Leva Life (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Club - full transcript

Despite being in the middle of her treatment, Nora makes the choice to have a night out. While at a bar, she encounters Nattis, who is deeply distressed about an article involving Petra Mede. The evening quickly descends into chaos.

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-Hi, how are you?

I'm exercising,
that's meant to be good.

Yeah. You're being careful,
though, right?


I just wanted to say,
I've gotten so many messages.

I'm so proud of you
for finally telling everyone.

But how do I share your post?

-I'm trying to post it on Facebook.
-Well, there are two different apps.

But do you have to?

I mean...
we don't know how it'll go...

Now it's up, great.

Oh and... can't you stay with me
this week?

So I can look after you
before the treatment on the weekend?

That would be lovely
but I have to go to the office.

I've been away so much
so I have to work from home.

They've already started replying.

Oh, Marianne says hi.

She's sent one of those
really funny smiley, with roses.

-Who's Marianne?
-It's winking and moving.

Listen, I have to keep exercising.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

We'll do tacos at my place
on Friday after the tests, okay?

-Mm. Nice.

-Love you.
-Love you.

Sweetie, you know it's raining likes
on your bald-pic right now?

You'll have to become
a cancer influencer.

It's really strange. I though I'd
avoid rumours and questions,

but people from primary school are
getting in touch, wanting to talk.


Wow, we've got a lot of alcohol.

That's for the day after tomorrow.

Leon's thing, you know.

Oh, Leon Stridh?

Does he have a new club
or something?

Exactly. We were gonna grill on the
cliffs before we go there.

-Me, Donken, Anja, Louise,

and Frida if she can get
a cat sitter.

Have you...
are you on the list, or...

I didn't know there was...

Yeah. Oh, I sorted out the list.

I'm sorry,
I... just assumed you didn't...

No, of course. I just didn't know
you had his number.

But I've got a treatment on the
weekend and tests on Friday, so...

But great.
His things are usually good.

Yeah, I'm so excited.

Everyone's going to be there.
Elin King, you know?

-She'll be there.

Lucky I'm not sleeping here.







Hey, Nora here. Was wondering if...


So good to see you.


I saw your post. I'm really sorry.

-Thank you.
-So you have cancer?

Awful. You should have
said something.

Yes, I'm sorry. I know I should have
but there was so much, with...

Hey, don't worry about that.

I really understand. And I was
pushing you and everything.

You're such a fighter.

But... I'll be working
from home a bit now.

I've got treatment this weekend.

I'll bring my stuff
so no more absence.

That's great.
But only if you're up to it.

I was thinking, it'd be great
to support you somehow.

Would it be okay
if I take a picture with you?

Oh. Sure.

But I just want you to know I don't
want this to wreck my chances,

because I really want that position.

Yes, of course, I get that.

-Milo! Come here a second?

I would like to show in our feeds
that we're supporting you.

Contribute to some fundraising

Yeah, I think it's important.

Fundraise a little to...

the Cancer Society or...
one of those.

I think that would be good.
Here, use mine.

Get a good one.
Show us what you can do.


I don't know how to...

I don't want to be insensitive,
Nora, but...

I think it would be more powerful
if it's like in your picture.

Yeah, without...

without that.

Is that okay?

I just think it'd be
more believable.


Look how good she looks.

You look great, Nora. Yes.

-Take some more while we're at it.

I have several.

-There, now you've got a bunch.
-Do I?

Oh wow, you look really good here.

This'll be great.

Straight to Instagram.

No, you know I'm...

No, I'm just not in the mood.

-I'll be there, of course. Hey!

Wait a minute.
Hey, I'm talking to Ranja.

-Tell her hi.
-How was work?

Not great, but I'm going to my room
for a bit, okay?


Sorry, it was Ranya. I mean, Nora.

No, she can't, she's got tests
for the treatment tomorrow.

But she says hi.

Does everything feel okay
for tomorrow?

About Emil...

How many treatments did he do?

I'm sorry, but I can't tell you
that, you know.

No, of course.

I was just wondering...

how many people do chemotherapy,

but still, you know. Like him.

I understand your thoughts go there,


it's so different for everyone.

-So it...

do you know if
being physically active...

because I've read that it's good.

It can be good.

As long as your body doesn't
tell you to stop...

it won't hurt.

There! Amazing. Amazing, work it!

Yes! I got it. Posting it.

Okay, I'm so hungry.

Alina, do you have the lighter?

Are you joking?
You were bringing the lighter.

When did we decide that?
You said you'd bring it.

