Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 11 - Canyon Flowers - full transcript

Crews and Reese investigate the murder of Frank Dunlop who was found buried upright up to his neck. He was a driver who delivered meals to shut-ins and they start to check those addresses. When they get to the Paxton residence, they find two people, who turn out to be siblings, but also the children of the infamous Johnny Haslett who was a known multiple murderer. Charlie again meets Micky Rayburn who tells him FBI Agent Bodner is tied to Roman Nabikov. Meanwhile, Ted Early is arrested when police find a gun and bag of cocaine in the back seat of his car.

That's about it.

Wait here.
Yeah, sure.

Exterminator found him.

Setting traps at the neighbor's house.
That's when he saw it.

Is it an "it" or a "him"?

Kind of both.

Rat guy said he thought it was
a soccer ball or a pumpkin.

That's not
a soccer ball.

Or a pumpkin.

You canvass
the neighborhood?

Knocked on doors,
but guess what?

No one saw anything.

Oh, it's not just the head.
He's still in one piece.

Body's buried underneath him.
Looks like he's been dead about a day.

Flower petals. Dianthus.

I happen to know flowers.

You ever see one
like this before?

You mean,
made out of a man?

Someone made him
into a flower.

And left him here
on this lawn.

You send flowers,
it usually means one of two things.

You're really in love
or you're really sorry.

Which one is it?

Diabetic. Frank Dunlop.

Frank took a bullet to his chest at
close range before he was buried.

You get some real perspective
when your head is down here.

Is that...
Is that Frank's dinner?

Label has
yesterday's date.

"Salisbury steak, peas,
and apple brown betty."

Oh, a diabetic shouldn't
eat apple brown betty.

"Beverly Hills Cares."

Let's see if it's true.

Frank was
our best driver.

Totally committed to others.
Never missed a day of work.

He was a saint.

Can we get a list
of his deliveries?


Frank lived for this place.
Always looking to make it better.

Last week he found a way to
raise a ton of money for it.

He say how?

No, but he wasrt
just a talker.

If he said that he had a way,
he had a way.

He ever mention any problems
with his deliveries?

He never complained.

And he was the one who ran
food to all the crazies.

The crazies?

Like sketchy people,

Frank actually
seemed to like them.

Any who live near
North Valley Circle?


I got two
on Vista Vierra.

That's near Valley Circle,

I got a Flint Garber
on 1818 Vista Vierra

and a Maude Paxton
on 1818 Vista Vierra.

Are you Maude Paxton?

I am. Have you
brought the food?

No, we haven't.

Actually, we're here about the person
who brings the food. May we come in?

Of course.

Has something happened
to Frank?

Hey, where the
hell's my food?

Flint Garber.
Who are you?

How do you know my name?
Did you bring my food?

They know your name?

Flint, they're here
about Frank.

I'm Detective Reese
and this is Detective Crews.

You just let
anybody in the house.

We'd like
to ask you some...

We'd like to talk to you
about Frank Dunlop.

Well, Frank
didn't show up today.

Does that mean
I don't get my food?

When was the last time
you saw Frank?

The day before yesterday.
He comes every day.

You never met a
sweeter soul than Frank.

Can we ask where you were
last night?

You can ask.
Free country.

He was here.
He's always here.

Always? You never leave?

Can't. Nobody
steal my stuff.

It's valuable stuff.

And, Maude,
where were you last night?

Here, too.
We were watching the TV.

It was my turn
with the remote.

Oh, we're roommates.

Yeah, just roommates.

Now look,
if you don't have any food for me,

you just get the
hell off my property.

The two roommates,
Flint Garber and Maude Paxton,

are both clean slates.
No rap sheets on either.

Frank Dunlop's clean, too.
Not even a parking ticket.

Maybe this guy
really was a saint.

Only one saint
walked this Earth.

Who's that?

My mother.
His mother.

I searched
the ViCAP database.

The last murder listed with
dianthus on the victim was in...

The '70s. Johnny Hazlit.
Weird cult, the Hazlits.

Killed 10 people,
never got convicted.

Hazlit overdosed
on drugs in 1972.

What about the
rest of the Hazlits?

The ones we can trace are
either in prison or dead.

But a lot of them just went
underground and disappeared.

Okay. No leaks, no press.

If the press hears that the Hazlits are
still out there, or there's a copycat,

all hell breaks loose
and we'll never solve this.

