Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 1, Episode 22 - Survival - full transcript

While on their way home to Walnut Grove after a trip to Mankato, the Ingalls family are unexpectedly snowbound, with little food, at a remote mountain cabin by a late-spring blizzard. But a desperate situation soon turns deadly when a renegade U.S. Marshall, blinded by hate, shows up half-frozen at their door, only moments ahead of the man he has vowed to bring back dead: a Sioux Indian chief who has just saved Charles' life.

Laura, voice-over:
It was spring,

and pa took all of us
with him to mankato.

It was a wonder
to see the city,

but like pa says,

it's a fine thing
to be going home,

and besides,
I missed my dog Jack.


What's wrong,

Nothin', I'm sure.

Just makes me nervous
when I see men in a hurry.

Good day to you.

Hi. How are you?

I'm Jim Anders, U.S.
marshal out of sleepy eye.

My deputies hill
and Curtis.

I'm Charles Ingalls.

This is my wife.

We're chasing
a savage,

a renegade sioux by the
name of Jack lame horse.

I didn't think there were any
sioux left in these parts.

Well, there won't be,
soon as we catch this'un.

I can't help you.
I haven't seen him.

Much obliged.

If I was you folks, I'd
start lookin' for shelter.

There's a blizzard

A storm, maybe. A little late
in the year for a blizzard.

Well, now you call it
what you want to, mister.

But that's
a blizzard wind.

Both of my feet
have been frostbit twice.

They tell me when
a bad one's comin',

and they're
tellin' me now.

Be on the lookout for
that savage, y'hear?

I will. What did
this lame horse do?

He got born.

Good day, ma'am.


He calls the Indian
a savage.


I could cut across
Parker point,

but I'm afraid
to take a chance.

This wind's got me
thinking that fellow

was right
about the weather.

The temperature's
dropping awfully fast.

You best get inside
with the girls.

Charles: You all set?


Here we go! Hyah!

It sure is cold.

We'll just have to
snuggle down and keep warm.

It's snowing!

I know, dear.

Place is deserted.

Everybody out.

Take Carrie inside.

Mary: Over here.
Come on, hurry!

Let me wedge
that door.

All right,
that's got it.

Well, we got
4 walls and a roof.

And a fireplace.

We're in luck.

You got enough kindling
here to get a fire started.

I'll go out and get us
a load of wood.

Before you know it, this
place'll be warm as toast.


I'm thirsty
and hungry.

Better get this
window fixed before I leave.

No, I'll do that.

Get some wood
before it gets dark.

You sure?

The women
in this family

can manage
quite nicely.

All right. Some tools
in the supply box.

I'll be back soon.

Make sure you brace
this door good.

Mary, will you get
the fire started?

Yes, ma.

And, uh...

I'll see what I can do
about this window.

Ooh. Well, it's not
the work of a carpenter,

but it will keep some
of the wind out.

It's snowing
harder, ma.

Oh, I noticed
a flake or two.

Ooh! Oh, that's fine, Mary.

The chimney draws
very well, doesn't it?


I still cold.

Aw. Just be patient.

You father
will be back soon

with some wood,

and we'll make
a big, warm fire.


We gonna have a blizzard
like the man said?

We've got a storm.

Isn't a blizzard yet.

We'll just hope it
doesn't turn into one.

What if it does?

Well, we'll just make due.

We've been through
cold weather before.

- Oh!
- Aah!


Bring this box over.

That scared me
half to death!

Ha ha ha!

Caroline: Charles!

Go back in the house!
I'll be done soon!

I was worried
you were so long.

I can't move
very fast in this.

Supper's ready.
Can't you eat now?

I want to finish this
before it's dark.

You go on and eat.
I'll be in soon.

Charles: Dear lord...

Thank you for this food

and a place
in which to eat it.

Thank you for
the protection from the storm.

Thank you for
all of your blessings.

Guide us and show us
the way, o lord. Amen.


You shouldn't have
waited for me.

You must be starving.

Well, it's not often we get
to have a quiet supper alone.

It's good.


it's yesterday's

I just wish we had a
barrel of it for tomorrow.

