Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 1, Episode 17 - Doctor's Lady - full transcript

It's love at first sight between Doc Baker and a beautiful, though much younger, Kate Thorvald, Harriet Oleson's visiting niece; but when Kate happily consents to become his wife, Doc's ...

Man: Hyah!

Stage is late.

Stage is early.

Man: Whoa!

Whoa! Whoa!

Woman: Oh! Oh!

Oh, Katy dear!
Oh, my goodness!

Oh! Oh, you call
yourself a driver?

You... you can't control your
horses any better than that?

Oh! Somebody fetch
Dr. Baker quick!

Katy: It's my ankle. I
think I sprained my ankle.

Charles: Here.
Put your arm around me.

There we go.

Charles: Doctor!

Right this way,

Fool driver. I'm going
to have him fired.

Right on the table.

Charles: Looks like her
hand and her ankle, doctor.

Really, there's no need
to make such a fuss.

Charles: He's just a veterinarian,
but he's all we've got.

Thank you.


Well, let's have a look
at that hand.


Uh-huh. That hurt a little?

Some, yes.

If it were my thumb,
I'd say more than some.

You've dislocated it,
young lady.

How'd you manage that?

Well, I... I made a fool of
myself getting off the stage.

Oh, the driver's the one
who made a fool of himself.

Why, he wasn't minding
his horses properly,

and he hadn't even
set the brake!

Well, doesn't matter.
What's done is done.

All right. Let's take care
of the thumb first.

Mrs. Oleson, would you hand me that
jar with the cotton in it, please?


Thank you.

Excuse me.

Oh, you must be the niece from
Chicago we've been hearing about.

Yeah. Kate thorvald.

Your aunt didn't warn us
to expect such a pretty one.

Ha ha ha! Well,
of course,

we haven't seen her
since she was a child,

and then to have this terrible thing
happen the moment she arrives.

Uh, doctor, can I
help you with that?

Yes. Thank you.

Now, miss thorvald, if
you'll just lie back gently.

Just a moment. I want to get
this bottle out of the way here.



Oh. That was a pretty
sneaky thing to do.

Well, with most
of my patients,

a peppermint stick
eases the pain.

I didn't think it
would work with you.

Well, now I'll tend to
your other hurts.

The right or the left
ankle, miss thorvald?

Uh... it's, uh...
It's the right ankle.

Folks, would you mind
waiting outside, please?

Well, come along.
Come along.

The doctor can
take care of her.


Oh, I don't think this is
going to be too serious.

You sure you don't
want to be carried?

No, I'm fine,

but I could use
your shoulder to lean on, uncle.

Sure, Kate.
I'll help you.


Cold compresses on that
ankle for a day or so.

And light exercise,
miss thorvald.

I will, and thank you.

Well, how is it that a, uh,
beautiful girl like that

puts her arms around you the
first time she sees you?

Irresistible impulse.

Back east, I used to have
to fight the women off.

That so?

Tell me, is this a, uh,
meeting of the liars club,

or are we going
to play pinochle?

I play pinochle.

I don't know
what it is you play.



What makes a man
like Dr. Baker stay

in a small town
like this?

Folks around here
need a doctor.

Need a vet, too,
and he's both.

Yes, but he could...



I think I'll go
for a ride

this afternoon,
all right?

Well, sure. You're here
to enjoy yourself.

Well, you were right. That's
a foxtail, sure enough.

Now hold his head still.

We'll have them out
in a jiffy.


You know, you have the makings
of a good doctor, young lady.


When a dog keeps shaking
his head like that,

why, you can make
a bet on it

he's got a foxtail
in his ear.


3... nope, 4 of them.

Nasty little things,
aren't they?

Dr. Baker? I expect you
to stay for supper.

Well, thank you.

I don't know how to thank you
for that major surgery, doc.

Well, your invitation to supper
is thanks enough.

I'm so glad
you could be here.

Not as glad as I am.

