Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 2 - Everything... All the Time - full transcript

Charlie and Dani investigate the murder of Max Horta who is found tied to a chair at the deep end of a drained out swimming pool. The autopsy reveals that the man was beaten to death and the scene has all the signs of a gang killing. They trace his murder to a phone call he received immediately prior to his death and find the culprits are a group of high school friends led by Patrick Bridger who seems to be ready to go to any lengths to be leader of the pack. Jack Reese starts to harass and threaten Ted Early but Charlie puts a stop to it. Charlie has an interesting encounter with his ex-wife.

REESE: Previously on Life.

Where'd you
get this?

Oh, you don't
want to know.

Serious cop
with serious friends.

Ted, if you want
to walk away,
I understand.

CREWS: I want to know
where Rachel is.

She's gone.
Her family died
and she got a new one.

And don't you dare
try to find her.

Please get out
of my husband's car.

The fire sent me
to get you.

To take you
from here.

It's okay.

DOCTOR: The stab wound
has healed nicely.

Where was
she treated?

Any other injuries?

No sign of abuse.
It's just that
she won't speak.

It's not physical.
She can speak
if she wanted to.

Is there someone else
besides yourself

who knows her,
whom she might open up
and speak to?

Yeah. There is.

Would you like us
to contact them?

No, I'll take
care of that.


This is why gangs
get themselves
a bad reputation.

You piss them off,
they tie you to a chair

and leave you
in the bottom of a pool.

I got
a wallet here.

Driver's license.

Max Horta,
36 years old.

You piss off
a gang, Max?

You two go check out
the victim.

Go talk to
his family.

Oh, you have
alternate plans?

It's a gang. Round them all
up, toss them in cells,
see who squawks.

Don't move!



Don't shoot!

Don't shoot, man,
all right.

A gang? No.
Max kept to himself.

Kept to our family.

Gangs? Nunca.

He brought your
daughter to work?

When it's not
a school night,

Max takes...

Took Elsa
to work with him.

They didn't come home
for breakfast,
so we came down here.

Elsa was sitting there
all alone.

No Max.

Elsa, can you tell us
what happened last night?

He's dead.

You can't help him now.
What difference
does it make?

I'm gonna
tell you a secret.

My partner over there
never lets me
drive the car.

Never, nunca.

Can you tell me
your secret, Elsa?

I sat here,
doing my homework.

And what was
your father doing?

He was over there,
on the phone.

Do you know
who he was talking to?

No, but he was very angry.

Talking about
some building.

When he hung up,
he told me to wait here.

He told me
not to move.

He never
came back.

Did your father
say an address?

Just a name.

The Bankley Building?

That can't be true.
That's not true.

That is not true!
That can't be true!

The Bankley Building.

REESE: What were
you doing here?

There was a party.

REESE: Are you sure
the party was here?

What kind
of party, Carla?

Terrible party.

Who threw
the party, Carla?

I don't know.
The people from the
other side of town.

The "rich" side of town.
I don't know them.

What happened here
last night?

I think that there was
something in my drink,

'cause I can't
remember anything.

Was it your first time
at a party like this?


No, there were others.

All in
empty buildings?

How'd you know
where the parties
will be?

We get a text,
me and my friends.

We don't know from who,
but we get a text
and then we just...

Just show up.

All your friends
get this text?

No, just
the pretty ones.

Her father was
beaten to death, badly.

Neck snapped,
ribs broken,
joints shattered.

Whoever is capable
of doing this
is an animal.

Man, I heard
he chews the bottle
after he shoots it.

Drinks blood to
get like he is, man,
boy's a monster.

Something I can
help you with?

Funny you
should say that.

Oh, man,
this guy's a cop, man.

Something I said?

How come when
you want to get
a kid to talk,

you always make
fun of me?

I do? Do I?

Not always,
do I?

Do you want to
drive the car?

Do you want me
to drive the car?

No, I don't.

Hey, bro!

That's no fair, man,
you werert supposed
to be in the cells.

Not supposed to be in,
and yet just can't
seem to stay out of them.

I got an expectation
of privacy.

