Liar Game (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

My name is Nao Kanzaki.

One day, I suddenly got involved

in a terrible game, called "Liar Game".

They were conducting a game

where you had to vote on a question by "Yes" or "No",

and the minority would win.

'Minority Rule'

The winner would receive the winnings of 2.1 billion yen,

the losers would be indebted for 100 million yen.

In this game,

there's a strategy that guarantees victory.

Following Mr. Akiyama's strategy, we formed a team of 8 members,

and one of us was bound to win.

But at the final stage of the game, Mr. Fukunaga revealed his true character to us.

You know...

I am "X".

It was Mr. Fukunaga,

he was the one who stole a 100 million yen check from another player,

he was "X".

I knew it.

Your manipulations in this game.

And... that you are "X".

But Mr. Akiyama went beyond that.

He saw through everything,

Mr. Fukunaga's true identity as well as his strategy.

The most important thing in life is money.

My answer is "No".

And then Mr. Akiyama made an astonishing move.

He placed his vote,

before the game had even begun.

Mr. Akiyama!?

There is already one "No" vote in the box.

The game begins now.

We asked the remaining three members to place their votes within 6 hours.

Will we be alright?

Placing your vote first...


That Akiyama guy already voted "No",

so I can only vote "Yes" to become the minority.

Oh... damn!

If one of the other guys votes "Yes"...

What should I do?

Why is he in an advantageous position,

even though he voted first? Damn!


What do you want, Leopard Skin?

Want to fight?



do you want to team up with me?


I've been thinking the whole time, and I finally noticed something.

If we work together,

we won't lose.

No. 22 already voted "No", right?

So the three of us definitely can't all vote "Yes" together.

But if we just randomly place our votes,

No. 15 may end up being the minority.

But if you and I work together

and vote "Yes" and "No" respectively,

even if No. 15 votes "Yes", we won't lose.

And if No. 15 votes "No",

then it's victory for our team.

With this method we have a chance of winning

and above all, we're not going to lose.

I understood that part, but

why do you want to pair with a traitor like me, instead of another player?

Even if I want do, I can't team up with somebody else.

This is the contract you made us sign when you formed the team.

And the other two guys

signed the same kind of contract with their teams.

Well, we can't feel secure without a proper contract, right?

Don't give me that shit!

You don't have to worry because you used a false name,

but for us these contracts are valid.

That's why the other two guys and I

must split the prize money

with all the other team members.

Oh, I see.

There's not enough money for all of you.


According to the contract, the last person remaining

would have to split the prize money equally amongst the 8 members.

Let's say I team up with that No. 15 woman,

and the two of us win the game.

to forfeit the third round we have to return half of the money,

and we end up with 1050 million.

But then, No. 15 and I both

have to split up our winnings with the other team members.

Since you betrayed us, there are only 6 members left.

Therefore, with two teams we need to share our money with 12 other players!

In the contract it says that every player gets 143.75 million,

This totals to 1.725 billion yen.

With only 1.05 billion remaining, there's not enough money for all of us!

Yeah, looks like you'll be in the red.

And it's your damn fault!

Got it, got it.

To steer clear of debts, there's no other way

but to suppress your anger and team up with me, who's not bound by any contract.

However... with your plan, while we definitely can't lose,

we can't win either.


Look at her.

The Sunglasses has been watching us the whole time.

What about that?

Don't you see?

You were talking so loudly that everyone overheard you.

You and I join forces, and then split our votes equally?

Even a primary school kid can come up with that.

Damn you, it took me 3 hours to think up that plan!

Hey, Leopard Skin.

You're really just as stupid as you look, huh?

Under these circumstances Sunglasses is bound to vote "Yes"!

We'll draw,

and it will be back to start again.

Get it?

Under these conditions there's no method of certain victory.

There is.

There's a 100% foolproof method to win this.


A... 100% foolproof method?

There's no way a method like that exists.

There is.

That idiot who voted "No" first,

we'll defeat him for sure and win this.

With a supreme method.

How's that gonna to work?

It's easy.

The three of us just need to form a team.

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A three-man team...

Chances of winning are low for a team of two, right?

