Line of Separation (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 3 - Traum von Frühling - full transcript

A risky exchange maneuver takes place.



American weapons in our forest?

The Russkis are 150 feet away.
Isn't that reason enough?

Wehrmacht grenades caused the explosion.

Don't lie to me, Georg.

So you believe
that hack Schober over your husband?


I'd like to have
both my daughters baptized.

You are responsible for lots of families.

I won't let you work on meeting
our production quota by day

and pray
to some wooden carpenter by night.

Franz, let that child go!

Here you go.

You can't allow this!
- She can return when she learns manners.

Heinrich, please!

Mrs Von Striesow.

You were observed talking to an employee.

Sabotage? My wife?

You've made it far, Comrade Czerni.

Berlin is sealed off, how'd you get through?
- A friend helped me.


Mother, I have to know. Who?

You betrayed me again.

Horst V?ckler


We have to keep them off our backs.
- And risk war?

Destroy families?

Lock up an entire population?

What are you talking about?

Is this socialist liberation?

We're doing the right thing.

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What are you doing?
- I need clothes.

Mom can't know I'm here.


Did she wake up?
- What happened?

Why'd you run away?
- Later


What happened?
- He ran away.

Come inside, quick.

Anyone see you?
- Don't think so.

And your mother?

Go to the living room.

How did it happen?

I went through the wire by the barracks.

Keep still. I have to clean it.

everyone is on full alert.

No one tells us anything.

I'm scared.

I think they're going to crack down
on the reformers in Prague.

And you know what?

Apparently two divisions
have been sent to Saxony.

I won't be a part of it.

They're preparing to invade.

It's not comradely assistance. It's war

What do we do with him?

He'll stay with us for now.
- No, Wolfgang!

Where is he?

In the living room.

Tell them you got a ride on a motorbike

and you fell off.

Say you were unconscious for a moment

but then you called us and got help.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Tell them you're sorry,
and put your uniform back on.

It's covered in blood. And it's torn.

But I'm not sorry.

If you report in now...

it'll only be absence without leave.

Otherwise it's desertion.

In the border zone
that means ten yean in jail.

No, Mother!

I refuse to shoot at people
who think like us.

The Czechs just want
more freedom and democracy.

I wouldn't shoot either


Is this what you preach to my children?
- Anna...

Alexander Dubcek is a Socialist like you.

Like all of us.
- You've nowhere to go.

You can't go anywhere.
You're putting us all at risk.

Think of your sisters.
- She's right. Go.

You have to turn yourself in.
- No.

Felix can stay here tonight.

No. We still have a chance
he'll be let off with a reprimand.


Do you want your brother to go to jail?

I don't.
- Then think for once!

Mom, please don't do this.

Don't you dare!

This is Comrade Anna Erler
reporting an accident.

Yes, I can wait.

How could you bring him here
without asking me?

You trust Wolfgang more than me?

Good evening. Anna Erler

I want to report
that my son had an accident.

Felix Erler

I'm calling from TANNBACH.
The parish hall.

He had a motorbike accident
and was disoriented.

Of course. We'll wait here.

Frank, give me the paper

I'm sorry, Felix.

Hide your music.


Go that way.

Please be careful. He's injured.

Kathrin, are you coming?

K3thrin, go to your mother

Come on, Frank.


At wont, he'll get ten days in the cooler

That means
he can't have visitors or go out.

Shoveling coal.

But then it's over and done with.

What's "the cooler"?
- A prison cell.

It's not so bad. It's...

A room with a table and a bed...

a chair..

What did Felix do?

He opened his mouth and spoke the truth.
- Kathrin!

Don't talk about this at Pioneers' meetings.

If anyone asks, your brother is serving
in the military, like all of us. Got it?

Desertion is no longer an issue, thank God.

It's bad enough you betrayed Felix.
No need to thank God for it.

Just eat, Kathrin.


Should we go out to eat?

I'm late.

When do you finish?

Two or three hours.

You smell of me.

I like it.

