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The link that bound Gye-hoon and Da-hyun is broken. Gye-hoon grapples with it, and Da-hyun finds that endearing.


Dahyun. Stay with me, okay? Dahyun.

I finally get it, Gyehoon.

I finally understand
why we're linked together.

I had forgotten the promise

that I had made decades ago.


She wanted me to tell you this.

Gyehoon. Remember this.

It's not your fault.

It's really not your fault.

So stop crying.

Promise me.


Jungho! Are you in there?

An Jungho!

Lt. An.


Jungho, open your eyes.

Please open your eyes.

I came too late. I'm so sorry, Jungho.

-It's damp in here.
-Oh, my goodness.

Hey, you scumbag.

Hey. Were you alive?

I almost died. Happy?

Thank you.

Thank you so much for being alive.

You're suffocating me.

Jungho, let me untie you. Hold on.


Dahyun is okay.

That's what the doctor said.

He said she needs surgery
but it's not life-threatening.

He said not to worry.

He said Dahyun is fine.

I'm sorry. I…

I should've gotten there sooner.

Don't be sorry.
I'm thankful you were there.

Thank you, and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Should we be worried
that she's sleeping so much?

Some people take longer to recover.
She'll be fine.

Thank you.

A lot happened while I was unconscious.


The body in the fridge.

The owner of that fish store
killed that guy and put him in the fridge.


He even kidnapped Lt. An.

And he was the one who hurt Dahyun.

How could someone be this two-faced?

He looked like a good man.

That's not all.

Rumor has it that he was
the killer from 18 years ago.


Did he confess to it?


Eighteen years ago,
Eun Gyeyoung was kidnapped…

The man didn't confess
to the incident from 18 years ago.

The boy who acted out because
he thought his dad was a murderer

finally started to reconcile

with his dad and himself.

So what you're saying is…

Father probably passed away.

This was his.

I'm sorry

for not telling you sooner.

Gyehoon finally told his mom
the truth that he'd been delaying.


And as for us…

I don't feel

anything anymore.

The link that connected us was severed.

We couldn't feel
each other's emotions anymore.



Near-death experience, was it?

Those who experience that

have this great realization about life.

Imagine how I feel

after almost having killed someone
and being killed myself.

I agree.

I've become very understanding
of all things in life.

I've reflected on myself
and learned from it.

I'm willing to forgive
everything and anything.

Me too.

After what happened to you,

I didn't see the point in trying so hard

to succeed in this short lifetime.

Everything else doesn't matter.

You just need to be healthy and safe.

-My daughter.


Look at you two.
This must be why ordeals are important.

I'm so proud of you.

But these side dishes…

Vegetables are good for you.

I know that.

But you should feed
your recovering daughter some meat.

It's just this once.

I've always prepared good food for you.

The vegetables are half-cooked.

They're cooked enough.

Did you expect porridge or something?

Don't raise your voice.

I'm sorry.

By the way, didn't you say
you were going to start studying today?

-I thought I just needed to be healthy.
-Even still,

you should find a job
and support yourself.

How can I buy any meat
if we don't have any money?

Understanding and short lifetime, my foot.

I will. I'm going to study today.

I don't think
that's where you got stabbed.

Not that leg. The other leg.

-The other day,

you were limping on the other leg.


What do you do when you miss someone?

I picture them in my head.

I'm okay.


What if I still miss them?

I imagine that they're by my side.

Aren't you hungry? Wait just a little bit.
I'll make you something.

Whenever I miss you…

I imagine you in my mind, Gyehoon.


I imagine us being together.

It's been a while.


Let's go.

Coming home from the library?


Are you the real Eun Gyehoon?

Is there a fake me?

Yes, there is.



You'll get wet.
Summer colds are the worst.

If you were that worried about me,
how could you disappear for a month?

I'm sorry for being late.

There's nothing to be sorry about.

I just…

I understand. But…

I'm thankful that you're here.

But do you think…

we can meet now?

We broke up.

I thought long and hard.

I thought so much about it
that it almost drove me insane.

And I just couldn't do it.

It's true that we're intertwined
by a complicated matter.