With three members, nothing can go wrong.

But how are we supposed to split the prize money?

With three players, we don't have enough money to pay the other members!

What's so funny?

I've already calculated this through!

We can pay the other members.

But it costs us 1.050 billion to quit the game, get--

The prize money is 2.1 billion.


I won't quit.

I'll proceed to the third round.


I knew you were something special,

but I didn't think you would be so brave!

Count me in!

Then, let's work together, all three of us.

In exchange for this...

of course my share will be greater.

Uh... yeah... I mean, this is your plan, right?

First, each of the players in Leopard Skin's and my team get 100 million for their debts,

and another 43.75 million as their share of prize money.

Just so you know, I'm not including you there.

You put a false name on the contract, so you can't complain, right?

There're 7 people in Leopard Skin's team, so we'll need 1 billion 62.5 million yen,

And, not including me, there're 6 players in my team, adding up to 862.5 million.

I'm going to take 230 million as my share.

The rest is yours.

The rest... how much is that?

1.25 million.

Huh... 1.25 million!?

That's not even enough to pay back the 100 million debt!

You can pay them back, can't you?

You've got a check of 100 million.

You should be grateful for getting 1.25 million.

Mr Traitor.

Never! I won't accept these conditions!

You will gain some money in the end, so it's not that bad, is it?

Shut up!

If I don't get at least 43.75 million like you, it's not good enough!

Give me a break!

You think you have any right to talk like that?

I have no intention of losing even one cent.

Hey, time's running out.

Just put up with the 1.25 million.

Don't haggle!


Let's just settle this round with a draw,

and talk more about the price money in the next game.

No need to rush like that.

If the three of us work together, we will not lose.

Right? Right?


Let's end this game with a draw.

If it can't be helped...

Then let's vote now.

Or else we would be disqualified.

What's wrong?

Hey, Mushroom.


You're planning something, aren't you?


You're telling us to make this a draw,

but really you are trying to trick us again and win this on your own, right?

I wouldn't think of doing something like that!

You've been deceiving us from the start!

We don't have time for this.

I won't let you.

Get off me!

I'm not gonna to trust you!

I see.

In this case, I'll go and cast your votes for you.

Give me your cards.

Your "Yes" cards.

If both of you vote "Yes", then there's no need to worry, right?

If I also vote "Yes", No. 22 will win.

So if we're aiming for a draw,

there's no choice but for me to vote "No".

Well... if we do that there is nothing to worry about.

If you can't trust him,

you just have to keep him away from the ballot box.

Now give me your "Yes" cards.

I get it.

Well, then it's "No" for me.

6 hours have passed.

We are now going to count the votes.

Calm as always, right?

Sorry to tell you... but you can't win this anymore.

In the next game, you're...

Next game?


What's so funny?

Just like I thought.


You people are only at that level.

Poor you.

Blindly walking right into my trap...


What do you mean?


What do you mean, a trap?

He's bluffing.

Don't bother with him.

Don't bother?

How can I not!

Why is he acting like he has already won?

Can it be that he didn't really vote "No"?

Maybe he switched the cards like a magician before he placed his vote...

Don't be so scared!!

I'm NOT scared!!

But doesn't it bother you?

If that guy voted "Yes"...

It can't be!

You saw it too, didn't you?

The card that he tore apart

definitely had a "Yes" on it.

Oh... right. Right?

We will now count the votes.

No. 3.


No. 11.


No. 22.

Poor you...

Blindly walking right into my trap...


So it was a "No".

I told you it was just a bluff.


He'll try to confuse us in the next game as well.

Don't let him get to you!

It's cause you're such an idiot.

What the hell?

Don't give me all that crap!

No. 15.

I called you an idiot because you ARE an idiot!



What did you just say!?

No. 15.


"Yes". 3 votes.

"No". 1 vote.

"No" becomes the minority,

and No. 22 is the winner.

He won...

Mr. Akiyama won...

Wha... wait a sec!

What's happening?

Told you, didn't I?

You walked right into my trap.

You are both idiots.

We were working together, No. 15 and I.

You... but why?

This is the "Liar Game".

The objective of this game is to deceive each other, right?

