Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 10 - Evil... and His Brother Ziggy - full transcript

When a Deputy Sheriff is found murdered on sovereign tribal lands, the LAPD is called in to investigate as a neutral third party between the tribal police and the county Sheriff. The Deputy in question, John Hawes, was well-known but maybe not so well-liked. Tribal police say nearly everyone wanted him dead. Reese and Crews are certain that a new casino and the riches that flow from it are central to the murder. Meanwhile, Charlie continues to meet Mickey Rayborn but doesn't make much headway on the conspirators who framed him. Rachel Seybolt is starting to demand more independence. Charlie also becomes aware that Dani and Capt. Tidwell are having a fling.

It's supposed to be my kids' dog.

But guess who cleans up his crap?
If I clean up his crap, he's my dog.

So I tell my kids,
"He's my dog," and they cried.

So sad.


You may remember him from when
he dragged you out of my car.

He was just doing his job.

He didn't know you were a cop.

No hard feelings?

No hard feelings.

That's your Zen thing, isn't it?

Yeah. That's my Zen thing.

What did you think?
I had only one car, one driver?

Do you know what I pay every
year in personal security?

If you wanted to talk to me,
all you had to do was call.

Like I said, I been
meaning to call you.

To help with your charity work.

Yes, with my charity work.

I know what you think about me.

But I have nothing to hide.

I tell you what.
I'm having a little fundraiser here

on Friday night. Why don't you come?

It's a plus-one ticket.
You can bring a guest.

That pretty ex-wife of yours.

Or that convict roommate or that partner.

I'd say she was hot, but I'd never
say that about Jack Reese's daughter.

Nice boots.


You're welcome.

The New York attitude I can handle.

That's four generations of cop.

The three ex-wives who all love you,

I can handle.

They're an excellent resource if
you have any questions about me.

The sleeping with a superior
officer I can handle.

Yeah, you can.

And when you call yourself Tidwell,

I can even handle that. But this hair,

it has to go.

- But...
- No.

You're humming.

You are humming. You know,
as in singing without words.

I wasn't humming. I don't hum.

When people don't know they're humming,
it usually means they're happy.

I wasn't humming.

And I'm not happy. I'm in the desert.

I could live out here.

You could live out here?

There's no here, here.

All there is, is here, here. It's...

It's hot, it's dry, it's empty.

"Leaving US territory.
Sovereign Tribal Land."

I'm Detective Reese.
This is Detective Crews. LAPD.

Been expecting you.
Sheriff's Deputy Smith.

And this was Deputy John Hawes.

Eagle Arrow Casino.

Trainloads of money headed this way.

"Your fortune awaits you."

Rancher chasing a stray found
the body. His dogs picked it up.

You didn't notice
when he missed roll call?

Hawes was the solo resident
deputy for this region.

He was stationed out here by himself?

Just off the reservation.

Used to be more sheriffs,
but they got phased out

once the tribe got
their own police force.

The casino about to open, you can't really
blame them for wanting their own cops.

How come Deputy Hawes stayed?

Couldn't say. Didn't know the man.

We drove in this morning to safeguard
the body until the LAPD showed up.

I don't know why he stayed.
I wouldn't have.

Why is that?

Would you stay somewhere
where no one wanted you?

Must have been one tough old guy.

You two, you find who did this.

Any of these Hawes' car?


Probably came with the killer.

Before or after he died?

Shot somewhere else. Dumped here.

The agreement was LAPD would be the
neutral party in this investigation.

No sheriffs.

We'd like you to ask him to leave now.

You people got no problem getting
rid of sheriffs on your own.

You stand down there, Clark.

Okay, you safeguarded Hawes' body,

we're going to ask you to go,
so we can find who did this.


Whitehat. You must be
Detectives Crews and Reese.

Did you know Deputy Hawes?

We all knew Deputy Hawes.

Can you think of anybody
who'd want him dead?

I'd imagine nearly everyone
living on the reservation.

Well, maybe not the kids.
They didn't really get to know him.