Count Striesow from TANNBACH.

My wife is on business in Prague.

She gave me your number


Arthur, that noise, it's torture.

I already turned it down.

Yeah, sure...

What's this letter?
- Kathi Schober gave it to me.

It's from the East.

What's it say?

Felix is in jail.

At the barracks.

- Morning.

You have a visitor from State Security.

They've already picked up the pastor

Good morning, Anna.

It'll all be cleared up.

You did the right thing.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Felix is no exception.

Major Runge, Comrade Erler
- Good morning, Comrade Erler

Please leave us alone.

Have a seat.

Why did it have to be the Major?

What's your report
on yesterday's incident?

Felix wanted to visit us.
He rode a motorbike and fell off.

He was unconscious.

He had me report that.
And, as you know, I called the police.

He confessed.
- Thank God.

He shouldn't have gone AWOL
and should be punished for it.

He said he doesn't want a war
against the counter-revolution.

He's against a fraternal war
And who isn't?

It would be insane
to wage war on our Socialist allies.

So you share his opinion?

I live on the border, next to the enemy.

I can't judge what's happening
in Czechoslovakia. That's for you to do.

My son is a good Socialist.

Like my late husband and I.

That's what we'll find out.

No one wants to lock
their own soldiers away for yean.

You can't lock him away for that.
- Thank you, Comrade.


This is the Old Tollhouse...

It's me, Horst.

I have to see you.

I'm sorry. We're closed Mondays.

This Friday, at 11,
at the old fisherman's hut.

One moment...

Let me check our bookings.

I'm afraid we're fully booked
on that date.

I can recommend the Hart Hotel.
- You owe me.

Why recommend the Hart
if you don't even like it?

Walter, Franz Schober's on his way

and wants a table for five.

What's going on with you two?

Should I have a word with Walter?

Karl, how's business?

Good, Grandpa.

Glad to hear it, boy.

Keep it up.

Howdy, Erwin.
- Howdy, Franz.

They buy everything.
Especially those Yankees.

Only the Japs - always haggling.

Damn chinky eyes...

We're happy for you.

But we need you to make a decision.

The countjoins my club's board
over my dead body.

The club is my baby.
20 years, I've been on your backs!

So no one ever dare forget
that the Reds took our land, our woods...

Alright, alright.
But they took the count's land too.

And he donates more than all of you.
- I don't care.

The thaw in relations...
- That doesn't concern us.

I know. We do our business -

with or without a wall.

Germany in the borden up to '37!

That's us. And only us!

Let him speak, Dad.

We will never recognize
the Oder-Neisse line.

Strauss won't let that happen.

A good beating is
what those Commies in Bonn need.

End of stoy.

And as for the count...

It's an excellent ham. You'll love it.

Forget it.

Now, now, if it isn't my wife...

And she's not bad
at doing a bit of business. Huh, Kathi?

I need a schnapps, Erwin.

Right away.
- I think the meat was too fatty.

The meat wasn't too fatty, you are.

A man without a belly

is a cripple, right?


How are things with you and your Walter?

Look around.

People are having babies
like there's no tomorrow.

At it like rabbits.

So someone will pay your pension.

And shut your eyes when you go.

God, Franz!


Let's go.

Christa. Get us the check.

Put it on Grandpa's tab.

Cilly, call a doctor

Franz has collapsed.
- Franz?

Walter, come here, please.

We'll be in touch.
- Thank you.

The doctor said
Franz suffered a stroke.

He said he pressed to hard

while he was having a shit.

What, Father had a stroke?
- Yes.

Will he live?

The Lord is just.


Well, you heard what your father said.

The lefties are too dumb to take a shit.

All this hope and glee.

In the East, in West Germany.

The Czechs. "The new freedom."

"My relatives in the West yearn
to come over to Dubczek's wonderland."

Let's see if it really exists.

This "new freedom."

"Socialism with a human face."

Sounds so beautiful.

You're beautiful.

Georg tried to reach me at the hotel.


I have to go back.

For Arthur, too.

