Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot: Merit Badge - full transcript

Exonerated after serving 12 years in prison for murders he didn't commit, policeman Charlie Crews is restored to duty as a detective. As an imprisoned policeman, Crews had a very difficult ...

All you have as a cop
is other cops.

But we walk the way.

We all thought he was guilty

After the trial, I had to get
counseling just so I could sleep.

There was all that proof.

We all turned our back on charlie crews.

In his first years,

Office Robert Stark Former Partner of Charlie Crews
he was in that prison hospital more ...
more than he was out.

Cop doing time, please.

Broke nearly every bone in his body.

I heard they cut him real bad too.

Over 100 stitches.

Dr.Alan Fay Pelican Bay Surgeon
About 241 stitches.

I mean, the jury was
only out for an hour.

There was all that proof.

After the case was
reopened, we found that

none of the physical evidence
on scene matched officer crews.

I wasn't the only one.

We all thought he was guilty.

did charlie tell you he didn't do it?

Jennifer Conover Ex-Wife of Charlie Crews

Jennifer Conover Ex-Wife of Charlie Crews
and how did you feel when you found out
he was being exonerated?

that he was innocent?

I don't wanna do this anymore.

Constance Griffiths Attorney for Charlie Crews
As I said at the press conference after
detective crews was exonerated,

Constance Griffiths Attorney for Charlie Crews
life was his sentence,
and life is what he got back.

Pelican Bay Penitentiary 1995~2007


- Los Angeles Four Months Later -
detective crews!

- Los Angeles Four Months Later -
detective crews!

you are detective crews, aren't you?


I guess I am.

Okay, well, would you like to be sure?

Because we're about to
walk into a crime scene.

I'm sure.


Are you reese?

Detective reese.


Crews, it's a kid in there.

It's your first day back.

If you don't think you can
handle it, I can do it myself.

Small caliber, close range.

probably not a lot of noise.

No one reported hearing anything.

The bullet was a through and through.

Is that the kid's dog?

Yeah, he won't move.

did you find the slug?

no, ma'am.

did you look for it?

Yes, detective. we looked for it.

Did you ask the dog?

did we ask the dog?

we did not ask the dog, no.

no, sir. we did not ask the dog.



Good boy.

There's a bullet here beneath the skin.

Dog must have caught the bullet
in the gut after it exited the kid.

all right, get the dog to a vet.

get the bullet out and to ballistics.

What are you doing way over here?

get me animal reg to my location.

did you bring something over?

Your master's over there.

Did you bring something over?

detective crews.


hey, hold on.

- that looks like a ...
is that a finger? - Yeah.

Dog must have took a bullet for the kid,

then took the shooter's finger off.

Anyone ever love you that much?

Life - Season 01 - Episode 01 - Pilot Merit badge

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If I got out after all that
time, I got all that money,

Office Krebbs and Zerco LAPD Current
I sure as would not be going back to work.

Now I handle his settlement money.

Ted Earley Financial Advisor to Charlie Crews
and how much would that be?

Ted Earley Financial Advisor to Charlie Crews
that's undisclosed by court order.

and what about details
of the settlement?

I'm not at liberty to say.

Yeah, I-I heard he got $5
million. Can ... can I say?

5? I heard it was 50.

So you wanna have the talk?

Which talk is that?

About how you didn't
want me as your partner,

and you're looking to transfer
out as soon as you can.

Nope. I don't wanna have that talk.

You wanna have the
talk about what you did?

Who you pissed off to
get partnered up with me?

I was handed a slip of paper.

it said you're my new partner.

It didn't mention why, and I didn't ask.

Getting stuck with me isn't
exactly a promotion for you.

Detective, it might be a habit of yours, but I don't
wanna have the "what are you in for" talk either.

Not a big talker.

See, I've learned something
about you already.

John was not my biological son.

He was alyssa's from her first marriage.

We have another one
of our own, a daughter.

You adopted john?

Yeah, I always think of him as my own.

As a member of the family.

I thought of ...
thought of him as.

Where is john's biological father?


He's, uh.

Possession with intent to distribute.

He's got ten more years.

