Link: Eat, Love, Kill (2022): Season 1, Episode 15 - The Link - full transcript

Dahyun lets Gyehoon go with a smile knowing that Gyehoon will continue to feel her emotions.


Is he sleeping already?

I need to tell him.


Why do I feel like this?

This happened before too.

Eun Gyehoon.

I felt this way before.

Suddenly, I was overcome with
a strange emotion I couldn't explain.

And whenever I felt
this strange and unfamiliar emotion,

Eun Gyehoon was crying

or something terrible happened to him.


Yes, I'm listening.

I miss you.

Where are you?

I'll go there.


Where are you?

Where are you?

I know this sounds crazy,

but I can feel

your emotions.

No way. What he said was all true?

You have a superpower.

-Fine. You can tease me.
-Can you fly too?

I'll practice.

He wasn't playing around or joking.

Why are you doing all this for me?

Because someone has trouble sleeping,
I can't sleep either.

So I'm trying to help them.

I hope you won't have
any nightmares tonight.

How did you know that
I've been having nightmares?

That's why whenever
I was suffering from nightmares,

was heartbroken…

Would you like some food?

-Noh Dahyun!
-…or whenever something happened to me…

What's going on? Are you okay?

I'm always worried about you.

…you showed up.

You've been sensing
my emotions all this time.

And now, I can feel your emotions too.

Your agony, sadness, and…

your loneliness.


So that's what happened.

Mr. Cho

did that to Gyeyoung.

How could he do that?

How could someone…

I'm sorry.

Who am I to be upset in front of you?

It's never-ending.


Please help me.

Jeez, just my luck.

-If he…
-Please help me. Please take me home.

hadn't turned his back on Gyeyoung,

or if

she had turned herself in

and searched for Gyeyoung one more time…

If I hadn't lost my memory,

or if her hand
hadn't slipped through mine…

No, even before that,

if I hadn't left Gyeyoung
by herself that day…

Gyeyoung! Where are you?

I'm sorry.

I endlessly blame and resent myself,

and regret.

After all, I…

I can't forgive myself.


you were right, Dahyun.

Let's break up.


Let's do that.

We really broke up.

What are you waiting for? I said kill me.

Kill me and kill yourself too.

There is no way out for you anyway.

You've committed too many wrong deeds.

On top of that, I'm a police officer.

They'll find out soon that I was with you.
Do you realize that?

Yes, I do.

I was already prepared for that
when I killed Lee Jingeun.

Why would you do this then?

What's important

is how many people I'll be able to kill
before I get caught

and who I should kill first.

That's what matters, Jungho.

Please don't.

Just end it with me.

Let's do that, okay?


The call can't be connected.
Transferring to voicemail.

Why isn't this guy picking up?

Who are you talking about, sir?

I heard that's one of the signs of aging.

Referring to people
as mere this or that guy.

That little… Hey!

An. Okay? An Jungho. Lt. An. Satisfied?

He heard everything.
I guess he can still hear well.

He didn't seem well.

Did something happen to him?

I brought you coffee, Chief.

You made this?

For me?

-Did you spit in it?
-I wouldn't dare.

What's with that smile?

What's wrong with her?

Please allow me.

It tastes quite good, doesn't it?

It tastes really good, but you're
making me feel so uncomfortable.

-Is there water--
-Here you go, sir.

-Is there a tissue…
-Here, sir.

Let's go.

Seriously, what's wrong with you?

I heard the two of you ate something.

You ate sushi without us?

Follow me.

You're so cheap.

Minjo, I know what you're up to.

Did Ji Wontak ask you to do this?

Did he ask you to bribe me
and pave a way for him?

He would never do that.

I have to persuade you first,
and then Ji Wontak next.

Wait. Should I call him Han Sejin now?

I don't really know
what happened in the past.

So I have no desire to criticize you

or feel sorry for Ji Wontak.

But what I know for sure is
that Mr. Han Euichan, Ji Wontak's father,

was already acquitted 18 years ago

and that should be respected.

