Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 7 - Jackpot - full transcript

Charlie and Dani investigate the murder of Hannah Ronson who was found sitting at her dining room table stabbed to death. She had only been in Los Angeles for a few months and was obviously quite well off. They trace her to the LWA, the Lottery Winners Anonymous, a support group for people who have trouble coping with their large lottery wins. Several of the members had a relationship with Hannah and all live an odd lifestyle given their wealth. Turns out Hannah had a secret of her own. In his own case, Rachel Seybolt moves in with Charlie and Ted Earley; Dani's father Jack Reese disappears. Captain Tidwell continues to pursue Dani.

Neighbors downstairs werert
too happy when her blood
came through the ceiling,

started dripping
on their pancakes.
Called 911.

CREWS: Stab wounds.
At least three of them.

No signs of struggle
or forced entry.

It was someone
she knew well enough
to let walk right up to her.

Someone she made
dinner for.

She got dressed up,
set the table,
lit the candles,

perfume, make-up.

I guess
she was hoping the night
would end differently.

She didn't even
turn around.

Just sat there
as the knife went into her.

It's a nice place.

Not much of
her here.

Just a pool
of blood on the floor.

And this.

Got a tattoo here,
the name "Ben" in a heart.

Got a driver's
license here,

Hannah Ronson,
issued three
months back.

Looks like this
girl just got here.

Car keys. Jaguar.


If this is Hannah Ronson
and the tattoo is Ben,
who's LWA?

Go see if that matches
any of the cars
in the building's lot.


I guess they
were working up
an appetite.

This first,
then dinner.

"France. 7 million
and up. Must learn French.
Ooh, la, la."

That's not gonna happen now.

"Ooh, la, la."

"Sailboat or power boat?
Sailboat and power boat."

"Sixty days
or ninety days?"

Oh, and
plastic surgery.

Looks like Hannah
liked to spend.


Maybe Hannah wasrt
shopping with
her own money,

she was shopping
with LWA's.


Anything else
in the car?

This is all there was.

Brand new Jaguar,
leased to a Hannah Ronson
three months ago.

A parking pass.
St. Thomas Church.
Church, huh, Hannah?

A parking pass
for a church.

St. Thomas.

LWA isn't
someone's initials.

I mean, I don't know
what the "L" and the "W"
stand for, but "A"

stands for "anonymous."

It's a support group.

Church parking.

Exactly what kind
of support do you think
Hannah was getting here?


Is this where
LWA meets?

Yes, we're LWA.

Could you tell us
what it stands for?

Lottery Winners

Lottery winners.
You're all lottery winners?


Yes, but we're
only for winners
of 20 million or more.

Anything under that,
and we're going to have
to ask you two to leave.

Is Hannah Ronson
a member of this group?

We're anonymous.
We don't use last names,

but there is a Hannah
that belongs here. Why?

Hannah Ronson
was found dead
in her loft this morning.


Was it an accident?

No, it wasrt an accident.

And what's your name?

Tom who?

Hannah, our Hannah...

(INHALING) Somebody...

He's saying someone
killed Hannah, numbnuts.
You heard him.

And what's your name?


It's Dale.

And you are?



Dale, you have
to take shallow
breaths, okay?

Dale, Dale... Dale,
you have to take
shallow breaths. Okay?

Dale, you've got to take
shallow breaths, all right?

Otherwise you're
just going to...


Pass out.

Got any paper bags, Ben?

God, that was
so embarrassing.

I've seen people have
much worse reactions
to news like that.

You don't want to know.

But a reaction
like that, Dale,

usually comes from
someone who's pretty
close to the victim.

Can you not use that word?

Can you call her
by her name?

By Hannah?

Were you close to Hannah?

How close were you?



Hannah was just 34,
but still it was
so hard for her.

What was so hard for her?

Well, like most of us,

Hannah came here
because she couldn't
relate to the ULOs anymore.

The ULOs?

The unlucky ones.

Hannah won the Florida
lottery last year.

Then, the ULOs
at home got to her.

When you hit it like us,
suddenly everyone wants
something from you,

a loan, a gift, a car, boat.

So, she moved
from Florida to LA?

A few months back.
Tried to start over.

She liked it here.

You know, in this room,
we all have money,

so the only thing we want
from each other is each other.

And when did she get
the tattoo with
your name on it, Ben?

Look, no one here
knew we were together.

