Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 16 - Hit Me Baby - full transcript

With Dani Reese away working on a joint LAPD-FBI team, Charlie Crews recruits his friend Officer Bobby Stark to investigate the murder of Jerome Rafts. The dead man was by all accounts a derivatives trader but according to Ted Early, that market imploded some time ago so the man, who lived a lavish lifestyle, must have had another source of income. He also spent most of his time with paid escorts leading the police to focus on his most recent favorite, a girl named Alexa who, like Rafts, had an interest in pigeons. Turns out that Rafts and Alexa also shared the same profession. The investigator looking into Mickey Rayborn's disappearance signs up for Ted's class and gets access to Charlie's house. As for Reese, she begins to wonder just what this special task force is all about as she undergoes a security interview.

Did you try turning it on and off?

The phone or the car?

The phone, sir.

Is it a new phone?

It is a new car?

No. Yes. No.

No, I mean, it used to be my car,
then I gave it to this girl.

And then I got another car,
but then I wanted this car back

because the other one
was full of bullet holes,

and people kept telling me I shouldn't
be driving a car full of bullet holes.

So I bought this one back,
but she painted flowers on it.

I had the flowers taken off.
Now the phone won't sync up.

Have you made sure that
you have correctly entered

your personal
PIN number?

Can I ask you a question?
Where exactly are you?

I'm sorry, sir. We are not allowed
to talk about our personal lives.

You're very far away,
aren't you?

Because I'm looking
at Los Angeles,

and I have the feeling that you
are the other side of the world,

looking at things that
I could only imagine.

Could that be true?

I am looking
at my computer, sir.

Please describe your service
problem to me exactly.

My phone is supposed to sync up with
my car, so I can talk hands-free.

It's against the law for me to
hold my phone while I'm driving,

and I would hate to break
the law, because I'm...

I'm kind of a cop.

Kind of?

I would think that either you
are a cop or you're not a cop.

I'm a cop.

Neighbors heard the same
CD playing for 10 hours straight.

They called the landlord.
The landlord comes in, and he sees this.

Where's the landlord now?

Under heavy sedation.

Did he say anything?

He said,
"Man on a stick."

Looks like poison, too.

I'm guessing antifreeze.

Taste of the wine
might've covered it up.


He drinks the wine...

Someone watches him
stumble across the room.

And then someone
pins him to the wall.

Man on a stick.

Bleach and ammonia...

Make chlorine.

Antifreeze in the wine
and a broken broom handle.

Yeah, things found
around the house.

"Jerome Rafts,
Financial Advisor.

"Risk Acquisitions,

Maybe Jerome mishandled
someone's money.

I don't think we're getting
anything off that computer.

You get ripped off,
you bring a gun or a pipe.

Oh, yeah, a pipe is good.

Then you can feel it,
you know, when the bone breaks.

Too much information?

Hey, Reese, look at this.

Oh, Jerome
liked to date.

There's a different woman
in each of these photos.

Well, maybe one of the women
didn't like sharing Jerome.

For that, I could see using
antifreeze, bleach...

Ammonia and
a broom handle.

Jerome sure looks
happy, though.

I'm looking at Jerome.
He doesn't look too happy.

Man on a stick.

Reese, something else,
there was a...

There was what?

A bird. A pigeon.

It flew against the window,
tried to get in.

That means something,

A bird in the house
after a death?

I hate birds.
- I hate birds.

You, keep doing what you're doing.
Come with me.

FBI called this morning.

They want to borrow a few LAPD detectives
for a joint organized-crime task force.

I think
you should do it.


You'd be on loan,
still LAPD,

for a few weeks
here in LA.

Looks great on the resume when you want
to move up the ladder, which you do.


When do I have
to tell them?

They need you there today.
Well, what about the case?

The vic has a shelf full of girlfriends
and a broom handle through and through.

It's done.
He'll be fine.

You should do this.

It's a new situation
for you.

I want you to think of it like
you're building a building.

You got to put in
a good foundation,

or everything you do after that
is just gonna come tumbling down.

I'll see you
in a few weeks, Crews.

Okay, but remember what I said.
Good foundation right away.

Everything else after
that is just a waste.

Uh-huh. And you got
that speech in...

But it's a good speech.

It's the foundation speech.

They grow up
so fast, don't they?

Found this
in the closet.

Wireless computer backup.

Everything on Jerome Rafts'
computer will be on here.

Reese usually starts.

Maybe you could...

Why don't I
just jump in?