But as you know, you didn't do that, sir.

Hey, that's because--

So both of you need to let it go

and just call it even.

And please forgive him

for assaulting you.

Please rescind his resignation letter.

Please, sir.

I guess I won't be able
to see you anymore.

You aren't going to tell me?

The thing is that Wi-Fi…


I mean, Chef Eun can
sense my feelings, right?

I can't tell you anything
without Gyehoon's permission.

So I'm right.

That's what happened.

-I'd like to remain silent--
-But why?

Why is this happening?

I'm dying to know too.

What could it be?


That's tacky.

You and Gyehoon have the same reaction.
He said it was tacky too.

He's been sensing it all this time.

And perhaps, he still does.

I shouldn't have cried.


Gyehoon wanted me to tell you this.

You're closing the restaurant?


I never thought you really would.

What about Dahyun?

This is why you should
never date a colleague.

Tell me about it.

I'm sorry for doing this
after bringing you onboard.

Please don't apologize.

I was the one who came with
an ulterior motive. I should apologize.

That's that,

but you need to keep me. Take me with you.

I've come to like you guys.

You should feel sorry for me.

I don't have anyone except you guys.

If you promise
not to wield a knife ever again.

Of course, I wouldn't.

Wow, awesome. It's going to taste amazing.

-Try it.
-Looks great.

Wow, it looks fabulous.

What's wrong?

I think I can kind of understand him now.

-It's bitter, sweet, sour, and salty.

Didn't that chef say that before? Jeez.

Eun Gyehoon isn't Voldemort.
You can mention him.

I don't mind.

What kind of taste is this?

You're really something, Mom.

Grandma, it tastes like…

Honey, I heard everything.

You must be so heartbroken.

Eunjung, taste this.

-A very interesting taste.
-No thanks.

What do you think?

Why am I laughing?
I'm the one who made it.

Isn't it insane?

I don't get it. What's funny about it?

-I'm going to have fun.
-Let's have this for dinner.

I'm going to laugh.

So that you'll laugh too.

Come back. I already talked to Chief Seo.

-Forget it.
-Don't act like a child.

How long will you act like this?

Watch what you say.
You don't know anything.

You don't want to hear it? Then tell me.

So that I'll know how to be considerate.

If you don't say anything,

how will I know
if Mr. Han Euichan is your father or not?

This is all I am to you?

I'm so insignificant

that you can't even tell me?

Seriously, what am I to you?

My former boss.

My ex-girlfriend.


I still have feelings for.

I don't have feelings for you.

Not yet.

If you want me to like you again,
go take back your resignation letter.

That's a separate matter.
You're being unreasonable.

You won't catch him?

You won't catch the culprit
who got Mr. Han falsely accused?

If you want to catch him, come back.

Learn to back down when necessary.

We can discuss us after that.

Did Gyeyoung
get into Euichan's car or not?

Answer me!

I'm telling you!
Han Euichan is the killer!

Where is the girl?

Where were you and what were you doing
yesterday and the day before that?

Sejin, please stop. Okay?

Let's go, Sejin.

Look at you. Look how proudly
you're holding your head up high.

I came to take back my resignation letter.

You should know that you had me
because you sneaked up on me.

You ambushed me out of nowhere

and threw me off. That's why I lost.

I would've won if we fought fairly.

So you guys want to catch
the culprit from 18 years ago?

Fine. Bring him before me.

Then I'll kneel down…

and apologize to you and Han Euichan…

and resign.

Yes, sir. I'll make sure you do.

This is awful.

Why do I feel this emptiness in my heart?

I have a big void in my heart.



You were right.

Time has a different meaning to me now.

Time has a different meaning
to me now, Gyehoon.

Before I met you,

everything was a blur.

-Thank you for showing it. We'll call you.
-Thank you.

It looks bigger than
the actual size I mentioned, right?

You don't have to pay a premium.
The monthly rent is reasonable too.

Every corner is also photo-worthy,

-so it'll be very space efficient.
-I see.