She didn't want
anybody to know,
so that was just for me.

For us.

Hey, Reese?
Tom, tall, skinny guy.
Where'd he go?

That old Nova's gone.

Yeah, that's Tom's car.

He hits the lottery
and drives that old beater?
What was his number?

Tom was a big one.
173 million.

You got a last name on Tom?

We're anonymous.
No last names. He's just Tom.
That's all we know.

All right. Well, you're
not anonymous anymore.

We're going to be
needing last names

and addresses
from all of you.

Yo, Dale, is the meeting
over or what, man?
We want to get a-rollir.

My posse.

A support group
for lottery winners?
Holy moley!

Studies show 80%
of all lottery winners

regret ever having won it.

You just made that up.

No. It's the truth.

Then the truth
is stupid.

Could the truth be stupid?

Googled Hannah Ronson.

Won the Florida lottery
last year, 34 million.

Got a photo of her here
with that big check.

I get that check,
I would not get support.

I would, however,
get a hockey team
and a blimp with a bar.

That's what
you should get,
a blimp with a bar.

Then you could
float around,
have some brews.

Hannah Ronson, stabbed.
Bled out on scene.

Crime scene indicates
it was someone she knew.

She didn't have a family here,
she didn't have a job.

Search of her loft
found no address book.

Looks like the only
friends she made since
she moved from Florida

were the people in LWA.

So, she was closer
to these two than
the others?

CREWS: Close enough
to Ben to have
his name on her skin.

I think Dale went there, too.

What about
the $173 million man?

Tom. All the big
lottery winners
sign on to do publicity,

so we're running
that down.


We're going to go.

Detective Reese,
can I have a word?

I want to talk
to you about

No, you don't.
I'm pretty sure I do.

I'm pretty sure you don't.

The heart wants
what the heart wants.

A bodyguard?

Yes. Because of
what happened to Hannah.

I think some of the others
are getting bodyguards, too.
But can you blame us?

She was murdered.

Ben, how long
had you been
seeing Hannah?

About six weeks.

And it was
a sexual relationship?

Yes. We were
sleeping together.

And when did
she put your name
on her skin?

Last month.

Did you know
she was seeing
others in the group?

I'll take that as a no.

Hannah and I
were in love,

She liked me for me,
not for my money.

Okay, since
I hit the jackpot,
girls I don't even know

have been telling me
how much they love me.

But with Hannah...
Look, I just knew
that she meant it.

And if she was
with other guys,

I'm sorry, I just don't
believe that. I just don't.

Ben, where
were you last night?

I was here
waiting for Hannah.

You know, if I'm not
with her or at group,
I'm usually just alone.

Since you won the money?


You haven't really
spent much of it.

Well, I bought my mom
a house because you got
to buy your mom a house.

But I was just looking
for something good
to do with that money.

And... You know,
Hannah and I...

I can't believe she's dead.

(SCOFFING) I mean,
what do I have now,
you know?

Probably not going
to stay long.


I'm not going
to tell you

I'm not going
to ask you anything.

About Jack Reese
or anything else.

Not going to ask you
anything about Jack Reese
or anything else.

Is all this money
just for staying
in jail for 12 years?

I could do that.

You sure this
is the address
Dale gave you?

Yeah, I wrote it down.

Well, it looks like
Dale lied to you.

Didrt have Dale
pegged as a liar.

What about a killer?

Dale said he lived here,
but there's no house here,

so Dale can't live here.


Honey, I'm home.



Yeah, that's right.
TV's Ponch from CHiPs.

He's being very
well compensated.

All these other people,
are they being well
compensated, too, Dale?

like a party, right?

Do you live
on this bus?

Yeah, I got this land here,

and some more
out in the desert.

That way, I can park
the party wherever I want.

Did Hannah like to party?

Tell us a bit
about your relationship
with Hannah, Dale.

Hannah, she was right on,
you know what I mean?

Explain it to me.

We fooled around
a little. I mean,
it was nice knowing...

Knowing that she wanted you
for you, not for your money?


But she saw I was still
into having this, you know.

Kid in a candy store,
you know?

She said when
I was done with this,
she'd be there.

You mean she dumped you?

How'd that make you feel?

To tell you the truth,
it made me want her
even more.

Dale, where were you
the night Hannah was killed?

Here on the bus
with my posse.
They can tell you.

These aren't your
real friends, Dale.

So, why should
we believe them?

You're right.
They're not my real friends.

