Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 14 - Mirror Ball - full transcript

Reese and Crews investigate the murder of the lead singer of a rock cover band. The man was obviously suffocated with a piece of clear plastic leaving a strange death mask at the scene. The band had developed quite a following and regularly packed the venue where they played. They soon learn that the dead man had only been with the group for a year and that the other three musicians had fired his predecessor. In a strange world of groupies, imitators and wannabes, the detectives sift through the evidence. Photographs taken at various concerts provide the necessary clue. Meanwhile, Charlie's father shows up with the news that his beautiful young girlfriend has left him. When Ted Earley blurts out that he is in love with the woman, Charlie has yet another problem to deal with.

You ever have
a nickname?

No, I never did.

Would you like one?

Come on,
I'm real good at them.

You want me to give you one?

That's my name.

It'd be confusing if your
nickname was my name.

Okay, Reese.
Dani Reese.

Dani Reese.
Your initials are D.R.

That's good.
D.R. Is good.

D.R. Stands for doctor.

And there you have it.
Couldrt be better.

D.R. Is doctor.
Doctor is doc.

Doc Reese.
Instant classic.

Doc is a great name.
I wish I had that name.


Might be confusing if we both
had the same nicknames.

No gunshot.

No signs of trauma.
Can you help me roll him over?

No stab wounds.
No blood.

Gone about 12 hours
on the outside.

You think he OD'd?

He's sure dressed for it.

He was in that band that
played here last night.

Rock and roll, huh?

No track marks.
He looks healthy.

Healthy except
for being dead.

Well, I guess,
not that healthy.

You think
maybe he just died?

People do, do that,
don't they? People do just die.

We should run
a tox screen.

Yeah, we should run one.


His makeup's smeared.

Well, he probably
had a long night.

No, look closer.

Well, it's smeared
in one direction,

like he pressed
against something.

Or something
pressed against him.


Plastic wrap.

Well, what's that
it's got on it?

I don't know.
It looks like...


Here, take the corners.

Wow, it's like
a death mask.

Someone held this over his
face and suffocated him.

Well, maybe
he didn't just die.

Crews. Hot Lead.

They're a cover band.
Remember a group called Heavy Caliber?

From the '80s?

Looked a lot like this?

I really wasrt
into guys with wigs.

Well, Hot Lead was a
Heavy Caliber cover band.

Lead singer,
Mitch Wagner.

I talked to the guy at the door.
They sold this place out.

Last four nights, too.

Singing someone
else's music.

All those people came to watch
him pretending to be someone else.

Killer came up behind him,
pulls this over his face.

You think this is
the last thing he saw?


His breath would have
fogged up the plastic.

He wouldn't have seen
anything at the end.

The show ended, the band left,
the place was locked up.

Cleaning crew comes in this morning and
finds the lead singer up on the stage.

The victim's wife was in San Diego.
She's on her way back now.

The piece of plastic
he was suffocated with?

No fingerprints on it.
Waiting for DNA.

The band left together.

We're on our way now to go
talk to the other three.

Heavy Caliber cover band.

I saw Heavy Caliber
play at the Garden once.

The lead singer was
a Jude something.

Jude Hays?
Yeah, Jude Hays.

Died in London.
Drank himself to death, right?

I really don't remember.

Doc wasrt into
guys with wigs.


Dani Reese. D.R.

D.R. Is...


Doc. Doc Reese.

What's the matter
with her?

I don't know.

Doc's a great name.
I wish I had that name.

It would be confusing.

You're probably right.

You all left
together last night?

After the show.

And then?

Hal and I went
to a party.

And after the party?

Erik and I went
to an after party.

And after
the after party?

Was there an after after
party after the after party?

No, after the after party
we went home, together.

Good show last night.

Standing room only.

You have a lot of fans.

Mitch had a lot of fans.

When he was dressed
like Jude Hays.

It wasrt just
the costume.

I mean, when Mitch picked up that mike
and stepped up in front of the crowd...

He was Jude Hays?

Sometimes it felt
that way.