Come on, Ranya,
I can't deal with this.

Who forgets the lighter
for a grill night.

-Can we rub two sticks together?

Donken, finally!
Where have you been?

-It's just been a lot.
-Do you have a lighter?

-Sticks? Anything?

Damnit, then I'll get
super drunk tonight.

So, guys, what do we do?

If there's a kind soul nearby
who's got a lighter,

stick, rock, dragon, anything,
we'd be grateful. Thanks.




There, we're done with the tests
for today.


-So am I done now, or?

But make sure you get some rest
before the treatment tomorrow.

Yes. Thanks, bye.



Are you out exercising again?

I bought the taco stuff,
but of course I forgot sour cream.

-Could you...
-Listen, Dad, I'm pretty tired so...

I thought I'd go home
and try to sleep.

I'm sorry, I hope that's okay.


Okay. But... yeah, of course.

Absolutely. Um... okay.

-I'll see you tomorrow then.

-Okay. Love you, bye.

Love you, bye.

Paper, scissors, rock.


Paper beats rock.

-What? No, it doesn't.
-It does.

-Stop it, you lost.
-Go to Steven's and get a lighter.

What, in what world
is paper better than a rock?

It envelopes it, so...


-Oh my God, are you coming?

Yes! Great.

Welcome to Sweden's
least fiery grill.

Not anymore.

-Bloody hero, I can't deal with it.
-So good!

I saw your story, and I thought...

Oh, God... I'm so out of shape.

Don't take this the wrong way,
but is it okay that you're here.

-Isn't your treatment tomorrow?

Right. No that's fine.

Of course it's fine. Here, pop this.

Immediately. Now.

Yes, chug it, honey.

-Cheers to that!

Cheers! Fire!

-I'm getting another, want anything?

I'm getting another drink,
do you want anything?

Should you really have more?

Hi, Nora.


Do you understand how much shit
I got from that article you wrote?

I'm sorry. That got so...

Yeah, that got so...
You're not gonna apologise?

You fucking rat.

Hey, stranger.

-If I say shots, what do you say?


Another? Hey!

-Great to see you. How are you?
-You too, Leon. I'm good.

-This is Nora, who I told you about.
-Oh, hi, Lukas.

Nora. We worked together
one summer, ages ago.

I saw on Insta. I'm really sorry.

-What can you say?
-What kind of cancer is it?

Where's the bathroom?

To the right.



Hi Leif, it's Doris.


Just a minute.

-I'm coming!


Donken, this is Elin. Elin, Donken.

Yeah. Listen, I talked to Leif
and he's really worried about Nora.

-He didn't even know she's here.
-Oh my God.

I know, she drives me crazy.

And I've looked everywhere but I...
Where is she?

-She's here somewhere, it's fine.

She's an adult, okay?

You're taking no responsibility
for her health.

Yes, I am, please, we're having fun.
Go have fun, honey!

You can't encourage her to drink,
Alina, she's not well.

-Here you are! Hey!
-Yes, Nora!

Nora! This is Elin.

-Hi, Elin.

Nora, we're going home now.

-I talked to Leif, he's really...
-No, I want to party!

Alina, can you help me out here?

Can you stop cock blocking me?

Fuck it then. I don't want to be
the only one here who cares.

You don't even know what
I've sacrificed to help.

-What have you sacrificed?
-It doesn't matter!

You don't care about my education.

Please, tell me
about your education again.

I haven't heard about it 140 times.

Drop it! It's an open bar,
I think we should...

Here you go.
Have fun with your open bar.


Nattis is here.

-She's really pissed at me.
-Is she?

Like everyone, apparently.

Okay... Listen...

Doris might've been right,
or something.

Haven't you had enough?

What? No! No way!

But how are you feeling?
You don't really seem stable.

Now you're sounding like her.

Since when do you care?

What do you mean,
"since when do you care?"

-Please can we...

-No, seriously. You...
-Come on... look. Look, Alina.

Okay, uh...

Okay, you're drunk.

-I'm not!
-Seriously. I think we should go.

-No, stop it.
-Let's go home. You're drunk.

God, you're so boring. You go home,
but I'm gonna have fun. Bye.

You look a bit like
that girl from Stranger Things.

-You look really good.
-Just be quiet.

Oh God, what are you doing?


What are you doing, Nora?
I've been calling you.

Dad? Can you pick me up?


-Nora, come on.
-No, go in and party.

-Go inside and party! Dad's coming.

I can't do this anymore.

What did you say?