The ... the scout
troop that john is a ...

was a part of is made up entirely of
boys who have fathers who are doing time.

all right, we're almost through.

you reported a break-in last month?

Yeah, um.

Some cash and jewelry was
taken. No one was caught.

We changed the locks and the
alarms. Makes me paranoid.

- I ... what?I don't
understand. - Pot.

Just makes me, you
know, overprocess everything.

I end up spinning
myself into a freak-out.

you get high today, warren? yeah?

it's sunday. a little wake and bake?

because in the next few hours, there's gonna be all kinds
of law enforcement crawling all over your beautiful house.

- Detective.
- they turn up a
bag of high-grade chronic, well,

- I think you need to be herefor your family -
- detective.

- and you do not-
- detective!

- May I speak with you?
- Sure thing.

Why don't you go to the bathroom?

When you're done, make sure
you flush real well. okay?

you know, maybe flush
twice. you understand?

Excuse me.

What the hell was that?

What, you wanna see the dead boy's dad
get locked up for holding a little hay?

Stepdad, and a possible suspect
in a murder ... in a child murder.

That man didn't kill
anyone, and you know it.

He's got all his fingers, and
he seemed really sad.

You just broke the law.

I am your superior detective.

I'm responsible for your actions.

If you get jammed up for
this, I get jammed up for this.

Hey, we're both adults here.

You got a problem, turn
me over to the rat squad.

Are you gonna get that?

A phone this small in your
pocket. It's science fiction, right?

This living
in the future ...

- was john having trouble in school?
- no.

- in the neighborhood?
- no.

other kids in the scout troop?

what about the break-in?

He was with me when that happened.

John had nothing to do with that.

I wasn't suggesting that, ma'am.

No, I'm sorry.

of course you weren't.

we're gonna need to ask you a few
questions about your ex-husband mark.

Mark wasn't a bad man
when I married him.

He had a problem with drugs.

But when he came out of jail
the first time, he'd changed.

He was mean.

when he went back in, I
knew I had to get away.

so you just dumped the
divorce papers in the mail.

What did you just say?

What'd you just say?


What did I just say?

two of the other dads in the scout troop
have records of violence against children,

but both those dads are in jail.

I'm gonna call in, see if they got
a hit off that finger we found.

It was pretty chewed up, but.

Okay, okay.

- you're mad at me.
- mad?No, I'm not mad.

I mean, I don't even think
there is a word for what I am.

What you did to that
husband, I kinda get, okay?

I mean, I guess I kind of get, but
what you said to that wife ...

I know.that one was me.

it was my fault. I take
responsibility, reese.

I wasn't in the moment.

If I had stayed in the moment, if I had stayed
present, I would have been okay, but I didn't.

I was thinking about
where we're going next.

So I left the moment just when I should
have been completely in the moment,

which is when people usually leave the moment
because the moment is just too much for her.

I mean, the moment is pretty
much always too much, you know?

I was thinking about
where we're going next.

Must feel good to come in
without a cavity search.

right, detective?

Course, you want one for old times'
sake, we could work something out.

Just take us to rawls, okay?

Sure thing, sweetheart.


They won't let me go to his funeral.

My own son's funeral.

Mr.Rawls, I'd like for you to
think and see f you can help us.

They won't let me go
to my son's funeral.

Why don't you help me?

You do not raise your voice to her.

I want to do more than
raise my voice to her.

You gonna stop me?

Do you hate cops?

Oh, yeah.

Well, I hate cops too.

Mr.Rawls, have you made any enemies here in
prison that would want to hurt your family?

Get back at you by killing your son?

yeah, I got enemies.

but none that would touch my son.

Why is that?

Because everyone's got family.

That's right.


mr.Rawls, you last saw john two
weeks ago when the scout troop came.

how did he seem to you? was
he in any kind of trouble?

Last time I saw john, he kept saying
how he thought I shouldn't be here.

It's like he needed to believe it.

No threats against his family.

Not that we know, but we just work here.

We go home after our shifts.

It's the convicts who are here
24/7 that know what really goes on.

He means inmates.

He means convicts.

What? you don't like that word?