Feel that way
last night?

When you left last night,
had Mitch taken off his costume?

We don't go around dressed
like Heavy Caliber.

We'd all changed.

Why? How was he dressed
when you found him?

He shouldn't be
much longer.

Dr. Stanton,
there's a detective here to see you.

Oh, why don't you
come on back?

Go ahead and open wide
for me.

Open wide?

Your mouth.

Let me have a quick look,
then I'll take your history,

and then I'll get you
into the chair.

Dr. Stanton,
I'm a detective.


And there will be the
standard police discount.

I'm a homicide detective.


So this is not about
your dental needs.

Anyone you can think of that
would have wanted to harm Mitch?

Tyler Sims.
Our first singer.

Your first...

So Tyler Sims was Jude Hays
before Mitch was Jude Hays?

What happened to Tyler?

Had to ask him
to leave.

Because of what
happened in Fresno.

What happened
in Fresno?

That was terrible.
The fans went psycho.

They threw things.
They came onstage.

They went after Tyler.
Well, they went after all of us.

What made them so angry?


He sang his own song.

He sang his own song?

He sang his own song.

Not a Heavy Caliber
cover song?

No, one he wrote himself.

And so the fans
felt betrayed.

Because he wasrt
Jude Hays anymore.

And so you
asked him to leave.

We're Hot Lead.

We're the Heavy Caliber
cover band.

That's who we are.
That's what they want.

How did Tyler take it when you
asked him to leave the band?

Mmm, not good.

And when you hired
the new singer?

It just got worse. Tyler showed
up at a gig dressed as Jude.

Came at Mitch,
broke two of his ribs.

When did you
last see Tyler?

The night
he attacked Mitch.

He did time for it.
Four months.

Have you seen Tyler
since he got out of jail?


Doc, can I ask you about
these marks on your wall?

The original bassist for Heavy Caliber,
before the band broke up,

he bedded 4,378 women.


So you are...

Just being true
to the music.

Where were you
after the show?

With a new friend.

We'll be needing
her name.

Of course.

Detective, I have some time
before my next patient.

Shall I uncap
the Sharpie?

No. Do not uncap
the Sharpie.

Okay, I'll wait for it.

"Uncap the Sharpie?"
By that he meant...

His Sharpie, Crews.

He was planning
on uncapping it.

Oh. Oh! Right there
in the office?

Okay, got it. Thanks.


Hot Lead's first singer, Tyler Sims,
did four months out in county

for that assault on Mitch Wagner.
Got out six months ago.

And since then?
There's no record on him.

No DMV, no DWP,
no land lines, no cell phones.

So, Tyler Sims gets
thrown out of the band

for not being
Jude Hays enough.

Then he goes missing.

Maybe if he couldn't be Jude
Hays he didn't want to be at all.

Grown men in wigs
and makeup

pretending to be other grown
men in wigs and makeup.

The Buddha said we live our lives
pretending to be someone else.

Oh, he said that,
did he?

Who did the Buddha
pretend to be?

He was the Buddha.

Okay, I know you're pretty sure you're
not pretending to be someone else.

But maybe, Reese,
maybe you're pretending to be yourself.

How could I pretend
to be myself?

Maybe the Buddha was pretending to
be the Buddha. That makes sense.

And maybe Tyler Sims was
pretending to be a killer

and pulled that plastic wrap
around Mitch Wagner's face.

But we can't find
Tyler Sims,

so let's look
for Jude Hays.

Celebrity impersonators.

Birthday parties,
singing telegrams.

If you can't be
in the cover band

but you need
to be Jude Hays,

you do this.

These ads list Jude Hays as one
of the impersonations they do.

And they come
right to your door.

Do we know that one?

Yeah, I think we do.

Hey, we know you.
Don't we?

No, you don't know me.

Is that Tyler Sims?

No, it's not.
It's someone else.

I'm gonna go. I don't know what
you're into here, but, I don't do it.


That's who you are.

Yeah, you're that girl.

What girl?

Tell them what girl.

