Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 2 - Tear Asunder - full transcript

Detectives Crews and Reese investigate the murder of Anna Silvers, who was killed on her wedding night in her hotel room. They arrest her husband who is found by the pool, drunk and covered...

As a cop you only have other cops
we walked away

we all thought he was guilty
after the trial

I needed counseling
so I could sleep

there was all that proof

cop doing time, please

they broke nearly every bone
in his body

after reopening the case,
we found that the evidence

didn't match officer Crews

If you had your own car,
I wouldn't have to drive you.

I don't have a car because
you ran over it with a tractor.

Not that I was attached
to that car.

I was not attached to that car.

It doesn't matter.
I'll take the bus.

Yeah, but someone has
to take you to the bus.

I'll take him.

But you gotta ride on back.

I'll just go put some clothes on.

Why don't you have
any furniture?

You're not attached
to her, either?

- You were a little girl once.
- There's no proof of that.

Didn't dream of the big wedding?

Dad walking you down the aisle?

Dream about who your
bridesmaids would be?

Didn't dream about
the dress, either.

Anna Turner.
Married last night in this hotel.

Housekeeping found her like that.

Someone took the time
to cover her up...

- Care for her appearance.
- She probably knew the killer.

Lots of out of town guests.

Family, friends.
No one leaves until we say so.

Cash gifts.

At least $50.000 here.

Robbery gone wrong.

- Let's get photos and inventory.
- Detective, I hoped...

We'd split it up.

- Where's the groom?
- Hasn't turned up yet.

Would you stick around
if you did that?

He didn't go far.

- Because he left his shoes?
- No.

Because he left his wallet,
watch and keys.

Jake silvers.

Did you kill your wife, Jake?

Listen up. We're looking for
Jake silvers, floor by floor.

You know the drill. Let's go.

How'd you know there was
something in that shoe?

One shoe was heavier.
It sat lower on the carpet.

- You expect me to believe that?
- I don't care what you believe.

It won't change
what was in that shoe.

Why can't you talk
like a normal person?

When was the last time
you met a normal person?



Maybe you should slow down
with the Tequila.

I got married last night.
Did you know that?

- Yeah, we heard.
- Is that Anna's blood?

- You're cops?
- Why don't you stand up, Jake?


I'm not a good person.

- Why'd you say that?
- She thought I was.

I wanted to be the person
Anna thought I was.

- You'll put those on now?
- Just for a while.

This is Anna's blood.

I have to go see her.

- We'll take you to her.
- No! No!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Get them out of there.

Crews? Crews, you here?

Crews, come on.
Seriously. Let's go.

You were lead detective
on the Crews murder case?

Yeah, I worked that case.

Took my twenty right after
we closed it.

No DNA's going to tell me
we got the wrong guy.

Here's what's left
of Tom Seybolt...

Boyhood friend and part owner
in a bar with Crews.

Tom was skimming,
so Crews goes to settle the books...

And kills Tom.

Here's Tom's pretty wife.

Had two kids...

Used to call Crews
"uncle Charlie".

You lost these.

- A stun Baton?
- 900,000 volts.

Felt like more.
Where's Jake?

- I hope you die, son of a bitch.
- They should have shot you...

- For what you did to Anna!
- Calm down, please.

- Parents of the bride?
- Yeah. Don't you love weddings?

- We have hair and blood here.
- Blunt force trauma back here.

Someone pushed her hard
against the wall.

Somebody strong.

Yeah, or someone very angry.

I need to get this by you.

- Please, I...
- It's okay, officer. I've got it.

Sorry about that.

I'm detective Crews.
And you are...

Tiffany. Tiffie.

- I was one of her bridesmaids.
- You seem younger Anna.

How'd you know her?

Jake and my brother
were friends.

Anna was always nice to me.

She treated me so nice.

The disposable cameras.

Anna told me to collect them.

- Maybe someone'll want them.
- Of course.

You didn't have to bring them.
Someone would've come for them.

I wanted...

What is it, tiffie?

She said she had a brother.

Call him.

You okay?

She's not used to drinking.

I told her to have a beer,
steady her out...

But she wouldn't listen.

Anna's dead. I loved her.