Hannah was my real friend.

You guys are going
to find who killed her, right?


My ride's here. I got to go.

MAN: Let's go,
let's go, let's go.


Hey, you're
Charlie Crews,
aren't you?

That's right.

I'm a big fan of yours.

$173 million Tom
is Tom Bruckner.

to the press release,

he worked in
the defense industry
for nearly 20 years.

He took all his
winnings in one lump
sum, quit his job.

Why did it take
so long to find him?

I mean, how many
$173 million winners
named Tom are out there?

Because two years ago,
Tom was a lot more jolly.

What happened
to him?

He won the lottery.

We have his address.
We're going there now.

Detective Reese,
a word?

I wanted to talk
about the kiss.

What kiss?

"What kiss?"

CREWS: He worked
in the defense industry?

REESE: Yeah,
for nearly 20 years.

Do you see a buzzer?


What are you doing?

I'm going to go
knock on the door.

Here, hold the can.

You're climbing
his fence to do it?

Yeah. I was first
in my fence climbing
class at Pelican Bay.

Failed out
of tunneling, though.

You ever try to
dig with a spoon?
Tough stuff.

BOY: Mister, I wouldn't
do that if I were you.

Why not?
He have dogs?

No. No dogs.
He's got guns.


REESE: Crews!

Yeah, I'm okay.


TOM: Don't move.

CREWS: I'm a cop.

REESE: Crews?
Still here.

Stay where you are.

Why'd you climb my fence?

Just wanted
to ring your doorbell.


I'm going to show you
my badge, okay?


REESE: Crews!

Still here.

I guess I'll be
inviting you in
as a hostage now.

Hands up!
And move toward
the house.

What's with the fence, Tom?

And the metal shutters?

TOM: Toward the door now!
Keep those hands up!


What's with all the guns, Tom?

Get in and close the door.

$173 million,

and you've got
SWAT on your curb.

Get in and close the door.

A gun like that,
you could have shot me
right off that fence.

Are you really a killer, Tom?

Get in. Close the door.

If I close that door,
you know what happens next.

Someone dies.

Me. You.
Both of us, maybe.

I saw some pictures of you
from a few years ago, Tom.

That guy wasrt wearing
that helmet, that guy
was wearing a smile.

Are you really a killer, Tom?

You sure you're okay?

Yes, I'm fine.
Thank you.

Sometimes, an emotional
injury doesn't show
itself right away.

I'm fine.
Thank you.

Yeah, I'm fine, too,
if you're asking.

Lots of guns.

But no knife.

Hannah was killed
with a knife.

You think the money
did this to him?
Made him like this?

No, it's something else.

He's getting ready
for something.

Hey, look at this.

This is them.

RONALD: He put
a spy camera in my house?

Well, I didn't know that,
but it sure doesn't
surprise me.

Why doesn't it
surprise you?

Tom and I
worked together
for nearly 20 years.

Carpooled, in and out
of each other's houses.

Tom and I used to
split the cost
of lottery tickets.

I'd give him a dollar,
and he'd buy them at lunch.

One day, I forgot
to give him a dollar.

And that was
the day he won?

I haven't seen him since.

He quit work,
put up those fences.

He doesn't talk to me,
doesn't talk to anyone.

I mean, we used
to be best friends.


DALE: Do you know
Tom Bruckner?

And did you ever see him
with a woman named Hannah?


What are
you doing here?

Okay. Well, it's,
like, I have all
this money, right,

but what am I really
doing with my life?

Maybe I can help find
who killed Hannah.

You should just let
the police handle that.

I saw you talking
to those people over there.
Are they involved?

Dale, what did
I just say?

Does the apple help?

Help? With what?

With the solving of crime?

You know you're
a suspect, right?

Yeah, you know,
I just wanted to know
if the apple helped.

I'm new to all this.

Okay, I'm going.
I'm going.

His cash, he had it
buried in the basement.

Well, that's
just crazy, right?

That's just crazy,

Why'd you shoot
at my partner, Tom?

He was coming
over the wall.

I thought he was coming
to get my money,
and I was right.

It's all been
logged with
the property clerk.

Like things haven't been
lost there before.

Let's discuss Hannah.

Why'd you run
when we told you
she'd been murdered?

Because I know
who killed her,

and I thought he'd be
coming for me next.

I needed to get ready.

Tom, who killed Hannah?


Your friend from
across the street?