Last year, when we were
auditioning for a new lead singer,

she showed up.

Well, we know she didn't get the job.
Did she get to audition?

She's a girl.

And we're Hot Lead.

So what,
I can't be Jude Hays?


You know what happened
at the Mayan last night?

Someone killed
Mitch Wagner.

You know anything
about it?

I know you called my service
asking for a singing telegram.

I know that was a lie.

And I know
I'm out of here.

It's always a pleasure
every time I see you two.

What happened last time
you saw her?

At the audition,
we laughed at her

when we saw
who she was.

How come you didn't
mention her when we asked

if there was anyone who
would want to harm Mitch?

I guess we forgot
all about her.

Well, we know
how to find her.

can we help you?

Are you detectives
Crews and Reese?

Yes, we are.

You're Emma Wagner.

We're very sorry
for your loss, ma'am.

You didn't have to come to us.
We'd have come to you.

I was too afraid
to stay home.

Why were you afraid?

Do you know
who Tyler Sims is?

Mitch replaced him in Hot Lead
and then Tyler assaulted Mitch.

Has Tyler done
something else?

He called me.


About an hour ago.

What did he say?

He said he understood.

He said Mitch was Jude Hays
and he was Jude Hays, too.

So, if I wanted,

he'd come over
and sing.

Emma, what phone
did he call on?

My home phone.

Do you mind if we run a
trace on that number, Emma?


No one named
Tyler Sims works here.

We traced a call from here this morning.
You want to double check?

I know all
my employees, ma'am.

He works here.
But his name isn't Tyler Sims.

Jude Hays?


I thought he was goofing
on me when we hired him.

Showed me
his driver's license.

Jude Hays.

Like the singer,
died in the auto wreck in Mexico.

Six billion people
on the planet,

there's got to be
more than one Jude Hays.

Is your Jude Hays
here today?

Jude Hays,
we're looking for Tyler Sims.

You seen him around?

You called Mitch Wagner's house,
talked to his wife?

Is there a law
against that?

Not against that,
there isn't.

I just wanted her
to know.

Know what?

Her husband
had Jude's voice.

I got it, too.

If she was missing it,
I might sing to her.

Where were you
last night, Tyler?

Where were you
last night, Jude?

Home, asleep.

I work real hard and when I get home,
I just conk out.

You didn't happen to kill Mitch
Wagner before you conked out?

Yes, I did.
God, you're good.

He did take
your dream job away.

If you were Jude and Mitch was Jude,
well, you couldn't both be Jude.

So maybe one of you
had to go.

We could both be Jude.
Plenty of Jude to go around.

Yeah, but you
changed your name.

So you were a little more
Jude than Mitch was.

I did it legal.
Went to the courthouse.

It was kind of like
getting married.

You want to tell us
what happened in Fresno?

Not particularly.
Crowd got ugly.

They were small-minded.

They came to
hear Jude Hays.

You gave them
one of your songs.

No, I gave them
a Jude Hays' song.

But you wrote that song,
not Hays.

That was the song Jude Hays
would've written if he had lived.

I gave that crowd
a new Jude Hays song.

But they were

I get paid by the hour. So if you're
done, I gotta get back to work.

Okay, thanks.

The telegram girl's name is Patty York.
And that's not her only job.

She works at the box office
at the Mayan theater.

She has a master key
that opens all the doors.

Asian pear. Looks like an apple,
but it's not.

Also known as a sand pear,
apple pear, papple.


Or bapple.

Patty York?

You remember us?

Sure. You're those cops that
called me to that house to sing.

You always
wanted to be Jude Hays?

Yes. My mom was
sort of a groupie.

Do you want some soda
or a cigarette?

I think I have
some cigarettes here.

No, thank you.
We're okay.

You didn't tell us you worked
here at the Mayan, Patty.

I'm sorry.
Was I supposed to?

That was stupid.
I should've told you that.

Of course, you'd
want to know that.

You mind if we ask you about when you
auditioned for Hot Lead last year?

Those two tell you
what happened?

