Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 15 - I Heart Mom - full transcript

Crews and Reese investigate the murder of a man found sitting in the attic of a roofless house. What they learn is that the man was a con artist who would scam individuals into major home repairs, such as replacing a new roof, and then walk away with their money. As they start to sift through the various people he has scammed, they find that one, a kindly old lady who was bilked out of all of her savings, is the only one who had actually withdrawn her complaint against him. While they don't suspect her of murder, they do take an interest in her son who, it turns out, had an interesting way of dealing with what his mother had to go through. Charlie meanwhile learns more about the Bank of LA robbery from Mickey Rayborn but learns that he disappears later that day and that there are large pools of blood on the man's luxury yacht.

The house has no roof.

Noticed that.

All the other houses have roofs.

Noticed that.

Maybe someone stole it.

Who would steal a roof?

Maybe kids stole it.

Kids will steal anything that
isn't nailed down, anything.

I know I did, when I was a kid.

Uh, body's upstairs.
Ladies first.

Traffic chopper flying over
saw it this morning, called it in.

With this housing market,

if that chopper doesn't see him, he
could have been up here for months.

Why is he up here at all?

Sun-bleached floors,
bird's nest.

This roof's been off a while.

Don't they usually take
the old roof off one day,

and put the new one on the next?

We've got a 73 El Camino out
front registered to a Roy McCullough,

JHY Construction.

Yeah, construction,
and no tools.

No roof either.

Maybe someone stole it.

Got bruising on the face, neck and arms.

One gunshot wound to the
chest. Very nice. Beaten and shot.

Well, better safe
than sorry, I guess.

Pockets are empty.
Robbery gone bad?

He's got a mouthful of 20s.

Not a robbery gone bad.

Well, there's got to be a couple
of hundred in here at least.

Oh, looks like it's jammed
all the way down there.

Not jammed, shoved.

As in, "I'm gonna shove that
money all the way down your throat."

I don't think kids did this.

Chicken or ribs?

Or chicken?

Yeah. Why choose
when you can have both?

Here you go.



This is JHY Construction?

It is.

And you do roofs?

Yeah, but let's not
talk business yet.

How long have you two
been together?

What do you say, Sasha,
about two years?

Looks like two years.

It has actually been about two
years. How did you know that?

Over three years, you stand
further apart. Much further.

And newlyweds hold hands,
but still you two seem like...

We're not married,
we're partners.

She has commitment issues.

Who needs a piece of paper as
long as you got a roof over your head?

A roof over our heads?
Now you're talking business.

Isn't that why you're here? No.

We're detectives.

Did a Roy McCullough work here?

Roy and I, we lived together.

The house, where he was
found in, had its roof taken off.

That's something
your company does.

We usually put them
back on, too.

This would have been
off for a while.

Any reason why you'd take a
roof off and not put it back on?

We'll need to see your records.
Make sure it wasn't one of your jobs.

Yeah, of course, I'll get them.

And we need to know where
you two were last night?

Right here, both of us,
it's the end of our tax year.

We were hunkered down
working the books.

Roy was supposed to help,
but he didn't show up.

Either of you own a gun?


You know anyone
who'd wanna hurt Roy?

Roy had other interests.

This business wasn't
enough for him.

What business was
enough for him?

You think after a few years
we'll stand further apart?

That'll be sad.

We're not a couple.

Oh, yeah.

Still, it'll be sad.

Time driving a wedge
between us...

Oh! Roof Raisers!

Winnersors roofing, Scheinbloom
& Sons. He's got a lot of signs here.

But no roofing supplies.

Yeah, there were no roofing
supplies in the attic, either.

'Cause there was never
gonna be a new roof.

All these companies. You
know, I'll bet none of this is legit.

Looks like our Roy
was working a scam.


Most likely, these companies
didn't do anything.

Let's go find out who these
companies didn't do anything to.

Who these companies
didn't do anything to?

Do you have to talk like that?

Like what?

I don't think I talk differently
than anyone else talks.

Maybe, sometimes, I don't not say
things that other people don't not say,

but most other people don't
not say the same things I don't.

You know what I'm saying?

"Red Pesca"?

Yeah, I see you staring.

My hair was red
when I was a kid.

And I got the nickname,
then I grew up, and it changed.

So, I kept the name 'cause
Salt and Pepper Pesca...

Sounds like a pasta dish?

Actually, I was staring at the
whole winter wonderland thing.

