Liar Game (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

My name is Nao Kanzaki.

I have a gullible personality,

and a lot of people say that I'm idiotically honest.

One day, I got caught up in a terrible game.

"Liar Game"

The objective: to cheat other people of large sums of money,

a truly scary game.

With the aid of the genius swindler, Shin'ichi Akiyama,

I won the first round.

But I was deceived again and had to participate in the second round.

Board: Round 2

The second game was "Minority Rule".

Characters: Minority Rule

The rules were to pick a question with two possible answers,

then votes are casted on either "Yes" or "No",

and only the minority remains in the game.

In this game, there's a strategy that guarantees victory.

Under these circumstances,

Mr. Akiyama came up with a plan to conquer this game.

We'd form a team with 8 members

and eventually one of our members would remain in the game until the end and win.

But, there was still a point of concern.

Amongst the participants in the second round,

there was a player who had cruelly stolen 100 million from another.

We called that person "X".

We only knew that "X" was a woman.

Wary of "X", Mr. Akiyama and I

worked together with 6 other male players,

to form a team of 8.

We think that No.15 seems suspicious.

That woman with the sunglasses?

She can afford to.

With that check of 100 million yen,

she doesn't need to be afraid of that loan.

No. 15 must be X!

If nothing goes wrong,

our team would inevitably win, but...

There's a high possibility...

that this game will turn into what I imagine as

the worst-case scenario.

Then, I would like to ask the remaining 10 players

to continue onto the second round of the "Minority Rule" game.

The worst-case scenario...

What should we do?

Should we change our strategy?


We'll go on like this.

No. 11,

Would you please come up here?

From now on, keep a close watch of the other people around you.

You may notice something.


Between S and M,

of course,

it's S.

Well then, please place your vote within 6 hours.

Mr. Akiyama.

Did you notice something?

S and M...

What is that?

Note: S = Sadism and M = Masochism


It's kind of like the difference between "defense" and "offense".

S stands for "strike",

while M stands for "maintain".

Then according to my character I am...

M, right?


It's alright.

In accordance with our strategy,

my next vote will be "Yes",

so I am S.


That's not what I meant.

What is it?

I think it's best if you don't say things like that out loud.


you're right.



You really are M.

I... really am M?

Anyway, you should vote "No".

In your place, I will vote "Yes".

Akiyama, wait a minute,

I just heard from Nao,

why did you change your vote all of a sudden?

More importantly,

did you find out anything new about No. 15?


She's pretty careful,

but there's something strange about her.

Just look at how calm she is.

But she isn't the only one.

Well, everyone other than our team members are suspicious.

But no no no,

what I wanted to know is why

you and Nao switched votes.

The fact I switched votes with her,

is that really a big deal?

Well -

Got it. Sorry for asking about that.

Okay. So we will both vote "Yes".

That's it, right?


Time's up.

We are now going to count the votes.

No. 22 "Yes"

No. 11 "Yes"

No. 6 "No"

No. 4 "No"

No. 1 "No"

If... the next round ends in 4-6,

there's a high possibility that this game will turn into what I imagined as the worst-case scenario.

The results:


4 votes.


6 votes.

Those who voted "Yes" are the minority and shall remain.


Those of you who voted "No" shall return home at once.

Please return your nameplates

and leave this room.

So this is goodbye for us, right, Nao?

She won again...

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It's me.

I'm glad I finally got through to you.

Did the Office ask you to repay the money already?

Not yet.


Just like you said,

the second round ended with 4-6.


Does this mean that X...

X has set up something.

Are we going to be alright?

If we don't act now,

we are definitely going to lose tomorrow.

Why is that?

I'm sorry, but I'll hang up now.

There are a few things I need to do right now.


Are we going to be alright?


It's me!

So early in the morning, what's wrong?

I couldn't stop worrying, waiting at home,

so I came here again.


You can't do anything here, can you?


I didn't come here alone.

Some people who lost yesterday came here too.

Are they from our team?


There's No. 1 and No. 8, Miss Hiromi.

Maybe they're curious about the end result.

Mr. Akiyama?