I know. Come on.

I got your blood alcohol
test here, Jake.

I've never seen
a number this high.

What name will they put
on her tombstone?

Did she take your last name?


She couldn't wait
to be Anna silvers.

Is that what they'll put
on her tombstone?

- Anna silvers?
- I'm sure they will.

If she took your name,
that was her name, too.

What happened after
you got back to the suite?

- I passed out.
- And when you woke up?

Go on, Jake.

What happened when you awoke?

Anna was on the floor.

There was...

Blood everywhere.

Her dress was in the corner.

She was dead and...

So you covered her up?


- I tried.
- Didn't want to leave her that way.

Why would someone kill her?

You need to know who killed her.

No matter who it is.

Perhaps you did something
and don't remember?

- No.
- No? You drank a lot, Jake!

You assaulted my partner.

You get violent...

- When you're drunk.
- No, I didn't...

You has a problem...

- With violence in the past, right?
- That was before.

Before Anna.
She saved me.

If you loved her, you need
to know who did it, Jake.

No matter who the person is.
For her.

I couldn't. I couldn't.

Could I have?

Could I have?

Detectives, I'm Jake's attorney.
Jake, stop talking.

He doesn't have to talk.

We have Anna's blood
all over him.

- He assaulted an officer.
- That's me.

- I saw you at the hotel, right?
- That's right.

I was in the wedding party,
but here I'm Jake's attorney.

Well, counselor...

He admitted to blacking out
during the time of Anna's death.

He doesn't have to talk unless
he wants to avoid the needle.

Both the tractor and the Bentley
are registered to Charlie Crews

yes, that's correct.

But you were driving
the tractor?

Yes, but both are insured
by your company, so...

I have to get a supervisor

no, I don't need a supervisor.
I need you to...

And this bird he cannot change

fly high, free bird

- hi.
- Hello.

- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for Charlie Crews.

He's not here right now.

What a shame.

You must be that Mr. Earley
Charlie met in prison.

Is it true you live
in his garage?

Well, in a room above
his garage, actually.

You look younger in person.

I've seen you in the papers.
Those photos aren't flattering.

No, they're not.

They make you look grumpy.
You don't seem grumpy.

Who'd you say you were?

I didn't. I'm sorry.
I'm Olivia.

Are you a friend of Charlie's?

Not exactly.
But I hope to be.

I hope to be your friend,
too, Ted.

Husband's got blood
on his hands...

Can't account for where he was
during the murder.

He's got assault charges
in his jacket.

Let's get what we need
to make it stick.

Interesting fruit.


It's a horned melon.

Also known as jelly melon,
kiwano or African horned cucumber.

- African horned cucumber?
- It's an ornamental fruit...

But you can still eat it.

- I thought there'd be more.
- More to what?

In the pool, with Jake...

When you put those volts,
I was almost dead.

Yeah, I remember.

It was a near death experience.

Be happy it wasn't
a full death experience.

Nothing happened.

No lights, no tunnels,
no dead relatives.

Maybe I wasn't near death enough
for a near death experience?

Detectives, where are we
with the Anna Turner case?

- Jake silvers.
- Jake didn't do it.

There's no way he killed her.

That's funny, you say
Jake didn't do it...

But your partner says otherwise.
When I say that's funny...

- I mean it's not funny.
- I know, but look:

In jail I met a lot of men
who killed their wives.

I looked in Jake's eyes
and I didn't see it.

You looked into his eyes.

- Windows to the soul.
- That's very profound...

But the LAPD believes Jake silvers
is the main suspect...

And because we believe that,
the city of la requires you...

To get him
for Anna Turner's murder.

Anna silvers.


She was married.

She took his name.
She died Anna silvers.

You should...

I'm sorry.

I don't envy you.

- Why not?
- Woman boss, woman partner.

Makes me dizzy thinking about
this hen house of a department.

It's not like it used to be, is it?

- Charlie, you remember my wife?
- Leslie. Sure.

She told me to invite you
to the house this weekend.

We're having a barbecue,
family, friends.

Say yes, Charlie.
Don't make me tell her "no".

Is this going to be
a thing with you.

Which thing?

This thing with Jake silvers.