That well liked?

By law, county sheriffs may enter the
reservation if they're in hot pursuit.

Deputy Hawes found a lot of
reasons to be in hot pursuit.

Any hot pursuits hotter
than other hot pursuits?

Captain Whitehat, is there someone
who you think is a suspect?

Tomas Shasta,
a member of the tribal council.

He and Hawes had an incident last week.


A fight.

On the reservation?

Punches were thrown. Threats were made.

Both men were backed off.

Okay, well, we need to talk to him.

Shasta's a good man.

He just had enough of
Hawes coming on the res.

That's what we need
to talk to him about.

- Overnight bag?
- That's right.

Because if we're questioning you
then we're going to lock you up?

Don't want to sleep in my clothes.

They want to talk to you
about Hawes, Tomas.

About the fight.

I pointed out to Sheriff
Hawes he was breaking the law.

That angered him.
He was easily angered.

How was he breaking the law?

Every time he came on the res,

he was breaking the law.

Tomas, where were you last night?

He was with me.

Who are you?

This is Anna, my fianc?.

Anyone else with you?

Tomas and I were at my
father's house last night.

Thank you, Tomas.


if Hawes was the only
sheriff left out here,

what station did he work out of?

This is the sheriff's station?

And his home.

Got something here.


Looks like they found
a couple drops of blood.

Using only the tools that
nature provides, I found a clue.

And using the tools that only
the postal system provides,

I'll mail it to the lab for analysis.

Hawes was the last sheriff.

The rest of his department is gone,

he's living out here just off
the reservation all by himself.

He's about to be the poorest
person in a land of millionaires.

Why did he stay?

Maybe he had nowhere else to go.

Or maybe he liked it out here.

Hawes went outside without his gun.

He must not have felt a threat.

Someone checked in on him. Heating
instructions in a woman's handwriting.

Hey, Reese, look at this.

Deer stew.

Traditional Native American dishes.

Not everyone on the
reservation hated Hawes.

Any idea who would
have brought Hawes food?

If anyone on the res was kind to Hawes,
they kept it to themselves.

Command 1 for Captain Whitehat.

Go for Whitehat.

Captain, we're going through
the voicemail from last night.

Should have done it earlier, but with
the dead sheriff and those two L.A. cops

coming in, well, there's
something you should hear.

What is it?

Deputy Hawes, Captain.
He left a message for you.

Put the radio by the phone, Ramirez,
let me hear it.

Captain Whitehat,
this is Sheriff's Deputy Hawes,

I need to speak... Guns and evil.


Did you get that, Captain? He says, uh...

Yeah, got it.

- Evil?
- Hawes had been out here a long time.

I guess he got superstitious.

Evil is superstition.
The gun that killed Hawes is real.

Did Hawes ever call
about guns before?

No. Never. I'll go
mail the blood sample.

Money, guns and evil.

And deer stew.

- Hey, Reese.
- What?

Do you know what this vegetable is?

It's kind of like a potato, but not.

Like a not potato.

Nothing about guns.

Hmm. I got a copy here of a letter

that Hawes sent to the Gaming Commission.

He did not want that casino
coming in here.

He said it would have a negative
impact on the population.

You think Tomas Shasta thinks all that
money will have a negative impact?

I'll call back to L.A.,
get Hawes' phone dumped.

He was shot here and driven out there.

Let's take that ride,
see if anyone saw anything.

No one saw anything,
because there's no one here.

There's nothing here.

There's something here.


Stop the car.

Somebody's having a moment
where Hawes' body was found.

Let's not disturb them.

Walk it in from here?

Is that Tomas' fianc? Anna?

Why would the fianc? of the lead
suspect lay flowers for the victim?

Let's go find out.

Our car's gone.

Maybe evil took it.

Yes. Our unmarked car.

Which is why we're taking a cab.

Yes, stolen.

Yes, from the crime scene. Thank you.

I think they were laughing.

Come indulge yourself.
Another Vadas Brothers experience.