Hm? Sorry.

The game will start soon.

I'll call you when it's over.

Miss Hiromi!

Along this way.

I ask you to refrain from taking any actions that may disturb the game.

Well then, let us begin

with the third round of the "Minority Rule" game.

No. 3,

Tsukahara Yuu

Please come up here.

Oh, it's me.

The person that will win this round

is yourself.

If you think that you are going to win, vote "Yes",

if you think you will lose, vote "No".

Please vote within 6 hours.

Akiyama, wait.

I'll vote "Yes" next

and you'll vote "No", right?


If this works out, we will win for certain.

Yeah, that's right.


3 minutes left...

What are you doing?

That woman from the Office,

she opened the cards that were folded two or four times first yesterday.

If I fold it smaller,

mine will probably get opened last.

I see! Didn't think such a tactic...

But no no no, Akiyama, wait a second, wait a second!

Whether it gets opened first or last,

won't change the outcome, right?

Well, yeah.

Well, yeah... huh?

Time's up.

We are now going to count the votes.

No. 11,

Tag: Etou Kouichi


No. 15,

Tag: Ishida Rie

If No. 15 also voted "No", we are going to win this.

No. 15,

If No. 15 also voted "No", we are going to win this.


We did it!

Hey, wait!

Mr. Akiyama!

Mr. Tsukahara!

Who allowed you to enter?

Hey, what're you doing here?

It doesn't matter.

Allow them to watch the game from there.


Why do you look so happy?


Uh, that's...

That's because we formed a team, right?


Oh, that kind of plan is not against the rules.

Isn't that right, dealer?

Of course.


Mr. Tsukahara!

We will win, right?


You are such an...

idiot, aren't you?

You've made a very fundamental mistake.

The victory is not "ours".

The victory is MINE!

What are you talking about, Mr. Tsukahara?

"What are you talking about, Mr. Tsukahara?"

You're already wrong.

My name isn't "Tsukahara"

My real name is "Yuuji Fukunaga"

By the way, Yuu Tsukahara is the name of a friend of mine.

What does that mean?

That means just like somebody else here, I'm a substitute!

And one more thing...


Wait a moment! Wait a moment!

You know...

I am "X".

The person who stole that 100 million from Michiko Takada was me!!!

But wasn't "X" a woman...?

I'm quite skilled,

so it's not difficult for me

to imitate a woman's voice like that.

This is a masterpiece!

That dumb woman actually believed I was a woman.

Mr. Tsukahara...

For crying out loud, I told you my name is Fukunaga!!!

Well you don't want to admit it, right?

The one who invited "X" into your team,

was you, wasn't it?

I'm really grateful for your stupidity.

Well, anyway, I am X.

And I'm not Yuu Tsukahara.

Do you understand what that means?


On the contract I signed, it says "Tsukahara", doesn't it?

But that isn't my name,

nor is that the real Yuu Tsukahara's signature.

Name: Tsukahara Yuu

So I am not bound by that contract!

I don't have to share the 2.1 billion with any of you!

You deceived us...

Since when?

Right from the start.

Right from the start, I planned to take all the money for myself!

But how...?


How would you know whether you would remain to the end?

- Even for this round, we don't know whether Mr. Akiyama is the minority...

- Be Quiet!

Very sorry, that is impossible!

With my trick,

I will definitely be the winner in this game.


I'll unveil it just for you, Miss Stupid.

Akiyama's plan was to form a team of 8 members,

to cover both "Yes" and "No" at the same time, right?


4 people for each side

and this is the result of the first round.

The majority gets removed,

and this time there're two people for each side.

This is the outcome of the second round.

And this is the situation for the third round.

Akiyama and I are going to cover "Yes" and "No" each

and what about the other two?

I was surprised when Akiyama told us about his idea.

But I...

when I heard that plan,

I came up with something even better.

A method that would give me alone

a 100% chance in victory!


By creating 3 teams of 8 members!

Note: Character after 8 = People

3 teams of 8?

But that doesn't work...

There are only 22 people here.

Oh you can do it

with 22 people.