But there's only one thing
that I can't endure.

Not having you in my life.

Without you…

I'm nothing.

What a jerk.

Can't you use complete sentences?

-You scared me to death

when you said you couldn't do it.

How was I to know

if that meant you couldn't have me
in your life or you could?

-I'm sorry.
-I hate it.

So what? Do you want to get back together?



if you don't want that--

Then will you give up?

Of course not.

If you want to get back together…

Yes, I'm listening.

Win me over if you can.

Win you over?

I'll do it right now.

What? Right now?


What if I imagine them
and still miss them?


What can you do?

You'll just have to see them.

Going somewhere?

Yes, for a bit.

Hey, Mom.


How's Dahyun? Is she doing well?

You're still a dad after all.

Yes, she's doing very well. Don't worry.

How could she not visit me even once?

You never visited either.

Of course not. I'm unwelcome there.

And you deserve it.

Be good to your current wife.

-That's all you need to do.

Noh Minkyu.

Don't you dare lay a finger on her.

I said okay.

I don't do that anymore.

But why are you not living with me?

It's been almost 20 years
since Bokhee and I got a divorce.

She's not your daughter-in-law anymore.

I'm telling you. You're not sane either.

Is that so?

It's all my fault.

I knew my son would mistreat you,

but I kept my mouth shut.

I'm greatly at fault, Bokhee.

That's why I let you go.

But one day, you called me
and said Dahyun was missing.

Mother, it's me.

What are you talking about?
What do you mean, Dahyun is gone?

Mother, I don't know what happened.

What do you mean, Dahyun is gone?



Then Dahyun lost her memory.

That's when I made up my mind.

I decided to stay by Dahyun's side
and act like your mother.


-You're back.
-Of course, I am.

Were you waiting for me?

Not really. I was just around the area.

-I was passing by.
-I see. Let's go.

Excuse me.

Are you serious?

This is a non-smoking area.
Who said you could smoke here?

What did you just say?

Why would you approach me like this?

What did you say?

Yap at me again.


How comfortable
would my life have been without you?


But it would've been boring.

Of course.

Gyehoon returned to our neighborhood.


There you are, cutie! I really missed you!

She missed Gaehoon more.



I can't believe it.

-Have you been well?
-I missed you.

I missed you too. You've become prettier.

I truly missed--

There's Gaehoon. Gaehoon!

-How pretty!

Have you been well?

Didn't you miss us?

I missed you so much.

-They like Gaehoon more than us.
-How pretty.

-I think you've grown.
-What a good dog.

We're finally back here
and will open our restaurant.

It's really quite fascinating.

We moved for absolutely
no reason whatsoever.

I wonder if we'll successfully open
our restaurant this time around.

I'll see to it that we do no matter what.

I truly hope that there will be
no murder or knives being thrashed about.

-I'll keep that in mind.
-Me too.

And once again, our everyday lives began.

Smile more naturally.

Get closer.


Which one should I put up
as my profile photo?

They all look similar to me.

I think you can pick
whichever one you want.

How can I do that
when this is our first photo together?

Pick one.

-This one looks nice.

What could that smile mean?

I was able to read
Dahyun's feelings thanks to our link.

But now, I can't read her at all.

She looked at me,

and I didn't know why.

"Is she mad? Is she not? Is she happy?"

"Does she want me to talk or not?"

I have no idea
if she wants me to stay or leave.

-Perhaps only after our link got severed
-It's too hard.

did we finally get to know each other.

Waiting in line for some delicious food

was on your bucket list.

At times, he's a bit slow.

It's nice.

And you just had to pick the gloomiest
and most humid day of all. It's nice.

But it's fun to tease him too.

Is it that humid?

Yes, so why would you fan me?

He's cute.

It helps.


This is really good. I'm on cloud nine.

I'm glad waiting in line paid off.

On a gloomy and humid day.


I don't think
I could ever do that in a public--

I'll just have it.

No. I can do it. I really can.

I even kissed you in public.
I'm not afraid of anything.

Please let me eat it.

-Isn't it tasty?

She's scary at times.

It's delicious.

