Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 7 - A Civil War - full transcript

The police investigate the murder of two Iranian-American college students who were killed in a convenience store. The shootings have all the earmarks of a hate crime as nothing was stolen ...

Previously on "Life"

detective, I have something
you might be interested in.

The bank of Los Angeles shootout.

That was 15 years ago.

You should ask your partner
what happened to all that money.

- Bobby said...
- I don't know what your old partner told you,

but he was working the
barricades four blocks out.


Hello. I'm Olivia.

The thing about Olivia is
she's marrying your father.

I wanna tell you about
the dream I had last night.

Were there clowns in it?


I don't like dreams with clowns.

Who does?

No, there were no clowns in this dream.

There were solar panels.

An array of solar panels.

Solar panels?

I wanna buy a solar farm.

You already have an orange grove.

And now I want a solar farm.

Energy, Ted, made out of light.

Solar farms don't exactly
turn in a huge profit, Charlie.

The profit will be in our small contribution
to restoring the natural Harmony of our planet.

I don't think there's a column in the spreadsheet
under restoration of planetary Harmony.

I want that solar farm, Ted.

It came to me in a dream.

In the back by the sodey pop.

You're not gonna like it though.

No ID's.

They look like persian kids though.

Wrote it in oil.

Hate crime? Skinheads?

Cash in the register went untouched.

Nothing stolen. Just those two there.

Two dead Iranian-Americans in here.

Bunch of angry people out there.

Get some more units down here.

There were three of 'em.

Early 20s maybe, you know.
They were wearing ski masks.

And they each had a gun.

What happened then?

They were over by the
cooler makin' a lot of noise.

One of 'em was saying,
"go back to where you came from."

The other one kept saying,
"this is where I came from."

Then I heard two shots,
and then it was quiet.

Firecrackers. M80s.

No gun. Just firecrackers. No gun.

That's all this crowd needs.
You got this?


You threw those!

More units?

More units.

You're not listening to us.

No, you're not listening to me.

I'll ask you one more time
to step out of the store.

It's okay. I got this, officer.

All yours, detective.

Why is she so upset?

Amir, my brother, he was stopping
here on the way home from class.

And he never came home?

Is he your brother Amir?

No. But those are his
friends, Rashne and Daria.

What's she saying?

Amir came to this store with rashne and but
if he's not here, he must have been taken.

- They must have taken him.
- Who?

Whoever did this to rashne and daria.

"Go home."

I bet those kids thought they were home.

Hey, nice job out there, bobby.

That knucklehead with the tire iron?

Yeah, it's nothin'.

Hey, it was only nothing 'cause
you did something to him.

If you hadn't done anything, it might
have become any number of things.

Do you have to wind him up?

Any number of things.

That guy with the tire iron hits the
other guy, and the whole place goes up.

A butterfly flaps its wings, and halfway
across the world, a hurricane forms.

See? No matter where it starts, always
ends up with something just like that.

Something, nothing, anything.

A butterfly, a hurricane.

It'll make a good story.

It's no bank of Los Angeles, but
at least it's true, right?

What'd you say?


No. You said something.

See? Something? Nothing?

Can't get away from it.

You mention the butterfly, i'm
gonna find it and rip its wings off.

What did you say about
the bank of Los Angeles?

It's just a story I
like to tell, detective.

Why? What's it to you?

What kinda story?

You're stepping over a line
here. You might wanna step back.

Full house.

Yeah, i count FBI, homeland
security, mayor's office.

Joint terrorism task
force, hate crimes unit.

This is still a
homicide, first and foremost.

And unless the federal government is requesting
the LAPD relinquish its jurisdiction,

it will be handled as an a homicide
and run by LAPD homicide detectives.

Rashne talebi and daria ovesi.

Each shot once in the
head at close range.

Both are third year
at usc♪ business school.

Both honor students.

Both had juvie beefs for dealing pot.

Records were expunged.

Three white males wearing ski masks
left the white counter guy alone.

Put the dead victims in the cooler.

Wrote "go home" in motor
oil on the cooler door.

Amir darvashi, classmate of the victims.

He was reported to be at the gas
station at time of the shooting.

Hasn't been seen since.

Witnesses on scene said they saw a Van leaving the
parking lot at high speed just after the shooting.

Color of this Van could be
blue, light gray, or beige.

Pull over every vehicle
that even looks close.

This neighborhood was
predominately white,

but has had a heavy persian
influx since the '80s.

Now it's about evenly split.

This needs to close and close fast.

