Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 19 - 5 Quarts - full transcript

A coroner is found dead on the morgue floor - exsanguinated. The big problem is that if an employee is guilty, all cases may be thrown in doubt. FBI orders Reese to investigate Crews. A psychic predicts that someone close to him dies soon.

Hard to believe
something so small
could cause so much pain.

It only hurts when
it's where it's not
supposed to be.

And where's that bullet
supposed to be next?

I could've killed you
if I wanted to.

Didrt hit
anything vital.

Same here.

So are we done
shooting each other?

Yeah, I think so.

I need you to do
something for me.

My partner...
Detective Reese.

She's on loan
to you FBI guys.

Some kind of
organized crime
task force?

And you want me
to do what?

Find out what kind
"some kind" is.

Why would you want
to know that?

I think then I'll know
where this is supposed to be.

I got it.
I got it.

The coroner's transpo guy
was making a delivery
when he found him.


Jonah Grant.
Assistant Coroner.

Lots of people
get killed at work.

He just happened
to work here.

Blunt force trauma.
Perfect circle wound.

Some kind
of hammer, maybe?

Weird, though.
Not a lot of blood.

There's something wrong
with him.

Yeah, he's dead.

Something else.
He looks


More dead.

Extra dead.

Well, he's got
another wound here.

Looks like...
Where a shunt
went in.


A device used
to introduce or extract
fluids from a body.

And you are?

Tom Santos,
Assistant Coroner.

I'm going to have to
ask you to wait outside
with one of the officers.

Extract fluids?
Like blood?

Yes, very good.
Blood's a fluid.

It appears
the wound to the head
killed Jonah.

But he was rapidly
directly thereafter.

His blood was taken?

From the looks of him,
I'd say Jonah was drained
just about dry.

Extra dead.

Well, I guess
we'll have to
make two reports.

Homicide and


Someone stole his blood.

Why would someone
take his blood?

Do you know
how they do it?

His heart would've stopped,
so there'd be no pressure.

You'd need an external pump
to get the pressure back
to exsanguinate him.

Is the pump
something you'd have
in here?

Yeah, but it's
usually broken.

I had to use
a bike pump last week.

Maybe you want
to take a break.

We were short-handed before.
Losing Grant means
I'm down a coroner,

and I have to do
his work and my work.

And we're at a hiring freeze.
The county won't let me
hire a replacement.

(SHARPLY) Do not...

...touch that.

Candle wax?

Maybe from
someone's birthday cake.

You eat cake
in here?

We're like any office.

Just because
we deal with corpses
doesn't mean we're not fun.

We are fun.

And why was Dr. Grant
in the morgue?

I don't know.
Checking on bodies,
finishing up paperwork.

Anyone else have access
to the crypt?

There's no lock
on the crypts.

There's no locks
on most doors.

What about
surveillance cameras?

You can't have cameras
in a coroner's office
except in designated rooms,

to protect
the dead's privacy.

Do you know
how many people
I've had to fire

for taking
cell-phone shots?

Did Dr. Grant
have any enemies?

He was
a coroner's coroner.

He liked the dead
more than the living.

He still went out
in the field,
even though he didn't have to.

And where were you
last night?


Now, you'll excuse me.
I've been doing paperwork
for two years,

I don't want to slip.

Why would they
take his blood?


Kyo kept working
while we talked to her
about Grant's death.

A lot of people use work
as a painkiller.

(SCOFFS) Me, I use
painkillers for pain.

And you use work
for work?

You're very certain,
aren't you?

Of what?


No, just the things
I'm certain of.

You sure about that?

They took his blood?

Holy Hannah.

It is ripe in here.

It's supposed
to be 30 degrees,

but with the doors
opening and closing,
it's 38.

Stuff goes bad faster.
Like meat in your fridge.

Like meat.

That's all we are, really.

Hey, how we doing
on that autopsy?

Uh, I'm lining up
the Ventura County Coroner,

but it's going to
take a few days.

We can't use
any of the coroners
from this office

they're all suspects.


How exactly does the nose
smell things anyway?

You don't want to know.

You just don't.

(SIGHS) No circular objects.
Whatever the killer used
isn't here.