What do you care?

Come on, crews. let's go.

Yeah, we know who you are.

We know you did your 12 years.

Maybe you were innocent. maybe not.

It don't make no difference to us because we know what
you did to that correctional officer up in pelican bay,

and that makes you a con. Don't it?

You two need to escort us out now.

You getting angry, convict?

Anger ruins joy, steals
the goodness of my mind,

forces my mouth to say terrible things.

Overcoming anger brings peace of
mind, leads to a mind without regrets.

If I overcome anger, I will be
delightful and loved by everyone.

Are you making fun of us?

It is the universe that
makes fun of us all.

Why exactly would the
universe make fun of us all?

Maybe it's insecure.

to detach your feelings from the event.

to detach your feelings from the object.

I am not attached to this car.

I am not attached to this car.

I'm just a little attached to this car.

so what is it this time?

License and registration.

You know damn well who I am.

License and registration, please.

Look, I married your
ex-wife. That is not a crime.

Are you aware that you changed
lanes back there without signaling?

you have nothing better to do?

no, sir. Not at this moment.

We talk to everyone in John school, okay, tyler?

yes, ma'am.

some of the other boys said that you
and john were close, is that right?

Yeah. I suppose.

Tyler, lift your head up when you speak.

Ah, mushy.

Did john ever talk to you about
any problems he was having?

Were there any new people in his life?

No, ma'am.

That's the one. Green anjou.

You know, some people
are allergic to pears.

Gives them a rash. not me though.


was john in any sort of trouble?

don't lie to this woman, tyler.

I'm not lying.

Reese, I guess what I wanna say
is you've probably had to fight,

being a woman in this department.
had to fight a lot, right?

fight for everything you ever got?

detective crews, this is not
the place for that discussion.

Detective crews!

- I just wanted
to s- - crews.

- I just wanted to let
you know that- - step back.

- You don't have to fight with me.
- Step back.

She thinks I'm gonna hug her.

You think I'm gonna hug you.

as I hug my partner I know she is real.

I mindfully meet this person
with open arms and an open heart.

I'm not gonna fight with you, I won't.

You don't wanna hold it
in anymore, do you, tyler?

What you know about
what happened to john.

Something's inside you, but
you wanna let it out.

You don't wanna hold it in any
longer. You can't hold it in.

What is it, tyler?

Some man ... some man offered to sell
john information about his dad's case.

about a technicality in the arrest.

he said that he could
get his dad out of jail.

Who was it?

I don't know.

- tell them who this man was!
- I don't know!

We met him online.

He sent john an I.M.

I don't know who he really is.

An I.M. he sent john an
I.M.He sent john an I.M.

oh, my god!

why would you talk to some man online?

Well, he knew all about his dad's
case. He said he was a lawyer.

John believed him?

He said if john paid, he'd get
stuff to show it was a bad arrest.

he just wanted to get his dad out.

john just wanted to get his dad
out of jail, and now he's dead.

I should have told somebody.

If I had told somebody, maybe.

Come here.

Reese, what exactly is an I.M.

What is it? an email?

is that detective charlie crews?

you know, I thought it was you, but I was kinda
blinded by the glint off that detective badge.

Dani reese, bobby stark.

No. are you charlie's new partner?

We got something in common.

Oh, yeah. And what would that be?

Bobby and I used to be partners.

Juarez, you see what a
big shot my ex-partner is?

Hey, can I get a picture? huh?

You know, on account of you being
a celebrity detective and all.

That's a phone, bobby.

It's got a camera in
there. where you been?

Me? Been in federal
maximum security prison.

Come here.

Charlie crews.

Does it bother you that he
spent all that time in the joint?

And what does that do to a guy's head?

I'm just saying, you sure he's gonna
be there when you go through a door?

Does it bother you that your pal stark let
his partner go down for a crime he didn't do?

I mean, I'm just saying.

Do I feel bad about what happened?

Yeah, I feel bad.

Do I feel guilty? no.

'Cause I did my job.

There's an investigation, and
then there's a trial.

That's the way it works.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah, your parents missed you last night at the
wednesday night dinner, dani, you should come back.