Jerome Rafts, 38 years old,
moved from North Dakota nine years ago,

works at home.

He's a financial advisor
specializing in derivatives.

Do you know
what a derivative is?

A derivative is when
you don't invest in a thing,

but you kind of invest in a thing
like the thing you're investing in.

Yeah, me neither.

Tech guys couldn't bust open
security on his business files,

so we don't know
his clients yet.

Who are the girlfriends?

They're not exactly

Tech did find a file on each of
them in Jerome Rafts' computer.

Hours spent with each girl
at a cost of $400 per hour.

Eight hours with Veronica,

Four hours with Harper,

13 hours with Trish,

$4,800 only gets you
12 hours.

I guess the 13th hour's
free, like donuts.

But the winner is Alexa.
$9,600 over the last month.

What kind of guy displays
photos of himself with escorts

like they were
his girlfriends?

He's a financial advisor.

You know,
his world is money.

You know, just because he paid for his
relationships, didn't make them any less real.

Don't you think
this is weird?

You know, just us two
without Reese?

Let's just keep the ball moving.
Did Rafts have a date last night?

Yeah, with Alexa.

Anything on
the security cameras?

We got this.

Doesrt live in the building,
wasrt a guest of anyone in the building.

But she's looking down and away
from the camera. Could be anyone.

What did you do to that woman, pal,
that she'd do that to you?

Phone numbers on
any of the girls?

We dumped Rafts' phone,
didn't find any calls to the women.

We did find one call
he made repeatedly,

to a woman named
Brenda Trill.

Every time Rafts called Trill,
Rafts had a date.

Brenda Trill's
the madam.

I'm on my way
to check her out now.

I guess you'll need someone to
fill in for Reese while she's gone.

Captain, we both might need someone
to fill in for Reese, and, um,

I want you to know
you can always talk to me.

Anything you want
to talk about?

I'll go talk to
the madam, then.

I know this doesn't
make me detective.

I'm still just a patrolman
in a cheap suit.

I'm happy to have you
in the car.

Charlie, I wasrt exactly there for
you the last time we partnered, so...

Hey, you want me out of this car,
I am out.

I requested you.

I prayed for this,
I'm not ashamed to say prayed,

for you and me
to be in a car again.

I'm guessing you prayed
for other things.

Yeah, I did,
other things.

That dead guy sure did
like the pros, though, huh?

All that money.

Yeah, don't think Jerome Rafts
had much else in his life.

Seems like the relationships he
paid for were the only ones he had.

That's so wrong.

You don't pay a pro to stay.
You pay her to leave.

Charlie Sheen said that.


"Jerome Rafts,
Financial Advisor.

"Risk Acquisitions,

Do you know
what a derivative is?

Sure, it's the kind of investment
where you're really not, um...

it's when you're, uh...

No. No, no idea.

Yes, I know
what a derivative is.

It's kind of hard
to explain to a layperson.

To a layperson, Ted?
Are you saying I wouldn't understand it?

No, I'm saying
it's complicated.

Okay, a derivative is a
financial product whose value

is derived from the value of
something else, the underlying.

Now, because the value
of the derivative

is contingent on the
value of the underlying,

the notional value of derivatives
is recorded off the balance sheet,

while the market value of derivatives
is recorded on the balance sheet.

I don't understand it.

Don't feel bad.
No one does.

Uh, why do you
need to know?

I got a dead financial advisor,
specialized in derivatives.

Hmm. How broke was he?

Don't think
he was broke. Why?

Well, the derivative
bubble burst.

If the guy had money,
it was from somewhere else.

It came from
somewhere else?

Are you
Ted Earley?


And you are?


How can I help you,

Well, actually, I'm interested
in taking your class, you know,

going back to school
and all that.

Would it be all right if I
asked you some questions?

What's that
going through him?

A broom handle.

He was with a girl
named Alexa last night.

That's right. Alexa.

Can we talk to her?
You can try.

When she didn't check in after her date,
I called her cell.

It was no longer
in service.

Do you have
her address, then?

I don't know where any of my girls live,
for their own safety.

Are any of these Alexa?


Do you have
a photo of her?

You mean like
on her company ID?

I guess not.

We're gonna want you to
talk to a sketch artist.

Bobby, do you have a question
you'd like to ask of Ms. Trill?

Yeah, sure,
okay, uh...

Uh, let me see, uh...

Do you know
who killed Jerome Rafts?


Probably want to work up to that one.
Give it another shot.