They did.

What did they say?

They said
they laughed at you.

I guess they did.

You worked here at the Mayan,
yet they never saw you here?

Bands go in and out
the back.

You don't want a soda
or some cheese?

I think I brought
some cheese.

You have a key to
the back door, right?

You're here because you
think I killed that guy

because they wouldn't
let me in their band?

That, and because you work
right where the murder happened.

I work here because it's
where Heavy Caliber played

they were in LA.

I got a bootleg,
live at the Mayan.

You can hear my mom in
the background hollering,

"Turn it up!"

Patty, you use a lot of plastic.

You gotta be careful.

Oh, there's nothing in that
plastic there. What's that for?

There's plastic
in that plastic.

For leftovers?

Gotta be careful.

We're gonna take some of
this plastic with us, okay?


Where were you
last night, Patty?

Home with Winston,
my rabbit.

The cheese is his.

What does
it mean to take a life?

It means
that life is now yours.

All that it was,
all that it could've been.

If you do not want it,
then you should not take it.



How's your bullet wound?

Oh, you know,
healing up.

How's yours?

Healing up.


Ted, this is my father.



What are you
doing here, Dad?

I'm looking for Olivia.

Why are you
looking here?

I thought she might
come to see you.

To see me?

Why would she come
to see you?

She left me. Olivia.

Called off the wedding
and walked out.

Oh, that's...

That's terrible.

Why'd she walk out on you, Dad?

Because of you.

Because of me?

What the hell
are you talking about?

She left me
because of you.

Because of me?
Because of you?

Does he really
have to be here?

Ted, could you...
Would you mind?

You know.

You two live together?

Why'd she walk out
on you, Dad?

Because of whatever it is
that you and I are doing,

she says she can't
take it anymore.

And until
we resolve things,

the wedding is off.
Your last name. Earley?

Earley. Yeah.
I know that name. Ted Earley.

You a friend
of Olivia's?

So many different
kinds of friend.

Which kind are you?

This is not the way
to resolve things.

Okay, you want
to resolve things?

You never said sorry
for shooting me.

No. Never did.

You're a real tough guy,
aren't you?

Apple and the tree.
You know?


What does he mean by he's
a friend of Olivia's?

I mean...

I love her.

Oh, here we go.
You what?

What kind of a house
is this?

You gonna shoot me, too?
- Hello.


Your credit card got billed
for last time I was here,

so it turns out
I do owe you a song.

Probably not
the best time.

Maybe one of you can give me
a ride back to the bus stop.

It's a hike.

That guy was your dad?


And who shot him?

I shot him.

Why is your car
full of bullet holes?

I shot it.

You sure shoot
a lot of things.

Maybe you should be
in Hot Lead.

Did you really
come tonight to sing?

Look, I know I'm a suspect.
That a rabbit isn't an alibi.

But I want to help
find Mitch's killer.

Because he was Jude Hays
and you're Jude Hays, too?

No. Because he was
a human being.

The plastic we took from you doesn't
match the plastic that killed Mitch.

So does that mean
I'm not a suspect?

It means the plastics don't match.

You wanna find out what goes
on around the theater at night,

you should talk to Al.

Hey, Al.

Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Got me.

What are you doing?

I'm not stealing.

Oh, yeah? It sure
looked like you were.

Well, it's...
It's just stuff that people

left out there in public.
It's valuable stuff. But they left it,

so it's not stealing.

He's got a point.
You get anything good?

Sure did. Got a gold lighter.
$23. And banana bread.

With chocolate chips?

Havert tasted it yet.

Patty told us
if we want to know

what goes on around here,
we should talk to you.

Well, I, you know,
see a few things

every now and again.

Did you ever see
this guy?


You're asking me 'cause that hair
band guy got himself killed, huh?

And so you know,
I didn't see Patty that night either.

Did you see somebody
down here, Al?

You were taking food
from a dead guy's shrine,

so maybe you can help
catch his killer.

I saw him
go in the back door.

The victim.
Was he alone?

No. I saw him go in, too.