Hey, stop
talking, man.

I got your
personal effects here.

I heard he chews the bottle
after he shoots it?

That's just exactly
what I said.

Hey, he knows, man,
you need to stop talking.

He chew this
kind of bottle?

Quality steroids?

It's not the kind of
junk we usually find
on you fellows.

You fellows?
That's profiling right there,
is what that is.

Boy's a monster?
Turns out, we're looking
for a monster.

You help us find him,
we'll help you
with holding this.

Help us with this?

You get caught with this,
all you get is to testify
in front of the U.S. Senate.

What he said.
Can we go?

Yeah, you can go down
to processing,
should take a few days.

System's real slow.
We'll talk again then.

What she said.


Narcotics tracked
the steroids to a Flext Gym,
over in Beverly Hills.

Is there a monster
in Beverly Hills, Max?

You believe
in monsters?

Don't you?

Ah! Detectives.
How can I help you?

Are you
the manager?


Dr. Jackson Bridger.

This is ours.

Yes, this is part of
our Flext
steroid regimen.

Your regimen?

You dispense
steroids here?

I'm a board-certified
so I prescribe them.

Our pharmacist
dispenses them.

Can I ask you
where you got this?

Off, a couple
of gang-bangers.

They probably
don't work out here.

No, they probably don't.

Any idea how they
could have gotten
a hold of this?

What happens to them
after I prescribe them,
I really can't say.

My wife looks familiar
to you, doesn't she?

Yeah, but
I can't place her.

Does this help?
September, 1999?

No, I was away.

Miss September, 1999.

Likes hikes?
Fresh-baked bread?


Since you dispense
steroids to
the members of the gym,

it'd be a big help
if we could take a look
at your membership list.

Sorry, no can do.

You see, the people
training here
pay a lot of money.

They have
a certain...

of privacy.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, we could
come back
with a warrant.

With that, I wish you
the best of luck.

See, these folks
are not members,
they are my patients.

And their records are
covered by doctor-patient

Carla Horta, goes to
a bad party, someone
calls her father.

Father shows up,
probably not very happy.

Father gets
extremely beaten
to death.

Couple of bangers
talking about a guy
capable of that,

holding steroids
traced back to here.

I do it because
children seem to enjoy it.

When I make fun of you,
because they think
you're uptight.

I am... I am...
I'm not uptight.

I'm not uptight.
If you wanna drive the car,
go ahead and drive.

Take a look at that.

Now, there's a name we know.

Benny Bankley.

His father, Brendan Bankley
owns Bankley Realty.

Which owns
the Bankley Building.

Where the party
took place.

What's the son of
the building's owner doing

going into the gym
where the steroids
came from?

Don't know.

Benny does not
look capable

of breaking every bone
in Max Horta's body.

You know, just because
I don't say everything

that pops into my head,
does not make me uptight.

I didn't say
you're uptight.

I said kids think
you're uptight.

Though kids are tough
to fool about that.

Kids are notoriously
tough to fool.

What did those
bangers say again?

"Boy's a monster."

CREWS: Marty Hawkins.
Used to play high school
ball with Benny.

Marty had a little more
team spirit, though.

He took a bat to
the opposing team's pitcher,
broke his leg.

He do time?

Released on condition
he get counseling.

Two more assault beefs
knocked down the same way.

Oh, to grow up rich
and connected.

You're rich,
right, Crews?

Not from birth.

You're so rich,
how come
you don't have a car?

I gave it away.

Really? See, I heard that
your "roommate"
ran over it with a tractor.

That was
the other one.

Annabelle Shore.

What exactly do they do
to the not beautiful
in that part of town?

Annabelle went to the
same high school as our
other two friends here.

But unlike them,
she has a job.

And her parents?

Mom is a pricey
defense attorney.

Dad died
when she was a kid.

Why aren't you bringing
these kids in
for questioning?

On what charge?

You guys don't
plant evidence
around here?

Our gang of three
is at a table
set for four.

Our gang doesn't
have a leader.

Good to see you, sir.

What's up,
big guy?

I'm guessing
that's him.