Are you going to see
falsely accused people everywhere?

Isn't that a good instinct
for a cop to have?

I just need to know if it's
going to be a thing with you.

Shouldn't innocent until
proven be guilty...

Be a thing with all of us?

- Did Anna and Jake have problems?
- Jake loved Anna.

- Loved her!
- Would never hurt her. Ever.

Loved her.

When Jake met Anna,
he was totally lost.

You mean his prior
assault charges?

Yeah. You're pretty.

Shut up, Mason.
She's a cop.

A pretty cop.

You're that dude.

You're so torn from
the headlines, dude.

Thanks, dude.

You used to date Anna.

- A few times.
- Once.

Just hook ups. Nothing serious.
Not like Jake.

What about Eddie?
Did he ever hook up with Anna?

That'd be a "no".

I don't think Eddie
plays for our team.

Our team? I don't think
he plays for any team.

- Eddie loves the law.
- There he is.

- Eddie!
- What are you doing?

Relax, Eddie.

Go get a drink.
Take the edge off.

You're drunk.

Anna's dead, Jake's in jail
for murder...

And all you can do
is sit there and drink.

It's a wake.

- Anna loved Jake.
- You can't believe how.

Why don't you tell me?

Anna had a tough time
growing up.

She used to act out.

We all did stuff,
but Anna always had to...

- Go further, drink more...
- Did she use drugs?

It's okay.

You can tell us.
We're investigating her murder.

Did she use drugs?

She always had to do
more drugs...

More guys, more everything.

It was more than partying.
Like, I don't know...


Yeah, punishment.

- That's how she met Jake.
- They were a team.

- And you used to date Jake?
- On and off.

Just hook ups.

- Can I ask you something?
- About Anna?

No. About Jake.

If he doesn't remember
what he did to Anna...

- Is that better for him?
- You mean legally?

Tiffany, if Jake killed Anna...

He's doing to jail a long time,
whether he remembers or not.

- How's your partner doing?
- I'm not a rat.

I'm not asking you to be one

it'll be better for Crews
if he's removed from duty

the LAPD is not
the best environment for him.

- The best environment?
- You can do this, Dani.

Something good for crew,
for the department, for you.

So, if it's bad for the department
then it's bad for me, too?

Where are you right now?

Dani, this is not an excuse
to back slide.

I'm going to a meeting
right now.

Buy me a drink.

- Do I know you?
- Does it matter?

Mr. Andrews?

My realtor called about me
stopping by to see the house.

No forced entry.

They let Crews walk right in.

The killer.
Crews was exonerated.

Sure. If you like.
The killer.

- You have a beautiful home.
- Thank you.

Husband's body was found
in the living room.

Throat slit.

Would you like some tea,
Mr. Burke?

- No, thank you.
- Never thought about selling...

But your realtor called and said
someone wanted to look, so...

As for the wife, the killer
got her on the staircase.

She was headed up to protect
her son, I'd think.

The son never made it
out of this room.

Or he ran back there
to hide, not to tell.

- And the daughter?
- The daughter was 9 years old.

She was out of the house.

Guess you'd call her lucky...

But with this being her family...

I'm not sure the word
"lucky" applies.

Her bed is unmade.

She was here.

If the bed's unmade,
she was here, not at a friend's.

They made their beds every day.
They had to make their beds.

- She was here that night.
- Mr. Crews?

It is Crews, isn't it?

- I'm sorry. I'll go.
- Why come here, Mr. Crews?

Haven't they punished you
enough for what you didn't do?

Reports say you had a problem
with drinking at the end.

You go to hell.

I count 4 blenders.

Why do people always give
blenders as wedding gifts?

Maybe I'll get my dad one.
He's getting married.


Maybe I'll get him a blender.

I'll write: "Congratulations.
Hope you like your new blender."

You're doing that thing
where you're not talking to me.

I begged her not to marry him.

He had been arrested before,
you know.

- Assault charges.
- Yes, we know.

I told Anna he was trouble.
His whole family was trouble.

All his friends. All they do
is drink and make trouble.

Jake's lawyer, Eddie,
seems to be okay.

Eddie is Anna's friend,
detective, not Jake's.