You sure you saw him?

He had real white teeth.

So I remembered.

And he came out
by himself.

Can I go get
my banana bread now?

The dentist didn't mention that
he came back with Mitch Wagner

the night
he was killed.

You must be Dr. Sharpie.

Auditions for
a new cover band?

Your buddy isn't even in the
ground and you're moving on.

Where's your
candle in the wind, pal?

Auditioning new singers isn't
really breaking the law.

We got a witness that puts him in the
theater at the time of the killing.

Whoever said that
is a liar.

We're all liars.

To be honest,
that was a lie.

Found these
in his bass case.

"For relief of pain.

"For relief of pain.
For relief of pain."

Wow. You're in
a lot of pain.

They're for my patients.

Yeah, they all have
different names on them.

Different girls' names.
We're gonna hold onto them.

And you, while we run
this down, let's go.


Why would you wanna be a
guy who was shot to death?

Drank his way out.
In London.

Shot to death in Rome.

By that fashion model?
Yeah, that's right.

No, no, no, no, no.
That was the other guy.

No, it was Jude Hays.

I went to his grave
when I was in Italy.

When were you
in Italy?

When you were in prison.

It was the wife's idea.

How was it?


Prison, too.

Drank himself to death.


I'm sure he drank
himself to death.

And you talking about people
drinking themselves to death

really isn't
helping me study.

Oh, because of you and...

Yeah, because of me and...

I'm just gonna go to bed.

I do love you.

Of course I love you.

How could you ask me that?
I will always love you.

But you have to know it's not you,
it's me. Okay?

I'm gonna say goodbye now.

You don't have
to do this.

If you're not coming with me,
I don't think I wanna go there.

Come to bed.

I'm not done with this.

Come to bed.

I'm not done
with you, either.

You ruined it for me.

I had a perfectly good
nickname for my partner,

and now I wanna call you Doc, and,
you know, that just ruins it.

Found these in your car.

We got a warrant, a witness
ID'ing you at the murder scene.

It's the kind of thing
the DA likes to hear.

I left with the band.
I didn't come back that night.

There's a different name
on each of those bottles.

I told you, they're for... REESE:
Your patients.

But we checked.

These women
don't exist.

You're writing prescriptions
for pain killers,

good pain killers, too.

For women
that don't exist.

Now, what kind of pain could a
woman that doesn't exist be in?

You know, I've been thinking about
all those marks on your wall, Doc,

about all those women
and you, and...

You say it.

About uncapping
your Sharpie.

You use these
to sweeten the deal,

and then, Mitch Wagner finds out that
you've been trading pills for sex and...

I may have been a tad liberal
with my prescription pad,

but I didn't kill Mitch.

I have an alibi.

Yeah, she said
she was with you.

But, you know,

now we're thinking her memory
might be in question, Doc.

Even if your alibi holds, you're still
gonna get five years for the pills.

Longer if one of the
women brings charges.

Something you two
should see.

The DNA came back
on this.

The victim's saliva and skin are
all over it, which makes sense.

There was, however,
also unknown saliva, so...

It was used to kill
someone else.

Or the killer
tried it on first.

Just to see how it felt.

Get DNA from
all the suspects.

Tyler Sims?

Your name may be Jude Hays,
but we need a sample from Tyler Sims.

So put the torch down
and lift up your mask.

Jude said he needed
some time off.

Did he say where
he was spending it?

He did not.

You got his cell phone
on file?

Let me go
grab it for you.

You think he'll pick up
when we call?

No. Not when we call.

Here you go,
Mrs. Wagner.

I thought about
what you said.

Hands in the air.

We're gonna need a little
sample from you, Tyler.

Why do you need
a sample from me?

What the hell is that?

That's what got wrapped
around Mitch Wagner's head.

What's this on it?

It's got
a few things on it.

It's got Mitch on it.
It's got someone else on it, too.

That's why we need
a sample from you.

This is what
killed him?

It's okay,
you can touch it.

Looks like a mask.

I need to get something
from my house.