Get online and get me
everything you can about Hazlit.

There won't be a lot in the database
from back then. It's ancient history.

Well, okay, you two are off
to LAPD dead record storage.

Why go there when we can go
somewhere where history comes alive?

Los Angeles Museum
of Murder and Mayhem.


People actually
pay to see this?

Maybe we don't see the value
because we get it for free.

And you knew about
this place because...

Came here
on a date, once.

It was her idea.

"Guitar said to have been given to
Johnny Hazlit by Donovan in 1968."

They called him
Mellow Yellow.

Oh. Johnny Hazlit's
personal teddy bear.

I'm the one who acquired that
piece from a collector in Japan.

Can we help you
with something?

Are you the owners?

Yes, I'm Squeaky.
This is Tex.

We met at
a Ted Bundy auction.

He outbid me.

But she seduced me.
I paid for the guitar.

How much of this stuff
is real?

We're very precise about the
provenance of everything here.


Yes. An object's
place of origin.

Proof that it is what it is.

Any of the "its" here
a.45 caliber handgun?

No. Famous murder guns
are too expensive for us.

They start around $10,000
and go up from there.

$10,000 for a gun?

Well, a gun that
killed somebody.


Mass murder memorabilia
is a huge and growing market.

Sadly, very little comes on the market.
Most collectors are private.

Japanese eat it up.

But they keep their
collections to themselves.

We'd like to look at
your archives.

Because you're
homicide detectives?

He's Charlie Crews.

Two murders short of making
the mass murder room.

We have a minimum of five.

Actually, I was
five murders short.

She means before you were innocent.
Or before we knew you were innocent.

Of course, there's talk
of what you did in prison.

There's talk
about a lot of things.

Ever see this guy before?

Uh... No.
Is he a murder victim?

Well, you're homicide detectives
and asked about the gun.

Feel free
to look around for a while.

We are a museum.

We want you to look.

Hazlit used dianthus to decorate his
kills, but he never buried any of them.

All his victims were shot
with a.45 like Frank Dunlop.

was never found.

And Hazlit is dead,
so copycat.

You ever hear of a copycat killing
30 years after the original?

People are still
pretty into this.

Some more than others.

All right,
let's get alibis on Tex and Squeaky.

They did ask us
to look.

Oh, look at this.

Looks like Hazlit had a bunch
of kids with different women.

They would have ended up in
social services after the arrests.

Some of them
may still be around.

Wanna see if any of them
went into the family business?

Eight wives, 43 children.

Eight wives,
all at the same time?

That's like 1,000 pounds
of wife in the house.

No wonder Hazlit was crazy.

I always thought I'd have a lot of kids.
House full of noise. Chaos.

What about you,
Detective Reese?

I don't think it's a good
idea for me to have children.

Why is that?

Because it wouldn't be.

Me? I'd like two kids.

Well, good luck with that.

According to these files
we got from social services,

the kids that were taken from Hazlit in
1972 were given their mother's last name.

Makes sense. You wouldn't want Hazlit
on the back of your hockey jersey.

One of those mothers' names
was Garber.

Her son is
Flint Garber Hazlit.

Let me guess.
Another mother's last name was Paxton?

Her daughter's name
is Maude Paxton Hazlit.

Johnny Hazlit had two kids living
a chip shot from the murder?

I guess you figured
out who our pappy was.

Maude, where's Flint?
He's inside.

He's got a gun
but it isn't loaded,

so don't shoot him.

Don't you steal my stuff.

We're not here
for your stuff, Flint.

We're here for you.

The last time we were here,
you didn't say you were Hazlits.

You didn't ask if we were Hazlits,
last time you were here.

It's not the kind
of thing we advertise.

Word gets out, townsfolk
start lighting the torches.

Frank Dunlop
know who you were?

Does Frank know we grew up surrounded
by death and covered in blood?

No, we don't
speak about it.


Frank was the kind of guy
you could talk to. He was...

He was a real
good listener.


Frank is the only one I ever
talked to about us being... Us.

bedroom's been slept in.


There are three bedrooms
being used in this house.

If one of them is yours, Maude,
and the other one is Flint's,

then who sleeps
in the other bedroom?

Clifton. My son.

Not my son.
Clifton is my nephew.

Where's Clifton today?

He hasn't been around
since Monday.

You know where
we can find him?

If Frank is the only person you
ever talked to about it, Flint,

does your son know
he's a Hazlit?