Girls, hurry up
and finish your homework.

I know you want to visit
with Dr. Baker after supper.

Laura: Yes, ma.

Charles, could you bring
that stool, please?


Doc, the stew
is delicious.

- Hmm.
- There you go.

Thank you.

My horse threw me.

Come on in.

Oh, Dr. Baker.
What a pleasant surprise.

Miss thorvald,
won't you sit down?

Oh, thank you.
I'm... I'm really fine.

Just bruised myself
a little bit.

you're limping.

Oh, it's, uh,
it's just from the walk.

Actually, all I need
is sympathy and a wash.

Let me take your things.

Charles, do you mind putting
some water on to heat?


I haven't been thrown
in years.

I can't imagine
what frightened him.

He's probably back
at the stable by now.

Won't you stay
for supper?

Oh, I was hoping
you'd invite me.

It smells delicious.

You're invited.


Are you asleep?

answer me.

Are you asleep?

Why do you do that?

Do what?

Tell me to answer you
if I'm asleep

'cause if I'm asleep,
I'd have to wake up

to tell you I was asleep, then
I wouldn't be asleep anymore.

You know,
you're right.

From now on,
I'll just ask you

if you're awake,
all right?

I suppose.

Did you see Dr. Baker
looking at miss thorvald

at supper?

All doctors look
at people.

That's how they find out
what's the matter with them.

But Dr. Baker
was looking

right in miss
thorvald's eyes.

Well, she must have
hurt one of them.

Tsk. No, silly.

I think Dr. Baker
likes her.

'Course he does.
He likes everybody.

I think
Dr. Baker loves her.

Now you're being silly.
Just go to sleep.


are you awake?


You came to
the store yesterday

and the day before.

Yes. Yes, I did.

There was something
I wanted to buy.

You asked after me
both times.

Well, of course
I'm interested in you.

I mean, how you're
getting along and, uh...

You didn't ask
to see me.

Didn't you want
to see me?

Of course I wanted
to see you. I mean, uh...

Only as a patient?

On the contrary.

Then will you please ask me to go
for a drive tomorrow, Dr. Baker?

- Kate?
- Yes, aunty.

Oh, it's you.

Where on earth have you been?

I have been worried sick.

Well, my horse
threw me.

Oh! I knew it.

I... I knew you should never
have gone out alone.

I told nels. Now he's out
looking for you.

Oh, aunty, really. You
needn't have bothered.

I can take care
of myself,

and, uh, besides, I was
in very good hands.

You still haven't answered
my question, Dr. Baker.


I'd be delighted.

And I'd be delighted
to accept.

Thank you.

Good night.


I like you, hyram Baker.

I like you,
Kate thorvald.

Thank you for
a lovely afternoon.

I don't know what to say.

I enjoyed it, but...
That sounds lame.

That's good enough.


Hello, aunty.

Is that man
in love with you?

I hope so.

Kate! Why, how can you
say such a thing?

He's too old for you!

And besides, he's nothing but a
veterinarian... a small-town veterinarian.

- He is a doctor.
- Who has nothing.

Oh, Kate, now, you could have
the pick of any man you wanted.

I don't want any man.

Hyram is the finest, gentlest,
kindest man I've ever met,

and if he loves me,
I'm proud of it.

But with
your background,

your upbringing.

You could do
so much better.

Aunty, my background is
exactly the same as yours.

Papa just happened to make a
lot of money before he died.


Now, please, aunty. I don't
want to quarrel about this.

We had a lovely,
lovely afternoon.

Neither of us said
anything serious

about what we might
be feeling,

and nothing is
any different.


Oh, what am I going
to tell your mother?

I'm responsible for you.
You realize that.

You can write mother
whatever you like.

Just remember that I'm old
enough to make my own decisions.

Now what about the party
Saturday night?

You've invited
Dr. Baker, haven't you?

I've invited
almost everyone.

Including Dr. Baker?