REESE: Patrick Bridger.

Same high school
as the other three,

but Patrick is just
a little bit smarter.

His IQ tested
in the genius range.

Does that really
mean anything?

Pretty sure it does.

Child chess master,
pitcher on the high school
baseball team,

thrown out of Yale.

just never going to class,
not even once.

And Patrick's father,
Jackson Bridger,
owner of Flext.

Where the steroids
came from.

Where the steroids
came from.

Anybody up there
look familiar?

We talk, we walk?

Hulk here.
He gave us them 'roids.

And what'd
you give him?

Phone numbers
for hood girls.

Just the pretty ones?

A couple of hood rats
point their fingers
at some Beverly Hills kid.

Who's connected enough
to walk away from
three assault raps.

Yo, maybe y'all should
plant something.

The oatmeal's $20.

I'm buying, have two.

Oh, yeah,
you're rich.

But, I guess
you worked for it.

Did you just
say something
nice to me?

No, I don't
think so.


PATRICK: Put that down.

They're not boys,
they're dogs.

Patrick, one in
the middle, alpha dog.

Marty, he's second,
beta dog.

Benny, omega dog,
he's the fool.

That's what you see.

I see a group of
spoiled rich kids.

And I want the big one
in lock-up.

If that's what you want,
that is what you shall have.

On what charge?

a police officer?

This one's got
its name written
all over you, man.

Can we help you?

See? Alpha dog.

Beta dog, right?

You're the one
with his nose
always up alpha's ass?

Man, you're a big one!

'Roids, right?
Is it true what they say?

You know, it makes
some things big,

but other things,
you know, like,
real small.

Down on the floor,
now! Now!

Can I help you?

I know you know who
I am, so let's not
pretend you don't, okay?

You're Jack Reese.


That's right.

And you're that
ex-con parolee that
lives with Crews.

I know Crews
has that girl.

I need you to tell me
what else he has.

Why would I do that?

If you don't,
I violate your parole.

You're not even
a cop anymore.

You just keep saying that
when you're
back in the slam

serving that
last four years.

"Jack Reese wasrt
even a cop anymore."

Do you like empty
swimming pools, Marty?

Or parties with
pretty hood girls?

What about lethal injections?
What's your take on that?

Patrick puts his finger
to his lips and you obey,
that how it works?



I have young Marty's
attorney here,
Annabelle Shore.

Annabelle Shore?

We know a girl
with that name,
don't we, Marty?

I'm her mother.

Do you all know
each other?

What I know is that
Marty's been released.
Unshackle him, please.

He assaulted
a police officer.

I have witnesses
who will testify

Detective Crews
incited Marty
to those actions.

Okay, before he goes,
do you think Marty could
tell us where he was

when Max Horta found
himself dead at
the bottom of this pool?

Go ahead, Marty,
you can tell them.

I was at
my therapist's.

At your therapist's
all night?

I get bad nights.
Terrors, can't sleep.

Always have,
ever since I was little.

When I have really
bad nights,

sometimes I stay
at Dr. James' house.

That's where I was.

I will tell you that
Marty was at my house
all night that night.

But, really,
that's all I will tell you.


Yeah, there's a lot
of that going around.

Is it normal for doctors
to allow patients
to stay at their house?

Each patient is
an individual, so the word
"normal" does not apply.

If I were your patient,
could I stay over?

I have bad nights.

Did I say that out loud?

My partner thinks
I say everything that
pops into my head.

Is that normal?

I think
you should leave now.

Right, because
there is no such thing
as normal.

Which is a relief,
because sometimes
I don't feel normal.

Is it normal
not to feel normal?

I'm sure
some people find you
charming, Detective.

I don't.


How much do you charge
an hour, Doc?

My hourly rate
is competitive.


$450 an hour?

For a 50-minute hour, yes.

How can it be an hour
if it's 50 minutes?

That's messing
with time.

I do say everything
that pops into my head.

Maybe I should
come back.

If I wanted to make
an appointment,
who should I call?

You should call
another doctor.

Rich parents,
high-priced lawyers,
shrink's at $450 an hour.