The taxi wants us to
come indulge ourselves.

Reese, when was the last
time you indulged yourself?

Using only the tools the taxi provides,

I found out something new about my partner.

If you listen closely, you can hear them.

Hear what?


We're looking for Anna Lakelin.

This about Tomas and the Sheriff?

That's right.

Let me just put these away.

That guy's got his hand in a bee hive.

You'd think that's
something you try to avoid.

30% of our food supply is
dependent on bee pollination.

Fruits, nuts, vegetables all need bees.

Well, I'm pretty sure you don't need
bees to make a bacon cheeseburger.

The tribal police already
questioned my daughter about Tomas.

For his alibi. Because Anna
has a relationship with Tomas.

But we're curious about her relationship
with Sheriff's Deputy Hawes.

We'd like you to stop
cleaning that gun now, Anna.

I'm going hunting.

I've got to clean my gun.

You might have to hold off
on hunting for a few days,

just until we run
ballistics on that weapon.

Hunting for?


Oh, to make stew.

You'll need nopales for that, too, right?

Edible cactus. You need bees for it.

You used nopales to make the deer stew
you used to bring to Deputy Hawes.

The man you're about to marry

is suspected of killing a man
that you cared about very much.

Tomas and Hawes didn't get along.
They fought.

There were threats.

Was it about Tomas and the tribal
council wanting the sheriffs gone?

Or was it about something else, Anna?

Did they fight about you?

I don't know what they fought about.

What do men usually fight about?

Money and women.

Deputy Hawes left his gun in his trailer
when he stepped outside that night.

He trusted the person who killed him.

Tomas and I were here together last night.



Anna, is that the Deputy's gun?

He gave it to me.

Why are you cleaning that gun, Anna?

I'm going hunting.

It's what he would
have wanted me to do.

Anna and Tomas were
in the house all night.

Did you know about her
relationship with Deputy Hawes?

My daughter wasn't born
on the reservation.

She was city born, like me.

These are our people.

We moved back here 20 years ago.

What happened 20 years ago?

My wife left us, ran off.

That's why we came back, for family.


she hated it.

Got lost that first week out there.

Would have frozen to death overnight.

Would have?

What saved her?

Deputy Hawes. He found her.

Brought her back to me.

They stayed close after that?

It will sound strange for me to say this.

He was like a father to her.

Taught her how to ride, how to fish.

How to shoot?

When did he give her that rifle?

When she and Tomas got engaged last year.

It was a gift.

Tomas Shasta take it badly

that his bride-to-be was cooking
for the white sheriff's deputy?

It's all going to change.

When the casino gets here.

All that money.

I hope he keeps his bees.

Something wrong with the car?

Out of gas, I guess.

You got a quarter tank there.

Must be something else,
I guess. I'll go out and check.

You have no right to speak to Anna.

Those men carrying weapons?

You mean like yourselves?

A sheriff's deputy was murdered, Tomas.

You know we're not leaving
until we know who killed him.

You think I did it,
because "me heap good shot"?

How come you didn't tell us
about Anna and Hawes?

Anna's extremely compassionate,
always feeding strays.

Problem is, feed them, they come back.


maybe Hawes was coming back
for more than just the food.

Beautiful woman, your bride-to-be.

You seem to be real dialed in around
here. Maybe you could help us out.

We kind of got our car stolen.
Maybe you know who did it.

You still want to live around here?

More than ever.

Going to be night soon.

I am not taking that cab
all the way back to L.A.

They only had one room?

The hotel isn't even officially
open yet. We were lucky to get it.


I'm taking a bath.

See? You're already indulging yourself.

It was just as the taxi foretold.

Hey, do you want the bed nearest the
bathroom or the bed nearest the door?

I don't care!

Girls like the beds closer
to the bathroom, right?

I don't care!

You think Tomas did it?

He has an alibi.

Yeah, he also has a pretty young fianc?

hanging out by the sheriff's trailer.

Maybe it was just about the nopales.