You won't tell him...

Take care.


This is Horst V?ckler

Get in touch with him
and tell him I have an offer for him.

The name is Major Robert Leonhardt,
spelled "dt."

A West Berlin judge convicted him.

Three months in jail
for Section 175.

Then he left the country.
Uruguay, Argentina.

Why there?

Because Latinos are a good lay.

Is something wrong with you?

Horst V?ckler, code name Ability.

He shot Comrade Uhlig.

He should know
we won't treat him with kid gloves.

He wants to make you an offer

Relating to his mother

He said you'd know what he meant.


So you do know?

Don't you have anything else to do?

You've no business in here. Out!

Hello. I'm back.

Prague is so wonderful.

We should meet
Anna and the children there.

Hello, Arthur
- Hello.


I'm afraid nothing will come of that.

Why not? Thousands are doing it.

Half of East Germany is in Prague.

I have to go back next week.
We found some wonderful lace.

I don't think you'll be going.

- The Russians won't stand by much longer

Dubczek is walking all over them.

The People's Army has put Felix in jail.
Apparently he ran away.

That'll be punished severely.
I hope it's not true.

Why would the boy do such a thing?

Because he's scared.

He doesn't want to go to war

Did you hear it from Anna?

Anna would never tell me.

Kathrin wrote the letter

Felix doesn't want to be part
of a fraternal war

May I leave the table?

But that's insane,
now that everyone sighs with relief.

You don't understand.

Look at Hungary back in 1956.

OrJune 17.

Brezhnev and Dubczek kiss for the camera
but the Russians are sharpening knives.

"The Russians!" How can we help Felix?

No idea.

Father comes out of the hospital
in two days.

He needs care.

We have to decide
which of the women will do it.

We have a lot to do at the inn.
- We all have lots of work.

Christa has enough to do.

We won't manage without Christa.

I'll go on ahead.


I wanted to tell all of you this
much sooner, but...

I won't be here much longer

I'm going over


Over to the East.

To the Zone?

I've liked it better there
for a while now.

It's just nice there. Don't you see?

No one there is born red.

They're good people, Christians.

Not as bigheaded
as everyone here.

My cousin is there,

my nephew,

the church.

I'm needed over there.
- You can't leave Father in the lurch!

We could put him in the home
run by the Sisters of Mercy.

Like he did with Christa.
- Oh come on, Mother!

Everyone gets what he deserves.

I'll do it.

I'll take care of Father

What? You?



It's tasty, huh?

sorry I'm late.
Thanks for looking after her

Hi, sweetie.

Heard from Felix?
- No.

Where's Kathrin?

She didn't tell me where she was going.

When does Felix get out of prison?

Why is he there?

Is he a Nazi?

Why would you think that?

We don't have any Nazis.
They all live on the other side.

Eat up now, sweetie. It's getting late.

What do you want?

You've caused enough trouble.


Stay out of this, please.

Come in, Anna.

I'm preparing Sunday's sermon.

With G?nter Grass.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, rather

What can I do for you?

My children got you into trouble.
I'm sorry about that.

Kathrin shouldn't have brought Felix here.

Three hours of police questioning,

two hours' telling-off by the dean -
I've seen worse.

How is Felix?

I think I was able
to prevent worse.

Felix worries there will be war
- Nonsense.

As a soldier
he might know something we don't.

Hitler's armies
marched into Prague in 1939.

No one in East Berlin
has such a short memory.

Kathrin! We're going.

I can't.
- Now!

But we're rehearsing.

Then there's dinner
with the church youths.

You can't go back
until your brother's issue is solved.

But Frank is here.

You see him at school. That will do.

Did Uncle Adolph advise you
to clean up your family?

Felix is enough of a worry
without you and the youth group.

It's not about Felix but you
and the damn Paky. - That's not true.

And Wolfgang? You used to like him.

Now you're cowardly
and domineering like your father


That's enough.

Von Striesow.


My father's had a stroke.

I'm getting the train.
I'll be in TANNBACH tomorrow.