Oh, maybe my mom did, but I don't
think my dad missed me much.

He's not so bad.

I sat in a car with your dad for
three years, and I came out alive.

Partners aren't parents, lieutenant.

So. You've been working
the program, dani?

Is this where I pee in a cup?

No, this is where you tell me if
you've been working the program.


I've been working the program.


It was a tough draw
getting a new partner.

I'm just a lucky girl, I guess.

Dani, you know why you got crews.

Because I messed up.

You know, I'm at the bottom of
the list, and there's not a ...

there's not a whole
lot I can do about that.

What if there was something
you could do about it?

How come we're talking about this?

Why did he come back to the force?

That's not my job to ask, l.T.

Crews is gonna be trouble.

He got screwed. he's back to get even.

- He's a cop.
- Because of his settlement.

You're a cop because of your work.

You know, I was wondering who
it would be, who they would send.

And I just kept thinking

"oh, you're being paranoid about this."

remember how paranoid
I used to get, l.T.?

You don't have to go
to prison to eat crap.

I eat it every day of my career.

it would be nice if you could keep
your head down and work the job.

The world isn't nice like that.

This could be good for you, dani.

You're his superior, and you're responsible
for his supervision and actions.

he gets jammed up, I get jammed up?

Has he done anything that would
cause him to be removed from duty?

He alerted a suspect that a
police search was about to happen.

And detective crews apparently.

Allowed the suspect to dispose
of a quantity of marijuana,

to flush it down the toilet
just prior to the search.

How long have you lived here?

Four months.

When is all your furniture coming?

This is all my furniture.

hey, charlie!

- charlie, I need you to sign something.
- Not now, ted.

I need you to sign this. look, hey.

You were the one that said
you wanted this orange grove.

if you changed your mind, I would
be happy to unwind the deal,

- my friend-
- ted, not now.

I'm, uh, I'm ...
I'm meditating.

Well, that sounds. Peaceful.

Uh, all right. I'm...

Hey, ted, the orange grove deal
includes the tractor, right?

The big red one?

Yeah, charlie, it includes
the big red tractor.

Who's that?

Do you read forbes?

I wasn't very good at prison.

Ted Earley Ex-CEO, Attercliffe Capital
you were in for a white-collar crime?

Ted Earley Ex-CEO, Attercliffe Capital
insider trading.yeah.

Charlie saved my life in there, and
so now I handle his settlement money.

and you live in his garage?

I live in a room above his garage.

Do you wanna know my name?

If I wanted to know your name, I
would have asked you for it.

So that means you're not gonna call?

I can't call if I don't
know your name, now, can I?

I.M. Stands for instant message.

I know that.

You can't trace an I.M.

Detective, I know that too.

You know we have to see her.

- Because it went so well last time?
- I'll be better this time.

- you're not gonna talk this time.
- That's what I mean by better.

Look, I know the deal with your
ex-wife, all right, it's no secret.

so just tell me that we're gonna go
see alyssa gibney because of the case,

and not because of something
that you're working through.

I'm workg thinugh the case.

She doesn't want to see you.

Uh, does she want to see anybody?

She won't come downstairs.

She won't look at her daughter
or talk to her husband.

I'll tell her you tried to stop us.

my husband told me about you.

A cop in jail all those years.

How did you go on living?

How did you get past it?

Well, I could tell you
you're already past it.

I could tell you this
moment is your life.

I could tell you you have a
husband and child who need you.

None of that means anything, does it?

So tell me something
that means something.

Tell me anything that means something.

The man who killed your
son is out there. Right now.

Inside this same moment we are in.

As we sit here, as I look at you,

the man who killed john is free.

Now that means something, doesn't it?

we're pretty sure someone was
running a scam on your son, alyssa,

offering to sell him information
about his father's arrest.

about a technicality that could
get his father out of jail.

that's ridiculous. mark is guilty.

John knew that.

Even mark will tell you he's guilty.

And if there was a technicality, why
go with it to a child?

Because my son.

- A child- -
would believe it.

Because a child would wanna
believe he could get his father out.

- Because a child- -
would pay to believe it.