Yes, Crews. I'm sure it
was just about the nopales.

I'll take the bed by the door.

Are you wearing
those little purple panties.

Oh, wait, you can't be wearing
them because you left them here.

And I have them right in my little hand.

Phone's ringing!

Well, can't you get it?

I don't think I can. Phone!

Crews, answer the phone!

Reese, I really don't think I can.

Oh, what is wrong with you?

You can't pick up the phone? Can you...

God, is everything with you something?

Is it a Zen thing to not pick up the phone?

- Hello?
- Why'd you hang up on me?

I was just asking about your panties.

I didn't hang up on you.
I was just in...

Let me call you back.

First of all, I just
want to say I'm very happy for you.

You're opening up,

you seem to be, you know,
admitting love or...

Or something like love.

Reese? Say something.


I've made up my mind.

I'm taking both beds.

Where am I going to sleep?

Thank you very much.

I appreciate it.

Hitchhiking is dangerous.
Just say no to drugs! Stay in school!

Deer stew. You want some?

It's always better a few days later.

I look like a cowboy, don't I?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I always wanted to be an Indian.

Damn it.

What are you doing here?

My partner needed some alone time.

Have you come to say goodbye?

I just wanted

to be close to him
for a little while longer.

I know you think that there was
something bad between me and him.

There wasn't.

He was a good man.

What was there between you?

He found me.

When you ran away?

No, that's when he saved me.

That day I ran,
I wanted to find my mother.

I hated it here.

And John said he would help me find her,

but said that I'd have to learn
how to survive the journey.

Taught me to fish, to ride, to shoot.

And so after a while you
didn't want to leave anymore?


do you think Tomas could
have killed John Hawes?

Anna, did Deputy Hawes
ever talk to you about evil?

You mean, evil with the convertible
Mercedes and the pointy red shoes?

Pointy red shoes?

Detective Reese? This is Tomas Shasta.

What can I do for you, Mr. Shasta?

I managed to find your car. A couple
teenagers had it halfway to Vegas.

I'm having it brought to the hotel.

Seems okay. You might want
to shampoo the rugs, though.


Evil is a man. Eval Vadas.

Eval, E-V-A-L. Vadas.

Eval and his brother Ziggy were
hired by the tribal council

to set up the casino and hotel.

He's on the reservation
a few days out of the month,

but spends most of his time in L.A.

How is that hotel?

Well, you know, it's new,
so they're still working out the kinks.

Spacious rooms?

Not too bad.

Nice big bathtubs with the air jets?

I didn't get to see the bathroom.

Did you get a haircut?

Hawes found out something
about Eval Vadas and guns.

Okay. Then you two should
knock on Mr. Eval Vadas' door

and see if Hawes was right.

- Hey, Ted.
- Charlie, is everything okay?

Nobody came home last night.

Should have called. Sorry.

Reese and I got stuck in the desert.

What do you mean nobody came home?

Ted, where's Rachel?

Well, I was hoping she was with you.

Her bed wasn't slept in.

Hello? Cut it out for a minute.

Rachel? Are you okay?

Fine. What's up?

Where are you? Who's that singing?

Just a friend.

Put your friend on the phone.

He's busy right now.

Does he know your uncle's a cop?

You are not my uncle.

Convertible Mercedes.

Hello, police, please come in.

We're looking for Eval.

Of course. Eval is waiting for you.

It's just a name, right?

Pointy red shoes. You're Eval.

Thank you for coming so quickly.

I hate dialing 911, but my mother
was so worried, that I called.

Oh, your mother was worried about...

The stalker. Please let me show you.

There she is.

I have a project on an Indian reservation
and this female tribal officer,

well, she's obsessed with me.


Yeah, she wants to have Eval's babies.


Ziggy actually thinks it's a good
idea to marry into the tribe.

Why is that?

Because then my children would be Indian,

so they'd get that big fat check
every month from the casinos.

And so you want us to...

Arrest her for trespassing.

She's not on your property.