People doing time.

MAN: Drag it out and
get it to the bins.

Court ordered
community service.

DUIs, unruly conduct,
first-time arrests.

Junior offenders.

Maybe someone
stepped up.


There's no eating
in the lab.

I can still
smell it out here.

That's just the particles
lodged in your nose.


Particles of what?

Are they always here?

KYO: If we're here,
they're here,

hoping to get a shot
of some ODed rock star.

Let's keep
a lid on this.

Anybody asks,
Grant fell
and hit his head.

Every murder case we do
goes through this office.



Your scene.

My scene?

Is it goth?
It is, isn't it?

I don't have a scene.

We all have a scene.

Yeah? What's yours?

It's complicated.
Like a puzzle,

with a missing piece.
You know?

No, I don't.

It's dark, right?

Goth? It's dark?

Fiera Schwartz,

arrested for drunk
and disorderly outside
a club called Bleak.

That a goth club?

Yeah, drunk
and disorderly.

So now you think
I killed that death doc.

I'm just
asking questions.

Where were you last night
between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m.

That was
the middle of the night,
I was asleep.

Where were you?

Working on your puzzle?

You got a mouth on you.


Guess I don't have
to be drunk
to be disorderly.

Court ordered
community service.

Next time,
I'm asking for jail.

Oh. You're not
having fun?

The coroners,
the transpo guys
hit on me all the time.

With dead people around,
it's gross.

Did Dr. Grant
ever hit on you?

No, he just
yelled at me.

What a jerk.

If you find the guy
who killed him,
thank him for me.

Hey, what were
you drinking?

When you were drunk
and disorderly.

Bloody Marys.

You will know
when I know.

Okay? That's all
I can tell you.


You having a party?

Yes, we are.

And you're just in time
for the pinata.

So why don't you go
get a stick,

and then hit me
over the head with it?

You seem
a little stressed.

Maybe you want to try this
breathing exercise I know.
It's pretty easy.

That's right.

With cases
handled by the morgue.

Two for two,
Detective Seever.

As of my last cup of coffee,
which was my eighth
cup of coffee,

the Chief instructed me
to instruct every one
of my detectives

that every one of
their current and past cases
may be thrown into doubt.

That's a legal term.
It means "screwed."

Maybe you want
to sit down.

I am sitting down.

We took statements
from all the employees.


Time of death
was 4:00 in the morning.
Most people were asleep.

Those miscreants
on the lawn?

No one with
a serious record.


Still 4:00 in the morning.

Grant dies, the cases
they're working on
get thrown out of court.

So what was Grant
working on now?

You really know
a breathing exercise?

Just breathe.

I said it was easy.

KYO: The case Grant
was currently working on
is Errol Brand.

Celebrity chef.
He's got those restaurants
and that show.

Brand New Kitchen.

When do you have time
to watch TV?

In the morning
before work, while I'm
on the rowing machine.

In the morning?

Actually, it's closer
to 4:00 a.m.

So I guess
everyone isn't asleep.

Errol Brand also has
one gunshot wound
to the back of his head.

But no exit wound.

Small caliber.
How small?

It doesn't say. I'm not
familiar with this case.
It was Dr. Grant's.

May I?

She's a very
fast reader.

Entry wound,
no exit wound,
no bullet recovered.

No bullet?

Someone shoots the chef,
then digs the bullet out?

Didrt work out?


Turns out
I'm not FBI material.

Well, that's too bad.
I know you wanted this
to help you move up.

Yeah. Well, I guess
I'm where I belong.

So when you coming back?
In a few days.

Just a few things
I need to finish up.

There still room
for me in the car?

Right behind the wheel.

Birthday cakes? Condoms?
I guess they are fun.



Crews gets close
to your father,
he disappears.

Crews gets close
to Rayborn,
he disappears.

Maybe it's
just coincidence.

Maybe they're not

Everything's connected.

Excuse me?


Well, maybe it's nothing,
and then all this goes away.

Crews trusts you?

Then let him
tell you the truth.

You're doing
the right thing.

What's that?

Your job,
Detective Reese.