He's not my friend.

You carpooled for 20 years,

in and out of each other's
house. You used to split
the cost of lottery tickets...

But not that day,
the day I won.

Not on your lucky day,
right, Tom?

I know he wanted my money,

and he couldn't get to it.

(INHALING) So he took
the only other thing I had.

Tom, are you saying
that you were having
a relationship with Hannah?

Hannah loved me
for who I was.

Ronald couldn't
get my money,

so he took Hannah instead.

Maybe you can
tell us where you were
the night Hannah was killed.

Gun show in Covina.

Picked up
a Bushmaster.223.

You can ask my dealer.
He'll tell you.

The night that woman
was killed, I was bowling
with my wife and kids.

Family league night.

All right. Well, we'll
need to check that out.

He thought I wanted
his money. I never did.

All I really wanted was
to be his friend again.

You want to say that to him?


So, the guy
who doesn't
win the lottery

goes bowling
with his family.

And the guy who wins
spends his nights all
by himself at gun shows.

Book him for shooting
at you two, then
run down that alibi.

You should do
a psych evaluation.

I'll do
an evaluation right now.

Technically, he's bonkers.

So, you think
he killed Hannah?

No. He's a gun man.
Hannah was stabbed.

Then put him
in a butterfly net,
and find me a real suspect.


Hannah had a relationship
with all three of them.


Ben, I get. Dale,
I kind of get, but Tom?

Reese, why would
a beautiful woman
date a man like Tom?

For the money.

Why would a beautiful woman
date a man like Tom
if she had her own money?

All right.

Okay, I got
a match on our
dead girl's prints.

Her name is
not Hannah Ronson.
It's LeAnn Pembers.

And I'm guessing
LeAnn Pembers did not
win the Florida lottery.

I don't know if LeAnn
ever was in Florida,

but she did, however, spend
a little time in Georgia.

In what capacity?
Three years
in the state pen.

Mail fraud,
insurance fraud.

LeAnn Pembers
is not a lottery winner.

LeAnn Pembers is
a con artist.

Yeah. Got a recent
address here for her, too.

I'm guessing it's not
some pricey loft downtown.

Oh, look at this,

mers clothes.

Looks like LeAnn Pembers
had a friend.

A con this big
you don't pull off
by yourself.

So, who wears those boots?

Okay, so the loft
that she was living in,
foreclosed on.

Lease papers were fake.
The Jag in the parking lot,
leased with fake credit.

You google
Hannah Ronsors name,

you get taken
to all kinds of
fake websites.

This girl was good.

Any ID for the owner
of the boots?

No, but I did find this,

small business incorporation
papers, credit application,
lease agreements...

That's how they
built up the credit
for this lottery con.

These go back
a few years. Long con.
Takes a lot of work.

And all these papers
have the same bank
as a reference,

Bank of Central California.

Why don't you call
that 800 number?


Bank of Central California,
how may I help you?

Yes, I'd like to open up
a new account.

Can you tell me
where you're located?

I'm sorry, sir.
We're not accepting
new accounts at this time.


it's Detective Reese.

Uh, I need a location
on the number
I just dialed from this phone.

Really? All right, thanks.

Turns out,
the Bank of Central California
is just two floors down.

Maybe we should
invite them up.

You're the
Bank of Central California?

Look, we have
you for it,

and I'm guessing...

(SNIFFING) I'm guessing
gasoline scams, too.

I'll just plead
the Fifth on that.

Right now, we're
working homicide.

You want,
we start working fraud.

LeAnn gave us a phone.

When that phone rings,
we're the Bank
of Central California.

We clear her credit,
she gives us a cut.

That's all you do?

I do some other
phone work as well,

but LeAnn wasrt
a part of that.

(WHISPERS) Phone sex.

How was it that
LeAnn passed?

She was stabbed to death.

Sweet girl.

She worked a nice grift.

Maybe you can help us.

Who wears those boots?

Lenny what?

Getz, Hoyt, Breen,
Ryan, Silver...

All right, we get it.

Moved in about a year ago.
We don't come around
so much since.

Why not?

Because he's mean.

Mears just
where Lenny starts.

He sucked the life
right out of LeAnn.

Well, maybe he did.
What's he look like?

Long hair, mangy beard,
real dirty.

But she loved him.


Some women have
the worst taste in men.

You go after Lenny,
you better bring more
than that pretty smile.

