Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 6 - Did You Feel That? - full transcript

Following a major earthquake in Los Angeles, the detectives find themselves looking for an escaped prisoner they put away last year. Their main concern is that the escapee, Arthur Tins, is more likely to be a victim because the man whose child he killed was released on parole three months ago. Tins has learned a lot in prison however and takes care of the situation himself. At home, meanwhile, Ted Earley has an accident and calls on someone to help him.

CREWS: Previously on Life.

CREWS: Isn't that
Mark Rawls over there?

You know Mark Rawls,
don't you, Arthur?

CREWS: You told his son you
could get him out of jail...

And then
you killed him.

You send me somewhere now,
and I'll talk.

Start talking now.
I killed the kid.

TED: The thing about
Olivia, Charlie, is

she's marrying
your father.

She seems really nice.

ZEN CO ACH ON IPOD: Chasing after
the world brings only chaos.

Allowing it to come to be,
brings only peace.

Retreat from the world,
and it shall pursue you.

To exist, to allow
the world to exist,

all things at once,
all things as one,

this is the path
to serenity, to balance.

See yourself
as part of the world.


You having a moment?


I know every moment is now,
but now we're 10 minutes late.


Did you feel that?

Does someone always
have to say that?

I'm standing right next to you.
Yes. I felt that.

It was an earthquake.
It was a tremor.



Did you feel that?

All right,
here's the latest.

Four freeways cut.

Fifty fires. Power grids and
water services out citywide.

Busted water mains.
Dorm collapse at L.A.U.

Now, according to this
LAPD emergency manual,

County Emergency Operation Center will be
calling us with our emergency assignments.

So, buckle up,
it's an emergency.

He's reading
with his foot.

No, he's just using it
to turn the pages.

it must be his first earthquake.

Detective Crews.

Yeah, hi! Officer Danny Ritenour,
State Corrections Office.

We're having
a little emergency.

Yeah? Us, too.

Yeah, well, that earthquake just
facilitated the escape of a prisoner

that you put away last year,
one Arthur Tins.

What happened?
He was on a work detail.

When the earthquake hit,
Tins got away.

He's in Los Angeles?

The mother of the kid
Tins killed.

I do have her address.
We will notify her.

Good. She testified in the
penalty phase of Tins' trial.

Now, is there anyone else he'd
wanna even things up with?

Because we have to
contact these people.


Tins confessed. No one gave him up.
The victim's dead.

Okay. We're just trying to
cover every angle. Thank you.

Hey, have we
spoken before?

I don't think so.

Do you have any connections
with the Corrections Department?

No, sir. Not anymore.

Good luck today.




Yeah, okay.

Should we tell him that's not a weight
bearing wall and it won't do him any good?

Arthur Tins is not
gonna go after anyone.

That weasel's gonna find a rock
to hide under and stay hidden.

It's not a question of who
Arthur Tins is gonna go after.

It's a question of who's
gonna go after Arthur Tins.

Mark Rawls?

Paroled out
three months ago.

I don't think I like
what you're saying.

I don't think I like
what I'm saying either.

You're saying we have to stop
Arthur Tins from getting killed?

Yeah. I guess we do.

Yeah. I guess we do.

Yeah, I guess
you don't.

Since when do you
go by the book?

You don't even have
a regulation haircut.

I go by the book.

I go by this book,
the LAPD emergency manual,

since about an hour ago,

when the earth opened up and tried
to swallow Los Angeles whole.

Besides, we have a lot
of things to do today.

And none of them are stopping
crimes that haven't happened yet.

Oh, God, this is it!
Hold on, everyone! It's the big one!

That's funny. Real funny.

Okay. No mug shots.
Sorry, LAPD computers are down.

Arthur Tins,

a low-rent scam artist. Last year,
he killed the 10-year-old son

of Mark Rawls.

Mark Rawls happened to be doing
10 years inside at the time,

Arthur Tins confesses to killing
Mark Rawls' 10-year-old son.

He gets life.

I heard about that confession.

