
of that sociable.

After they heard you sing,

they wouldn't want
to hear anybody else.

It's the truth, Lilly.

That's right.


Next you'll tell me
how you love me...

And how you'll always
be at my side.

Then one fine day,

I'll turn around
and you'll be gone,

just like before.

You lied to me, Lilly.

What's the good
of being so beautiful

if the truth
ain't in you?

Don't go.

Bet I could play music on it
if I was gentle enough.

I got you'.
I got you'.

Laura: Will you please
be quiet?

How do you expect me to catch a
rabbit with you making all that noise?

I don't have
to be quiet.

That's my box.

And my carrot.

So nyah'.

Big, old spider
in there.

It'll get you.

I'm not afraid
of leggy things.

Bet you are of that
old house on the hill.

Why should I be afraid
of a dumb, old house?

Because Amos pike
lives there,

and my mother says
he's a maniac.

A maniac?
What's a maniac?

He's crazy'.

That's what
a maniac is.

And he
kills people'.

That's silly,

No, it's not'.

Everyone knows
if you're brave enough

to touch the place
where a maniac lives,

he can't hurt you.

That's not true,
Nellie oleson.

Yes, it is. Just like a ladybug.

How come I never see you
going up there to touch it?

Our mother
told us not to.

Besides, Willie and I
have touched it lots of times.

So has Jane.
Haven't you, Jane?

Yeah, yeah. I've been
up there lots of times.

Looks like you're the only one
who's too scared, Laura.

I am not. It's just
a dumb, old run-down house.

Then there's nothing
to be afraid of, is there?

All right.

All right,
Nellie oleson.

I'll touch
your dumb, old house,

but after I do it,
I don't want to hear anymore about it.

I don't remember
touching that old house.

You didn't, silly.
It's a trick...

And a good one
on Laura.

What are you
running for?

What's the matter,

Nyah, nyah. You didn't
touch the house.

Laura is
a scaredy-cat'.

I am not'.

My pa will tan my hide if I
don't get home and do my chores.

All: Nyah, nyah,
nyah, nyah, nyah'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Nyah, nyah,
nyah, nyah, nyah'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

I have to get home'.

All: Nyah, nyah,
nyah, nyah, nyah'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Mm. I think I'll have
another piece of chicken.

Laura, you've eaten
scarcely a bite.

I'm not very
hungry tonight, ma.

Is Mr. Pike really
a maniac?

Who told you that?

Well, Mrs. Oleson
and Willie and Nellie

said he was dangerous.

What a thing
to say.

He's just an old man who
likes his privacy, that's all.

And has every
right to it.

Sure does look scary.

Well, maybe I'll
look scary

when I get as old
as he is.

That old house of his
looks as scary as he does.

Mary: Did he build it?

Long before the first
settlers came here.

That's why I think
he's got a right to live

the way he wants to.

I guess.

Just let other people
say what they want

about Mr. Pike.

Let that man
live in peace.

Right, pa.

Stop poking that potato
and eat some.

A piece of wood.


All I have to do
is take a piece of wood

from that
old Mr. Pike's house.

Then Nellie would have
to know that I touched it.

Are you still
going on about that?

Pa said you weren't
to bother Mr. Pike.

I'm not going to.

All I have to do
is touch that house

or Nellie will tease me
something awful.

I'd rather
take the teasing.

Tomorrow's Saturday.

Everybody knows that Mr. Pike
goes to town on Saturday.

Want to come with me?

I can't.

Scared, too, huh?

I've got a lot
of things to do.

Like what?

It doesn't matter.

I don't want pa
to skin me alive

like he's going to do
to you if he finds out.

Well, pa said
not to bother him.

And if he's not going to be
home, how can I bother him?

It would be better if
you'd just forget about it.

Well, I'm going
to do it,

and I'm going
to take Jack with me

because pa didn't
say anything to him.

Come on, Jack.

A piece of wood
wouldn't matter that much.

Hush, Jack.


Jack, you come back...



You come back
here now...

And leave
that old cat alone.



Come on, Jack.

Well, better start
to go home.

we're going to get...


I'm sorry that
Jack broke your vase.

Who are you?


Laura Ingalls
from over the hill.

You come here to steal something...
Didn't you?

No, sir, I didn't.

Just this old piece
of wood.

Give it to me.

Now I want you to get your
thieving self out of here,

and I don't want to see your
likes around here again'.