I'd like to see you.
- You can't.

Don't call me again.

Who was that?

A friend from Prague.

You have a friend in Prague?

I have friends in Prague, Berlin,
Munich, even East Berlin.

But only one husband. Cheers.

Why do you always have to drink?

Do you love me?

Is it that Schober fellow?

Answer me, Rosemarie!

Are you having an affair?


I am.

I was.

You're an adulteress.

A despicable liar!

And now?

You can't turn me into a countess.
I'm a working class girl.

Back alley, East Berlin.

You can teach me how to behave.

You can teach me proper German, but...

Whether I like it or not,
I can only be myself.

My name isn't even Rosemarie.

You're drunk.

I am Erika Czerni

daughter of shoemaker Karl Czerni

and his wife Margarete.

What are you talking about?

They blackmailed me.

The price for my brother's life... life by my side.

With regular reports to the Stasi.
- Yes...

You have...

You've lived with me
for all these yean...

A spy for the Stasi! My own wife!

They would've killed Kuk.
I had no choice.

Tell me this isn't true.

I'll find myself an apartment next week.

Leave me alone.

Georg, please.
- Go!

I have to go back downstairs.
- What, now?

The till is short.
- It can wait.

I can't relax. It's more than 100 marks.

Fred and Martha are having a second child

and haven't been married as long as us.

See you later

Not out here.

Come inside, please.


I went to jail for you.

And in the meantime you got married.

My wife and I...

we're happy together

We're going to start a family.

After seven yean?

It couldn't happen fast enough for you.

The thing between us...

was a mistake, an aberration.


I see that now.

I'm sorry.

You see that, do you?

Do you really?

Why did you come back?

Why now?

Well? Did you find the missing money?

Under some skirt maybe?

Come here. I'll give it to you.

Here. Ten, twenty... A hundred marks.

Stop it.
- Here!

Take it!

Take it.
- Stop it! Stop it!

Come on.

"Forces of the Soviet Union
and other Warsaw Pact members

invaded Czechoslovakia during the night

and staked to occupy the county.

Numerous Soviet transport planes
have landed in Prague.

Both the German Press Agency

and U.S. press agency Associated Press

report that the building
of the Central Committee in Prague

was surrounded
by Soviet tanks this morning.

Shots were fired near the building
after several hundred young people..."

"Radio Prague was the first to report..."

No one expected this, Arthur It's...

"Regular news broadcasts
were interrupted. The announcer.."

What did you think?

That the Russians would let
the Warsaw Pact countries defect?

There can be
no "spring" in a dictatorship.

Why are you here?

Arthur, may I speak
to your father alone? Please?

It's true, I reported on you.

It wasn't much.
You'd already been deactivated.

You came to Berlin and got me out of jail.
After that, I broke off contact.

I married you
because the opportunity was there.

And because I had no choice.

Yes, I lied to you.

But I loved you too.

You, and Arthur

Where were you last night?

Let it go, Georg.
- Tell me.

I was at the inn with Cilly.
- Sure.

We can't go on like this.

We're just destroying each other

It seems that's all we're good for

How do you expect me to react, damn it?

What do you want me to do?

You are envied for your life here.
A house, a car, a child, a good job.

A husband who...
- Who what?

Who provides for me? Supports me?

I know you don't need me.

For Arthur's sake
we should separate in peace.

I'll move out soon,
close to my work.

How will you live your life?

How will you work?

As a guilty divorcee?

All fingers will be pointing at you.

"...the Party and the State

of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

have turned
to the Soviet Union and its allies

to request help for their Czech brothers,

including military support
where necessary..."

Felix was right. They have invaded.
- I don't think so.

Just listen to what they're saying.

Did Felix invade too?

No, Lotte. Can we just eat breakfast now?

We're out of potatoes. And bread.

At last those revisionist lowlifes
are being sent packing.

The Soviet Union
is restoring peace for us.

Whoever heard of war restoring peace?