I do not need the war here.

I've arranged to meet the owner of
the gas station... Mary Ann Farmer.

And you?

Mother of the missing boy Amir.

I'll see what I can find out
about him and his friends.


I have one word for
you... photodiode.

I don't know what that means.

It means transducer's light energy.

Energy from light, Charlie.

From the sun.

We can do this?

I know what I said at
breakfast this morning.

But I've been thinking about
what you said, about your dream.

You're right, charlie. We are choking.

Choking on fossil fuel.

You found an array?

I'm on my way right now to see it.

Oh, uh, Ted, Olivia.


I told her to come by the house.

You know, so we
could... we could talk.

You didn't tell me that.

No. There's things I don't tell you, Ted.

But... Olivia...

She's coming by the house.

Just explain to her something came
up and I can't get away, okay? Thanks.

I was gonna see the solar farm.

Maybe she'd like to go with me.

Yeah, right.

Because women really
like photovoltaic arrays.

Detective Crews?


Mary Ann.

You look surprised.

No, no. No, I, um...

No, I guess I
just expected, um...

Someone older.


Careful of having
expectations, detective.

They only lead to disappointment.

Where'd you hear that?

That one I didn't hear.
That one I had to learn.

Is it okay to go inside?

I'm not gonna disturb the evidence?

No, it's okay.

This is my first store.

Your first? How many do you have?

Six. But this is my first.

He's a good student.

His friends are good students.

His friends aren't such
good students, mrs.Darvashi.

They've both been
arrested for selling drugs.

But not my Amir.

No. Not your Amir.

Those two, the ones who were killed.

He's not like them.

Look at what a good
student my Amir is... all as.

He would have called
his mother if he could.

Someone is stopping him.

You find him.

You find my Amir.

To die that way.

To do that to another
person, that's so... terrible.

"Go home."

I was wondering if you might
know why they wrote that.

I suppose out of hate.

But it's in your store, and
that made me think, why here?

Could it have something to do
with this place, with your store?

Mary Ann, we have surveillance tape from your camera
before it was destroyed I'd like you to have look at it.

Of course. Should I
come down to the station?

No.actually, i have it here.

What... in that?

Wow, that's like...

Living in the future?


Living in the future.

Do you know one of them?

Is there a way to make it closer?

You do. You know one
of the boys, don't you?

They're wearing masks.

But you can see their eyes.

That one...

In the middle.

The one who shot the camera. I know him.

Do you know his name?

It's Farmer. Jeffrey Farmer.

Farmer? Is he your brother?

No, detective, Jeffrey...

Jeffrey's my son.

I moved here from Ojai when I
was 15, pregnant with Jeffrey.

I found work in a gas station.

I bought that gas station.

I bought another.
Then I bought four more.

Somewhere in there, Jeffrey grew up.

Somewhere in there, Jeffrey
grew away from me.

It started in high school, his hatred
of all the immigrants. Persians.

Do you know the names of
the people he runs with?

They're... they're surf rats.

He and his two buddies.

Do you know where we might look for him?

They live out of that Van.

I know he did a terrible thing.

But you will bring
him back... won't you?

Wait for our call

Trace that. Now.

We're gonna help you, okay?
We're gonna find him.

So he's just gonna buy all this?

If he wants.

'Cause he saw it in a dream.


It's nice that he still has
dreams after what he came through.

I don't think I could do
what he did, be that strong.

I don't know. You seem
pretty strong to me.

Everybody turning their back on you?

Your own loved ones
just... walking away?

It's all we really have
in this world, isn't it?

The ones we love the ones who love us.

Energy out of light, huh?

Well, Charlie likes light.

I can imagine.

No, you can't.

No, I can't. Of course not.

How could I?

What is so funny?

It's just that we..

We're surrounded by all that free energy.

And why is that funny?

Because, Ted, we're out of gas.

It's not funny.

Disposable cell phone.
Easy enough to track.

But they'll use a new
one next time they call.

Call coming in on her cell.


We want the cash from the dope he
and his arab friends are dealing.

You tell us where it is, or Amir ends
up like his two buddies... bang, bang.

It's not about keeping immigrants
out of that neighborhood.

It's about drugs and money.

What have we learned?

It's always about drugs and money.

Who let this happen?

Who let these two women near each other?

I'm sorry...

I just wanted to come over...

I just wanted to apologize.

I don't know what she's saying.

She wants to know what kind of a mother
raises a son who does such things,

what kind of a mother
raises that kind of animal?