I heard Tins wasrt talking,
and then I heard

two LAPD detectives,
that look a lot like you two, took Tins

to go see Rawls in the joint
he was doing his time in.

Tins took one look at the hard
case Rawls, and sang like a bird.

Is that what you heard?
That's what I heard.

REESE: Rawls got paroled
three months ago.

Tins escaped this morning,
so now they are both out there...

LAPD computers
are down.

The prison
grapevine is not.

And by tonight,
Arthur Tins is gonna be dead.

Ooh, two psychos killing each other.
You know what that is?

That's a civic improvement
project, okay?

Like I said before,
we're not the future crimes unit,

and we all have our
assignments out there.

Even your very own Tidwell.

Oh, well, how is Tidwell gonna
get his assignment out there,

if Tidwell can't leave
his doorway?

Tidwell is working on it.

And as for you two, today,
you're on foot patrol.


Hold on!

Did you feel that?


Tidwell said foot patrol.

We just happen to be patrolling
the street where Mark Rawls lives.

How do you get over
something like that?

Someone like Tins
killing your son?

You sit in your cell
every day.

Think about what you'd do to
Tins if you ever got the chance.

And that
gets you over it?

Call for backup. We're gonna
take Rawls in when we see him.

Maybe you should,

Button up a little.

Button up?

Well, we're going into a building
full of violent ex-offenders.

You ever see the can'toon where
the wolf is staring at the lamb,

but what he really
sees is lamb chops?


Lamb chops.

Very kind of you two
to stop by,

to see how I came
through the quake.

Always a pleasure
to see you.

You want some
mint jelly with that?

As you can see,
I'm doing all right.

Nothing structural.

I'd think there'd be a lot of
people out there needing your help.

Like Arthur Tins?

Oh, Arthur Tins is a guest of
the great state of California.

What kind of help could he
possibly be needing, Detective?

Tins escaped.

This morning.
He's out?

No. Not angry enough.
Try again.


We come here to tell you the man who
killed your son has escaped from prison,

and you go with, "He's out."
You're lying to us.

How were you planning on
spending your day today, Mark?

I did you a favor.

Now you do me one and
walk away from all this.

Okay. We'll do you a favor.

My partner's gonna take her
gun out for this next part.

You know the drill.

You should walk away.

He put a bullet in my son,

left my John on the street to die.
You should walk away.

Yeah. There's a lot
of things I should do.

California penal code 120-21,

any person who has been convicted
of a felony under the law...


REESE: Go, go!

He killed my son, Crews!
What would you do, huh?

You know what you'd do.

No killing today,
all right, Mark?

Yeah? Why not?
Nothing else to do.


All right, Central's not processing
new prisoners 'cause of the quake,

so book him in the Valley division
and forward me the paperwork.

We have an assignment
to get back to.

I guess you really
are a cop.

Yes, I am.

REESE: We had to do it.

CREWS: Doesrt mean
I have to like it.

Oh, come on. We'll go direct traffic,
it'll make you feel better.


Oh, you're kidding.


Crews! It's Tins!
It's Tins! It's Tims!

It's Tins! It's Tims!

It's Tins!


Is he okay?

What are
you thinking?

I'm thinking that
when I woke up today,

I wasrt thinking that
I'd have to kill somebody.

Now you think
you have to?

No. Now I think
I want to.

Okay, see, as your
commanding officer,

I hear something like that,
I have to take your weapon.

So it's a good thing
I didn't hear that.

When did Tins
get so smart?

Prison gives you a lot of
time for self improvement.

TIDWELL: Yeah, prison.

You go in afraid of your own shadow,
and you come out a full-blown psycho.

They all come out
worse than they went in.

Well, maybe
not everyone.

Yeah, but how did
Tins find us?


(ECHOING) Location status check.
D247, 400 block, Alvarado Street.

Our call for backup.

Tins heard it on the radio.
We told him where Rawls was.

We thought we were trailing him,
he was trailing us.

Wait a minute.

How'd he even know you were gonna
go see Rawls in the first place?


State Corrections didn't even know
Tins escaped until 10 minutes ago.