And don't you
glare at him.

I'd never glare.


There you are, Charles.


I ought to be able to have
this order out for you

by noon tomorrow
without any trouble.

Ah, good, good.

There goes doc Baker.

You know, he doesn't even
stop by to say hello

now that that young girl
has come to town.

He doesn't know
what he's doing.

Oh, got his head in
the clouds, I guess.


You know, Charles,
if I waited 5 years,

he would catch up
with me in age,

and you don't see me trying to
spark a young girl like that.

Ah, I could spark
in 15 years ago.

Maybe that's what's
bothering you.


80 kings.

Here. You borrow
my glasses.

I got my own glasses.

Since when is
a Jack a king?

I'm sorry.

Now what is the matter
with you tonight?

You... misdeal,

you miscalculate,
you misplay.

I'm just not thinking.

Oh, that is
just the trouble.

You are thinking,
but of something else.

You... do you want to quit?

Might as well.

I'm spoiling
your pleasure.

All right.
We won't count this.

We won't count
any of tonight.


After I say this,
tell me to shut up.

But you are my friend
too long,

so I can't keep quiet.

Do you know what you are
doing to yourself?

She is a child,

and you are almost
as old as me.

Nobody alive
is old as you.

No, no. I am serious.

I know, my friend.

I've said that
to myself and more,

including if we were to
marry and have children,

they'd be more like
my grandchildren.

20 years from now,

she'll still be
a young woman.

And I...

And you know something?

I don't care.

I really don't care.

For the first time
in my life,

I really feel...



Don't have the mind or the, uh,
time for pinochle anymore.

Good night.

Are you off
on your rounds?

Good morning, Kate.

What would your patients
say if I were to go along?

If you...

Well, I... I guess they'd say
I was a lucky man.

Well, then,
you're a lucky man.


Much better.

Your reward for being
such a good patient.

To be used as needed.

How are you feeling,

Never better.

Well, I, uh, suspect
I'll be out here again

before the week is out.

She's a lovely girl.

I'm so happy for you.

She is a lovely girl,

and don't jump
to conclusions.

And don't eat so much.

It may be fashionable,
but it isn't healthy.

Say hello to oli.

What was Helga whispering
to you about?

Oh, that's a
doctor/patient secret.

Comes under
the hippocratic oath.

My lips are sealed.

Dr. Baker: Whoa.

Hello! Won't you come in?
We're just about to eat.

Oh, no, thank you,
Mrs. Ingalls.

I just stopped by
to deliver something

for the girls.

Thank you.

How kind of you.


Laura, not until
after you eat.

How's Jack?
Is his ear all right?

Oh, he's fine.
You sure you won't come in?

Next time.

Do. Both of you.

And make it soon.

You going
to get married?

Laura, hush!

all I said was...

I know what you said.
Come on in the house.

Get up.

Kate: Whoa! Whoa!


Aren't you going
to ask me?

Kate, you don't mean it.

But I do.

You're too...

I'm too old.


I don't want to ever
hear you say that again.

I know you love me.

Everybody knows it.

I want you to tell me.

I do.

I do love you, Kate.

And I love you.

Ha ha ha!

Hey, doc!

Need you at
Jim Keller's place!

His boy fell off the barn
and hurt his leg bad!

Be right there. Hyah!

You still
haven't asked me.

Kate thorvald,
will you marry me?

You bet I will!

How you doing, doc?

Hello, Ingalls.
Where's oleson?

He's back in the storeroom looking
for a poleax handle for me.

He'll be out in a minute.

I didn't know you were
interested in jewelry.

No, I'm just browsing.

He's got some
nice cuff links.

Oh, those are nice.
That's a...

That's a beautiful
lady's pendant right there.

Yep, sure is.

Mm-hmm. Very nice.

Take a look
at those rings.

A man could use a ring
like that for, oh...

Engagement ring.

Suppose he could.

Oh, hello, doc.

Ah, oleson.

