Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 2, Episode 15 - A Matter of Faith - full transcript

Caroline Ingalls sends her family on ahead to the picnic grounds for the week-end, planning to join them after baking pies for a church fund-raiser, unaware that a simple scratch on her leg is quickly festering into a life-threatening infection.

Charles: Ho.

Laura: Hi, Jack.
Mary: Hi, Jack. Girls,

can you bring in
the laundry for me?

Sure, ma.
Come on, Laura.

Charles: You go along
with your sisters.

Laura: Come on, Carrie.

Here. I'll take
those things in.

No. If anybody breaks my new
lamp chimney, it better be me.

All right.


What's the matter?

Oh! I ruined
my best pair of stockings.

Let me take a look.

Oh, it's
just a scratch.

You better put
something on that.

Yeah. About
a half a spool of thread.

Don't you worry
about the stockings.

I'll get you
another pair.

It's my own fault

Should have gotten this
piece of wire off of here.

Oh, Carrie,
what have you done?

I'm sorry.

Well, don't move
and don't touch anything.


This is such a mess.

I'm sorry. Jack
made me spill it.

Well, Jack will just
have to be more careful.

Hello, Charles!

Charles: Hi, reverend!


Caroline: Good afternoon,
reverend Alden.


I thought you'd be
in stoddard.

That I was, but we fell short
of the money we needed

to raise the church.

Ah... I don't know. Maybe you
better speak to Charles.

Oh, no. No, I didn't
come to ask for money.

What I do need is a volunteer
to do some baking.


You see, we plan
to hold a bazaar sunday.

Some of those fine pies of yours
just might put us over the top.

Nels oleson donated
some flour and sugar.

I see.

Um... I'd like to do what I
can to help, reverend. Uh...

Charles: Hey, reverend!

Reverend: Charles.

Charles: I didn't expect
to see you till sunday.

We were gonna stop by, take
a look at the new church.

Are you going
to stoddard?

We're going through stoddard on
the way to turnbull's pig farm.

Gonna pick up
some hams and bacon

and stop by Johnson's Meadow
on the way back.

Oh, Caroline, I'm sorry.

I didn't realize that
the family had plans.

Charles, reverend Alden
needs me to do some baking.

They didn't get enough
money for the church,

and they're having a bazaar
over there on sunday.

Well, that's no problem.
We don't leave for two days.

Well, yes, but..

The pies would
have to be fresh.

I'd have to bake
on Saturday.

Now, Caroline,
I appreciate the thought,

but the children are probably
counting on this trip.

Reverend, don't worry
about the children.

I'll just postpone the trip
for a week.

Oh, no!

Charles, you go ahead
with the children.

It'll be easier
for me anyway,

baking without
everybody underfoot.

Looks like your baker's
already made up her mind.

Caroline, Mrs. Foster and I are
going to drive over on sunday.

Now, if you'd like,
you could ride along

and join the family
at Johnson Meadow.

Yes. Good.
Thank you.

Reverend, Solomon himself couldn't
have found a better solution.

You know, the lord
may work in strange ways,

but sometimes
for his ministers,

it's just down right

- Ha ha ha!
- Not too embarrassing

to have a bite of supper
with us, I hope.

Well, now that
you mention it...

I was just reading
this article here

about a couple of
families in Springfield.

Went into town,
left their doors open.

When they came back, they'd been
cleaned out lock, stock, and barrel.

My goodness.

I just wonder what this
country's coming to.

Be a good idea if you kept the
door locked while we're gone.

All right, Charles,
I'll keep the door locked.

But don't you worry
about me.

You just go on
and have a good time.

You know you're going to enjoy
it as much as the children will.

If I didn't know better,

I'd say you were trying
to get rid of me.

Aw, Charles.

Well, you make this whole thing
sound like a holiday for you.

Well, everybody likes to
have a day all to herself

once in a while.

Just to think and relax.

Relax. You're going to spend
the whole day baking pies.

And I'm going to spend the
whole day thinking about you.

That makes me
feel good.

I love you.

Oh, I love you.

Good night.

You're sure you're
going to miss me?


All right.

All right, all aboard!

If you can't get a board,
get a plank!

I'll get aboard.