I'm sorry.

It's just
an old piece of wood.

Do you hear?

I don't want you to
talk to no one about me.

You hear?

You're not anything
to tell anybody about.

You're not even a maniac.

You're just a mean,
selfish old man.

Sorry I disobeyed you, pa.

You going
to skin me?

Well, I suppose
I should, shouldn't I?

But I won't.

Everybody disobeys
once in a while.

The important thing
is you owned up to it.

Hey, go on.
Get some sleep.

Yes, sir.

Wish I hadn't
talked so mean.

He's so old
and lonely.

That's probably
why he's so mean.

Well, I'm sure he's
forgotten about it by now.


Could I...

Could I just go to the
old house just once more?

What for?

I want to say
I'm sorry.

I'd feel awful if he stayed
locked up in that old house

all on account
of me.

Half-pint, he's been doing
that for a lot of years now.

You can't blame
yourself for it.

Well, I'd feel better if
I could set things right.

Please, pa.
Just one more time.

All right.
One more time.

But I want you to just go to the
door, tell him you're sorry,

and then leave him alone,

Yes, pa.

Sweet dreams.

Good night.
Good night.

Pike: You get back in time
for the season,

we'll walk
like we did before...

Your pretty hand in mine,

you all smiling
and warm and...

You'll like it.
I promise.

It's better than before.

A lot of folks around.

They couldn't help
but love you...

Not the way I do,

but, then,
what we got is special.

You said it was special,

but you ain't lived up
to what you said.

I'm trying to be fair...

But it's time
you came home.

What are you doing here?


I came back to
tell you I'm sorry

for all the bad things
I said to you yesterday.

Nobody asked you'.

Bet you never talk
to her that way.


Just that if I was as
beautiful as she is,

you wouldn't be
acting this way.

It's none
of your affair.

Don't you go talking'.

I won't...

But she sure will
when she gets back,

the way you let
her house go.


Well, look
at this place.

It's a mess'.

Well, I...

I've, uh...

I've been
meaning to...

Meaning won't make it
fit for woolly bears.

Have to clean your broom
before you can even sweep.

You're a regular

ain't you?

a snippety-snap?

People like you'.

Well, I...

Guess I have let the
place go a little.

Well, we could
fix it up.

It could all look just
like her room upstairs...

If we did it together.

You were upstairs?

How did you know
it was her room?

Well, it has
to be her room.

She's so beautiful.

What's her name?

Miss Lilly...

Miss Lilly Baldwin.

Bet you could
get this place fixed up

in a jiffy for miss Lilly,

with me helping.

I didn't ask you.

Didn't ask me
to leave either.

What did you say
your name was?

Laura Ingalls.

I already know yours.

Well, better start
cleaning up.

You take that rug outside
and give it a good shaking,

and I'll see what
I can do in here.

You're a real snippety-snap.
Yes, sir.

Did you really
chase kids away

with your big stick
like everybody says?

That what they say?

Some of them do.

Well, it wasn't
out of meanness.

It was just protecting
what was mine.

And miss Lilly's.

When will miss Lilly
be coming back?

Well, most anytime

soon as she gets
tired of city living.

How come you never
went to live in

the city with
miss Lilly? Hmm?

Who are you
coming around here

telling me what I
should or shouldn't do?

I didn't mean to.

But if you went
to the city,

you'd see miss Lilly
a whole lot more.

Well, I ain't
a city man.

Go crazy in those stacked houses.
All that noise.

People running
here and yon.

Fella could get
run down in the street.

I need a fat sun and good,
clean wind in my face.

Well, you're not
getting either of them

staying locked up in this
old house all the time.

Listen here,
you runny-nosed little upstart.

The windows are
looking a lot nicer.

I don't know

a lady could
appreciate more

clean windows...

Except maybe a clean
yard with flowers.

You let that yard go.

the matter?

Looks like
someone's coming.

Oh, that's
just my pa.

I didn't know
how late it was.


Hi, pa'.

Hi, half-pint,
Mr. Pike.

It's about time you came
for this snippety-snap.

I'll thank you to take miss
Laura Ingalls from over the hill

back over the hill.

I'm sorry if she caused
you any trouble, sir.

Time was when decent folks
kept their children at home

out of other folks'

Well, I suppose
you heard that.

I sure did.

That's just
the way he is.