Errol Brand,
celebrity chef,

had that show,
those restaurants,

a gunshot wound
to the back
of the head.

He also had
something else.

An investor
named Jimmy Ellison.

Did Mr. Ellison invest
in anything other
than Errol Brand?

Mr. Ellison
invests in gambling.

He was
the biggest bookie
in the county.


All that gambling money
sure does buy
a nice place.


We're looking
for Jimmy Ellison.

who turned off my music?

I already talked
to you cops about Errol.

I didn't do it.
You got no proof I did,
you gotta leave me be.

We're not here
about Errol Brand.
We're here about Jonah Grant.

Who the hell is that?

The coroner.
The coroner?

We're here about
something else, too.

Yeah? What
would that be?

So why don't you
show us what you got
behind your back?

Since Chef died, Mr. Jimmy
just stays back there,

drinking his wine,
listening to opera,
cutting meat.

That's all he does?

Sometimes he cries.

How you doing, Jimmy?

You wanted
to shoot me.

You cops just can't wait
to shoot someone.

97% of all cops
never use their gun,

except on the range.

You talk like a lawyer.

You'll have to
cut that out if you
want to be mayor.

She wants to be mayor?

Fifteen-year plan!

You'll just be
going up for parole.

What's with
the meat, Jimmy?

Sitting back here
getting drunk,
cutting all this meat?

Errol died
back here, right?

What's with
all this meat, Jimmy?

Errol had a way
of cutting meat.

So tender.

Melt in your mouth.

Never taste meat
like that again.

Well, if you miss it so much,
you shouldn't have shot him.

Where's the bullet,

Did you get the coroner
to dig it out for you?

And then you killed
the coroner?

I don't know
what you're saying.

Where's the coroner's

I don't know
what you're saying!

Errol gets shot
in the freezer,

staggers back out
into the kitchen,

and dies right here.

Where's the bullet,

That is my cleaver.

This is my meat.

This is my place!

Take your cuffs
and get out of here!

Hector! Turn my music
back on!



He was cutting meat?

And crying.

Ellison gets
that bullet back,

he's going to
get rid of it.

But why take
the coroner's blood?

He was cutting meat
and crying.


Anything interesting
in there?

Well, yeah,
there is.

A tabloid shot,
much closer to the ground.

There's something in here
that's not
in the police photos.

Under his right
hand. See?

There's a puddle of something
on the floor.


No. You look at
the police photos,
there's no blood on his hand.

Who took
that picture?

Uh, Kathy White.

This is mine.

SEEVER: How'd you get
past the cops?

I got a
pretty smile.

How'd you find
the killing?

Did you use
a police scanner?

Well, you can
get those online,

but I've always had
this weird ability

to know when people
are going to die.


Ever since
I was a little girl.

Am I going to die?

I mean, soon?

What's the possible
upside of asking
a question like that?

You really want to know?

Yeah. Yeah,
I really want to know.


Not you,

not soon.

But somebody
very close to you
is going to die.


Your photo
of the dead chef,

we need to see
the digital file
it came from.

Why so close
to the ground?

It's where
we all end up
when we're dead,

so I like to get
right down in there.

Can you enlarge
this section?

You were at the morgue

I'm at the morgue
a lot.

Didrt happen
to know that Dr. Grant
was going to die?


But those morgue boys
are so covered in death,
it's hard to tell.

Is it true
someone took his blood?

Slide that over.

It's a clear liquid.
What is that?

They swabbed
the chef's hand,

No substance
on it at all.

So it's a clear liquid

that leaves no trace,
that we like to call...


It evaporated by the time
they got to the morgue,

so it would not
have been noticed.

So, he gets shot in there,
stumbled out,

and scoop
a handful of water?

He reaches down for this...
Someone comes up
behind him,

shoots him in the head.


Hand me that melon,
would you?

He reaches down,
stands up, and...


The chef stumbles out...

He reaches back,

pulls it out...

Falls, dies,

icicles melt
by the time
anyone gets there,

leaves a puddle
under his hand.

And no bullet
in his head.

So who took
the coroner's blood?



I want to thank you
for coming back.

It was wrong,

what I did last time.