He'd have
used it against me.

The way I grew up.

You're not gonna tell
Clifton about this, are you?

Well, now we have three Hazlits living
just a chip shot away from Frank's murder.

Got a gun here.

Got another one over here and a knife.

Dried blood on it.

That's just junk
I collected over the years.

I mean, I couldn't
have killed Frank.

I never leave this house.

We were watching TV
that night.

Okay. Well, we're just gonna
ask you to come along with us.

Run some tests on those
weapons and that blood.

If you'd like to just stand up for us, please,
and put your hands behind your backs.

Is that really necessary?

Oh, all righty.

Once, I saw pappy kill a
man while he was handcuffed.

Strangled him
with the chain.

Said it was proof of the
master-slave relationship.

A victim was found shot at a foreclosed
house. That's all I can tell you.

Johnny Hazlit?
Didrt he play for the Dodgers?

Oh, must be a different one.
Never heard of him.

The press are all over us.

They know about the victim
being buried up to his neck?

Only us and the killer have that detail.
You giving interviews?

No, but...
But what, my good detectives?


LAMOMAM. You drive.

Clifton Garber?

You wanna step away
from the car?

It's my car.
Why would I wanna step away from it?

'Cause she asked you to.

You know Frank Dunlop?

Frankie Meals on Wheels?

Because your father and aunt have just been
arrested in connection with his murder.

My father never
leaves the house.

And my aunt,
she's practically Mrs. Butterwon'th.

Wait, someone...
Someone killed Frankie Dunlop?

You always keep your car so clean,
Clifton? Shampooing the trunk?

Yeah, it took every penny that I have,
so I like to take care of it.

Took every penny you have?
Is that why you're living at home?

No, it's how every
23-year-old wants to roll.

How come you think that my
dad and aunt are involved?

We found guns at the house.

Yeah. My dad's
got a lot of junk.

But like I said,
he doesn't go out.

You mind if we take a sample
from this carpet back there?

Yeah, I do. A lot.

Might depreciate
the value.

Your dad seemed to like Frank.
Guess so.

The way he talked about him, guess
he thought of Frank kind of as a son.

But you're his son, so...

Where have you been
these last few days?

With my girlfriend.

You wanna give us her name?

Not really.

Reese, you wanna tell Clifton about
the family plan we have at lockup?

You're dating
Clifton Garber?

For about a year.

Why didn't you tell us
the last time we were here?

Something you're protecting
Clifton from?

He and Frank
didn't get along.

Frank was very sweet. Clifton didn't
believe anybody could be that sweet.

It made Clifton so mad.

Mindy, did Clifton ever
mention his father or his aunt?

Where's your partner
Squeaky, Tex?

At an auction.
Did you talk to the press?

The press? About the Hazlit killing?
No. No, sir.

If you did, you'd be getting
in the way of my investigation.

You know,
not everyone thinks he's innocent.

Excuse me? Your old partner.
Check the websites.

A lot of people out there still
think he killed that family.

About a year ago,

Clifton came in to sign his dad
and aunt up for the program.

His dad's some kind of a shut-in
and his aunt forgets things.

Like, to shop and stuff.

So Clifton arranged for meals
to be delivered to the house.

To make sure
that they had food,

in case he was working and
didn't get home to feed them.

I think that Clifton hated Frank because
Cliftors afraid of his own sweetness.

And Clifton was with you?

And you're not
afraid of his sweetness?

No, not at all.
Why should I be?

We have a few empty display cases in there
for your old partner if it turns out,

you know,
he did do that family.

We're gonna go now, Tex.
You remember what I said.

Is there anything of Crews'
you'd be willing to sell me?

Some shoes or a used coffee cup,
just in case?

Dried pineapple?

Are you gonna
talk to Rayborn?

He said he's got
something to tell me.

That FBI agent said you go after
Rayborn, you go back to jail.

Well, that's just
the way they talk.


I couldn't
go back to jail.

No one is going
back to jail, Ted.

It's a wedding invitation
to your father's wedding.

Ted, putting aside the fact

that you say you're in love with the
woman who is going to marry my father,

I have not said a word
to my dad in 12 years.

I'm not going to his wedding.
Why would you wanna go?

I do love her, Charlie.

Ted, she is marrying
my father.

You know? It might be easier to think
of who set me up for those murders

than you and...

You know how small
a cancer cell is?

Very small?