He hardly knows Jake.

I always thought Eddie and Anna
might end up together.

Why's that?

Eddie was in love with her.
He was always around.

He was there for her.
He was nice.

Lobby apple.

What? There was a big bowl
by the front desk.

The hotel wants you
to take them.

We can hear you in there.

- I was in the shower.
- Hair's not wet.

I was about to get in.

Why say you were in already
when you weren't?

Eddie, you didn't mention you were
Anna's friend and not Jake's.

As an attorney, I not obligated
to mention...

- Who my acquaintances are.
- But you were Anna's friend.

Why would the victim's friend
represent the accused?

That's very, what's the word?

- Enlightening.
- We were friends, okay?

- All of us.
- Everyone hooking up with everyone.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Bad bed for such a nice hotel.

- You should complain.
- Please leave now.

Everyone hooking up with everyone.
But not you.

I want you out of my room. Now!

Oh, god.

I tried to throw it away,
but I couldn't.

I couldn't let her go.

- Anna porn?
- I know it looks bad.

No. It doesn't look bad.
It looks weird, Eddie.

- Very weird.
- This is porn, onto which...

- You've pasted the victim's face.
- It's product of an illegal search.

This centerfold is
10 years old, Eddie.

You've been at this a long time.

There's a word
for that kind of thing.

- How will the jury take that?
- He must've loved Anna a lot.

I did love her.

But I didn't kill her.

Jake did. I loved Anna.

A true, true love.


I have an alibi.

That's him.

- You sure?
- He made me wear a blond wig...

A wedding dress,
and he called me Anna.

Yeah. I remember him.

How long was Crews in jail
before I took his case?

- Nearly 8 years.
- What was his emotional state...

When you met him?

- You'd have to ask him.
- Hypothetically...

What's the emotional state
of a man who's been in jail...

- For that long?
- Hypothetically?

- He gives up.
- Gives up on what?

He gives up on life.

Hey, aren't you that guy?

- I may be that guy.
- You are. I'm Tina.

And I'm Gina.

- Tina and Gina. Really?
- Really.

They gave you all that money,
like $50 million?

- The amount wasn't "disclothed".
- Disclosed.

That's what she said.
All that money...

Why are you riding the bus?

What kind of person lives in la
and doesn't have his own car?

- A crazy person.
- Maybe this isn't a good idea.

- No. It'l be fine, Olivia.
- Are you sure?

100% sure. 95%. 90%.

90% sure.

Oh, my god.
This is a bad idea.

Give me a second.

Hey, Ted. This is Tina
and this is Gina.

- No. I'm Tina and this is Gina.
- Say "hi", Ted.

- Hi.
- Tina and Gina want to go swimming.

- And I told them we have a pool.
- No, you said you have...

- A warm pool.
- That's right. I did say that.

We have a warm pool,
don't we, Ted?

I don't know.
I guess it's about 81, 82.

Some people like it
around 89 or 90...

But that's too hot for me.

Ted, who's that?

That's Olivia.
She wants to meet you.

I'm very popular.

The thing about Olivia, though...

That's my cell phone.

- Charlie?
- Important police business.


The thing about Olivia is...

She's marrying your father.

- Detective Crews.
- Crews, Davis just called.

- Jake tried to kill himself
- did you hear me?

Did you hear me?
He's unconscious, but he'll live.

She's marrying your father
and you won't return their calls...

So she stopped by.
She seems really nice.

Davis is calling it murder-suicide
I'm charging him when he wakes up.

Come on. Say something.

I've got to go.
To charge someone with murder.

- What?
- Lots of paperwork.

I'll get this bus.

Are we still going swimming?

Does it bother me that
now he's my superior?

I hadn't really thought of it
until you asked me.

Is there support on the force
for Crews coming back on the job?

On the job. That's good.
Like cops talk.

Yeah. There's support.

He's got a shield.
He's one of us.

My wife thought
you wouldn't show.

I told her, "if Charlie said
he was coming, he's coming".

- Hi, Bobby.
- What've you got there?

Beer. Nice.
Come on back.

Careful you guys!


Three kids.
You've done well for yourself.

Yeah, real well.

Why'd you come, Charlie?