Ask me anything you want,
any way you want.

Let me just ask you
one question, though.

Your eyes are very red.
You're not on drugs?

I'm not prying,

this is a legal matter.
I'm on parole...

No, I am not on drugs.

Now, what do you remember
about your parents?

Why are your eyes
so red?

Has she been crying?

You know, I saw
a lot of crying
in prison, Ann. A lot.

I know what it looks like.
You've been crying.

No, I have not
been crying.

I think you have.
I'm just tired.

Those are not
tired eyes.

They are!
The baby keeps me up.

The baby?

Your baby?

I'm a grandfather?

Doesrt your husband
help you?


About what Kathy White said
about someone close to me.

It didn't have
to be you.

There are a lot
of people close to me.

You just, you know,
happened to be standing
close to me

at the time.

Actually, there aren't
a lot of people
close to me.

I guess there
should be more.

I've been away.

filed against Jonah Grant.

27 of them.

Complaints filed by...

Grant's been dead
for two days

and you just discover
I filed all those complaints
against him.


Well, maybe now
you can tell us
why you hated Dr. Grant.

He wasrt
my dream slab mate.

Slab mate?

We used to have
our own labs,
now we have to double up.

Budget cuts?

Yeah, like you know.
Cops get everything.

Helicopters, guns.

We have to buy
our own toilet paper.
Cheap, scratchy.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Tell my ass
you're sorry, ma'am.

Oh, that must've been
Grant's. Typical.

Is this what
you complained about?


I complained
about Grant's
practical jokes.

Practical jokes?
Yeah, brilliant stuff.

Fingers in my coffee mug,
cranial cap saucers.

Hiding my pen
down an esophagus.

I filed
numerous complaints
against him

for creating
a hostile workplace.

Dr. Kyo did nothing.

Why not?

Grant did
all her work for her.
They were buds.

They're all buds
around here.

A confederacy
of dunces.

Dr. Kyo knew
that you and Grant
didn't get along?

Oh, yes.
She said I was the one
being unreasonable.

Well, you see
how that worked out.

She ignored the problem,
and Grant got himself
murdered in the office.

Chickens coming home
to roost.

You seem almost happy
about that.

I won't pretend
to mourn Dr. Grant.

You know he used to
kick me out of the lab?

He said I
"harshed his buzz."

And you went?

I had to.
He had seniority.

Your statement said
that you were home
when Grant was killed.

It was 4:00 a.m.
Where were you?

Which equipment is yours,
and which was Dr. Grant's?

My equipment

is the newer-Iooking,
clean equipment

with a small "S."

Dr. Grant's
is everything else.

Could any of these tools
leave a perfect circle wound?

That would be
a bone mallet.

Do you have
a bone mallet?

I do. It's usually here.

But Grant was always
moving my things.

So you don't have
a bone mallet.

No, I have one.

I just don't know
where it is.


Circular head.

And engraved
with a small "S."

Recognize this?

It's mine.

Why does LAPD
always ask questions
they know the answers to?

Why do you think
we do it?

Because you're
stupid and lazy.

You take something obvious,
and then you flail around
until a DA pays attention.

The coroner's office does
a perfectly acceptable job,

but if there's a way
to blow a case,
the LAPD will find it.

We found your prints
on this mallet.

Well, you would.
It's my mallet.

And Grant's skin
and blood.

Which I forgot
to wash off!

I assure you,
had I killed him,
I would've made time.

I'm very good
at prioritizing.

You complained.
Nothing was done.

That made me angry,
not stupid.

Angry people
don't think clearly.

They grab
the first thing they can
and smash in someone's skull.

I'm quite aware
of that.

I've overseen
a few murder cases.

Including, by the way,
many that your squad handled.

How clearly
are you thinking?

Are you
threatening us?

I don't know.
Am I?

Convict me,
and I will personally
put 200 guilty killers

back on the street.

And why on Earth
would I take
that mars blood?

Do you even know
what five quarts
of blood looks like?

Ten pints. Five quarts.

Fruit punch.
I don't think there's
any fruit in it, though.

Are you going
to drink that?

I wanted to see
what it looked like.

