Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Lord Is My Shepherd: Part 2 - full transcript

Believing that her jealousy was responsible for her infant brother's death and that her parents would rather have a son than a spare daughter, Laura climbs the highest hill she can find, hoping to get as close to God as possible to ask Him to take her instead and return the baby boy to the family. While Charles and Mr. Edwards desperately search for her, Laura meets Jonathan, a mystical mountain man who seems to have been sent purposely to guide her through this life-changing experience.

Ah. Feed me, woman.
I'm starved.

Just about ready.
You're early.

I loaded sacks
with both hands.

to get home in time

to start work
on that cupboard.

What cupboard?

The hand-carved one

I'm going to make
for Mrs. Johnson.

Charles, you've never made

hand-carved furniture
before in your life.

I know that.
I didn't do too bad

on that doll I carved
for Carrie, did I?

No, but..

Well, then, you got
to give it a try.

There's no way to
tell unless you try.

Besides, we can use
the extra money.

How much
will she pay you?

Well, I don't know.

There was no way
I could set a price

on something I've
never done before.

Well, I'm sure you'll carve
better than you do business.

Now sit down
and have your lunch.

Yes, ma'am.

Aren't you going
to eat something?

Carrie already had lunch,
and I'm not hungry.

You haven't eaten enough
lately to keep a bird alive.

I'll gain weight
soon enough.

All women do.

Don't tell me you're
worried about weight.

You take
after your mother.

No way in the world you're
going to gain any pounds.

There's one way.

Well, if there is,
I'd sure like to know...

A baby.

Are you happy?

What kind of question
is that to ask me?

Oh, I don't know.

You work
so hard now,

and with another
mouth to feed...

Well, you let me worry
about that, all right?

A baby.

I got a lot
of work to do.

But you haven't even
finished your lunch.

I couldn't
eat a thing.

I'm going to build
a cupboard fit for a queen.

A baby.

I love you.

What are you doing?

I was just
trying to figure out

where I could get
a little extra room.

You know,
add a little space.

We're going to need it.

We're going to want him
right close to us.

Well, the baby won't
be along for 6 months.

I think you could
wait for daylight

to start building.

I suppose
you're right.

I just can't
get over it, though.

A baby.

Not necessarily
a boy.

Who said anything
about a boy?

You said we'll
want him close to us.

Did I say that?

You said that.

I didn't mean
anything by it.


Good night.

Good night.

Of course, you know,

the odds are
we'll have a boy.

We've had 3 girls.


you remember the stevensons
in Wisconsin?


11 girls.


I'll do my best.

Ha ha ha!

I love you.

Are you glad
about the baby?


Are you glad that ma's
going to have a baby?

Sure. Aren't you?

I suppose.

You better
get to sleep.

Do you want a brother
or a sister?

I don't care.

Pa wants a boy,
you know.

How do you
know that?

Because every time

he talked about
the baby at supper,

he said "him" or "he."

That's how I know.

Well, only god

if it's
a boy or a girl,

so you might as well
go to sleep.

I hope
god wants a girl.

You like that.

Come on.



I thought you
finished the cupboard.

I did. I'm going to take
it into town tomorrow

as soon as
the finish dries.

What's that
you're making?

I had a little bit
of lumber left over.

I thought
I'd put it to use.

On what?

It's supposed
to be a surprise,

but I'm going to show it
to you anyway.

What do you think?

Ha ha ha!

I think
you're expecting

a larger baby
than I can deliver.


I guess it is
a little big, isn't it?

I'd say so.

Well, I just figured a baby
needs room to move around.

You mark my words.
You'd be surprised.

He'll outgrow this
in no time.

You just
said it again.

Just said what again?



I never even realized
I said it.

I don't know why I said
it. I'm sorry.

I just can't remember
not to say it.

I know. You keep
telling me that.

It just sounds funny to me
calling a baby an it.

Don't you think
you'd be a little put out

if somebody just
kept calling you "it"?

I think I'd feel
worse, Charles,

if I were a girl

and somebody kept
calling me a boy.