Think about all the ass
you've kicked in your life,

and in the end, I'm gonna
get cored out like an apple

by something I can't
even take a swing at.

You know, I think you're
the reason I went to jail.

Because you saw a photo.

You know, I think you're the
reason my friends were murdered.

So I guess I'm not exactly sure
why you think I care you're dying.

Well, for one thing, you
might save yourself a bullet,

and for another,
when I'm dead, I'm dead.

I know your secret,

Well, that's good to hear. 'Cause as
it turns out, I don't know my secret.

All those words help
keep the dark thoughts away?

Your secret is, you wanna come
out of the dark, but you can't.

You want to leave behind
the blood, but you can't.

You want to let go of
revenge, but you can't.

How do you know that?

I know that,
because I know that. See?

I also have words, Detective.

And I also have photos.

You know this guy?

Can't place him.

Yeah, okay.

You see that look on his face,
that smug Fed smile?

He works for the FBI.
Maybe you knew that.

I thought you said
you had photos.

Well, Special Agent Bodner,
here, works for the FBI.

He does a little moonlighting, though.
He works for someone else, too.

Yeah? Who's that?

Roman Nevikov.

I know you know him.
I know you wanted him.

And I know that
Bodner took him away.

Bodner works for Roman.

Was the Dunlop killing
a Hazlit copycat?

We're pursuing all leads.

Wow, it looks like
the leak got bigger.

Bet their business
is booming.

...any one theory.
At this point in time,

I would ask for your patience and
allow us to do our job. Thank you.

You failed to mention the victim
was found buried up to his neck,

or that there were flowers
found scattered around the body,

just like Johnny Hazlit
used to do it.

Yes, I failed
to mention that.

You failed to mention
that the victim was found

near the home of Flint Garber
at 1818 Vista Vierra.

Yeah, failed to mention that.
Also failed to mention something else.

What's that?
You're under arrest.

Yeah, okay.
One more thing,

Flint Garber and Maude Paxton were
the children of Johnny Hazlit.

There's a grandson, too,

A house full of Hazlits around
the block from the murder.

Okay. Okay. Here we go.

That Frank Dunlop's body
was buried up to the neck

is a detail that
didn't go to the press.

We keep certain facts
to ourselves.

Then the only people who know those
facts are us cops or the killer.

Come on,
LAPD leaks like a sieve.

Where do you think we get
most of our information from?

Maybe it was
a tribute murder.

Or a copycat. There's a difference.
It's subtle, but it's there.

Oh. You should
teach a class.

Hey, maybe we could get your
partner to give a guest lecture.

What do you think, Squeaky?
Should we do it?

Actually, I do know the difference
between copycat and tribute.

Detail I picked up at LAMOMAM.

Let me see
if I get this right.

Hazlit left flowers
by his kills.

Now, if Frank Dunlop's body
had had flowers surrounding it,

that would have been
a copycat, yes? Yes.

But Frank Dunlop's body,
the way it was found,

it was a flower that someone left
for Hazlit, and that's a tribute.

Yes, Detective.
That's a tribute.

Okay, Hazlit didn't like people
who lied or broke promises to him.

Frank Dunlop ever break
any promises to you?

We didn't know
Frank Dunlop.

We just find
Hazlit fascinating.

Like the rest of the world.
Like you two.

Well, we'll be less fascinated
once we find Frank Dunlop's killer.

Maybe you won't be able to.

Maybe you'll always
find him fascinating.

Oh, like a song you can't
get out of your head?

Yeah, man. Like that.

Do you have alibis for the
night Frank Dunlop was killed?

At an auction for
Hillside Strangler items.

We were both there.

Are we suspects now?

Do you wanna be?

That'll be good
for ticket sales.

We'll check out your alibi.

If it all pans out,
you get to go home.

Take your time.

Auction house employees saw
Squeaky and Tex that night.

But it was, in their words, "a mob scene
for all that Hillside Strangler swag."

I'm not sure I understand a world
where that stuff sells at auctions.

Well, they got what
they wanted. Publicity.

I'm on it!

Coming through!
Move it! Move!

I always wanted to know
what a Hazlit tasted like.

Meet Clifton Hazlit,
Johnny Hazlit's grandson.

Come on. Make a lane!
Make a lane! Make a lane!

I look just like Hazlit,
don't I?

All my life, I thought there
was something wrong with me.

Turns out there is.

The man you hit
isn't gonna press charges.