That's the city of Los Angeles, out there.

I don't need legal advice.
Thank you. I need a cop.

Who cares what the reason is?


Ziggy will figure this out for you.

You're the brother? Ziggy Vadas.

Oh, you've heard of us?
Yeah, that was Ziggy's idea.

She felt that "the Vadas Brothers" was

a stronger brand than, you know,

"Vadas Siblings" or "the Two Vadases."

Officers, this woman is harassing us.

If you go talk to her,
you'll see she wears a gun.

Since she isn't on the reservation,

you can arrest her for
carrying an unlicensed firearm.

Actually, we're here to talk to
your brother Eval about firearms.

You're not the cops we called.

Say goodbye to the nice policemen, Eval.

My brother Ziggy.

Usually we do this
in the interrogation room,

but, you know, professional courtesy.

Don't put yourself out.

We have you on a
concealed weapons charge.

That is my service weapon.

Not in this city, it isn't.

John Hawes left me a
message about Eval and guns.

Yeah, we heard that. Remember?

Hawes had never called me before,

so it must have been serious.

Guns are serious.

If there is a gun problem
on my reservation,

then I need to get there first.

Well, Captain, it seems you do have
a gun problem on your reservation.

I got those phone dumps
off of Deputy Hawes' phone.

He got a call from
a gunsmith in Corona.

Eval wanted to hire the gunsmith to
work on the reservation full time,

converting rifles.

As in, converting semi-automatic
rifles to fully automatic?

No, he was hoping to convert them
to Judaism. Can you believe it?

Eval has something in his garage.

That door's got serious locks and...

He keeps his car in his driveway.


Eval, guns, money, dead sheriff.

We need a search warrant
for the Vadas house.

Dude, the guy's name is Eval.
You'll have your warrant in the morning.

You got a couch I can sleep on?

Did you just call me dude?

Ted? Is this curry?

You don't like it? Is it too spicy?

Indian food.

That was a coincidence.
I just grabbed the first menu.

How long have you two been together?

Since we met in prison.

But we're not "together."

- This isn't your daughter?
- No. She's not my niece.

And there's not a boy
not playing the guitar

on the other end of a phone call.

That's exactly right. There's not.

Look, Rachel, I was worried.

No, he was worried.
You were gone.

I came home, you weren't here.
I called, you didn't pick up.

I was in the middle of nowhere.

By that he means my home.

You can't come and go.

I'm in love with Olivia, Charlie.

I'm in love with the woman who
is going to marry your father.

White people.

Pass the vindaloo.

This is crazy! I'm a businessman.

Why are all cops so obsessed with me?

It's just a name, you morons.

That's enough for a militia.

What the hell are those?

The Enfield Civil War Musketoon.

Just like it was in 1860, except that these
were made two years ago in South Africa.

And the muzzles have been plugged.

But any good gunsmith could bore them out

and then you've got a lot of real guns, Eval.

Okay, I have some very high-profile
guests flying in from Asia next month.

These guys can go anywhere to gamble,
but they're coming to the Eagle Arrow

for an authentic American
Indian experience,

the reenactment of Custard's Last Stand.

Custer. Battle of Little Big Horn?

Happened in Montana.

I'll be sure to put a
footnote in the brochure.

Okay, you were making working guns.

You were importing them illegally,

so you're going to go to jail.

But not with us.

You're going federal, sweet pea.

You import these many guns these days,
there's a word for that.

But they're musketoons.

We've got a dead sheriff, Eval.

I have an alibi for that.
I was with my mother playing bingo.

Did Hawes ever confront you
about these guns?

Hawes confronted me about everything.

He was always trying to get
the tribal council to fire me.

Yeah? Why's that?

He didn't like that I wasn't an Indian.
I mean, who was he to talk?

Okay, let me ask you a question.

How come you didn't
just pay Hawes to go away?

I tried. You don't think I tried?

What happened?

He laughed. Said I didn't have enough money.

I mean, I would have understood
if he were one of you Indians.