Oh, right. Yeah,
I dress like this 24l7.

Ever since I hired
Murrigan and Sons Roofers.

I got the flu.

My whole family's got it, since
we sleep in a house with no roof.

You can't get the flu from
being cold, the flu's a virus.

Well, then we all got colds.

Well, the cold is a virus, too.

Then we all got whatever
you get from being cold.

Well, you get cold,
but not a cold.

Mr. Pesca, we saw the Better
Business Bureau complaint.

Right. They were real
reliable, taking the old roof off.

But then that Roy guy,
he wanted to charge triple

what we had agreed
to put the new one on.

So I said no, I'd sue.

And he said, "Go right ahead.

"I'll just declare bankruptcy,
and open a new company."

Not a bad little game.

That would have made me mad.

Did that make you mad, Red?


I just laughed things off.

Doctor says
you live longer that way.

We hired Rain Go Away Roofing to put
a new roof on our mid-century modern.

He took the old one off, and then
disappeared with our deposit check.

We called, but the number
he gave us was disconnected.

But everything worked
out okay. How's that?

We decided to do the work
ourselves, and it strengthened our bond.

You can watch us on the web.

putontheirownroof. Com.

Would you like to be
on our show?

What would I have to do?

Can you work a router?

Uh, Mrs. Ford, it says here
you wrote a lot of checks

to a company called
A Roof Of Our Own Limited.

Yes, almost everything I had.

And by A Roof Of Our Own,
you mean Roy McCullough?

Hmm. Nice young man,

I have nothing bad
to say about him.

Except that he stole
most of your money.

But he was so polite.
I baked him cookies.

Why so many checks,
Mrs. Ford?

Well, he kept saying he'd
lost the one I'd given him.

So I'd write another,
then he'd lose that one.

And you trusted him
with your money?

Well, why wouldn't I?

He was so polite.

Yes. He was.

But I guess he was just
a thieving prick in the end.

Home, Finn.

Oh, Detective Crews.

Where's Finn?

I suppose that is Finn.

Why won't you just call?

I guess you've got
a big question to ask me.

Why did you want me to go
after Roman Nevikov?

Were you always so
serious, even as a child?

Look, your driver's
in the trunk.

Your security guard is cuffed
to a pipe, back at the garage.

Maybe you wanna
tell me what you know.

You gotta laugh, Charlie, or
you're never getting out of here.

Okay, Detective Sour Puss, I'll
tell you what you want to know.

But there's something
I need to show you.

It's gonna take me
a little while to get.

So why don't you come
back and see me then?

How many complaints on this guy?

About 60.

He underestimated someone,

ripped them off,
they whacked him.

That was Reese's theory.

It's a good theory.

Doesrt explain the money
shoved down the throat.

He was sending a message.

Who to?

Who'd see a guy in the
attic of a vacant house?

Well, that's what the taxpayers
of LA are paying you to find out.

Is that a new suit?

It's nice, where did you get it?

At the, uh...

Suit store.

Which one?

I don't remember.

Didn't buy it yourself?

It was a gift.

Is this where I say,
"And freeze"?

Guess who owned the house our victim
was found in before the bank foreclosed?

Red Pesca.

Red Pesca, two houses, no roofs,

salt and pepper hair,
and a cold.

Just stay where you are, Red.

And put your hands...

Put your gloves
where we can see them.

Truth doesn't seem to be
your strong suit, Red.

What's that supposed to mean?

I think what Detective Reese
means is that you lied to us

when you said the ex-Roy McCullough
was found dead in your ex-house.

You gotta believe me.

I didn't kill anybody.

Remember the part
where you lied?

So, everybody and their Aunt
Marie is making money flipping.

You take the equity
out of your house,

and you use that to buy a second
house, you double your money!

But not Red Pesca, no!

The minute that I try it, the whole housing
market just dries up like that, poof!

And Roy McCullough?

He offered me two roofs
for the price of one!

And you got no roofs?

Right. So I can't sell the
house I'm flipping with no roof,

and I got no money
left to put one on.

And so the bank forecloses.


Wow, that's some cold
you got there.

You wanna take those off
for us, Red?

I sure don't.

Well, we can get a warrant.

For my gloves?
For what's under them.

All right.

Let's see those hands, Red.

Hey, sit back down now, Red.

He's been punching...
The wall.

I guess laughter doesn't work after all.

We should probably stop him.

Feel better?


Hi, Ann!

Oh, I almost fell over
when you called.