What's wrong?

He just kicked!
Ha ha!

What'd you say?

The baby!
He just kicked!

It just kicked.


Ha ha ha!

And we thank you, o lord,
for making us strong

and for giving us

the bountiful gifts
of your land. Amen.

Caroline and kids: Amen.

I hope everybody's
as hungry as I am.

Can I ask you
a question, ma?

Certainly. What is it?

We were talking
at school today,

and Christy said when
you have a baby,

it comes out
in a giant egg

and you have to
break it open

with a big rock
or something.

Well, I don't know where
she got that idea,

but it isn't so.

I told you,
it's just like

when my pony got
born. Isn't it, ma?

That's right.

I knew that.

I was just telling you
what Christy said.

I don't mind questions
at the table,

but I expect you girls to eat
your supper while it's hot.

Yes, pa.

Today I played two
old cat with a boy.

Sounds like fun.

And I won him, too.

You mean
you won the game.

I beat all of them,
even Johnny Johnson.

I think it would
be more ladylike

if you played
with the girls sometimes.

It's more fun
playing boys' games,

isn't it, pa?

Yeah, I suppose.

Johnny said
I'm a tomboy.

That's just
like being a boy.

You know, I really
am just like a boy.

Don't you think?

I think I've
got a little girl

who's doing a lot more
talking than she is eating.

You get started,
all right?

Yes, sir.

It's good.

Laura, voice-over: It was
getting close to the time

when the baby
would come, ma said.

She wouldn't make
the trip to town anymore,

so we, Mary and I,

took the eggs into oleson's
on our way to school.

I've got a couple more eggs
if you want them.

Mm-mm. Couldn't
eat another bite.

Are you sure?

It will only take me
a minute to cook them.

Couldn't do it.
Besides, I'm late.


I love you.
See you later.



Will you stop by
and see if grace

would like to come
out for a visit today?

It's Friday.
That's mail day.

She's going
to be pretty busy.

But you'll ask her.

Sure. See you later.

Did you want grace to come
out for a social call?

It's, uh...


How much longer?

Well, it
can't be long now.

That was a good one.

It's coming close
together now.

Don't look
so concerned.

I'm fine.

I know that.


It's time.

I know! It's time!

Ok, you get on out, now.
It's my turn.


Look, are you sure...

Get on out. I have
spanked the behinds

of half the children
in walnut grove.

Now, git.


Is ma all right?


Your ma's fine.
She's just fine.

I'm scared, pa.

There's nothing
to be scared about.

Your ma's ok.

It hurts to have a baby,
don't it, pa?


Yeah, it does,

but your ma says
it's a joyous hurt.

I don't think
I want a baby.

Well, when you get married,
you'll change your mind.

I'm not going
to get married.

Me, neither. I'm going
to stay with you, pa.

It's a little early
in your life

to be making
those kind of decisions.

Wait a few years,
and you...

Is everything
all right?

Grace: You just hold
your horses, papa.

I want this baby clean
when you see it.

Can you hear her?

It's a girl.

I'm talking
about your wife.

She keeps saying it
over and over.

"It's a boy."

It's a boy!

A boy.

I got a son.

Charles Ingalls Jr.

I love you.

Come, see your brother.

Now, I don't want germs
all over this baby.

Oh, It'll
just be a minute.

Just one minute,

Oh, he's so small.

Charles: He won't be for
long. He'll grow like a weed.

Ha ha ha!

What do you think of your
baby brother, Carrie?

Carrie's Dolly.

No, sweet thing.

That's my son...
Charles Ingalls Jr.

Are you sure
you don't want me

to give you a hand
with that?

No. I'm strong
enough, pa.

I can do anything.

Whatever you say.

Ha ha ha!

You left a package.

Oh, thank you, nels.

When am I going to see
this boy of yours?

You can see him Sunday
if you don't oversleep.

Reverend Alden's
going to baptize him.

Nels: I'll be there.


Grace snider told me
she'd never forget

the look on your face

when she told you
it was a boy.