And because you can rent
both the first and the second floors,

you don't have to worry about the size.

-Something that just passes by.
-Would you like to check out upstairs?


Each day, I just felt like

I was barely surviving.

-You turn it like this and here it is.
-I see.

-Like this.
-I see.

Right here. Like this.

Don't get younger by yourself and share.

We're in line already. Don't cut in.

It'll be fair that I lend it first
to someone with the most wrinkles.

I'm disqualified then.

I'm last then.

Dongsook, you're first.

-Why me?
-Forget it then.

-Let me see it. Where?
-Right here.

-Apply it horizontally. On the wrinkles.
-Like this.

-The wrinkles are all gone.
-It looks all shiny and smooth.

Tap it gently.

Where are you guys going all dressed up?

Going somewhere nice without us?

They're going to the police
for questioning.


Name. Na Choonok.

Born in March 1953. Correct?

According to the lunar calendar?
It's correct then.

Ms. Hong Bokhee is your daughter, right?

Well, no.

My mom…

She isn't

my biological mom.

Then what's your relationship?

We'll be doing a final clean-up
of the restaurant today. Can you come?

let's meet up separately next time.

Gyehoon, I'll be a little late.



What do you want to do?

I really liked arcade games growing up.

So I want to go to an arcade together.

I also want to go to a cart bar
and have udon and soju.

Ma'am, a bowl of udon
and a bottle of soju, please.


Here you go.
Please enjoy it while it's still warm.

It looks delicious.

Did anyone hear from Lt. An?

He's usually reachable
even when he takes a day off.

What are you searching so hard for?

We're searching for Lee Jingeun.

What for? The investigation team
will check all the CCTV footage anyway.

-We're searching for something else.
-Something else?

Yes. There is a man
that Lee Jingeun met with.

Oh, right. You were there too, Chief.

The day we saw Lee Jingeun
at the cart bar,

he met with a man.

Enjoy the food.

After leaving the cart bar that day,

Lee Jingeun met someone.

We're searching for him.

I know who it was.



Hey, how are you?

Nice to see you again here.

I do deliveries too.

Are you here alone?


-You know each other?
-Yes. Here, ma'am. Please check.

I'm sure it's fine.

-Are you leaving?
-Yes, I'm done eating.

-Are you leaving?
-I see.

-Thank you for the food.
-Thank you. Bye.

-It's 35,000 won.
-Okay. I'll note it.

-Okay. Thank you.
-Thank you. Bye.

I'll give you a ride. Hop in.


I'll be making a delivery near your house.

It's on the way.

Get in.


Wi-Fi again?

I went to say bye
to the stew place earlier,

and they said Dahyun went to the library.
Shouldn't you go see her?

Why should I?


She has nothing to do with me now.

I'm going to ignore it all.

Thank you, but I'll just walk home.


I just want to take a walk.

Will you do that then?


Okay, then.

I can't let him know.

I can't let him know

that I recognized him.

By the way…

Have we ever met in the past?

It used to be just a vague feeling

from that time.

Now I remember it.

-Hurry up.

Wait, kid.

Did you drop this?


Can you take a closer look?

What do you think? Do you remember it now?

No, it's not mine.

I see. What a good girl.

I'll give it to you as a gift.


He was trying to see if I remembered him.

Well, then. See you later.



Hello, Mom?

Can you come meet me?

-What is it?

Where is Chef Eun?

He was saying he'll ignore
Wi-Fi or whatever. Who is he kidding?

He rushed out at once.

What's going on with everyone?


The ladies from the stew place
were rushing to somewhere too.


Why am I doing this again?


The person Lee Jingeun met
after leaving the cart bar.

I saw him while coming back
from the restroom.

-Who was it?
-Who was it?


Isn't that the stalker?

It was Younghoon.

-The fish.

The fish store at the Jihwa Market?

That's right.
I definitely saw him that night.

It looked like he was having
a serious conversation with the stalker.

Could it be…

that he's the culprit?

No way.

No, right?




Got it.