You need 24 people to form 3 teams with 8 members each.

That's what an ordinary person would think.

But let's say these red pieces are all me.

If I join all of the teams,

It's actually possible to form 3 teams of 8.

Of course, I'm only one person.

That's it for the way to form 3 teams of 8 with only 22 people.

Do you follow?


The members of all 3 teams follow the same strategy.

All of them split up into two groups, covering both "Yes" and "No".

But I'm just one person.

And so...

The side I vote for will always be the minority.

Marvelous, isn't it?

In the next round I'm in all 3 teams again

and they split into two groups each.

Once again, I'm only one person,

so naturally the side I vote for will be the minority.

Next comes the third round.

They split into two groups

and I'll say it again, but I'm just...

One person...


In other words, ore-sama will always win!!!

Note: Ore-sama is a very conceited and rude way to say "I".

Whoops, did I say ore-sama?

Do you understand the brilliance of my strategy?

I decided which one of you got to be in the minority.

It was ME who controlled this game!

But... there was no time to form 3 teams...

That was so hard...

You know, after I became part of your team,

I went around the other rooms to form another team.


Mr. Tsukahara.

It's her...

Oh? What's up?

That night...


That night.

In the end I spent all night to form a single team.

Then what about the other team?

I formed that during yesterday's game.

You saw me talking to a lot of people, right?

I was talking to them about forming a team.


I'd been thinking right from the start

about how to use time efficiently.

We should put that time to use!

If we stick together like this, others will suspect us.

It would be much better for us

if we talk to the other players as much as possible.

I only said that to keep you from noticing

that I was forming another team during the game.


right from the beginning?

I told you I wanted the 2.1 billion all for myself, didn't I?

How many times do I have to tell you!?

How many times? How many times?

Oh, right.

You suspected No. 15 to be "X" the whole time, didn't you?

That was my plan too.

If I made sure she would remain until the end,

I could get away from being suspected.

That means...

So you deceived me as well?

You people...

are so unbelievably thick!!!

The dealer told you.

You would triumph if you can control time.

And it's just like that.

I used my time fully to form teams

and that's why I could execute such a perfect plan!

But you?

After you heard the winning strategy you just kept waiting for the game to end, dumbass.

You were too naive!

You let your guards down!

That's why you lost!


It's Fukanaga!

You bastard!

Violence? I am great at fighting.

Please stop!

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's so beautiful how losers stick together!

Please stop these acts of violence.

I'm sorry.

My hand slipped.

But that was only self-defense, right?


Dissatisfied, leopard skin?

People like you will get tricked all their lives!

Hey, listen! Listen!

Do I have your attention?

Even if idiots like you end up being used,

you still have no right to complain.

Remember this.

Being deceived is always your own fault.

May we resume with vote counting?

Oh, go ahead, go ahead!

Though the result is already clear.

Well then.

No. 3,



We lost...

And finally,

No. 22,

I'll vote "Yes" next,

and you'll vote "No", right?

And finally,

No. 22,


These are the results. The number of "Yes" and "No" votes tied.

This round is invalid.


What the hell did you do?

You were supposed to vote "No"!

Why did you vote "Yes"?

You thought you carried out your plan perfectly,

but there were still so many giveaways.


I knew it.

Your manipulations in this game.


That you are "X".


How did you find out?

I knew even in the beginning that my strategy wasn't enough to guarantee victory.


Actually, the plan to form an 8 member team

and cover both "Yes" and "No"

has one critical flaw.

That's why I

cocentrated on that weakness and focused on observing others from the start...

To see if other people were forming their own teams.

From the start?

But there wasn't anything strange to observe, was there?

There was.

Various things felt out of place.

Try to remember what happened yesterday in the game.

It was very weird!

On the first day, everyone was so nervous,

but when the game started, they all looked so calm.

It was as if... they were all convinced they were safe already.

The most obvious hint came

when the losers had to leave the room.

As we all know,

losing here earns you a 100 million yen debt.

Naturally, it wouldn't be surprising at all,

even if people flip or start to cry.

But everybody left the room quietly,

without a word of complaint.