Can you tell us about the
other clients Alexa dated?

Now, that's a great question.
Isn't that a great question?

Alexa didn't have
any other clients.

Jerome was her first,
and once he started with her,

he never dated
any of the other girls.

How did the other
girls take that?

You'll have
to ask them.

Didrt bother me
when he went with Alexa.

Busier than ever,

Do you like Jerome?

He was a real gentleman.

He always said
please and thank you.

Showered, too,
and soaped everywhere.

How did you spend
your time together?

Oh, you know,
we had fondue.

Went whale-watching.

He'd read to me.

For $400 an hour?

I'm won'th it.
Would you like to read to me?

You seem a little nervous, hon.
First time?

I usually
do this in uniform.

Funny. Me, too.
Maybe you should give me a call.

I'm married. Very, very married.

What about you, cutie?
Are you very married, too?

Yeah, married, yep.

You are not married.

To the law.
Married to the law.

Well, call if she gives
you the night off.

Whale-watching, rollerblading, reading?

You and Jerome
did have sex?

Well, yes, but not
until the third date.

He said we had to wait.

He was very old-fashioned that way.

Did he ever talk
about his business?

I didn't really
understand it.

He sold things
that aren't there.

It's complicated
for a layman.

A lay what?

Uh, did Jerome
always pay on time?

On time and in cash.

Tipped real well, too.

A lay what?

What did he talk about, then?

Mostly he would
talk about his birds.

His what?

His birds.

Jerome could talk
about his pigeons for hours.

His pigeons.

He was a little obsessed.

I think he might've spent more
money on them than he did on me.

Didrt you see them?

Yeah, I think
I might have.

A lay what?

Don't understand keeping an
animal most people pay to exterminate.

Bobby, how come you
never see a baby pigeon?

You worked downtown all those years.
You ever see a baby pigeon?

You know,
you're right.

Where the hell are
all the baby pigeons?

Where do you
think Alexa is?

She killed Jerome
and took off.

Or she saw who killed
Jerome and took off.

Or she's dead, too.
Or she's dead, too.

But there was no picture
of Rafts with Alexa,

and Alexa had her head turned away
from that camera in the elevator.

What's that mean?

Hey, you find
that bird yet?

You have experience
with a poly?

Uh, given it,
never taken it.

This test is for your
security clearance.

The Bureau needs to know your secrets,
what you're hiding,

so they can't be used
against you by others.

If we know your secrets,
you can't be blackmailed, can you?

If you wish not to take this test,
I can have an agent drive you home.

I have nothing to hide.

Then you would be
the first.

Okay, Section 1.

Arert you gonna turn
the machine on?

It's been on.
Section 1.

Your father's name
is Jack Reese?

He was an LAPD cop?


Is this why
you became a cop?


Yes. Yes.

To the best of your knowledge,
did your father ever break the law?

To the best
of my knowledge, no.

We'll come back to this.

As a cop, you did
undercover work?

Involving narcotics?


You yourself
used narcotics.


You had a relationship
with one of your suspects?


We'll come back to this.

So which one of you
is Ronnie Pollen,

and which one of you
is Mitch?

I'm Ronnie.
This is Mitch.

It'd help if you
didn't dress alike.

Help what?

You want to explain why you
were found in a dead mars coop?

We're fanciers.

Pigeon fanciers.

You raise pigeons?

Yeah, mars been doing it
for 10,000 years.

Like for food?
You eating them?

No, we don't eat them.
We show them. No. Yeah.

Then why were you
in Rafts' coop?

Jerome Rafts gave us
a bad egg.

A bad what?

A bad egg. We bought an egg
supposedly out of Bloody Mary.

And that would be a bird.

Yeah, one of
Rafts' prized birds.

We took that egg
in good faith.

Yeah, but when it hatched, we could clearly
see it was not Bloody Mary's offspring.

We were bamboozled.

And did you confront
Rafts with this?

Yes, but he said
the egg was true.

But it was not true.


So you went to
get a true egg.


And where were you
last night?

In our own coop.

You live in
a pigeon coop?

No, we have a coop
behind our house.

We were tending it
last night.

You ever seen Rafts
with this girl?

Alexa. His girlfriend.

So pretty.
Very pretty.

Yes, she is.
Anything else you can tell us about her?

Well, she knew
a lot about pigeons.


She was a fancier, too?

Yeah, she knew her Rollers, her Trumpeters,
Dragoons, Flying Tipplers, Croppers...

Berlin Short Face
Tumblers, too.