Then you know
what happens.

It's the chief on the phone,
your name in the paper,

and you wishing
it was a gang killing.

You go after
a gang and miss,

maybe they shoot you,
maybe you get them
next time.

You go after
one of these princes
and miss,

you're doing traffic
in Times Square.

So, what am I saying
to you, detectives?

You're saying
don't miss.

Let's go talk
to the alpha dog.



I'm not talking to you.

You just did.


Hey, Benny.
Remember me?

Patrick tell you
not to talk to us?

Well, it's Patrick
I want to talk to.

You're learning French?

I want to live in
Paris some day.

With Patrick?

Patrick? In Paris?
No, never.

Why not?

Patrick, he's LA.

You've seen him.
You understand
what I mean.

Do you know
where he is now?



He says he needs it.

And where does
he charge?

Out there
on his bike.

Says he needs
to feel the city.

And you believe that?
That he just drives
around LA on his bike?

Why would he lie?

You can see it
when he comes back, too.

So alive. Lit up.
It's like I said.

Patrick is LA.
You know?

It's like
if he werert here then...

LA wouldn't
be here either.

Is that why you want
to go to Paris?
Because it's not Patrick?

I'd like you to
look at something.

That's Max Horta.

He left behind
a wife and two daughters.

Max Horta?
He's LA too, Annabelle.

Trace came back on that
call Max got that
sent him to that party.

It came from
his daughter, Carla.

Carla, do you recognize
any of these people?

I don't remember.
I don't remember them.

I don't remember
calling my papa.

My God. Oh, my God.
Did I call him?

Did I call him,
and then he came,
and then they...

Can I ask you about the girl
Rachel Seybolt?

Both you and Charlie
were close friends
with the murdered family?

They were
our dear friends, yes.

And you were close
with the daughter Rachel?


Hey, Rachel.

There's someone here
to see you.

Rachel, honey.
You remember me?

I remember you, Rachel.

You used to brush my hair.
You remember that?

You had those gold shoes.

"My party shoes,"
you used to call them.

It's okay.

We're just gonna sit with you
for a while then.

Open the door.
Open the door.

Back door.

Got it. Right.


I remember this.

Oh, God.
Oh, I remember that.

I can't.
I can't, Charlie.

No, it's... It's his.
It's my husband's car.

I really
got to get a car.


You and your partner
looking for me?

I've been watching
you train.
Pretty intense.

Ex-addict workout, right?

Lots of anger.
Anger's good.

Why don't you
come down to the station?
We can talk about it.

Why don't you come on a ride
with me on my bike?

And we won't
have to talk.

Do you really
like talk?

Where would we go?

Out there.

What's out there, Patrick?

All the time.

I'd really like for you
to come down
to the station with me.


That's not what
you'd like.

He came to your gym?

I called.
You didn't pick up.

Must have been
in a canyon.

all the time."
That's what he said.

That's what
these kids think
they can have.

all the time.

Everyone works for them.
Even us.

Even the shrink.


Dr. Lana James.

She works for them.
She's not one of them.





Didrt I tell you
organic fruit
would kill you?

Didrt I?

Worms are just
protein, right?

Please don't do that.
Why would you do that?

What's wrong
with you?

Dr. James?
Come with me, please.

One of my patients
was arrested?

That seems to
be the case.

Do you know
which one?

I'm sorry, ma'am,
I don't.

I was told that one of
my patients was arrested
and was asking for me.

I'd like to know
who it is.

I'm just the new captain
around here, ma'am.

They don't like
to tell me much.

But one of the detectives
will certainly know more.


That's a crime board.

We use it to see
the connections

between the suspects
and the victims.

The victim's
the dead man there.

REESE: See, there's
the kind of connections
those kids have

that get you
floor seats
to Laker games.

And there's
the kind of connections
that we have

that get you
life in prison.

I'm on here. Why?
Why would I be on there?

Oh, come on,
you're smart, Doc.
You can see why.

CREWS: Marty's connected
to the dead man.

You're connected
to Marty.

When Marty goes down
for Max Horta's murder,
so do you.