Isn't that strange?

You're right!

I thought I would win.

When I saw that, I was convinced

that there were other teams beside our own.

And ultimately, why did the losers even come back here?

It's unnatural.

That's because...

You were worried that the winner would run away with your money, right?


You don't count.

I already know you are a special case.


If you really want to deceive us,

maybe you should have made them act their parts too.

But even if you knew about the other teams,

that still wasn't enough to make me "X", right?

Of course that wasn't enough.

But ever since the formation of our team,

I knew you were "X".

That's a lie!

I had it all...

You are rather slow, aren't you?

What do you mean?

You gave yourself away, Fukunaga.

One thing that made me think was.

Why did "X" go through all that trouble to disguise her face?

The reason must be that "X" was substituting another player.

I realized that when I saw your nameplate.

What if, I thought, Yuu Tsukahara was really a woman's name?

Note: Yuu can be a male or female name.

You came in the place of a female friend, Yuu Tsukahara.

That's why you concealed your face, right?

You disguised as a woman in order to participate in the second round.

But then you found out you were allowed to substitute for another.

You slyly thought of a way to use your covered face,

to swindle Michiko Takada of her money.

Then, after you made her think the culprit was a woman,

you changed back into a man and participated in the game.

The name "Yuu Tsukahara"

is not an unusual name for a man,

and, as a man,

you wouldn't be suspected.

Then how did you know it was him, Mr. Akiyama?

Even though Miss Takada said that "X" must be a woman...

Information told us that "X" was a woman.

When Fukunaga heard that, he thought,

"Let's have them suspect one of the female players."

So he chose

No. 15.

Indeed, No. 15 became the center of our suspicions.


you made a big mistake.


Think about it.

Michiko Takada couldn't withdraw from the game without her money.

So she had to participate even if she didn't want to.

And of course she would try to find the culprit, right?


And if No. 15 really were "X",

she would know better than to keep her sunglasses on.


You would usually reveal your face in order to avoid suspicion.

Keeping her sunglasses on,

is like saying "I'm hiding my face".

Tag: Tsukahara Yuu

The name "Yuu Tsukahara",

your confidence that No. 15 was "X",

both made me keep a close eye on your behavior.

And then...

You made a critical mistake.


You see,

you accidentally blurted out something that proved you were "X".


You still don't get it?

It was when we were talking about "X".


That woman with the sunglasses?

She can afford to.

With that check of 100 million yen,

she doesn't need to be afraid of that loan.

I said that "X" possessed 100 million yen,

but I didn't mention anything about a check.

How did you know

that it was a check of 100 million?

Mr. Akiyama... amazing...

Do you see now,

how juvenile your strategy was?

Don't get all cocky.

Do you think you can win?

You hindered my plan, that's all.

The game simply returns to the start.

I am perfectly fine with that!


to the start, you say?

That's right.

The game is not over...

May we restart the game now?

No. 22, please come up to the front.

My turn?

The most important thing in life

is money.

The question has been posed.

Please vote within 6 hours.

I don't need 6 hours.

I already know my answer.


Mr. Akiyama!

What're you doing? The 6 hours haven't even...

You see, I don't need the time.

Hey, Fukunaga.

The victory is MINE.

You're just bluffing!

Am I?

As you've all witness,

I voted "No".

In other words, "No" already has one vote,

if you want a minority,

you have to vote "Yes".

But then,

if you only think about yourselves and you all vote "Yes",

"No" will become the minority,

and I will win for certain.

You've got to be kidding!

I'm dead serious.

If you don't want me to win,

then someone needs to sacrifice themselves and vote "No".

But the person who does that,

will lose any chance of winning.

I assure you.

None of you three

will choose to sacrifice yourselves.

And therefore in this game

I will definitely win.

Is this really alright?

Voting before the others...

There isn't any method for a certain victory!


Us three..

Only you can save Akiyama.

Why did you choose to participate in this game?

What's your aim?

Why do you conduct this game?

Sorry, but you don't get a chance to win either.

Mr. Akiyama why are you sacrificing yourself?