What's that, Tyler?

Fan mail.

Fan mail?

Fan mail.

Girls send their panties to the
lead singer of a cover band?

Why don't you go and just
put those back on the table?

They're probably used.

Just put them down.

I should have been
a rock star.

And the band would be?

The Tidwells.

Lots of love letters.

Everyone loved Tyler...
I mean, Jude.

'Cause that's who
they're addressed to.

Not everyone.
Got one here addressed to Tyler.

"Your face
is not his face.

"Your face is a lie.
Take it off."

Any return address?

The postmark's
the central post office.

Got something else here.

No makeup on that.

This must have been
the warning.

But somebody has been
stalking Hot Lead for a while.

Maybe they left a trail.


So we have all the ticket lists
coming in from all the theaters

where Hot Lead played.

But if the stalker
were going to the shows,

he probably didn't
use his real name.

Or even the
same name twice.

If there was a stalker in the crowd,
we need to ask the crowd.

It's you.

You take a good picture,
you know that?

Very photogenic.

I can send this to you
right off of here.

And you could print it.

Or I can just erase it.

I'll just erase it.

I did what you asked.
I got in touch with other Hot Lead fans.

What you want
is in there.

Concert photos
close to the stage.

Well, they would
have wanted to be close.

Someone who looks like a fan,
but is really obsessed.



Or papple.

Don't ask.

Do you know who
you're looking for?

Well, it could be
anyone, really.

It could be you, Patty.

But it's not.

It's Al.

Here, too,
in this one.

Yeah, he's here, too.

Al? But that's
not possible.

He's just Al.

Where were these
pictures taken, Patty?

This is Seattle,

this is San Diego,
this one is New York.

Reese, where would a
homeless guy get the money

to follow a cover band
all over the country?

Why'd you
take the cards?

From the shrine.

I get the banana bread,
the cash.

I get the lighters, the bracelets.
But why take the cards?

They're not
won'th anything.

But they were written
to Jude Hays.

That's right.
They are.

So they belong to you?

You know, we got something
else that belongs to you.

A piece of plastic with
a dead mars face on it.

We're gonna need
a DNA sample from you.

His face was a lie so
he had to take it off?

What about your face?


My face is not a lie.

My face is rock and roll!

All right.
Let's take it easy, okay?

Okay. Okay.

They sing like him.
They look like him.

But they are not him.

They... They...

They... They...
They are a lie.

Al, I need you to help me out
with something for a moment.

There's some confusion
at the station.

Yeah? About what?

About how
Jude Hays died.

Everyone seems to have a
different version. Hmm.

So maybe
you can help me out.

How exactly
did Jude Hays go?

Was it in a plane crash?

Did he OD?

Was he stabbed
by that model?

He didn't die, did he?

No, he didn't.

He's been here
the whole time.

How did you get Mitch
back here that night?

With all his makeup on.

You told him
who you were.

Rock and roll, baby.

Rock and roll.

Good night, LA!

Do you really think
that's Jude Hays?

How are you
gonna prove it?

There's a Jude Hays' shirt in
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

from a concert he did in
Tokyo that took six hours.

Six hours?
That's a lot of sweat.

That's a lot of DNA.

That's a lot of hate.


Charlie, about me and your father
and your father's fiancee, Olivia...

If you love her, Ted,
you should tell her.

Just stop telling me
you love her.

So the real Jude Hays
living in that alley.

Yeah, just spending
time there.

He kept a bunch of hotel rooms in
different names all over the city.

And those other two, Tyler and Patty,
formed their own band?

Yeah. The Two Judes.

I'm proud of you.

Proud of you, Charlie.

You don't need to be driving
a car with bullet holes in it.

You sure
she's gonna show?

Well, she said
she'd be here.

But you know women.

No, not really.

Neither do I.

Is that...

My car?

It looks like...

My car.

What did she do to it?

She painted it, Ted.

Why would
she do that?

This is your car.
The one you gave me.

I just painted
some flowers on it.

It's the same underneath.

Say something.