And I'll never forget
the moment she told me.

I'll bet
your wife was happy.

That she was.

A son. You got
everything a man

could want now.

That I do.

Harriet: Nels!

And you were afraid
I'd oversleep.

I'll see you Sunday.

See you Sunday.

You all set?

Yes, sir.

I'd get some sleep
if I were you.

Your son will
wake us up soon enough.

I just can't get
over how tiny he is.

Look at him.

So tiny.

No matter how many
babies we have,

I'm just going to be
surprised as ever

at how tiny...
Look at those feet!

Now, those
are tiny feet.

I think
it's a perfect foot.

Oh, I think it's
a perfect foot, too.

I just kind of
thought boys

would have
bigger feet.

Look at that.

I wonder
how much he weighs.

Grace said the doctor will
be out in a day or two.

We'll find out then.

He really
is something.

He should be.
He's you.

You mean us.

Better get some
sleep, you know.

Reverend Alden:
Charles Frederick Ingalls,

I baptize thee
in the name of the father

and of the son
and of the holy ghost. Amen.

Thank you very much.

Looks like you're going
to have another student.

We'll have
to add another room!


Thank you.
Thank you, reverend.

You got a boy
at last, huh?

I can use that help.


Yes. Isn't it

Yes, it is,
Mrs. Oleson.

Oh! Well, now.

Let's see.
That's, uh...


No. 4 now,
isn't it, Mrs. Ingalls?

Four is correct,
Mrs. Oleson.


I suppose

that's the way it is
with country folk.

Sort of like
being a broodmare.

Of course, in my case,

Nellie and Willie
are more than enough.

In the case
of Nellie and Willie,

I couldn't
agree with you more.

Good day.

Good day,
Mrs. Oleson.

Nels, come along.

Yes, dear.

Again, the best
to all of you.

Thank you.

Well, how was
your friend today?

That woman is...

it's Sunday.

She makes it very hard to
have a Christian feeling.

Well, if you
can't pray for her,

at least pray
for her husband!

Laura: Pa, look!

Hup, hup, hup!

Look what
Mr. Edwards got us!

A bag for each!

Carrie: Popcorn!

that's nice of him.

Well, why not?
We're celebrating.

Ain't every day I get
to become a godfather.

That's the truth.

your little fist.

The ball game starts
in 10 minutes!

All men wanting
to play, come ahead!

Well, aren't you
going to play, pa?

No. I think I'll just

take it easy today,

Your son
will be fine.

Why don't you
go ahead?

Please, pa?

Nah. It's his day.

Besides, before long,
he'll be big enough

to be out there on a field
playing baseball with me.

Well, I got a feeling that
might be a year or two,

so I'm going to go on
and keep in shape.

Can we go
with Mr. Edwards, ma?

Caroline: All right.

Come on, button.

Got to hit a long one
for my godson.

Are you coming,


He's still
not gaining.

Well, he's not gaining,
but he's not losing.

Just holding his own.

I think we'll try to put
him on regular milk.

I believe that
will do that trick.

But his appetite
is good.

Well, there may be
something wrong

with your milk,
Mrs. Ingalls.

It's just
body chemistry.

That's what
they call it.

It never
happened before.

Well, now,
don't start worrying.

Everybody starts

when they don't have
a fat baby.

I'm not worried,
just so long as you

say everything's
all right.

Everything's fine.

Now, I better
get going.

Miss Arnold has another
one of her sore throats,

and just between us,
I think she likes

the kick of that
big-city cough medicine.

I'll drop by next week.

Oh, wait.

Six eggs,
all double yolks.

6? That's too many!

Or are you worried

because you don't
have a fat doctor?

I just
feel so foolish

paying you in eggs

when you gave us
the chickens.

I'll bring back
the bucket.

You know, they never
laid double yolks for me.

I guess that shows
what a little love can do.

Ohh. Looks like
you're going to have

a surprise for supper.

It's starting
to boil!

Not too loud.
Carrie needs her nap.

All right. Now we'll
put it in the bottle.