I swear I've got that
ax handle somewhere,

but I just can't
seem to find it.

Another time.

Besides, the doc here
is waiting.

He wants to get himself
a pair of cuff links.

I'll see you.

Cuff links, oleson.
Cuff links.

Isn't much, Kate.

I'll get you
a better one...

But I wanted you to
have this for now.

Oh, hyram.

It's from one of my
daddy's watch chains.

Oh, it's lovely.

I... I looked at
your uncle's rings,

but I, uh...

I just couldn't
find one I...

Oh, no, hyram.
It's lovely.

You made it.

I'll treasure it always.

You put it on my finger.

It fits.


Let's go and tell them
right now.

Oh, no.

Oh, yes. Come on.

Come on.

Do you want another
sandwich, Mr. Hanson?

They're awfully good.

No, thank you.
I'm not hungry.

Offer it to that
lady over there.

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?

Kate: Go on.

Dr. Baker: I have
an announcement to make...

And I don't know why
I'm being so formal.

You're all my friends,

and I want you to know that I am
the luckiest man in the world.

I have asked...

This beautiful
young lady,

Kate thorvald,

to be my wife.

What did she say?

Oh! She said yes!

Mr. Hanson:


Thank you.

What is it?

Hmm? Aw...

I just couldn't help thinking
about the doc tonight.

When he was making
that announcement,

I thought he was going
to faint dead away.

I thought if he didn't,
Mrs. Oleson would.

Oh, Mrs. Oleson.

Now that he's going to
be part of the family,

I'll wager she starts
calling him "doctor"

instead of
"that veterinarian."

Charles, what do you
think about them?

You think it's right?

I mean he being so much
older than she is.

Well, if it's right
for the doc,

and it's right for Kate,
then it's right.

It's as simple as that.

I suppose you're right.

I just couldn't help

Well, I mean...

Suppose a man who was
older than you are

was going to marry
one of your girls.

Well, that's ridiculous.


Just is.
They're little girls.

They won't always be little girls.
How would you feel?

I can't answer that.

You just said what's right
for them is right for them.

It's as simple as that.

Well, that's them.

Are you telling me that
that wouldn't bother you?

Charles, I'm not telling you anything.
I'm just asking...

I'm not about to start calling a
man who's older than I am "son."

Now it's as simple
as that.

You're right.
Good night.

Good night.

Charles, everything is so
simple when you explain it.

Good night.

Well, you think me.

You're going to need
some help building this.

The doc can't hammer a nail
without mashing his thumb.

Ha ha! Well, it sounds
like we need your help.

Yeah, sure, I'll be able
to help some and, uh,

maybe Charles can
pitch in, too.



Come here.

The, uh, happy couple is
talking house... a big one.

For a big family.


Heh heh! They're going
to need help building.

Well, you know they're
going to need help.

Doc can't drive a nail
without smashing his thumb.

Hanson already
mentioned that.

Ha ha ha!

What time is Caroline
expecting us on Saturday?

Why don't you come early? Maybe doc
and I can get in a little fishing.


See you then.

See you then.

There goes
a happy couple.

Ja. I wish
it lasts forever.

I got an order
to fill.


Kate going back to Chicago
before the wedding?

Nope. Asked her mother
to come out here.

You know, I still
can't believe it.

Don't worry. You will.

She's made such a
difference in my life,

like I've been asleep,

and waking up is a joy.

Well, doc, it lasts,
and it only gets better.

Yeah. I feel younger.

I just wish I was,
for her sake.

Well, I wouldn't
worry about it.

Kate doesn't seem to.

Hey! You got a nice one!

Ha ha ha!

Laura: Get her, Katy!
Get her! Get her!

Get her! Ha ha!
Katy! Yay!

Katy, get her!
Katy, get her!


Get it, Mary!

Look at that.

That's your bride-to-be,
running around like a kid.

I'll get these fish clean.

Supper's almost ready.