Not really fell over,
that's an expression.

You know that. Does your
mom know that you called?


You've grown so much.


You're a beautiful young woman.


Ann, you can call me Dad
if you want to.

I don't.

You're gonna let me in?

Yes. Yes.


Who the hell are they?

Oh, they're my crew.

Punch a wall?
Let off steam?

Yeah, that's right.

Doctor says...
You'll live longer?

Looks like you've got
some scabs already.

Yeah, I guess I punched a wall last week.

Or you punched something else?

You punched that wall
to let off steam?

Or to cover up what was
already on your hands?

Where did you get
those scabs, Red?

What else you been punching?

Punched a wall, last week.

My partner has ESP.
Did you know that?

No, I sure didn't.

Well, he's gonna look into
your future now. No charge.

We're gonna test your DNA. Then
we're gonna check out the dead guy.

And the results are gonna show
your DNA all over the dead guy.

Is he right?

I'm gonna look further
into your future, Red.

I see a house.
This one's got a roof on it.

It's a big house.

With bars, and walls. There are
guards on the walls. It's always noisy.

There's yelling and crying and a
weird laugh that sounds like a cry.

And there isn't any fruit, ever. Crews.

How does that future sound?

Hang on, okay, yeah.

I went to the guy's office
to get my money back.

And you know, he laughed at me.

And before I knew what
I was doing, I was all over him.

But I didn't kill anybody.

Red, I think you're a smart guy.


Yeah, and I gotta ask,

why did you go for the
two-roofs-for-one deal in the first place?

Because that woman
who worked there.


Yeah, one smile from her,
and I whipped out...

The check book?

Yeah, the check book.

I really don't believe
in the future.

I know.

There is no future,
there's just now.

I know, Crews.

Yes, got it.
All right, thanks.

M.E.'s office.

Roy was beaten several
hours before he was shot.

So Red beats him
then shoots him?

Or he's telling us
the truth, and...

He only beats him.

When you've got cash
flow problems like Red,

found money goes into your
wallet, not down a dead guy's throat.

Sixty complaints to
the Better Business Bureau.

Only one complaint
withdrawn, a Mary Ford.

Why do you file a complaint
and then withdraw it?

So, one of us should go talk to
old Mary Ford, and the other one...

Should go talk to Sasha.

All right, just keep your
check within your pants.

I don't really know the Pescas.

Roy just asked me to deliver
some papers there a couple of times.

Well, we call that
being an accessory.

To what?

Conspiracy, fraud, grand theft.

The DA's office
will add some later.

They're good at that.
Believe me, really good at that.

Look, I don't even know
anything about this.

Oh, come on, Sasha.

Roy may have kept the
business name separate,

but you were all
in this together.

No, I just delivered
some papers.

this business is legal.

Well, I got 60 people on
record disagreeing with you.

They don't read the fine
print, it's not our problem.

Kids, you stole people's roofs.

It's what makes a house a home.

"Roof over your head." People
like the roof, it makes them feel safe.

If people don't feel safe,
they do stupid things, violent things.

I don't know what
Roy was doing, I don't.

But we run
a legitimate business.

So please, just stop.
Relax, Sasha.

Detective Crews' job is to talk to
anybody who might be involved.

He's just talking
to the wrong people.

That's all.

Well, I guess
I'm not getting ribs.

What a beautiful home,
Mrs. Ford.

It's William's.
Everything here is William's.

Huh. I can't live in my house,
it's got no roof!

And William is?

My son.

Actually, he's more like
the daughter I never had.

He takes me antiquing,
we exchange recipes.

I tell him he should find a
nice girl and settle down.

But he says the only girl
he's interested in is me.

Well, he sounds very sweet.

And a little off, if you ask me.

Mrs. Ford, I do
wanna ask you about

withdrawing your complaint
against Roy McCullough.

The prick.

William asked me to.

There's no eating in the store.

Well, it's just...
An apple.

I know, I can smell it.

And you're not eating it
in this store.

You'll get down to the core and
then you won't know where to put it.

And then you'll
stick it in a vase.

Like that wad of gum
I found over there.

What if I eat the core?

What, seeds and all?

I can't see you
if you're nodding your head.

Seeds and all.

Is that a girl
you got there with you?

He can smell your essence.

Girly, you better make
sure he eats the seeds.

You might wanna call her
Detective Girly, she gets touchy.

Are you cops?

Are you William Ford?

Do I look like William Ford?