Why do you
boil it, ma?

To kill the germs.

What do germs
look like?

I don't really know.
You can't see them.

Then how do you know
they're there?

You can't see them
with your eye.

You need a machine
called a microscope.

Then it seems
real big,

and then
you can see them.

I wish we had one.
I'd love to see a germ.

I hear tell they've
got one in mankato.

Maybe one
of these days

you can go see it.

Now we test it.

Hmm. A little
too hot.

You test it
on your wrist.

You can feel it best
right there.

Maybe I can feed
Freddie soon.

Your brother's name
is Charles.

Mr. Edwards
calls him Freddie.

Mr. Edwards uses
a few names he shouldn't.

Caroline, you're

of your
son's godfather.

That's better.

I made a special
report for school, pa,

with maps
and everything.

Well, let's
take a look at that.

I like the cover.

Wait till
you see the maps.

Caroline: Charles,
you have to see this.

He's halfway through

Oh, he can't be!

Well, I just
don't believe it.

Look at him eat.

Did I eat
that fast, mama?

You all did
pretty well.

You did
pretty well,

but you're nothing
compared to him.

He's going
to be a big boy.

Better take
a firm hand with him

while I still can.

Just look at him.


Charles: I may have
to get another cow.

Just look at him go!

Dear god, thank you
for all your blessings.

Bless our family,

and especially help

my baby brother
to get strong.


Your turn.

Dear god...

Thank you for
your blessings,

and bless our family.


You forgot

the special one
for Charles.

Ma asked us to.

I don't have to.

Don't you
even care

your own brother?

Pa cares enough
for all of us,

but that's all
he cares about anymore.

That's not true,
and you know it.

It is too true.

I asked god for a sister,
and he didn't listen,

so now I don't care.

You take that back,
or I'll tell pa.

Go ahead.
He won't listen.

He'll be too busy
playing with my brother.

Go on. Tell him.
You'll see.

Well, what is it?

Dr. Baker:
I wish I knew.

He's not gaining.

The child is weakening,
and I don't know why.

Hmm. Maybe it's

just something
that will pass.

I won't lie to you,
Mrs. Ingalls.

I've seen it before.

Surely there must be
something we can do.

Perhaps in mankato.

They have better equipment,
more facilities.

I just don't know.

Sometimes a country
doctor like me feels...

So useless!

You heard what he said.

There are better doctors
in mankato.

Oh, Charles.

Now, listen to me!

Just listen to me.
You heard what he said.

He said he didn't know.

You heard him.
He said he didn't know.

We'll go to mankato.

Half-pint, tell your ma
we're about ready.

I wish I could tell
you there was hope.

We've seen this
many times before.

We know what the
problem is, but...

There's nothing
we can do.

The red cell count
in your son's blood

has dropped

in just the few days
he's here.

I'm sorry.

He, uh...

Won't be
in any pain?

No. He'll
just go to sleep.

Excuse me, doctor.

Could I see you
for a moment?


Excuse me.

I never noticed before

what a hurry
everybody's in.

All those people...

In such a hurry.

I wonder what
could be so important.

Mr. Ingalls?

He's gone to sleep,
hasn't he?

The lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures:

He leadeth me
beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul:

He leadeth me in
the path of righteousness

for his name's sake.

Both: Yea, though I walk

through the valley
of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil:

For thou art with me;

Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.

Thou preparest
a table before me

in the presence
of mine enemies:

Thou anointest
my head with oil;

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me

all the days of my life:

And I will dwell
in the house of the lord...


Where is he?

In heaven, child.


Oh, pa.



It's all right.

It's god's will.


She'll be all right.

She just
needs some time.

Just some time.

It isn't enough to say,

"I'm sorry, lord,"

and then continue your sins
until the following Sunday,

when you can again
ask his forgiveness.

We must change those ways.

You cannot ask god for help
until you've first made

the attempt to
help yourself...

But if you work with the lord,

he'll work with you.

If you rid yourself
of evil deeds and thoughts,

the lord will make
all things possible.