I like Katy. I'm glad
you're getting married.

You know something?

I'm glad you're glad.

I expect you'll
have children.

Certainly hope so.

How many?

Ha ha!
I can't even guess.

3 makes a nice family.


Pa says he's looking
forward to grandchildren.

Oh, now, whoa there.

You're getting
too far ahead of me.

And great-grandchildren.

He expects a whole
bushel of them.

Caroline: Supper!


Good afternoon,
Dr. Baker.

That smells
like chicken.


It was a lovely ride
home last night.

All the way,
you said 6 words.

I counted them.

Well, I guess
I was thinking.

Something that you
couldn't share with me?

I was just remembering

yesterday afternoon
at the Ingalls'...

Watching you play in the
field with the children.

You were like one of them.

I think I know what
you're trying to say.

I'm not sure I want
to hear it.

Kate, sooner or later,

Have you stopped
loving me?

Oh, no, Kate, no...

Charles: Doc?

- Yes.
- It's Helga.

Labor started.
Oli sent me to fetch you.

I'll be right there.

Caroline's ready to
help you if you need it.

Tell her thanks,

but I'll do the helping.

Good enough.

Kate, you've never
been at a birthing.

No, but it's
about time I was.

I'm going to be
a doctor's wife.

Oli: Shh...

It's all right.


The doc's here now,

Everything's going
to be all right.

Oh, thank god you're here, doc.
Come on in.


I'm scared, doc.

You know, it wasn't like this
with hans, you know?

No, no.
When did it start?

Uh, a couple of hours ago,
I guess.

Are the pains

Yes, sir.

boil some water.

Well, Helga. Hmm.

Stubborn one, huh?

Well, don't you worry.

It's going to be
all right. Trust me.

Where's the boy?

At the Ingalls'.

Oli took him.

Good. He'll get
a good night's sleep

and come home
to a bigger family.

Now I'll just be a minute.

I'll need some sheets and towels.
Whatever you've got.

Boil them,
hang them up.

How is she?

She's fine
for the moment.

I'm hoping she'll
manage without...

Without my having
to go in,

but I may have to.

Is it dangerous?


but she's a good,
strong girl.

It's just going to take
a while, oli.

Got any extra lamps?


Oh, yes.

Well, get them.

Come on, Kate.

That's good.

Dr. Baker:
Once more. Once more.

That's it. Good.

Now once more. Once more.

Doc: You can
come in now, oli.

Is she all right?

She's fine.
You got a daughter...

Who has the good fortune to take
after her beautiful mother.

She's fine, too.

Thanks, doc.

You all right?

I'm just fine,

Well, born at, say, 4:25 in
the A.M., doc Baker time.

You had a hard time,

You're a very brave girl.

Have you picked out
a name yet?


After your mother.

Doc, did I give mama as bad
a time as this one gave me?

Not as I recall.

It's funny.

I'd forgotten
I delivered you.

You, too, oli.
Didn't I?

Oli: Yeah. Heh heh!

Yeah, that's what,
uh, pa said.

I slept all the way.

Fine company I am.

It's all right.

Well, you... you think you
can get home all right?

Oh, easily.

Then I'll let you go.

No, wait.

You see me as I am,

A man who brought two generations
of that family into the world.

Could have delivered you.



My friends
are your father's age,

my memories, my habits,
they go back

twice as far as yours.

It's... springtime for you.

It's late fall
for hyram Baker.

I'm old enough
to be your father.

I know we told ourselves
it didn't matter,

didn't matter, but...

It does.

I'll help you down.

I still wish...

I still think we could
have had a good marriage.

For me... Not for you.

I'd like to keep this.

It was made for you.

Would never fit
anyone else.



Bye-bye, aunty.


Laura: Dr. Baker didn't come by
our house for a whole month.

Pa said we shouldn't worry,
and he was right.

In no time, Dr. Baker was on
the road making his rounds,

caring for the folks
of walnut grove.