I mean, you all won the lottery.

What did he have?

Eval didn't do it,
but why didn't Hawes take that bribe?

You don't take a bribe
for one of two reasons.

One, because you're an honest cop.

Or two, because someone
made you a better offer.

New York, right?

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it
happens other places, too.

The casinos in Vegas lose hundreds
of millions each year to the tribes.

What if they were paying Hawes
to try and stop your casino

and they killed him because he failed?

You believe that about Hawes?

I never met the deputy. Didn't know him.

I did.

If you met Anna Lakelin,
you knew John Hawes.

Hawes' financials are clean.

But there's one thing
that I can't figure out.

A couple of weeks ago, he wrote a check

to the Chillicothe County
Courthouse for 60 bucks.

Why would a county sheriff's deputy
write a personal check for court records?


He do this a lot?


Can I ask you,
did he ever have a head injury?

Mmm, deer stew.
Always better a few days later.

- How did you know that?
- I just knew it.

An envelope from Chillicothe.

They aren't court records
that Hawes sent away for.

It's a birth certificate for a
female born in Texas in 1982.

That would be Anna's age.

Ballistics came back.

It wasn't your gun that shot Hawes.

May I have it back now?

Hawes taught you how to survive
the journey? Made you tough.

That's right.

But you weren't done yet.

He had one more place he wanted you to go.

Smoking gun isn't a smoking gun.

Smoking gun turns out
to be a piece of paper.

Where was that journey, Anna?

Was it really to find your mother?


It was to find me.

Let me see that.

Tomas, I didn't know.

What is it? What has he shown you?

Deputy Hawes made good on his
promise to find Anna's mother.

Hawes was a sad man who
never had a child of his own.

No. Hawes never had a child, but you did.

You and your wife, you had Anna.

Got a birth certificate to prove it.

Got a birth certificate to prove
something else, too, Loomis.

I'm not...

I never...

I'm not a Native American.

Not by blood. Loomis, you lied
when you came on the reservation.

No one was checking, no one cared.

The casino money wasn't coming in.

I'm sorry, Anna.

Tomas, say something.

Found some dried blood
in your truck, Mr. Lakelin.

Pretty sure a test will show
it belongs to John Hawes.

You have a gun yourself, don't you, sir?

Hawes comes to you with this,

so you can have a chance to
make right by your daughter.

He went out without his gun that night,
expected to find a friend.

John always told me to keep
one in my pocket, just in case.

You killed him for the money?
The casino money?

I did it for you. Do you think
Tomas would marry you if he knew?

Anna marries me, then your money
and land is protected, too.

Anna, is this what Deputy John
Hawes would have done?

Yes, it is.

Okay, okay.

Is this what Deputy John Hawes
would have wanted you to do?

Anna, come inside.

Okay, you can open them.

Now I want you to take a good long look.

I'm doing that.

And I want you to think about this next
time you feel like calling me dude.


You were jealous I was
in that room with Crews.

- No way.
- Yeah, you were.

Say it.

- I wasn't jealous.
- Come on. Admit it.

- Mmm-mmm.
- Admit it.

Dude, I wasn't jealous.

Dani. No, I'm... Reese.



Detective Crews.

Ah, Mr. Rayborn.

It's a nice night, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

Got the world on a string up here.

A mayor over there,
a senator at that table.

Movie stars, rock stars.

This is the party
I grew up wanting to go to.

And you know what?

Now that you're at the party,
you want to go home.

Yes, but the sad
fact is, though, that I am home.

Not many people in our club, Detective.

What club is that?

Cops with money.

Cops with lots and lots of money.

Might just be the two of us.

Saw a photo once.

Makes me think there might be a few more.

Can I tell you a secret?

Something no one else knows. No one.

Why would you want to
tell me your secret?

I got my tests back today.
Something real bad going on in my cells.

Got six months on the outside.

But that's not the secret.

What is?

The secret is, there's some
things I need to do before I go.

Here we go, Detective Crews.