Am I supposed to
understand that?

No. I mean, yes, but...


What did you find out
about Reese?

About the organized crime
task force?

There isn't any.

There's no current
cooperation between
the FBI and LAPD at all.

I've seen surveillance video
of Reese going in and out
of the building,

so I know she's there.

But there's no record
she's there
on official business.

Officially, Reese
isn't there at all.

You going to drink
those here, honey,
or should I get them to go?


Oh, it's just stupid
office politics.

I didn't even think
it mattered.

I need Santos.
I have bodies piling up.

I didn't even
have time for lunch.

He accused you
of incompetence.

Santos thinks
everyone's incompetent.

I'm making too much money,
I'm trying to screw him...

Did you ever work
in an office?

Do you think
Santos killed Grant?

I haven't had much time
to think about it.

Why don't you take the time
and think about it now?


If this job
teaches you anything,

anyone's capable
of murder.

I find that kind of sad.

With Grant dead,
Santos is Senior Coroner
with a pay bump.

I guess
that's motive, huh?

You have some
new equipment here.

It must be expensive,
this stuff.

I'm sure it is.

Purchasing the equipment
was Dr. Grant's job.

But there's
a budget crisis.

So if you got
no money coming in,

how'd you buy
this equipment?

As I said,
it was Dr. Grant's job.

We need to see
his records.

It's a lot, five quarts.

Ten pints, 160 ounces.

You can't drink
it all at once.

I mean, not in blood,
in fruit punch.

It's a lot.

There is no record in here
of any money coming in

or the purchase
of new equipment,

but there is
new equipment out there,

so how did Grant
pay for it?

"We'll be seeing you."

How will they
be seeing us?

Should I leave
the room?

No, no,
come over here.

Will I be
laying down, too?

Pretend I'm dead.

Should I pretend
to be sad?

No, pretend I'm dead.
Pretend you're a coroner.

What do you do?

Does your phone
have a camera now?

Yeah, five megapixels.

Is that a lot?

It's "mega,"
so, yes, it is.

Hold on.


"It's where
we all end up
when we die."

So she likes
to get down there.

That's what
Kathy White said.


Oh, God! I'm...

Sorry, I'm...
I'll come back.

SEEVER: They're all low-angle
and close to the ground.

Like the position
a coroner would be in
when examining a body.

Maybe Kathy White
didn't need to be
on the scene to get these.

Maybe she wasrt the one
taking these pictures.

Maybe she was
buying them.

We can check
your financials.

My what?
Your bank account,
credit cards...

You can just do that?
We can just do that.

We're the police.
She's a lawyer, too.

Is it going to show
payments from you
for those photos?

Because looking at
these photos of yours
up here on these walls,

they're really stunning.

But the photos
in the paper,
not your best work.

Not your work
at all, right?

Look, you don't have to
check my financials, okay?

I paid Grant
to take those pictures.

It's competitive
out there.

He needed the money,
and I needed the pictures.

Where were you
when he was killed?

(STUTTERING) It was 4:00
in the morning. I was...


Why would I kill him?
He needed the money and
I needed the pictures, so...

Just... Just out
of curiosity,

what would I be
won'th dead?

Six figures.

Six figures?

But not anytime soon?

No, not anytime soon.


So he left you?

For a dog walker.

Ann, what's
a dog walker?

She walks dogs.

She walks dogs.

For a living?

And he doesn't help
with the baby?

He doesn't want
to see the baby.

He doesn't want
to see the baby?

He doesn't want
to see me.

He doesn't want
to see you?

Ann, what's
the baby's name?


You can go home
when you solve it.

I am not reopening
those cases.

Can I ask you

Is it about prison?



No, it's about Tidwell.

Is it true he's
dating your partner?

Well, that would
be against regs.

Yeah, it would be.

You know what else
is against regs?

Vodka in the lab.

And condoms
in the stairwell.

That lab needs money.

What else
were they selling?

You know
what that adds up to.

I have a pretty
good idea.



Fiera Schwartz?

Party in a morgue?

I guess your scene
is pretty dark after all.

Are you Shane Banks?

You scared
the hell out of me.