We need to know, alyssa.

John stole that money, didn't he?


I lied to my husband when I
said that john was with me.

I lied for him because I loved him.

He'd been through so much those
early years with mark.And I ...

he's in the same moment that we're in.

The man who killed my son.

Will you go get him, please?


Uh, it's for you.



you're aware this isn't my phone?

When you answer your phone, I'll
call you on your phone.

I need to see you.

I'm fighting crime.

Come over tonight. I'll buy fruit.

I don't exactly understand you.

You don't have to
understand here to be here.

That's what I don't understand.

What was crews like before?

Basic by-the-book
cop. you know.

Looking for his 20 and his pension.

Why? what's he like now?

You wanna find out about
somebody, all you have to do is google.

I google myself all the time.

Google the kid's dad, mark rawls.

well, that's more than enough
to work a scam on a kid.

google me.

You want to see me?

You don't wanna see that, charlie.

Do it. Do it.


12 years for a crime he did not commit

your father's been calling me.

twice today.

Three times yesterday.

Do you want some melon?

It's very fresh and juicy.

Are you not talking about this?

I'd ask you to address all
your questions to my lawyer.

I am your lawyer.

- Your father is getting married.
- No.

he's getting remarried.

He wants you to come.

His bride to be is eight years old.

Either way. I don't have a date.

From what I hear, you
have plenty of dates.

Charlie. Please call your father.

If only so he will stop calling me.

My father is getting remarried to an
eight-year-old because my mother is dead.

My mother is dead because he killed her.

He killed her when he
wouldn't let her come see me.

No zen for daddy?

No zen for daddy.


- where'd you go?
- I'm still here.

Do you ever think that no one
will ever understand what we did?

What you and I came through?

Do you ever think that the world is now you
and me in one place, everyone else in another?

Sorry.I'm sorry. that's stupid.

I think that all the time.

It's late.

I should go.


I'm not attached to this car.

I am not attached to this car.

call from dani reese.

- hello?
- hello.

crews, you there?

reese? am I talking to you?

what do you mean are you talking
to me? you're talkin' to me.

- But how am I talking to you?
- crews!

we got a hit off the finger you dug up.

A junkie named lonnie garth.

He's got no known address, but he hangs
out at those crack houses downtown.

I'm sending you his mug shot right now.

To my house?

to your phone.

- it's like- -
living in the future?

actually, I thought about that, and it turns
out there really is no future or past either.

now.and n ...

and of course now.



all units.All units. suspect
located at 5th and main.

all units. All units.

why'd you become a cop again?

When I was doing all that time, I always
thought, inside me I'm still a cop.

It's what I held on to.

Wow, that sounds like a lot of crap.

A lot of life is a lot of crap.

This is
command ...

well, if I'm in all those years, I'm
just thinking about one thing.

Was I set up for that murder?

- Is that what you'd be thinking?
- Yeah.

That and what I'd do once I
found the guys that set me up.

- You ever think about any of that?
- Nope.

I'm thinking about finding
a nine-fingered crackhead.

I can see you, devils!

I know you come to get me
for what happened to that kid.

lonnie garth?

Devils know my name.

You need to come out here, so
we can arrest you for murder.

I never ever killed
that kid! arthur did!

arthur killed that kid!

- good morning!
- good morning.

did you just wake up?

that arthur, he just wanted the money, but
the kid, he wouldn't give it to him.

he just started
yelling, so arthur shot him!

and his dog wouldn't stop yelling
at me, and it took my finger!

arthur just wanted the money!

arthur have a last name?

arthur killed that kid!

but I watched ... I watched arthur
kill that kid, and I didn't stop him!

I watched arthur kill that
kid, and I didn't stop him!

I've been waiting for you!


I'm okay!I'm okay. I'm not shot.

uh, I'm goin' now.

I'm going ...
I'm going now.

I never ever killed that kid.

I'm going. I'm going now.

it was just a bad dream.

Go back to sleep.



Oh, god. get it off me.Drugs.

Oh, god. help me.

Please, please, please, turn the water on.

Turn the damn water on!



Hey, you wanna talk about
what happened back there?