Well, you better or the Ingalls
train will leave without you.

Come on, Jack.
That's my girl.

Hey, are you
all set, Mary?

I forgot my glasses.

Mary: Ah!

Laura: Ha ha ha!

Charles: Now,
you ready, Laura?

I forgot something.

Caroline: Oh!

Charles: I'm glad you
didn't forget anything.

- Here.
- All right. What's this?

Oh, just some
bandages and peroxide

in case the girls
get hurt.

Oh, that smells
a little more interesting.

It's apple, fresh out of the oven.
Enjoy it.

I'd enjoy it a lot more if we weren't
leaving you here by yourself.

Oh, I'll be fine. You just go
ahead and have a good time.

All right. You be sure to lock
the door and don't overdo.

Charles, it's
only for one day.

All right.
Are you ready now?

Laura: Yes.

All aboard!

Bye, ma.

Bye. Have a good time.

- Thanks.
- Bye, ma.

Bye, Laura.
Enjoy yourself.

I will.

Caroline: There you go.

Charles: See you
day after tomorrow.

Caroline: Yes. Be sure your sister
stays sitting down in the wagon!

Laura: I will!

Mary: Bye, ma!

Laura: Bye, ma!


Caroline: Dr. Baker.

Baker: Whoa.

Afternoon, Caroline.
Is Charles around?

No. He and the children left early
this morning for turnbull's place.

Oh, doggone it.

What's the matter?

Well, I got a squeaking
left wheel here,

and I was counting on
Charles to fix it for me.

I can't help you
with your wheel,

but I do have some
fresh blueberry pie.

Why don't you
come on inside,

have a piece of pie
and some milk?

Thank you very much. I haven't
eaten since breakfast.

Is that your secret,


Well, do you always bake
pies in your bare feet?


No. I, uh...

I forgot to put
my shoes back on.

You look a little flushed.
Is something wrong?

Oh, no.
I'm just hot.

I've been baking
all day.

Nothing else, huh?

No. I don't think so.

I cut my leg, but I put
a bread poultice on it.

Well, that sounds like something
I would have prescribed.

But I'll take a look at it
before I leave.

You know, I wish more people would
take care of things right away

instead of letting
them go on and on.

Doc baker!

I spent a half day
looking for you.

You got to
come quick.

Well, take it easy, Fred.
What's wrong?

My boy Toby. He fell
out of the loft.

He's hurting bad. His
arm's broke, I think.

Baker: Well, don't worry, and save
me a piece of that pie, Caroline.

Mr. Cullers, is there
anything I can do to help?

No, thanks,
Mrs. Ingalls.

The missis
is with Toby.


You're a very lucky boy,

A slight concussion
and a sprained elbow

is not bad for someone
who tries to fly out of a loft.

Am I gonna be ok,
Dr. Baker?

You'll be a trifle sore
for a while.

I swear I don't know what I'm
gonna do with that boy, doctor.

He just won't listen.


Well, Toby will listen for
the next couple of weeks.

You're not to get out of that
bed, you understand, Toby?

Yes, sir.

Won't you stay
to supper, doctor?

I've got it
on the stove.

Well, I appreciate that,
Mrs. Cullers,

but I still have a couple
of calls yet to make.

Better not try
making them now, doc.

See those clouds?
Real gullywasher coming.

You sure, Brad? I should be
back in walnut grove tonight.

Well, the shape that
rig of yours is in,

you'll be lucky to get
home by tomorrow night.

Come morning, I'm gonna
pull that axle...

to straighten it,

or else you'll ruin
two good wheels.

Well, I wouldn't
want to do that.

It sure sounds like
an awful lot of trouble.

I hate to put
you folks out.

No trouble at all, doc.
Glad to have you.

I'll have supper on the table
in a little while.

Thank you.

Oh, no.

Oh, cow.


Uh! Come on!





Aw! Hey, girls!

Get the bedrolls
and get under the wagon!


Come on, hurry up!
Get under, Carrie.

Watch out for that skillet.
It's hot.

Fish are cooked through.
I'll serve them up.

I've got the milk.


Does this mean we'll
have to go home?

Well, it does if you leave my bedroll
out there all night getting wet.