But you said you wanted to move onto the third round!

As if I'd do that.

The second round was already hard enough.

So you also lied about the prize money?

And the strategy to tie the game, too?


I planned this right from the beginning.


Judging from your personality, it was clear that you would make a fuss

if you get a small share of money.

So it was also clear to me that you'd go for a draw first.

That's what I was aiming at.

Because Leopard Skin started to suspect you,

I suggested we put in the votes together.

This can't be...

But when did you...

When did you start working together?

If you want a precise answer, it was just a little while ago.

Right after you happily talked about your trick.

But he first proposed the plan yesterday night.

No. 3 is deceiving you.

Like this,

he will betray you in the end, and you will lose.

And in exchange for my information,

he gave me this.


This nameplate will be exchanged for the price money.

In exchange for the winner's nameplate,

We will hand out the money in cash.

Even if he won, he couldn't get the money without this.

And that's why I was willing to sell my information.

I told him who came up with the plan to form the team,

and who was in my team.

Thanks to this information,

I was able to piece together the fact that there were three teams.

After No. 15 told me about her team and the members,

I knew there were two teams.

Whether the remaining players also formed a team,

I only found out this morning.

Because those two people over there,

were in neither No. 15's or my team.

When you told us about your betrayal yourself,

No. 15 agreed to participate in a plan I had proposed to her.


You lost.


I lost?

Mr. Fukunaga.


Please return the 100 million you obtained from Miss Michiko Takada

to Mr. Akiyama.

What!? WHY!?

This... is mine!

Stealing money outside of the game is prohibited,

since it violates the intention of the "Liar Game".

Mr. Akiyama is participating as a substitute for Miss Takada.

Return the 100 million to Mr. Akiyama at once.


What's your intention?

Why are you conducting this game?

We want to crown the true king of liars.

That is all.

In this world, there are some people who are willing

to wager huge amounts of money to find brilliant liars.

Mr. Akiyama, you would understand this, wouldn't you?

Being able to lie is a talent.

Please excuse me.

Why did you choose to participate in this game?

That's none of your business.

To save Nao Kanzaki?


To save yourself?

This is the 2.1 billion yen cash prize.

If you decide to withdraw from the third round,

please return half of the sum, 1.050 billion.

Mr. Akiyama.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

So we...

We won the second game as well,

but while we were saved, the others were forced into debts, weren't they?

If I start to think about that... somehow...

though we were saved...

I can't feel happy...

By the way, how much did you pay No. 15?

1 billion and 1062.5 million.

That's the amount she promised to her team,

As well as I gave her another 100 million as a tip.

1.1 billion...

But you can't afford that!

You forfeited the third game,

so you would only have 1050 million cash prize left.

The cash prize was 2.1 billion.

Therefore there's enough for everybody.

But that's...

I am going to proceed to the third game.

But you can't...


You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for us like that.

Sacrifice? I am not that noble.

The person who is responsible for this "Liar Game".

he enjoys watching the weak deceiving each other,

and burdens them with huge debts if they lose the game.

I want to find out who he is.

Then, a week passed,

and I could no longer reach Akiyama by phone.

Not answering...

Mr. Akiyama!



You're from the LGT Office, aren't you!?

Yeah, I am, but...

It won't take long...


So you are going to abandon Akiyama?

You were the one who got him into this.

But now he has to move on into the next round all by himself.

Don't you feel guilty?

Don't you want to do something?

About this situation?

Perhaps he's not planning to appear in front of you anymore.

Tell me,

Akiyama's been there to get you out of trouble all the time,

but how much do you know about his past?


Akiyama didn't start out as a swindler.

He was just your average psychology university student.


You know, Shin'ichi Akiyama.

He lost his father when he was still small,

and his mother brought him up all on her own.

You know, people should be honest and sincere.

Because they will surely find happiness this way.


Akiyama believed in his mother's words, and studied hard.

But then, his mother fell ill,

and began going in and out of the hospital.

It must have been the strain from all those years, you know?

To make things worse,

the two had almost no money left.

The only thing they had were enormous debts.

Just then, an old friend showed up and offered "help".

She told her about a way to earn a lot of money,

even if she could only work on the days she was feeling well.