Remember, I said all things,

for that's the greatness
of god's power.

How's Caroline feeling?

Fine. Got a lot of
strength, that woman.

That she does,
that she does.

It's Laura who
I'm worried about.

She's taking it a lot
worse than the rest of us.

I tried to talk
to her about it,

but she just avoids it.

Oh, well. It's only
been a few weeks.

Time takes care
of everything.

I suppose.

Come on, Carrie.

Can Mary watch
Carrie a minute, ma?

I left my shawl
in church.


Don't run.

Your shawl isn't
going anywhere.

Well, Laura,

I didn't even
hear you come in.

Are you all right,

I wanted to ask you
a question.

Well, certainly.

Come, sit down
right here by me.

Now, what question?

It's about
the sermon today.

Well, I'm happy to hear
you were listening.

Now, I'm afraid
some folks don't.

What can god do?

I don't think
I know what you mean.

Well, you said

god could make
all things possible.

That's right.

Like what things?
You mean miracles?

Yes. Sometimes
even miracles.

How could you
get a miracle?

Laura, there's no way
you can guarantee that.

But there would
be a chance

if you
prayed hard enough.

Yes, if you
prayed real hard.

See, the closer
you are to god,

the more likely
he is to listen.

The closer you are.

That's right.

Thank you,
reverend Alden.

You're welcome, child.

Let's play, pa.

All right. What would you
like to play, half-pint?

Any game
we ever played.

Every single one.

Hey, what's this
sudden burst of energy?

I just want to have
the best day ever.

That's as good
a reason as any.

All right, let's see.

I'm it. 1... 2...

Come on, Mary!
Pa's it!

3... 4...

You didn't
have your lunch.

Lunch can wait,

We got games
to play.


anyone around
my base is it!

I told you, time
takes care of everything.

Charles: That's right.
Here I come!




I'm going to get you.



Come on!


Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

No! No more!

I surrender.
I can't run another step.

Me, either.

It was the best day
ever, wasn't it, pa?

Oh, that it was,

I'll always remember
it. Won't you?

I'll always
remember it.

I love you
more than anything.

I love you.

Laura: "Dear pa,

"I can't write
what's in my heart

"because I just can't
get the words

"to come out
the end of my pencil.

"I did a bad thing
by having mean thoughts,

"but I know how I can
make it right again.

"I can't tell you the rest

because it's just between
me and god."

"I will always
remember today.

I love you all.

Good-bye, Jack.

Good morning.

I had a dream.

It was Sunday.

It was a dream.
This is a nightmare.

It's Monday,
and I'm starving.

Breakfast is
practically ready.



Open up the windows,
and open up the doors.

Let the sunshine in.
Laura, your turn to milk.

Laura's already
dressed and gone.

That's what I like,
a little girl who's not afraid

to get up early
and do her chores.


I know.

I'll get the water
in a minute.

No. Look at this.




Mary, come down here,

What's wrong?

Read this.

Did Laura say
anything to you?

No, pa.

Now, think.

Did she say

anything at all


She was fine yesterday,

happier than she's been
since the...

Since it happened.

It just doesn't make
any sense.

What mean thoughts?

The child doesn't have
a mean bone in her body.

It was weeks ago.

Well, what?
What was weeks ago?

Well, I didn't
want to tell.

Mary, please.
What was weeks ago?


When the baby
was sick...

And you wanted us

to say an extra

Laura couldn't
do it.

She said
she didn't care.

Why would she say that?

Why, Mary?

She said...

All that
you cared about...

Was him.

I told her
it wasn't true...

But she got angry...

And said
it was too.

I'll go by Willow lake,

and I'll stop by town
and see if I can find her.

Mary, you stay with your
mother today, all right?

Don't you worry.
I'll find her.



Grace, you haven't
seen Laura, have you?

No. She's not in school?

No. Has Edwards
been in town today?

He stopped by
this morning.

Picked up some shingles
over at hanson's.

Going to do some roof work
at Amy Hearn's.

Thank you.


I need a loan
of a saddle horse.