I need to head out at once.
Something happened to Noh Dahyun.


What's going on? What now?

Hey, let's go.

Do you want me to call the police?


Where are you going? Hey!

The call can't be connected…

Where on earth is she?

Excuse me, ma'am.

Was the customer a woman in her twenties

with long hair and big eyes?

Oh, the one that was sitting here?

Yes. A pretty girl
with long hair and fair skin.

She was just here
eating alone and then left.

Do you know which way she went?

I think she went down that alley.

Thank you.

What the heck are you doing?

I got you.

But how did you know?

How did you remember me?

Why does that matter at this moment?

I'm not good at holding in my questions.

Besides, this is the only time
that I get to ask you.

I can't ask a dead body.

Don't you think?

I'm in the redevelopment block.

I've shared my current location with you.

She's somewhere around here.
Come as quickly as you can.

Turn right here.

This feeling I have…

is the same fear…

that I felt that day.

If there is a God,

or whoever else is out there,

please help.

Please don't…

let me lose anyone ever again.

Dahyun. Dahyun!



Eun Gyehoon.

It was you, wasn't it?

My sister

and my dad.

It was you, wasn't it?

Does that matter at this moment?

Answer me!

I'll tell you if you need a motive
to do something to me.

You're right. I did it.


there will be more.

You don't think I can stab you?

Try me. Come on!


It's too dangerous for you.



Dahyun, are you okay?


Stay with me, okay?

Dahyun. Stay with me, okay? Dahyun.

Lee Younghoon!

-You bastard.
-Put down your weapon.




You'll be fine.

These tears are not mine.

-It's not me.
-It's not me.

It's my brother.

My brother is crying because of me.

I remember it now.

I know now

why we're linked,

and why you can sense my feelings
and I can sense yours.

I know now, Gyehoon.


Don't talk, okay? Don't.

This is my favorite sticker.

Really? It's my favorite too.

-Yes. Really.


-Cinderella lost her parents as a child
-Cinderella lost her parents as a child

-Her stepmother and sisters mistreated her
-Her stepmother and sisters mistreated her

-Shaba shaba aishaba
-Shaba shaba aishaba

What's wrong? Are you scared again?

It's not me.

It's my brother.


My brother is crying because of me.

We're twins.

When I'm mad, he's mad too.

When I'm happy, he's happy too.

We feel the same emotion
even if we're apart like this.

I see. And?

Usually, I can't sense his feelings well,
but my brother can sense mine.

But I just felt it too.

My brother is crying
because he's so scared for me.

I can really feel that
he is crying because of me.

That's why I feel so sad.

Don't cry. Everything will be fine.

Gyeyoung, let's escape.


I think the window over there might open.

We'll be able to escape through that.

But I can't even walk.

I'll help you.

Just hold my hand and come with me.

But if I fail and only you make it out,

please do me a favor.

What is it?

Can you find my brother
and tell him something for me?

Tell him what?

My brother…

My brother Eun Gyehoon

is feeling more scared
and is crying more than me.

So please go tell him this.


I have to tell you

what she said.

Dahyun. Tell me later, okay?

Please go now.


Dahyun, look at me.

It's me, sweetie. I'm right here.

Oh, gosh.


She wanted me to tell you this.

Gyehoon. Remember this.

It's not your fault.

It's really not your fault.

So stop crying.

Promise me.

It's not your fault.

It's really not your fault.

So stop crying.

Promise me.

That's correct.
Tell my crybaby brother to stop crying.


A crybaby.

You have to tell him, okay?

Okay, I promise.

Gyehoon. Remember this.

It's not your fault.

It's really not your fault.

So stop crying. Promise me.


Rumor has it that he was
the killer from 18 years ago.


Please open your eyes.

I'm sorry. I…

I should've gotten there sooner.

Whenever I miss you,

I imagine you in my mind, Gyehoon.

Finally, I was reunited
with my long-lost family.

I don't feel anything anymore.

The link that connected us was severed.

Translated by [Ji-young Hwang]