Tell her...

Tell her that I would give my life...

For the life of her son.

Tell her that I know how
much she must love him.


Drugs and money.

Go search Amir's house.

I think I should go.

Uh, you know, at some point, we'll probably
have to put you on the phone with your son.

We both know that would be... a mistake.

You're gonna kill my son, aren't you?

Didn't know you spoke Farsi.

My mom's Persian. She'd
speak it to me growing up.

What about your father?

He forbid it when he was in the house.

My son is not a drug dealer.
He's a good student. He studies.

He plays video games.

He doesn't get into trouble.

Tell your mother that he is in trouble,

and we need her to be honest with us.

She says he's a good son.

He studies and plays video games.

I'll connect Amir's
computer to the LAPD server

so that they can access it
over in the conference room.

I've never seen that screen before.

The department doesn't let
us computer geeks have guns,

and they don't let you detectives
have access to this level of security.

Hey, Reese.

You, me, and Stark in the elevator.

You had a weird reaction when he
mentioned the bank of L.A. shootout.

Did I?

Which I thought it was...
I thought it was weird.

Because you weren't even
on the force back then.

Yeah, I was 12 when it happened.

Family stuff.

You know, I've been
gone a while, but, um...

Are computers supposed to do this?

Hey, there's a computer
problem in the conference room.

Making funny noises.

There's also flickering lights involved.

Family stuff...

Bank of Los Angeles robbery

Jack Reese. Dani's father.

Some kind of offending liquid in here.

This is why we don't
drink and type, people.

S.w.a.t. Leader, Jack Reese.

These are clean.

If Amir was hiding drug money
somewhere, he hasn't recorded it there.

It's just basic business schoolwork.

I will say this, though.
The kid is smart.

Yep. Straight A's.

Nothing in here either.

It's what you'd expect to find
on a 20-year-old's computer...

Music, some porn.

Not very good porn, though.

Sorry you had to see that.

I'll cope somehow.

Anything else?

You sure this was the only
computer in the house?


Well, there's references to a
file, but I can't find the file.

What's it called?

- Farah.
- Farah?

- That's a girl's name.
- And a number.

"Farah, level ten."

Level ten?

She must be hot.



No farah.

And what about you, shahnaz?

Does Amir have any friends named farah?

No, he doesn't have any
friends named farah.

You think there has
to be another computer.

There is a file reference but no
file by that name on this computer.

He's a good son. He studies.

He plays his video game. A game console.

It's like a computer, isn't it?

Not like one. It is one.

It's just a hard drive with games on it.

The object of this game is
to save the Princess farah.

You think you can get to level ten?

Detective, I'm 30 years old, I
live with my mother, and

I have a captain kirk
costume in my closet.

Ted, can I ask you a question?


You seem like a nervous sort to me.

Do I?

You were some wall street big
shot. Were you nervous back then?


Did prison make you nervous?


Olivia, you make me nervous.

That's why I didn't pay
attention to my gas Gauge.

That's why we're stranded out here.

You... you make me nervous.

That's all right, Ted.

It's human nature. It's
nothing to be ashamed of.

♪ Sweet hour of prayer ♪

♪ sweet hour of prayer ♪

my dad used to sing it to me
when we camped when I was a kid.

It's pretty. Go on.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

♪ That calls me from ♪

♪ a world of care ♪

♪ and bids me at ♪

♪ my father's throne ♪

♪ make all my wants ♪

♪ and wishes known ♪

♪ in seasons of ♪

♪ distress and grief ♪

♪ my soul has often found release ♪

it's not Amir.

It's not Jeffrey.

Three surf rats at that gas station.

One of them ends up here dead.

Why do you kill someone
who pulls a job with you?

I guess because you reach
some sort of disagreement.

Some sort of violent disagreement.

And, like Davis says, it's
probably about drugs and money.

Yeah, I guess. Drugs and money.


Time's up, little sister.

You give me what I want, or I give your
brother something he does not want.
Got it?

Tell him you found the
information about the money.

Tell him you'll trade
it for your brother.

You can do this, shahnaz.


Jeffrey called in again.

He will exchange Amir for the
information about the money.

You're not gonna do that.

Of course I'm not going to do that.

I am going to let them think
that we are going to do that.

Rose bowl parking lot. 45 minutes.

And detectives, these guys are
responsible for three deaths.

I'd like to end this now.

How long have we been awake?

You sure we are awake?

Maybe this is a dream.

Maybe life is a dream, and
we wake up when we die.