Here you go, Carrie.

Sorry, pa.

That's all right.

There will be a little water on
your fish, but they'll be good.

I bet your ma's having
the time of her life,

sitting at home
in a nice, warm, cozy house.

I wish
I were with her.

Oh, not me.

I'd much rather be out here
in the pouring rain...

Having a nice, wet supper,
ice-cold cup of coffee.

A man couldn't ask
for any more than that.

Ha ha!






What in tarnation
is all the commotion...

Oh, that blasted cow!

Come on, let's
get her out of here

before she ruins your
mother's flower garden.

Well, good lord.

Good lord,
look at that mess.

By god, your mom's
gonna be...


Hey, isn't this
the Ingalls' cow?

Yeah, by golly,
I reckon it is.

She needs milking.
I can take her home

and be back
before breakfast.

No, sirree. Sonny, you just
go fetch me the milk bucket.

Ingalls wants his cow,
he can come and get her.

They might be hunting all
over for her right now, pa.

Serves them right.

In the meantime,

a little extra milk should
soothe your ma's feelings

for when she sees her
torn-up flower garden.

Come on, don't just stand there.
Get the bucket.



Don't scratch it too hard now.
It's just a baby.

Piggly wiggly. I'll take him
home and keep him in my bed.

But you can't
do that.

Won't be long before
he's as big as his mama.

He'd break your bed.


Yes, he would.

He's so cute.

I've carried beef quarters

didn't weigh any more
than these hams.

Well, you see, Charles,
pigs are smart.

You put food
in front of them,

they'll eat it.

Just teach them
to smoke themselves,

you won't have to do
any work at all.

Hey, looks like you might have
an addition to the family.

Ho ho!

So you like
the little fella, do you?

Yeah. Ha ha!
He's cute.

Pa, Carrie
wants to take

the piggly wiggly
home with her.

Ah, no, we can't
do that, darling.


Well, he's just too little.

He's got to stay here
with his ma.

But Mary said you can
feed him with a bottle.

Sorry, pa.

Well, that's true enough,
but this is his home,

and he's gonna have to stay
here till he grows up.

Then where will he go?

Well, then he'll...

Oh, well, he's such
a handsome little fella,

he'll find himself a lady
friend and raise a family.

And have babies.

Sure as shootin'.

Ha ha ha!

Pretty as he is.

Carrie: Good.

All right, girls.
Into the wagon.

I want to make sure we get to
Johnson's Meadow before your ma does.

Bye, piggly wiggly.

Come on, Carrie.

Ray, I want to thank you
for that little story.

I was afraid I'd never get her to
eat another slab of bacon again.

I'll see you.

Charles: Now we can get
in a little fishing.


You are handsome
at that, too.

There you are,
back to mama!

Laura: Bye!


Charles: Ha!

You know, Mrs. Foster,
I'm doubly glad

that you and Mrs. Ingalls are
going along with me to stoddard.

After all the work the ladies
of walnut grove have gone to,

it will be nice there will be someone
there to accept their appreciation.

Whoa, boy! Whoa!

Just a minute, Mrs. Foster,
I'll give you a hand down.

Thank you, reverend.
I can manage.

Mrs. Ingalls.

Oh, would you
look at that.

Oh... caroline's pies are the
talk of the women's league.

Mrs. Ingalls?

I've never seen better-looking
pies than that.

Wouldn't be surprised if she wins a
prize on founder's day this year.

Reverend: Caroline!

Foster: Caroline probably decided
to go ahead with the family.

You're probably right.

But if we're going to get to
stoddard in time for the bazaar,

we have got to
get moving.

Here. Let me give you
a hand with those.

Thank you.

- Mmm. Ha ha ha!
- Aren't they beautiful.

Will you look
at that blueberry pie.

Reverend: I think we're gonna
make a fortune out of these.

Foster: We can always depend
on Caroline with her pies.

That's the last one.

Watch me this time!

Charles: You got to
come out to here!


Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Not bad.
You hit your feet.

Come on, Mary.

It's your turn.
It's fun.

Don't be afraid.

I don't want to
get my head underwater.

You sure you'll catch
me before I go under?

I'll do the best I can.