A pretty girl who knew her
Berlin Short Face Tumblers.


Can I tell you the real reason
why I want to take your class?

No, I want you
to lie to me.

You can't smoke in here.

You have got to promise me
you won't think less of me

when I tell you why
I want to take your class.

Okay, I promise.

Because every teacher I've ever had
my entire life was chock full of crap.

Shall I tell you why?

Uh, you can't
smoke in here.

Because they knew
nothing of the world.

I mean, they grew up in books,
but you know the world, Mr. Earley.

I do.

And great heights
and all the way down.

All the way down.

Prison, twice.

That is not a book,
Mr. Earley.

That is the world.

That's why I want
to take your class.

Uh, you really
can't smoke in here.

Then let's go someplace
where I can


Tech support case number

This is June.
How may I help you?

It's India, isn't it?
You're in India.

You know this call
is monitored.

June, can I
ask you a question?

Do you think two people can
be perfect for each other?

Sir, I...

I usually talk these things
through with Reese, but,

well, I could talk to Stark,
but, you know...

I don't.
I don't know this Reese.

I don't know this Stark.

I do know you need to have a technical
issue if you wish to continue this call.

Okay, technically, don't you think
it's amazing that I'm here in LA

and you're in,
let's say India,

giving me tech support
for my phone made in China?

But I am not giving you
tech support.

So now I'm hanging up, sir.

It is India, isn't it?

And I bet your name
isn't June.

We opened the business file on
Rafts' computer. Guess what?

They're empty?
That bubble burst.

I don't know how he made his money,
but it wasrt derivatives.

No bank records, either.

So how was Rafts making his
money to pay for those women?

And where was
he keeping it?

If it was drugs,
his prints aren't in the system.

Where are you
with the escort?

All we got
is this sketch.

Gotta sit somewhere.

They were perfect
for each other.

Jerome Rafts and Alexa.

You ever meet
the perfect girl?

When you were sober?

So we don't know how
Rafts earned his money,

but we know Alexa
knew her pigeons.

So what are the odds that a
beautiful escort into pigeons

gets hired by a rich john,
also into pigeons?

When you say it like that,
I got to put it at a billion-to-none.

Antifreeze, ammonia, bleach,
broom handle, cut phone cords.

We thought it was rage,
an angry woman.

What else could it be?

What if it were reason?

She knew those birds,

She took time to work out
what Jerome Rafts liked.

You know a woman who would take that
kind of time and then come in here

and give herself over
to rage, to anger?

She took time.

What would she have done if
he hadrt dropped that wine?

What would she have done if
he hadrt dropped that wine?

Electrocute him
in the tub? No way.

I got an electrician
cousin who assured me

these GFCI outlets trip the
circuit in 1l30 of a second.

Can't kill
a man that way no more.

Looks like
something's in there.

Looks like nail polish.

Ammonia, antifreeze,
bleach, a broom handle...

Nail polish.

Ooh, Charlie,
don't you...

I guess
she really was a pro.

A hit man?

Uh, woman.
Hit man woman.

Hit woman.
A paid professional killer.

And you think this because there
was nail polish in the outlet?

That and because of a dead gun
company whistle blower in Fresno.

Loose balcony rail,
10-floor dive.

A dead DEA informant
in Oakland.

Found hung by the cord
of the window blinds.

And a dead labor leader
in Indio.

Rat poison
in his frijoles.

No knives, no guns. Uses only things
everyone leaves around the house.

Never leaves any
fingerprints, no DNA.

A hit man.

Hit man woman.

What makes you
think it was her?

Caught on camera leaving the
labor leader's motel in Indio.

And what else do we know?

All we really know
is what we don't know.

We don't know how Jerome
Rafts earned all his money,

so we don't know
why she killed him,

so we don't know
who hired her to kill him.

We don't know who she is,
where she is or where she came from.

Then again, neither do the police
in Indio, Oakland or Fresno.

One thing we do know
they didn't know,

we know
she knew her pigeons.

If I want to learn about pigeons,
who would I get to teach me?

Do you want to learn
about pigeons?

Answer the question,
bird boy.

Well, in the world
of LA pigeondom,

there's about
a dozen master fanciers.

We're gonna need
their names.

I have a sketch
I'd like to show them.

She was polite,
well-dressed, soft-spoken.

She asked many questions,
and she listened to each answer.

She sat right on the edge
of her chair.



Very lightly.

Did she reveal anything personal about
herself, where she lived, her friends?

