Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 21 - One - full transcript

Roman Nevikov kidnaps Dani Reese and contacts Charlie with his ransom demand: he want Charlie to bring him Mickey Rayborn. With the LAPD brass looking for Charlie as well, he's not spending much time at the office. He wonders if Rayborn is alive but Ted Earley can't find any financial activity by Rayborn. Where and how, Charlie asks himself, could someone live without money? The answer to that question gives him the solution to Rayborn's disappearance. Charlie also learns, finally, why his friend and business partner Jason Seybolt was targeted by the crooked cops and what Rayborn and his pals were really after. In order to get Dani's freedom however, Charlie can only do one thing: exchange himself for his partner and take what comes.

Life S02E21: One
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Your name is Roman Nevikov?

My name is Roman Nevikov.

Aren't you supposed to be in prison?

No man is supposed to be in prison.


But the federal authorities
believe that you're in prison.

Yes, they believe that.

So how can you be here?

A man I know has kindly
offered to serve my time for me.

That was very nice of him.

People like to do favors for me.

Always have. I don't know why.

Maybe it's because you'll kill
their families if they don't.

Yes, maybe.

Can we talk about Charlie Crews?

Isn't that why you are here?

If you could say one thing to
Charlie Crews, what would it be?

One thing? Anything?

Yes, anything.

Okay. Okay.

This is what I would like
to say to Charlie Crews.

My friend.

Detective Reese. So beautiful.

Would you like to say hi?

Oh, we'd better change this tape.

If anyone's seen where we are, yes?

Okay. Go ahead. Say it.


sync:?????? ?????

Play it again from the beginning.

Okay. Go ahead. Say it.

Crews, he says he wants Rayborn.

He says, you bring Rayborn to him...

You bring Rayborn to
him and I can go. Crews --

But Rayborn is dead.

I know that.

So why does Roman Nevikov
think Mickey Rayborn is alive?

Maybe he knows something we don't.

Well, you got about five minutes
to figure out what that is.

The brass saw that tape. Now
they're coming down here to see you.

And I could care less
what they do with you,

but you will tell me why Nevikov
thinks Rayborn is still alive,

and you will tell me what I
need to know to get Reese back.

You want her back?

Well, I should go before
the brass gets here.

Okay, where's your first stop?

Our friends at the FBI.

No, last time we asked them
questions they stonewalled us.

Last time I asked them
questions like a cop.

This time it'll be a little different.

- I should, uh, maybe leave this.
- No, no. Keep it. It'll help.

But leave your phone.
They'll track you on it.

Here. Take mine. They won't look for it.

Detective Crews. You go get her.

Got nothing else to do today.


Where's detective Crews?

You see where Crews went?

Find him.

What we learned as children,
that one plus one equals two,

we know to be false.

One plus one equals one.

We even have a word for when
you plus another equals one.

That word is --

I need to see Rayborn's body.

And you think that Crews is
gonna give you what you want?

He'll find you, but he won't
give you what you want.

He'll give you something else.

And what is that?

I think you know what that is.

You're connected to me.

I'm connected to Crews.

- He'll find you.
- Connected.

That was our friend.

He says Crews is probably
headed back this way.

And he wants you to pick up his shirts.

- You do that for him?
- Yeah.


Detective Crews. It's Seever. Do not
go to the FBI. There was a shooting.

The people you're going
to see are no longer there.

There's three dead.

You have the names of the FBI dead?


- Any of them Bodner?
- No.

- They catch the shooter?
- No.

Not my phone. Not my numbers.

Tidwell's phone. Tidwell's numbers.

But I can...

I can get the number that just
dialed me. I can do that, right?

This is Jane Seever. Leave a message.

Seever, go to my phone. I need
Bodner's number. Call me with it.

Roman send you?


I'm done.

I'm done, aren't I?

Charlie, I got that number.
I'm gonna text it to you, okay?


Got it. Hey, Bobby. Get rid of my phone.

Charlie, get rid of your car.

But I just got it back.

That'll kill you. The
coffee. It'll kill you.

- You could have killed me.
- But I didn't.

But you could have.

I saw his head by the window.

How did you know I wasn't
standing right next to him?

Because if he were here to kill
you, he'd have made you stand over there.

What if he wasn't here to kill me?

Then I'd have to kill you.

Agent Bodner, if he wasn't here to kill
you, you're still working for Roman.

And I'd have to kill you.

What's going on out there?

Roman has Reese.

- So what does Roman want with you?
- Rayborn.

But Rayborn's dead.

Roman wants him anyway.

We should go.

- We can't take that.
- I just got it back.

My wife and kids are still
gone. Maybe we can take her...

Her what?