Sun's gonna come up soon, right?

Something's not right, Reese.

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is McAllister.

This is detective Crews. Talk
to me about those spreadsheets.

Yeah, okay.

According to these spreadsheets, Amir and
his friends had a nice little drug business.

Three smart usc kids, a little
business school plus a lot of drugs...

You got an enterprise.

So Jeffrey and his surf rat friends
bought those drugs from Amir and company.

Jeffrey figures Amir and
company are sitting on some cash.

They take Amir hostage, 'cause he was their
accountant. He knew where the money was.

Keep looking. There's more in there.

I don't think there is.

Well, you do something
like this to hide a secret.

More secret than drugs and money?

Keep lookin'.

It's late, detective. I've looked.

I have a zen exercise.

It'll give you the energy
you need to finish this task.

Yeah. I really don't
believe in that stuff.

Try it. Imagine me...


Imagine me...

Walking into that room you are in...

Imagine me walking into
that room you are in...


And there you are...

Not having done what I asked.


Okay. There's...
There's something here.

There's a column here that
doesn't make any sense.

What way doesn't it make any sense?

It seems to be a separate business.

Got about $93,000 in cash
in an offshore account.

It's coded with three
initials... m.A.F.

I need an address.

Mary Ann Farmer.


Turn the car around.

He's not going to that meet.

This is about something else.

He's going to his mother's house.

This one's not Jeffrey either.

Where's Mary Ann and Amir?

He took them in her car.

So Jeffey and his surf rats friends kill
those two persian kids and take Amir.

Then Jeffrey kills his two friends
and takes his mother and Amir.

Jeffrey wants her money too.

He wants more than that.

How do you know?

She told me.

Mary Ann told me.

You awake?

Of course. Sleep is for babies.

Where's the money?

You mean where is it... physically?

I guess you could say
it's in The Bahamas.

I wish I was in The Bahamas.

How would Jeffrey get to it?

Wire transfer to any bank.

Is that something we can track?

Just sign here, here, and here,

and I can go get you your cash.

And you, Mr. Darvashi, you'll be
needing a wire transfer as well?

Yes, please.

He's gonna kill us.

That's right, Amir.

He's gonna kill us as
soon as he gets the money.

It's gonna be okay.

No, it won't.

- It won't be okay. No.
- Yes, it will.

No... more... Talking.

He's gonna kill us.

He's gonna kill us as
soon as we leave the bank.

I saw him kill my friend.

I saw him kill his own
friends. I saw him...

Okay, I might as well kill you now.

Go home?

That's what you wrote on
the glass, i sn't it... "go home".

Is that what you want them to
do, or is that what you want to do?

Do you want to go home, Jeffrey?

How do you know my name?

I not only know your name, I
also know what you want.

I want this a-rab dead.

He's persian...

Not arab, Jeffrey.

He's a-rab if I say he's a-rab! And in
about ten seconds he's gonna be dead

that's not what you really want.

What you really want is what Amir has.

You mean his money.

I'm gonna take his money
and I'll walk outta here

and I'll put his brain on the floor.

That's not what I meant, Jeffrey.

You know what I mean.

- You know what Amir has.
- Shut up.

See I thought it was about the money.

It's always about the money... drugs
and the money. Isn't that right, Reese?

That's right.

But your mother told me the truth.

What she said is a lie.
She's made of lies.

She told Amir's mother...

That she knows how she feels.

She told Amir's mother that she
knows just how much she must love him.


Both of you shut it... now!

How could she know that?

How could she know how
much a mother loves her son?


I said both of you... shut up!

But she doesn't love you.

So she must not have
been talking about you.

Because she loves Amir, too.

And that's what you want, isn't
it, Jeffrey? What Amir has.

What your mother's giving him.

It's love, right?

SWAT 2. I'm in position.

And something else too.


Good morning.

Amir would come into my store
when he was still in high school.

I have a lot of soft
cash in my business,

and he showed me there were better things to
do with it than keep it in a bag in my closet.

And you fell in love.

He wasn't like the rest of the kids.

Wasn't like Jeffrey and his friends.

Amir wanted to be something.

He worked at it.

The kind of kid who could start out pumping
gas and end up owning six gas stations?

Yeah, I think maybe one
more just to get me home.


Going out?

Yeah, yeah.

I got some... stuff to do.

Hey, did you go to the solar farm?

Yeah. Yeah.

Do you think we can make
something out of this?

Yeah. We can. Yeah.

I like that.

Yeah. I like it, too.