That wasn't...


It was a multi-level marketing organization.

Akiyama's mother didn't know how to doubt other people.

And so she all too easily signed that contract,

unaware that this would make her life a living hell.

How horrible...

Finally she became aware that she was being deceived.

She quickly withdrew from the organization,


Was there something else...?

The organization demanded her to pay a huge penalty for the breach of contract.

But... she was tricked into signing!

And yet...

That's what those guys did.

With her body and her mind literally torn to pieces, she once more had to go into the hospital,

and she was very miserable.

Because of her debts, her son wouldn't be able to finish university.

Maybe she thought she would be a burden to him...

That's why...

That's why?


She decided to take the ultimate measure.

She intended to use her insurance to pay off her debts.

Because she was so honest,

and because she trusted people,

she had to die.

The death of his mother

ensured that Akiyama could graduate from university.

But Akiyama...

decided to use the knowledge he had gained in university

for revenge.

That's why he became a swindler himself,

and brought down the multi-level marketing organization that killed his mother.

He deceived them back.

So that's why...

You're idiotically honest, that's why you're getting deceived.

When he saw how idiotically honest you were,

he must have remembered his own mother.

Sacrificing himself to save you, maybe he did that,

so he wouldn't have to repeat the past,

where he couldn't save his mother.

So that's why he...

Do you want to save him?

Well... of course.

You can.


There's only one way.

What's that?

You must enter the resurrection round of the "Liar Game".

In three days, there will be a resurrection round for the losers of the second round.

There you can earn the money Akiyama needs to withdraw from the game.

Get back into the game...

Are you scared?

But you know, this one's different from the first two games.

It's a resurrection round, after all.

What does this mean?

Only losers are allowed to participate.

So there are only weak players, and the overall challenge is quite low.

In other words, this is an easy chance to win money!

It's up to you whether you want to participate or not.

But you shouldn't forget one thing.

The only person who can save Akiyama... is you.

And, three days later...

I went to the stage of the resurrection round.

I just couldn't abandon Mr. Akiyama like that.

You are so gentle, I knew you would come.

Miss Nao Kanzaki.

Welcome to the resurrection round of the "Liar Game".

Please step inside.

And so I had returned,

to the "Liar Game",

to that dreadful battlefield.

Oh, you're here too?

Mr. Fukunaga...

Oh, that's right!

You also lost in the second game, right?

Some kind of treatment we are getting...

using a cheap and dirty place like this for the resurrection match.


Let's be friends!

I'm sure we can gain out of this.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for assembling here today.

This time, you will once again play a game.

Just like in the previous two games,

you are going to contend for 100 million yen.

And the winners of this game

will automatically proceed to the third round.

The third round!?

We weren't told that!

I thought I could play here to pay back my debts from the second round!

We've already got 100 million debts!

We're not here because we like this kind of game!

Depending on the result of this game,

there is a method to withdraw from the third game.

Here at the LGT Office, we believe

that we can provide you with a chance to reduce your debts to zero,

and even give you the chance to obtain a large sum of money.

If you wish, you can leave here.

We will shortly send our representatives to retrieve the debts from you.

May I begin then?

With the nine of you assembled,

we will conduct the resurrection round.

The game all of you are going to play,

is called...

Restructuring Game

Restructuring Game?

You all know the term "restructuring", don't you?

In general, the "restructuring" means

to reconstruct.

However, in Japan the term "restructuring" was originally

exclusively used for the dismissal of workers.

Some of you here may have experienced being singled out and fired.

This game has the same reasoning.

Out of the nine of you,

one person is going to be "restructured".

Just one?

And the other 8...

The remaining eight players are the dedicated winners,

and will earn the right to participate in the third game.

Ensuring your own survival

by sacrificing one person.

That is the "Restructuring Game".

By sacrificing one person.

"Restructuring Game"

I will now introduce the rules of the "Restructuring Game".

That means it's already decided who's gonna get restructured.

Please wait!

You're the sacrifice that will allows us to win.

You haven't got a chance to win.

I won't betray you.

I don't know what to do...

This is the end for you!

I beg you!

Please listen!