No, she kept herself to herself,
much like a pigeon, really.

Like the Berlin
Short Face Tumbler?

No, more like
the Archangel.

Narrow tail, moderately wide and slightly
pronounced breast, long, thin neck,

and the eyes,
utterly vivid eyes.

She really liked
these birds?

Yes, which is why I was surprised
when the one I sold her came back.

Came back?

Last week,
it was back in the pen.

You sure it was
her pigeon?

It's not like they all
look alike, you know?

Why would a pigeon
come back?

If it didn't feel cared for,
which is why I was surprised.

I really thought her
affections were honest.

Where would that bird go if
you stopped caring for it?

But why would I stop
caring for it?

Well, I suppose it would
do what any of us would.

Return to a familiar place.

Your partner spent time
in prison.

Has he talked
about this time?


And what did he say?

He said he knew a transvestite
named Angel who made a great carrot cake.


Did he talk to you about
why he was sent to prison?


Do you know who
Mickey Rayborn is?

Exactly what kind of
security clearance is this?

No food or water, hmm?
You're a tough bird.

I would've broke by now.

Everybody breaks, Bobby.

You got to know
that going in.

The bird and I will both eat
once the killer has been caught.

I've been a cop
a long time.

Seen women kill
for a lot of reasons.

You ever see one kill
because it's her job?

No, sir,
that I have not.

Well, let's go see
what one looks like.

How'd that guy
describe her breast?

"Slightly pronounced."

Yeah, I wish
he hadrt said that.

Pull over here.

That the pigeon
in that tree there?

Um, I guess so, but I gotta tell you,
they all look alike to me.

Well, according to this,
it's that house.

Is that her?

What's in her hand,

That, Bobby, is a broom.



Uh, no, sorry.
My name's Claudia.

Is there an Alexa
who lives here?

No, there's not.

Just you, then?

And you are?


We're looking for an Alexa who has
a real interest in raising pigeons.

Well, sorry to disappoint, but my
name's Claudia, and I'm a personal chef.

So I could cook you a pigeon,
but I can't raise one.

What has this
pigeon-raiser done?

We just want to ask her
a few questions.

We think she's
a contract killer.

A contract...
A hit man. Woman.

Hit woman.

Raises birds
and kills people.

Gets paid for it, too.
Just the killing people part.

We'd just like to
clear you as a suspect.

It's a procedural thing.

Would you mind
coming with us?

Let me get my bag.

Wow, big purse.
What's in it?

This and that.

Womers things.

I like to be prepared.

Is that your car?


Is it undercover?

It's not undercover,
but it's unmarked.

This is exciting.

I've never been
in a police car before.

You sure about that?

I think I'd remember.

Does it have a siren?

Can we use it?

None of you recognize her
as Alexa?

There's a resemblance...

But I can't say
it's her for sure.

Take another look.

You must understand,
I only met with Alexa once.

She had short, dark hair
and makeup.

The rest of the time
we spoke on the phone.

What about you?

Oh, I agree with the lady.

I mean, she resembles Alexa,
but I couldn't say for sure.

I mean,
she seems so different.

Oh, come on.

What about the vivid eyes,
the slightly pronounced breast?

No, the eyes are vivid,
but the breast is less pronounced.

To tell true, I have a tough
time telling humans apart.

What about you two?

Well, she looks
kind of the same...

But she seems like
a different girl.

Different but the same.
Same but different.

Same but different.
Different but the same.

This was fun.

I like to try
everything once.

Well, you can cross that
off your list.

I can do just that,

Would you like
a ride home?

No, I'll take the bus.

If you ever need any chefing,
you know where I am.

I grabbed these
before I left the house.

They're homemade.

You two looked hungry.

Oh, it looks tasty.
What's in it?

Just stuff I had
around the house.

Probably shouldn't
eat that.

Probably not.

I hope you're not hungry.

There's some leftovers in the fridge,
but I don't know what they are.

Meat, cheese,
some of Charlie's evidence.

He's a cop,
so he has evidence.

He doesn't bring it home, though,
so I don't really think it's his...




I thought you ducked out
for a smoke.

I went looking
for the loo, actually.

The loo?

Oh, the bathroom.

Yeah, I know.

Tell me again why you
wanted to take my class.

You think you can tell who a person
is just by looking in their eyes?

That's a strange question to
ask a woman who spends her life

talking to people
she will never meet.

Yeah, I guess it is.

The Buddha was born
in India, you know.