Eat up.

But she's adorable.


is really complicated.

It's not easy.

He's cute.

But after the link got severed,
we don't sync that well.

That's the downside.

Is she bad-mouthing or bragging about him?
Isn't she so annoying?

Let her be. All lovebirds brag like that.

Right. We went
to a karaoke room last time.

He said he didn't like singing in public,

but he sang all the songs
I wanted to sing.

-Why isn't he honest?
-This is really good and pretty-looking.

-You judge food by its look first.
-He lied that he couldn't sing.

-You're right.
-He should've been a singer.

I think the coffee tastes
even better because of the cup.

He could pass as an idol,
don't you think so?

Should he debut?

Stew, stop talking and start eating.

Come on.
Police, how's it going with you guys?

Stew, we'll take care of that,
so don't you worry about us.

We need to be careful.

If our seniors find out that we're dating,
it'll only be a headache for us.

Don't you worry.

What should we do today?

I'm not sure. What do you want to do?

How about a movie? Or a drink?

A drink in broad daylight?

Do you not like that?

Of course, I do.
I like everything you like.

I like that answer.

I knew it.

Is she doing the right thing?

What do you mean?

We should let her go, right?

Be happy, Minjo.


You look good.

How's the food?

How is it in there?

Won't you tell me?

If you tell me where Gyeyoung is,

I'll do everything I can.

I'll do everything you want me to do.

I should get going now.

Stop visiting me.

Don't come back here.

I'm sick and tired of this.

No, I'll come back.

I'll keep coming back.

I will find her at all costs.

See you later.

Why are you going this far?

Because it was all my fault.

It was me who brought you to Jihwa-dong.

And it was also me
who failed to save her when I could have.

I'm to blame.

Do you seriously think

I'll tell you?

Yes. Perhaps.

You didn't kill me.

You had your chance, but you chose not to.

So maybe…

you'll tell me.

Where did it go wrong?

I truly thought the world of you.

I can't believe that you've done
all those horrible things.

And I had no idea.

I'm going to treat you well

because this is the only way

I'll ever find her.


Do you remember the place
we used to hang out as kids?

I miss those days.

I suddenly miss them, Jungho.


don't come back here.


going to look for your sister.

I'm not certain,
but I think she's in my hometown.

I'll find her myself. Just tell me where.

Fine, you can find her. But I'll join you.

This is what finding a needle
in a haystack looks like.

I never asked you to come.

I'm jobless. I have nothing to do anyway.

Who knew you'd keep up
your promise with Wontak and resign?

You see, I'm a man of my word.

I'm going to get an excavator
and dig up this entire area

until I find her.

It'll cost you a hefty sum.

You'll have to borrow an excavator
and get permission from the land owner.

That's not all. You'll have to return
everything to its original state.

I know. I'm willing to spend
all the money I have.

If that's not enough,
I'll even borrow money

to find her.

Darn it.

My retirement savings.

I'm with you.


Eight bags of pasta.

Three cartons of whipping cream.
It's right.

-I'll take the pork neck.


They look good.

Pick out the ones
that are open or cracked.

-How is the sous vide?
-It's good.

-Pork neck?

It's good.


You look good.

But I think
it'd be better to tuck your hair in.

A seam came undone.

I see.


I'm really nervous. What if no one comes?

-What if this place gets crashed again?
-Come on.

We've promoted enough on our social media.

They'll come to see our crybaby chef.

Don't worry. It'll pan out well.
I have a good feeling about this.

Then let's open our restaurant
while she's feeling hopeful.

Are you ready?

-Yes, chef.
-Yes, chef.



-Thank you for coming.


-Congratulations on the soft opening.
-What is this?

-You came all the way here?
-It wasn't that far.

-What's this?
-When's the official opening date?

It'll be one week after the soft opening.

-How are you?
-I'm famished.

-Sit down.

-The food will be out soon.
-Sit down.

-Is Eunjung here?

Oh, Eunjung.

-No way!

-Thank you so much for coming!

Thank you. Come again.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

-We'll get it ready soon.

Okay. "Sherry, tartare, basil,
and scallops."