BEN: A con artist?

What, she had done
time in prison?

In and out
since she was 16.

Is that what
got her killed?

You mean, someone found out
she was conning them
and then killer her?

CREWS: Where
were you that night?

He told us
he was here. Alone.

Right. Ben,
did she ever mention
a guy named Lenny?

Lenny, um, no.
No, no, no,
she never did.

Long hair, beard, dirty,
anything like that
ring a bell?

And you picked up
that bodyguard there
the day after she died?

Yes. A bunch
of us did, though.

No. We asked the others.

You're the only one
who felt like he
needed protection, Ben.

Who are you afraid of, Ben?
Who do you need
protection from?

I think I'd like both of you
to leave right now.


You don't like pepperoni?

You don't like pizza?

How come you don't
have a kitchen table?

I'm trying to lead
an uncluttered life.

A kitchen table
isn't clutter.

A kitchen table
is a kitchen table.

Hey, Ted, how's your hand?
Is it healing okay?

Yeah, of course
it's healing okay.

Why wouldn't it be
healing okay?

It's just something
you might say
at the dinner table,

if we had a dinner table.

I fell on a pencil
during the earthquake

and had it taken out
by a doctor
in the earthquake,

and now it's healing.



Dale? Hey, Dale...
Dale, slow down, okay?

Okay, where are you?

Okay. I need
to borrow your car.

Where are you going?

I'm going to
go see someone.

I'm coming with you.
No, you are not
coming with me.

I've been in
this house all day.
I'm coming with you.

Okay. But you stay
in the car.

Dale, what happened?

I went after Ben.

What do you mean,
"Went after"?

Ben killed Hannah.

And you told that to Ben?

I didn't really
get a chance to.

His bodyguard kind of
got in the way.

Dale, you got
to stop doing this,

or I'm going
to arrest you, okay?

I know she lied to me.

I know it was a con.

She made me happy,
and now she's dead.

I'm a man.
I'm supposed to do
something about that.

RACHEL: Why is his
hair dyed that color?

Is that
your daughter?

kind of niece.

Oh, man, did you
ever get tuned up.

Don't just sit there.
Maybe you can get
a wet towel or something.

It's not so bad.
You'll be just fine.
I've seen worse.

What worse things
could a girl like you
have seen?

I've seen some stuff.

You'd swear
it was a nightmare, except
your eyes were wide open.

You know?

Yeah, I know.

Okay, come on. Come on,
we're going. Come on.

I do that, too.

Do what?
What you just did.

Tell a total stranger
the absolute truth.

It helps sometimes.

Doesrt it help, Dale?

Rachel just told you
that she'd seen some stuff,

and you said,
yeah, you know.

How do you know?

You put on that suit,
show up at crime scenes,

pretend to be a cop...

I told you why.

To find her killer.
I mean, I have
all this money...

You should understand
wanting that.

I understand that you took
a beating tonight, Dale.

I understand
you keep doing things
the way you're doing them,

it's not about want,
it's about need.

Why do you need this?

I was there at Hannah's
the night she died.

I saw her.

Rachel, go outside.

Go outside now, Rachel.

Dumping me only made me
want her more.

I just wanted to see her.

What did you see?

The door was open.

She was there
at the table, alone.

God, there was
so much blood.

She couldn't talk.
She tried to.

And I stood there
for just a second,
and she died.

I was...


I left her there.


She was dead,
but I left her alone.

I ran...

A coward, Dale?

You didn't tell me
this before because...

Because it would
look like I maybe had
something to do with it.


That's exactly
what it looks like, Dale.

I have to take
that girl home.

A uniform will come by
and get you.

Why not me?

It was that damn tattoo.

The one that says "Ben"?

Didrt always say that.

When I first knew her,
she had a small one.

It said "Lenny."
Some guy from her past.

And then, she covered it up
with the one that said "Ben."

Why his name?

Why not me?

Is it everywhere?



Yeah, it is.

I need to call my partner,

and then I'm going
to drop you home.


I think someone
was trying to call in
while you were calling out.

Yeah, I know.

I think you cut them off.

Yeah, I know.


I think
you cut them off again.

I think there's
something wrong
with my phone.

Yeah. That's probably it.

Reese, I was
just calling you.

No, I was just calling you.
You were hanging up on me.

My phone malfunctioned.

What were you
going to tell me?

Stabbed. Looks like
the same kind of blade
that got LeAnn Pembers.