Her minivan.

Smooth ride.

Four-star rating.

Two DVD players, 16 cupholders.

What if Roman was right?

What if Rayborn is still alive?

I saw the pictures of that boat.
How do you live through that?

People live through a lot of
things you never thought they could.

Yeah? Okay.

Everyone's looking for Roman Nevikov.

Maybe we should look for Rayborn.

Well, LAPD, FBI and that fancy
security expert can't find his body.

His body. His sick body.

Rayborn was sick, was having
treatments almost every day.

If he is still alive, then --

He still needs those treatments.

Let's go see his doctor.

Mr. Rayborn was being treated
for a very rare form of cancer.

Charlie would like the name of
his doctor. Do you have that?

Yes, I do.

He never went anywhere
without one of our men.

Except the night he went missing.

He would take his boat out on his own.

I tried to dissuade him of that practice but he'd
assured me that there were no pirates in Los Angeles.

This is the name of his doctor.

Thanks, Ted. Stay there.

We might need Ms. Puryer's services again.

Sippy cup.

How long you been married?

20 years. Still love her.

- Where'd you meet?
- In the Bureau.

We were partners.

There is something else
you could do for me.

You wish me to find your Olivia now?

"My"? She's not "my" Olivia.


We've got a dead FBI agent in there.

Not the one who lives here.

We've got detective Crews'
car but no detective Crews.

And we've tracked detective Crews' cell
phone to the trash can in your break room.

You find Crews. He's on my cell phone.

You up for this?

Oh, yeah. I'm up for this.

That information is privileged.

Look, doc, your patient
might still be alive.

If he is, he's getting
treatment somewhere.

You're not still treating
Mickey Rayborn, are you?

No. I'm not still treating him.

Doc, I'm gonna have to lock the door now.

You understand me?

You are LAPD?

Yeah, but not at the moment.

- And you're FBI.
- But not at the moment.

Then who are you -- at the moment?

I'm just a guy with one question:
what did Mickey Rayborn suffer from?

It's a very rare form of cancer.

And the treatment?

It's very technical.

But it made him weak.

It made him pale.

What did we find on
that boat, agent Bodner?

We found a lot of blood.

Weak? Pale?

Those are symptoms of
blood loss, right, doc?

Okay. I'm gonna lock the door.

He wasn't sick. He wasn't.

- And the treatments?
- I was stockpiling his blood.

It's a common practice.

Patients do it before
surgery all the time.

But he wasn't having surgery.

No. He wasn't.

It was for that boat.

To make us think he was dead. Enough
so that we wouldn't question it.

He's been planning this for a while.

Yeah, he has. But why?

This is your plan?

My plan is on the way.

They put you away for killing
that guy you had that bar with?

You did 12 years hard time?

And you got 50 million dollars?

Now you're eating burgers in the back of a
minivan on the run from half the cops in L.A.

You've made some
interesting career choices.

I am where I am.

How far back you go with Rayborn?

I don't go back with Rayborn at all.

But that guy you owned that bar with.

Tom Seybolt.

You and him were laundering
money for Rayborn, right?

No, not me and him. Just him.

Just him?

He was your friend and you didn't know?

I guess I really didn't know him.

Is this a private club
or can anyone join?

That depends on if you
got me what I asked for.

It's not Zen, Charlie.

It'll just have to do
until Zen comes along.

Charlie, I know she's your partner,
but maybe you should let someone else,

everyone else... go after her.

- Roman wants me.
- Yeah.

Why is that?

What is it, Roman?

Things not going according to plan?

He's getting closer, isn't he?

He's out there, but he's getting closer.

And you're hiding in this basement.

Connection by connection...

until he's right in front of you.

That is where I want him.

Sounds like you're in love, Roman.

Go ahead.

Go ahead, cry. I will understand.

It runs in your family.

Your father...

He cried before I killed him.

Crews, he says he wants Rayborn.

He says, you bring Rayborn to him...

You bring Rayborn to
him and I can go. Crews--

There's something in the back.

We've EQed out everything.

In the back we have dogs, Russian
techno, men's and women's voices --

No, it's something else.

Some other, uh... music. Keep working it.

Captain Tidwell.

May I see your phone, please?

- My --
- Your phone. Your cell phone.

It's in my office.
I'll have to go get it.

I can't seem to find it.

I'm always losing it somewhere.

Maybe someone picked it up by accident.

Is it possible detective
Crews picked it up by accident?

Anything's possible.

Pull the vehicle over to the curb.

Keep your hands where I can see them.

Sure hope you kids got just
cause for pulling us over,

because this man here is
a federal agent, and me?

I'm just in a real bad mood.