Are you ready
for that, Doc?
Life in prison?

You really think,
when it comes down to it,

they're going to
be there for you?

You're the help.
Just like us.

I'm on here.

Marty wasrt
with me that night.

I don't know
where he was.
He wasrt with me.

Patrick asked me to lie.

Why would you do that?

You wouldn't understand.

Now what happens?

Now you get
Patrick to say it.

I think
we should go in.

Just a... Just a quick look.
To supervise. Come on.

At least turn
the cameras on.

Get a sketch artist
up here?

You don't think
very much of me,
do you, Detective?

No, ma'am.
I sure don't.

But, like, you said,
I wouldn't understand.

I'm done.
You can get dressed.


No smile tonight,
Dr. James?


In fact, it's better.

We need to
talk, Patrick.

"We need to talk."

PATRICK: Is that
that professional voice
you use

when you're in session
with Annabelle?

I didn't know
she saw Annabelle, too.

No, this is serious.


I'll make you a deal.

You climb on
for a little ride,

and then we'll talk.

How little?

I won't even turn the key.

The police came
to question me.

No, use the
professional voice.

How do you talk
to Annabelle?

You need to listen
to me, Patrick.

The police came
to question me
about Marty.

I don't think
they believe me.

I believe you.
I do.

I think that you are
a very believable woman.

you need to take
this seriously.


Remember the last time
we were here?

Did you like
the way I made you feel?

Tell me.

Tell me.

(SOFTLY) I liked
the way you made me feel.

Oh, that's pretty good.
He just discredited her
as a witness.

A shrink who's been
having sex with
her patient's boyfriend.

How's that gonna play out
in front of a jury?

all the time.

No, no, no. Not yet.
Don't get off yet.

Hey, Crews, Reese,
I know you're out there.

You having fun?
You like to watch?
Watch this.



I'd like to have
heard what he just
said to her.

How did she hear
what he said?

How did she hear?

He was practically
on top of her.

No. Not her
down there.

How did Max's daughter,
Elsa, hear?

How did she hear
what her father said?

It would have been...

Too loud!


You lied to us,
didn't you, Elsa?

You didn't hear
your father on the phone
that night, did you?

You couldn't have.

It was too loud.

Did you stay here
when he left you?

You didn't stay,
did you?

REESE: Did your father
get mad when
you disobeyed him?

Yeah? My father, too.

He would get so mad
when I wouldn't
listen to him.

But you wanted
to make your father happy,
didn't you?

Me, too.
I wanted to make
my father happy,

because he loved me.

Like your father
loved you.

Did you leave here, Elsa?

I followed my father.

And you saw
something bad?

What did you see, Elsa?

My father,
outside that building.

Did you see
anybody else?

A very big man.

REESE: What did
the big man do?

He hit my father
over and over.

My father was screaming.

But he kept
hitting him.

Then my father
stopped screaming.

Elsa, the big man,
did you see his face?


That's him!
That's the one.

I didn't do
what my father
asked of me.

Now he's dead.

What kind of monster
makes my daughters

think they killed
their own father?

You tell me
what kind.

He's not a monster.
He's a punk.



Dr. James?

He's in there.
Something's wrong.

He's not Marty anymore.

He came here,
and I could see it
right away.

I could tell
Marty was gone.

Don't you guys
have bigger guns?



Marty! Marty!

Reese, pop the clip!

I got it!



You were supposed
to help us.

He's dead.

"You were supposed
to help us"?

You were seeing
all of them,
werert you?

Even Patrick.

You'll never
get Patrick.

M. E: Massive steroid

Someone pumped
a solution into him

with 20 times
the potency
of an average dose.

Steroid hotshot.
Marty was a loose end.

Patrick was
cleaning up the mess.

Should I release
the body?

Can you hold off
on that?


Your buddy Patrick
put Marty on
the slab there, Benny.

No, that's a lie.
We're friends.

We've all always
been friends.

Maybe you should
tell Marty here
that Patrick's his friend.

Except Marty can't
hear you 'cause he's
a little dead right now.

You can look
all you want to, Benny.