Nepal. What is now Nepal.

May I ask,
what are you looking for?

Right now?

A killer.

You're here alone?
I am.

How come
you're here alone?

I'm looking
for some chefing.

I can do any number
from 2 to 200,

and I can make the menu for you,
or you can just tell me what you like.

No, thank you.

A little wine
won't kill you.

I'm driving.

Suit yourself.

Maybe I could do a lamb.

Is it an afternoon
or an evening event?

You must look very different
when you're working.

No, not really.

Maybe a nicer apron,
sometimes that silly, little hat.

I'd think with the intensity
it takes to do your work that

when you're on the job,
it'd be hard to recognize you.

I suppose sometimes
I can get intense.

When you're on the job.

Yes, but here in my kitchen,
just me and my knives,

it's calming.

Do you cook, Detective?


I bet you'd be
real good at it.

You're very good
with a knife.

I've had some practice.

But not cooking.


You work alone?


I like to
have a partner.

Someone to
watch your back.

Are you sure
you don't want some wine?

I could go for a diet soda
if you got it.

Diet soda? Really?

You don't look like
the diet soda type.

Well, looks,
you know, deceiving.

Where'd she
get that scratch on her neck?

The coroner found
no skin under Rafts' nails.

Your chef didn't get that
scratch from the victim.

How you doing
without Reese?

Maybe you should
talk to someone.

Maybe you should
talk to someone.

Oh, I am. A woman
from tech support.

You're talking to a woman
from LAPD tech support?

No, for the Bluetooth
in my car.

Still, it seems
to be helping.

I can give you
her number.

Captain. We got human skin
under a few of the claws.

Uh, male and female is all we
can tell here in the field.

If we put her with one of
those human female samples,

we match her to the victim,
but it's not enough to indict.

She does what she does 'cause
no one knows she's doing it.

She knows that we know she's
doing what she's doing,

she's got to do something else,
hasn't she?

You want a DNA warrant?

You still see her?
- She's still here.

She's just been puttering
around the house.

Girl sure likes
to putter.

Tidwell got us a warrant
for her DNA.

I'm on my way
to serve it now.

Hey, Bobby.

Wait for me to get there.

Sure, Charlie.

How'd you find me?

Pigeon. You threw it away.

I should've
killed that bird.

It's gonna be okay.

No, Detective,
it's not gonna be okay.

I'm not a detective.
I'm just...

Here, I made this myself.


Spit it out.
Spit it out!

I'm gonna miss
living at the beach.

Really liked
all the light.

Oh, God.

How does it feel?

I made it from mushrooms
I grew under my sink.

Paralysis first, muscular,
then neural, then the organs,

the lungs, the heart,

the brain.

But you'll be dead
before that.

You know, most people
underestimate the value

of things found
in their own home.

Not me, though.

Picked this up
on my last job.

Think I'm gonna work it
into the act.

What do you think?

You know, that man
just wouldn't die.


I'll be going now.

Officer needs help.

Hold on there, Bobby.

Just one person traveling.

Yes. First class.

I'll pay the penalty.

Yes, cash.

Oh, you're gonna have
to hold on a minute.

You know it's against the law
to talk on the phone like that?

If you want to go hands-free,
I got someone you can talk to.

You did this to my car.

Diet soda in the gas tank.

Just something you had
lying around the house.

Probably kill me
with these.

I never met a woman who
killed because it was her job.

Guess you can cross that
off your list, Detective.

I guess I can.

Why'd you kill
Jerome Rafts?

I'm just a chef, Detective.

You have me confused
with someone else.

A hit man woman?

Yep, a hit man woman.

And Stark's
gonna be okay?

Yeah, we jacked him
full of epinephrine.

He won't be eating
any mushrooms.

And you still don't know
why she killed Jerome Rafts?

Crews? You're doing it,
aren't you?

You're staring
at something.

And now you're taking
out some fruit, right?

What do you see, Crews?


That's a lot
of birdseed.

Hey, pigeons don't eat
that much, do they?

I mean, they eat
like a bird, right?

That's a lot
of birdseed.

He was the competition.

He was a hit man.

Traced that rifle
to six assassinations.

But, you know,
we're in a down cycle,

so there just wasrt enough
business for the both of them.

Sir, are you telling me
these things hands-free?

Yes, I am.

Then I shall close
this case file.

Your name isn't June,
is it?

No, it is Deepa.

It was a pleasure
talking to you, Deepa.

It was a pleasure talking
to you, Detective Crews.