Leva Life (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Chronicle - full transcript

In her pursuit of the editor's position, Nora conceals the truth about her cancer from her co-workers. However, after her operation, she is confronted with yet another round of distressing news.

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I'm going to bed.

Aren't you working tomorrow?

It's like a quarter past one.

Are you watching porn?

I'm working on the application
for that school.

They want you to write a column,
in English of course.

Three thousand characters "about
something of importance to you."

How's it going with the boss?
Did he say anything?

No, but...
I'll deal with that tomorrow.


-Good night.
-Good night. Come here.

Here are some extra characters
for you.


Let's see.

Here's some information to read
through before the operation.

Not exactly exciting literature,

but the most important thing
is to fast for 12 hours before,

and no alcohol from today onward.

Is there anything else
you're wondering about?

Yes. I have a... thing,

well, a deadline on the 31st.

And... I was just thinking,
will I be done by then?

You'll definitely be out
of the hospital by then.

Okay, great.

Hey, what's going on?

Hi Nora.

Empty-handed? No bubbles,
no cake? Wait, I'll fix that.

-Here, you're welcome.

What are we doing?

We've got a double celebration.

It's Tessan's last day and we've got
record numbers on the website.

Yes. Speaking of Tessan, have you
made a decision concerning...?

No, not yet.

But listen, this Petra Mede thing,

it's one of the things with
the most clicks on the site.

-I mean...

Nattis' quote did the trick,
"Threw a banana". How funny is that?

But Nattis' name wasn't mentioned,

Yes, of course, she was.

I need lots more like that
from you, Nora.


Listen everyone!

Soon we're gonna put you out
to pasture, honey.

I just want to tell you that

your mum is really hard to replace.

So thanks for that,
you little bastard.

Yeah, no, Tessan,
we'll make it work somehow.

Now you just need to have time off
and treat yourself.

You should lay on a sunbed until...

Wanna get out of here?

-But we'll miss...
-Or are you enjoying Johan's show?

No, thanks.

-Cheers to the world's best Tessan!


This is where you can go
when you want to hide.

Oh! Well...

I don't want to drink at work.

It's alcohol-free because Johan is
too cheap for real beer.

Oh, in that case.

You look a bit happier
than last time.

If that's okay for me to say.

So secretive.

What's going on?

Did you send the application
to that school, or?

Not yet.

I have to write a column,
but I've got writer's block.

I was up until 3am,
if I'm being un-secretive.


That's generous,
thank you for sharing.

A column shouldn't really be
particularly secretive, so...

A friend of mine is playing at
Trädgården on Thursday,

if you'd like to come?

I'll get you and your friends
on the list.

I'd love to.

Actually... shit.

I can't Thursday,
I've got a thing, so...

Right, of course, secret things.

Oh dear!

What a spray.

Wait, hold still. Let's see.
Good. One more.

Oh, stop it.

-Stop it!
-Very cute.



Hello! God, it's so quiet in here.

It's like there's no one here.


Hi. What are you doing?

-Um, I got groceries.
-I see that.

I thought since Nora is fasting

I'd cook her something nutritious
that'll keep her going all day.

That's really nice of you,
but I need to work on my column.

Yes... that's...

I mean, I'll cook
so there's nothing to worry about.

So you do that.

All you need to do...

is be hungry and like cabbage.

What are you thinking about?

That... it feels so... crazy
that there's something in there.

I just want them to...
remove it now.

But hey, let's go for a swim.

-Shall we?
-Yes, come on!

I'm up for it.

Come on, Doris!

I never swim before the first of

-Stop it!
-Come on!

-Come on, Doris!

That's done, so you can sit up.

-Are you okay?

I'm just really hungry. The last
thing I ate wasn't exactly gourmet.

When you get out of here, we'll have
to have our first grill of the year.

Stop it, you're making me hungrier.

Let's celebrate with that later.

Come on.

Well then, Nora, let's get started.

If you just...

-Just one question.

I had a tiny bit of bubbly in
my mouth the day before yesterday,

and I immediately spat it out.
Is that dangerous?

No, I can't imagine
that would affect anything.

-Okay, yeah.

So, if you just breathe in
through this.

First you'll get some oxygen.


Very soon you'll get some
anaesthetic in your arm,

and you'll fall asleep.

If you slowly count down from 100.

One hundred...

ninety nine...

ninety eight...

ninety seven...


Hey, sweetie.


Save your energy.

It went well. It went really well.

They got it out, sweetie.

It's gone.

-The whole thing is gone.


As promised.


Hi, Johan. I don't feel well.

I think I've got a stomach flu
or something.


Alina, all your fives.

I give you any fives I have?

Let's just play.
I'll ask you. All your fives.

-Can I lie?
-But you...

You don't even know the rules,
you're just making it up!

Stop being funny. Oh, damn!

Nora, I put your post on the kitchen
bench, so you don't forget.

Yeah, great.

I'm gonna have a beer,
anyone else want one?

I'd love a beer.

-She just had surgery.

Oh plea... Let a woman live,
it's just one beer.

-Let a woman live.

Dad, that letter,
is that Mum's handwriting?

So 1700s to send letters.

Your phone rang with no caller ID,
so I picked up. It's the hospital.

Hello, this is Nora.

Hi, Nora. This is Åsa.

-Mm. Can we do it over the phone?
-I'd rather not.

Yeah, but I've got... I've got Dad
and my friends here, so...


Yes, okay.

We'll do that, then.



What's going on?

Please, say something.



Please, talk to me.

I'm going to lose all my hair.

-You'll be beautiful anyway.
-I don't want to.

I need to be alone.

Sweetheart, maybe you shouldn't be
alone right now.

Let her...
We'll give her some space.