I think you might be
in the wrong truck, pops.

First of all,
it's "grandpops."

And you know who I am?

I'm the grandpops
you didn't want to meet.

My scene is just money.

They all paid a lot
to be in here. $250 each.

To dance
with the dead?

It makes them
feel more alive.

Not you, Fiera?

CREWS: You're just
about the money.

Grant ever catch you
doing this?

Grant catch me?

(SCOFFS) Grant knew.

You give Grant a cut?
Thirty percent.

That's a big cut.
He knew he had me.

This is the only place
in town where you can
dance with the dead.

Who else knew?

Santos. Kyo.

They all knew?

Are there any rules

No smoking.

That was the rule.
No smoking.

That woman Kyo
was real strict
about it.

You know, didn't want
a fire, I guess.

But candles
were okay.

Huh! Yeah, they were.

Debbie Kyo,
always eating.

Debbie Kyo
doesn't allow smoking.

Prenatal vitamins
charged on your credit card.
How far along?

Four months.

The father,
it's Grant?

Debbie, don't you think
this is something
you should've told us about?

I wanted to,
I just couldn't.

Why couldn't you?

I'd lose
my health insurance.

If it got out in the office
that I'd had an affair,

they'd fire me,
it would go
on my record,

no one would hire me
in the system.
I need my insurance.

We need my insurance.

Jonah would want me
to have it now.

Debbie, you told us
he liked the dead
more than the living.

(SIGHS) Until he met me.

He loved death
until he met me.

I guess he was just
in bad relationships.

Until he met you.

The first time
Jonah and I kissed,

he said,

"Lips are just a valve,
but yours are sweet."

Jonah thought
my valve was sweet.

You took money
for those parties.

To pay for equipment.

And from the photographer.

You ever think
about opening up
a gift shop?

We have a gift
shop. What...

We never took any money
from a photographer.

Kathy White
was paying for photos
that Grant took for her.

We never took any money
from a photographer.

What was Grant doing
with the money
that photographer gave him?

According to Kyo,
he wasrt sharing it.

But there's nothing
in Grant's financials

that show him getting
any kind of money at all.

And there was no cash found
when his house and car
were searched, so...

Maybe we're looking
at the wrong financials.

Maybe we should be looking
at that photographer's

You mean
the ones she told us
not to bother looking at?

Just a valve.


He said hers were sweet.

Kathy White's financials.


Nothing. There's no
evidence here

that Kathy White
gave any money
to Grant at all.

So, if she
wasrt paying him...

Why was he taking
those photos?

something else.

Kathy White
has two apartments
in that building.

One that we
talked to her in, 314,
and another one, 319.

Must be right
down the hall.

Got the pass key
from the manager.

Did he say why
she has two apartments?

Said she used it
for storage.


A device used
to introduce or extract
fluids from the body.

Five quarts.

Kyo said Grant was
in bad relationships.

I guess
this is one of them.

He loved death
until he met Kyo.

Kathy White
loves death, too.


He thought
you could make life.

You can't make life.

You can't.


You can't make life.


CREWS: Grant didn't want
to have a baby with you?



KATHY: Didrt want
to have a baby with anyone,
until he met her.

SEEVER: He still took
that chef picture for you,
Kathy, didn't he?

KATHY: He said
it was his last.
He said we were over.

He said he was
making a life
with that other woman.


So I took him.
All five quarts.








take my picture.

She was right next to me.

What she said about
someone close to me
was going to die.

She was standing
right next to me.

You all right?

I was in that 97%.

I never fired my gun,
except on the range.


Objects are not deceiving.
They are deception.

What we see,

what we hear,

all that our senses
present to us is a fiction,

no more real

than a dream.

We can only know
that which we believe.

That which we believe.

That is all we have.

You ready?

You ready?


But not for this.

I don't understand.

I go back
to my partner, I go back
working for the LAPD.

Not for you.

I thought you wanted
the truth.

I know it.

I understand.

Good for you.

You know,

there is an operation
we're running right now

down in San Diego,
border stuff.

You want in?


Okay, yeah.

They'll take you down to
the San Diego field office,
get you set up.

You boys
out of San Diego?