It is everywhere.



Where is this guy?

He's still working the con.

Lenny must have found out
they talked to the police.

He found out
because we told him.


Wait, you can't
just come in here.

We thought we heard
screams for help.

REESE: I thought
I heard screams
for help.

We thought we heard screams.

Two more killings.
Same as Hannah.

It looks like Lenny
did these, too.

God, it's a good thing
you've got a bodyguard.

It's a good thing
he's got you.

Because I think that
you'd be the one
Lenny would want a piece of.

Why would you think that?

Because maybe Hannah
really fell for you, Ben.

Maybe it wasrt a con.

She did tattoo
your name on her flesh.

No. That was a lie,
and that was for the con.

Was it a lie?

REESE: There was
a tattoo there before.
Did you know that?

Yeah. A tattoo
that said "Lenny," but
she covered that up.

She covered it up
with your name, Ben.

She covered
over Lenny for you.

What the hell was that?

An apple.
Dale was right,

it does help
in the solving of crimes.

You are not
a very good bodyguard,
you know that, Robert?

I've been
watching you.

All you do
is watch your client.

That's why I got you
with that pippin there.

You're supposed to be
watching everybody else.

That's where the threat
is coming from.

Didrt they teach you that
in bodyguard school?

So, I'm thinking
if you're always
watching your client,

then maybe the threat
is coming from your client.

But what kind of threat
could your client be?

She wrote Bers
name on her flesh.

Covered over
that other name,

covered over Lenny's name.

You think Lenny
asked her why she did it,

or just saw the tattoo
and went for his knife?

You're not really
a bodyguard, are you...




That bitch.
She covered me up.

We've been looking
for that knife.

Oh, I guess
we'll know
where it is now.

The day after
Hannah died,

he showed up at my door

and he tells me
he's her husband,

and that he had
broken into my house,

taken one of
my kitchen knives
with my fingerprints,

and killed her with it.

And unless you paid him,
that knife was going
to the police.

Did he show you the knife?


That was a lie, too.

Yeah. And what
about the money?

I had been moving it
$10 million at a time.

So, another few days
and he would have
had it all.

Ben, did Lenny say
he'd let you go free after
he'd taken all your money?

That was a lie, too.

Yeah. That was a lie, too.

CREWS: Hey, how's the leg?

As luck would have it,
I'm a bit of a
knife man myself.

I have someone here
who wants to talk to you.

Plastic surgery partners
of Beverly Hills.

What the hell's that
supposed to mean?

Go on. Tell him.

Hannah had an appointment
there next week to get
her tattoo removed.

That's a lie.

No, it's not.
She was getting
the Ben tattoo taken off.

She made the doctor
promise that when
he was through with her,

the Lenny tattoo
would look like it had
never been covered.

That's a lie.

She wasrt leaving you, Lenny.
She was just working the job.

That's a lie.

Is it?

It's a lie.






After 30 years of marriage,
my dad walks out on my mom.

He writes a note,

he takes the car and goes.


Sorry, I thought
you were someone else.

So, your dad walked out
on your mom, huh?

I don't really want
to talk about it.

Or you don't want
to talk to me about it,

which is okay
because, I mean,

I look at myself
sometimes in the mirror,
and I say, if I werert me,

I wouldn't want to talk
to me either, you know.

All right,
I don't know your dad,
I don't know your mom,

but I do know divorce.

So, come to dinner with me
and I'll just give you
the rundown on...

On how it goes.

I don't think so. Thanks.

Come on,
I'll make it easy on you.

I'll concede
to your list of demands.

How could you
possibly know
what my demands are?

Oh, it's easy.

To go to dinner with me,

public place, well lit,

someplace no one you know
will see you with me,

no bar, no sex talk,
no use of the word "sex."

Am I close?
I'm close, right?

I used to look
at the newspapers,

what they said
you did to my family.

You know what
I used to wish?

I used to wish that
you'd killed me, too.

You didn't kill
my family, did you?

Everyone said you did it.

Over and over,
they said you killed them.

Even after
what I saw that night...

You thought I did it, too?

And after what I saw,
I thought you did it.

You want to know something?

For a few years
when I was in prison, Rachel,

I thought I did it, too.

Is that the absolute truth
you tell to a total stranger?

Yeah. I guess it is.

You want to know
something else?

A kitchen table isn't clutter.

A kitchen table's
a kitchen table.