I can't give you five kilos of flour
The others want some too.

every time we get the harvest in,
there's a war

"...our Czechoslovakian brothers
must immediately. .."

Anna, have you heard?
- How couldn't I, Rolf?

Not the invasion.
The Paky Secretary is here.

Going AWOL isn't just
a young man's whim.

Especially not in the face
of the revisionist threat

facing us and our brothers.

From the view of the class struggle,

Felix Erler gains points
with his Pioneer and school activities.

He's won awards.

His class loyalty was never under doubt.
- But his upbringing is.


Everyone in this room has sympathy

for a single, working mother

and her situation
after her husband's death.

It's no excuse for gross failure.

What failure?

Your daughter
has attracted negative attention.

She meets those deadbeats
from church youth.

We know whose teachings they follow.

The Dubczeks and Dutschkes.

The Party wants you to distance yourself.

Kathrin will improve.

Felix did something silly
and is being punished, but he's my son.

He's family. I stand by him.
- Fine.

Let's end this discussion.

I'm sure Comrade Erler
will accept a just punishment.

I move that Comrade Erler get the chance

to prove herself in production.

Let's take a vote.
- Excuse me.

Comrade Erler is indispensable
in her current position.

Transferring her to production
would damage the cooperative.

The proposal is good.

So, Comrades, let us vote.

In favour?

Anna! I'm sorry.

Who did this?

I'll fix that and bring it over

Charlotte, where is K3thrin?

She didn't tell me where she was going.

What's wrong? Mommy?

What's wrong?

The western music is hidden under her bed.


Felix collects empty cola bottles,
plastic bags and stickers.

He hides his diary
and the naked girls behind his wardrobe.


Stop spying on your brother and sister
- But...

We're family.
- But my Pioneer leader says...

We don't rat on each other

Those words from your mouth?

Get out, you little snitch.

What did you think you'd find?

Subversive material?

I'm sorry.

"One should put an end to the monotonous
'yeah, yeah, yeah' and what have you.

Western music destroys the minds and souls

of our Socialist youth!"


They took a vote.

Five votes against me and one abstention.

Oh Mom...

How are you.
- Hello.


80 pfennigs.

Yeah, sure...


Here is the key.

Did you come straight from Prague?

I got out just in time.

Will there be war?

The army didn't want
to wage war over Berlin.

So why bother about some Czechs?

How long are you staying?

Don't know.

Until Father bites the dust?

She was here last night, your Rosemarie.

Did she leave a message?


How long has it been going on?

A long time, you prick.

And it was great.
- Stop!

You're such a stupid, lucky bastard.


Rosie has one major flaw.

She doesn't love me.

She loves you, you moron.


I want to tell you how sorry I am.

What are you going to do?

Wait and see.

Hope they release Felix soon.

That things calm down.

That I can return to my job.

Is that what you want, then?
To return?

Hello, Father

You've looked better

I'm afraid I can't understand.

Remember this?

I carry it with me every day.

Do you remember what you said
when you gave it to me?

"I owe it to you."

The Russians are coming.
They'll get the Czechs, then us.

Make your peace.

I'm glad they had the soap.
It smells so good.

Let's unpack. What shall we cook?

Potato soup?

Shoo! Out of here!


You shouldn't get so upset.

Franz! What a mess!

Now we have to make you
another porridge.

Twice to the left.
That's what the doctor said.

Theresa. ..

I know I wasn't a good husband
for many years.

I was unfair to you and to Christa
when Emil died.

That's a long time ago.
- I'd like to make it up to you.

For things to be how they were.

My little Minka is dead!


You don't have to.

Look after Father after all he did to us.

If Mother wants to put him in a home,
fine. We have enough money.

I'm very happy to do it.

- Hello, madam. What can I do for you?

I'd like to open an account.
Rosemarie Von Striesow.

You have an account.
- Yes.

A joint account. I want my own account.

I see.

Fill out this form, please,
then sign here.

Your husband signs here.

I can't open my own account?

Of course, if your husband agrees.

Put that cigarette out.