I am William Ford.

Mom called,
said you were coming.

Nice lady, your mom.

The best of the best!

She didn't deserve to
get ripped off like that.

You asked her to
withdraw her complaint?

Well, we prayed on it, and it just
seemed like the right thing to do.

Turn the other cheek?


Enough hate in this world.

William Ford,
aka "Sweet" William.

"Aggravated assault. Aggravated
assault. Aggravated assault."

He's easily aggravated.

Rolled with the Vandals
out of San Berdoo.

This guy dropped a dime on William,
ended up with his tongue being cut out.

Case unsolved.

This guy leaned on his bike,
somehow had all his fingers broken.

Assailant unknown.

This guy stole biker gang drugs.

Found him at the beach, large
hypodermic needle jammed in his heart.

That poor schmuck, Roy,
didn't scam the wrong guy.

He scammed
the wrong guy's mother.

Mr. Apple and
Detective Girly.

And you brought friends.

Anything you have to say,
you probably wanna speak up.

Yeah, why do you say that?

It's about to get
really loud in here.


Hands up, slowly.

Very slowly.

Don't worry.

It's not loaded.

You got yourself a boat?


You should get yourself a boat.

I used to bring women on here.

So many women.

No more. The treatment's
kind of put a stop to that.

You said you wanted
to show me something.

It's more peaceful, though,
without that constant need.

It's like I can finally think.

I can clear my head.

I'm gonna go now.

Okay, okay, it's under there,
it's under there.

What the hell is that?

It's a scorpion.
Deep fried.

I raised it myself.

What do you want me
to do with it?

I want you to eat it.

Why would you want me
to eat that?

Because I want you to.
Because you need to.

Because you got all that
money and you don't have a boat.

Because you're so angry,

and because if you eat it, I will tell
you everything you want to know.


I took the stinger out.

I eat the scorpion and he dies.


I looked good.
Didn't I?

Like I really croaked.

I practiced that.

I am going to go now.

Bank of Los Angeles.

A deal is a deal.

Yeah, we took that money.

And that was just the start.

We took a lot more
over the next few years.

That was the plan.

Steal everything
we could get our hands on,

and then get out.

And Jack Reese?

His crisis of faith came early.

Jack never kept a dime.

Stayed a cop,
gave his cash to charity.

And Roman Nevikov? Why did
you wanna have him put away?

All that money we took,
we invested it.

Roman Nevikov was
one of our investments.

But Roman Nevikov is a bad man.

Cops put bad men away
and we are cops.

You're dying. You wanna polish
your tombstone before you go.

No. I'm dying, and I know
I'm going to Hell when I do.

But there is some justice
I need to get done first.

Sweet William is long gone.

I'm just William now.

You paid your debt, huh?

I'm still paying it.
Every single day.

And not because I have to,
because I want to.

It makes me feel good
to do good.

So, why the 180?

My mom straightened me out.

She say you keep cutting
out people's tongues,

she'll send you
to bed with no supper?

No. She told me to make myself
right in the eyes of my maker.

So I went straight.

Everybody lives
happily ever after.

Yeah. Except
for Roy McCullough,

in that he's not
actually living at all.

Just because some guy rips off
my mom, does that mean I kill him?


Sweet William
would have killed him.

William Ford...
Turned the other cheek.

Yeah. You read that book?
I saw the movie.

William, either of your cheeks
have an alibi for when Roy was killed?


They all say the same thing.

They rode with William up to
Oxnard on the day before the killing.

Camped that night,
rode back the next day.

To review, Ian, Roy and
Sasha see the old lady.

She's an easy mark.
They bleed her dry.

Mom files a complaint.
But then...

Sweet William
finds out about it.

Mom unfiles it because,
in his world,

they have their own way
of filing complaints.

William finds Roy. He wants
his mother's money back.

Roy resists for two seconds too long,
gets himself dead, then...

Then, they all work out the
story and alibi each other.

No. You two are doing great.

But? But, you know,
if Sweet William

shot Roy and then shoved
that money down his throat,

why are Ian and Sasha still
working the roofing scam?

To make sure that
you're okay with it.

And the total
is gonna be right...



Excuse me.

Did you... Did you find
who did that to Roy?

Actually, I'm not here
on business.

I'm not here on my
business. Cop business.

I'm here on your business.
Roof business.

I'd like to hire you.
Hire us?

See, I like a lot of light.