-"Sherry, tartare, basil, and scallops."
-"Sherry, tartare, basil, and scallops."

Here are your dishes.

This is tomato and bocconcini salad
with Sherry wine dressing.

The opening was a success.

I spent my time working, dating,



You didn't need to do this.

You can stop. I'll take over.

It's okay.

-I'm doing this because I want to.
-Not me.

I don't want to do this.

Digging isn't the problem.

Restoring the ground to its original state
is much more exhausting.

Even when I was up against
12 culprits at once,

it was a cakewalk.

But look at me now.
I'm kneeling on the ground.

Then don't bother restoring it.
You don't need to.

Hey, what gives you the right to say that?

Are you the landowner or something?

That's right.

I bought this land.

Wasn't that extremely annoying?

It sure was.

Then came…

that day.

Some days…


…you open your eyes,

and something just feels off.

Did you sleep well?



We found the remains

of a child and an adult male.

They'll need to carry out an inspection

to identify them.


I was reunited with my long-lost family.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for being so late.

I'm sorry. I'm…

Get along well until we come home.

Gyehoon, make sure
to take care of your sister.

Did you hear that?

Hey, wait for me!


That's exactly why
you should always make me feel happy.


-We're hungry.
-We're hungry.

-We're hungry.



Are you that happy?


Let's go.


After Gyeyoung went missing,

I hated the fact that I was still sane.

Despite losing my daughter,
I still ate on time,

took care of my looks,

and forced myself to smile
in front of others.

I felt like a monster.

So I forced myself to be insane.

It actually worked.

And I made you grow up all alone.

I was…


I'll try.

It'll take some time.

But I'll take my medication
and receive counseling.

I'll try.

I'll try to get better.

Thank you.

I hope both Mom and I

will stop blaming me
and put this behind us

just like you had hoped for.

Gyehoon. Remember this.

It's not your fault.

It's really not your fault.

So stop crying.

Promise me.

Okay. I will.

Welcome back.


Let's go.

Like so, things were back to normal.

It felt as if nothing had happened.

And time just flew by.

Why are you doing this?
This is unlike you.

Don't you dare drink. Got that?

Have a sip, and you'll pay.


And eat well.

Right. Honey.

-What is it this time?
-Come here.

You little…

Why did you tell me
to come here when it's so hot?

What is it?

They're divorce papers.


What's this? Is this why
you made me come all the way here?

Yes. This was why.

So stamp the papers.
I'll get this divorce this time around.

What did you say? You little…

That startled me.

The knife…

Have a safe trip.

Drive carefully.

How about some makgeolli
and beef ribs tomorrow?

Unlike our empty restaurant,

theirs is teeming with people.


Koreans should have rice,
not some western food.


But then again,

that restaurant is pretty much Dahyun's.

Who knows?

And what's hers is mine.

There was a fly.

-Drink up.

Good work.

You too.

Gyeyoung and Father taught me

that regretting something
means it is already too late.

I should tell her when I can.

You're all done.

-I'll pay with this.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Me too.

What's this about?
What were you two talking about?

Did you guys talk about
how much you love each other?

Then me too.

I want in.

It wasn't like that.

Don't lie. I'm totally right.

I made a reservation
at a tasty restaurant. Let's go eat.

Let's go eat!

Remember when you asked me

why I helped you?

That's because…


It's you, right?


Do you live here?

What about you?

We just moved here.

It's nice to see you again.



Why are you staring at me like that?

You see,

for a very long time…


Say it.

What an idiot.

All right, we're here.

You can either cross the street
or just go back home.

What do you want to do?

I'm not sure.

What should we do?


Is that for our staff meal?

But it's my turn today.

You looked tired.


You seem like a pretty decent guy.

You too.

I don't think
you're all that scary or evil.

Are you done?

There was one thing I realized
after my near-death experience.

A simple truth that everyone knows.

Tomorrow may be too late.

So I have to say it right now.

I love you, Dahyun.

You beat me to it.

I love you too.

Hurry up.

Let's eat!

What are you doing?

Let's eat.


Let's go.





Translated by [Soo-ji Kim]