What's wrong?

Promise me you won't leave me with him.

I can't promise you that.

Your father and I have our differences.

Once you're gone,
he'll send me to boarding school.

He'll say it's for my own good.

But he just wants to get rid of me.

You know how much you mean to me.

"...the governments of our countries

are bringing urgently needed help
to the Czech patriots..."



What's wrong with Arthur?

Were you in a fight?

Because of me?

What's so funny about that?

It's what I've always
wished for, somehow.

That I fight over you?

Any sign that I matter

You never said it.

Couldn't you always depend on me?

You never said "I love you."

You were the first woman
I let in again.

And you betray me.

You won't see him again.


Here, hold this.


Aren't you done yet?

What's taking so long?

Let's go!

I know who did that.

Come here.
- She was out at night, with Frank.

Be quiet.

But, Mommy, you said...

Get in.
- ...we should always tell the truth.

Not one more word!

You say nothing to anyone!

Sit properly.


Have a seat.


No, thanks. I'm more for tea.

So what offer?

It's more of a business deal.

A business deal?

Can I take your order, sir?
- Tea with sugar and lemon, please.

What could you sell us

that our reconnaissance unit
doesn't already know?

A NATO scandal.

It'd play into your hands.

No one would point the finger
at the Soviets or at you

if U.S. arms caches
were found on the border

Thank you.

And you expect me to believe you?

I demand a small favour in return.

Release my mother

This is the border with Thuringia.

Mark one of the caches.

We will test your credibility.

Can you guarantee her release?

Don't forget

you shot and killed Fritz Uhlig.

I could have you arrested at any time.

Trust me, or we can just forget it.

You'll cover this?

How is Hilde?

I'm taking good care of her

Up with you.

Get up, face to the wall!

No more special treatment
for women like you!

Looks like you trained with the Gestapo.

Close the door From outside.


Got it!

What did they do to you?

They found your book.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to get you out of here.

"We, the TANNBACH agricultural cooperative,

stand firmly by the side
of our Soviet friends.

We expressly welcome the liberation

of the Czech people from enemy agents

and counterrevolutionaries.

We cannot tolerate agitation
from the class enemy

that jeopardizes
the solidarity of Socialist nations

and endangers peace."


Oh, there you are.


Will you sign our resolution too?

I can't sign something I haven't read.

And I can't now. I have to concentrate.

I withheld my vote,
if that's what you mean.

Yes. I really appreciate that.
- I'm on your side.

But as your friend I have to tell you
to be more grateful.

I beg your pardon?
- Yes.

The Paky just wants you to show loyalty.
- I am loyal.

Then sign.

What Felix did may have been wrong.
But I can understand it.

There might be a war

People die in wan.

Don't push things too far, Anna.

Or I won't be able to protect you.

Thank you.

All arms caches
in exchange for his mother

It's a good deal for us.
- If he doesn't pull one on us again.

Don't go anywhere.



What do you want to say?


You want Kathi?

Kathi has gone over to the Communists.

She likes it there. She's not coming back.

I'm going to take care of you now.

Open up.

You want a drink?
We'll take care of that later

Or you'll have to go to the potty.
- Theresa!

Come, please.

Hitler's book? Why?

Put it in the trash.
- No one touches Hitler

Not with a ten-foot pole.

Theresa. ..

Let's get along again.

One of us has to start,
or it'll never end.

This is yours.

You should speak to her

What was he running from?

From hate.

From Grandfather

From me.

He didn't want to leave you. He wanted...

to be with his child.

Maybe he's still alive.

When Emil died...

Or rather, the way he died.

I couldn't understand it.

But it wasn't your fault.

I sinned against you.

Putting you in that home...

May the Lord forgive me one day.

But I never will.

Dear Christa, you are my daughter,
like my other children.

I don't know how I could do such a thing.

I'll tell you something.

You're the first one to know.

Not even Mother knows.

Walter and I...

are going to have a baby.


You're going to be a grandfather

Mrs. Schober?

First door on the left.