Well, if they didn't know Tins escaped,
then who called us this morning?

Must have been.

He called to tell us,
so we'd lead him to Rawls.

No Tins,
but we found this state prison jumpsuit.

It was stuffed in the
garbage can downstairs.

So he's still
dressed like a cop.

Perfect disguise,
especially with the city going to hell.

This is it?
No more clothes? No. Why?

Because Tins wasrt alone.

Corrections says he escaped from
that work detail with two other men,

a Leonard Crete Debs and
a Donnie Wayne Johnson.

When did this get here?


"Thanks for making me the man I am.
Arthur Tins."

So, now he's out there somewhere
with these two knuckleheads.

Any thoughts
as to where out there?

Known associates
from his file?

Problem is, all closed case
files are computerized now.

Yeah. And what with the quake,
the police computers are still down.

What about a living file?
Wasrt Tins married?

Well, ex-wives are a beautiful thing,
but how are we gonna find her?

CREWS: If only we had
a really big book

that listed everybody's names,
addresses, and phone numbers.

Dude, you are old school.
I'll roust one up.

Charlie! Yeah, yes.

Oh, yes, I sure did. Yeah.

it was quite something.

Listen, I need to ask for...

No. You know what?
No, never mind. It's fine.

I was really just calling
to see how you were.

Yes. I'm fine.
Yeah, yeah.

I just have a pencil
in my hand.


Hi! It's Ted.

Yeah, how are you?

Oh, I sure did feel it
over here. Yes!


A problem?

Yeah. Sort of.

The greatest mistake is

to be continually fearful
of making one.

All the other cars
were out on quake patrol?

Yes, Crews.
That's right.

ZEN CO ACH: A stumble
may prevent a fall.

my car goes faster.

Yes, Crews, that's right.

But why are you driving?

That's one of your
Zen questions, right?

One that you don't
really want an answer to?

ZEN CO ACH: To say
that we are alive.

When we cease
to make mistakes,

that is the moment
when we cease to be.


The Buddha was asked

if he ever
made mistakes...


ZEN CO ACH: He answered,
I am making a mistake...


...even now.


Nothing more.

Huh! Must have
got shaken off.

Watch your back!

REESE: Thanks for
seeing us, Mrs. Tins.

Miss Ehrlich.
I don't use Tins since the divorce.

Anything I can do to hurt Arthur,
I'm happy to help.

REESE: So you don't particularly
miss your ex-husband?

I've had cramps I miss more.
Shoot him on sight.

You need me to chip in
for bullets, just ask.

And your son wouldn't
miss his father?

As far as my son is concerned,
his father is already dead.

We need a list of your
ex-husband's friends or associates,

anybody he'd go to
if he were in trouble.

Arthur has no friends.

His associates are lowlifes with
names like Spider and Itchy.

They smell like bad meat.

Any idea where they work?

When they work,
it's in porn stores as clerks

so they can steal people's
credit card numbers.

Or they're installing satellite
TVs in people's homes,

so later they can
go back and steal them.

A real bunch of winners.
All of 'em.

But you want names,

Give me some paper,
I'll make you a list.

It'll be therapeutic.

There are over 50 names on this list.
We've gotta narrow it down.

No problem.

We just need to talk to the one person
who knows the most about Arthur Tins,

even more
than his ex-wife.

Who would that be?

His cellmate.

Oh, Olivia.
Thank you for coming.

Of course, Ted.
What is it?


I was hoping that maybe you
could drive me to the hospital.

It's not bleeding much, so we
don't have to worry about your car.

Or we could take my car,
but you'd probably have to drive

because I have
a pencil in my hand.

They just announced it on the radio.

There's a 24-hour wait at
all the area hospitals.

You have Officer McShane on the line.

I have Arthur Tins'
cellmate in front of me.

His name
is Carl Rossbarrow.

Tins was always talking
about the getaway.

How everybody in prison spent all
their time figuring out the score

but half-assing
the getaway.

Tins wanted to figure out
something that was the score

and the getaway
rolled into one.

Now do me a favor,
when you catch Tins,

don't arrest him,
just kill him.