There's two
in the corral.

Take your choice.
My saddle's inside.

Thank you.

Reverend Alden:
The closer you are to god,

the more
likely he is to listen.

If you knew which direction
that young'un took...

Well, there's
no way of telling.

Has she got a favorite
spot or something?

Usually when a kid
runs off,

they head for
a place like that.

She's always liked
Willow lake.

I went by there
and checked.

There's no sign.

I just don't know

how I could have
been so blind.

Don't start
blaming yourself.

Who else am I
going to blame?

All that time

I spent
with the boy...

Talking about him.

Why, what's done is done.
When you find her,

you'll make everything
all right.

You know,
if she's like most kids,

she'll be home
before nightfall.

You think so?


Come on. Pick a direction.
We'll start looking.

Well, we'll double back
through town.

Check again.

Then we'll head east.

Well, It'll be dark
before too long.

I think we ought to head
on back to your place.

For all we know,
she'll be home by now.

Either way, we're going
to need lanterns

to keep looking.

Sure is a long ways
up here, god,

but I wanted to get
as close to you as I could

so's you could
hear me for sure.

You see, the reverend
Alden... you know him.

Well, he told me
you could help me.

You see, god, I was supposed
to pray for my brother

so's he would be
all right again, and...

Well, I didn't do it.

I had mean thoughts...

But I tried to tell you
later that I didn't mean it.

I really did want him
to be all right again,

but I guess
you didn't hear me.

So now I want
to make it right.

You see, god,

my pa has 3 girls...
Me and Mary and Carrie...

And what he really needs
is a boy...

Like you had, god.

So what I was
wondering is...

Since you have a son,

maybe you would like
a little girl with you,

and you could send
my brother back to pa.

Well, that's about it.

I'll just wait right here.


Here's the extra canteen
and some food.


Running short
of kerosene.

All set?


Let's go.

Man: Sleep well?

Can't you speak,

Where am I?

Don't you know?

I'm not sure.

You're on my mountain...

Jonathan's mountain.

Oh. Who are you?

Well, I just told you.

You're on my mountain.
I'm Jonathan.

Then you're just a man.

Well, who are you?



Well, little Laura,
what brings you here?

I was just taking
a trip, is all.


Well, you should bring
some warm things

with you on a journey.

Where you bound for?

I'm not sure yet.

Oh, sort of
an adventure, eh?

Yes, sir.

Well, those journeys
are the best.

I got some
hot porridge on.

Would you like some?

No, thank you.

You sure?

I think I will.

Oh, I love
warm porridge

in my body.

I was telling him
this morning,

cold nights make
hot porridge a joy,

a pure joy. Ha ha!

Yes, he thought
it was funny,

but he had to agree.

I think sometimes
even he's surprised

at how we feel
about things.

Who are you talking about?

Well, god, of course.

Are you sure

you don't want
some porridge?

It's beautiful.

You know god?

Well, of course.

We all do...

Some sooner,
some later.

But he talks to you.

Well, when he has time.


Well, that's why
I'm here.

To talk to god,
I mean.

Well, you couldn't have
picked a better place.

That's what I thought,

but I talked
to him last night,

and nothing happened.

Oh, I see.

Well, you have
to understand,

he's got
a lot to do.

I mean, there's
so many people

he has to listen to

and well, uh...

Didn't you ever
get behind

in your chores...

I mean, to where
it took you days

to catch up?


there you have it.

God's just probably
running behind.

You think
that's what it is?

I'd bet on it.
Ha ha ha!

You just have
to be patient.

How about
some porridge?

You might as well
wait for god

on a full stomach
as on an empty one,


Besides, he doesn't
like his children

to waste good food,
does he?

I suppose you're right.




horses are rested.

We can move out

We've covered
a lot of miles

in this direction.

She couldn't have
come this far on foot.

I think we ought
to double back,

stop at your place
just in case,

and then head out

It was cold last night...

Cold a night
as we've had lately.

Could feel the wind
through my coat.

Eh, it didn't seem
that bad to me.