How long are you going
to keep me cooped up here?

You may address me as "Officer".

What kind of nonsense is this?

What are all these questions for?

I'm not a secret agent. I'm an old woman.

You think I have a spy under my skirt?

Mrs Schober...

Refugees from the West wishing to settle
in the German Democratic Republic...

And I am no refugee, young man.

Don't use that word with me!

Bad enough when they said it
about the Sudeten Germans.

I want to be with my cousin.
No more and no less.

Who sent you here?

I sent myself.

So you decided...

at the age of 69,
to abandon your sick husband,

your children and your grandchildren,

to help us build our Socialist republic?

It wasn't my idea to build that wall,
young man.

It certainly wasn't my idea

to trap my family members
behind a barbed wire fence!

Now listen to me, "officer".

You and your Socialism
can go jump in the lake.

And the big shots in the West

can wave their cash
as much as they like.

I'm not interested.

I care about where I live,
and where I die.

That's what I'm interested in.

I'm glad you're here, Rudolph.
This print has a yellow cast.

Who chose the models?
- I did.

So Waltraud looks like that in the kitchen?
- Waltraud?

Preparing your supper
with a Colgate smile and high heels

when you come home?
- That'd be nice.

You take a good look at Waltraud tonight,
while I make new suggestions.

You haven't signed yet.
- I spoke to Georg on the phone.

Come with me.


You're not planning
to get divorced, are you?

That's our personal affair, Rudolph.

Not quite, I'd say.

You're the pick of the bunch.

So you also represent us as a company.
Especially in your upgraded position.

We have a respectable,
bourgeois company culture.

The majority of our customers
are housewives.

Married housewives.

Who'd stop buying aprons
because the sales manager is divorced?

That's ridiculous.

It's my firm and I don't want
my employees to lead their love life

like in a sex commune.

Especially at your age.

A divorced Countess Von Striesow
cannot be head sales manager here.

I'm sorry.

Let's wait and see.
Maybe the two of you can make up.

Arthur! That's torture!

Arthur! My boy. Oh my God!

Come on, wake up! Arthur! Arthur!

Come on. Let's get that out.

Come on. Come on.

Rosemarie! Georg called.

You need to go home.
- Tell him to screw himself.

Something with Arthur

It seems no one can stand living with me.

How is he?


What now?

The doctor will be back shortly.

That's not what I meant.

Do whatever you think is right, Rosemarie.

- Please, Georg.

It's your name.

It may be, but it's no longer who I am.

Get a divorce if you want, or stay here.

I'll agree to anything.

I won't stand in your way any longer

You'll have whatever you need.
A home, a car, whatever you need.

I love you.

And I don't want you to leave.

I won't sign it.

Don't ty to persuade me.

Anna! We know Kathrin
is behind the graffiti.

I'm just keeping a lid on it for you.

But if you don't publicly commit
to the Party line...

everyone heard you defend Dubzcek.
- We all did.

What can I do?
Gerda thinks you're a liability.

What's her problem?
What harm did I do to her?

You just don't get it.
The Party might expel you.

Then you can't live here anymore!

This is TANNBACH. Right on the border!

Innocent people are dying.

We wanted to make a better world, not war

You'll have nothing left.

No home, no work.

You want your children
to grow up without you?

You think this is a game?

Where do you think you are?

Thank you.

Open it.

The documents are for the Colonel.

With best regards from my mother and me.

Is that everything?

I checked it.

Get in the car, Comrade.

Come on, Mother

Come on!


I'm here to stay.
- You're most welcome.

Just the two of you?
- Mom's waiting for news from Felix.

Hello, Charlotte.
- Hello.



Wait a minute.

It's about Felix.

What about Felix?

They wanted to lock him up
for five yean.

I was able to stop it.

He has to spend a year
in the detention cell at the barracks.

Why a whole year?

Anna, this is a huge success.

Adolph, they're locking him away
for a year

Did you think he could just...


and not be punished?

Please go.

Please go.

It really is a huge success.