Come on! I'll catch you
right out about here.

Don't be afraid.
Real good swing.


Well, I almost
caught you.

That's ok.
That was fun.

Ho! Look out!

Here I come!

Nan. Look out'.!

Ha ha ha!

That was a good one!

Did ma
ever do this?

Oh, you bet!
She was darn good at it, too.

Hey, come on.
Let's get dried off.

We got to look respectable
when the reverend gets here.

I didn't think you were
gonna come down that time.

"And if thy hand offend thee,
cut it off."

"It is better for thee
to enter into life maimed."

"And if thy foot offend thee,
cut it off:

It is better for thee
to enter halt into life..."


Charles: All right,
where is everybody?

I hear laughing.

I hear a dog.

Ah, now I hear him.

Aah! Ha ha ha!

- Boo!
- Where are you?

Oh! No pulling my suspenders!

That ain't fair!
That's cheating!

Who just bit my foot?

I hope that was you,


Jack, you're it
for touching my boot.

Ha ha ha!

Behind you! Behind you!

I'm gonna get me... oh!

Hee hee hee!

Oh, I hear giggling!

I hear gig... oh! Ha!

I got somebody. I got...
Who have I got?

I got Mr. Edwards.
I can feel whiskers.

Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!

I'm not Mr. Edwards.

Well, who is this?
Why, it's Carrie.

How are you? Mmm...

Hi, reverend!

Here. Come on.
We'll go see mama.

Good afternoon,

Good afternoon,

Hi, reverend, Mrs.
Foster. Hello.

You girls can be very
proud of your mother.

The people
at the bazaar

snapped up her pies
the first thing.

That's wonderful!

Our ma's the best baker
in the whole world.

nearly $4.00.

Of course I think
a little of it

might have had to do
with my salesmanship.

Hello, Charles.

Charles: Hi, reverend.

What happened? Caroline
change her mind about coming?

Well, I thought she
came ahead with you.

wasn't home.

The pies were waiting
outside the door.

Well, she didn't
leave a note or anything?


Shutters were closed.
The door was locked.

That's not like Caroline, going
off, not leaving some kind of word.

Well, Charles, I don't think
there's any need to worry.

It's... maybe
something came up.

Maybe Caroline went to lend a hand
to a neighbor. You know how she is.

Yeah. I'd feel better
if I knew for sure.

Girls, I think we'll hitch
up the team, head back home.

Well, now, Charles,
there's no reason

to spoil the
children's good time.

Take the buckboard.
It'll be faster.

Then Mrs. Foster and I will
bring the children along.

You're sure
you don't mind?

- No. Go on.
- Not at all

I'd feel a lot better.
I'll see you at home, girls.

- Have a safe trip.
- Bye, pa.

Come on!

Hey, Ingalls!

wait a minute!

Ho! Mr. Barrett.

Mr. Ingalls, I figured it was
about time you was showing up.

I'm sorry. I don't know what
you're talking about, Barrett.

Why, that daggone cow
of yours.

Showed up here
caterwauling this morning

before the birds
was up.

Dug up all my wife's
flower garden.

Caroline didn't come by
to pick her up?

No, Caroline didn't
come by to pick her up

because then I wouldn't still
have the cow here, would I?

No, sir.
I fed your animal...


And I..

Hey! Don't you want
to take your animal?



I've never seen ma
so sick before.

Neither have I,
darling, but...

Your ma's real strong,

and Dr. Baker's doing
everything he can.

She's not going
to die, is she, pa?

Come on. This is no time
to talk like that.

God takes care of
those that love him.

Then he has to
let ma live.

He just has to.

He will.
You wait and see.

We just have to pray...

With all our hearts.

With all our hearts.


The fever's broken.

Courageous woman.

If she hadn't opened the
infection when she did,

she would have lost her
leg, probably her life,

but now with...
With rest...

She's gonna be just fine.

Tell the girls,
will you?

You can go in now, girls.

Mary: Come on, Carrie.
Let's go see ma.

She's gonna be
all right.

You know, reverend,

a doctor would
have had difficulty

making the decision
Caroline did.

How she picked exactly
the right moment...

Only god knows.

I'm sure he does,

I'm sure he does.