He's not gonna get
any less dead.

If we just do what
Patrick tells us to do,
then it will all be okay.

It's not okay.

Benny, did you not
do what Patrick
told you to do?

Is that why
it's not okay?

What happened
at that party?

What did Patrick
tell you to do?

He told me
to go with that girl.


He told you to go
where with her?

Into a room.

Patrick opened
the door.

There she is
on the floor, out of it.

What did
he want you to do?

He told me I could do
what I want with her.

Patrick had gotten me
girls before,
but they were pros.


But that girl Carla,
she was real.

So you called
her father.

After Patrick closed
the door,
I took her cell phone,

I speed-dialed
the number
that said "Dad,"

and then I told
the dude that answered

that his daughter
was in trouble.
To come and get her.

Then I left the room.

And I got so drunk
I couldn't think.

And what happened
to Max Horta?

I guess Marty
took care of him.

And then Patrick
took care of Marty.

You guess?
I'm the clown.

I make Patrick laugh,
but he doesn't
tell me anything.

He knows I'm soft.
He knows
not to trust me.

Who does he trust?


He trust Annabelle
not to lie to him?

She'd never lie
to anybody.

That's why Patrick loves her.
That's why we all love her.

But she's gone.

I can't
find her anywhere.

I can't find Annabelle.

Did Patrick
kill her, too?




Is there a problem?

The best thing about Paris,
it's not LA.
Right, Annabelle?

If L.A. Is Patrick,
then getting away
from L.A.

Is getting away
from him.

I didn't think
he'd be cruel.

He is. Believe me.

Patrick told me
about you.

He admires you.

Admires how
you didn't lay down.

How you took it
and made a new life
for yourself.

I'm gonna make
a new life for myself.

Unless I'm under arrest.

We have nothing
to hold you on.

No, you can go.
Send me a postcard.

Just before you do go,

I want you to
meet some people.


REESE: Annabelle, this is
Carla and Elsa Horta.

Girls, this is Annabelle.



Where are you,

At my house.
Marty was just here.

ANNABELLE: Did you hear
what I just said, Patrick?

You said
Marty was just there.

It was bad, Patrick.
He's all messed up.

He said that
you tried to kill him.

what are you doing?

Marty said that
you tried to kill him.

He said that
you gave him
some bad juice.

He's looking for you, Patrick.
What's going on?


stay right there.
Hold on. Hello?

Patrick, what's going on?

What do you mean, Benny?

With Marty.
Havert you heard?
He was arrested.

The cops have him.

I'm out of here, man.
I'm going south.

Wet your bed until
you were seven years old?

That's late, right?

Where'd you get that?

Also says here that
you often feel like a fraud.

You told your therapist
you want to be
more like Benny?

How'd you get that?

"Because people
know who Benny is,

"but no one knows
who I am."


How'd you get that?

Your shrink
gave it to me.

When she found out
you tried to kill Marty,
she gave us this.

That's a lie.
You are lying to me.

Marty says
you killed Max Horta.

You do that, Patrick?

No, he did that!

And then he comes
crying to me about it!

"What am I going
to do, Patrick?
Help me, Patrick.

"I lost my temper,

Crying like a damn baby.

Marty says you tried
to kill him, too.

A hotshot
of steroids?

Yeah, I jacked him up.

But guess what?
It didn't kill him.


But guess what? It did.

They think
it's their city.

It's not.
It's our city.

This car's just an object.
Objects have no meaning.

They don't.
They don't.


You're a nut job.
You know that, Crews?
What's with that car?

It's just an object.
Doesrt have
any meaning.

Even if it did,
it'd be in Italian.

So, I wouldn't
understand it anyway.

You gonna
write me a ticket?

Like that bond trader
who's putting it to your ex?

I know Hollis worked
for you, Jack.

Even if that were true,
the proof would be
in my LAPD file,

which I heard
has gone missing.

Yeah, I heard that.

Okay. You drive
carefully now.

Oh, don't talk
to Ted anymore.

You make him nervous
for some reason.


JACK: It's Reese.
Guess what?
I just got pulled over.