They exposed me.
What happens to them?

I should have done what
my grandfather would've.

What's that?

Made them pay in blood.

Clifton? You're no different than
you were before you found out.

Oh, I'm different.
You heard her.

Now I'm Johnny Hazlit's

All right, well, you know,
we can let you out the back.

Why the back?
Because those photographers,

they're waiting
for you out front.

Who is this?

This is Charles Crews.
Who is this?

I was looking for Olivia.
I thought I dialed her cell phone.

You dialed the house.
She's out,

trying on her wedding dress
for the ten thousandth time.

You want me to leave
a message for you?

Uh, tell her
somebody called.

Somebody? What the...

Somebody? Somebody called?

Oh, great.

Red light?
Did I run it?

and registration.

Do you know why we pulled you over,
Mr. Earley?

I blew through that light.

I'm gonna run these.


Show me your hands!

Out of the car.

On your knees.

Guys, I have a friend
on the Force.

On your knees.

Found this
next to the gun.

That is not mine. Not the gun,
not whatever's in that baggie.

Guys. Okay. Guys, please.
I'm on parole.

Maude Paxton Hazlit and Flint
Garber Hazlit alibi each other.

So they both did it or
they both didn't do it.

What about the guns
found out at the house?

None of them match the
bullets found in Frank Dunlop.

We're running them down to see if
they match up to any other crimes.

Squeaky and Tex?

They alibi each other, too.

So they both did it or
they both didn't do it.

What about the grandson,
young Clifton?

He was with
his girlfriend.

Or maybe not.

Mindy! Is it true you're in a
relationship with Clifton Garber?

That is not true.

Didrt you tell the police you were in a
relationship with Johnny Hazlit's grandson?


And that is
the latest development

in the bizarre murder case
of Frank Dunlop, found...

Your father?

He get you to say what you
did to those reporters?

I'm sorry if
I wasted your time.

You're withdrawing
your statement?

A man was killed, Mindy.
A man you knew.

What did you call him?
A saint?

Clifton asked me
to cover for him and I did.

We werert
having a relationship.

I only knew him
from the food bank.

I wasrt having a relationship
with Clifton Garber.

It was a mistake
and I'm sorry.

Wow, what do you think,
Detective Crews?

I think that's
a nice speech.

Did you write it
or did your dad?

I have to go now.

You like Clifton?

'Cause he's not
from your world.

He's not your
dad over there.

He drives for people
like your dad.

Mindy, are you recanting because
you really werert with Clifton?

Or is it because it turns out the
man you were with is a Hazlit?

I wasrt with Clifton.

You're looking at obstruction of
justice. Do you understand that?

My father said his lawyers will
call you about that. I have to go.

Do you believe her?

Her dad finds out his daughter
is linked to a Hazlit,

and Clifton Garber
loses his alibi.


It's a weird thing to
hold against somebody.


Their blood.

Yep. We'll be right there.

LAMOMAM. Shots fired.

I'm here.


Is he dead? Is Tex dead?

Did you see
who it was?

Yeah. I did. He was here.

Who was here?

Hazlit. It was Johnny Hazlit.

I heard the gun and I turned. Tex was
on the ground. And then I saw him.

You saw Johnny Hazlit
with the gun?

I saw the gun.

It looked bigger in his
hands, but it was his hand.

It was Johnny Hazlit.

He shot Tex and then he shot me and
then he dropped the gun and ran.

Squeaky, sometimes when you see a
gun like that, that's all you see.

It confuses
everything else.

I wasrt confused.
It was Johnny.

He was here. I saw him.
But he ran.

Well, we know Johnny Hazlit
didn't do it.

'Cause he's dead?

Let's get some gunshot residue
tests done on Squeaky and Tex Uhry.

Yeah. Only one of them is dead,
but both of them are crazy.

Maybe she did
see Johnny Hazlit.

That would be
the crazy part.

What if you found out there
was something in your blood

that you didn't know
was there?

The guy I hit?
That museum freak.

That's right.
The museum that exposed you as a Hazlit.

You think
I killed that greeb.

Like you said, it's what your
grandfather would've done.

You have good reason.

Yeah? I also have an alibi.

I've been here all night.

And so have they.

And they're not gonna
recant like Mindy.

Yeah! All right.

Nope, they like
me for who I am.

Yeah. Everywhere I go,
they go.

Wanna take a picture with me?

No? Okay.