Arthur's all about
the getaway.

Anybody on that list
good at getaways?

There's a guy named Chip.
Says he's a driver.

Have you killed
Arthur yet?

REESE ON PHONE: No, not yet.

I saw the caller ID
and I got all excited.

We had a question
about your list. Chip.

CREWS: He's a driver?

Anything with an engine.

Ma'am, any idea where we
might find Chip these days?

Last I saw him,
he was working some secure car job.

Like armored car?


That would appeal
to Arthur.

Yeah, the score and the
getaway rolled into one.

Ma'am, do you know what
company Chip worked for?

Yeah, it had a raccoon on the patch,
holding a pistol.

A raccoon?

It might have been
a badger. I don't know.

Just do me a favor?

Call me back
when Arthur's dead.

A badger?
With a pistol?

I'll run a trace
on Chip, but...

But all the police
computers are down.

All the police computer systems
were built by the lowest bidder.

What we need
are other computers.

What we need is
blended coffee drinks.

I'll just work the phone.

What do you do
for a living?

Assistant buyer,
Nordstrom's. Why?

You're my deputy now.

For real?

This is an emergency.
I need your help.

I need you to Google armored
car companies in the LA area.

What can I do?

Blended coffee drinks?


That's right.

You think I could
get a certificate?


Did you feel that?

Yes, I did.
Thank you for asking.

Oh, what is that?

It's a gun.

He's a cop.

He's my deputy.


Must be nice. Pretty girls
falling into your lap like that.

Any luck with those
armored car companies?

Got a badger
with a pistol?

No, but this one...


CREWS: Has a bear
with a shotgun.

Did you want
a muffin, too?


Hello, Arthur.

How you doing?





I think you just dislocated
my shoulder there, pallie.

Oh, yeah? If you're lucky,
I'll pop it back in.

Oh, yeah? If you're lucky,
maybe I won't kill you.


Where's your
partner, Arthur?

I don't know.
He should be around any minute now.




Please! Do what they say
or they'll kill me!

That's true.
You should listen to her.

He'll kill her.
He wants to.

Chip, drop the gun.
Let her go.

That's not gonna happen.
You know why? 'Cause today is my day.

And if I want her
to die on my day,

Chip there is going
to kill her for me.


I made a promise to Mark Rawls that
I'd get you back to prison, Arthur.

I don't think so.

See, I don't feel that institution
has anything more to teach me.

You gonna uncuff me?

Wanna point those guns
to the left, please?

That's right. Left.


That's a great getaway car.
Or follow car.

So, I want you
to shoot it up for me.

You want us
to shoot the...

The car!
That pretty Italian car.

I want you to put some
police lead into it. Now.

TINS: Now!


TINS: Not bad!

Now, I know you got more to give me
than that. I want you to get some!


Wanna get some!
Wanna get some!

Get some, get some,
get some...

Get some, get some,
get some. Wanna get some.

Wanna get some.
Get some, get some.


Can you feel it?
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?


TINS: Give me the baby.
Start the car.


Uh-uh! You shoot me,
I shoot her.


They broke in.

Chip Lanter and
this other guy, Tins?

Chip's been here
two years.


You all right?

He's a good driver.

Is there an electronic trace on this
truck we can use to track his movement?

Yes, of course.

It's not coming up. Chip must
have disabled the transponders.

That car could be

I'm really more of
a leave-it-in kind of guy.

I've always heard
pull it out.


What about a corkscrew
or a stingray barb?

(CHUCKLING) It's not a corkscrew,
it's a pencil.

And it's a day's wait at the ER,
so it's coming out right now.

You are so lucky, Olivia.

Why is that?

Oh, to be
so sure of things.

I used to be sure of things. I can't
imagine ever being that way again.

That's just the
pencil talking, Ted.

You're gonna
take it out, huh?

All we need
is some alcohol.

Not rubbing alcohol.
Drinking alcohol.

Now, what goes with
a Yellow No. 2 pencil?



I did it!


I always knew
I'd get out,

get you,
get this armored car.