- I thought you wanted me to.
- Me? Is that what he told you?

I don't know what he told you,
but I hoped you'd have the decency...

To stay away.

You know, when you went to jail,
everyone thought...

Bobby was dirty, too?

Nobody'd ride with him
for 4 years.

Did you know that?


Nobody'd ride with him
for 4 years.

Eat your burger and go back
to your fancy house, okay?


You going already?

Yeah. I got to get back.

Yeah, okay. No problem.

But before you go...

There's something...

You'll see. There's something
I've got to show you.

Come on, tough guy.
It won't kill you.

Never know when some teenager's
going to sneak in here...

And light up a joint.

Keep meaning to get that fixed.

Here it is.

Oh, here.

Take it, it's yours.

Got your old badge, too.

- How'd you get these?
- Don't ask.

Just fell into my hands.
Thought you'd want them.

- I don't know what to say.
- Say thanks.

Let's get you a burger.

Crews? Crews?

- Are you with us?
- It's all here...

Except the one thing that isn't.

What does that mean?
Anyone know what that means?

- Going home?
- Yeah.

My parents don't want my sister
to miss any more classes.

- Tiffie, can I see your eyes?
- I have a bad headache.

I'd rather keep them on,
if that's okay.

I want to apologize, tiffie.


Because you asked for help
and we didn't listen.

- I didn't ask for help.
- You asked us to help you...

Help Jake.

When you brought the cameras,
you asked, but I didn't listen.

- What is he talking about?
- I can't help anybody.

How'll you feel if Jake goes to jail
for a crime he didn't commit?

Anna loved Jake.

Don't you think she'd want
you to save him?

How can I save Jake?

You're the only one who can.
You have the answer.

You've had it all along,
haven't you?

Tiffany, detective Crews
is going to show you some photos.

Look at them very closely.

- Okay?
- Maybe you can tell my sister...

What she's looking for.

- You see it, right, tiffie?
- What's she supposed to see?

They're just stupid
wedding photos.

- Let me see those.
- No. You're fine.

See in the background there?

And there by the dj.

And this one by the wall.

What are you doing
in these photos, Tiffany?

- I'm taking photos.
- In these photos, you're...

Taking photos, and I can't find
any of the photos you're taking.

- Where are those photos, Tiffany?
- What is this? A riddle?

- What kind of cop are you?
- You brought us cameras...

But did you bring us
all of them?

Did you keep one because
you took a photo of something?

Something you shouldn't have?

Where's the camera, Tiffany?

He smashed it.

Let me see your eyes, tiffie.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
This won't take long.

Are we going to find out
who did it?


I was drinking.

I shouldn't have been
but I felt so grown up.

- Where were you?
- Anna's room.

Jake, Anna and me.

I was drinking
and I didn't feel well...

So I went to the bathroom.

I woke up on the bathroom floor
and heard voices.

Two voices, Anna...

- And my brother, Bradley.
- Shut your mouth!

- That's one, Bradley.
- One what?

- You heard voices?
- They were arguing in the other room.

Bradley was drunk,
real drunk like he gets...

- Mean, like he gets.
- Not one more word!

That's two, Bradley.
You don't want to get to 3.

It was crazy. Anna was naked.
She must've gotten woke up.

Bradley was trying to steal
that purse full of money...

And she caught him.
He was so drunk.

Then what happened?

Anna told him he was nothing.

Her voice was so soft.
I thought it'd be okay.

- But it wasn't.
- It happened so fast.

Bradley grabbed her neck and
pushed her against the wall so hard.

I didn't know what to do.

I looked down and
I had a camera in my hand.

I took a picture...

Of him standing over her.

I saw it.

That's 3, Bradley. I told you
you didn't want to get to 3.

He smashed the camera.
He said I didn't see it.

But I did.
I saw what he did to Anna.

Anna would be happy
I saved Jake.

♪Chapter 7 on vengeance♪

♪revenge is a poison
meant for others♪

♪that we end up swallowing

♪vengeance is a dark light
that blinds all who seek it♪

♪the untroubled soul knows
there is no justice in revenge♪

♪the untroubled soul knows
that to seek vengeance♪

♪is to seek destruction♪