Sir, I need to see your... phones.

Oh, what do you know.

Must have walked off with my
captain's phone by accident.

They catch you with me, you're
back in uniform, if you're lucky.

They catch me with you,
I'll say, I'm bringing you in,

I get promoted, and luck
has nothing to do with it.

Fair enough.

Fair enough.

Disposable phone.

Who are you calling?

Rayborn likes his pleasures.

If he disappears, he's
going first-class.

His money is all still here.

Come on, Ted. A guy like Rayborn
mvst h4v3 vnd1scl0s3d w34lth.

Well, undisclosed to the
government, yes, but not to us.

We provide total protection, all aspects.

Well, not all aspects.

We hadn't counted on having to
protect Mr. Rayborn from himself.

It's all there, Charlie.

How much?

He's big. Bigger than you.

Even bigger than I ever was, and
we all know how big that was.

Well, what about the cars, boat, jet?

It's all where he left it. He, he
just left everything sitting there.

Took nothing but a plan... Thanks.

You never asked exactly
what he was dying of?

Well, I assumed he was
reticent to speak of it.

I mean, powerful men are often loath to
consider their own fragile mortality.

I'm a grandfather.

His name's Ted, my grandson.

It's all over after that, right?

You're all... done after you're a grandfather.


Your Olivia. In Spain now.

I know. She's not "your" Olivia.

Rayborn leaves with nothing but a plan.

How do you live with no money?

How do you live with no money?

That's what I just said.

It's a good question.

How does he live with no money?

Homeless shelters were part
of Mr. Rayborn's philanthropy.

How many shelters does he operate?

The Rayborn foundation operates five homeless
shelters in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

- Does he visit them?
- Yes. Frequently.

Does anyone from your
office go with him?

Of course.

Does he visit all of them?

Let me check his account.

No, he did not.

He only visited four of them.

So there's one where Rayborn
has never shown his face?

But I did know him.

Tom Seybolt was my friend.

Detective Crews?

Could I ask you to do something?

I need you to get a murder case file.

The Seybolt killings.

Okay. Yeah, sure.

You want to do this first?

Found me, huh, kiddo?

I always knew you were a good cop.

Crews, he says he wants Rayborn.

Not music but I know that sound.

He says, you bring Rayborn to him...

You hear that? Listen.

I'm sorry, I don't hear anything.

It's a subway! Listen.

Crews, he says he wants Rayborn.

Don't give me that look.

I know what a subway sounds like.

Even if it is, there must be
a truckload of places in L.A.

you could hear the subway from that level.

Then we send a truckload of cops.

Easy, kiddo. I'm a dying man.

Except you're not dying.

We're all dying.

Some sooner than others.

Detective Crews.

This will not bring
detective Reese back.

Where's your partner, kiddo?

Don't call me "kiddo."

Get her back from whom?

You know the answer to that.

From Roman Nevikov.

What's he want for her?

You know the answer to that, too.


He wants me, does he?

I fooled everyone but the Russian.

He would need to see my body.

Even with all that
blood, he'd need to see it.

So, what are you going to do?

I'm gonna give you to Roman.

It goes through six shell companies and two
cousins but that building belongs to Roman Nevikov.

I know what a subway sounds like.

We got a body here.

Captain, we have not
secured that area yet!

Follow him!

What does Roman want with him?

Roman wants his money.

Let's go get your partner back.

How do we let Roman
know that we have him?

That part is easy.

You are not under arresting me?

I was hoping we could
work something out.

That will not be problem.

I just need you to talk.


You want me to be bad girl?

I need you to talk to your friends,
and then they'll tell their friends,

and then Roman will hear what
Charlie Crews wants to tell him.

And -- and what is that?

Head on out the 10.

I already read it.

The case file from your arrest.

When I found out I was
assigned to you... I read it.

Eh, you like to be prepared.

What do you want to
know, detective Crews?

I think you'd need to see it.

No, I don't.

- I have a --
- Photographic memory?

Eidetic is the technical term.

But yes, I have the ability to recall text
with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume.

The man I owned that bar with,
the man who was murdered?

Tom Seybolt.

What did they find in his desk?

The cops pulled evidence from his desk.

Tax forms... uh...
drawings that his kids made,

a photo of you two fishing...

an application.

For a cab license?

A cab license.

Does that mean anything?

It means he needed a second job.

It means he needed money.

I-if your friend was laundering money,
why would he need a second job?

I knew my friend.

What if he wasn't laundering money?

If he wasn't dirty, then he wasn't
killed because he was skimming.

So why'd they kill him?

If my friend was clean, if Tom was clean...

then maybe they went to lean
on him to try to get him dirty.