He really likes me.

Well, this house
is looking better,

but I have to say there's
still a long way to go.

Pike: Yeah, well,
we're getting there.


Cobwebs couldn't
weigh more than air,

but bet I've cleared a ton of
them out of this room alone.

A lot of them

That's finished.

Could Polish furniture if you
had some furniture Polish.

Well, use your eyes,

There's a bottle right
there on the table.

This is going to be
the last day

I'll be able to help
you for a while.


My pa's going to take
me to mankato with him.

what about school?

Well, miss beadle feels
that geography is important

and the best way
to learn it

is to see it and then write
about it when you get back.

Have you ever been
to mankato?

Lots of times.

It's where I met
and married miss Lilly.

She was in
a repertory company.

A reper what?

A repertory company.

Means the same
actors and actresses

different plays,

different play
every night.

First time I saw
her, she was a singer

who had a broken heart,
a lot of sad songs.

Had everybody in
the theater crying,

whole ocean
of tears.

I don't think
I'd like that.

Yes, you would.
Everybody did.

Next night,
she was a dancer,

a gypsy...

around the stage,

in her hair,

lighter than

Took my breath away
just to watch her.

Dressed like that?

Yes, child.

Artist didn't paint her
as pretty as she is.

Did you see
all her plays?

Every one of them.

Not just once.

The theater was
my courting place.

I sat right in the
middle of the front row

every night,

where she could
see me.

I went backstage.

Was 4 days before
she even said hello.

Oh. Then what?

Then it was the
wonder, the glory,

and lightning all at the same time.

I came here,
built this house,

went back and asked
her to be my wife.

When she said yes,

I was so happy I was
dumbstruck for an hour.

Why did she go away?

It's none of
your business why.

I'm sorry.

There was nothing
here but this house...

No walnut grove,
no people...

No company
except for the birds

singing in the grove
down there.

She wasn't
used to it.

She got the lonesomes so bad

she couldn't
stand it.

Uh... she went away
for a little...

Back on the stage

In mankato?

Ohh... other places.

Mostly mankato.

Uh, standing
around here talking,

the spiders will be
gaining on me.

Be cobwebs in here
thicker than before.

You and ma went to the
theater in mankato,

didn't you, pa?


Did you see
miss Lilly?

No, half-pint. I doubt if miss
Lilly is still on the stage.

It's been
a lot of years now.

She sure looks young
in her picture.

I suppose that's why people
have their paintings done,

so they can remember
how they looked years back.

Do you suppose she's
as old as Mr. Pike is?

Hmm, pretty near,
I guess.

I bet if she knew how
much that he loved her,

she'd come back.

Well, maybe.

Now, don't forget, a
long, long time's gone by.

I still think that she'd
come back if she knew.

Well, maybe
you're right.

Can I go
for a walk, pa?

Yeah, all right.
Just don't get lost.

I won't.


Where'd you come
from, little lady?

I'm Laura Ingalls
from walnut grove.

You're a long way
from home.

You come in here

I bet you want to
become an actress.

No, sir.

I'm looking for a lady
who was in a reper...

Repertory company.

Yes. We've had
a lot of those.

They come and go,
come and go.

Well, this lady's name
was miss Lilly Baldwin.

Do you know her?

I did. Yes, indeedy.

No way to forget a
woman like miss Lilly.

Well, when
will she be back?

Well, she...

She won't,
little lady.

She got the cholera,

More than
20 years ago.

You must be mistaken.


We all knew and
loved miss Lilly.

We were very sad
when she passed on.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

I wish she were here,

I got the horses
taken care of.

It's time for your pa
to put on a feed bag.

I wonder what
it will do to Mr. Pike

when he finds out.

It's one of the facts of
life, half-pint.

It's going to come
to all of us

at the moment
of god's choosing.

It's one
of the reasons

why it's important
to have faith.

I don't think
Mr. Pike has faith.

He doesn't go
to church.

Doesn't necessarily
mean he's without faith.

He could just be
praying in his own way,

same as we did
out on the prairie.

I hope so.

Well, you know,
even people who aren't much on religion

generally turn to god
in their time of need.

Does god listen to people
who aren't very religious?

Sure, he does.

When we get back,
I'm going to have to tell Mr. Pike.

Want me to go
with you?


You're sure?

It's something
I have to do.

Pike: Up here, child.

What do you think,

Do you like it?