Then the quake hits,
and everyone runs to the ATMs.

But the ATMs run dry,

so the bank needs to get all that extra
cash out to the panicked populace.

That's a miracle, Chip,
a seismic miracle.

You know what
the best part is?

They're gonna
load it up for us.

Like a drive-through.

Like a drive-through.

BRIMMER: Detectives.

There's something
you should see.

Chip Lanter's personal security beacon.
All the guards carry one.

He's calling us
for help.

Why would he do that?

Where is he?

Looks like somewhere
in the Valley.

You're it?
I'm it.

SWAT's camped out in front
of the Federal Building

in anticipation of
some sort of civil unrest,

and apparently the National
Guard is off somewhere else.

So, it's just us.

Yeah, but I'm
pretty pissed off.

BOBBY: Who is it?

My guess.
It's Arthur Tins.

Chip was the driver.
Never really got to use his getaway car.

Yeah, looks like things didn't
work out like he expected.

Okay. All right. Yeah.

All right, dispatch says since
these two here are pretty well dead,

it's gonna be awhile before
they can send anybody over.

They're stretched
pretty thin today.

All right,
so they disagree about the cut,

they start shooting at each other,
and one of the shots

hits the car's
gas tank?

Looks that way.

Yeah, but you think
that's what happened?

No. I just said
it looks that way.

Because you really
have to be aiming

if you want the gas tank
to explode like that.

CREWS: You really would.

And you really can't tell if
that's Arthur Tins or not.

You really can't.

You know, he could have
burned up half the cash

walked away with a fortune.

He really could have.

But Tins is smart.

Why do such a bad job
at faking your own death?

Maybe he doesn't want us
thinking he's dead.

Well, what does he want?

He wants the next people
to think he's dead.

REESE: The next people?

Bobby, don't!

Don't move!
Bobby, don't move!

Don't move, okay?
Bobby, don't move.

Tins needs a bigger mess.

He needs more bodies.

CREWS: Wait a sec.


BOBBY: Uh-oh.

I open that door, and...
...something goes boom.


Okay. All right?


Pull your hand away
from the door.


Okay. Walk away.


Charlie, I'm stuck.
My watch is

tangled in the line.

All right.

Okay, don't move.
I'm gonna cut it.

No. I'll cut it.

I'm the commanding officer here.
Give me the knife.

Step back. Now, Detective,
give me the knife.

Now stand back.

All right, Bobby.

You know,
I always had a desire

to be standing next to
Jessica Alba when I died.

Yeah, I get that.

You pull the handle,

the wire pulls the trigger,

and boom! Gas goes up.

He wanted the next people
to think he was dead.

Yeah, the ones who came
to clean us up.

That's why he invited us
along here today.

Okay, so where
is Arthur Tins now?

CREWS: They left her behind.

June Brimmer. The president of the
armored car company. They left her behind.

Maybe they didn't wanna
bring her with 'em.

But what good is a hostage if
you don't take 'em with you?

Why did Tins
leave her behind?


Tins didn't disable the
armored car's transponder.

Maybe Brimmer told us
he disabled it.

Maybe Tins left
Brimmer behind

'cause he didn't want the LAPD to
go looking for that armored car.

Maybe you two should go pay
a visit to June Brimmer.

Stark and I will
baby-sit the bacon.

What? Think I'd leave you
here alone with all this cash?

You have a pencil
in your hand.

I do.

But you know,
now that I look at it,

you can hardly
notice it.

Really, maybe
it's not so bad.

Maybe I'm going
to have a glove made.

A special glove
to fit the pencil.

You're not having
a special glove made.

You're having the pencil
taken out of your hand.

Ah, but maybe now you've had too
much to drink to pull out the pencil.

Are you kidding me?

I pull pencils
better this way.


Are you ready?



You know, when I woke up at
the bottom of the stairs,

and I saw this,

it was not Charlie that I
thought of calling first.


Don't say it's the pencil talking
because it's not the pencil talking.

It's me talking.

I wanted to
call you, Olivia.


I'm marrying
Charlie's father.


Why haven't you yet?