He was a run-of-the-mill bar owner.

Why get him dirty?

Because he owned that bar with a cop.

If you get him dirty, you get a cop dirty.

You own him -- you own a cop.

But -- that cop is you.

Seever, pull the car over.

The journey, kiddo, always
leads back inside.

Ain't that grand?

No, no, no.

You have to save Reese.

You always knew I was a good cop?

What do you mean by "always"?

How long have you known me?

You are a good cop because you listen.

"Always" means, before the
killings, the arrest, the trial.

I saw you at the academy.

You had that look.

There. That look.

What were you doing at the academy?

I knew someday I'd be old.

We'd need a younger
man to run this thing.

I looked at every cadet, and I chose you.

I was gonna get that Tom Seybolt a little
dirty so you would have to help him out.

Now, that family was not supposed to die.

You were not supposed to go to jail.

But they did.

And you did.

But just look at you.

I chose you, kiddo.

And I was right.

I was right.

Don't call me "kiddo."

It's always been about you, Charlie.

Even that animal Roman knows that.

Where is he?

Where is Rayborn?

I didn't bring him.

Did you bring Reese?

Okay. Okay.

I do not trust you.

You do not trust me.

How do we do this?


I just need you to tell me one thing.

I need you to tell me
why you want Rayborn.

Because I do.


That's just how bad
you want him, not why.

Is it just the money? 'Cause...
I don't think it's just the money.

If you want Reese, you bring him to me.

Then tell me why you want him.

Okay. Then you can't have him.

But you can have this.

That's the bullet you wanted
Bodner to kill me with.

It's my gift to you.

This? This is why he --

-this is why he what, Roman?



There can't be nothing.

I am not attached to that gun.

Thank you ever so much.

Where are you going?

The police have Mr. Rayborn
and detective Seever.

I am going to fetch Mr. Rayborn now.

What about Charlie?

Seems to go missing.

How did they find them?

Rayborn and Seever,
how did the police find them?

Well, I told them where to look.

Why would you do that?

Come now, Mr. Earley.

You and detective Crews are
terribly sweet and serious gentlemen,

but Mickey Rayborn's my client.

Now, I must do my job, mustn't I?

Rayborn told the brass you saved his life.

Got you a promotion.

You know why he did that, right?

Yes, I do.

Because now I owe him.

Crews was gonna trade Rayborn for Reese.

That's right.

So what's he gonna do now?

You want me to talk again?


And what shall I say this time?

I'll write it down for you.

Charlie wants to know
if Roman likes oranges.

You own this orange grove?

Bought it when I first got out.

Don't get out here as
much as I'd like to.

Not sure I understand you.

Not sure I do, either.

Having a little trouble with my math today.


Now I'm sure I do not understand you.

Detective New Money.

You are there?

I am here.

I am bringing her to you.

Is Rayborn there?


Let me hear you say it.

Rayborn is here.


I see any other cop cars, helicopters,

I shoot Reese in the head
and leave her on road.

What do you mean, your math?

Oh, you know.

Adding things up.

Well, I guess I understand that.

How's the family, agent Bodner?

Getting along.

Still on holiday?

You must miss them so.


I don't see Rayborn.

Sure you do.

He's right here.

But he's not. Shoot her.

This is why he what, Roman?

You know what I'm talking about.

Wait, wait.

What you said to me... it's why he what?

Why Rayborn what, Roman?

Why he didn't choose you?

Is that what?

Where is Rayborn?

Well, as I said, you're looking right at him.

Whatever you want from Rayborn,
you can get it from me now.

His accounts, his connections...
everything he knew, I know.

But it's just the money, right?

That's all you want.

You for her.

Me for her.

Bring her out.



Just breathe.

No, no. No touching. No tricks.

Search him.

What was his plan getting in that SUV?

His plan was getting you out of that SUV.

He calls you an animal.


He calls you an animal.

But it's not so bad, because I've
seen him with his dog, and he loves,

he loves that animal, so, you know,

it's not so bad.

I'll need his account numbers,
foreign and domestic...

keys to safety deposit boxes,

combinations to home and office safes.

You will give me these things.


But that's not what you want.

What you want is what Rayborn gave me.

You want him to choose you.

You want what he gives his dog.

You want his --

One plus one equals one.

What are those numbers?

Do you want to know how
I got through 12 years of prison?

Your "Zen"?

Like that.

Whatever he had on you
and your families is gone.

So we can start over, right now,
or we can go on killing.

You fellas do speak English?

What we learned as children...

that one plus one equals two...

we know to be false.

One plus one equals one.

We even have a word for when
you plus another equals one.

That word...

is "Love."

Life S02E21: One

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