The drugs? the shower?

Well. We don't have to talk about it.

We never have to talk about it.

you know, he said he
never killed that kid.

do we believe that?

he seem like the kinda guy who
could run a complicated I.M.Scam?

No, he didn't.

He said a guy named
arthur killed the kid.

Okay, so then how would arthur get
a hold of john gibney's screen name?

There's a directory for the
parents in the scout troop.

Let's go see if there are
any parents named arthur.

Arthur tins, a dad in the scout troop, served
two years for credit card scams,

paroled six months ago.

Hey, arthur.

- How you doin'?
- Good.

Why would you show me that?

Does it make you uncomfortable?

No, it makes me sad. I
have a child of my own.

Wait, I know that boy.

He's in my son's troop.

- His name is, um, john something.
- John gibney.

- yeah.
- yeah.

say his name.

No, I don't think I'll do that.

Next time I ask, you will.

john figured out you were full of crap.

you had nothing to free his dad,

but he wouldn't tell you where
the money was, so you killed him.

By now you've searched my
house, my office, and my computer.

and I know that you have found
nothing at my house, in my office.

or on my computer. Aren't you that
cop that spent all that time in jail?

That must have sucked.

Lonnie garth said you
killed that kid, arthur.

You kinda lost it when
he wouldn't pay up.

lonnie garth the dead crackhead?
you're going to court with that?

We're curious about the phone calls
between your client and lonnie garth.

What's it like being famous?

a record of those phone calls
proves nothing. we are done here.

maybe he can explain
the calls, maybe he can't.

The fact remains that your client has
been communicating with a known felon.

A parole violation?

that's what you bring to
me? a parole violation?

What does that carry, like, a
year? I do that in my sleep.

A year for killing a kid.

I need a drink.

I know something better.


It's okay.

This came all the way from guatemala, and
now it's right here in this cup.

It's all connected, reese.

What is?

it is.

- that's zen.
- is it?

- that's zen too, isn't it?
- is it?

Say "is it" one more
time, and I'll shoot you.

Don't you two ever give up?

Hey, detective reese, isn't
that mark rawls over there?

I think you're right, detective crews.

hey, uh, you know mark
rawls, don't you, arthur?

you told his son you could get him out
of jail, then you broke his son's heart.

Then you killed him.

I'm gonna need protective lockup.

For a parole violation?

- you're only here for a year.
- You can do that in your sleep.

Send me somewhere now, and
I'll ... and I'll ... and I'll talk.

Start talkin' now.

I killed the kid.

arthur.say his name.

John gibney. I killed john gibney.

What was that, arthur? I didn't catch it.

John gibney. I killed john gibney.


Because he saw my face.

Lonnie always got the money, but the kid wouldn't
give it to him, so lonnie brought the kid to me.

And john wouldn't give
you the money either.

Let's go.

Lonnie was supposed to get the money. He
wasn't supposed to see me.he saw my face.

It is all connected.

I thought you'd want to know the department is
prepared to go ahead with the complaint against crews.

What complaint is that?

That you saw him allow a suspect to flush
a controlled substance down the toilet.

But I didn't see that.

I said that he apparently flushed those
drugs because I did not see that happen.

I mean, I don't know
exactly what happened.

I'm not sure I understand you, dani.

You don't have to
understand here to be here.

Is this a problem for you because
of your own history with drugs?

- I went to rehab for that.
- Yeah.

I've been clean for 21 months.

Even with rehab, the department
doesn't have to keep you on the job.

You didn't get a settlement, dani.

So the next time crews does something.

I need to make sure I do see it.

Life was his sentence, and
life is what he got back.

what do you think he
should do with that life?

that would be up to him.






you wanna drive the tractor.

You know, I, uh.

I sorta do.

- Hey, ted.
- Yeah.

Exactly where are the oranges?

Oh, they're out of season in this part
of california for another six months.

You in a rush?

Actually, no.

I'm not.

this is not forward!

That's not forward!

this is not forward!

Oh, god, that's bad. I'm sorry.

Oh, god. I'm very sorry, charlie.

I'm so sorry!
I will ...

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