Laura didn't even bring
her little coat with her.

How many times Caroline
and I have told that child

to bundle up...

How many times...



Come on.
It's time to go.

Patience, child.

I can't help it.

Pa says children aren't
supposed to have any.

Your pa seems like
a bright man.

Oh, he is.

So's my ma.

She used to be
a schoolteacher,

and she knows
a bunch of stuff.

You're pretty fond
of your folks,

aren't you?


Everybody loves
their ma and pa.

Then how come
you run off?

I can't tell you.

Fair enough.

I wish I could tell you,
Mr. Jonathan,

but it's just between
me and god.

I understand.

Look here.

It's beautiful.

Now, look at it
real close.

It has my name on it!

Why, sure.
I made it for you.

Oh, thank you.

It's a fine cross.

I figure it won't
hurt none

to have it
around your neck

when you're talking
to him.

You know
what I mean.

That's a good idea.

Now, come along.

We'll go down by
the river and wash up

and drink deep
of heaven's tears.

Heaven's tears?


But I can't!

He might look and I'm
gone. I might miss him!

Oh, well, now,
don't worry about that.

Look at the sun.
Hey, it must be noon...

Time for
the lord's rest.

Ha ha ha!

He won't be up from
his nap

for a couple
of hours yet.

God takes a nap?

Why, sure.

I didn't think
he ever got tired.

Oh, my, yes.

What with
all those people

asking for things

and getting into
trouble and all,

why, that's
a mighty big job.

You really know
a lot about god.

That I do.
Now, come along.

Why do you call it
heaven's tears?

Because that's
what rain is,

and rain makes
the river.

You see, when
the folks in heaven

get sad about
some of the things

that happen down here,
they cry.

Makes sense,
doesn't it?

When you tell it,
it does.

And when the sun
comes out,

heaven's happy,


I wish it would
never rain again.

Oh, well, now,
hold on.

That's one of god's
lessons for us.

See, when heaven cries

and the tears
come down,

it makes things grow
and come alive again.

What god wants us
to know is that

it's all right
to care

and cry for
your fellow man.

Because if you do,

only good can
come of it.

Did you ever cry,

Many times, child.
Many times.

Well, now. Let's take
a look at those ears.

I scrubbed them

Ahh. Oh, my.

Clean as a whistle
on the inside,

but you never know when
he might check behind them.

I almost forgot
about that.

Back in you go.

I'll get good
this time.

I promise.

That's it. That's it.

Rub them good.
Oh, rub them.

Rub them till
they come off!

My cross!

Careful, child.

My cross.

It's gone.

It's not
your fault, Laura.

I should've used
a stronger thread.

I'll make another.

Come see, child.

Laura? Come see, dear.

He seems to have
hurt his wing.

Will it die?

Well, not if somebody
cares for it.

Nurses it
back to health.

I'll do it.

I'll bring him
back with us.

Oh, that's
a good idea.

He's beautiful.

And just think...

If the cross hadn't
floated away,

we never would've
found him.

It's almost
like what you said...

About tears making
things come alive again.

Come, child.

Charles: We'll head
to the arden river

and then go west
from there.

Where's Laura?

She went away
for a while.


She just went

Did she go
with my brother?

Let's go.

Do you think
he's warm enough?

Oh, like corn bread
in the oven.

How about you?

Like corn bread.

I hope it's tonight.

Could be.

I wonder if god would mind
if I told you.

You mean what you were
talking to him about?


No. I don't think
he'd mind.

Well, you knowing him
so well and all,

I figured you could
tell me for sure

whether he could do
what I'm asking.

Well, I...
I might be able to.

Well, the short
of it is,

I want to make kind of
a trade deal with god

so as I could be with him

and my brother could come
back and be with my pa.

Pa wants a son real bad.

And that's about it.


Well, that's
a pretty big order.

But god can do anything.

that's true enough.

Oh, he can do it,
all right,

if that's what
he thinks is best.

Oh, it is.

I explained to him

about my having
mean thoughts and all,

and I guess that's why
he took my brother...