It's beautiful...


What's wrong, child?

I went to the theater
in mankato

and asked the man there
about miss Lilly.


I've got some more
cleaning to do.

Mr. Pike.

Mr. Pike.

She'll love all
these little music boxes.

She loves music.

Mr. Pike, I know this won't
be easy for you, but...

I found this one
just last week.

The minute I saw it,
I knew she'd love it.

Mr. Pike,
please listen to me.

about miss Lilly.

She got real sick,
Mr. Pike.

That's a lie.

It's a lie'.
I know it's a lie'.

You're just like
all the rest of them.

You're just
like that doctor.

He told me the same thing,
but I knew it was a lie.

She wanted to stay
in the city,

so she told him
to tell me that.

All those weary miles
to mankato...

and loving her.

He tells me
my wife is gone.

Well, I knew better.

When she gets her fill
of the big city,

she'll be back.

Mr. Pike...


Get out'.

I don't want to
ever hear anymore'.


Get out
and don't come back'.

Hi, darling.
Hi, pa.

What you doing
there, Carrie?

Drawing pictures, huh?

Hey, what's that?



I would recognize him

Ma's not back yet, huh?

Mary: No.

Well, that Amy Hearn
will talk a leg off a table.

How was your day?


Where's your sister?

She's up
in the barn.

She said she was studying
her Sunday school lesson.

On a Wednesday?

Doesn't sound
like your sister.

She's been so unhappy ever
since Mr. Pike got angry at her.

Yeah, I know.

She walks by his house
every day

and just stands there
looking at it.


I'll go outside and have
a little talk with her.

You up there,

Yes, pa.

Mary said you're doing
a Sunday school lesson.

Well, kind of.

I got looking,
and then I got reading.

Still worried
about Mr. Pike, huh?

It's been
two weeks, pa.

Well, half-pint, the more you
love, the more you hurt.

I reckon Mr. Pike

must have loved miss
Lilly an awful lot.

He surely did, pa...

And I hurt him
something awful.

Oh, it's
not your fault.

You did it
out of love.

Nothing bad ever
comes from the heart.

But it turned out
so wrong.

I thought
that once he knew

he'd stop waiting
for miss Lilly...

But he won't.

He's just going to stay
in that old house

forever and ever.

Why won't he listen?

Just doesn't want
to face it, I guess.

If only he turned
to god for help,

like you said.

It's right here
in the Bible.

"Jesus said unto her,
I am the resurrection and the life.

"He that believeth in me,
though he were dead,

yet he shall live."

If Mr. Pike would
only believe that,

he'd be all right,
wouldn't he, pa?

Yes, he would,


Why don't you come
on in the house now?

Can I read
just a little more?

Please, pa?

All right.

Why do you
keep looking?

You can't
go up there.

I know,
but I can look.

We'll be late.

You go ahead.
I'll catch up.

Hurry up, Willie.
You're no fun as the leader.

I'm doing
the best I can.

let me in front.

No. You always get
to go in front.

Hey, Laura. You want
to play follow the leader?

No. I don't
think so.

Nellie: You're scared the maniac
will come out and grab you.

He's not a maniac'.

We might believe that if you weren't
afraid to touch that old house.

I don't want to.

Willie: Laura
is a scaredy-cat'.

All: Laura
is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

Laura is a scaredy-cat'.

She's going in,

She's going in'.

Mr. Pike?

I brought back
your music box.

It's too pretty
to give away.

Small thanks for
trying to help me.

I read what you marked
so many times...

I know every word
by heart.

"He that believeth
in me...

he were dead...

Yet shall he live."

And this one...

"Whosoever liveth
and believeth in me

shall never die."

Does that mean she's
up there in heaven?


I want to believe that
more than anything.

I never was much
for believing.

I don't even know
how to start.

Just have faith.

what my pa says.

Then we'll see our loved
ones when we get there.

If I thought
I could see her again...

I should never
have brought her here.

She was like the doll
in that music...

So frail.


She got sick...

And I couldn't
make her well.

Help me to believe,

Help me to believe.

what happened?

What did he say?


What did he say?

He said he wanted
to see you, Nellie.


He said he wanted
to see you...

And Willie, too.

Uh, I got to go home
and do some chores now.

Uh, me, too.

Ha ha ha'.

Ha ha ha'.

Ha ha ha'.

See you Sunday.