Just had enough food
to get us from mankato.

3 days, 6 meals.
There can't be much left.

Half a loaf of bread,
small piece of bacon,

3 apples,

some corn meal,
and some coffee.

Winter was over
a month ago.

Flowers in the window
box when we left home.

Wrong time of the year
for a blizzard.

Maybe it won't last.

Caroline, there's better
than 2 feet of snow out there.

If it stopped right now,
we'd be in trouble.

That doesn't seem likely.


No, no, dear.
It's not time to wake up.

Snuggle down
and go back to sleep.

Sure, ma.

The longer they sleep,

the less time they'll have
to think about being hungry.

You didn't sleep
at all.

I catnapped a little.

The snow stopped.

Maybe it's over.

'Fraid not. I was outside
a few minutes ago.

Look of that sky and
the feel of the wind,

I think
there's more comin'.

Considering what you
had to work with,

that's quite
an achievement.

I'm gonna need 'em.

Wanna go hunting before
the storm hits again.

You think we'll be
snowed in a long time.

It's a possibility.

I can't take a chance.

Gotta get us some food just
in case the storm does hit.

I'll get you
some breakfast.

No, no.
I'm not hungry,

and I wanna
get started.

you have to eat.

Caroline, please. Now
don't argue with me.

Just give whatever's
left to the girls.


You did say I was putting
on a few pounds, you know.


It's startin' to snow.

I finished
my 6s.

I'm on my 4s.

You lose your turn.

Liners are good.

Not the way
we play at school.

We're not playing the
way we play at school.

We're playing
mankato rules!

You never played
hopscotch in mankato.

You don't even know
what the rules are.

Just a minute.
It's my turn anyway.

That's right.
It's mom's turn.

Besides, you're not supposed
to argue over a game.

Right, ma?

You have my permission to argue

if It'll help you
to keep warm.


Hop, hop!

Hop, hop!

Caroline: Simon says
move your face around.

All right. Simon says
turn around fast.

Turn around!
All right.

Simon says
jump up and down.

Simon says touch your knees.

Simon says
touch your ears.

Touch your head.

Ooh! Ha!

Carrie, Simon didn't say,
so you're out.

Mama said to.


All right.

Now I want you to
eat that slowly.

Yes, ma'am.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Tiny bites.

Yes, ma.

Make it last.

Dear god...

Protect him.

All right, girls.

It's gonna be
time for bed.


Help me.

Move that!


Oh, your face!



My feet.




I could lose
my foot.

It's froze.

You'll be all right.

You'll be all right.

I'll get your
boots off.

You can't.
You can't.

They froze.

Your husband'll
have to do it.

Oh, he's not here.

We needed food.
He hasn't come back yet.

He's out there?
In this?

God help him.

Do your feet hurt?

Like fury.

It's hard to believe

Fast a man can get
in trouble

in weather like this.

Well, how'd they
get that way?

Well, my...

Horse pulled off
the picket line,

and I went out
to fetch him, and I...

I just got
turned around and blind.

I was lost. I...

Couldn't find my way
back to camp.

Well, how'd you
find us?

I just...

Started walkin', and...

Stumbled across ya.

Our pa won't get lost.

He knows how to
mark a trail.

Well, that's pretty hard to
do in this kind of weather.

Not for pa.

He can take care
of himself.

You wait and see.

I'm sure he can,
little one.

You ever shoot

Not unless
I have to.

When we saw you
on the road,

you were looking
for an Indian.

Jack lame horse.

what did he do?

Laura, you're being
a bother.

It's no bother.
It's history.

I mean, it's something
they should know,

something they should
learn and remember.

Well, tell you what.

In '62, the sioux just
about wiped all of us out,

folks like your ma
and pa,

children like you.

They almost got us.

But we got up...

And we fought...

And we taught 'em
a lesson.

one of their chiefs...

His name was...

Jack lame horse.

He's the only one left.

But what happened
to the others?

They're dead.


Some we shot...

Some we hung.

I think that's enough
history, Mr. Anders.

Yes, ma'am.