A lot of light and, you know,
I've just been thinking,

my roof kind of gets in
the way of that, the light.

So I was thinking, if I didn't have
a roof, I could have more light.

I thought of you.

You're still in the business
of taking people's roofs, right?

Listen, I have
to get back to work.

We're pretty sure
William Ford killed Roy.

Then you should arrest him.

If you think that he murdered Roy,
then you should arrest him.

Why are you still
working this scam?

It's a legitimate business.

After what William did to Roy?

He took over your business, didn't he?

I have to get back to work.

After Roy was found dead,
William moved in on you and Ian, didn't he?

Ian and I own this business.

Sasha, these men work
for William Ford.

Come with me right now.

I can take care of myself.

Ann, I understand
how hurt you must be,

and if you need your
crew here, to talk to me,

I understand that, too.

You can ask me anything you
wanna know, anything at all.

I am wide open.

I don't wanna know
anything about you.

I don't understand.

The purpose of this is an oral
history about my ancestors.

So, you don't wanna know anything
about me? What I've been doing?


Well, that's just silly.

My husband and I designed
this project. Your husband?

Your husband?
When did you get married?

Four years ago.

Where is he?

Interviewing his mother.

And where is that?

In Ulan Bator.

Ulan... What?

My husband and I designed
this oral history project

to start one generation back.

One generation...

So you don't
wanna know about me?

Okay. I understand that.

I understand that.

Can I ask where
you met your husband?


Can I ask if you have children?


"No," I can't ask, or "No,"
you don't have them?

So, you're not gonna ask anything about
me and I can't ask anything about you?


Well, I...

I guess we're done here.

Yeah. Yeah.
I guess we are.

Do not slam that door.

If Ian and Sasha are afraid of William,
they're not gonna talk.


And William's biker buddies and
his mother aren't gonna turn him in.

So how do we break
William's alibi?

Reese? How do we break
William's alibi?

Tidwell looks good in that suit.

I'm just saying...

It's a nice suit.
He looks good in it.

Detective Crews.

That's right.

Can we speak privately?

And you are?

Someone who'd like to
speak privately with you.

Shall we?

"Amanda Puryer.

"Puryer Security Services."
Didn't think you were a cop.

Can't see why you would.

You're not recruiting, are you?
I'm pretty happy at my job.

No. I'm not recruiting.
I'm here about one of my clients.

Mickey Rayborn.

My company provides
a security package.

Protection, driving,
intelligence round the clock.

Is this about the driver
that I put in that trunk?


About the bodyguard I
left cuffed in the garage?



You can't smoke in here.

Why not?

It's against the law.

I don't believe that's true.

I'm here about this.

Coast guard found the boat
adrift about a mile out.

No body.

But as you can see,
plenty of blood.

Your police lab's
typing the blood now.

I'm sure they'll be
in touch with you soon.

And I'm sure they have
their own questions.

You were on that boat
this morning.

You're not LAPD.
Why are you here?

Because if that blood is
Rayborns, if he's dead,

my company owes
his estate $15 million.

Because if that blood's Rayborns,
someone killed my client.

And I think it was you.

You can't smoke in here.

Was she smoking in here?

Now that's a woman.

Who needs to take better care
of her health. Much better care.

Crews, you're heading
there or in there?

All right.

Here's what we know
about William Ford.

He makes it a habit of taking
over people's businesses.

He also makes it a habit of
leaving his mark on his victims.

One has his tongue cut out.
One has his fingers broken...

And one of them was blinded.

No one on this board
was blinded.

No. No one on that board.

William Ford takes over
people's businesses.

How do you think
he got into antiques?

Detective Girly
and Mr. Apple.

Wayne Hall.

How do you know my name?
I never told you my name.

We know a lot of things
about you, Wayne.

We know you did time
for possession and dealing.

We know you walk around that antique
store like you used to own the place.

Like it was yours.
I just work there.

That shop belongs
to William Ford.

Yeah. You know, we saw that in
the title records. You signed it over.

We know something else
about you, Wayne.

You were not born blind.

What happened?
You piss off William Ford?

He take your store,
then took your sight?

What did you do? You stole money?
You stole drugs?

Oh, you stole drugs.

That was your store, wasn't it?

It was a long time ago.

You want it back?

How's that gonna happen?

Well, we don't think William took
your store because he likes antiques.

He could care less about them.

What's he really selling there?

Hey, whatever you tell us,
we were never here.


I never saw you.

China clock.

How may I help you?