Kind of by mistake
because of me.

My brother couldn't have
any mean thoughts.

He was too little.

Well, now, don't think
you're any different

from other folks.

I mean, everybody
has a mean thought

once in a while.

Not my ma and pa.

Well, maybe just
a little one,

but the important
thing is that you

make things right...

That you do good things
to make things right,

like taking care
of that little bird.

Now, some folks
would just walk on by

and not do a thing.

I couldn't do that.

Of course not.

But some folks would.

Always in a hurry.

Too busy to think

about another of
god's creatures.

Always too busy
spending all their time

about themselves.

I bet that makes god angry.

Angry, yes...

But mostly sad.

I never thought about god
being sad just like people.

Got to go
talk to him now.


If he answers me

and everything
works out all right,

I won't be
seeing you anymore.

And I wanted you
to know

that except
for my dog Jack

and Mr. Edwards,
you're my best friend.

Thank you, Laura.

But whatever happens,
we'll see each other again.

Child like that makes it
all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Edwards: Laura!


We're going
to have to rest

these horses awhile.


She's going
to cross this river,

she'd do it here.

There's nothing
up that way

but high country.

I think our best bet
is head downstream.

Well, I'll fill
the canteens.


It's Laura's.
It has to be.

It came from upstream.

Any luck, Laura?

I just don't

He just won't listen.

I prayed as hard
as I could.

Well, like I told you,

he's got a lot
of things to do.

But it's been
3 days now.

Maybe he just doesn't
want to talk to me

because of all the bad
things I've done.

No, child.
No. He's forgiving.

He has to be, or he wouldn't
have anyone else to talk to.

I just don't

Maybe I'm not
close enough.

There are lots
of higher places

in the big woods.

That's where I lived
when I was little.

That's it.
That must be it.

I got to go there...

Up high, where
the snow never melts.

Well, now, uh,
hold it a minute.

I mean, uh,
before you do that,

maybe we can try
one more thing.


Yeah, what?


First of all, we got

to get the lord's
attention, right?



Then we need
to do something

that he can see
clear up to heaven.

But what?

Uh... I've got it!

A fire.
A great big fire!

Not just
a little campfire,

but a great big fire.

He's bound to see that.

That's it, Jonathan,
a fire!

Ha! Come on, honey.

We got a lot of
firewood to gather

'cause we got to
keep that fire going

until he answers you.

He's got to answer
this time, Jonathan.

He's just got to!

He will. You take
Jonathan's word for it.

He will.

Come on.
Ha ha ha!

Edwards: Ingalls!

What do you
make of that?

Come on!

He's bound to see it.

He must be watching us now.

He is.
Go talk to him, child.

Charles: Too steep
for the horses.

I know you can do it.

It would make my pa
so happy and me, too.

I'm right up here
by the big fire,

so please, god,
answer me.


Charles: Laura!





No, pa, no.

No, child. No...

Let me go, please.

I don't want pa
to find me

until god answers.

He has answered.

No, he hasn't.

He has answered, and he's
made his decision.

That's why
he sent your pa.

He wants you to be
with your pa

and your brother
to be with him.

That isn't
what I wanted.

Pa wants a son.

No, child. That's what
you thought he wanted.

Only god knows best
about these things.

That's why he sent
your pa here,

because he knows
that your pa loves you

and needs you.

How else could your father
have found you?

How can you be sure?

He told me, child.

Go to him, Laura.

Pa... oh, pa...

Are you all right?

Why? Why did
you do it?

I thought you needed
Charles more than me.

How could you
think that?

I just did.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
It was my fault.

It's all right now.

God wants me
to be with you.

He told Jonathan.


He was right here.






He was just here.

Why would he go?

He took care of me.

The bird's gone, too.

Did he give you this?

My cross.

Jonathan made it for me.

Where did you find it?

Miles down the river.

Heaven's tears.


Jonathan told me.

God talked to him, pa.

He really did.

Let's go home.
On the Blu-ray Part 1 & 2 are as one long episode