Oh, thank god!

Lame horse?

Lame horse!

Put the rifle down.

Charles: Wait...

Hold it!
Right there.

He saved my life.

I said hold it!

If you don't want him
shot, get him outta here!

Get 'em all outta here!
Hurry up.


The other rifle.


Now the knife.



That's it, Indian.

All right, woman.

Get over there and get
that rope and tie him up.

And tie him up tight!
Hurry up!

It's good and hot.

The girls
are all right.

How about you?

I'm fine.

I was afraid he was
gonna shoot you.

So was I.
He's so full of hate.

It's hard to believe
he's the law.

I know, but he is.

When I was out
hunting, I had a deer.

Had it almost back,
and then I lost it.

Don't fret.

Our prayers were answered
when you came back.

We'll need food.

I'll go hunting again as soon as
there's a lull in this blizzard.

And if there
isn't a lull?

There's always
the horses.

You let him go!

Dirty Indian lover!
Get up!

Come on!

Get in there!

I'm hungry!

I know.

But you have to try not
to think about it.

Pa'll get us some food as
soon as the snow stops.

Hope Mr. Lame horse
is all right.

Me, too.

Why does Mr. Anders
hate him so much?

Because he's
an Indian, I guess.

Well, that doesn't
make sense.

He's a good man.
He saved pa.

That doesn't matter
to Mr. Anders.

Pa says people that
hate never make sense.

He says all you can
do is pray for 'em.

Well, it's hard to pray for
a man like Mr. Anders.

But I will.

The storm
isn't gonna let up.

It's gettin' worse.

I'm gonna have to go
to the barn.

I, uh...

Could use a bowl of
that soup or something.

It's all gone. I gave the
last of it to the girls.

There'd of been some left if
you hadn't of fed that Indian.

He earned what he got.

Ingalls, you're gonna...
Rue the day

that you let
that murderer go.

Murderer! You keep saying that.
Who did he murder?


He was one of the sioux
chiefs in the '62 uprising.

Tried and convicted
and sentenced to hang!

Then why didn't he?

Well, Abe Lincoln.

He stuck his nose
into it.

He called them
sioux warriors,

said they believed in what
they were fighting for.

So he pardoned the
whole bunch of 'em!

No different from the men who
wore confederate uniforms

fought for what
they believed in.

That was different!

President Lincoln
didn't think so.

This is a reservation jumper
who hates all white men!

Then why did he
save my life?

Well, I don't know, to get in here
to get your kids, your woman,

your supplies!
I don't know!

It's been 16 years
since the uprising,

and you're so full of
hate, you believe that.

Yes, I do.

Where are you going?

Out to the barn.

You want to
take a walk?

Thank you.

In the house.
Get warm.

Good luck.

Lame horse!


I got him.

I got him!

He didn't have to
come back.

He came back
to bring us food!

He came back so
you wouldn't go hungry!

Now you help me
get him into the house.

Will he be
all right?

Well, I got
the bullet out.

The wound looks clean.

He'll make it.

Here's more soup.


I think what he
needs now is just rest.

That's all.

I'll get some more wood
for the fire.

Look, Ingalls, I've said I'm
sorry every way I know.

What do you want?

People like you have taken
everything away from that man.

His freedom...

His land...

Almost his life.

Don't tell me
you're sorry. Tell him.

Laura, voice-over:
3 weeks passed,

and the wind shifted
to the south.

Mr. Lame horse was better,

and pa said
we could head on home.

Man: Hello!

It's my boys.

Hey, thought we'd
lost you for good!

I got lucky.

Some people
took care of me.

Wait right there.
I'll be right with you.

We gotta get going.

We haven't seen
anything of lame horse.

How 'bout you?

No, and...

And I ain't lookin'
anymore, either.


He's probably back on
the reservation by now.


We gotta get goin'.

What happened to you?

What does it look
like happened to me?

I almost lost 10 toes.
Here, gimme a hand.


Next time I tell you
there's gonna be a blizzard,

maybe you'll believe me.

I will!

Even if it's
the fourth of July.

Let's go home.