China clock.

We'll take that one.
That one there.

It's not for sale.

Personal favorite.

You strike me,
you'll only be striking yourself.

What? Some kind
of karmic payback?

If only. No. My partner'll
just shoot you in the head.

Reese, have you ever
seen a clock made of china?

You have to be really
careful with china.


Oh, and there was
china in it, too.

Oh. That dope also
a personal favorite?

Say goodbye to
the world, William.

Record like yours and dope
like that, that's 15 to 20, easy.

If you can pin that dope to me.

Everything in here
came from somewhere else.

I don't know where
that clock has been.

Maybe you can handle
another stretch.

What about your mom?
Can she?

My mom?

She gave away her life
savings with you outside.

How safe is she gonna be
with you inside?

Okay. Let's do
some business then.

I got something you want.

What's that?

The murder weapon
from that killing.

The gun in the
McCullough shooting?

With Ian Ryker's prints on it.

Insurance policy?

Yeah. It's my insurance.

One little thing.
Yeah? What?

This is a 0.45

Roy was killed with a 0.38

Now, what exactly did
you mean by "insurance"?

You know what this is?

This is the gun that you gave to us,
but that is not the murder weapon.

That was a.38.
This is a.45.

There are fingerprints on this
gun and those prints are lans.

So, you know what this is?

You already asked him that.


This is not the gun
that killed Roy.

William, why did you think Ian killed
Roy with a gun that didn't kill Roy?

And why would Ian touch
the gun that didn't kill Roy?

And here's the big one,
why do you have the gun

that Ian touched
that didn't kill Roy?

William, Ian gave you that gun.

He tried to give me
barbequed ribs.

They looked kind of moist, too.
Not too saucy.

That's what Ian does.
He wants to sell you something,

he gives something away.

So, if he gave you that gun,
what did he sell to you?

Okay. Those kids take
everything your mom has,

you get mad, you get your
hands around Ians throat,

so what does Ian do?
He sells you something?

Don't be ashamed.
He's good at his job.

You wanted one of them dead
for what they did to your mom.

Ian saw that.
That's why he's good at his job.

He knows what people want.

Ian gave you what you wanted.

Did he tell you that if you'd let
him go, he'd take care of Roy?

And then he gave you that gun.

Told me to dust it
for his prints.


For insurance.

Yeah. There's still the
problem with that one little thing.

That is not the gun
that killed Roy.

So, then I didn't
do anything wrong.

Except for felony possession
and aggravated extortion.

Oh, yeah.

So where's the gun
that killed Roy?

Sasha said she knew
how to take care of herself.

Offer me some chicken.


Offer me some chicken.

You want some chicken?

Now offer me some ribs.

You want me to offer
you some ribs? Some ribs.

Come on. You can do it.
Ribs first, then business.

Do you want some ribs?

I thought you wanted me
to offer...

Now offer me a gun.

A what?
Offer him a gun.

I told you.
I don't have a gun.

Okay, well, just
offer him one anyway.

What did you mean when you
said you could take care of yourself?

Did Ian give you something so
you could take care of yourself?

Did Ian give you a gun so
you could take care of yourself?

After William killed Roy,
after those men took over,

Ian gave me a gun for my protection.

I have no idea what
she's talking about.

It's okay.
You did it to protect me.

No. No. Don't, don't,
don't touch that.

I'm not gonna do anything.

Except get your prints on it.

.38. Just like the gun
that put that bullet into Roy.

I never knew she had that gun.

Yes, you did.
You gave it to me.

No, I didn't.

And I never touched it.
You won't find my prints on it.

Oh, just Sasha's.

Well, you really are
good at your job.

After you talked William
out of killing you.

And then you set William up by
shoving that money down Roy's throat.

Is that the gun that killed Roy?

You gave me the gun
that killed Roy?

I don't know what you're
talking about, Sasha.

I want to arrange
for her lawyer,

so she doesn't get one
of those appointed ones.

Who do I talk to about that?

You ever kill anyone
before you killed Roy?

I never killed Roy.

Take a life?

You think you're ready
for it, but you're not.

I didn't kill anyone.

Makes your whole world go away.

Makes you forget who you are.

Who you wanna be.

It makes you forget where you
came from and where you're going.

Makes you forget
a lot of things.

You only used one bullet.

You remembered
to wipe down the gun.

Did you remember
to wipe the bullets?

We gonna find
your prints on those?

I told you kids stole that roof.