(SOFTLY) It's not
the pencil talking.

It's not
the pencil talking.



I'm so sorry.

Don't be. Don't be.

Not for this.

For this.




Hi, June.
How are you feeling?

Okay. Just spending time
with my family.

You like music, huh?


I'm more about
old school stuff.

The Beatles. I really
like their second movie.



Okay, well, we'd just like
to ask you some questions...

You know, if you could come by the
office tomorrow, that'd be great.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

TINS: The Beatles' second
movie was Help! You moron.

Hey, June, why don't
you show our guests in?

Come on in.
Sit down.




Hey, you doing
okay there?

TINS: Of course Simors okay.
You're okay.

Why don't you let Simon come
and stand over here by me?

Oh, I don't know.
Maybe after dinner.

Where's your partner?

She should be here
any minute.

Call for backup?

Gonna get the SWAT
all set up on the perimeter?

You came here this morning,
took over the house, set up camp.

You really should
get in on this.

I mean, you can't have
any of the crunchy part,

but she'll scoop you up some of the
gooey stuff in the middle if you want.

Wort you, cupcake?

I know what you wanted to happen
to us in that warehouse, Arthur.

I'm sorry about that.

I'll live.

Or maybe I'll kill you.

Why don't you show me
your other hand, Arthur?

See, it'd be better
for all concerned

if your partner
would come on in here.

No. It'd be better
for all concerned

if your partner were
to come on in here.

Is there someone
else in here?

You leave someone
here, Arthur?

Leave someone while
you were out and about?


Come on!
Don't be shy now.

Now you get to see
something really good.

Dude, you didn't tell me
there was macaroni and cheese.

CRETE: Dude.

Crete was just keeping
Mr. Mom company upstairs.

He'd been crying.

A son shouldn't have
to see his dad like that.

Take him to the car,
Crete. We're going.

Actually, why don't you
stay here with us, Crete?

How you doing?
Where you been?

What's the matter, honey?

Oh, I forgot.
Major seismic disturbance.

And you and your
understaffed police force.

Now, if I could vote,
which I can't,

I'd vote yes. More cops.

Just so you know.

Now, we're going for
a little family drive.

I'd invite you all,

this family's got a big old SUV,
but there's already a bunch of us going.

Now, I was gonna take off tonight
and leave in the dark, you know,

but I suppose we should go right now
before the gas prices get any higher.

Crete, you know
Chip is dead?

Yeah, that was the plan.
Kill Chip.

What about the other guy?
CRETE: What other guy?

Hey, Crete.
REESE: Donnie Wayne Johnson.

The third man you two escaped with.
Where is he?

Hey, Crete!
They're trying to trick you,

mess with your head.
You ignore them.

He'd be right if there was no third man,
but there was a third man.

You, and Arthur,
and Donnie,

all busted out this morning.
What did Arthur do with Donnie?

Crete, go to the car.
Arthur killed Donnie,

and used his body
to fake his death.

Crete, go to the car!

where's Donnie, man?

On his way back
from the warehouse.

Well, he'd be back by now.

REESE: But he's not coming back,
is he, Arthur?

He kills
his partners, Crete.

Donnie, Chip,
you, sooner or later.

My guess is sooner.

Arthur, where is Donnie?

TINS: Crete, as God is my witness,
we are a team.

CREWS: Why don't you go ahead
and give him a call?

Call him on
the phone, Crete.

Go ahead, give Donnie
a call, just to say hi.

CRETE: Arthur!
Where is Donnie?

He's at the warehouse.




You kill me?

I can't kill you, Arthur.


You're already dead.

Oh, yeah.


I'll see you
later then, Crews.

What are you
sitting on?

Earthquake kit.

I can live out of
this thing for five days.

Water, radio, blankets,
food. It's got a seat.

So after you empty out the bucket,
you can use it as a toilet.

You stepped up to a car full of
explosives, but earthquakes scare you?

The earth cracking open,
that I don't get.

Messed up things
people do?

That, Detective,
I understand.

Don't you?



This isn't even
a weight-bearing wall.




Did you feel that?