You live in this limo 'cause
you don't wanna go home.

I'd rather never step foot
back in that house again.

But you can't afford
anywhere else.

That's right.
Because this limo took all your cash.

Which is why you moved
home in the first place.

Yeah. Limo took all my cash.

So if you don't have any money,
who pays the mortgage on that house?

Dad, I guess.

With what?
Did Flint ever have a job?

Dad never worked
a day in his life.

Gunshot residue test on Squeaky
and Tex came back negative.

Thanks, Bobby.

You don't work. We checked.

You don't collect
social security.

You would've had to use
your real name for that.

So how do you pay
the mortgage, Flint?

And the utilities?

Do you sell
some of your stuff?

It's valuable stuff.
It's my legacy.

It all belonged
to Johnny Hazlit.

That's right.
Who bought it?

Collectors overseas.

Do you know
Squeaky and Tex Uhry?

They made me a couple of lowball offers.
They didn't have any cash.

They couldn't match
those foreign offers.

Did Frank know the Uhrys?

I told him not
to sell to them.

Go for that
foreign money.

Why would Frank sell anything?
It's all your stuff.

Mindy said Frank told her he'd
found a way to raise a lot of money.

Flint, did you give
anything to Frank?

All of it.

So he could sell it?

Frank would have
just used it for charity.

Frank listened to me.

And he said that he could do
good things with that money.

And that...

And that would
make you good.

But I told him to stick
with the foreign buyers.


That's the gun
found at the museum.

Yeah, the one that
shot Squeaky and Tex.

Ballistics confirmed that.

And that gun there matches the
slugs pulled from Frank Dunlop.


We pulled some
prints off the grip.

We got a match.

Guess who.

Johnny Hazlit?

But he's been dead
for over 30 years.


Thank you.

We're sorry
for your loss.

Tex would've wanted this.

Why'd you kill
Frank Dunlop?

I didn't kill Frank Dunlop.

Frank was told
not to sell to you.

All that sweet Hazlit swag going
overseas, where they get a better price.

Is that why
you killed him?

Then making him look like this?
That's just good for business.

And it really paid off.

Tex and I were
at that auction.

You know, that auction was so crowded,
you and Tex could've left,

and no one would've
even noticed.

That's what we
call a soft alibi.

Why'd you kill Tex,

I didn't kill Tex.

He get nervous
about that soft alibi?

I don't know who killed Frank Dunlop.
But Johnny Hazlit killed Tex.

He was here. I saw him.

Johnny Hazlit is dead.

It says so
right on that exhibit.

The person who owned Hazlit's gun,
that's who killed Tex.

Tracked a money
order of yours, Squeaky.

$15,000 last month,
to Japan.

You know,
that's a lot of money to spend on a gun.

But I guess you have to
spend money to make money.

Checked your bank.
That was every last penny you had.

You owned that gun.
Why didn't you exhibit it?

'Cause you were using it.

What's that word, Crews?


That was Hazlit.
He was here. I saw him!

That gun has his prints!

Guess she's working
on her insanity defense.

Maybe it was Hazlit
back from the dead.

Or maybe Squeaky and
Tex were wearing gloves.

If those gloves were part of the murder,
you'd have to put them on display.

Because she knew
they were real.



Let's get out of here.

Let's get out of here.

You run a lean
operation here.

Plenty of fresh produce, though.
Foundation of any good meal.

Where's Rachel?

Your niece?

She's not my niece.

I know who that girl is,

She went out. Some musician
type called on her. Not my type.

I wouldn't let him
near my daughters.

Where's Ted?


We'll get to that in a moment.

What did Mickey Rayborn
say to you?

That's between me and him.

I thought
that'd be your answer.

Detective, what did I tell you would
happen if you went after Rayborn?

I told you
you'd go back to jail.

But I'm not in jail.

You'll get to
Ted in a moment?

I'd like that moment
to be now.

We did some thinking,

back at our thinking room,
and on reflection,

threatening you with jail might
not be that much of a threat.

You wanna try this?

I'm good.
You sure?

I got it right
where I want it.

Where's Ted?

Probably still out at county.

But I'd say he'll be at
supermax by noon tomorrow.

You can't drive around
with a gun and coke.

You know Ted can't
hack another stretch.

You went after Rayborn,
and you got in.

Now you gonna stay in
and do what we tell you.

You make sure
that stay at a simmer

and run a spoon through
it every once in a while.